Two Alternatives to Social Media

George went domain name shopping this week because two pretty good ideas have come along, and subscribers get a first look.  It all comes as a spontaneous answer to a problem vexing all of us:  What productive something can replace social media?

This is not an entirely wasted effort, though it will take some marketing to get off the ground, for sure.

Long-time subscribers may remember the last time we had one of these “brain farts” come along it was a concept that turned into the website Public Design Library.  Long before the 3D printing world “opened up” we saw how going open source with knowledge could be a migration path out of what ails us all.  The planet, the wildlife, stripped out oceans, but most of all people.

We dive in after some Housing numbers and a few news snippets plus the chart pack.  Which, as we advised, we were watching to see which way things would break.  Looks like at least a partial answer is in…

Oh, and do see the “woo-woo special” at the end of today’s report.

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35 thoughts on “Two Alternatives to Social Media”

  1. No nuclear exchange on Orthodox Christmas. If not Orthodox Easter, maybe Orthodox American Independence Day.

    “August 2

    The written Declaration of Independence was dated July 4 but wasn’t actually signed until August 2. Fifty-six delegates eventually signed the document, although all were not present on that day in August.”

    – Jun 1, 2005

    Pat Robertson’s wife ran out of time.

  2. George, if site naming pick something people can speel. Paradigm doesn’t work there mate. Also, shorter is better, best. Sadly lots of good names _still_ require purchase from squatters.

    Loved the subscriber chart pack. Thanks for an Elliot update. Without meaning to be preachy, best to stick to numbers (great esplanations BTW) and lines vs. the when. Time has * sped up?

    Long ago I dove deep into de Nostredame. My conclusion? It’s too easy to wrangle / mangle what was written into what I wanted it to say, what I thought it meant. IOW interesting but not predictive.

    We are transitioning from winter to summer in less than a week. 2″ fresh snow Monday (with several white-out squalls in evening) led to ramp culminating Saturday foreast 78F. Another year sans spring?

    Write when prophetic,

    * sometimes I am convinced time itself has sped up. Then I figure it’s not time, it’s me, as I grow older, in a hurry to finish ___. Market mania has most _certainly_ sped up. What used to take months happens in a few mkt. days (daze?). An entire move may culminate by Friday …

    • “sometimes I am convinced time itself has sped up”
      I have come to the conclusion now that I am over the hill, I pick up speed.

    • Every morning the doc has me recording my bp. Seems like the pages get filled up faster each time. All the holidays seem to be accompanied by “Didn’t we JUST DO THIS??”.

  3. Hey man not for nothing, but is Ure feeling the earthquake tireds yet ?

    – please post -if/when they hit – as I beez xpecting a biggun any day now..Earth be be lined up in a triangulated way with some “big bad gas”..bad gas = sick qi, in the meantime – ole Sol is about to unleash some angry violence at Us.
    Not white rabbits – thats just one of Slo’s issues, no this is just NRG being “reflected” back on Humanity..big solar storms = war..
    whats Ure vib-ing?

  4. Sysco Systems has been buying up food and seafood distributors over the past four years. And are now one of the largest investment holding companies in food distibution in the US and Canada. The top two stock holders of Sysco Systems are – Vanguard and Blackrock. Stock hit a record high this morning of $88.80
    58,000 employees / 350 distribution centers.

  5. Yada yada yada . If I see your bullsheet chart one more time . Trying to justify crime yah psyoptic looser . We are not all zombie mushrooms clown . Fool liar story teller

  6. I was a little surprised – after a minor excursion into stocks this morning – that Pepsi is the largest food packaging company in the country – by far. Everything from cereals and rice., to fruit and snacks. They are number one, by tens of billions – in food packaging. The top two stock holders in Pepsi? Yep – Vanguard and Blackrock.

    • Bunge- BG

      Been killing it for the bandicoot, this badboy out performing even the Oil stocks -which was my performers past 365 days.

      * Vanguard – do the research on John Bogle – his grad thesis. No single entity owns/controls those huge positions in stocks at Vanguard. Those numbers you are seeing is all the holdings from across a wide range of VGD Funds. Its is a true Mutual Fund Company in that each individual investor at VGD is a part Owner. Bogle only guy in finance who set up a true MUTUAL fund company – had he done it like Fidelity or others – he would have been Extremely Rich, like the Johnson family at Fidelity.

      Not nefarious – at least didnt used to be so, new ceo -mortimer buckley..that is whole nother kettle of fish. My better half took her Retirement at exact same time as previous CEO took his..he was “a real swell guy” – still is. Jim Rodgers has a couple Agriculture/Commodity Funds/Indeexs – solid, very solid.

      • Rather hard to track just how well Vanguard is doing., as they / it is not a publicly traded corp.

        One thing I always remember about Jim Rodgers is when he was asked what he would do in the markets today? [ Just before he retired.] He answered: “Learn Chinese and move to China.”

    • Funny how Vanguard and Blackrock seem to team up together.
      CF, Twitter, Others?
      Just sayin’ Not sayin’……….. The Magic Lamp?

  7. “Netflix will never be able to get 100 percent of the world’s present 7.7 billion humans to pop for a monthly subscription.”

    I’ve been with Netflix since they first started out.. as of May 1 I will be canceling my subscription along with my internet and cell phone service..
    With such a massive drop in income and increase in grocery costs the only option I have left is drop all.. unessential services..
    Unfortunately I won’t be very popular..

    • LOOTB – Popularity won’t be a concern; no one will know you are still alive unless they drive by & see you putting out the sheep to mow the lawn. Bye the Bye, why the massive drop in income. Did SS go bankrupt, pension funds fold, flea market closed, etc.

      Do you know what Arnold Schwarteneger would say about increasing food costs? Eat less, sleep less, & get to work on the farm. He is a very practical man. Where there is a problem, there is a solution.

      • The massive drop in income is from hour cuts.. in a medical facility if they are a bed down nothing but two or three you loose an extra half for lunch and an extra half at the end.. your still required to do the same work..
        Now if there’s five beds or a twenty percent drop someone is leaving..
        This is different.. the cost of groceries and general supplies is increasing and a loss of beds.. gas made severe cuts..people assume that medical facilities make huge proffits.. what they don’t realize is there’s fewer and fewer self pay. Those on federal or state assistance is but a fraction of what is needed. Generally state or federal assistance the govt. Assumes that 3 dollars is adequate per hour and the self pay are physicians renting
        clinic space are the ones required to pick up the loss they in turn turn away uninsured or low income and send them to the ER. one facility looses over a half million a year on disposable pads.. with covid and drop off of trained personnel wages were increased for new hires but they were not able to increase rates..
        On top of the overall cuts the way collections for medical services has changed.. if your on ss and need medications or see a doctor the fees are taken directly out of you account.. up to 3/4 of your monthly check..
        The year we went without any income at all.. they came for 750.00 since the collection agency is the IRS the bank doesn’t even argue..if you don’t have any funds they give it and you pay the fees..
        This time is different.. there’s a 37% increase across the board for groceries and a thirty percent cutback by the facility across the board.. the hospital cut staff numbers and increased the workload..after I was gone I was still on the daily schedule for a couple of years.. the joke was to buy blowup dolls and put them in scrubs..
        We will just make the changes needed and cut nonessential services ..
        I lost insurance and the ex had a simple same day surgical procedure..our pastor had the same surgery the same day the same ex went through the free clinic..the difference.. the pastors total cost with insurance was less than what the surgeon cost was to us.. to work it off I traded labor for labor..( which is how my wife and I became friends..she had had a huge medical bill..they left her five bucks a payday to live on ) she was concerned about my trade and came to help me..
        The hospital eventually let me work my debt off so for a year I worked 3 full time positions and one part full-time was for the debt the others were to live on..
        My friend that lives in our spare bedroom.. his long term significant other was a nurse got cancer they of course let her go then took everything they had for her end of life care.. it’s all in the business model.. and to fix it will take a great deal nation wide..
        I will cut just because I don’t intend on going through that again. I’m to old to recover from it..

      • ” you know what Arnold Schwarteneger would say about increasing food costs?”

        Lol and I thought you was going to say.. eat celery and screw the babysitter lol…
        I believe the prediction is for an Egyptian style famine..,Nile%20valley%20by%20a%20sixth.

        Then consider.. we import 67 percent plus our food sources..along with adding a half million plus more mouths to feed of illegals per month..
        IF THE DILDO’S …OOPS ( I meant to say brilliant politicians ) in office keep going in the direction they won’t need diets.. daisy life will be diet enough.. and if war escalates society could not only be mostly wiped out but shoved back to the stone age.. congress is absent the in control and the printing presses gone wild.. no matter what happens its gonna get ugly.. either economical catastrophic event similar to Argentina or Zimbabwe.. or war touches our shores destroys our homes and communities..
        What worries me ateast is So far war has always affected someone else’s home and community.. their lives have been turned upside-down.. our poor have gone out to die and be maimed for someone else’s gain..
        If it hits our shores we won’t know how to deal with it. Especially if we drain our own defensive arms by sending them to someone else..

  8. Comrades,

    Boredom was shattered this morning in Taiwan. “The Guardian” reports that Taiwanese government-owned China Television Systems in coordination with the Taipei Fire Bureau broadcast an alert that a Mainland China attack was underway. Panic ensued. The alert had been intended to be part of a May 5th public practice drill. Commentary from Mainland China concluded that Taiwan had scored on its own goal.

    There’s more woo woo’s going on in the world right now than in a UP railroad workshop. You’ll remember it was just last Sunday when George told us about the drill in his workshop. It correlated with the buzz from Iran where the mullahs are drilling down into workshop bunkers with the centrifuges at Natanz against a backdrop of the Karkas (Vulture) mountain range. Let’s not cling on to old ideas with those birds of prey lurking about. Where’s the gold eagles? Tiberius? His successor Caligula had things running pretty nicely for six months until the chariot wheels fell off.

    It’s been an busy week at the workshop. Nasa pulled back the Artemis I rocket from the launchpad this week. Multiple complicated technical snags had kiboshed the launch countdown practice run. The founder of the US Space Force, Mr. Trump, might tell us it’s so complicated that even he can’t explain it to us. The rocket journey back to the workshop is being taken slowly. No sense hurrying time when things are complicated. Nasa fears with cascading delays the eventual Artemis 3 mission will risk not being the first to deliver the first woman and the first person of colour to the south lunar pole. Greek mythology tells us that Zeus was father of Artemis through an extramarital liasion whose detail one shall leave in the mysteries of time lest there be collision with asteroids in the bible belt on the trek to Mars, god of war.

  9. “Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D-CO) lit into Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) on Tuesday over what Polis called Florida’s “authoritarian socialist attacks” on the free market.”

    Disney-Florida has never been a “free market” entity. It is a corporatist partnership with the State of Florida. DeSantis removing (or attempting to remove) WDW’s “special status” is righting a wrong which, while done to entice Disney to build a theme park on a swamp, should’ve expired in the 1980s.

    Only a libtard could consider moving from fascism into a free market as a bad thing, then mis-label it as its opposite. I hope Polis is not representative of the intelligence level or political bent of Coloradoans…

    • “while done to entice Disney to build a theme park on a swamp,”

      Hmm.. the view i knew of was a poor farmer that married a senator’s daughter.. daddy didn’t want his little girl living on a swamp hog farm so he directed Disney to put the amusement park on his lol .. instant wealth..
      Nice guy though..wore cashmere and purple slippers lol

  10. “You know it’s slow when stories like Owner of world’s oldest dog shares secrets to his long life ( make the rounds.”

    Back in another lifetime I showed dogs. At one dog show, I met a fellow with Miniature Dachshunds. He introduced me to his co-pilot & navigator — a long-haired Doxie sitting on the passenger seat of his van in a thing which looked like a miniature of Cleopatra’s sedan. She had been brindle, but was so no more. “She’s 23 and four months, and a wonderful companion. I take her everywhere I go…”

    “Oldest dog” is like “oldest human.” It’s kind of transitive, and a good non-tear-jerk human interest filler when the news director won’t, can’t, or daren’t find real news…

  11. At the weekly Executive Committee meeting this morning we decided we are taking odds that this bird flu thing is Covid 2.0? Gain of function and all. As for the food shortages being largley as far as can be determined by this rather intelligent group to be mostly pre packaged and porcess foods. How much of a push back on this would simply not relying so heavily on pre packaged and processed foods be? Everyone was also wearing their new hats. The lights reflecting off the white straw Stetsons was blinding.

    The Executive Committee held an additional meeting this past Monday evening at Lester’s place after he put out a call for help unloading his new baler. We ended up sitting around his fire pit discussing the usual topics until I aksed if anyne else thought we looked a lot like the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles. Mrs Lester, after hearing everyone laughing their asses off, came out to see what the heck was so damned funny and ran us off since a couple other wives had called looking for their spouses and it was almost supper time.

    Stay safe everyone. 73

    • 2 Paths you can go the grocery store – 1 st path is best healthiest – staying to the Outside aisles..fruits/veggies/cheese/meats/eggs/yogurt-kefirs = healthy lifestyle.
      2 nd path – inside aisles – where sickness and disease is lurking behind the bright colorful packaging of the processed foodstuffs.

      They call it processed because that is what we will happen to a human body that feeds on scheisse processed to look and taste like real food.

      ..and no, as Mufasa said – Cheetahs neva prosper”

      ? footwear ? kinda boots/shoes most of you Stetson wearing “cowpokes” prefer ? thx

      I know the farmers here in Spanish Lookout wear for daily, same as the Mennonites back home in Pennsyltucky

      • Don’t go to the grocery store much. Wife does that mostly and we rarely eat out, too far to drive and neither of us sees worth a crap in the dark anymore.
        I like Georgia Boot pull on work boots. Not cowboy boots, those kill my feet and back. Usually will pick up a couple pairs at a boot shop in KC when we go up north to see the grandkids. Also, have to stop in St Joe at the Stetson store during those trips.

      • “Also, have to stop in St Joe at the Stetson store during those trips.”

        Don’t you love saint Joe.. we ate at the waffle house.. LOL ( don’t remember the name of the cafe) anyway walked in .. where is the non smoking area.. they showed us this tiny cubicle with one table in it.. walk in the door ashtrays everywhere LOL LOL bathroom same thing… the non smoking area was in the middle of the floor with a walled off windowed area.. LOL LOL LOL LOL.. every table except that one had ashtrays on it LOL LOL LOL LOL..
        great food though.. loved it and the humor of the no smoking area just thrilled me.. we sat in smoking.. I personally don’t give two hoots whether someone smokes near me LOL.. I of course wanted to sit so I could watch the expression of the people that would sit in the non smoking area LOL as everyone strared at them.. LOL LOL

  12. “There is some debate about whether Nostradamus was Jewish”

    He was not. Nosty cached his predictions in abstract prose to avoid being tried for heresy. Even in the darkest of ages, a Jew might be shunned, but the HRC always recognized that it was impossible for a follower of the Torah to commit heresy against the “Christian” Church of Rome. Therefore, a Christian would have to hide what a Jew could’ve come right out and said…

  13. “Although deeply troubling, pay it all no mind. Just George’s ravings in the dream state.”

    Strongly suggest you read the book I sent you…

  14. Throw your wave count to the sheethouse yah bullsheet artist . Go eat another Farken cow

  15. George
    Over the Easter Weekend, Sunday 17th, Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse reported on the restriction of Fertilizer by Union Pacific.
    What was strange is that Vanguard and Blackrock are both the major Stockholders is UP, AND in CF industries, the fertilizer manufacturer that was restricted.
    This feed into the prediction of Food Source Restriction.
    Start Composting your wastes quickly, it takes a good scoop of 12.12.12 to start the pile off.

  16. Fertilizers…still Russia’s game (they are #1 fertilizer exporter)?

    I wouldn’t get too freaked out about UP train runs, after riding Amtrak cross country several times I’ve seen how UP owns the tracks first, making Amtrak wait in the wings…

    Deja Vu Vu Wu Wu:
    From Elliot Wave Financial Forecast, April, 2022 (paraphrased):
    Supercycle wave (IV) from Sept ’29 to July ’32 (fourth waves of one lesser degree can be particularly helpful in identifying trends that will dominate in a new bear market (compare present day to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in ’29), Stalin’s collectivized farms increased from 9% to 65% (Oct ’29 – March ’30), Aug ’32, after bottom of Dow, Stalin made theft of socialist property a capital crime, peasants faced firing squad for stealing a sack of wheat (Soviet Union exported more that a million tons of grain to the West during this period). 4 million Ukrainians perished. Maybe Putin thinks he is a reincarnated Stalin…The Russian stock market peaked in 2008, it’s now down over 70% from peak, reflecting negative mood in Russia. The next major decline in U.S. stocks will manifest in combative behavior in the U.S.

  17. And did we feed em enough top shelf horsesheet in mr squiggle charts . Hitlers birthday now that was another non event . What’s next on your psyoptic cycle of patriot bullsheet?

  18. “my consigliere and I ponder the references that seem to imply an “Easter War.”

    Now… is it like the 2012 Mayan calendar.. everyone assumed it was going to be imediate.. could the Easter war just be a start..
    Everything the Mayan calendar predicted is happening.. a great time of change is happening..
    Was it Friday or Saturday that US forces started a massive buildup..
    Now the test flight of the missile and advanced arms shipments.. I believe it’s already begun..

  19. George,

    Don’t remember if yesterday’s post by a reader about the Union Pacific restricting nitrogen shipment including some additional information. It seems that the Union Pacific is also restricting grain shipments to the primary beef and dairy producing areas. Basically the same percentage restriction that was placed upon nitrogen. Looks like Vanguard and Blackrock are out to create the food shortage “El Presidente” spoke about.
    My suggestion to everyone is stock up on long storage forms of dairy, and get real friendly with a local livestock producer or get a freezer and buy from a butcher in bulk. Luckily, my nephew runs one of the biggest cattle operations in our area (get our beef thru him, half a cow at a time) and we also have one of the top 30 pork producers 10 miles from my door. Local Amish have milk cows which they sell milk thru their stores.

  20. Either Glenn Beck is a subscriber, George, or he’s channeling you. He was talking today about Black Rock, Vanguard and other funds taking out of our hands the choices we’d otherwise be making and making known to the various companies as shareholders. Just another way the corporations are trained to work in tandem with Fascism.

  21. Just curious if anyone else has had trouble opening the peoplenomics report for Wednesday. I can open every other report just not yesterday’s

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