Turn on a War: Rally the Sheep

Think the odds of a flash war are low?  Think again.

As one of our readers noted, former president Clinton tossed some bombs around to try and get rid of/distract from the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Will such a distraction be used this fall?

Obviously we don’t know, But there are some bothersome potential conflicts out there…along with a novel form of terrorism.

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13 thoughts on “Turn on a War: Rally the Sheep”

  1. Don’t give them ideas. Anyway, my hubs and I have war gamed a few times. Take out all the bridges across the Mississippi and this country is hurting badly. There are other things we’ve thought of too, in a what if way. I think war is going to come home, and Americans won’t be able to cope.

  2. If I had a military age young person, that was not serving, I would prepare them that a time is coming where the draft will start again and do we really want our ‘precious treasure’ to be killed in an illegal, undeclared, false flag, bank and elite frenzied run up, globalist agenda building NWO, non-democracy building, NATO summoned, etc., war??? The time is coming for people to rise up and stop America from finishing off Syria, destroying Iran, and hellishly desiring taking on Russia and dare say China??? We are being used as a nation, we are being summoned, bribed, bought, and manipulated into a fiery cauldron of destruction. The many pieces are being put into place; count on your leaders to ignore your first wail.

  3. On the topic of guns to ISIS…”Weapons flow going into Syria pushed by Hillary Clinton into jihadist (possession)within Syria, including ISIS, that’s there in those emails.” Julian Assange 7/25/16

  4. How’s this for a possible Oct. event? Obama gets Saudi’s to stage another 9/11 on Wash DC while he is out of town campaigning for Hillary. Declares martial law and circumvents elections. The already Islamic dictator just keeps on going like the energizer bunny.

    Glad I’m watching and voting from the Ecuadorian peanut gallery!!!

    • Do you think Obama was faking Christianity all those years he sat in Reverend Wright’s church? Maybe he was Christian then and had a late conversion to Islam?

      • Well in his own words he wasn’t paying attention when wright spoke about whitie. So maybe he was just their for show.

  5. All I can say is that there seems to be a certain type of person – who is ignoring the FACT that not only once but twice – thoroughly legal, and elected by the citizens of the United States of America – President Obama will be leaving office next January 20, 2017 in the normal fashion – Not grabbing power or some such other crazy notion/idea. If in the very unlikely circumstance that the next president is unable to fulfill their term, the elected vice-president will serve; the constitution will be followed!

    • Ha! “the constitution will be followed”… Just like this administration has been doing all along, right? I’m not saying that somehow they’ll keep this current president installed but I AM saying that it sounds like you may have missed a few things over the past eight years.

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