Trump’s One Chance to “Thread the Needle”

Yes, there is some good news about debt., 

With the help of some input from my friend Jas Jain, we take a look at why Reaganonomics worked and why a Trump version of tax cuts could would be a disaster.

Then we explore the one way Trump could “thread the needle just so...” and come up with a win that might work for both the US and our trading-partners and bondholders.

Longshot?  Maybe not.,..

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2 thoughts on “Trump’s One Chance to “Thread the Needle””

  1. George I wish you would explain on just how well Reaganomics worked and his so called trickle down voo-doo economics which has caused this disaster we now enjoy,trickle up works but trickle down has never worked for the simple reason that they leave damn little to trickle down.!!!

  2. I heard Donald Trump Jr being interviewed by Lars Larson yesterday. I wish his father was as articulate as Jr. is? I agreed with everything Jr. said yesterday and he was supposedly espousing his fathers positions, but in a much more coherent manner and in a way that wasn’t caustic, but wasn’t PC either. What has turned me off about the democratic party and the liberal perspective is the over use of PC. I’m tired of feeling like I must police my language because everything spoken not in the PC way is promoted as offensive and the people demonized simply for having an opinion that is not considered PC. I’m sick of it.

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