I don’t know if you remember the first week of the Obama administration. But it was goo-goo and gah-gah and “Oh this is so cool.”

Yet to see the crime-spree demonstrators and the vulgarity of the made-up “women’s marches” what comes into focus is that America has become racist, sexist, and bigoted, indeed.  International Women’s Day is in March.  Not January. 

It’s almost like a kind of “reverse racism” against Trump.   More correctly, bigotry. We’ve never seen anything quite like it.

At every turn, Trump seems under attack. Like this morning’s NY Times headline: “After Success of Women’s March, a Question Remains: What’s Next?”  Depends what they mean my “success” huh?

The article fails to mention that Trump doesn’t make laws. Congress does.

So the whole Soros-backed event played a bunch of folks who forgot how democracy works.

Elsewhere, the Times runs with “Foreign Payments to Trump Firms Violate Constitution, Suit Will Claim.”

Yet conspicuously missing is any self-righteous reporting on the shutdown of the Clinton Foundation Global Initiative, which arguably has been cast by conservative media as a money-laundering operation by a woman who was running for president.

Where were the ethics police then?

Bigotry has at its core double standards and I sense one bigger than life between these “dueling headlines.”

It’s an easy prediction to make, but the mainstream will continue to fall out of favor as people are looking for media to “play things down the middle” for a change and stop advocating for one (*usually leftist) point of view.

Again, for those marchers who don’t understand who controls the laws and the purse-strings, I would refer you to “Trump, GOP set to battle on spending cuts…” In this one, Trump is actually in favor of cutting while the free-spending free-lunches (the Fools on the Hill) are off trying to figure out how to buy enough votes for 2018’s elections.

WH Work, Week 1

Yet life goes on for the new Administration.

VP Mike Pence tweeted “Law enforcement worked tirelessly to secure the inauguration. Today the President & I thanked them during a reception…”

And president Donald Trump says he has a “Busy week planned with a heavy focus on jobs & national security. Top executives coming in at 9 A.M. to talk manufacturing in America. –DJT

What’s not getting as much play in the partisan press is the anti-Trumpster who was kicked off an airplane this weekend. The passengers aboard cheering as she was kicked off.

Getting Our Jobs Back

A little more evenly, the Washington Post reports this morning that the president has signed an executive order aimed at re-opneing NAFTA talks with Mexico and Canada.

I was thinking about one of the data points reported for our www.peoplenomics.com readers this weekend, namely that rail traffic in Mexico is down more than 13% year-on-year and an interesting idea came to mind.

Perhaps, in an effort to clean out the drug cartels and help Mexico with its crooked internal political situation, the Trump Administration should go out on a limb and offer both Canada and Mexico an opportunity to join the United States.

Conditions? Sure. Each would have to agree that English would be our common language. And yes, there would need to be some conservative political education tossed into Mexico’s internals. And no, hockey and drug smuggling would not become our new national sports.

But as I run the numbers especially from the Mexican side, I can see a LOT of benefit to allowing Mexico to enter when the teaching/use of English as a common language could be done, perhaps in as little as five years.

What that would do is give middle classes in Mexico a migration path to the kind of economic benefits enjoyed by Americans.

It is an alternative to The Wall, and given a choice between how well America works, and how sub-par Mexico works (drug murders on a daily basis) it seems to me only a dman fool would be unwilling to join forces with winners.

But, absent that kind of “Magic of Thinking Big” and really solving the problems from the ground up (including setting up countries and real estate laws equivalent to U.S. States) then The Wall it would have to be.

Yet given a chance to vote on the addition of a new State (or two) Mexico State, I would certainly support it.

No, I am still against Sanctuary Cities, but if someone wants to get the Big Solution in motion, then I’m all over that like white on rice.

Yeah, I know. To BIG an idea for small minds.

You don’t think British Columbia and Washington State could be equals? I see it as a no brainer. Ditto Saudi Alberta which shares energy and resource ideas with the Dakotas. And what American farmer hasn’t looked at the Canadian Prairies?

NAFTA was not a move to join. NAFTA was a crooked trade deal.

But can America add some states? You betcha. And we’d be bigger and stronger than ever because of it.

It would have to be conditional but it might actually work. Comments welcome.

Another Obama Failing

Hopefully, sooner than later, SecState T. Rex will clean out the nasty nest of neocons that has jerked around American foreign policy non-stop since Slick Willy’s days.

Not to recount Obama failures, but with Obama gone, Russia has gotten Syria rebels and the Syrian government to sit down and start talking.

High Cost of Peace

Meantime, the U.S. Army will be spending more than half a billion dollars on the Sig Sauer M17 handgun.

This does get us to one part of the State Department neocon problem: By starting wars and killing heads of State we have no declared war against (See Libya, please), we at least had a good reason to “sell voters” on the need for big defense budgets.

Now, at least for a while, the Trump administration will be able to work on defense industry employment with a theme of “modernization” but how long will that play?

I’m not sure whether the M17 or an old-fashioned 1911 Colt makes a big difference when comes to close quarters combat. Dead is dead, but money? Well, that’s something else again, isn’t it?

Climate of Change

Had a nice CW (Morse) chat on the 20-meter ham band Sunday afternoon with a fellow named Bill. We were passing weather notes. He remarked on how temperate this winter has been so far. Down here we had 35-knot gusts coming through.

So far this year, tornados have killed 20 people in America – more than 2016. I figure as the Pacific High and el Nino move around, life will average out.

A Sailing Story

New readers may not remember, but Ures truly lived on his 40-foot sailboat for almost 11-years before moving back ashore in 2002. Our cruising grounds were from the Charlottes/Haida Gwaii down to San Diego and six months in San Francisco sporting Hurricane Alley.

Naturally, with salt water still running in our veins, when we see an inspiring sailing story, it’s worth passing on.

Take Australian Lisa Blair. She has sailed out of Albany (*Western Australia) and hopes to set a world record and become the first woman to circumnavigate the Antarctic as well as do so in record time.

16,400 miles worth of sailing in the incredibly rough Southern Ocean.  80-knot winds, 10-story waves.   Only two others, men, one Russian and an Australian have ever done this before.

Here’s where she is this morning:


I know a lot of women were following the foul-mouthed Washington mass estrogen event this weekend.

But the real women to be admired, to my way of thinking, are the likes of women like Lisa Blair.  The ones who do.

There are uncountable numbers of powder-puff ladies who talk of equality.  But there are “ultimate arbiters” of such.  Names like Amelia.

And then there’s the Southern Ocean.

You go, girl.


Futures are down 24.  Must be Monday.