Coping: Statistics for the Stupid, Boycott the MSM!

I can not believe how incredibly stupid the White House lefty pressed corpse (sic) has become. 

Monday after breakfast, Elaine and I watched appalled as a parade of “experts’ argued minutia of crowd size at the Washington events of the past couple of days.

GMAFB – can  we just turn over some dirt and build something, please?

I mean don’t we have some bigger issues to deal with? 

But here’s the Frightening Fact:

How statistically stupid if America?  I’m going to show you – do you mind?

For the statistically challenged, here is what one million women look like – demonstrating wherever this past weekend – compared with the total population of the U.S.A.


Alas, I can hear the whiners already.

Ure, you’re a bleep-bleeping male chauvinist bleep pig – woman-hater, gay-basher, insensitive, right-wing nutjob.  There were AT LEAST 2-million women in the marches!!!”

Leave my bleep-leeping out of this, please.  Lower the estrogen, dial in the eyes.

I will revise the chart.  Let’s see what 2-million women looks like although there was not a 2-million turnout no matter what the hormones were.


Suppose (and I’d have to take meth to believe this, but pretend for a moment) 3-million women turned out Worldwide.  Wanna see that picture?

I blew this up because it is so stupidly difficult to see.  Four or five million doesn’t help hardly at all.  It’s the little tiny line sticking up from the top of the pie chart…


Meantime, in the interest of disclosure – something I’m  sure none of the talking-heads would mind revealing (because they talk that game large), is how many where paid – how much – for their involvement?

I mean total compensation, direct and otherwise.

How many received a) press coverage – which is fungible for any tinseltown denizen, b) how much travel reimbursement, including but not limited to air, hotel, transportation, food, security, and c) any other compensation, such as payments, promises of future employment, acting roles, and so forth?

Compile that data for the top 20 public figures (Madonna etc.) and get back to us with the transparency, please.

I would love to see it.

By the way – if you believe the fairytale that this was all done by people who are so pure and well-meaning, and so much more enlightened than the rest of us slobs and deplorables, and you believe they will be as forthcoming as claimed yada, yada…How about this?

You wouldn’t mind holding your breath while we wait for this data, would you?

I’ll send flowers to your funeral.  But only if you read Peoplenomics regularly and have attended our lecture series describing the Complete Reality School of Finance.

We would repeat, for women who marched:  It is Congress that makes laws and if there is a danger to hard-won gains in equality, I would worry more about congress than Trump.

As always I support equal pay for equal work and doubt Trump would argue that, despite what the march marketers may have said…

Hysteria is an odd thing so let me tell you a story.

Jane With Worms

Blast from the past time: 

I dated a woman, once upon a time by the name of Jane. Not her real name, of course.

Jane was by all accounts successful.  Married once, she divorced well – got a bundle and then made a good income in network marketing.  Drove a Lexus, and liked to sail.  Long before Elaine.

One day she says to me “I have parasites.”

What followed was a tale of how she had hooked up with a medical charlatan at the suggestion of a friend and this pseudo-doc began treating her for “parasites.”

Which, by the way, everyone has.

She was like the poster-child for what Science-Based Medicine describes as “Candida and Fake Illness.

Jane was no worse off than any other human who eats.  If she wanted to reduce Candida, reducing wheat intact to zero would have been a good start.

But she persisted in this delusion long enough that I could no longer put up with it and we went our separate ways.

During the almost 12-years between marriages, I’d met some really neat women before finding Elaine.   (Elaine and I celebrate 17-years this spring, by the way, and never an argument in the whole time.)

But what about Jane?

Well, I lost track of her.  But like the statistically challenged, Jane (not her real name, of course) Jane had been preconditioned by other women to believing a big lie.  And she fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

No medical journals, no board-certified docs could convince her otherwise.

She was the first women I’d met (until then) that convinced me that insanity of her delusional type is like any other communicable disease.

It’s contagious.

Up With MeshMedia; Boycott the MSM

The crap about how many saw or watched the Inaugural was such a complete waste of time that we have to categorize the whole charade as being more of the Fake News problem we have explained previously.

Remember the discussion from Monday morning?  Where I said we are devoid of any sense of moderating thoughts/conjugate mind (of the Middle) that we are led off into the extremist mind’s weeds?

Well, here we are.

Fact:  Whether 100,000 or 2,000,000 million people watched the Inaugural doesn’t make a damn bit of difference in the great wheel of history.

So why is the Old Paradigm Media (non Mesh Media) outlets so hung the ‘f’ up on dissing Trump?

Because they are afraid.

As we explained  in Peoplenomics last week, “Mesh Media” is kicking the tired-old-ass of the Old Paradigm Media including the news channels and the three “nutworks.”  Simply, Trump doesn’t need the networks in today’s world.

Some of them know it.


Trump is the first White House inhabitant who actually lives – and thinks – in the same century as office occupants.  He’ll tweet his group or email details.

The Trump-baiting old media is trying to make up zhit and instead of admitting that a Federal hiring Freeze might actually reduce increases in the Obama/NeoRepublican budget…No, instead they will piss and moan on that too.

The old-line/Old Paradigm Media is like being with that psycho-bitch from hell: Complains when things are one way, and then bitches louder louder than ever when you actually reform or fix it.  There’s just no winning with ‘em.

Same thing with this clown posse.  (It’s to the point I’m embarrassed to have once held White House Press credentials.)_

What slop to serve on the “Big Show?  What say bore we the public to death with the same old Trump-bashing that has continued since the Election.  “Spicer lied” or used “alternative facts.”

F’em.  Turn it off.  You may find there’s more value to Homer Simpson than Wolfie and what’s his name.  Only an N separates the Cartoon Network from CNN.

Trump is president and since the White House press corpse (sic) is so enamored with minutia, I suggest next time one of these idiotic statistical questions come along, Spicer merely ask “How many angels can dance on  the head of a pin?” in return. And then follow-up with “Can we have a grown-up question, please or are you just here to make up your own zhit?”

For a while this year, We kicked around actually spending the $350 a year for Dish Network out here in the woods.  Sure, sure, we have every radio channel in the world and lots of FTA Satellite channels – we have have four dishes. 

But that’s for source content from like the Pentagon Channel and other source-direct (no distortion from middlemen, thanks) because we don’t pay for bias.  Let alone 18-m,inutes of consumer brainwashing per hour to shove crap between the ears.

We get Moscow’s view and China’s without what? Commentary from America’s self-righteous lefty elites of media.

The next time one of the ratings outfits – like Nielsen –  call me (and they do now and then, because we look “statistically normal” on the outside) I will unload 10-minutes of spew about the racist lowest common denominator bullzhit programming of the nutworks and the obvious bias of the news hacks.

Then I will go out on my tractor and work the land, remembering that we really produce something of value out here:  Trees.

May not seem like much, but next times you see a press gathering and need to use the bathroom shortly thereafter, remember the Charmin isn’t made from soy.


Thursday:  Next chapter of the Millennial’s Missing Manual [keyword: flow]. 

Write when you get rich,

12 thoughts on “Coping: Statistics for the Stupid, Boycott the MSM!”

  1. Have you tried One America News? They do have some opinion segments but clearly state they are opinion based, but most of the news is purely fact based. They cover events worldwide. I live in the DC area and find them a breath of fresh air.

    • They are almost the only television I have watched for the past 2 years. I rarely watch MSM news other than for entertainment purposes. My wife loves CNN and I have to deprogram her regularly.

  2. I read the transcript of Trump’s speech at the CIA. Based on his comments I can only conclude that he is unfit. He brought his own supporters to cheer him on in front of the memorial wall. Yes, he brought a laugh track with him to the CIA wall. He followed it up with a tweet that he had standing ovations and his speech was a “win”. He rambled through the Iraq War, how we should have taken their oil and next time we will, his uncle was a professor, how Donald Trump is ‘like a really smart person’ (yes, refers to himself in the 3rd person), how he will back the CIA until they say ‘no more backing please’, the crowd at the inauguration, the dishonest media, rebuild the sacred room to remove the columns and how young he feels.

    I guarantee meetings were held after he left to discuss Trump’s mental stability and fitness to be president.

    re: crowd. It was important enough to Team Trump for them to embarrass themselves more than once to argue the issue.

    Read his speech for yourself and decide:

  3. So, your semi-promise last week of toning down Ure-“hate, hurt, and ‘my way or the highway’ rants, directed against all those underlings who offend your optically and neurologically skewed reality”, was just a ploy to double down in the hate-based rhetoric for which your Ultra-Right minions line up to consume and regurgitate in short order!

    I have to say, Ure extreme agitation and vile spewed tirades against the legions of somewhat female biased protestors–appear, to me, perhaps an effect of the long past “dumping” of Ure Rightousness by your her liberal nous , Ms. Jane?
    Just curious if, after you have expelled those hate filled rants– do you actually feel better? I know after I respond to them, I Do!

  4. George, Most interesting your coping sections yesterday with your daughter, and today’s story of Jane. Do not feel you are alone with being totally shut off and disparaged for placing things in context. It has amazed me that for pointing out what Trump actually said versus the opposition sound bites I have been demonized. Briebart mouthing hillbilly was one of my favorites. And came from one of my supposed Spiritually enlightened friends. (I have never looked in on Briebart) As I keep saying, give things a year….
    Am long time reader/subscriber, also lived on my boat (Nordic Tug) in various watering holes around Puget Sound and Straits. Keep up the good work.

  5. It must be the fluoride in the water supply dumbing down the IQ for the masses.

    I read between the lines on the ‘images’ and subsequent innuendos the FAKESTREAM News put out all day as a distraction: it was the FIRST inauguration the park service used WHITE grass coverings (to create a greater contrast?) versus the natural grass of previous years that obscure the visual numbers.
    Consider the shots taken early in the morning when attendees were having delays getting to the area due to security, and of course the rain, then rerun over and over. Who wouldn’t stay home and watch in the comfort of their sofa and coffee?
    More importantly, WHO CARES?!!
    Ever watch the movie, ‘Wag the Dog’?

    Distract, deflect, divide.

  6. I’m dropping down to the local channels only after my contract runs out.I need to do that because Verizon’s internet price would increase to a point where there is little difference.Plus,I like to watch the local murder coverage.

  7. Ok I officially think the world is nuts.. from the negative subliminal messages by main stream media about the trump administration to the outright stupid crap everyone is doing trying to get a point across.. the really stupid thing is they are driving down a one way street in the wrong direction in heavy traffic.. they should be going after the true lawmakers that keep tabling this issues election after election like the one senior senator said that i over heard to another candidate. give them a 123 speech they are all dumb as sheep and will believe anything you tell them ..take email.. point click you just emptied your junk mail folder didn’t even have to open one to see what it is about. Marching.. good lord.. that is just the stupidest and most insane thing ever.. it is threatening it promotes violence it sways the opinions of those sentimental to the cause towards the other side and those in power have a reason to bring in more security and impose restrictions or martial law.take the Rodney king riots.. heck the people of those neighborhoods are upset now because they have to drive an hour to shop.. excuse me.. what did you really think was going to happen after you terrorized and looted karls neighborhood market scared his wife and kids to death then burned his lifes work to the ground…. but seriously if you really wanted to make change happen and have your voice heard and actually get congress to start working for the people rather than some lobbying firm.. then each person in your group send a snail mail letter simple non threatening stating your thoughts on an issue. the same letter every day till they either vote on it yea or nae. there was what eighty thousand women in dc. in letters to each of your congressmen each day that would be between four and twelve semi loads of mail per legislator..a minimum of ten farmboys for ten hours or up to a hundred city boys just to heave and toss and increase in us mail revenue to the tune of what a couple of hundred million if everyone did it nationwide every day. several billion dollars and millions of jobs opened up just to pickup toss us mail would be stabilized again.. an increase in fuel consumption for profit there wear and tear on the motors of the cars and semi trucks to haul it.. an increase in trucking jobs post office positions etc. help the economy daily.. of course congressmen work what an average of three days a month.. It might be a short lived spike in labor and consumption because I am more than willing to think that there isn’t a congressman alive that would choose a vacation or any other perk or donation a lobbyist could possibly want to offer rather than stop the nightmare of mail.(just watch the show miracle on 34th street and trying to get the courts to admit that there is a Santa clause to get an idea of this concept ). . then if you really wanted to be crappy send one to every out post office of the legislators.. same thing.. or a letter to each of the lobbying firms if the people truly wanted their voice heard.. that is how to do it.. no marching no looting no threats no martial law imposed just a simple letter letting them know your wishes and improve the economy and create jobs in the process.
    there just isn’t any good outcome for the opposite actions.

  8. George, forget the self-righteous naysayers. You just keep on ranting as you see fit. You are an entirely reasonable and remarkably insightful human being. Please keep speaking your mind.

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