Trump “Losses Lock” on 2020 – China

CPI data in a moment.  But first, some long-term economic context so this all falls into place.  The market was down again yesterday and one of the reasons is the Trump “hard ball on trade” ploy is (predictably) not working out well.  We can sense this in how the Chinese are playing their  long game.

You see, Trump, at one moment,  really had a lock-in on the 2020 election.  But that “lock” is slowly being broken.  In my sense, the Chinese (being a 2,500 year civilization as compared with our short 243-years worth) would have already come back to the trade table by now.  They haven’t, so we must inspect their reasoning.

Let’s look at US options versus the Chinese and I think you’ll see it.

Who has the strategic advantage?  U.S. attempts to improve our trade status could have been accomplished via  incrementalism rather than going for the (developer-mindset) “home run” Big Play.  It would have taken less time and would have put the world at less risk.  Trump’s ratings would not have frozen where they are.

China, in contrast, has a vast number of options to develop its supplier chain.  First, they are in the middle of building-out their Middle Class.,  Which is what all their “ghost cities” have been for.  Instant expansion and “back up” cities.  We have made no such strategic investments.

China also has overland neighbors with which it can develop a “farm team.”  The areas of Southeast Asia once at war with the US, are only development of transportation networks away from being the “industrial feeder systems” that will ensure China’s military invincibility into the future.

China’s rail network development in Africa will one-day provide feeder rail service from Africa and the Middle East.  Did you miss Nicholas Muller’s article in The Diplomat?  “The Chinese Railways Remolding East Africa: Chinese-financed transport infrastructure projects are fundamentally changing connectivity in East Africa….”  Assurance of rare earths, anyone?

When one looks historically at nations with global aspirations, all to date have suffered expansionist delusions.  Take Germany in either World War.  One sees that eventual defeat happened because of a lack of human and industrial capital.  Chinese strategy is not singularly dependent on the USA. We are useful trade tools, but that’s like being “useful idiots.”   Vietnam, Myanmar, why their list of “farm club” operations list is huge.

Even in what is at risk for nuclear war of the 100-million dead, regional class (India/Pakistan) the Chinese are investing in Pakistan both as a supply source as well as buffer zone, which will evolve to an eventual port of entry to the Middle East and Africa.  Siberia/Mongolia dictate their Russian cooperation.  Look at the map.  Again, transport links are necessary.  Food production, as well.

Strategically, the US has backed itself into a terrible corner.  To our north, Canada is a resource-rich land but wants its own autonomy, even though they are critical to our survival.  Hamstrung by a US Congress too dumb to propose something as elegant or evident as an inclusionary American Expansion, which would consolidate into a single language populations of both Canada and Mexico with ours, we instead have independent-minded peoples to our north and corrupt people to our south.

Were the Chinese in our position, they would be funding ESL and STEM programs in Mexico’s schools and functionally killing non-compliant extra-governmentalal opposition such as the cartels.

Payoffs, corruption, and a highly evolved caste system, funded in part by those cartels, make any negotiations with Mexico difficult to impossible for the US.  The Chinese, meanwhile, playing them like a fiddle, supply arms, drugs, and port development along the entire Pacific coast even south of Panama.

The Chinese have also permitted themselves what can be thought of as “useful racism.”  Although slavery (outside of the underworld of drugs) is practiced to an extent (prison factories),  the Chinese have always dominated their neighbors.  Ask Vietnamese about the great power of their resident Chinese merchant classes.

This global view weighs heavily, I’m sure, on the Chinese mind.  They are considered people, not prone to tweets, but rather taking Life more as a chess game.  One plays to win.

They no doubt look at Donald Trump as the Echo of Herbert Hoover, as we have long-held.

Hoover, one recalls, was deeply involved in what was nascent global trade in the mid to late 1920’s.  When Hoover came to office, he’d not learned the lessons of trade conflict.  The Depression would teach the whole world just that thing.

Has Trump?  Likely not.

Trump, as a developer of a global real estate empire, likely has a skewed view of trade because it’s one thing for a country, such as Dubai for example, to want a World Class Hotel showpiece on its shores, but it’s quite another to negotiate “booty-sharing” which is what the plunder of tariffs comes down to in functional terms.

A developer might see hotel towers – while local politicians, use these, in local politics, as visible symbols of growth and progress.  But, as John Fraim messaged several years back in his book Battle of Symbols: Emerging Global Dynamics, there is a huge difference between a symbol (or representation) of progress and the actualizing of the thing itself.

Trump is a symbolizer.  China has molded itself a nation of actualizers.  

The trade war is rippling-out as we speak: Europe Is Stuck in the Middle of the U.S.-China Trade War, reports Fortune.

What’s likely is that China, having realized this,  will simply pull a few levers, including I think, well-ahead of the election in 2020 in an “anyone but Trump” financial move.

The biggest lever of all?  Dialing-back their purchases of US Treasuries.  This, in turn. will cause a US financial panic, the earliest stages of which are already evident as we are in the ending phase of a 10+ year recovery from the 2009 post-Housing Crisis collapse, to accelerate.  In economic terms, since we have completed a Wave V up, we are now in only the first wave down.  Such declines run a minimum of three, but usually five waves, to conclusion.

Absent actualities, Trump’s symbology may fail him in 2020.  Sadly, few (if any) commentators will be able to accurately pinpoint and articulate the underlying reason for his failure.  Hence, this morning’s note about what to watch for when it arrives.

What we see ahead in the wake of the election, is more biased media yammering-on endlessly about political aspects which is idiocy  made fashionable by the shallow-thinkers who inhabit the mediasphere.

The bias is breathtaking.    Example du jour? Few people realize that former president Obama’s White House Counsel is presently on trial.  Had this been a Trump WH Counsel, the NY Times would have run a weeks-long lead-in, CNN would be doing live drop-in’s we’re sure.  But, since Obama is above criticism, stories like Josh Gerstein’s “Mueller ties on display at jury selection for Greg Craig trial” go virtually unreported in the left-wing partisan media playing so predictably into China’s agenda.

Just some things to keep in mind.  Chinese minds, looking at our farcical border, political runaway-feedback loops,  and noting a lack of bold, deft strokes of leadership toward tangible results such as updating infrastructure, see the difference between their president-for-life and National Strategy versus and our short-time developer who is hamstrung by political opposition locked not on a vision of progress, but on political and budget obstructionism.

Thus, unable to move, the Chinese are in a commanding position to “eat their lunch slowly.”  Absent a “moon landing” or “21st century infrastructure plan to put lambda’s of bandwidth in every home and business” the Chinese see us for what we’ve actualized, not what we falsely pretend to symbolize.

We are their lunch.  A fat, full-of-ourselves, self-cooking goose.

Which gets us framed (and indeed Fraim’ed) for this breaking bit of news about…..

Consumer Prices

From the Labor Department:

The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.3 percent in July on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising 0.1 percent in June, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 1.8 percent before seasonal adjustment.
Increases in the indexes for gasoline and shelter were the major factors in the seasonally adjusted all items monthly increase. The energy index rose in July as the gasoline and electricity indexes increased, though the natural gas index declined. The index for food was unchanged for the second month in a row, as a decline in the food at home index was offset by an increase in the food away from home index.

Drilling down to the trend?

After “the number” Dow futures were down 80.  Turnaround Tuesday time?  Interesting bet…we’ll pass.

NFIB Index

Is also out this morning and it’s a positive:

“WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 13, 2019) — Optimism among small business owners bounced back in July as expectations for business conditions, real sales, and expansion made solid gains. The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index rose 1.4 points to 104.7, with seven of 10 components advancing, two falling, and one remaining unchanged. The Uncertainty Index fell 10 points, reversing a surge in June that reached the highest level since March 2017.

“While many are talking about a slowing economy and possible signs of a recession, the 3rd largest economy in the world continues to defy expectations, generating output, creating value, and expanding the economy,” said NFIB President and CEO Juanita D. Duggan. “Small business owners want to grow their operations, and the only thing stopping them is finding qualified workers.”

We expect, if there was a real shortage of workers, though, there’d be more recruiting of retired people, but you may have figured that one out without help.  Those of us who are retired have a lot to offer, were HR departments not discriminating at some level.

Useful News

We will skip (*as useless) the daily pant-load of Trump bashing and yellow journo headlines.  Yes, Epstein is still dead or in wit-sec.  Instead, to thoughtful folks, these stories likely matter more.

CoreLogic Reports U.S. Overall Delinquency Rate Remains Steady at 20-Year Low in May.

New Zealand Becomes 1st Country To Legalize Payment Of Salaries In Crypto.

Chart: Medical marijuana markets expanding at varying rates, with Oklahoma, Florida setting the pace.  Oklahoma?  Where’s my ViseGrips?

And the march of the Phone Police continues: Hands-free phone ban for drivers ‘should be considered’ in the UK.  Fool the kneelers and it will be here, next.

Around the Ranch

How’s this for an email?

For gluing up the  light helmet.  I didn’t see any pre-filled glue syringes that would join plastics…

One week past naval hernia surgery now…pain hasn’t been too bad.  The Big Obstacle is  me.  This not being able to lift more than 10-pounds for another week, or two, is going to drive me nuts.

Peoplenomics tomorrow…go make something of yourself and write when you get rich…

42 thoughts on “Trump “Losses Lock” on 2020 – China”

  1. This is out of my nature, but yesterday I put in a limit order for AMD 34 Puts 8/16/19, at $1.15. I didn’t think I got them until I checked my account this morning & they were in it. I pouted during the day because I did not use a market order. It is a mystery to me. I think I will sell this morning & call it a day.

  2. Leader for Life..??? How long Ure think that life will be ? Greater than or Less than 3 years..

    No US Agriculture, crops dying under onslaught of army worms, massive amounts of debt, financial system starting to spin failures, Hong Kong in middle of color rev.. Whats not to like here..more popcorn!

    Digital Tulips springing up in Kiwi land!

    ? Is – how are U preparing for a “transition” from the old system to the new system..what new system…? What “transition” ?

    Beg to differ on statement regarding Germany losing WWII – they did NOT – See N.W.O./Globalists/Neocons/DeepState..always a single shooter, FBI always takes ALL the video/pics/evidence..just ask von mueller – “the mule”.

  3. When this market correction is over as this tariff war subsides, get ready for a price explosion. Business is good, consumers are spending & buying houses, Unemployment is still low, as are interest rates. Every where I look there are help wanted signs. As this market corrects, a huge cash horde is being accumulated. Where will it go? You guessed correctly, right back into the stock market. TAKEOFF. Stay viligent.

    • “Beware of the Thinker, that person can change the world.”

      Cant remember who said that, maybe it was me. Lol

      You are spot on lately ECS, from my vantage point.

  4. “China also has overland neighbors with which it can develop a “farm team.” ”

    My Nephew lives close to a farm for china.. china bought fifty thousand acres is what he told me.. another friend told me they are busy buying the grain exporters and elevators across the USA and has just about shut his business down..
    Not to mention the meat packing plants they have bought up..

    My thought is … guess who gets first choice..

    My fear is since they now can own and take possession of property.. and they have been buying mortgages.. they own our industry..our leaders are dead set for letting illegal hordes enter our country.. even going to let the working man pay for their care..
    what happens there..
    what happens next..

    • Good point; read what happened to Irish citizens as they starved but still provided all that good food for export.

  5. “Epstein is still dead or in wit-sec. ”

    I would love to know who is in the Will…

    and was that guard an alphabet man.. seems all the evil crap happens during their watch.. and when questions are raised all the proof vanishes..
    plenty of misdirection’s and false flags ..

  6. George,
    I’m a little surprised you were unaware that Oklahoma has become the medical marijuana capitol of the country in a very short time. In Oklahoma anything can be a qualifying condition, if the Dr. says so. “Doctor I stubbed my toe, I need weed.” If the Doc says okay, then you’re in. Real easy to transfer MMJ card from another state too. They are going to have a big MMJ grower’s convention in Oklahoma this year. Will Texas be next? I doubt it, but you never know.

  7. AMD is acting like Apple back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. It’s a speculators cash cow. Then it takes off for the stratosphere. ATO did that too, Lord, keep the raiders from spoiling the pot.
    Your right on target about the Chinese, and love the comment about being a self cooking goose. It’s hard for Power attained Elite to wrap their heads around common sense subjects. Your pain meds must have opened or reopened hidden thought portals. Good article George!

  8. NASDAQ has retraced back to the 50 day moving average. A critical level. Downturn still in play. This is a test of my new philosophy. Success still unproven.

  9. The way I read the “trade war” is the U.S. government needs money but can’t raise taxes.

    The way around the perception of raising taxes is to raise tariffs then lower interest rates to compensate for the increased general price level.

    Everything costs more but is still affordable, government increases revenue and we serfs feel good paying the higher prices.

  10. George

    “For gluing up the light helmet. I didn’t see any pre-filled glue syringes that would join plastics…”

    Go check out Bondic, , on Amazon for $20.

    It’s a version of the glue dentist use. It comes as a wand with the glue on one end and the UV laser diode on the other end.

    It’s super strong and mess free to use.

    I saw the ad on youtube and found it fascinating.

    Invented in the good old USA not china.

    Hope it helps!

  11. China is relatively logical and America is rather emotional politically. We argue about trivia. This is our downfall! Chinese manufacture video games and Americans play them. Chinese children learn to play chess and then move on to Chinese chess and Go. I’ve played these games against Chinese college students and been beaten roundly. It’s best to respect your adversary and if possible create an alliance rather than an enemy. Unfortunately, we’ve been doing the latter.

    For many years I’ve sought to learn Chinese with very limited success. I’ve had much more success regarding a basic understanding of the culture, and that’s a fair accomplishment. It can never be distilled into a simple sound bite. This column is eerily accurate from my perspective. China has the benefit of autocracy and the challenges of a much larger population to manage and control. A command economy can implement choices very quickly and not always the best ones, though China has done well for themselves over the last few decades. Their entire population has been taught English with various degrees of success. Most Americans are monolingual. Chinese is such a difficult language to read and write that IMHO, it challenges the visual processing of children and results in a rather different type of mental ability. I have no idea how much of this is genetic, but it can be seen in the methodical build-out of their nation and beyond. We did this back in the 1800’s and early 20th century. Many of the “elite” in the west now insist that their children learn Chinese at an early age. Chinese don’t worry about racism and sexism, they care about success. They know that you can never be Chinese.

    We had it all in the late sixties, and failed to maintain our primacy. We can succeed again as a residual superpower, but we’ll never be the only one again. We need to be both proud and humble regarding our country – proud that we are who we are and humble in the sense that we realize others are fully capable of doing what we once did.

    It’s far better to acknowledge our mistakes and go about fixing them than to either deny or whine about them. China is showing us precisely that, if we can simply observe and learn.

      • George, I believe with China we are looking at “Death by a thousand cuts”. With their history, the Chinese are looking at a much longer timeline than US policy makers.

      • We can scarcely afford NOT to rebuild ourselves and become competitive! We need to stop the squabbling, and the best ways to do so are to articulate a dream and cause a national buy-in to that dream. MAGA was a great idea, less than perfectly implemented. Somehow, media and others have managed to distort the idea into a “racist” oppression of anyone other than us. Of course, that’s just stupid, but it shows a failure of MAGA marketing and a seditious corruption of the dream. We do need to make our country a great place to live, work, behave, and create! Obviously, that entails the rule of law – not excessive law, but a few laws that are enforced without exception. China does that, with notable excesses on occasion and a huge bureaucracy. We can do better if we try, but it won’t happen without a buy-in to a dream.

        An element of Chinese culture is that all Chinese are family, and the Chinese government is the head of household. The good of the family is more important than the good of an individual. People believe this – sometimes reluctantly, but duty matters. We need to understand this if we’re to be competitive. Individualism and self-reliance made our country great, but not without a sense of duty to family and the nation.

    • @ Mike

      What you say is true, BUT have you included in your description of this country ,that we have been SOLD OUT by ALL those politicians in power for the last 51 years (since 1968)
      Headed by Kissinger and nixon…….and many from that era are still in the think tanks around DC…and ALL of their minions that have been ‘educated’ to ‘trash and crash this country’….so that we can NEVER be great again…..since the ‘rot’ is to ‘deep’…by the way…IF we could find someone to INDICT just one of the ‘star’s of the Left’ or rino’s….it would change the ‘narrative’ and show you and I….there might be a slim chance to start an ‘avalanche’ of justice and a rendering of same to the Deep State, Shadow Government, TPTB..the UNSEEN Hand…and the little guy ‘behind the curtain’….I will not hold my breath….until then….we will suffer what ALL other evil controlled countries have in the past….destruction….and it will not be ‘pretty’….no matter how many ‘lights’ one has on his/her head….(humor George)….Semper Fi

      • You are right regarding corruption and desecration of the nation, but we can’t give up! We could leave the country and hope to become acceptable immigrants elsewhere, or we can do as we say others should: “Take back the country and hang the traitors.”

        It’s very late in the game and much national treasure has been wasted or looted, but it’s not over yet. We still have treasure – and debt. We still have smart people and a lot of them, though they’ve been diverted into channels where their talent is wasted. We need a true and natural leader like Kennedy with body armor and common sense at least. I believe that Donald Trump did better than anyone expected, though the entrenched PTB are incredibly deceitful and wily. I don’t know if POTUS can do the job, but we do need the people of the USA behind him. He has concerns and threats that can’t be voiced. I hope someone can get it done, and meanwhile I’ll avoid being part of the problem. Without grassroots support, no man can change a nation.

        “A people get the government that they deserve”. It’s an old line with some merit. Giving up is a very poor option, IMHO.

      • Exactly, D! It is the ‘sell out of the country’ designed to bring down and destroy the USA that has been SO PROFITABLE for the elites. Once they got their hooks into the country via the (NON) Federal Reserve, taking over the printing of our money, loaning it back to us at interest, and setting up the IRS to tax our wages, THEN, the setting up of PROPERTY TAXES to strip our ownership, it just left NAFTA to set up the exit of the corps (and their taxes into the system) and factories, the influx of illegals taking jobs AND keeping the wages low AND forcing the taxpayers to pay for the invasion. Over 35 years of keeping the wages flat. Meaning in 1979, you could make $10.00 an hour being a manager at the local gas/snack station. See what that pays today. As my Dad used to say, “Privatizing the profits but socialize the losses.” That’s what our elected leaders did to us, and yes, Kissinger is STILL ALIVE doing his nastiness. Kissinger said, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” US strategy deliberately destroyed family farming in the US and abroad and led to 95% of all grain reserves in the world being under the control of six multinational agribusiness corporations.” These criminals have been at this a long time to bring down America and control it. But, as George shows – there is a repeatable pattern…and war is in the pattern as well as the stock market demise, depression, and famine, and many other things as way too many commentators have pointed out.

      • “IF we could find someone to INDICT just one of the ‘star’s of the Left’ or rino’”

        I will never happen….

      • NM Mike; I just have to point out, read the Geneva Conventions on refugees. Americans ARE NOT and WILL NOT be refugees. That narrows where an American can immigrate to!!!

  12. G. I offer up an old quote from UNCLE HO. ” I’d rather smell French sh//, than eat Chineese shi//.” have a great day peace & love to all

  13. George, so now you’re saying that Trump is an impulsive, flawed, small thinker and strategist?
    (George begins redact on due to I never wrote anything of the sort and this is trolling bullshit.)

    -So Trump just wasted (More toiling BS)

    When what we needed was ‘incrementalism?’ (How is that different from Obama’s TPP, Iran, NATO etc. strategy?)
    (: They were practicing and promoting Bendoverism, you lefty fool.)

    -And then you pivot to old reliable — immigration (G: redaction back on: I talked about borders and along comes this white-shamed commie twit talkingk about sending people back…somewhere we NEVER went. Then he continued on to infer I was racist. So if he gets banned for posting delusional shit, you’ll understand why. I have been far too lenient of those who slander my views and who hate American exceptionalism having none of their own, leaving them weak, hopeless, guilt-ridden and ashamed. Cowboy up…this is America and we can all ride..)

    -And all the while creating a new generation of slackers, this time ‘aggrieved’ white folks (more racist trolling shit which I won’t tolerate. But then, quite oddly he says…)

    -Don’t think I relish any of this. Was a big, big Reagan guy, until I realized trickle down was just a deficit stimulus scam giving a short term (inefficient) bump but leaving us with a massive national debt. (George reminds: Carter and Johnson laid the inflation groundwork, with the institutionalizing of the poor as a Johnson’s “Fake Society” which Mike just seems to forget. Oh, and Reagan brought down the Soviets, let’s not forget…winning wars without nukes? Not free, not on this planet.)

    And except for Papa Bush, they’ve been running the same con ever since, implemented on the backs of inflaming (Redact, another race-baiting) grievance. Best, Mike.

    (G: Which you are spilling all over my website spewing racist white-shaming hate and I won’t stand for it. Either you offer some solutions or at least strategies or… One more out of order rant and you’re outta here for good…are we clear? It must be a bitch to hear a person say something and have little voices in your head run-on to errant conclusions and then write based on these delusions. You charge, rather than ask. You protest rather than read. You are why the Hopi elders report we are at the close of the 4th world.

    Perhaps Andy could offer you a daisy to quiet the mind for a day. Mindfulness. Practice an hour a day of not moving, not speaking and just being with yourself. Just you. No phone, no radio. Just be. No window, no view…just be with your mind. When it’s quiet between the ears for 2-hours a day, try listening with your heart.)

    • Captain Ure! Sensors indicate we have encountered a life form with a cranium so dense, not even a new idea can penetrate! Switching phasers from ‘redact’ to ‘ban’, standing by on your orders.

      • Steady and she goes, Scotty. We don’t want to provoke war in the Forbidden Zone. We have reports of a Klingon Force in the capitol so we shall proceed with caution. Beam us up some paper bedsheets, when you can. Ure out.

    • You might as well ban him because there’s no cure for TDS. My own limited experience with this illness consists of having several friends become apoplectic when they heard (but not from me) that I had voted for Trump in spite of being a lifelong Democrat, and they all jumped to the conclusion that I must LOVE Trump.I explained that I would have voted for a tree stump rather than Hillary, but apparently their knowledge base no longer includes the concept of voting against one candidate instead of for another. This idea that I LOVE Trump could only have arisen from the brainwashing of TV news, which must have been their sole source of political info. And these are well-educated friends who have otherwise been intelligent and rational. In fact, the only people I know who are aware of what’s going on behind the scenes are those who don’t watch TV. Not a coincidence! I’ll do an about-face here and likewise jump to a conclusion, which is that your blog’s most annoying trollers must be TV watchers. TDS’ers won’t be cured until the power goes off, and maybe not even then.

      • Very good analysis of WHY; little inputs from one or two sources which constantly bombard them with FAKE news and then they come on here and REPEAT what they heard! I, too, know a few just like this; it’s very hard to reason with them. Why is it that you can be of ANY age and already think you know everything there is to know??? Toddlers: No (know)! Teenagers: I already know. Adults: I know I know. Aged: I told you so! Oh, let’s just bring Aristotle into it: the classic: “the more you know the more you know you don’t know.”

        Or, let’s get a professional’s take on ole Aristotle: “Some of the sensible substances are generally admitted to be substances, so that we must look first among these. For it is an advantage to advance to that which is more knowable. For learning proceeds for all in this way-through that which is less knowable by nature to that which is more knowable; and just as in conduct our task is to start from what is good for each and make what is without qualification good good for each, so it is our task to start from what is more knowable to oneself and make what is knowable by nature knowable to oneself. Now what is knowable and primary for particular sets of people is often knowable to a very small extent, and has little or nothing of reality. But yet one must start from that which is barely knowable but knowable to oneself, and try to know what is knowable without qualification, passing, as has been said, by way of those very things which one does know.”

        The point he’s making is the opposite of what the quotation suggests: Aristotle believes that all things are knowable, but, in a specific individual’s journey towards complete knowledge, there will be times that new knowledge shows there are more things to learn.

        The last instance of ‘know’ occurs in a somewhat weak sentence “But evidently in a sense, knowledge is universal, and in a sense it is not.”

        –barry carter

    • [redacted due to [double redacted due to socially unredeemable [OMG, a triple level redaction !!!]]], and brevity always.

  14. The PPT is alive and well in this ‘market’…have no fear they will ‘win the day’…as they whipsaw gold and silver bullion and stocks ,to make sure YOU buy what they want you to buy….’fools gold’ ….dollar denominated stuff….soon the ‘bells will toll’….and it will not be the ‘opening or closing’ ones….got gold and silver…hope so

  15. Good post. With US arms and Chinese economic development in Pakistan, what is the real US stance on the border dispute with India. Who are OUR allies? What happens to Indian and Pakistani nationals residing in US if the border dispute goes critical? Who’s on first? And worse, What’s on second ?

  16. Chinese play GO, maximum control of an area with the Minimum of resources. Chess is very direct with max resources. Western way of war follows chess, Chinese way of war follows GO. Takes longer, uses less resources, maybe not as bloody. That is what we should have done for Afgan and Iraq wars.
    Does Xi have the favor of Heaven in China. Hong Kong is just the tip. China is not a monolith, many different peoples in that country. All regional interests, warlords, Still. Much turmoil below the surface. 4 times as many smart people as we have, so does India. Much future competition, but if We in USA have less regulations, more innovation, MORE FREEDOM, we will stay competitive. We must defend our CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS. That is what makes us a BETTER PLACE, as well as E pluribus unum, out of many ONE. AMERICA.

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