Trading for Lunch Money, Micro Homes III

Not a particularly in-depth report this morning, but some very interesting topics. 

‘First up is a discussion of how I made some “lunch money” on this week’s dead cat bounce in the market.

Then a word or several more about Micro Homes, since my son is now actively thinking about building one.

A few headlines, and more coffee – then we’ll be into it.

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16 thoughts on “Trading for Lunch Money, Micro Homes III”

  1. Consider using SIPS (structural insulated panels) for your micro home.
    They are stronger, lighter and better insulated than 2×6. You can buy them as a precut kit (no waste) and they come with electric channels. They have excellent fire rating and build really fast.
    Metal roof with solar panels and a mini split AC/DC air conditioner that runs off DC from the panels during the day.

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  2. well if nobody’s going to comment on this I guess I will nobody’s going to comment on this so I guess I will so it’s about seeds and I Love You by thousands and thousands of dollars and sense but they weren’t Frozen while you’re at it out of luck I guess you’ll have to scrounge and especially if it’s the wrong time of the year and there’s no seeds to replant well good luck on that one, so what I’m saying is yeah if it cost you $468 for lunch because what you had put aside didn’t work but would you put all that stuff into the cost factor and you do Eatonville like wow this cost me a lot of money because I made a mistake and the way I preserved it

  3. The original intent of a micro-house was simply cheap shelter. Now that it has become “trendy”, these homes are selling for $30-200K – hardly a bargain.

    In many rural towns, you can grab a 12-1500 sq ft home for $20-45k, then fix it up for another $5-10k. Not a “micro”, but to be frank, if you haven’t lived on a ship or a drilling rig or a tiny apartment, then you have too much stuff to fit in a micro-house.

    Having actually been in several, they suck for entertaining, and forget overnight guests. Most are not built any better than modular homes, and some a lot worse.

    Unless you are doing it with your own two hands, and don’t plan on many visitors or having children, it’s not that great an option. It sure beats a hovel or a van or a yurt, but the term they ought to use is “micro-shelter”, not micro-house.

    And you can buy a used 20-20 ft RV for a lot less…

    • I live rural.. in the many rural towns that do offer homes from 20 to 45K. they are out of the mainstream way beyond the affordable commute drive for an average laborer. these towns are well beyond the half hour drive limit. for each ten minutes commute time you have to increase the costs of wear and tear on the vehicle and the availability of such luxuries as grocery stores and other amenities we are all use to. even at the half hour to hour drive limit there is relatively little change in house values.
      When I was considering relocating from the city to where I am now. I had looked at a home in a city beyond the mainstream. the house was a beautiful home on three lots small town four bedroom huge garage etc etc.. nice place but.. the nearest grocery store was an hour and a half away. as a truck driver where i park my hat doesn’t make any difference but as a factory worker etc.. it does.. then weather.. how will commute be in winter summer etc. many factors.. so I decided to buy a place closer in. the house cost was similar to the city and very little savings.

  4. Ive thought about a microhome but i want something a little bigger. Maybe something like a mobile home in terms of my liking. Nothing huge but enough to stretch out a bit. Even better would be a property i can be self-reliant on with a nice garden and maybe some animals. I don’t know completely yet but following your advice in the missing manual, i should be able to make that dream a reality soon-ish!

    Reading today, i will be opening a trading account soon so i can start (hopefully) making a 2% return every once in a while!

    Also, urbansurvival/peoplenomics internship or a Mr. George Ure understudy? I figure with all the technology we have, i wouldn’t even have to be there physically but i wont say no to adventure and learning.

    and did you do a urbansurvival or peoplenomics report on the foundational items for preparedness that will carry you into the more advanced stages? (Any advice on bringing a women into the fold of prepping as well?)

    As usual sir, thank you so much for wisdom and insight! You keep me level headed in terms of a good worldview to hold going into this period of time.

    • I am a true believer in micro homes.. my home before expanding was 16/25 and for two people it is adequate. you cannot collect a bunch of stuff utilities are low and as your family grows expand.. an average one bedroom apartment isn’t much bigger or in some cases even smaller.
      During my egg timer work world days. I had often thought that I should have bought a camper van as my main vehicle. drive from one job to another. Allowing you to increase your available time to sleep and rebuild. similar to an over the road truck driver or migrant farm labor or the elderly that flock to southern Texas because they can save enough money with their healthcare costs to afford the journey. no property taxes you are using the works parking lot as your backyard. similar to the old gypsies of days gone by.. for those in retirement years an RV campground membership. again no taxes power is included so is waste removal security and you have the ability to move to another area when you grow tired of the one you are at.. all of this at the cost of around three hundred a month. you also have an activity director golfing the one I visited had back trail horseback ride with provided a provided trail picnic meal, rodeo and hot air balloon rides. an olympic swimming pool golf course cable television and much much more all added into the monthly price at that time the price was two hundred dollars. Now for a working class person this is not an affordable option since your life is pretty much moving from one place to another but for someone on a set income it is an option downsize from your home and all its expenses and be able to move to the southwest where you have affordable healthcare in Mexico or canada..

    • Read the Anastasia series of books, it will teach you about kin domains, it is the new-old model for the future.

  5. I agree Bill’s comment was a great explanation..
    I only disagree with one point..
    “here we are, a country so wealthy and over-educated”
    at this point in our country the status of your birth pretty much determines the outcome of your life.Education is discouraged to anyone that is unable to afford it.. School loans right now are at what ten percent making any chance of future success extremely limited.
    Education has become an institution that is discouraged to the average parents child.
    While over 76 percent of the wealth is distributed to the top twenty five percent of the population and of that 38 percent plus of that figure is owned by four hundred of the richest people in the usa and as the new spending bill gets implemented in small increments similar to the millionaire relief act of 78 that distribution gap will widen between the top twenty five percent.
    With manufacturing having been exported to other countries to and tax incentives given to companies to export these jobs piled all that expense on the bottom 75 percent of the working population.
    this trend in my opinion reduces the same thing I argued with a small group I belonged to years ago the OPPORTUNITY TO SUCCEED even with a sheet of paper hanging on the wall a person has little or no chance of true success..
    It isn’t what you know.. from the eighties till now one of the biggest mistakes in history has been made by allowing the puppet masters to control the outcome of the USA write the laws that govern a society and outsource labor and piling those expenses on what little chance of success those at the bottom had and making it harder to find any job of true value.before the early eighties a person could work one job and provide. Once we started to outsource our jobs deregulated Healthcare, fuel industry etc etc.. not only was the health of our nation hurt but the financial security. taking the at that time four trillion and adding it to the budget so that the puppet masters could influence how it was distributed and spent.From that point on a family couldn’t survive on a single source income but had to have multiple incomes to even provide a simple household budget. In my opinion this did two things.. it not only hurt the household bottom line but it eroded the family structure put latch key kids in charge of guiding their own future where before mom was home guiding their minds.
    All of this Causing the Opportunity of future success to slip away from the grasp of the average wage earner making it almost impossible for them to feel that they might have a chance to obtain the american dream..
    We have always had the wealthy but until the Nafta law the common laborer had the belief that anyone willing to work hard and had some talent could penetrate that social class and become as wealthy as the elite.
    “Ability is nothing without opportunity. Napoleon Bonaparte”
    Take the opportunity away and the ability to afford an education to compete we opened ourselves up for defeat by the countries that oppose us.

    • oops I should have said taking the four trillion of the social security benefit money that had been collected the the future of the average laborer to survive after retirement and adding it to the general budget where the puppet masters to convince those legislating how to spend it..

      • And letting illegals drop anchor babies, collect Medicaid, and social security and disability, basically give them all right of citizenship except for arrest and deportations, there they are free of the laws citizens abide by. One big thing you mentioned but didn’t highlight correctly, citizens have to pay to educate themselves for jobs that are given to other countries citizens right here AND, where I live, a liberal cesspool, they are already educating the illegals for free. The citizen and family gets the screwed loans and the invader gets a free ride.

      • absolutely Screw it.. what a great point.. we allow the refugee’s in sharing our country. I don’t personally have any problem with someone coming to our country to raise a family as long as they pay the same taxes that we do abide by the same laws and respect our laws. Many of the displaced are brought here. They pay no taxes.. they receive many benefits and take away the jobs. in the countries that have opened their borders.. Crime in on the drastic increase. Rape in on the increase the countries are now in a fragile position of having to deal with this situation.
        there is a reason why Saudi Arabia won’t allow any of them in migrate there.
        Back in the early eighties I worked beside a refugee since we were in the process of suffering through the trickle down reaganomics jobs were extremely scarce. At my full time manufacturing job at the time as an american we were lucky as a full time employee to get ten hours a week.. I ended up having to work six jobs and sell plasma to get enough to provide food on the table. in the meantime the refugee I know was guaranteed forty hours a week. He was getting assistance with his food.( food stamps ) he also was receiving free college tuition for himself and a trade school for his wife.. daycare assistance and free medical and dental for their whole family. They got him a house helped with the utility expenses and bought him a conversion van. ( at the time that was the hot vehicle to own).. the employer of course took out all the appropriate taxes at the end of the year when he got back his tax return he received everything he paid in and everything the employer paid in plus he got the new EIC tax credit.. He showed me his check.. His tax return check was for more money than I grossed working six jobs..

        Lately I knew a woman that had hit on hard times needed some dental work. They have a clinic here that works on the sliding scale principle. She went to it.. she got there ten refugee’s shoved her out of the way belittling her because she was a woman and not wearing the proper attire that a woman should wear scared her half to death. she gets up to the receptionist’s window and was still quite shaken over this incident and the receptionist told her they couldn’t see her because they had their quota.. when she explained what the guys did to her ( needless to say this all happened while the receptionist was watching) the receptionist thought it appropriate to chastise her because she failed to respect and accept their countries customs and manors.
        When I came across her she was crying I asked her what and wrong and she told me what happened.. I took her to my dentist and paid for her dental care for the broken tooth with an exposed nerve..

      • Anonymous; the same thing is happening with the illegals; they get the 40+ hour week jobs as the employers do not have to offer nor pay their health insurance because they are illegal. Then the illegals go and get FREE healthcare EVERYWHERE and of course, their women, get all of it and any of it at any time for FREE, too! (PLUS many other benefits the citizens Social Security Number keeps them from getting now.) IF they were legal citizens and the company didn’t want to have to pay health insurance premiums, they would reduce the citizens’ hours under 30 a week. So, another dastardly stab in the citizens back, the obamaNocare bill penalized citizenship. It is the nasty secret that the MSM never talks about the full-fledged transferring of many millions of full-time citizen jobs to illegals and the dropping of company paid insurance or health care for citizens and making them have to work 2 jobs, and making them scramble to obamaNocare or go without and pay those billions in penalties each year. All that transferring went on with not ONE word from a demonRat who oversaw this destruction of stability for the citizens. As far as people coming here to raise a family, for a century, they did it the right way, all of a sudden (both RepubliCons and DemonRats oversaw the open border globalization invasion) it is open season on America and its citizens, as another poster commented a few days ago, the citizens have been forced to pay for the invasion, forced to feed, clothe, house, provide healthcare for, insure them, incarcerate them, educate the invaders and watch our country give away citizenship for dropping a baby on our side of the border! When you see those life-long thief’s up there ‘serving us up’ on a platter, then you know for sure they sold their souls out. When a person grows up and RECOGNIZES this total sell out of our liberties and rights FUELED by the MSM decades long lies and leaving out the details of this massive invasion and its effects and costs to the country, it is mind boggling the scale of corruption and desire to destroy America that is being played out for all of us to see every single day. THINK of the hundreds of thousands of rapists, murderers, assaulters, and repeat offenders that have been let off by the 500 sanctuary cities across the country! They mostly HURT American citizens. The last 8 years of open border executive order globalist policies by Obama almost put the stake in America (stick it, she’s done). My prediction is MORE wars for the globalists, they are not done with using our young men and women for war. They are not done with running up trillions more debt (the power behind the scenes, the ones others have commented on who are fighting for control OVER the country). They will not fulfill their duties and obligations to our veterans. They will raise our taxes higher and higher, and keep our wages low. They will obfuscate and demoralize the messages to citizens and more and more a refugee or illegal will gain the upper hand, and continue to bite the many hundreds of millions compassionate American hands that feed them.

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