Yes.  Tomorrow in Peoplenomics I will show you how I played the “dead cat bounce” in the market Thursday – which will likely continue a bit when the market opens this morning.

As I told subscribers in our special report Thursday AM, my favored outcome would be a solid/tradable bottom for the short-term, and with that, we are hip-deep in hamburger money again.

Tomorrow: a more detailed discussion of how I did it. complete with trading slips.  We don’t do stock tips, but with even a modest amount of dough, if you work at learning about the market and its behaviors (plus trend channels and Elliott waves and have some confidence in your ability to set your own trading strategy (and follow it), you too can do OK.


I know it is not popular (or in vogue) to be focused on making money during political turmoil and such.  But let me ask you a very serious question:

Why do you watch the news, if not to make a buck or get a leg up on the people next door?

No, I am not “glorifying” the all-mighty dollar.  But I like to use them – the more the better –  for my own purposes.  Like  to help the kids out now and then, to have a comfortable retirement, and so on, When I hear cultish leaders spew their “anti-money raps” it deeply bothers me.

I don’t know as I have ever explained why.

Let’s take one of those “Get your greed under control and don’t base your thinking on money…base it on [whatever]” promoters.

It’s a load of crap.

Because markets are big enough that if YOU don’t take some of the money, it will go to far less worthy, less generous people than YOU (or me).

Thus, it’s our mission around here to help you make as big a pile of cash as humanly possible.  And then spend and share it effectively, of course on the backside.

Now that we’re clear on that…Let’s go on to why the market is going up.

Velocity of Money About to Bottom?

We won’t know this for sure for several months yet, but it appears that the Trump Rally in the market is being driven by the fact that some of the money in those “dead pools of dough” are starting to move around again.

Just like the turnover of electrons means “work done” in the nominal world, so too in finance it’s the movement of money that fuels economic activity.  You can print money all day long, but if it’s locked in a dark vault somewhere, ain’t nuthin’ gonna happen.

This is why tracking Velocity of Money at M2 is so critically important.

Once the turnover of money picks up, we will be “poopin’ in the tall cotton” as an old formerly saying from the Dakotas put it.

And we have evidence the Fed has stepped on the gas again and is back to goosing M1 at something approaching an 8% annual rate.  See the latest H.6 Money Stocks report out last night for more.

We will now step back into the Swamp Report,. but the main thing to be aware of is that it’s been my experience that people who speak ill of money are usually out for more – for them, not you.  And on top of that, there’s nothing wrong with making 2% on your money in five hours.  It’s just most people are not focused on making money, reducing expenses, and the idea of driving a 12-year old Lexus is unacceptable.

Yet these are the behaviors that people get envious of.  If you haven’t read it, check out an older book on investing:  “The Millionaire Next Door.”  Good stuff.

Another Market Indicator?

Bitcoin breaks through $1,900 to reach record high with its market cap up $4 billion this week alone.

When the manias are in full tilt boogie mode, sense becomes rarified in all markets.

Come now…into the swamp.

Group Hand-Wringing Dept.

Oh,. yeah…everyone be afraid!  A NY Times Op-Ed says so!

Dangerous Times for Trump and the Nation.”

Now that you know what the alt-libs are thinking, here’s the reality:  Imports and exports are up.  The Fed is back to pumping money into the system, and we’ll have some serious money on the market going to new highs early this summer on our trading book shortly (if trends continue).

The REAL situation in America is the blood-thirsty left-whispered press – which has a ridiculous amount of excess capacity.  They’ve filled the info pipeline with fear, nonsense, and bullshit.  Need some more examples?

Why Trump Won’t Find Salvation in the Middle East…”  Wait…you mean his Israel trip isn’t so he can convert?

Amid Trump Turmoil, Some Begin Eyeing Mike Pence.”  What?  Is he cute, or what?  I was a reporter seemingly forever and never met “some” before.

Experientially? Rest assured when you read newsisms like “some” of “sources” “has learned” that it’s all smoke and mirrors because the some, sources, or fount of learning has a crooked interest in spinning the outcome.

Honest reporters know they are gullible.  The dishonest ones don’t.

Realizing their idiocy a few democrats are kinda/sorta walking back the sleazy impeachment talk.

See Last Year, Obama Offered to Share U.S. Intelligence With Russia, and the Mainstream Media Was Fine With It…oh, wait…that was different

Pay none of it any mind.  If you had a copy of our Nostracodeus data-mining software, you’d be able to run the daily root word-count on “impeach” and play the market like a fiddle, too.  Impeachment blather screams up, market cools.  Impeachment talk down, market edges back toward rational, as much as it ever is.

Around here, we ain’t so much about politics (other than remarking on the democrat’s loose talk that amounts to a “give Trump a fair trial before hanging him…” spiel) so much as we are about making a buck.

OK, several then.

Let’s All Hate Joe Now

With president Trump eyeing Joe Lieberman for the FBI gig, I found this amusing:  Why Democrats don’t like Lieberman.

The answer is so obvious:  Joe is one of their ilk, after all.

Say, how about Maxine Waters for FBI boss?  No?  Hillary, then?  Here she’s a lawyer (after a fashion)…

(Wait!  Did someone put more crack in my crackerjacks?)

Wars, Rumors of…

Chinese Jets Flew Dangerously Close During Intercept, U.S. Says.  Student pilot?

All you need to know about the elections in Iran.

Wave of ‘More Dangerous, Skilled’ ISIS Jihadists Bound to Hit Europe – UN Counterterrorism Chief

ISIS Jihadists not Violent Islamic Terrorists…can’t wake up the French anymore.  So goes “politically correct subversion.”

Speaking of P.C….

U.S. Dept. of Stupid

“University of Michigan Students ‘Intimidated’ by ‘Masculine’ Wood Paneling in Academic Buildings .”

Gee, how about something in a nice, feminine concrete block, perhaps?

Well, off to ride the wild lawn mower.  Futures are up 40’ish, but the real question is who has the stones to be long over the weekend?

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