Trading Box Victory?

Some time back – perhaps a month or two – we mentioned a slight chance of a major rally based on use of “trading boxes.”  In our unconventional way of looking at markets, drawing of rectangles on charts offers some occasionally useful insights.

This weekend, a drill down a bit into the “trading boxes” which offer the idea that at least in the short term, there is a possibility of higher markets to nearly month-end.

Not that we do any more than “lunch money trading” but trading boxes have kept us from playing in the dangerous middle of the financial freeway this week.

Before that, a few headlines and a rather positive client note from my consigliere., Except that it moves up WW III.

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19 thoughts on “Trading Box Victory?”

  1. This looks like a good weekend to charge batteries and top off the diesel cans. Maybe I’ll pick up a couple of cans of the power tool gasoline. I probably have enough kerosene on hand.
    Oh, and toilet paper …

    • Now rumor is Luciferase is in the mRNA Vaxx’es.

      Blue and purple lights can detect Luciferase in the body and together be used as a tracking tool.

      We’re being told the lights are changing colors due to manufacturing defect. LOL

      The bizarre reason Bondi’s street lights are turning purple

      The lights are not just changing colour in Sydney, but nationally and internationally as well.

      “Purple street light defect observed worldwide

      It turns out, the faulty LED bulbs are not just radiating bright colours in Bondi, but nationally and internationally due to defects worldwide. Over the last few years areas in North America such as Vancouver, California, New Mexico and Wisconsin observed purple LED street lights, as well as places in the UK like Ireland, Business Insider reports.”

      “They” may be integrating our bodies into a Li-Fi network.

      “Li-Fi is a light communication system that is capable of transmitting data at high speeds over the visible light, ultraviolet, and infrared spectrums. In its present state, only LED lamps can be used for the transmission of data in visible light.”

  2. Looking at the chart below “From an Elliott standpoint”

    I’d say the wave is developing into a double zig-zag and the “X” portion is the yellow c & d connector. The c/d wave looks like a 5 wave correction to the trend of the corrective trend.

    I googled

    The main rules for Double Zigzags trading

    Double Zigzags subdivide into three waves and labels as W, X, and Y.
    Usually waves W and Y are zigzags.
    Wave X could form any correction pattern.
    Wave X is always smaller than wave W.
    Wave Y is always longer than wave X.

    The U.S. should go higher.

    • I think you are right. But the S&P500 has to close above 4,180 before I am completely convinced. In the mean-time., I’m gonna sit back here in the cheap seats and watch how all of this unfolds.

  3. I am SO damn tired of Dylan Mulvaney…

    Even so…

    He/She/It/? can be a weathervane for Conventional Reality — whatever the hell THAT is….

    He/She/It?/ has now become a fad/trend within a fad/trend.

    So, here’s how to sus this out: when you see Dylan Mulvaney on a recruitmnt poster for some branch of Americn military, put the lid on the Sterno can, daw the curtain, and put out the ights — it’s over.

    (Don’t laugh: it could happen.)

    – 73 –
    7.299 by day, 3.999 by night
    No NCS, no “HQ”

  4. How about “12 amino acid long Cdk5 peptide chain” VICTORY ?

    Yes youse all read that hop to and get Ureselves some research and edumacation, statim!

    Wait U say Ure woke and id as “prog” bro? what are ya doing hear? so I guess no hard work, no sweating..I get it ya panywastes can just order new scientific research with next grubhub order…
    For those that want 2 know moar regards de-feeting Alzheimers…just follow Ure eyes…

    no worries swiss cheese anymore..

    -F the not neutral Swiss, and just give me some melted cheese that
    tastes gouda.

    Still No .

  5. “Beginning with the French Revolution, though, 1789-1799, marked the beginning of the end for Crowns.”

    ??????? did the crowns really end.. I don’t think so.. back in the day when the crowns were the lords and ladies..
    Tablet with a Hymn to King Shulgi, 2094–2047 B.C.
    In ancient Mesopotamia, being king meant many things. Kings were not just rulers of their kingdoms and empires; they were also expected to be religious leaders, warriors, hunters, scholars, lawmakers, and builders. to protect the people they led.. today we still have the kings and queens.. but could you see Joe and Hunter going to ukraine to lead the armies at the front lines.. Not particularly.. they wouldn’t make it ten feet.. instead the leaders of today are leaders that take.. some of the smaller countries the leaders also go into battle as in the days of old.. but modern kingship deals with titles and double standard laws.. that they are exempt from ..
    in the days of old kings had a series of roles that they had to be..
    All of these roles were embedded in a complex belief system that begins with the gods bestowing kingship on mankind.
    A Sumerian list of kings says that kingship “descended from heaven.” It was a gift from the gods and the king was therefore divinely chosen. For this reason, he was expected to be especially pious and perform the appropriate rituals to ensure that the gods brought good fortune to his people today we see the opposite as true.. they are the lowest in moral and ethical standards.. with the feeling that they are above the people to the point that they don’t have to abide by the rules of conduct. . In the hymn on the tablet King Shulgi of Ur gives offerings made of lapis lazuli, silver, and gold to the gods, who in turn favor him with good crops and obedient people…
    no.. the days of kings and queens are not over.. ask the security of the people around Hillary.. I read in a book that if she comes down a hall the security team has to hide in a closet so she doesn’t have to take a look at them..
    the only thing that did happen is it changed from them taking care of the citizenship they lead.. to those they lead support them. and them not doing a thing for the people..
    that one is from princeton.. but heck almost every academic institution in the world has done a study on this.. there are thousands and thousands that show how the roles of the rulers of old and the roles of rulers today operate..

  6. Perhaps someone else posted DCMA link before me…

    Digital Currency Monetary Authority

    io is British Indian Ocean Territory.

    Indians are taking the West.

  7. The French CAC …

    George, the French CAC has self-organized into a March 2020 33/72(ideal base 29)58 week x/2-2.5x(2.5x’)/2x’ blow-off series. The French market represents the valuation pinnacle of global markets. With nearly 70 percent of energy supplied by nuclear power, French inflation reached a 30 year peak of less than 6 percent earlier this year, much less than other western economies. The ten year French note is currently about 3 percent.

    The Japanese Nikkei is following an identical 33/72/58 week third fractal 58 week lower high valuation. The lower high is secondary to Japan’s (and China’s) necessity to import the vast majority of their energy needs. The Nikkei appears to be following a 2009 45-/89(ideal 36)/54 month :: x/2x(2.5x’/1.5x’ fractal series.

    Let’s see if 14 April 2023 represented the daily average peak valuation of the March 2020 French CAC.

  8. Re: Peak Royalty
    feat. Historical Fiction


    Great Scot! A great-great niece of the 13th century Buccleuch family, Lady Sarah Ferguson, has published a second book in her historical fiction series titled “A Most Intriguing Lady”. The author has imagined a friendship between the Scottish noblewoman and a daughter of Queen Victoria. Apparently Sherlock Holmes-type mysteries are solved by the heroines for upper class clientele requiring discretion. Of course, there is also a gentleman of interest stationed at Whitehall. I don’t know if his name is Andrew.

    Speaking of history, this past week brought forth a Presidential matrilineal great x ? grandpappy to current news footage. Somehow there was no ire raised of him allegedly being a champion of coal back in the day.

  9. It’s got to start somewhere.
    It has always puzzled me. So many Presidents have been to Intel(s).
    We are prepared.

  10. “China promises not to sell arms to any party in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Yeah, sure, you bet.”

    There are roughly 175 nations which are not participants in our embargo against Russia. I’m pretty sure China could find one of them (ahem — Saudi Arabia) to function as an intermediary. My sources say China has recruited Russia to betatest it’s plethora of experimental weapons. This has been going on since last year. The weapons are free, as long as Russia periodically fills out the bug reports…

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