Tomorrow’s Best Investments

Consumer prices are just out and we’ll hit that first. But then some perspective on the future impacts of Inflation and how it will change our world. Mighty useful when making strategic life decisions. Because you can increase your odds of “making good financial calls” by picking the right assets to be heavy in, well in advance. Same with big-ticket spending. Helps to have an outline of the future, too.

As always, our subscriber reports are not for “me-too” people.  Because those folks generally fall into with a) victimhood groups or b) “captain’s off the bridge” thinking.

In other words, people who find it too much of a bother to plan to make it starts with making a plan.  Or, they are weak-willed and can’t be held to account for their results from negotiating “their own best future.”

Take it from someone with a few years on you: The best times you spend in life are with someone you love (and who responds in turn) and time you spend with calculators and history books. Money’s just how we keep score.

When you own the NOW, the FUTURE depends mainly on “remaining present to win.

Spending on the future after CPI details, a few headlines, and the ChartPack, of course.

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25 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Best Investments”

  1. Why so glum, Chum?

    Come on Gman, future is looking up – like rally like hell up.
    Thats right cracka, market going higher for longer .

    Right about now you must be thinking coot getting “Terpy” (terpenes) this AM. No no no sticky buds till after the market closes…yeah yeah I know its five oclock somewhere : )

    Hear me out Kemosabe, feelz like US govt/bonds got or gonna have a problem – aint nobody gonna want to hold junk. The best president money can buy been writing checks his ‘body” can NOT afford to cash. Rates and destabilized dollar will conspire to undo the treasuries and everyone will want to hide out in Corporates/stock market.

    PS – have you seen BTC chart lately ? RSI looks great, MACD looks better, and CMF breaking out 2 upside…BTC up to $34-35k, pull back to $24-5K – then onwards and upwards to the Halving.

    ..just another easy day.

    • Sega’s got nuthin on you Bandicoot! Concur, look for the DXY to start rallying by around 5/5. That will perk Ureself up! Let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves on that halving thingy(DXY will be sub 90), I’m still thinking about what I’m going to write to Mr. Ure, other than my gratitude. All around. Not advice all please do your homework.

  2. “The best times you spend in life are with someone you love (and who responds in turn)”

    I didn’t understand that until my body started to break down.. then after the hospitals raped my retirement and savings taking what I had set aside.. it dawned on me.. the most important things are right in front of you all the time.. you leave with nothing.. its just a small pillow to slow your fall down as you hit the bottom..
    What is more important is Family, Friends, and Faith.. the most rewarding times in my life are the looks in someones eyes.. when you made the difference between having hope.. and hopeless..
    the greatest Art to hang on the wall.. is made out of love by little fingers.. yup frame them and hang them out for everyone to see..
    The best thing to experience.. Gods sunset or sunrise as you sit in gentle conversation and laughter with those you care about..
    the crap will be sold or hauled away..

      • Most important thing my doctors told me…always remember to..

        Wake up..
        Breath in and breath out..

    • Well said Loob,

      Money is NOT what it is all about in life. SOME is necessary for a comfortable life, but after “comfortable” is reached then most today use it for status reasons, which are one of the most ephemeral things people ever do in/with their lives. Trying to impress others … and for WHAT?

      When I was a young man I had an experience that has lived with me to this day, I ended up at the edge of a group of Male Concentation Camp Survivors (who didn’t notice me) and for two hours I listened to them talk to each other about their “Camp” experiences. Sorta of a self directed “group therapy” dynamic. They talked about stuff that I am sure they had NEVER talked about with their families … the horrible stuff that they had seen, went through, and had to personally DO in order to survive. Since every one of those men were Camp Survivors it was a totally “Judgement Free Zone” and they could talk about even the killings that THEY had to do in order to survive, including for a few even being part of group that killed some of their own relatives, people that they had shared life with. Every one of them had very similar tales and ALL understood what it had taken to just survive daily and the depth of depravity that the human animal is capable of.

      I learned from that experience that Evilness and Depravity lurks in the minds of humans, no matter where they live and how cultured they and their society may be on the outside. I learned that we humans are just a few short steps away from the loss of the structure of a civil society and civil behavior towards others.

      Those two hours changed me for life.

      Suddenly all the worldly possessions of the world beyond what are necessary to live a reasonable life became just like the trinkets the Indians received for selling Manhatten, in the end just worthless junk.

      What is important is family, faith, values, and a willingness to help your fellow man when one is capable of that. Of course while you live you have to and should work hard to first provide the basics of life for yourself and those around you who you are obligated to, and in addition obtaining something a bit “up the ladder” is good too, but after that FAMILY and FAITH are the foundation for everything. At least that is what “I” took away from those two hours.

      Wealth, security, status, and even one’s health, can be gone in a FLASH … and for many, if we actually DO get involved in a major war WILL be gone in a flash. For Jews in Europe inthe 1940’s it WAS gone in a flash for millions. Keep that in mind as you go about your daily life.

    • OTFLMAO…
      Dam lucky man LOL LOL I wish I could say that..I had more than my share LOL LOL LOL

  3. “We’ve gone from a new car costing 18.7 weeks of work to costing 30.3 weeks.”

    That new car cost doesn’t include the backdoor charges from auto companies we all pay through PBGC. Overlay subsidies on top of the premiums paid for an American nameplate.

    Give me one of those $10,000 TaTa cars from India.

  4. The stock market was up nicely this morning and my Aggregate just kissed the upper resistance band on my chart.., now the market has turned and is heading down. The Dow was up over 114., and just went negative.
    – If this downward pressure continues all day & into the close – tomorrow could be interesting.

  5. “Ukraine war: Leak shows Western special forces on the ground

    This doesn’t mean the leaked documents are “real” – there have been claims they were modified.

    Yet, we see the bullying tactics of the Biden administration are alleged in documents

    So are the documents likely true? Depends who you ask.”

    I guarantee they are true.

    The real questions (and there are two) are:
    Are they ALL true?
    Are they completely true?

    The answers to those two questions are ‘WAY above any of our paygrades.

    Therefore, we should confine ourselves to postulating on the impact they’ll have on concerned parties who’re not in the U.S., if taken at face value…

  6. “If this is a deliberate leak and a shaping operation or disinformation ploy by the Russians to justify first-use of tactical nuclear weapons, the puzzle piece might fit that way.”

    It is not. Russia will not ever use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, unless Ukraine first launches nuclear weapons into Russia.

    “Or, the other way it could fit is to demonstrate the hijacking (and entry into war) caused by the extremists in the U.S. State Department – the Neocons.”

    The extremists at State are the activist Democrats. THEY were there for over 40 years before “neocons” even existed…

    • “Russia will not ever use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, unless Ukraine first launches nuclear weapons into Russia.”


      the USA and UK does first.. the talk about giving weapons and equipment to Ukraine that had radioactive shell casings and armament with us saying it was acceptable radioactive material.. was enough to get them in a tizzy to..

      shortly after them saying that.. it was the acceptable weapon.. Russia came back with so we can launch them over Germany etc.. I actually expected Joe to be the first one.. he’s old, Demention set in and Froggie dementia is a strange disease.. the person inside doesn’t leave..sometimes it brings it out into the open what is hidden underneath the exterior façade that is shown to one and all ..Since he has been the one pushing the envelope I believe that he will be the one to jump off of the lilly pad.. I also believe that Putin and Xi .. and keeping Kim quiet.. and from that axis that is where the jump will begin.. all those little countries that signed as an alliance to them are quietly sitting back waiting for the command.. on your marks get set………. GO it totally depends on how far the string pullers are willing to take it.. from my perspective it looks as if it is pretty close now..

  7. “A little slow on the uptake: Donald Trump Hints U.S. Was Behind Nord Stream Explosion.”


    He said (roughly) “I can’t say, but I CAN tell you that Russia was not [involved].”

    The news commentator, anchor, or whatever is the person who said Trump hinted that the U.S. was involved.

    I prefer to make up my mind based on facts, not garbage, inference, or innuendo that some f***tard tries to “push” into my brain…

    “Dueling lawyers dept: Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg sues Rep. Jim Jordan over Trump indictment subpoenas.”

    The groundless court action will eventually be dismissed (probably on appeal), but Bragg’s orders from Soros are to drag the proceeding out as long as possible, into the “Election season.”

    “Recycling plant fire: Massive Fire Breaks Out At Indiana Recycling Plant; Over 2,000 Residents Forced To Evacuate.”

    Impressive! A warehouse full of various flavors of PVC, waiting for the recycler — and what did East Palestine, Ohio teach us you get when you incinerate vinyl chloride (besides pure hydrochloric acid gas)…? This sucks. Richmond is an old town on the Cumberland Trail, but it’s a fast-growing city in Indiana, and up-and-comer. It lies on the Indiana side of the Ohio-Indiana State Line, 34 miles west of Dayton, with the tiny town of New Paris, Ohio as its Ohio suburb. Richmond is home to Earlham College — the place where all Quaker birth, death, marriage, and historical records are kept. I was there last year — acquired a few knick-knacks from their Fire Department. Prevailing winds are west to east. I dunno where that warehouse is*, but I’m betting life sux tonight in New Paris…

    *Just looked it up. It’s in the west-central part of town. They evacuated 2000 people. Where that place is located, they should have evacuated about 50,000. It won’t affect Earlham, but it’ll kill the critters in the zoo in Glenn Miller Park (if they’re still there…)

  8. “In the end, lots of radiation, a dramatically smaller population, but humans – flawed as we are – will have learnt nothing. And so a new, more corrupt government will arise singing the same sweet siren song for another saeculum’s worth of souls to be bred for ritual sacrifice.”

    Which I’ve preached to da kiddies until I’m flushed indigo, and they simply don’t get it. In programming jargon, my comment causes a terminal OOB error.

  9. Re: Investment
    feat. servants of the people


    It’s shaping up to be a jolly good few days at the 5 star Conrad Dublin Hotel by Hilton. “Dublin Live” advises the hotel (192 rooms?) has been booked out by the visiting USA entourage. Homeless people living in tents in the nearby Phoenix Park were removed from view between last Thursday and Sunday.

    Speaking of “no place to rent in this town”, here’s DJ George with a local Dublin fab 4 group who achieved a modicum of success in a rooftop concert at their hotel. Being only 4 star, it might not be the apple of everyone’s eye.

  10. “The reason I excelled in school was because I had learned to be precise in my thinking and knew curriculum was a mere outline.”

    Yeah, that “curriculum was a mere outline” thing was how college was when I got there. By the time I was a decade out (and tutoring), courses were already changing from the format of an outline syllabus to a “talking points” syllabus. We’ve been going down the crapper for well over 30 years, and it may take 30 years, plus a bunch of people who think like this guy, to keep us from going down the hole…

  11. “I have obstacles all the time. And when I back iff ripping through the obstacle, I don’t like myself as much.”

    In a past life I did residential (ole work) electrical wiring. I was literally made fun of, because I insisted every Romex run I made would have no twists or kinks. I was even chided by my Licensed Electronics Technician brother: “You’re wasting time. Who will ever notice or even know the wires are put in like that?”

    My answer: “I will…”

    Wires that’re twisted don’t lay flat. Wires that’re kinked have a chokepoint at the kink, which will heat first and worst, when a circuit approaches its load limit. “At instillation” is the most-opportune time to remedy these, less than optimal, issues…

    • Experienced electricians do tend to assign the pulls to the apprentices, who aren’t particularly gentle with the wire. No visible kinks is not a guarantee that the wires are in good shape inside the Romex sheath; however, sometimes it’s the thought that counts.

  12. “We have gone from reasonable to insane. All because modern Financial Engineering has allowed people to buy cars that will never be paid off.”

    One of my uncles liked Cadillacs. He bought a new one every two years, trading in and rolling the unpaid portion of his debt forward. My Dad, who was the loan officer in the Credit Union to which my uncle belonged, lectured him repeatedly, because uncle never paid off a car — The particular discussion I overheard was from 1961.

    ‘Thing is, uncle was a toolmaker, and made several times the salary of a typical factory grunt. Although the roll forward was a stupid play, he made enough money that he could afford it. Dad lectured him because he could’ve been well-off, had he managed things properly.

    Nowadays, the vast majority believe they can’t afford it, so automakers and auto loan usurers have simply extended the loan period (to 10 years, in some cases!) The difference between a 15 year mortgage and a 30 year mortgage is only a few dollars per month, but the 15 year note pays out in half the time. Similarly, the difference between a 5-year car loan and a 10 is only a few dollars per payment. Kids can’t conceive what just a few dollars, applied completely to principal, does for both the cost of the loan, and its runout. They have no understanding of compound interest, and I believe, in many cases, lack the ability to comprehend its nuance…

  13. “4. Do pay attention to tires and brakes. Make sure the oil and radiator don’t leak – too badly.”

    Nearly always neglected…

    When I buy a new/old car, the first thing I do is replace the wiper blades — usually before the car leaves town to come home with me. When it gets home, if’fn it’s a vehicle for family or friend, it’ll get brakes and tires, unless the ones on it are new. For a keeper car, I’ll have the timing belt evaluated, along with hoses and other stuff which deteriorates. Any leak will be addressed and all fluids will be drained/changed. If it’s “just passing through” I’ll simply make sure there are no leaks and everything works as it should…

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