Peoplenomics: To Bug Out, or Not to Bug Out?

That is the question this morning. When I first wrote UrbanSurvival back in 1996/1997, one thing led to another, and by 2001 what was then the “Inside Report” series was covering all kinds of things “preppy.”  This included bug-out bags, bug-out plans, where to get military manuals on CD (a novelty back when) and lots of discussion about which parts of the country would be “good” to survive in, and which would be “bad.”  Although it has been a topic hugely imitated by (sleazy marketer/imitators (Google “UrbanSurvival” sometime and find any that have been around as long, lol) we do need to keep our contingency plans tuned-up, so we set off down that road this weekend, having just tasted a very bitter week of bug-out vehicle disaster.  But first, the morning bean and some leftovers, starting perhaps with…

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