Timing the “End of the World”

How Long Do We Have?” is this morning’s focus.  That’s because, every so often, one of the children will call.  Besides the “Hey dad, how are you?” there is often a “What do you think is going to happen?
They will plug-in whatever the news story du jour is – not that it makes a difference.  I then patiently (or not) explain that news is only of ANY value if it is specifically actionable.
Today, we’re going to focus on the “How long do we have?” question.

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13 thoughts on “Timing the “End of the World””

  1. The larger print on the Peoplenomic’s report is very easy to read. Thank you.

    Occam charts, only available on Peoplenomic’s, are showing me the market is in an uptrend. The current market up trend has crossed over the 1929 right side downturn. I see that as positive news for this rally to continue. Left side occam also looks strong for a rally continuation.

    Stochastics for the DOW, S&P, & NASDAQ:

    TREND Chart: Up
    Signal Chart: Down
    Timing Chart: Down

    All 3 must be lined up to generate a trade. This reads as a Hold Indicator based on the 2/9/18 Buy signal. I have only been doing this for a week, but back testing has proven positive. Back testing is nice, but using it correctly real time is the real test. Also, since I have a hard time selling a stock, I hope I can follow it. Luckily, the market goes up 75% of the time.

    • I lost the larger print. I must have done something. I will have to figure it out. Just did. I was holding the tablet in landscape. It is tough to be old.

  2. So in reading your column, moving on to linked articles on the shooting, and replying to friends on Facebook’s desires for gun control (probably lose a few more Facebook friends), I started thinking of all the thought forms centered around the escape room scenario, I have had rustling around the grey matter for years.

    Much like an Onion, you pull back one layer of deception, a seemingly deeper layer is there to distract one from getting to the heart of what is out there.

    There are all of these “tools” to access higher “vibrations/energy patterns”, for lack of a better term as I am trapped in this realm as we all are (or is everything simply my jail and it is all a reflection of myself – trying to get me to “grow” – not sure).

    The school shooting serves to place focus in another area, where we “should” show compassion for our fellow human beings and place our thoughts/intentions/beliefs towards the goal of “gun” CONTROL, which might be the ultimate goal, control of the collective mind. When it is allowed the time to spend in the “Desert” (from previous posts and comments I tried to reply to but one now needs to enter their email to comment I guess) which I tried to reply on before commenting that Jesus’ going into the desert might have been a mistranslation and very well could have been going into a meditative state within ones self (going into an empty space as I was told the original meaning was).

    These distractions keep us/our focus controlled, much like the European aristocracy had their second son go into the clergy to shape the “collective” mind, as our minds do help to shape reality. Again as I write this as I wrote my previous comment that did not post – the subtle energies well up inside myself.

    Much like the noises in a casino, must be there to keep our minds from keying in on our intuitive thoughts, do these distractions, which are played keep us from seeing ever deeper inside of the layers of control – which seemingly keep us out of touch with our higher selves.

    I used to fear speaking of these thoughts, but I no longer do. Though I question if utilizing a light crown, ormus or any technology that could help us touch our higher selves, would be viewed as cheating and even if we escape, we are punished and returned to walk the path again without the “cheat”? Did previous civilization(s) get wiped out by the flood (other) to stop those who were using such devices from doing so?

    I know not what it is about, though I do know that getting into the gap (the quiet spaces between the letters I type, thoughts I think/pray/etc.) causes the energies (holy spirit) to well up in me and if focused things can happen.

    We are connected and have the ability to focus our intentions. George Noorey got his listeners to “pray” for a change of course and it happened overnight, causing the hurricane to hit another location. I personally, have sat/stood in my meadow got into the “gap” (without stating all the steps involved), and, I believe I have, changed weather patterns as forecasts with no rain in sight changed and rain came ending a major drought here. The next day a helicopter flew over at low levels with a military guy hanging out the window surveying what was on the land the next day. Guessing that I must have created an energy pattern like HARRP does and caused changes.

    The question for me is how to stay in the gap, my work allows me to many days as I milk cows, irrigate and make cheese – though the desire to do so and not pay to do so, provides a distraction to being able to be in the “gap” all the time and send forth healing energy (I believe I healed a friends dad and employee who was in critical care, made a full recovery for a day spoke with family (couldn’t before) and then passed in his sleep the next night.

    I guess the quote of it being hard for a business owner to “ascend” is very true and while I would love to give it up, I believe the regenerative, near organic farm, I have is one of the bright spots for this earthly world (like the others out there) – seemingly careening for disaster.

    Increased Economic Activity because we want more to fill the empty space within us, because we think that empty space needs filled as opposed to trying to be in that empty space? Again I do not know. I simply know that trying to live through love in everything we do is how we should live… The powers that be, know this and use fear to manipulate.

    Cheers and on to the rest of your writings. Though, I only observe the market, trying to opt out of the system, which is hard as I have a sizable property tax bill that must be paid, employees and all the other distractions of running a business and trying to comply with the food safety modernization act.

  3. “There are several times of the year when major declines seem to cluster.

    One is in the fall. But, we also know that March-June has been known for its share of rough spots. ”

    Back in the Colorado Longwave forum, I wrote about movements of capital into and out of the marketplace. Being in Agriculture now, I see/saw those movements more readily. You have the fall and the subsequent market harvest. The crops come in and farmers pay off their lines of credit and put some money into savings for their next season (hopefully), this is coupled with the silos putting that Solar Energy Store (food hydrocarbons) into a savings account and velocity of money falls.

    Again in the spring, the farmer starts working the fields and takes money out of the banking system to be placed into the solar energy conversion process – creating new wealth.

    All the while the broader economy, is injecting the market with 401k/ira contributions. Their are personal outflows in January and September, with the hopeful conversion of monetary capital into intellectual capital – with college.

    I think I am done commenting.

    • I had forgotten you were part of longwave@Colorado.edu back when, John. And yes, I remember that thread where were covered that. Going from very rusty recall, I want to remember that the effect became less pronounced over time (as made up./ higher debt load) fiat was simply printed.
      But I could be wrong.
      (Ask Elaine or Zeus, lol)

      • You forgot because I primarily lurked and finally posted a few times… That was my big thought form and about then I purchased my first piece of ag dirt and started down the path of self induced slavery… as producing food is not very profitable. But I chose to opt out of the system and went all into ag, thinking I was going to save the world, requesting carbon in the soil, through a nutrient dense food I produce and those who I partner with to allow them to get into ag, as its is far too expensive with a minimal return that really those investing in ag land are those in ag, or those that are closest to the printing of money stocks and know it is the only long term sound investment.

        Unfortunately, I need to raise cash to allow the business to grow so that I no longer work 12 hour days most days of the week – when the harvest is there.

        I would also say that nothing is set in stone, just that as those capital flows are there and will be there that the markets will feel there actions. Just like today, with near zero unemployment, the market will probably rise (I hope so that I can raise that million plus minus) as there are lots of people out there putting their earnings into the market hoping it will provide a sound retirement…. and yet, those at the top of those corporations are leaches and take more than they should.

        Thus the opting out of the system.

  4. Forgot, the monetary creation of the fed and its impact on the market – which is a bigger piece of the bubble expansion.

  5. The sheriff of shooter county had been to visit shooter 36 TIMES. NOT once was any charges pressed to keep shooter from obtaining a GUN. This sheriff needs to be sued To top all this HE is speaking for gun control. wHAT A PiECE of WORK swam dweller

  6. George, I commented on yesterday’s column regarding the likely teardown of the school and what a terrible and pointless waste of capital it is. I think they did that at Sandy Hook too. It seems great minds think alike.

    I do think this is the best time for our president to thank Muller for his service and let him go. He’s just stated that Americans were NOT involved in whatever he claims happened. The dumocrats will whine regardless, and since his job is (over)done, he’s just burning through OUR cash. Spend the money on something worthwhile, or don’t spend it, but stop subsidizing a partisan hack.

    I hate to say this, but genuine Chevy Bolts are in short supply. This is true for the other car companies too. They tend to not stock the odd size Bolts that often get lost during a major teardown. I’ve actually had to go to Pull-n-Pay just to find a replacement Chevy Bolt for my A/C.

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