This being Dr. Martin Luther King Day, America today  is more than “half shut down.”

And in keeping with Dr. King’s “I have a dream…”  it’s a fine day for everyone in America to ask themselves a really simple question:

“WTF are we doing here?”

Once upon a time, I could have told you. But today?  Can’t be so sure.

Used to be that what we stood for as a country was pretty simple:

  • Peace
  • Prosperity
  • Equality
  • Economic and Technological Progress

Damn-simple, measurable, and easy to benchmark.  But, in each of these domains, the “Old America” persists and it ain’t pretty.


If you believe CNN, we have troops stationed in 150 countries.

We are also the world’s largest arms exporter.

We see trouble ahead, long-term, for India which is the world’s largest arms importer.  Or, more correctly, we see trouble ahead in the India-Pakistan border region.  Both sides have nukes and the ranges are close-in. And we’re selling more weps?

Obviously, the Old America needs to rethink and reorder our economic priorities.  Surely, there has to be an economic substitute for war?

As the world’s third-largest food producer (and largest on a per capita basis), not to mention we are now an energy exporter, why aren’t we pulling those levels?  Or, our technology? Is the US government ensuring there are US Intel electronic “back doors” in the critical tech exports we send to places like China?  By the headlines alone, it seems that China has orchestrated as much on behalf of their People’s Liberation Army…


Don’t look now, but America is still in shutdown mode – and not just for the holiday.

We need to send a message to Washington:  Shape the hell up.  Start using some of the modern management tools and tell the clowns from both parties that we won’t stand for waste in government any longer.  No junkets, no lobbyist schmooze.  Just get the damn work done.  Get the lights back on in Washington and bring some business home.

We have thousands of American service members who are doing time in the “sandbox” (and other shit-holes) right now.  The only way they can connect with family back home is Skype.  When I read stories about Princess Pelosi getting bothered about not getting her  taxpayer funded jet for a grandstanding tour, you know what I’d say? Toughski shitsky.

“Get on freaking Skype like the rest of us, Nan…”

In 2015, the FedGov spend more than $26-billion on “transportation.”  That’s insane.  In the private sector we use Skype, GoToMeeting and other connectivity tools instead of producing carbon and losing valuable work time which turns into boondoggles of travel time,

Maybe in the Old America…but we have more than 7-billion people after our sorry asses – intent of replacing all of us – so we need to WTFU.

We haven’t moved an inch in this direction yet.  Let’s see Trump actually so something on this front or it all just talk?

And, speaking of productivity, we shouldn’t we  hold Congress’ feet to the fire on back pay for federal workers.  Sure, sure. give them back pay, but then charge them for vacation time at some level.

Let’s pretend the shutdown lasts two months.  Should federal workers, some of whom get five weeks of vacation (at 15 years, 26-days) plus carry over – end up getting what will be 2 months off PLUS THEIR FULL VACATION TIME on your dime and mine?

I don’t think so….Far as I’m concerned, 2-1 is fair.  If the shutdown runs 2-months, then no work was done, so everyone’s vacation just got burned by the politicians.  Time for the federal working class to join with the civvies – politicians are bad for working people.

Full back pay with no burning of vacation is – for us (taxpayers – a double-screwing:  No services and then when they come back, we will pay for all the lost work time AND dish out fatter vacations than the private sector, too?  ‘zat right?  Doesn’t seem right to me and yes, I’m still working and paying taxes, too.

I don’t know what the “magic” ratio is, but if the shutdown lasts, oh, six months, that far in no federal employee should have any vacation time left for this year – nor any carry-forwards to next year, or other (sleazy) bureaucratic trickery to screw the taxpayers anymore of what we’ve paid for.  Naqmely, government services.


We have a simple answer that no one will like.

Make discrimination a crime.

BUT, make it plain law that any discrimination is a crime.  Reverse discrimination, included.

America has run on the crooked socialist notion that two wrongs can make a right far too long.  We are either a land where all people are exquisitely equal, or we are a racial and/or sexual bureaucracy.  I don’t think that’s where the Founders wanted to head.

I vote equality.  Always have and always will.  Anything other than total equality is crap and continues the racial differentiation and that is poison.  Victimology?  More socialist trickery.

But, employers can choose to pay people on a “piecework basis.”  If a man shovels 10-percent less coal that a woman, he should be paid 10 percent less.  10 percent more?  Then so be it.

Same in sales:  We don’t live in a world of “everyone should be equal” when comes to sales.  “Rainmakers” and “heavy-hitters” get to make more because they “desk more deal” – and it’s like shoveling coal, in that sense.

Why the liberally brain-washed can see working equality clearly is just beyond me.

Economic Progress

So now it comes down to this:  We are living an Economic Lie.

Yes, you have more money today than ever.  But, it also buys less than ever.

Yes, your house is worth more.  But only in more of that funny-money scrip that’s tied to nothing but a vague promise. 

The reason people have flocked to cryptocurrencies is two-fold.  First, everyone wants a free lunch and the coinsters promised that.  And lied about tax liability, too.

But under it all, there’s a gentle awareness that tugs at us all.  Some of us are so old we can remember when gasoline was 19-cents a gallon at the Flying A station over on Spokane Street when I was a kid…

The gas is the same, OK, sans lead...and the car gets twice the mileage…so what happened?

You government lied – straight up deceived – about money.

You can see it in the highfalutin mission of the Federal Reserve – the misleading sales pitch about their so-called dual mandate which:

“…promotes  maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long term interest rates.:

Bothers the shit out of me that people can’t even count:  Those are THREE freaking mandates, not two, for crying out loud.

Never trust a bankster that can’t count!  (Yet we do…which says what about us?)

The ONE mandate that is not in there?

Maintain the purchasing power of money.

And that, dear reader, is why MLK Day is a fine time to talk about the  various types of discrimination afoot in these End Times for America.

Sure, we need racial equality, gender equality, peace on earth and so forth. Smaller government – but we also need a shorter work-week and a middle income worker should be able to raise a family of four.

To get there?  We need to stop lying to ourselves about the value of money, first and foremost.  If you work up tomorrow with twice the money yet everything was four times as expensive, would that be progress?  Spread it out over 15-years and that’s where we’ve been taken.  A few honest people (Ron Paul and a few libertarians) perhaps.  But so far in D.C.?  I’m waiting…

A steak dinner in 1913 was a $1-dollar item.  Today?  Same meal, choice of potato?  More than $26 bucks.  Want to talk about how “working for tips” is exploitive, too?

All because?  The US Federal (which it’s not) Reserve Note (which is a vague promissory instrument with no convertibility to anything) is worth less than four cents compared to the 1913 US Gold-backed dollar.

Republicans aren’t the answer, either, since it was slippery Dick Nixon who slammed the gold window shut.  Everyone’s got dirty hands if they’re in politics, seems like…

Which is why our advice today in honor of Dr. King comes down to this:

  • Don’t trust dividers and warmongers.
  • Don’t trust racists or the bigots.
  • Don’t trust politicians.
  • And sure as hell, don’t trust bankers.

So to plan your day:

  1. The banks are generally closed today.
  2. The stock market is closed.
  3. The government is closed.
  4. And the “public facing” government will likely be closed tomorrow.

But, if you have to go to work anyway?

Wage slavery is alive and well. We may have done away with “overseers”  but let’s look at the data:

“World’s 26 richest people own as much as poorest 50%, says Oxfam .”

There’s a case to be made that after the US outlawed racial slavery, the uber-rich installed something equally odious and insidious in America.  It’s alive and kicking as we speak….

Wage slavery.

This is the day to think about Dr. King’s work how we let that “new slavery” get pulled-over on us all.  You don’t think it’s all accidental, do you?

Write when you get free.

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