Time to Shutdown the Old America!

This being Dr. Martin Luther King Day, America today  is more than “half shut down.”

And in keeping with Dr. King’s “I have a dream…”  it’s a fine day for everyone in America to ask themselves a really simple question:

“WTF are we doing here?”

Once upon a time, I could have told you. But today?  Can’t be so sure.

Used to be that what we stood for as a country was pretty simple:

  • Peace
  • Prosperity
  • Equality
  • Economic and Technological Progress

Damn-simple, measurable, and easy to benchmark.  But, in each of these domains, the “Old America” persists and it ain’t pretty.


If you believe CNN, we have troops stationed in 150 countries.

We are also the world’s largest arms exporter.

We see trouble ahead, long-term, for India which is the world’s largest arms importer.  Or, more correctly, we see trouble ahead in the India-Pakistan border region.  Both sides have nukes and the ranges are close-in. And we’re selling more weps?

Obviously, the Old America needs to rethink and reorder our economic priorities.  Surely, there has to be an economic substitute for war?

As the world’s third-largest food producer (and largest on a per capita basis), not to mention we are now an energy exporter, why aren’t we pulling those levels?  Or, our technology? Is the US government ensuring there are US Intel electronic “back doors” in the critical tech exports we send to places like China?  By the headlines alone, it seems that China has orchestrated as much on behalf of their People’s Liberation Army…


Don’t look now, but America is still in shutdown mode – and not just for the holiday.

We need to send a message to Washington:  Shape the hell up.  Start using some of the modern management tools and tell the clowns from both parties that we won’t stand for waste in government any longer.  No junkets, no lobbyist schmooze.  Just get the damn work done.  Get the lights back on in Washington and bring some business home.

We have thousands of American service members who are doing time in the “sandbox” (and other shit-holes) right now.  The only way they can connect with family back home is Skype.  When I read stories about Princess Pelosi getting bothered about not getting her  taxpayer funded jet for a grandstanding tour, you know what I’d say? Toughski shitsky.

“Get on freaking Skype like the rest of us, Nan…”

In 2015, the FedGov spend more than $26-billion on “transportation.”  That’s insane.  In the private sector we use Skype, GoToMeeting and other connectivity tools instead of producing carbon and losing valuable work time which turns into boondoggles of travel time,

Maybe in the Old America…but we have more than 7-billion people after our sorry asses – intent of replacing all of us – so we need to WTFU.

We haven’t moved an inch in this direction yet.  Let’s see Trump actually so something on this front or it all just talk?

And, speaking of productivity, we shouldn’t we  hold Congress’ feet to the fire on back pay for federal workers.  Sure, sure. give them back pay, but then charge them for vacation time at some level.

Let’s pretend the shutdown lasts two months.  Should federal workers, some of whom get five weeks of vacation (at 15 years, 26-days) plus carry over – end up getting what will be 2 months off PLUS THEIR FULL VACATION TIME on your dime and mine?

I don’t think so….Far as I’m concerned, 2-1 is fair.  If the shutdown runs 2-months, then no work was done, so everyone’s vacation just got burned by the politicians.  Time for the federal working class to join with the civvies – politicians are bad for working people.

Full back pay with no burning of vacation is – for us (taxpayers – a double-screwing:  No services and then when they come back, we will pay for all the lost work time AND dish out fatter vacations than the private sector, too?  ‘zat right?  Doesn’t seem right to me and yes, I’m still working and paying taxes, too.

I don’t know what the “magic” ratio is, but if the shutdown lasts, oh, six months, that far in no federal employee should have any vacation time left for this year – nor any carry-forwards to next year, or other (sleazy) bureaucratic trickery to screw the taxpayers anymore of what we’ve paid for.  Naqmely, government services.


We have a simple answer that no one will like.

Make discrimination a crime.

BUT, make it plain law that any discrimination is a crime.  Reverse discrimination, included.

America has run on the crooked socialist notion that two wrongs can make a right far too long.  We are either a land where all people are exquisitely equal, or we are a racial and/or sexual bureaucracy.  I don’t think that’s where the Founders wanted to head.

I vote equality.  Always have and always will.  Anything other than total equality is crap and continues the racial differentiation and that is poison.  Victimology?  More socialist trickery.

But, employers can choose to pay people on a “piecework basis.”  If a man shovels 10-percent less coal that a woman, he should be paid 10 percent less.  10 percent more?  Then so be it.

Same in sales:  We don’t live in a world of “everyone should be equal” when comes to sales.  “Rainmakers” and “heavy-hitters” get to make more because they “desk more deal” – and it’s like shoveling coal, in that sense.

Why the liberally brain-washed can see working equality clearly is just beyond me.

Economic Progress

So now it comes down to this:  We are living an Economic Lie.

Yes, you have more money today than ever.  But, it also buys less than ever.

Yes, your house is worth more.  But only in more of that funny-money scrip that’s tied to nothing but a vague promise. 

The reason people have flocked to cryptocurrencies is two-fold.  First, everyone wants a free lunch and the coinsters promised that.  And lied about tax liability, too.

But under it all, there’s a gentle awareness that tugs at us all.  Some of us are so old we can remember when gasoline was 19-cents a gallon at the Flying A station over on Spokane Street when I was a kid…

The gas is the same, OK, sans lead...and the car gets twice the mileage…so what happened?

You government lied – straight up deceived – about money.

You can see it in the highfalutin mission of the Federal Reserve – the misleading sales pitch about their so-called dual mandate which:

“…promotes  maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long term interest rates.:

Bothers the shit out of me that people can’t even count:  Those are THREE freaking mandates, not two, for crying out loud.

Never trust a bankster that can’t count!  (Yet we do…which says what about us?)

The ONE mandate that is not in there?

Maintain the purchasing power of money.

And that, dear reader, is why MLK Day is a fine time to talk about the  various types of discrimination afoot in these End Times for America.

Sure, we need racial equality, gender equality, peace on earth and so forth. Smaller government – but we also need a shorter work-week and a middle income worker should be able to raise a family of four.

To get there?  We need to stop lying to ourselves about the value of money, first and foremost.  If you work up tomorrow with twice the money yet everything was four times as expensive, would that be progress?  Spread it out over 15-years and that’s where we’ve been taken.  A few honest people (Ron Paul and a few libertarians) perhaps.  But so far in D.C.?  I’m waiting…

A steak dinner in 1913 was a $1-dollar item.  Today?  Same meal, choice of potato?  More than $26 bucks.  Want to talk about how “working for tips” is exploitive, too?

All because?  The US Federal (which it’s not) Reserve Note (which is a vague promissory instrument with no convertibility to anything) is worth less than four cents compared to the 1913 US Gold-backed dollar.

Republicans aren’t the answer, either, since it was slippery Dick Nixon who slammed the gold window shut.  Everyone’s got dirty hands if they’re in politics, seems like…

Which is why our advice today in honor of Dr. King comes down to this:

  • Don’t trust dividers and warmongers.
  • Don’t trust racists or the bigots.
  • Don’t trust politicians.
  • And sure as hell, don’t trust bankers.

So to plan your day:

  1. The banks are generally closed today.
  2. The stock market is closed.
  3. The government is closed.
  4. And the “public facing” government will likely be closed tomorrow.

But, if you have to go to work anyway?

Wage slavery is alive and well. We may have done away with “overseers”  but let’s look at the data:

“World’s 26 richest people own as much as poorest 50%, says Oxfam .”

There’s a case to be made that after the US outlawed racial slavery, the uber-rich installed something equally odious and insidious in America.  It’s alive and kicking as we speak….

Wage slavery.

This is the day to think about Dr. King’s work how we let that “new slavery” get pulled-over on us all.  You don’t think it’s all accidental, do you?

Write when you get free.


69 thoughts on “Time to Shutdown the Old America!”

  1. Oil & drugs is why our military is fighting in mostly Muslim countries. The Illuminati needs both for profits. Plus they hate us. Off to a 50% off Thrift store sale plus Hobby Lobby. Today is a traffic congestion holiday for me today.

  2. I think this is a first for San Fran Nan, having a President that fights back and she is not used to that. That is why she is having a hissy fit because she is not getting her way, just like a 3 year old having temper tantrums. I am glad we have a President that doesn’t let the dem’s get their way and pushes back. I don’t agree with everything Trump does, but that’s the way the world works, but it seems to me he is fighting for the American people, but some people are just too filled with hate because their queen Hilldog Clinton lost to see that.

    • I think it goes both ways Randy. Trump has never has a woman in his life that fights back either. He is having his own hissy fits, because he is not getting his way. It’s not my party of choice, but I am glad that there is a Congress that is finally crying foul on our brainless President. I wish the GOP would grow a pair and do the same.

      And George, again, if you are going to criticize Pelosi for her cancelled Afghanistan trip (not a fan of her BTW), you have to do the same for our President that is whining that he can’t go golfing.

      Trump has cost the American taxpayers nearly $100 million to satisfy his golf habit and steak dinners at Mar-a-lago and his other courses since he was elected. It cost the American tax payer nearly $400,000 just in golf cart rentals alone…due to the number of Secret Service that must accompany him….How many out of work government worker mouths could that feed?

      And, who is the beneficiary of all that money being spent on rounds of golf, steak dinners, golf carts and resort hotel bookings while he is there? Trump himself. He is using his own Presidency to line his own pockets. What happened to the talk about the emollients clause? We are being hoodwinked by this con man.

      • Umm…like the B team that went to Puerto Rico? Trump was in DC and working…and worked on Monday when the Elect didn’t show for another day.

      • You’re forgetting whatever it cost he’s going to be protected 24/7 that’s going to be a cost that initially doesn’t change unless the circumstances change he could be in the White House the cost will be the same but when he goes driving down the road with an open-top on his car price for protection is way up there but the price for his protection on a golf cart is less than the cost of the White House

      • Again Mark you’re not getting the big picture I’m going to give you the cue. Com thing again but this time when you go there go to the top of the site and you’ll see a listings from left to right and you can scroll that from left to right or right to left then you will see all the options there then you if you take some time when you don’t have anything else to do but comment like we do I do then looking to that top scrolling feature on that top scrolling features all the things that are on the website including indictments including the theme including the players and once you know who the players are you’re able to reconstruct your thoughts about the POTUS comparatively to the people who the POTUS is trying to rid your government of how if you agree and are you un person or a globalist person.
        Then yes everything that you think makes sense but there’s more than one side to the coin heads tails and the edge Trump is using the edge not the heads of the tails . and most of all Trump is in the one initiating this he might be for it but the people who are initiating all this this our military who do not want Obama’s stats of how we can be reduced to a marshmallow

    • I’m no fan of Nancy, but she’s been there two weeks. Trump has had a republican Congress for two years that didn’t give him money for his wall.

      • @ ida

        may that be because……

        The leadership of both parties love the Empire. They work non-stop to keep that gravy train flowing. It’s how they stay in power, amass incredible personal fortunes and why the country at large — left, right and center — hates their guts.

      • Thank You Ida! Most sensible comment of the day…maybe the year so far!!!!

        And West Coast…Obama golfed 306 times in 8 years. As of November, Trump had golfed 154 times in less than 2 years. That’s nearly triple the number of times Obama golfed in his first two years. And Obama mainly played local Military and public courses…not the high cost, courses Trump charges for his private resort. He doesn’t discount the staff or Secret Service’s rates. He overcharges and we pay.

        And, George, there is no invasion at our empty, remote borders. They are mostly coming in through our busy ports. All of the drugs, contraband etc. are being flown or shipped in on container ships. Want to know where one of the biggest breaches is? Stamford, CT.

        Trump is so misinformed on on our border situation that he was touting border success…in San Antonio, TX. Well, San Antonio is over 150 miles from, a border, nor does it have a wall. His idiotic quote was…

        “Everyone knows that walls work” Trump maintained. “You look at different places, they put up a wall, no problem. You look at San Antonio, you look at so many different places, they go from one of the most unsafe cities in the country, to one of the safest cities, immediately, immediately.”

        So when he states that there is an invasion…he kind of is not very believable , wouldn’t you say? He myopically just sees a wall…for whatever dumb reason…Our surveillance technology for open border breaches is so advanced, we can detect those areas with no problem. It’s the busy and hard to track ports of entry that are problematic. Solve that…spend billions on that…and you solve a lot of our issues…sort of…

        You see…here’s the thing….For decades we fought that drug war…and lost…In 1971, Nixon proclaimed drugs to be public enemy Number 1. But, not before Nixons Operation Intercept in 1969, targeted at reducing pot from entering the US from Mexico…It was shut down after 20 days…hmmmm.

        The term the “War on Drugs” was born during Nixons term. Today, The Drug Policy Alliance, which advocates for an end to the War On Drugs estimates that the U.S. spends $51 billion annually on these initiatives. And, all of a sudden, Trump thinks a scalable wall is miraculously going to stop this? haha. for the complete history of our “Drug Wars…there is a dandy write up courtesy of Wikipedia. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_on_drugs

      • trump is losing republican support over the wall :


        In the spirit of MLK, I say dont make federal workers the scapegoat of the obsessed White Wall/Whale hunters (aka Capn Ahab/Trump). In defense of John Doe (taxpayer), since furloughed workers have been promised retroactive pay, why not allow them to work for it? Coast Guard (who confiscate tons of drugs from narco-subs) may be tempted to accept payments from Cartels to feed their families..

  3. Morning George,

    As I have said before, my Dad was an Esso distributor when I was a kid. When I got older (early teens, no drivers license), I worked at his bulk plant servicing drive in customers. These customers would come in with their small tanks (50 to 100 gallons) to get fuel for their small tractors, etc. I remember selling diesel fuel for 16 cents a gallon and gasoline for 18 cents; both of which included Dad’s profit.

    Wife’s grandfather worked and retired from Sun Oil Company’s refinery in New Jersey. Used to make him so mad when the media would talk about the high cost to produce unleaded gas. He used to point out that all gasoline is unleaded until you add lead. So basically the big oil companies and EPA removed an additive from gasoline and charged the public more for the product they already produced without lead in the first place. I realize that he was talking early unleaded, because he passed at age 100 in 2000.

    Only man I have had the pleasure of knowing that worked to full retirement age at two jobs. Retired from first job and went straight to work at Sun Oil Company. Remarkable man, he was. Lived on his own and worked his garden up until the last two years of his life. We should all be so blessed.

    In my late teens, I managed to get hold of a 1970 Buick Riviera with a 455 cu. in. 350 hp engine. Car weighed close to 6,000 pounds yet still got 20 mpg on Interstate at 70 mph. Engine was single four barrel carb. My farm truck is a 3/4 ton Ford with a 6.2 liter ( roughly 378 cu. in.) gas engine, and I am lucky if it gets 16 mpg, and the engine uses all the modern bells and whistles fuel injection. Something wrong with that picture. Also, the engine management system requires a computer science degree to service.

    The good old days are gone, never to return.

    Lloyd Snider

    • I’m amazed that we’re still calling gas “unleaded”! As far as I know, the only leaded gas left in the country is 100LL avgas. It’s been 44 years since the word “unleaded” became a prefix and a noun.

      Modern cars waste fuel to heat the three-way catalytic converter. The EPA had a conference with the big three back in the ’80’s and told them it really didn’t care how much gas they wasted. They just wanted low emissions – especially NOx. That meant keeping the combustion chamber cool and the catalyst relatively hot, so they created a closed loop system to run stochiometrically, aka rich. Without an excess of O2 in the combustion chamber, there will always be unburned HC, and that’s assured by the computer with O2 sensor feedback. If you sense O2 in the exhaust, the computer adds more fuel to the injectors. The excess unburned HC and CO gets burned in the cat converter making it hot and nominally cleaning up the exhaust. Sometimes excess air is injected downstream of the cylinders to more completely burn the deemed pollutants. Any sane person would realize that if you burn less fuel, there will be less exhaust, and if you treat that well, it will be cleaner. Lean burn tech was a favorite of Chrysler in the early 80’s before the EPA got involved. Then it was dropped instantly. Now, with marginally increased mileage standards, companies are reconsidering it, but without a fundamental change in the closed loop/3 way catalyst concept, mileage can never be seriously improved.

      The insurance company drive to safety has also resulted in heavier cars, and they consume more fuel for the same performance level.

  4. TRUST ?!?! In what/whom may I ask??
    $23 TRILLION “combined” missing from Pentagon and HUD?

    When finally pressured into answering for all that money (THINK Schools & Infrastructure) Govt audited the Pentagon and HUD..NO RESULTS..could not find the TWENTY THREE TRILLION DOLLARS, or where the hell it all went. They FAILED the audit (s), and have just recently changed the rules regarding the budgets in question – making them off limits – secret!?!? No MSM pointing this massive fraud out – no politicians raising hell about $23 TRILLION missing. We got schools in Philly that cant afford supplies, let alone the some students only meal, warmth and safety provided at public school. Streets, Highways, Bridges ..basically US infrastructure is falling apart/collapsing. Compared wit EUROPE, US infrastructure and Transportation systems are a big ugly fail.
    Can’ t POTUS just Layoff certain (deepstatecompromised)government workers now the 30 days is up?….sssee ya evil bueaureacrats/Obama -ites/Do Nothings.

    • That $23 trillion was never yours. That was money that was drug money, etc, laundered through government departments, not your tax dollars. Oversight consisted of only the money going into HUD and the DOD, not how much went out or where it went. Clinton laundered drug money through the Arkansas state government, and the process simply moved up the chain to bigger numbers.

      Now they have legalized this process, research FASB 56, which allows spending by 156 government departments to be classified for “national Security” reasons. In another year, the USA government will be the envy of every corrupt government around the world.

      The USA government is simply a branch of the international Khazarian mafia, headquartered in Israel, and what you see going on is simply the infighting that occurs when power changes from one family to another. Usually the resisters of the old family would have been killed off by now, but everybody, including Trump, wants to be a “nice guy” and not do that. The result is the chaos you now see everywhere, which is not going away and will continue until somebody like Saddam Hussein steps up and says, “get along, or I will kill you.” Nobody in this Federal government situation has the best interests of the people at heart. Trump is trying (on a few issues), but being stopped at every turn because he always picks the wrong people to be around him.

      Civilization ends when bad things do not happen to bad people. If you are not willing to support or actually deliver real consequences to the people doing this to the country, you are not part of any workable solution. Law enforcement and the courts cannot fix this. Iran and China are the only two countries who have executed billionaires. Punishment in the USA consists of paying fines with stockholders money.

  5. Im hearing that food stamps won’t be distributed in February due to the shutdown, so the govt is sending a partial allotment of February benefits out in January. It concerns me that people won’t be getting their food stamps, of all things to shut down. From what I’ve read about how riots start, hungry people is amongst the top reasons people will riot. If food stamps dont go out in February, where are we headed?

    Im glad foid stamps are there for those who truly need them, but the amount of free food programs and the number of people and school kids on them, is really out of control. Some kids get free breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. What happened to parenting? Why are people making babies the state has to raise?

    • This’ll PO LOOB, but I have no problem with food stamps not going out.

      This is a program which should be administered by each State. The FedGov has no business, in this business. EVERY Federal Agency, Department, and Bureau which duplicates (and eventually takes over) a job which the Several States should each do within its borders, adds at least three layers of bureaucracy to that job. Some add as many as seven. WE pay for all those unnecessary bureaucrats! I don’t like CARB, but they have every right to make rules regarding pollution and air-quality issues, within the State of California. So does CalEPA. Why should Californicators have to also pay for the Federal EPA bureaucracy, when they’re already paying for TWO State bureaucracies, which do the same job, and do a better job for Cali residents than the Feds can?

      There are 5,300,000 Federal employees (800,000 furloughed, and “non-essential” employees = 15% of the Federal employee workforce, therefore the total of Federal employees = 5,333,333. Occasionally, the PTB get in such a huff and a sweat to influence public opinion, they let a quantifiable data bit escape… ;-)

      The current total U.S. workforce is ~160 million.
      Therefore, 3 1/3% of ALL U.S. residents who’re holding down a job, are working for the Federal Government. The least of these employees cost the American taxpayer about $150,000 per year, counting their considerable bennies.


      Why on Earth did We, the People, allow our employees (that’d be CONgress, in case THEY forgot) to create 4½ million makework jobs, which do nothing but slow the process of governance, suck billions of dollars from the public coffers, and hopelessly complicate both government action, and government interaction…?

      • Nope… not at all Ray…. Food stamps is just the soup lines of the thirties one in three family households.. doesn’t affect me at all and should be revamped so that in order to receive them you have to exchange it for labor.. how much do we spend on federal contracts..I am sure that a trade can be made.I worked a year in exchange for the expenses of a medical bill I owed people love to be able to keep their dignity and do not on average want anything free.. around here to get them you really have to be in a tough spot.. at least around our parts.. and just like those getting Social Security are constantly reminded on how much of a burden you are on society.

  6. A minor point, I know, but “Peace” ? Really? The United States has been at “peace” for only 21 years since its foundation. I would’ve thought we stood for a ‘Republic’, perhaps ‘Liberty’ & ‘self reliance’ but for me, the final nail in the “Republic’s” coffin was the day those boobs signed the Patriot Act. Liberty and self reliance are mostly gone for the majority and it sure as hell isn’t the principles articulated in our Constitution since, essentially, every protection within the Bill of Rights has been shredded. Nope, I can’t really fathom what we stand for anymore.

  7. I found this article interesting: https://www.sacbee.com/opinion/op-ed/ben-boychuk/article224651550.html

    Everyone knows the president cannot fire career government employees willy-nilly. Our civil service laws are ironclad. But a fairly obscure rule would allow the administration to lay off certain workers if they’ve been furloughed for at least 30 days. It’s called a “reduction in force” and it’s perfectly legal as long as the White House adheres to certain criteria, accounting for an employee’s tenure, total federal and military service, and work performance.

    Guess what? About 350,000 nonessential federal employees have been on furlough since December 22. Those 30 days are coming up soon.

    • George thanks for the comments on the comas. I just skipped the whole mess. If possible would you with your research and diagnostic abilities please start pointing out the lies from POTUS. I see so many comments about his lies on everything and yet I am not seeing it. Maybe old age. I am going to eye doc soon so maybe can see what the libs are seeing.

    • George,

      Punctuation is less important than clarity–I wish you would disallow, (or edit, or ask the poster to edit before you reconsider allowing their posting), those postings that ramble on, & on, & on, containing (what should be) several sentences & various apparently unrelated ideas in one sentence, sometimes amounting to what should be a paragraph, or several paragraphs!

      I’m talking about not so much lack of punctuation, but lack of clarity, lack of structure, so that it is impossible to understand some of what they are saying! (I try to guess, but often cannot make a sensible guess). I find myself reading the names of some posters & skipping the post, because I know part of what they will say will be like wading through a mudhole of obscurity.

  8. Being shut out of your job and paycheck is not a vacation. Many of these workers are struggling to pay bills. If you expect them to use this time as vacation, then pay them to be on vacation. Can’t do that because trump shut the country down to demonstrate what a tough guy he is. I think his effort to throw all the blame on Democrats is going to backfire. If I’m still around in 2020, it should be an interesting year.

    • So you want to pay for effectively two vacations for each one? They are all ge5tting unemployment as far as I know…so they will be made whole…

      • Those called in to work but without pay are not eligible for unemployment benefits, at least in my state.

      • Well yeah I mean they’re ripping the system off I mean heck they work for the government so they probably have a good credit rating so even if it’s 6 months out they can probably get some money you know Hawk the house or the car or the retirement plan I mean if you work for the government like you said George for all those years and we’re making all that money without having to do anything what would you do with all that money so there are a lot of people right now that are just living high like hey man we ain’t got to go to work we got a vacation plus another vacation now there are those who are just getting into the system and they’re like hey I can’t handle this I just started and now I can’t even pay my bills so who says we need those extra new people in fact who says we need 2/3 of them when all they do is Hassle and keep each other from working it’s a process the process of keeping each department from seceding in the goals oh the people their whole goal is to suppress the people and the system from helping people yeah it’s pretty screwed up I guess so yeah to meet too many people in the government especially because the government is ruled by the banking people from another Nation I’m so that’s screwed up so I hope Trump and Mark is successful in getting our system back in order with our government has the ability to make decisions not the corrupt alphabets and the corrupt bankers and the corrupt reptilians oh yeah we got some of those hi there was this feast where all these government agency people were attending this feast in a room like a gymnasium and there was all kinds of kids in their teenagers to that were being killed for their blood while they were being terrorized and all these people expecially that really green reptilian we’re all sitting on the side with Hillary waiting anticipating for the blood to flow and then they take a drink and they get high at the expense of your kids or the kids that you don’t hear about this is the evil reptilian scenario it’s one thing to happen your agents kill other people to get what you need to survive as a nation but that’s another thing to go hey I need human blood and they say hey we’re not vampires and there’s no such thing as vampires yes they get their kick when whoever’s being killed is scared to death what’s that called Kodachrome or something like that that’s the system automatically injects all these extra hormones into the blood well yeah I mean the Ripon the system off I’m in heck they work for the government so they probably have a good credit rating so even if it’s 6:00 months out they can probably get some money you know hawk the house for the car for the retirement plan I mean if you work for the government like you said George for all those years and we’re making all that money without having to do anything but would you do with all that money so they’re are a lot of people right now they’re just living hi as like a man we ain’t got to go to work we got to vacation plus another vacation now they’re are those who were just getting into the system and they’re like hey I can’t handle this I just started and now I can’t even pay my bills so who says we need those extra new people fact who says we need to thirds of them when all they do is hassle and keep each other from working it’s a process the process of keeping each department from seating & the goals of the people there a whole goal is to suppress the people and the system from helping people yeah it’s pretty screwed up I guess so so yeah to me too many people in the government especially because the government is rule by the banking people from another nation and so that’s good up so I’m I hope Trump and Mark is successful in getting our system back in order with our government has the ability to make decisions not the corrupt alphabet and the corrupt bankers and the corrupt reptilian oh yeah we got some of those there was this feast where all these government agency people were attending this piece in a room like a gymnasium and they’re was all kinds of kids in there teenagers to that we’re being killed for their blood while they were being terrorist and all these people especially that really green reptilian Ralston on the side with Hillary waiting anticipating for the blood flow and then they take a drink and they get high at the expense of your kids for the kids that you don’t hear about this is the evil with till Liam scenario it’s one thing that happened your agent skill other people to get with you need to survive as a nation but us another thing to go hey I need human blood and they say hey we’re not vampires and there’s no such thing as vampires yes they get their kick when whoever’s being killed is scared to death what’s a called Kota Chrome or something like that that’s the system automatically in Jax all these extra hormones into the blood and then they take and drain the blood and then I drink it can you imagine that that’s what I read there’s like a gymnasium full of kids

      • Soon, I will stop approving and begin to trash all comments without punctuation…please don’t go there. You have seen no clicker, quicker clicker than George looking for a comma…. I said NO COMMIES not NO COMMAS Bryce!

    • Would you, say, sign a car purchase contract which offered the seller 6000% interest per annum and required you to carry the loan for three years? Of course not. That’s a bad contract. Yet you blame Mr. Trump for not signing a bad contract? Why don’t you blame the person responsible for the bad contract, instead?

      • they didn’t read it Ray. so how would they know it is a bad contract..

        the ones that actually wrote it knew it was but like looking for the pea under the cup.. were slightly misslead.. all the while telling them its a good one drink the Kool Aid

  9. George,
    What are we as a country supposed to do? Cave in every time an extreme segment of the population (here the far Right) can’t get its way and shuts down the government?
    A strong message has to be sent. No appeasement. Or next time the fringe will want a glass of milk too.
    Which the R’s had total control of the government and couldn’t be bothered with this Wall? Which shows how fringe these folks are.
    No, Coulter, Rush and the rest of the wingnuts on your team irresponsibly begged for this shutdown.
    Now let them choke on it.
    Best, Mike.

    • Again, you miss the wall in front of you.
      If the Fools on the Hill wish, they can vote any time to over ride Trump.

      They can’t do it because he’s made a point that there’s an invasion underway…and there will be hell to pay in 2020 anyone who votes for open borders. The dems know it and therefore can not compromise and can not budget.
      We are screwed by them now more than ever.

    • You’re mistaking republicans for freedom lovers. The entrenched critters are against us as individuals on both sides politically. They’re generally one happy family living on our dime. The few real individual freedom lovers in government, regardless of party, are the ones to respect. The rest are simply leeches.

      President Trump is doing precisely what he said he would, to the best of his ability. I don’t fully agree with his direction, but it’s a lot better than the old hag. I suspect he’s resisting some very big threats and that’s why he’s moving more slowly than we’d like.

      I don’t want the job of POTUS. Would you? Could you even handle it? Most who have had that position age very quickly.

    • Exactly Georges.. If they voted to override the pres.. How could they use national security as a campaign platform during the next election.
      We need secure borders.. Its been an ongoing issue for most of my life. Each time they say we will get the job done. Instead it gets tabled till the next election rather than be worked on.
      DJT is just saying its time to say yes or no now no more waiting and whining.
      Instead of doing something they’ve chosen to go partying on the libbyist funded vacation with pay

  10. Government workers shouldn’t make their problems our problems. But since they do…

    The government workers should consume their personal time off (PTO) during their break. They should not get back pay.

    The company I’m at right now is on the rocks. Some of the staff are being sent home early. Instead of working the 8o hour pay period, they only get 55 hours. I see zero government workers in the parking lot offering free lunches or empathy.

    Tax payers should be reimbursed for the time off these government workers enjoy.

    We see the bleeding heart stories on TV. Why is it somehow our problem the government workers have no savings?

  11. You owe us an essay explaining the difference between “Maintain the purchasing power of money” and “stable prices” :)

  12. Hi, George,

    People who live in the East and West Coasts truly do not realize the dangers that open borders pose to us who live in the Southwest. Crime here is very high, and gang members commit a lot of it. When I moved here in early 1987, crime was not near to the levels that it currently is. We still have a flood of drugs and human trafficking going across the borders of Arizona and New Mexico that members of Congress and the media say is pure myth. Sadly, there are people now serving in government in New Mexico who want the state to become a sanctuary state.

    • Sorry. Gotta call you out here. Maybe I’m the only one, but I would go so far as to vote for Hermetically Sealed borders. Here in my fairly rural East Coast area, crime so much worse than back when I started reading George in 2011. We have ever increasing numbers if gang nembers in jail starting a few years back, & inland areas of the state have increasing shootings. Somehow even here rurally we have become a drug corridor. Gangs are moving from cities to rural areas. Where I grew up inland used tobe a family-friendly church-going county. Vastly different nowadays. Not only is the USA overall lacking in the principles of its establishing foundation, but so are our families these days. Once again, as a former counselor, I see nothing but entropy. I see families, communities, areas, the USA, & the word in chaos and everything devolving. Sorry to be so bleak, but I frequently would like to comment on George’s columns & just don’t have time these days. Maybe other “Coasters” don’t see it but those of us – of any age – with a brain do.

    • Nancy, I have to agree completely! I’ve had problems here in my rural place and had to harden it to the point that even I would have difficulty getting in(or out) if I didn’t know what I was doing and have all the keys. No problems at present, but I’m hypervigilant. I’m a bit concerned for those who don’t have the time, money or ability to do the same. There are really dangerous people on the loose here, and the new demo-crazies in Santa Fe obviously have an agenda that’s not in our best interest. I have no intention of paying them one cent more than necessary.

      Real refugees need to be treated with compassion, though not necessarily admitted. Thugs and infiltrators need to be identified and handled with prejudice.

    • Hi Nancy how you doing the thing that a lot of people are overlooking and especially the ones that are on the plus C and Schumer side is that it’s not left it’s not right it’s over a hundred years ago someone was able to infiltrate our beautiful country and make our country liable to those on another continent and now Pelosi and Clinton and Bush have been promised great rewards financially and power-wise to be able to do anything whenever they click their heels or snap their fingers they have learned that by following the banking structure that took over America that they suddenly have the ability to make all their dreams come true at the sacrifice of the Millions I’m Trump is trying to drain the swamp you know what a swamp Willow is that’s Pelosi.

      And now everything that they believed in and has invested in it’s turning into a sour dime.
      Now the third in order will take over it’s not Republican it’s not Democrat yes it’s that third party that’s going to split right through both Republican and Democrat and make a new what our government has been brought down through decades OF speakership.

      And now America have to swallow its Pride that has been left or lead astray by those who have deceived.

      So now we have to look squarely at what has been suppressed.


      Through our own Treasury System instead of going through an outside banking industry that is demise . That is Trump’s long-range goal in order to be independent from the New World Order or the UN which people says owns all our public lands we have to be able to support Trump in his Endeavor to separate us from this globalist human movement that wants to bring us down and keep using our military resources for their benefit worldwide

  13. George, once again you cry about the dollar being devalued, and the best you can muster is that there is (some) dirt on both sides and we need to go back to a gold standard? Really?
    This ‘you took 10% so it’s OK for me to take 90%’ has got to stop.
    Let’s face facts. Since St. Reagan tripled the national debt, the R’s have been on a drunken borrowing spree. Not Clinton, not Obama, but rather Bush II, and now your guy, Trump, who just added over 10% more to the national debt in good times with deficit stimulus aka tax cuts. Now the sugar stimulus high is gone, and your dollar and the middle class have to pay the price. Best, Mike.



    • Still lost Mike? We are at the “knee of the hockey stick.” This is where compounding gets into runaway mode.
      Stand by for “new dollars” in a few years when a single paper won’t buy a stick of gum.
      then let’s talk of solids, shall we? Food, metals,…..

      • Mike seems to have his morning prayers facing the East like a good follower of his religious leader, Obama lives in DC now. Obama borrowed and spent more money and increase our national debt more than all the previous presidents combined!! And he wants to highlight Reagan? Mike has been drinking to cool aid for so long, that try as he might, can’t see the forest for the trees. And all his trees are Democrat, Liberal Socialists. Great article George. I appreciate your insight and passion for our country, without getting bogged down in divisive politics as Mike likes to try and insert at every opportunity

      • Nobody of concern

        Well, I feel that we are going to hell in a hand basket. I think the socialist are going to win on “things for free promises” because people are to gullible and too stupid to see it doesn’t work. Make a plan any plan but have one. If you don’t have one you are screwed.
        Gold and silver good, money good, food and water good and keep a low profile.
        Governments can make rich people poor but poor people can be quietly rich. Gold
        and silver have had value for thousands of years and is easily hidden, money not so much
        but very necessary in these times. Form a plan, work at it and keep it.
        Having fun and cruising to the end.

      • Yep – we have our “low profile to the end” view of things, too.
        I figure I could go all over and all out marketing the websites – so I can make more money to give to greedsters? yep low profile, with a website, but no one but the grown ups read anymore…

      • Nobody of concern

        A fun fact in 1913 a steak dinner 1.00 now cost 26.00.
        In 2019 nine pre 1964 quarters (2.25) Junk value 24.79

        Still having fun and cruising to the end

  14. Let me peek out of this box and give my honest opinion on what we could invest in other than endless wars.




    Let me see.. Water lines..new york city aquifer pipeline problems have not been addressed since what 1945.. LasVegas the same thing..gas pipelines about to fail or failing.. How about roads and bridges.. A medical system that is so hyper inflated that gives us one of the worst ratings in the world for overall heath of our people.
    Industry. Our legislators have abandoned the citizens and influenced by greed to put America last. They do such a bad job that in any other working industry they would have been fired years and years ago.
    Instead of putting the gold lining in their pockets and the pockets of the puppeteers they should be focusing on the needs of the citizens that keep rehiring them.

    Toss a dart then focus on the problem it hits.. Just about every section of society has been corroding to the point of collapse.we have a congress that is screening we don’t need national security or secure borders that leaves us so vulnerable to any invasion it’s crazy.. All if them so stupid or ignorant by choice and Listening to someone that if they were a character in a book of fiction would be riding a broom rather than an airplane.
    My guess is I am not the only one that sees the disruptive influence that has been destroying our country and openly allowed to happen..
    As for elections and the candidates running for office..well What I see is a candidate list where all you have to choose from to vote on is the better candidate of the worst choices in America. Instead of the best of the best.
    Each of them millionaires receiving millions from the puppeteers to further their agendas and none of them have a clue about the needs of the communities they are from and live in much less a country and the needs of the citizens they should be representing.

  15. I hadn’t even realized it was a holiday. Just like I still haven’t seen a single effect of the gov’t “shutdown” – just read lots of noise. IMHO, the employees who actually worked should get their back pay, perhaps with interest, and the rest should not – ever. They can and should use any vacation/personal time and get paid for that, but nothing more. We also need to lay off anyone employed by the government that doesn’t have a legitimate and necessary function. We simply can’t afford the bloat. There’s no excuse for this level(or any level) of waste. All employment (gov’t or private) needs to be at will, or by contract. Anyone can and must be at risk for termination, unless they own the business.

    I agree with the perspective of zero discrimination based on race, sex, national origin or religion. Behavior must meet civil norms though, and housing cannot be offered without regard to family size. If I rent an apartment or house, I need to charge based on occupancy and behavior, or the place can and will be destroyed. That’s the reason I’m not currently renting anything to anyone.

  16. It really is amazing to see the DIVIDE we have here on this site…BOTH sides have and believe that their SIDE is the right one…so the CRIMINALS have won since they have made this country divided along POLITICAL Party lines…such a shame that many can not see that those in DC are of the same ilk and the same party…the self benefit party…most (+90%.get re elected) …only the ‘sheeple’ are on opposite sides…this will end very badly for us DC outsiders……as the CRIMINALS continue to loot this country…the net worth of most DC politicians is above $ 1 million…on a salary of $ 150,000 year…amazing SAVERS of their own money when they have put this country in DEBT for over $ 200 TRILLION…they are doping a great job for THEMSELVES…at the DIVIDED 2 Party folks expense…imo

    • We know it, d, no surprise to most of us, we recognize 2 sides of the same coin. They keep flipping it around thinking that’s a choice, it isn’t. It is so true, the looting is in full force, and has been for several years now. Loot and Toot.

  17. I’m with Leo.. A very good read today.. I’m so disgusted with our Congress.. Both sides.. Each making themselves look worse every day that goes by.
    I feel my intelligence is constantly under attack and insulted that the only candidates being offered to vote on are basically represented by the cartoon characters Bevis and butthead…
    I’m American and proud of it..
    I think DJT with all his personal faults is a proud of his country as I am fighting upstream trying to correct some of the mess that has been openly destroying America for decades.
    The sad part.. Statistically 97% of these do nothing representing us will once again be voted in to do more nothing later and brag about everything they didn’t accomplish but said they would another day if given one more chance.

  18. Your rants and the comments just get more angrier and angrier every month. You live in a country that has not had a functioning Federal government for more than two years. You have no justice system. You have predatory law enforcement. A predatory medical system. A failed Education system. A crumbling infrastructure with no money available to maintain it, much less expand it for the 100 million increase in population in the next 10 years. Need I go on?

    Nobody in the USA can tell me what the country will look like 5 years from now without giving me provably false fantasies. You don’t have to expatriate to have the second world experience I did by moving to Ecuador, just sit tight and it will form around you. Except it will go third world for you if you go homeless, just ask those living in tent cities in 47 cities, 20% of whom are working full-time but still cannot afford housing on the minimum wage.

    Meanwhile, we rough it out in Ecuador, the government just eliminated the subsidy on gasoline, $1.48 to $1.85. Amazing, we bank one of our social security checks every month, and eat out until we are tired of it, we can both have a good meal for less than $10, that’s total, not each. If we shop the local Sunday market, it takes two people to carry $30 worth of food home, Ten years ago it took $20 for that much. Damn that inflation.

    We have a newly remodeled 2 bedroom apartment available for $450 a month, completely furnished, utilities included. Unpack your suitcase, go buy food and you are here. Its considered a bit expensive, but a good place to land while you look for cheaper digs. I guarantee you in five days 30 people will know you by first name.

    America is a system that cannot be fixed until it breaks down, and it will take decades of pain and misery to just get back to what you boomers reminisce about, because those days are long gone. The bad news, All those things the government needs to do? Its not going to do that, so just get over it. The good news, you don’t have to sit there until your only option for survival is to leave with one suitcase or less like your ancestors did.

      • If SS stopped, we are prepared to lower our standard of living to that of the average Ecuadorian if necessary. Minimum wage here is less than $500 per month, enough to support a family of 4 and still save some money. Do the math on $50,000.

        I have modest amounts of gold/silver stored in three locations around the world, should one of them survive, we are assured that we will always eat and have a roof over our heads. You see, with our expenses I don’t need a return on my capital, I just want to keep the capital I have to spend as I need.

        We went for 2 years without a car, we have one now, simply because we can afford the convenience. The 2004 car I bought 8 years ago for $15k is today sells for $13k. Car taxes $194, a hundred of that is because I have a V6 engine.

        The apartment house we purchased 10 years ago has doubled in value but real estate deals like that are long gone. It cost less than the average price of a house in Oregon when we left. Today, less than $100k will put you in a really nice house or a condo in a larger city where it is more expensive. But why buy when you can rent for $350 a month? Or less. New Hotel just opened in the village, $20 per night.

        Taxes on real estate valued at $180k is $126 per year. Car insurance is $700 per YEAR, house insurance on $350k covering apartment house and contents for fire and earthquake is <$500 per year. Our cell phone plans are $15 per month.

        To answer your question, we would simply start selling assets or leave the country if it went Venezuela.

        Not everything is like in the USA. The local MD (trained in Cuba) made a house call to diagnosis my gout, $30. Prescription was $12. Medical and dental costs 15% of USA prices or less. Teeth cleaning is $35. Crowns are $180, fillings $30. Most drugs are available in the pharmacy without a prescription at 10% of USA prices.

        CD's in the bank are paying 8-9%, guaranteed to $33k by the government. Some of our friends have CD's at several banks and just live off the interest.

        Cleaning girl comes once a week, cleans our apartment and all public areas of the property for $20. We gave her $80 for Christmas, she cried.

        And George, Medical Marijuana just got legalized, they are working out the rules now. All our friends with properties are getting ready. Not much cocaine in Ecuador, because we are on the USA dollar it is the major banking center south of Panama. Grown in Peru, shipped thru Columbia, banked in Ecuador.


      • Expat..

        “Not everything is like in the USA. The local MD (trained in Cuba) made a house call to diagnosis my gout, $30. Prescription was $12. Medical and dental costs 15% of USA prices or less. Teeth cleaning is $35. Crowns are $180, fillings $30. Most drugs are available in the pharmacy without a prescription at 10% of USA prices.”

        my wife just had a sprained ankle..
        the x-rays and office visit.. just under four grand..
        the rental of a knee scooter 149.00 ( I bought the Cadillac for 59.)
        a six dollar ankle brace.. 190.00 ( I bought a second one at walgreens for 7.50 I think maybe a few pennies more)
        insurance without anything being paid out till after the 7500.00 deductible.. just under 22,000.00 a year and you can’t have your own physician..

      • Mr. Wacky.. unfortunately.. I think that the only way to fix the mess we are in is that there will be at some point a complete shut down of our system.. and re establishment of services on a grande scale.
        The USA looking at the debt and the daily interest we are expected to pay will never be able to do fulfil those obligations. wages are already so far behind the cost of living, and any chance of leveling it off is beyond expectations..
        The only solution I see is a total bankruptcy of our country.. and things like SS and other essential services like fire departments, schools, public medical services etc will cease to exist.
        in some countries that have gone through a smaller event to what I see coming has had the elderly dumpster diving for food, homeless, cold, starvation, and young women selling themselves for food for their children.. it is already headed that way with one in five college ladies seeking older friends with benefits that will help them with school books etc.. ( five grand in books over a couple of years will save them fifty grand as they grow older. this is where the other countries have it right and we fail miserably) as compared to a younger man that has a six pack and a burger in his mind for a hot date.
        Of course this is only my opinion on what i see headed for us as fast as a freight train..
        then there would be the uprising.. I read someplace that when taxation hit 76 percent there would be a vast majority of people upset.. we are at that level now..
        this isn’t it.. but a good read non the less..


        unfortunately the larger the gap that is created will eventually result in a society with more discontent.

  19. Hell George all those troops in the dust bowl are there at their own chose,ain’t like Nam anymore,now they have a chose,so we will scratch that one off and the merc’s too,that old apple pie sheet just don’t cut the mustard anymore nor all the rest that’s preached from the bloody pulpit.

    Both the house and the congress should be shut down,no work no pay send them both packing,sure beats the insider stock scam they have been involved in,scumbags both parties, and the people whine and moan and of course due nothing waiting for some one else to do the heavy work,hell they don’t even have ambition to get out there like the French and protest,waay to much work I presume…

    • Socialist Sandwich
      No bread.
      Mostly shit
      w/Russian dressing
      and everyone’s pickled.

      Served half-baked to the dim witted. Who eat it up… now, move on, troll…

  20. Wow, Its been some time since I have visited this site. I have no real excuse other than I have been unbelievably stretched at work and life.Still going strong and same mindset. But I just got tired of being vocal(ist) for some reason. I needed a siesta from it all. Way more trolls on here George than back in the ole days of writing songs about Freedom. Somehow not surprised by that at all. Still at Acme and Acme. Same crap different day. Wondering when we will eventually go back to the gold standard. I still think about that dream about the Submarine in the Potomac and wonder was it just a dream? Who knows, we shall see someday. Maybe I am reawakening. But either way I am glad you are still at it George!

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