Invention Versus Drama!

We sit out here in, deep in the piney woods of East Texas, and observe the world in it’s au natural state:  Insane.

What we see is a world that has lost its flipping mind because, let’s face it, drama is an addiction.  And, it’s stoked at every turn by the media.

Take the matter of the “victim native American” and the kids with the MAGA hats on.  As finally comes out, not only were the kids the victims of the “anything-to-bash-Trump” press – which parroted the story  far and wide – but now a story builds around the possibility that the families of the kids might sue the lazy, social-media-reliant pseudo journos for failing the critical cornerstone of J-school they missed:  Fact-checking.

Notwithstanding, some of the same “institutional media” who are nothing more than press-release repackagers are “standing by their reports/”  A**holes, no question about it.  Can’t seem to admit or retract.  So, if the kid’s lawyers want to start a “GoFundMe” put us in for $100 because the bullshit in the media has to stop.

Whole freaking nation needs to head for “Drama Rehab.”

Led, we hope, by the shrill-seeking Ms. O-C – latest darling of the lefties in the media – who’s now convinced the world will end in 12-years.  Why, it’s as wrong as the fellow a while back who was predicting global subsidence.  Sometimes you just got to roll with the data.

So, the data is what exactly?

In Ms O-C’s favor, we’re certain things will be worse.  But not because of global warming.  It will be worse because we may actually be into perpetual depression by then.  7.8-billion people can not consume at current rates without the wheels coming off this buggy.

As Oilman2 often reminded us:  Depletion never sleeps.  Neither does soil depletion and with China moving a billion people from the gutters into the middle class, care to bet on what happens next?

Toss in the biggie, The Compound Interest Bomband hell yes, things will be bad and worse, but a loud-mouth socialist isn’t the answer.  Especially a child just over a third of my age.

No, the real answer is?  INVENTION.

America gets a lot of things wrong, particularly in politics.  Whether it was the worker’s paradise dreams of LBJ with his family-busting Great Society or running off capable managers who might have done a better job in the Oval..(Ross Perot…anyone remember how some of the same media pricks ran him out of politics?  This shit repeats like skipping vinyl, doesn’t it?).

Where Did the IVD Crisis Come From?

I’ve got a wheelbarrow full of competing theories if you’d like to hear them:  In the interest of time, we’ll stick to bullet points:

  • We stopped making goods here.  We exported pollution rather than fix it.
  • China bought tons of our manufacturing equipment and now they are fast overtaking.
  • Easy sex (birth control) led to soaring (easy, but spendy) divorces.
  • Victims of broken families didn’t want a repeat.., family formations fall as a result.  Takes down housing and growth…
  • Besides, kids cost a quarter-million each to raise.
  • Then there’s too much NEWS CHANNEL CAPACITY and honestly, save Acts of God (and crazies) there’s not enough real news to “fill’er up.”
  • Drama OTOH is easy…and the slide from actual journos to Entertainment Last-Night has been a long, slippery slope.

Over on my news-parser (Computational Future) I’ve got a fair filtering process to weed the RSS grain from the chaff.  Yet here’s some of the pseudo-drama that comes through anyway:

Tom Arnold splits from wife of 10 years Ashley Groussman

Bizarre dating trends to watch out for/

And gosh, here’s something tagged to a CNN RSS feed — an ad: Fastest way to pay off $10,000 in credit card debt.

But, you see, this really brings home the point: Forget about quality:  7.6 billion people need to  monetize, monetize, monetize…it’s America. Though not for long, at this rate.

And the divisive game is global, too.  Take this BBC piece “‘I’m mixed-race, is Cambridge University right for me?’” for example.  The socialistas can argue it’s sensitive…but the egalitarian might quip “Who cares…are you smart enough to make it in?”

We are, sadly, beginning another week about where last one left off:  With the country confused as ever and still hooked on the drama that only a widespread economic depression or global war can snap us out of.  But, we’re not even sure about that anymore.  Have we watered our national gumption and get ‘er done-ness so far we will be like the old TV line “Help!  I’ve fallen and I can’t get up….”

Not sure we can get up as a country, anymore.

Markets: What Did You Expect?

One of the charts in our STPT (Small Traders Power Tools) spreadsheet summed up this week’s outlook pretty well:  Follow the red line on the right here…

While we don’t offer financial advice, we do like to share (with Peoplenomics subscribers) some of our rather, oh, interesting  spreadsheet models – like the Golem 11 which is the red line.

We provide the spreadsheet and people interested in the market plug in their own numbers and draw their own conclusions.  It’s just some mornings, it’s interesting to see where things were at the end of the previous session.

It strikes me to ask an interesting question which would be whether playing a particular song could be construed as financial advice?

Or, for those blocking pop-ups:

Not predicting anything, just looking at a model in a spreadsheet instead of one on TV or in in the swimsuit ish of S.I….

And the Usual Grinds On…

  1.  The FedGov is still shut down.
  2.  Because? “In shutdown fight with Trump, Dems reject immigration deal they once sponsored.
  3. L.A. Teachers are still on strike.
  4. More than a hundred security officers have been killed as Taliban wiped a base in Afghanistan.
  5. Al Jazeera story claims the NorKs have only revealed one of 20 missile sites...hinting Trump’s being played.
  6. “Starbucks is teaming up with Uber to start delivering coffee in 6 of the biggest US cities” – Seattle – home of Starbucks is strangely not on the list.  Go figure. (G-II, driving for Uber in Seattle = making more than as an EMT –  thinks maybe there are just too many coffee joints up there to make it work…)
  7. And, do you really care “How to Watch Oscar Nominations Live Online”?

I figure this is as good a story as any to end with,.

After all, what are the Oscars but another example of how Fox Uniformed we are?

The Oscars are, in our view, one of the leading “battlefronts” when it comes to the national disaster called Invention Versus Drama.

Buffo’s and Barbies seems like a poor choice, compared with TedTalks, yet its what the PowerThatBe have programmed into the sheep.

Ever see the roll-out of a new Jet streamed live?  Or, who watches the Nobel Prize announcements live?  Or, what about the ground-breaking cures coming out of medicine? Key academic papers and posters?  Electronics announcements?  – I mean other than the iPhones going to all OLED across the line next year?

With the futures down 162 an hour before the open, we’ll kick it today and watch the absurdity of it all from out in the shop.

And we’ll have moron the ‘morrow…but try not to take the bullshit-pseudo-drama too seriously.  Live life your way, not as programmed…

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