America’s IVD Crisis

Invention Versus Drama!

We sit out here in, deep in the piney woods of East Texas, and observe the world in it’s au natural state:  Insane.

What we see is a world that has lost its flipping mind because, let’s face it, drama is an addiction.  And, it’s stoked at every turn by the media.

Take the matter of the “victim native American” and the kids with the MAGA hats on.  As finally comes out, not only were the kids the victims of the “anything-to-bash-Trump” press – which parroted the story  far and wide – but now a story builds around the possibility that the families of the kids might sue the lazy, social-media-reliant pseudo journos for failing the critical cornerstone of J-school they missed:  Fact-checking.

Notwithstanding, some of the same “institutional media” who are nothing more than press-release repackagers are “standing by their reports/”  A**holes, no question about it.  Can’t seem to admit or retract.  So, if the kid’s lawyers want to start a “GoFundMe” put us in for $100 because the bullshit in the media has to stop.

Whole freaking nation needs to head for “Drama Rehab.”

Led, we hope, by the shrill-seeking Ms. O-C – latest darling of the lefties in the media – who’s now convinced the world will end in 12-years.  Why, it’s as wrong as the fellow a while back who was predicting global subsidence.  Sometimes you just got to roll with the data.

So, the data is what exactly?

In Ms O-C’s favor, we’re certain things will be worse.  But not because of global warming.  It will be worse because we may actually be into perpetual depression by then.  7.8-billion people can not consume at current rates without the wheels coming off this buggy.

As Oilman2 often reminded us:  Depletion never sleeps.  Neither does soil depletion and with China moving a billion people from the gutters into the middle class, care to bet on what happens next?

Toss in the biggie, The Compound Interest Bomband hell yes, things will be bad and worse, but a loud-mouth socialist isn’t the answer.  Especially a child just over a third of my age.

No, the real answer is?  INVENTION.

America gets a lot of things wrong, particularly in politics.  Whether it was the worker’s paradise dreams of LBJ with his family-busting Great Society or running off capable managers who might have done a better job in the Oval..(Ross Perot…anyone remember how some of the same media pricks ran him out of politics?  This shit repeats like skipping vinyl, doesn’t it?).

Where Did the IVD Crisis Come From?

I’ve got a wheelbarrow full of competing theories if you’d like to hear them:  In the interest of time, we’ll stick to bullet points:

  • We stopped making goods here.  We exported pollution rather than fix it.
  • China bought tons of our manufacturing equipment and now they are fast overtaking.
  • Easy sex (birth control) led to soaring (easy, but spendy) divorces.
  • Victims of broken families didn’t want a repeat.., family formations fall as a result.  Takes down housing and growth…
  • Besides, kids cost a quarter-million each to raise.
  • Then there’s too much NEWS CHANNEL CAPACITY and honestly, save Acts of God (and crazies) there’s not enough real news to “fill’er up.”
  • Drama OTOH is easy…and the slide from actual journos to Entertainment Last-Night has been a long, slippery slope.

Over on my news-parser (Computational Future) I’ve got a fair filtering process to weed the RSS grain from the chaff.  Yet here’s some of the pseudo-drama that comes through anyway:

Tom Arnold splits from wife of 10 years Ashley Groussman

Bizarre dating trends to watch out for/

And gosh, here’s something tagged to a CNN RSS feed — an ad: Fastest way to pay off $10,000 in credit card debt.

But, you see, this really brings home the point: Forget about quality:  7.6 billion people need to  monetize, monetize, monetize…it’s America. Though not for long, at this rate.

And the divisive game is global, too.  Take this BBC piece “‘I’m mixed-race, is Cambridge University right for me?’” for example.  The socialistas can argue it’s sensitive…but the egalitarian might quip “Who cares…are you smart enough to make it in?”

We are, sadly, beginning another week about where last one left off:  With the country confused as ever and still hooked on the drama that only a widespread economic depression or global war can snap us out of.  But, we’re not even sure about that anymore.  Have we watered our national gumption and get ‘er done-ness so far we will be like the old TV line “Help!  I’ve fallen and I can’t get up….”

Not sure we can get up as a country, anymore.

Markets: What Did You Expect?

One of the charts in our STPT (Small Traders Power Tools) spreadsheet summed up this week’s outlook pretty well:  Follow the red line on the right here…

While we don’t offer financial advice, we do like to share (with Peoplenomics subscribers) some of our rather, oh, interesting  spreadsheet models – like the Golem 11 which is the red line.

We provide the spreadsheet and people interested in the market plug in their own numbers and draw their own conclusions.  It’s just some mornings, it’s interesting to see where things were at the end of the previous session.

It strikes me to ask an interesting question which would be whether playing a particular song could be construed as financial advice?

Or, for those blocking pop-ups:

Not predicting anything, just looking at a model in a spreadsheet instead of one on TV or in in the swimsuit ish of S.I….

And the Usual Grinds On…

  1.  The FedGov is still shut down.
  2.  Because? “In shutdown fight with Trump, Dems reject immigration deal they once sponsored.
  3. L.A. Teachers are still on strike.
  4. More than a hundred security officers have been killed as Taliban wiped a base in Afghanistan.
  5. Al Jazeera story claims the NorKs have only revealed one of 20 missile sites...hinting Trump’s being played.
  6. “Starbucks is teaming up with Uber to start delivering coffee in 6 of the biggest US cities” – Seattle – home of Starbucks is strangely not on the list.  Go figure. (G-II, driving for Uber in Seattle = making more than as an EMT –  thinks maybe there are just too many coffee joints up there to make it work…)
  7. And, do you really care “How to Watch Oscar Nominations Live Online”?

I figure this is as good a story as any to end with,.

After all, what are the Oscars but another example of how Fox Uniformed we are?

The Oscars are, in our view, one of the leading “battlefronts” when it comes to the national disaster called Invention Versus Drama.

Buffo’s and Barbies seems like a poor choice, compared with TedTalks, yet its what the PowerThatBe have programmed into the sheep.

Ever see the roll-out of a new Jet streamed live?  Or, who watches the Nobel Prize announcements live?  Or, what about the ground-breaking cures coming out of medicine? Key academic papers and posters?  Electronics announcements?  – I mean other than the iPhones going to all OLED across the line next year?

With the futures down 162 an hour before the open, we’ll kick it today and watch the absurdity of it all from out in the shop.

And we’ll have moron the ‘morrow…but try not to take the bullshit-pseudo-drama too seriously.  Live life your way, not as programmed…

31 thoughts on “America’s IVD Crisis”

  1. Is it the Bandicoot, or does Nasty Nancy bugged out eyes, and nonsensical utterances suggest KURU disease ? Just like that other east coast crime boss/ lunatic leftist, the foulest foul killery clinton, who is trying desperately to control her Kuru symptoms.

    The reason these loony leftist wanted the wall during Obummers 2 terms, was to keep the US citizens captive IN the US, not keep human trafficed women, children and contraband out.
    It was a completely different kind of “wall”..just reread Saul Alinsky rules for losers or something like that.
    FEMA camps converted from old walmarts, re-education centers with clergy teams ALREADY trained, ready and waitng for re-education and emotional support.
    How many peeps currently still attending religous services will change their minds about “GOD” when they find out their pastor was one of the re-education/emo support team members…”we know whats best for our sheep” bwahahahaha yeah yeah free food, free health care, safe behind the concertina wire..
    G the S&G song choice for market action today seems so appropo, luv it. But I would like to add the Bandicoots song for the current political situation regards Trump pulling troops out of wars versus the lunatic left together, arm in arm with neocon nasties(German DVD)..
    B.O.C. – Hot Rails To HELL.

  2. George,
    There was a Commercial for GE not long ago that treated Mildred Dresselhaus as if she was a sports, rock, movie star. Mildred was called the Queen of Carbon and was a Professor emerita at MIT. The commercial had kids idolizing her with baseball like cards of her, dolls, paparazzi following her etc. That spot always made me think why we don’t treat scientific genius’s like we do Steph Curry, Tom Brady, George Clooney or any rock band.

    Steve Jobs had that kind of following…Locally, Larry and Sergei and to a lesser extent Zuckerberg still matter. The closest thing we have today in terms of Steve Jobs like followers is Elon Musk…as volatile and crazy as he can be. ( but not nearly as crazy as the antics of some of the prima Donna Hollywood stars, come to think of it.) I start my day with tech talk and revel in the wonders of science and their stars.

    Yes, it’s nice to mix it up with a good movie, concert or Warriors game…we need balance…but we are selling ourselves short by not giving equal time…especially in our schools, on TV programming, in news reporting etc…to the superstars of science, tech and engineering and Math wizzes. Want to make America Great again…take the headline of George’s column today and start INVENTING real marketable and life saving stuff…not news.

    • Best post you’ve ever made on George’s site, and thanks!

      The problem is, it’s difficult to make math or science (or history) “entertaining.” We likes us some diversions, which is why entertainers are rock stars. They provide a form of escapism not found elsewhere.

      Two kinds of people use lots of big words: People of mediocre intelligence and intellect, who wish to be regarded by the masses as “smart,” and highly-intelligent left-brain types, who live inside their field of expertise, and can’t comprehend the concept that those ignorant of their sliver of specialization, might not fathom the concepts they broach, simply because they can’t slog through the specialized meaning of the specialized jargon with which they speak.

      To attempt to make Neil deGrasse Tyson appeal to the masses, scriptwriters have both softened his techspeak and tried to give him a sense of humor — doesn’t play. His shows all look contrived, and he looks strained when doing them. Someone like Bruce Bueno de Mesquita actually has some level of communication skills and a sense of humor, but howinthehell do you make mathematics and game theory sexy enough to get the under-40 crowd to watch, without losing the over-40s who’d have a genuine interest, and how does one spin it into a more than “one-off” show?

      The formula for “rock star” is easy: Just keep putting someone’s face in front of the masses. The public doesn’t seem to differentiate between good-press and bad-press, or fame and infamy. Re: Recent Presidents, JFK, Reagan, Obama, and Trump are rock stars, the others (except for Clinton), not so. The “rock stars” became so by having their face in the public eye for years, before they became da Prez. Clinton became one, his last couple years in office, not from his sax sit-in on Arsenio or his policymaking, but because of the Paula Jones scandal, which blossomed into the Monica/blue dress thing, which plastered his name and face, daily, on every channel and every news periodical on the planet.

      Tyson may eventually get there, although the brand of astrophysics people “learn” from his shows is probably not going to inspire kids to buy telescopes. I’d love to see de Mesquita get there, but someone would have to figure a way to make theoretical math palatable to both the math/engineering/science community, and the masses…

  3. Once again, Jane Fondle as Ted calls her, had to come out with an apology after her snap judgement trashing of the young kids.

    I’m thinking this may be the beginning of a serious downturn, which should create an amazing buying opportunity prior the markets skyrighting to URE INDEX 30,000. Also, maybe I’ll be able to buy a Tesla really cheap when they run out of cash.

  4. George

    “Drama OTOH is easy…”.

    Don’t forget Sports which is the opiate of the masses!

    Here in Nawlins their introducing Rugby as the next time waster for those who live for the mindless drama of sports.

    I expect to see it go national very soon.

    Bread and Circus’s anyone?

    • WOTRR: this is all by design, the dumbing down of the American populaton and the propaganda (lying) press. As you have noticed, they work hand in hand. This and globalism leaves us open for the fleecing: open borders for multiple-generation freebie and job takers, as many H1B and other kinds of visas to take the rest of the STEM jobs from the American citizen, factories paying middle-class wages gone, service economy which is now crowing about $15.00 an hour like a person can live on that, well, you and everyone on here know the score. We might as well have signs out: We pay all people of color to breed for free, have as many kids as you want, while we abort our own, and yoke the citizen families to daycare, school, college, housing, food, etc., debt. There is a bill board in our town now, a brown and black kid, no white kid, and it advertises for FREE pre-school AND day care. You know that daycare that costs the Average American family $400 to $800 or more a month per child. The racism in America is white and clear now, and in everyone’s faces. This latest little media spectacle stirred up about the indian drummer and the white kid is so typical of the hate of the liberal media. Divide and conquor, steam roll over all whites. Everytime one of these lying racist stories get all over the country and the world it is measured and monitored to see how successful their racist stories are; they can gauge the reaction by the comments and clicks. You know the elites gotta love this technology. They are using it for hate and it will never end now. It’s their tool. No retraction necessary.

  5. I’m 74 years old. I think I’m among the last Americans that had a decent public education. Basics — math, English, science–were all central and were taught with considerable requirements for performance and excellence. In a public school system, please recall. We had woodshop, metalshop, car mechanics, and girls had home ec and other courses — BUT! — even in these remote times of yore, girls could take the boy courses if they wanted to, and some did, and boys could take the home ec series is they wanted to. Few did either, but the opportunities did exist, and were exercised by some.

    Point being: Education for most was far better than today. It’s been a forty or fifty year slow and steady decline and debasement to today’s sorry condition. (Why is a separate disquisition for another time.)

    Partly as a result, and along the same timeline, “media” has also been stupidized and degraded. News was once “Journalism,” and Truth was important. Sure, some yellow journalism was always a big factor, but early on, the Big Sources were mainly reliable. No more.

    These two effects, acting in concert, are nothing less than a major national security risk and emergency. The People are poorly informed and poorly educated, and are unequipped to make judgements and cast votes intelligently. The Constitution was not crafted to function well in such an environment.

    The lesson of Koyanasquatsi is that “crazy life,” or “life out of balance,” or “life that begs for re-newal,” demands and requires that at some point, it all blows a gut, and collapses of it’s own insane weight, and the Very Serious Chaos that follows inevitably, will — must — Correct and Reform. Like it or not, It will come.

    If this re-work is done by Good People, it will be well. But if the Bad Guys grab the handles of revival and revolt, then a New Dark Age will result.

    It will come. Corrections have always come along, and always will.

    Pray it goes well. These will be Interesting Times ahead. And dangerous.

    • In the ’50s and ’60s, kids who were either markedly above or below the curve were given special consideration. Those above were granted independent study (and extra work), those below, given extra attention. The latest two generations have been taught together, except for the most-radically LD kids, and, “in the spirit of inclusivity,” only to the point at which a rising 45° line becomes tangential to the left half of the Bell curve — the “least common denominator” of intellectual capacity for the “lowest common denominator” student in the class.

      This fosters boredom in, and disruption by, the kids whose IQ or learning capacity is above average, and leads to disciplinary problems first among these, then amongst all, as the lack of discipline feeds down. It also leads to Administrative “diagnoses” of ADD and ADHD for these vile disruptors. To make matters worse, since teachers are now denied the ability to discipline, they give makebusy assignments which involve an exhaustive amount of writing, to try to keep the tykes so busy they don’t disrupt. Teacher is too busy babysitting to teach, and the kiddies who should be taught to the 20th percentile (personally, I think they should be taught to the 90th, like some Asian countries do), only learn what they can siphon off from their multiple retakes of the tests.

      BTW, daughter’s HS journo teacher was a flaming Liberal. SHE explained to her classes, every year, that there’s nothing wrong with a journalist having an opinion, that indeed, they’d not be human if they didn’t. She would then explain that such an opinion had no place in journalism and belonged, solely in the journalist’s head. She then informed every student [that] anyone who allowed any bias, of any kind whatsoever, to creep into a story, whether for class or for publication, would, without exception or reprieve, receive a failing grade for the semester.

      I wish they still made ’em like that…!

  6. Having studied depressions and their social benefits somewhat I feel that now is the time for a good one.

  7. Thanks for this, George.
    Born Indian, I’ve busted my butt working on credibility and integrity with First Nations and this poser washes it all away.
    AND while holding a drum and eagle fedder. Shame.
    Marine vet? Doubtful and more opportunism.
    Guy plays culture/heritage/poverty card and gets an interview on CNN.Many more gullible and uninformed Indians will take up his lost cause. Too bad.

    I am disgusted.

    • Amen brother… BTW G2 (son) is in line for a Fed job with BIA/IHS up in ND – he’s looking forward to it…0

      • I wish him well. It’s a riddle without an answer, that.

        Ask him to remember, NObody gave anybody any land, nobody stole any land. It is the end result of 500 years of war between a technologically advanced force and a fragile culture based on natural resources.
        Throw in a dollop of unconscious guilt and an infusion helpless rage and you’ve got a foundation for endless movie variants.

        He can ask ANY questions of me, if needed.

  8. Need a date. See IAC – Barry Diller can set you up & maybe make you some money. He is the Warren Buffet of dating.

    • Nobody of concern

      Well George I come to a conclusion and it’s that I don’t care because they don’t matter.
      If they win they will lose, it just a matter of a restart after the fall.
      Having fun and cruising to the end.

  9. CRASH – intransitive verb – To decline suddenly and steeply
    CRASH – transitive verb – To break violently

    Prof. in light of pending slo mo crash (intransitive verb) in markets I thought the UrbSurv community would might enjoy some good old fashioned fun..


    Who would not want to ride in the legendary B-17G “Flying Fortress” “Yankee Lady” ?
    or how about a ride in a Douglas SBD-5 “Dauntless – SB2C- 5 “Helldiver”

    not into flying in WWII bomber, how about a fighter?

    tha’ts right you can get a ride in P51 D Mustang – perhaps being the economical and sporty types y’all might like a ride in a SNJ Advanced Stearman Primary Trainer PT-19

    None of the above planes rare enough for your tastes? – how about…wait for it…
    the ultra rare P-61B “Black Widow” she will be on the ramp this year! Hopefully this one will be restored to flight condition soon- oh yeah deplorables’ love Air Shows. Rocket powered C-140’s , Blue Angels with their hair on fire, screaming out of nowhere.boom! the hairs on my neck are raising up just thinking about summer time air shows. Sorry no blue angels or rocket powered c-140 at the above referenced show, just a bunch of ole war heroes hanging around telling small tales, and giving rides to newbs like myself.

    • I’ve seen both Yankee Lady and Sentimental Journey a number of times, in various states of undress. The Indiana Wing of the CAF used to be at the Huntington, IN airport. I drive by the Field 5-6 times per year (CAF maintained a service facility there which could work on Forts and Liberators.) Walk-throughs are neat, flights are LOUD (I also go by Wright-Patterson frequently and have caught the show, there.)

      Last fall I was doing a Cleveland to Saint Louis drive, and joined the people who’ve seen a unicorn. It was a SIX ENGINE, prop-driven, transport. I’d made a fuel stop west of Mansfield, Ohio and was approaching the overpass over US-30, when my truck began to shake. The plane flew nearly overhead, at roughly 1000 feet. It looked and sounded like a single-tail Liberator (flying boxcar), only much bigger — bigger than a C-130 and more flat-bottomed, with less taper to the wings. The engines sounded like Whitney radials, loud and edgy. It circled overhead to my left, and overflew US-30 at about 90-100kts while I was on the bridge, showing me its topside — Nacelles were symmetrical, and each of the six WAS sporting an engine and propeller. As best I can tell, it was on approach to Mansfield’s airport.

      Pokin’ around the ‘Net, I discovered a plane like this has been seen occasionally, since at least 2008 (including at O’Hare and Logan), and the observer has always been blown off as seeing a 130 and believing the tanks were engines, because everybody knows six engine prop-driven planes don’t exist, or someone will suggest that a restorer somehow got ahold of an ME-323 or JU-390. It was definitely not either. The fuselage was bigger, wings were trapezoidal, less-tapered, and with no midwing dihedral or winglets.

      Now, the Skunkworks types (with apologies to Lockheed Martin) in the Army and Air Force have been trying out various things to make the 130 fly faster, slower, haul more, and do it more-efficiently, and the USAF “Skunkworks” is reputed to be at Wright-Patterson, so since I KNOW the plane exists, my bet is it’s one of W-Ps experimental toys.

      That said, if you overhear anything at the airshow pertaining to my unicorn…

  10. Good to see Gladys Knight singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Not does she not only have a great voice, but agrees that it is disrespectful to make the Anthem the center of a protest. There are better venues.

    All the other notable know it all’s can stay with You Tube, with their higher than thou beliefs that they don’t understand, but it’s cool. Jelly!

  11. George
    Funny you should mention Perot today when Salesforce’s Marc Benioff was on CNBC as I left for work this morning. I got to listen to a little of what he said and it made some sense.
    Perot’s company sold services to Government for managing their computers, mostly to Social Security if I am not mistaken. I thought when Trump was elected, that what he should have done was co-opted the Dimms Silicon Valley brigade by bringing them in (which he did) and asking them to streamline delivery of services with Salesforce and
    SAP type systems, at a great reduction of Dimm-leaning government employment. A missed opportunity, either due to the Boss not seeing it, or the DIMM leaning Silicon Valley contingent resisting.
    Too Bad.

  12. For at least the last 5 years, I have considered all Americans to be mentally ill. They fall into two categories, those who do the crazy sh*t, and those who sit there while they do the crazy sh*t to them and around them. When someone new arrives, I can determine this with a dozen questions or less. People living here are astounded by either what these folks’ daily lives are like in the USA, or what they are putting up with in their struggle to survive, to live in a “free” country.

    I did a study of the number of people in the USA using chemicals of some kind, including psychiatric drugs, street drugs legal and illegal, alcohol etc. and came up with 130% of the population, so some are double dipping. This does not include addictions to electronics, porn, and for some even addiction to bad news, etc.

    My conclusion is that if you are not using chemicals of some kind to cope with the USA culture, you simply do not understanding what is going on in your own country.

    And keep in mind, when things get really difficult, they will come for whatever you have of value no matter where you are. Study up on Argentina, Bosnia and Venezuela if you find this hard to believe. If you live one tank of gas or less from any major urban center, be prepared for an influx of women and children fleeing those urban areas whenever any part of the infrastructure breaks down, water, sewer, electricity, food transport etc.

    • “For at least the last 5 years, I have considered all Americans to be mentally ill. They fall into two categories, those who do the crazy sh*t, and those who sit there while they do the crazy sh*t to them and around them. ”

      Unfortunately.. I think it is much simpler than that..
      the people are the guy working in the old coal mine.. he is swinging that pick all day long.. finally gets off work.. he is dirty tired and sweaty.. he gets home and just sits down to unwind..
      After NAFTA was put in place and mom had to go to work dad had to pick up the second part time job.. he is working on average sixty plus hours a week.. she is working forty..
      the Children are either in a daycare environment or watching tv or playing on the computer games.. there isn’t any adult supervision or presence at home anymore..
      People get off work.. they depend on the MSM to fill them in. they no longer sit down and read the evening paper or the morning paper they rush off so they listen to what they think is fact.

      • Yeah, I see the crazy, the crazy is all the freebie, go ahead and breed financial support given to everyone but American citizens. That’s surely what Ecuador Expat is talking about, how he is paid to reproduce in Ecuador, but here in the land of the free, we gotta pay to reproduce, for ourselves, and for the others, problem is, the others don’t have to work 2 jobs as they get paid to reproduce and stay home. Sad American citizens and whitie middle class, you’ve been spoofed….free daycare for their kids, but not for you; free college education for their kids, but not for you; free food, housing, and healthcare for all of them, but not for you. Haven’t we read all about how tough it is for American citizens out there, LOOB, you are just one example. High priced unavailable healthcare, poor low paying jobs, aren’t eligible for food stamps, housing, yep, you are the Poster Family for what is happening to the American citizen. Meantime in my town, the only women off during the day are the ones that are getting paid to breed. They dress nice, and so do the kids, and they all look happy as crap. When you see them in the grocery stores with their food stamp cards, their husbands are always behind them with the steak and beers and pay cash after she passes through with her freebie loot. Chuckie and Nazipelosi are right on board with letting em come, massive amounts of em. To hell with the citizens, steam roll ahead….

      • “the others don’t have to work 2 jobs as they get paid to reproduce and stay home”.

        Hate…. I think that is a myth created to bamboozle people into hating people that have low paying positions or unable to find work…. you always hear about the lady that isn’t working on welfare and the bank giving her a quarter million dollars for a home driving a new car and doing drugs partying up like crazy with no income except for her hundred thousand dollars in welfare..this was so prevalent that they actually drug tested anyone getting assistance. I think they found one.. see they forgot.. you have to have money to do that LOL..
        That situation does not exist at least around here.. (although I was surprised to discover that food stamps are distributed out in the bay area with incomes almost two hundred grand a year because poverty level is so high)
        around this part of the country.. a living is at 760.00 a month gross for two if you make that much or above then you cannot receive any assistance.. if you make below that then you can get fs up to that level. but 760.00 is considered a living wage..I found that out by accident because I believed the myth as well..until we had to go a year without an income and went in to see if we could get some assistance.. come to find out we owned our own home and had a car that was newer than ten years… if you get housing assistance then they deduct.. if you have a car ten years or newer you can sell your car even if the bank owns it and live on what you get from it.. the same thing with a home. your property is considered capital..
        daycare assistance.. well from what I understand the base will increase to just shy a thousand dollars a month income for two this year..
        there are thousands of stories.. but maybe some are true… one of the owners of a company we depended on for an income did get a two billion dollar loan .. no credit but bad credit.. and a poor history of repaying debts.. so maybe in your neck of the woods you don’t have to have collateral or a credit history to get loans and the banker stands on the corner handing out cash to people without jobs.. just not around this part of the country. Around here you have to fill out an application for a loan and prove to them you can repay it.. welfare is not considered a job..They also make positive certain you know well in advance what a piece of work you are to ask for the assistance to..even though their very jobs depend on those in need.
        I sacrificed family friends and the people from my church just so I wouldn’t have to ask for any of the benefits.. worked up to 6 jobs in the eighties.. ( wife says I worked eight but I think she was counting day labor)

  13. Think of it this way from an old farm boy.

    There is a dead cow laying there, swelling with gas and about to explode. Where do you want to be standing when it happens? Close enough to get splattered, far enough to just catch the smell, or far enough away that you can watch it on Youtube later? Or not.

    Now imagine a whole herd has been struck by lightning. You going to walk out amongst that to make sure you know what happened?

    Just somebody staying out of that pasture.

  14. I think it was in 2007, Glenn Beck advised his listeners to always roll video, from long before the start of an event to long after its end, because the Left would do so, then chop their vids to support their narrative, and it would be necessary for someone to be able to supply an unedited and complete video of the proceedings, to countermand the narrative and show the truth. ‘Never been to a political event, never plan on going. Nor do I plan on ever being where communist or anarchist agents are working the streets. That said, the nuance was not lost on me, when I noticed, nearly 10 years ago, that dashcams and cabcams (with audio and SD or live uplink) were an extremely popular purchase by people who lived in communist and socialist (or similarly oppressed) countries (The best shots of that Russian meteorite were provided by private dashcams.) Americans didn’t begin to discover these cameras until about 2015, and few here, other than nerd kids, have them today…

  15. George – it’s good to know that you have no problem with a mob of high school students mocking someone else’s culture. I saw the videos of the punks doing tomahawk chops and a mocking chant like it was a Redskins game. I’d teach my kids to be better than that. That doesn’t relieve other actors of blame. But the kids are not the victims. Their teachers and adult chaperones failed them. Jeesh. Now I know why I don’t visit your site any longer. You’ve dug into your partisan, cultural foxhole. Not a good survival strategy btw.

    • wavecrave, you are out of line and totally uninformed…there are enough videos out there now to see who messed with whom. The kid showed MORE self-control than the instigator in chief… he actually showed tolerance, the nice lefty term, he also showed compassion, and patience, and self-control and he let the instigator in chief touch him and get right up to his chin, and still he did not incite violence. That act wouldn’t have lasted 5 seconds with ANY one else on this planet, leftie especially. Lefties don’t even like one to act human OR normal. I am going to make it a point to go outside in my Obama T-shirt and my Trump MAGA hat just to demonstrate the BS in your face, straight whitie hate and religion going on.

  16. It’s time to drag the elite through the city streets by their balls I mean they have the audacity to rob the public of beans and trillions of dollars but the say you rob them of $100 * 3 + urine present for the rest of your life well I think it’s time to take all those bankers and drag them through the streets and let everybody get all their anxieties out at the same time redistributing the wealth to the people not the people and not to the people who have ripped us off

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