Time to Play Inflation Roulette! (+ Time Traveler Notes)

Are you ready to play “Wheel of Bankruptcy?” Well, come on down!!!

You may recall in our last spin of the wheel, Gentle Jerry and the Bankster Team won a Bonus Round of Higher for Longer.  Today, on our show, we’re going to see where the wheel comes to rest.

Ready?  And S P I N!!!!!

“The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.3 percent in December on a seasonally adjusted basis, after rising 0.1 percent in November, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 3.4 percent before seasonal adjustment.

The index for shelter continued to rise in December, contributing over half of the monthly all items increase. The energy index rose 0.4 percent over the month as increases in the electricity index and the gasoline index more than offset a decrease in the natural gas index. The food index increased 0.2 percent in December, as it did in November. The index for food at home increased 0.1 percent over the month and the index for food away from home rose 0.3 percent.

The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.3 percent in December, the same monthly increase as in November. Indexes which increased in December include shelter, motor vehicle insurance, and medical care. The index for household furnishings and operations and the index for personal care were among those that decreased over the month.

For those in our home audience, we’ll take a few minutes now to sort out which way the Market will react.  Because while the GJ&B’s were talking about up to four cuts of interest rates this year, our camera crews edited out them saying “up to.”

Now, let’s go on and look behind Curtain #2 – the New Unemployment Filings!

Now let’s see how the Blue states and Red states did, shall we?

Come on back tomorrow, y’hear?  We’ll have another round of Americ an Bankruptcy Roulette then! (sheesh)

Extreme Weather Watch

Back of the envelope number to keep in mind in the coming week: One inch of rain can be as much as 13-inches of “typical” snow.  This as storm Finn wanders about.  Here in East Texas, forecast high today is 70F but the lows coming Monday are now down to 10F.

We’re thinking the last of the greenhouse Beefsteak tomatoes will be harvested Sunday morning before temps collapse.

At Least 6 Dead After Winter Storm Finn Slams Midwest, East Coast. Where are the climate hysterics?

Headlines in Review

Boeing isn’t the only one with “issues” keeping metal in the sky:  United Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Florida after ‘open door light turns on’. Airbus 319.

Gee, will he do a selfie of this one? Hunter Biden to be arraigned in tax evasion case (scrippsnews.com). This as House GOP advances Hunter Biden contempt resolution after fiery hearing.

Hunter’s not the only one who is expert in screwologyWH Backs Seizing $300B in Russian Assets to Rebuild Ukraine. It’s the war that keeps on costing… Pay attention to the big Bloomberg Reveal: The Secret December 16 Meeting on Ukraine – The West Begs Russia for Peace Talks.

Also at the courts: Former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York heads to closing arguments, days before vote in Iowa.

Wait there were FIVE?  Five takeaways from the DeSantis-Haley debate in Iowa.. Studying the back of my eyelids seemed a lot more worthwhile.

The Israeli take-back of Gaza continues unimpeded. Because the US is not a signatory to the International Court of Justice. Still Israel is committing genocide in Gaza, South Africa tells world court, as landmark case begins.  Trust us when we say the two-state solution is toast.  Speaking of which, a sad bit of Truth Leak in Time‘s Gaza and the End of Western Fantasy:

“No one could accuse the U.S. of double standards. What it is vulnerable to is the accusation that it no longer has any standards at all.”

…well, unless the money is right….

Still, there is hope. We’re starting to like New York congresswoman Elise Stefanik who writes in today’s NY Post: Penn, Harvard firings just the start — House will expose ALL the higher-ed rot. It’s too early to get our hopes up that Woke Bullshit is on the ropes…but the end of corporate ransom under the guise of DEI nonsense would be welcome.

The problem, though, circles back to growth.  America needs reinventing not just another layer of race-baiting and gender-marketing smeared on an unresponsive system and pretending it all works.

We hold certain truths to be self-evident. Everyone is created equal. Not ‘some more equal than others’.

ATR: From the Time Traveler’s Notebook

I wanted to share a Wednesday morning, in the shower, thinking in a sea of negative ions (which are released by falling water, which is why some people love rain, the ocean, waterfalls, and such as all laid out long ago (1980) in the book The Ion Effect).

I realized “Elaine and I are time travelers.

We arrived on this-here planet long ago (>70 years, in fact).  When we got here:

  • The only walkie-talkies were the Dick Tracy comic strip wrist radios.
  • There was no microwave to warm up things in a few seconds.
  • Television was just being born.
  • There was no computers.
  • There were no catalytic converter.
  • Power windows were almost unheard of.
  • Companies like Starbucks, McDonalds, Amazon…nope.
  • In fact the Sears Will Call window to pick up catalog order at the Utah Average Main Store in Seattle (an escalator ride up next to the candy counter) was a 2-mile walk (each way) that Pappy took us on.
  • The sugar wafers from the candy counter powered the walk home.

Then we got in multiple time machines. My parents owned the first few:

  • My first one was a 1949 Chevy four-door that Pappy and his brother ground the valves on in the front yard.
  • The second time machine was a 1959 Ford four-door with a car-top boat for fishing.
  • A 1968 Volkswagen square back with fuel injection followed.
  • But my first time machine was a Ford Falcon Futura.

By the way, when was the last time you saw a Time Machine with a fishing boat on top of it, huh?

I won’t bore you with all the details of the rides, but the last “time machine” I got out of was a 2001 Dodge pickup truck.  And I found myself here – far from the detestable collapsing Big Cities. Where crooks in office blame the crooks in the street and everyone is working an angle on everyone else.

Sometimes, the time-travel experience isn’t in a car. It can be in a boat.  You can get in one boat like this during your first jumps:

Then a few “time jumps” later be piloting a more modern boat!

Isn’t time travel grand???

But these time jumps – to whatever planet this is now – is definitely a different place.

  • The “wrist radio” of the comic strips now takes pictures, checks your fingerprints, plays movies, controls drones, does your banks, connects to social media, and a whole lot more.
  • Two buttons make my morning tea in 2-minutes and 30-seconds. Microwave, they call it.
  • Television at home has more field of vision than even front-row seats in the movie theaters.  The Saturday Serials are now all binge-watched to save time.
  • Computers are inside everything – even people. Starbucks, Amazon, McDonalds – they seem to be on every corner on this planet.

But a funny thing is happening to the time machines.  Government is trying to make them electric to control where they go. Odd, really.

Two days ago, Elaine and I used to get almost depressed about Aging.  Today, realizing we are Time Travelers on a strange planet and certainly not the one we first landed on, it’s somehow better.

So, take heart.  You are not aging.  You’re time traveling.  When your kids tell you “You’ve flipped out, Dad” tell them to piss off.  They’re jumping too. They just haven’t realized it yet…

Not sure how future episodes work. But when we run out of “jumps to make” then we will simply “jump off” with this round of “Slow spirit’s intro to time travel” complete and signed off in Spirit School.

Better Living Notes

My pal the Major mentioned Elaine and I might want to try HMB to ease some of the sickness (aches, pains, declining agility) that comes with aging too many time jumps.  I looked around and sure enough, there are several articles, like this one Alzheimer’s: Bodybuilding supplement may improve memory (medicalnewstoday.com) which I missed between jumps previously. The underlying study is here; Effects of hydroxy-methylbutyrate (HMB) supplementation on biomarkers for cognitive function and electrophysiological processes in aging – ScienceDirect.

While I was researching this, I was struck by how “crookedness” has crept into the marketing of supplements online.

See, it used to be that if you bought a supplement (like this HMB product on the Zon) that if the bottle said “1,000 MG” that would be a good dose.  However, now when you zoom in, you’ll find that’s a SERVING.

And a serving is 2-of these HMB capsules.  So, you might want to do an additional round of research because the trend is clear: Taking more pills for the same amount that used to be in single capsules.

It seems to be the American Way, here lately.  Run of out legit growth and slide into marketing scams… We’ll be seeing more like this, as lying about growth continues to become a problem as world population levels and then declines.  Because the whole mythos of stock markets soaring and such is based on the Constant Growth Lie.

Coming to a planet near you.

Hat Tip to Sherwin Williams

I finished my sheetrock artistry in our home recording studio Wednesday. But when I went to the paint storage aisle in the way-overstocked shop, we found the old gallon of Valspar Fire On the Mountain orange had turned into a brick since it was last tapped in 2018.  Freezing winters will do that.

Turns out, S/W – has the Valspar color in their matching system so I will pick up a quart to touch up a few places later on today. I would have gone with Valspar, but I couldn’t find a factory stock of it online.

Point is? Sherwin Williams can match and they don’t charge (another marketing scam_) a “small batch charge” to mix it.  I like that.  Honest paint store. Not sure if you can find them in Big Cities Nearing Collapse, or not. That’s your call. We try to keep money in town.

Shopping Tip

Local Wal-Mart has some prime rib roasts in stock again.  We buy them when they come up.  They were going for $10.97 a pound.  So, when we get them, a few will be cut-down into rib steaks.  A LOT less fat than the consumer trays of “rib steaks.”  We’re willing to work a bit for a better steak…

Write when one of us gets rich,

George@Ure.net   (now, must jump…)

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67 thoughts on “Time to Play Inflation Roulette! (+ Time Traveler Notes)”

  1. “The index for food at home increased 0.1 percent over the month and the index for food away from home rose 0.3 percent”

    an interesting note on cost of food while out and about..Last week a cheese burger at one place is three dollars and change.. a two cheeseburger and fries with soda just about seventeen dollars.. three years ago it was four to five dollars the cost had gone up that much since slow Joe got into office….
    Yesterday I was at an appointment.. and on my way home.. drove by a fast food change.. huge lettering on a sign.. two cheeburger meal with fries and pop.. five dollars and ninety nine cents.. almost back to pre Joe prices..
    So .. why the huge difference.. my guess is.. no one is eating out..
    ON THE BORDER.. what changed from it was the republicans fault that we don’t have a secure border to its now their fault that we don’t allow refugees to enter .. wheres our humanity.. As he said in 2007…what made him change or was it a numbers thing again..It sure appears as if he is stuck on numbers..

    (In 2007, Senator Joe Biden declared that no great nation has uncontrolled borders, warning that America must build a border fence and increase border agents to secure the nation against drugs, terror, and illegal immigration.

    Biden accused wealthy Republicans of wanting to increase illegal immigration to replace American workers with cheaper labor.

    “The reason the employers want this extra influx is it drives cost down… Employers have to be held responsible for the unscrupulous practice of bringing people here in order to keep wages down.”

    “That’s not fair to Americans. You have to hold employers responsible for hiring Americans First.”

    Criticizing President Bush, Biden lamented the lack of border agents, the absence of a border fence, and the free flow of drugs into the country.

    “I’ve been arguing for the need to put more protection at our borders, meaning you have more border guards.”

    “You have to have a significant increase of security at the border, including limited elements where you actually have a fence.”

    “People can go over and under a fence, but you can’t take 100 kilos of cocaine over and under a fence.”

    Fast forward to President Biden’s term, and a record-breaking 8 million people have illegally entered the country in 3 years, with a fentanyl crisis leading to over 106,000 Americans overdosing on drugs last year.

    On Biden’s inaugural day, he introduced policies that incentivize illegal immigration:

    • Paused Deportations
    • Suspended “Remain in Mexico”
    • Stopped Border Wall Construction

    The consequences are dire – a national security crisis draining American taxpayers of hundreds of billions annually, leading major cities to slash budgets for essential services such as fire, police, sanitation, and education.

    As Senator Biden once warned, “No great nation can be in a position where they can’t control their borders.”

    “It matters how you control your borders. Not just for immigration, but it matters for drugs, terror, and a whole range of other things.”)

      • Not around here.. my grand daughter was making fifteen dollars an hour at one of the fast food places.. but.. they only worked her for three or four hours a week.. the same with the only store here.. they pay eleven dollars an hour.. but limit hours worked ..
        the old grocery store owner here.. was going to take on that store.. the cost at that time was eight grand a month rent of the building.. then the supplies.. staff electricity and water etc.. it has seven or eight coolers.. lights on twenty four seven.. and a security system.. so even with high efficiency appliances.. your looking at two or three grand a month just for the electricity.. then the hourly wages.. manager gets fifteen and assistant manager gets thirteen and a half.. there are six employees sixteen hours a day seven days a week..One manager and one assistant and one checker.. they have to sell a ton of milk a week to make those wages..
        to clear expenses.. a good estimate would be thirty grand a week just to keep the doors open.. in a community our size that is a lot.. NOW.. the guy that I heard that did take the facility .. took on 26 stores is a big time lawyer that was looking for a way to lose money on his taxes.. so.. if product lets say peas.. they sell two cans.. then the store two sold two cans.. etc.. that when they get to twelve cans they order how many they need then they split the product between the twenty six stores..
        I have a ten dollar bet that it won’t close for fifteen years.. the grocer bet ten.. so far they are at five.. have a very difficult time keeping help.. because they limit hours that they work per shift.. you don’t spend twenty dollars in travel expenses to make twenty five in wages..

        • You describe barriers to entry. Ultimately if the community cannot support the wages of the store staff the town might be dying. ???

          G the host had a doc ‘how to start a home improvement company’ floating around here.

          Anecdotally I know this lady who has an ex husband who does home improvement and she indicated he was looking for work so I spoke to him and agreed to assist for a fee.

          Together we went to a job quote he found so I could observe roles. (This ex husband has bad customer service skills and that’s why he isn’t getting more than a hobby level volume of work.)

          Long story short I ran a $5.00 CL ad & a homeowner needing improvements found the ad and by using texts a deal was setup. Ex husband and I went onsite and together we sold the job for improvements. Win/win in the end.

          Using G’s doc as a rough guide the barrier to entry repackaging other people’s labor was $5.00 for the ad and knowing labor.

          All that to say perhaps you could assist your GD with opening a HI company.

          Think of the old Sears model of charging 3x market rate repackaging 100% contractor labor, but offering a huge warranty.

          One way to beat the competition on cost and perhaps make the model work is using lower cost immigrant labor and Google translate to communicate with this team of immigrants.

        • OoWS… like most small communities it is dying….when we moved here there was what 40 businesses.. all thriving kids everywhere.. now there’s two businesses that has customer flow. the town fathers were happy and didn’t want change. they loved the size perfect small town.
          like all small all small communities there is the level of power and influence.. the power structure that they didn’t want to see change… sadly similar to the dual standards of law and the present administration. that views itself as all supreme and untouchable..its the same thing.. you need to change a baby’s diaper when its soiled the community leaders felt untouchable and no one changed the diapers..They wanted to keep it that way. they refused to accept change..
          you have to have flow.
          its the same with the united states.. industry and flow kept the communities alive. industry was outsourced to lower product prices ..promotion of higher wages for the executives reduce the wages of the support staff.. to keep budget the only option to maintain that level you cut base so that the ones at the top can rocket to the top.
          the ones in control don’t usually recognize this until the base is cut to far and then they become vulnerable. take a look at the companies that maintained the satisfaction and well being of the base. took a lower wage to keep the base ecure. those companies or communities have very low changes in personnel.
          just like the hospital that kept the million dollar wages of the executives by cutting base services.. today there’s face prints everywhere of me thirty years old.
          small communities do the same..Eve tally out of sheer necessity the community dies a new power structure emerges and new residents see the possible reconstruction. we went from forty to two.. homes dropped in prices to entice people living in areas where costs are higher..it will rebuild then play out exactly the same way in the future.
          I told all my kids if there’s more than a 25% change in staff.. then visit the break room or stop off at the spot where company employees congregate.. ten minutes will tell you what the company is like..the same with a town..
          history repeats itself and there’s millions of small communities and businesses they all die the same way..they work hard to build it then toss everything to the top. without base the tower falls over..
          A young woman years ago went to walmart..got a job the boss ragged on her ass daily..one early morning she was stocking shelves and just got her daily ass chewing and she started to cry..the little old man working with her asked what’s wrong.. she told him and the little old man said oh hunny that man isn’t Wal-Mart quality..he was Sam Walton he took care of the issue and she just retired..
          the kids don’t see that..this town will die people will move in because housing will be a bargain ..they will rebuild..its a nice community. then they to will feel all important and it will die again. you need industry and promote for a younger age..
          companies and communities that don’t take care of employees needs and community residents needs will die.one look at any industrial city is proof enough.

    • I always laugh at the Burger King national ads that proclaim those ‘two-fer’ deals at a cheap price…. nowhere to be found in the isands here. They are always 2 or 3 dollars higher than the nationally advertised ‘deal’.

        • Never seen one. Lots of local legends, though. The Hawaiian spirits are to be respected, though. I took a ‘ghost tour’ on Oahu once where we night-toured old battleground areas where many had died. Just the stories were creepy as hell… and then you realize this all happened where you are standing in the jungle!

        • Now… I don’t have my loop or the original film in front of me…but from what I seen.. that appears to be an edited film.. I know its been over forty years since I did that kind of work.. but if it appears that way at a glance then it was even a poor edited version..

        • “Never seen one. Lots of local legends, though. The Hawaiian spirits are to be respected,”

          I could tell you stories of hospital halls.. seen some strange stuff heard more than I seen.. I totally believe that spirits stick around.. total believer..
          a neighbors house.. his wife had MS.. when I was relearning how to walk.. she was trying to keep walking.. we both kept an eye on each other.. anyway she had gotten told by the insurance company that they wouldn’t pay for her treatments and medications.. the hospital wanted something like a quarter mil deposit before they would begin.. she was devistated.. they took off for a weekend to relax and when they got home.. she had had a wonderful weekend her spirits was up but she was tired.. so my daughter needed to show me something and came and picked me up…. while I was away.. she had decided it was to much.. not sure if the hospital was haggling her over money or what.. but she decided it was to much and she left.. it devastated her husband.. to change things he had new windows put in and new flooring trying to change the look of the house.. even though all these changes were done.. on a foggy day.. her face print shows up in the window.. they are all new windows.. the kids that live there now.. the little ones swear there is a ghost in the house.. they sleep in that room where she left.. I have wanted to go in and take a tape recorder just to see.. but I won’t tell them that is what I would like to do.. see if she is still in the house.. spirit wise.. I don’t tell them about the face print either.. and I know the windows were all new and have been washed many many times in the last twenty years..
          I blamed myself for not checking on her.. maybe she would still be around..

  2. “Shopping Tip
    Local Wal-Mart has some prime rib roasts in stock again. We buy them when they come up. They were going for $10.97 ”

    Last year.. our cost per pound was 2.34… roasts steaks and burger.. all the same price per pound..
    this year it went up.. 2.67 per pound.. but then I have to buy a whole cow to get that price and that is with processing.. I can’t raise the cow.. just like the veterinarian said to me.. if you tried to raise your own it would die of old age.. ( she thought she was being funny.. LOL I kind of did cause its true.. )
    Well my other grandson went hunting with his dad.. and he got his first seer.. he confessed to me.. I didn’t feel right shooting it.. .. I don’t think he will go hunting again.. he didn’t get any enjoyment out of that..

    • Two Christmases ago, I gave to each of my two grandchildren (via marriage to my now-missing beloved Eda) four books.

      In no special order:
      ” 1984″
      “Fahrenheit 451”
      “Brave New World”
      “Animal Farm”

      After a few months, I gently inquired of their mother (Eda’s daughter) if they had enjoyed them. She is a grantwriter for a college in Lynchburg, Virginia. She said, no; not only had they not read them, she had “picked them up and safely put them away” as they were “too advanced and too negative” for them to read.

      I forget her exact words now, but she made it clear I was not to reprise this kind of inflammatory political gift in the future.

      The grandson in now in his senior High School year, and the granddaughter is a sophomore at Carnegie-Mellon University, studying Theatre Arts. Neither one is currenty taking English or English Lit. (or is expected or planned to do so.)

      I cannot express how sad and futile this made me feel.
      They are not stupid kids. Just under-educated. (In my view.)

      • Funny isn’t it William. When I was in high school 65 years ago, all 4 of those books were on our required reading and study list. Maybe that’s why old coots like us can see the future we were warned about and are now living.

        I am not sure if it is under education or deliberate mis-education. When the SHTF, will it really matter that we understand why?

        Hope you are doing ok.

        • Ditto.

          There were 1605 books which were “recommended to have been read” when I filled out my college entrance forms. All four of those, and a bunch of other books [that’re] now considered “dystopian” were on the list. The four you listed were not only required in school, we spent several days discussing each, and were then tested on them. I believe Animal Farm was required 8th Grade reading and there was no “AP” or “college prep” section — everybody had the same curriculum. The others would’ve been 9th, 10th, and 11th, because Grapes of Wrath was my Senior year…

      • The Public Are Products of the – ‘Dumbed Down Educational System’ – ‘Fallin Away Church’ – ‘Boob Tube
        TV Programming’.

        Hard to Break Out of Decades of Programming – Most Do Not Want To.!

  3. “Gee, will he do a selfie of this one? Hunter Biden to be arraigned in tax evasion case (scrippsnews.com). This as House GOP advances Hunter Biden contempt resolution after fiery hearing.
    Hunter’s not the only one who is expert in screwology: WH Backs Seizing $300B in Russian Assets to Rebuild Ukraine. It’s the war that keeps on costing… Pay attention to the big Bloomberg Reveal: The Secret December 16 Meeting on Ukraine – The West Begs Russia for Peace Talks.”

    I believe he will do a selfie on this..Notice how they want it in the public arena.. yet when green brought up evidence of his alleged corrupt activities.. they opposed because it wasn’t something that should be shown in public because it was to offensive… the same thing.. they didn’t arrest him at congressional hearing.. he walked out.. but if it had been anyone else.. they would have been arrested on the spot.. the head of the DOJ and FBI will be the first ones to say. they won’t.. even talk about it.. it isn’t up to them..
    the whole thing is a horse and pony show.. the showing up in congress was a political ploy and I believe a symbol to rub it in that the double standards of law don’t apply to him and nothing will be done . I know someone that is in prison now.. she was human trafficked and refused to give testimony because she feared for her and her families lives.. so she will do thirty years for it.. the even sadder part of this is once she is out.. she won’t be able to find a job.. because of it.. the victim on all accounts..

      • LOL LOL since he gets it from foreign countries.. my guess is it is really good.. LOL LOL LOL .. what gets me.. is did they give him such good crap that it rots the brain… Since it totally appears as if there was some coercion to get what they wanted.. what kind of crap would you make sure he got to smoke… the same way with sex and the alleged perverse family activities..

        what would you do if you were an foreign country being threatened to do what you want.. and you knew their lifestyle..

        (“”And, Z, if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang, or the chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction,” the message continued. “I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.”)


    • “The West Begs Russia for Peace Talks.”

      Lessee, they announce they’re going to fast-track Ukraine into the EU and NATO, which means parking nukes eight minutes from Moscow. Then after they hatch this plan they want the peace talks both Putin and Zelensky were willing to participate in, two weeks after the fighting started, to now occur…?

      What was it someone said when our Houseplant Administration announced the “fast-track” thing?

      Oh yeah: This guarantees that Russia will conquer and assimilate Ukraine, because Biden, Nuland, et.al. have left Putin no choice…

      Hunter showed up at his contempt hearing for a photo-op because he’s writing a book to explain how he’s being maligned and persecuted because of his father.

      Notice he left when MTG took the mic?

  4. Unemployment “Blue states and Red states”

    The way I see it America has a lot of Snowbirds & pension retirees moving from Blue states/cities to the Red states/cities and this causes the increase in new Red state jobs. The reported new jobs aren’t really new jobs but mostly existing jobs transferring from Blue to Red within the basket of states called U.S.A. Just add it up from the graphic above.

    States with an increase > 1000 total = +18,901.
    States with a decrease < 1000 total = -18,835.

    Technically there are some new jobs, +66. The space pads or elder care as example but no new industry like automotive in post-WW2 Detroit or the post-Cold War Silicon Valley revolution.

    And the space jobs may be offset by lost auto jobs while the increase in elder care jobs are offset by a loss of pediatrician jobs.

    If there is a CW2 and .gov dole gets cancelled so will Red state growth.

    • (“America has a lot of Snowbirds & pension retirees moving”)

      Around here.. the snowbirds head south.. but not for what you are thinking.. they move there because of the area.. it is close to mexico where they can buy their whole years worth of medications and what they save on it is enough to pay for the trip and lodging..
      One year they wanted to do a surgery on me.. the surgery was expensive.. the insurance company was sending out brochures.. to other countries.. like India.. or Taiwan Canada.. etc.. and was willing to pay for the whole trip .. because the cost was more affordable to go to a high end doctor and clinic than it was to go to the USA hospitals..
      One shot in Canada that costs thirty dollars is ten grand here.. one of my medications was over two thousand percent more at the local pharmacy than it was to buy it in Canada and that was with communication and a doctors fee and shipping included…..When they still allowed canadian pharmacies here.. the daughter needed an antibiotic.. she made around five dollars an hour.. the medication was over three hundred dollars.. the canadian pharmacy just gave her the medication.. the cost difference was that much..
      a few years ago.. there was a question why one medication in the us was so high but it only cost a dollar …
      One of my doctors was from India.. she would go home and get a bunch of birth control things.. to hand out to her patients here.. the reason they were less than a dollar there and over a hundred dollars here..
      I would love to move to texas.. ( if I could get use to that heat there) because of taxes.. I pay what G pays in taxes a year in a month.. cost of living.. and close to mexico..
      Here you die poor the hospitals and doctors get it all.. they buy million dollar homes to entice doctors to move here.. ( my guess is for a write off on taxes.. most big companies do that.. your home etc is all tied into the company then the company can write it off as a loss)
      and cut housekeeping staff to maintain that wage structure..
      A friend of mine and old coworker was the father inlaw of a heart surgeon.. he and I were having coffee.. and he said dam kids are nuts.. why.. well they bought him a mansion.. gave him five million to move here.. and guaranteed him a half million a year.. and he couldn’t live on it.. so he had to work eighteen hours a day doing cabbages to maintain their lifestyle.. he had the highest infection rate to.. every one had infection issues.. always check their stats.. always.. the one surgeon I would beg to do mine.. doesn’t have any infection rates.. really nice guy in real life to.. the same with one opthamologist.. had my grand daughter and we ran into him at target.. ( I took care of his mom to.. nice lady) and he stopped and pretty soon he was looking in her eyes.. I said.. what do you see something.. he said yes.. but she is ok.. she was a baby then and I was carrying her.. just like that in the target store he did a quick exam.. he was in it for the medicine not the money..that is the difference.. dedication to the work.. that is why I got into working in healthcare.. I found myself and what I valued in taking care of others at their weakest point in life..

  5. Ure clowns better get ready for bankruptcy..says hear Ure usd/$ is WORTHLESS. What does that mean oh wise & wonderful BCN ?

    Well my dearz, you already fear Ure god/dude, so Youse are forfiet, useless human resources afraid of Ure own shadows, from Jump .

    The genius gods of the bible, koran, talmud need/require Ure $money and or Blood.

    Yeah “drink this” cannibal sheep, its his body and blood – YUM!

    Zero/ZIP/Nadda PROOF of Anything – No energy, no power – Just PEDOPHILIA and FEAR. All Satanic Cults of El ohim worship and Pedophilia.

    ? Now that youse have received Ure clot shotz, and Ure DNA altered/changed/added to, WHO do You think OWNS the Patent on those “newly” inserted Genes ?

    Do you have understanding current Genetics and applicable LAW?
    ..Monsanto GMO seeds over seeding neighboring Farm(wind) – Guess who the courts says Owns the overseeded GMO Crops ???

    Again, who owns Patent on MRNA gene therapies ?

    Capitalism RULES the Galaxy, perhaps the really smart amongst you(back of room space cases) will get a piece of a Bitcoin ETF – Ure Government APPROVED Bitcoin ETF (11)..or NOT. Bwahahahahahah

    * Good Luck with WW3 – nutinyahho and blinken (duel cit-israhell 1st) be running the US Military now. They will attack Russia again and again – You can take that to the Bank..if Ure Bank is still “floating.

    • Capitalism, or Mercantilism(Crony “Capitalism”)?

      The Monsanto decisions could never happen in an honest court. The same is true for much more in our “Modern Times”. Sad, but true.

    • “Do you have understanding current Genetics and applicable LAW?
      ..Monsanto GMO seeds over seeding neighboring Farm(wind) – Guess who the courts says Owns the overseeded GMO Crops ???”

      there was a farmer a few years ago that never used GMO seeds.. and the nearest crop was over a mile away.. the birds and wind brought the GMO genetics to his fields.. and they almost owned his farm..


    • BCN: “perhaps the really smart amongst you(back of room space cases) will get a piece of a Bitcoin ETF”

      Huh? Buy a derivative contract on a virtual store of wealth? I’d rather buy old comic books. At least I could read them before using to light kindling for a fire.

      The BTC zealots brought forward demand in ETF hype and are now deflated there was no crush of buying yesterday. Chuckle, and the kewl kids are piling into ETH waiting for their ETF.

      Nope. I’ll hang onto both ounces of silver and giggle at the pretend money, store of value turned speculative mania. And … wait for the muzak to stop. Got a chair?


      • “I’d rather buy old comic books. At least I could read them before using to light kindling for a fire.”

        LOL I sure do get that one..
        having some really hard times in my past.. I keep my pantry stocked.. learned how to make some things that everyone takes for granted everyone…. I am totally planning on making some cream cheese soon.. ( wife will shoot me.. I got a new cheese strainer LOL LOL LOL.. nice one to.. no weights needed.. it uses springs..and on black friday it was almost nothing at all )
        historically gold was worthless during depressions and droughts.. food maintains its value.. you look back and that was how currencies became currencies for a symbol for a unit of measure..
        Now as long as money is seen as value.. it will be value.. ghost coins.. are just that.. you don’t even carry them.. A hard grid down and its gone.. in a drought and your dying of thirst have to walk a hundred miles to get good water.. and someone walks up to you and says.. you have a choice.. a tanker of water and a truckload of food.. or this shiny metal..
        when the spaniards seen the gold trinkets on the aztecs.. they tortured the aztecs to get what they wanted that shiney metal.. when the aztecs valued corn. eventually the aztecs rebelled and made them drink what they valued.. in california.. a steak meal a bath and getting laid was ten ounces of gold.. a glass of water was three ounces.. it all depends on what you value..
        I can’t eat gold.. even if you have gold you have to know someone that collects it.. and if they are hungry.. well coffee always sold an ounce for an ounce..the term worth your weight in gold..

  6. Interesting photos George, I really like that old Ford. Never got to drive it but my wannabe first was my grandfather’s 48 Hudson Hornet. I settled for a wrecked 52 ford custom convertible then a 59 Buick Electra 225. Every kid should get to wrench on old cars.
    Stay safe. 73.

    • I first learned to drive on a ’59 Ford! It handled like a boat, but I learned to float it through traffic. When I actually had to take my road test(in the snow), I did it with an old Peugeot 403 with a four speed off the wheel. I didn’t dare stall it because it wouldn’t easily restart! Interesting memories.

      I’ll second Jim’s thoughts regarding wrenching on old cars. I’m still doing that and it’s saved an absolute fortune. Those who pay for work on their cars are paying with after-tax dollars. If you DIY, the only real costs are time, parts and tools. Often it’s quicker to DIY than to handle the logistics of getting a car to and from a mechanic, and the time lost while it’s being fixed.

      • I am a relative youngster but almost a official government approved seasoned citizen. I dad taught me to drive in a 1929 ford Tudor sedan. Spark advance floor button starter. First try I got it up to 35mph and he said slow down. Heck I thought I was going slow. I loved driving that car. Had a very tight turning radius.
        Then he sold that for a 31 ford 4 door. He did the full resto an that. Fenders black and three different greens. With a apple green painted pin stripe. New Mohair. Gas tank was a real pain to fix. took three tries. Then we arrived a the final part. Four window frames. Despite the records at Ford ( and they had complete manufacture and ownership history) there was no record of the color of the window frames. Everything original. Each part repaired or restored. He did paint the a dark brown just so there was paint kinda to match the mohair. We even had a Chrysler engineer we was friends with the old guys at Ford and he sent out the question. Only answer we ever heard was they think they were all painted black. We tried black but didn’t look right. So car all restored did some shows and parades and the window frames sat on the back floorboard. I got to drive that one till it went into the shop. After only he drove it. Miss that old car. 3 on the floor or three on the tree. How to keep your new car from being stolen? Get one with a standard transmission.
        For you vegans out the Peanut butter is now certified vegan/vegetarian. Or here’s your sign!
        https://pjmedia.com/vodkapundit/2024/01/09/plant-based-peanut-butter-is-a-thing-and-i-cant-stop-laughing-n4925340. Rib eyes are vegetarian too! So are most/all Adult beverages!
        Please remove all liquids from keyboard area before reading, and swallow too.

  7. The Time Tunnel is an American color science fiction TV series written around a theme of time travel adventure starring James Darren and Robert Colbert. The show was creator-producer Irwin Allen’s third science-fiction television series and was released by 20th Century Fox Television and broadcast on ABC. The show ran for one season of 30 episodes from 1966 to 1967.


  8. I guess I wasn’t paying attention the last few decades as hearing a name for a winter storm is a first.
    Growing up, a winter storm was called just that, or a cold front, or weather system, maybe a weather event if it was expected to be severe.
    I rolled my eyes at ‘Polar Vortex’ for the blatant sensationalized marketing descriptor that it is but seeing a named winter weather system is new to me.
    So off to wikipedia….


    Short form: Yes, winter storms have had names; usually AFTER notable destruction and severity. Widely recognized as a weather marketing tool employed relatively recently. Many meteorologists agree naming winter storms is useless. The United States National Weather Service (NWS) has stated that they do not name winter storms.

    It seems giving a name to a regular seasonal weather pattern is becoming a normalized part of the climate revenue model.

    Hey! How about Heat Dome Ethel? Or Atmospheric River Stanley? Things with names, ergo identities, are easier to be afraid of right?

    I for one refuse to play that game and try to point it out when appropriate.

    Respect to you Mr. Ure
    Cheers from the PNW,

      • …Or Weather Underground, or Accuweather, both ALSO owned by IBM.

        Our current storm “might evolve into a bomb cyclone.”

        We have this discussion every year. I have followed “the weather” since 1965 and have been a kollige eddicatred storm-spotter with both basic and advanced certs from NOAA, since 2003. The terms which crop up in broadcasts nowadays are real meteorological terms but they’re both esoteric and specialized, and typically only used in short-term mesoscale discussions, or long-term forecasting exercises (depending.) Because of their specialized usage, they were never allowed outside the NOAA house until somebody at TWC discovered weather was boring, and they needed something to scare their viewership into keeping the channel on long enough for at least one cycle of commercials to assault their senses.

        Since that time, TWC has “introduced” a “new” term or concept, roughly every two years. “Bomb cyclone” is now two years old (in general usage) so expect another scary-sounding term or concept to hit heavy rotation along about April or May…

  9. Two Christmases ago, I gave to each of my two grandchildren (via marriage to my now-missing beloved Eda) four books.

    In no special order:
    ” 1984″
    “Fahrenheit 451”
    “Brave New World”
    “Animal Farm”

    After a few months, I gently inquired of their mother (Eda’s daughter) if they had enjoyed them. She is a grantwriter for a college in Lynchburg, Virginia. She said, no; not only had they not read them, she had “picked them up and safely put them away” as they were “too advanced and too negative” for them to read.

    I forget her exact words now, but she made it clear I was not to reprise this kind of inflammatory political gift in the future.

    The grandson in now in his senior High School year, and the granddaughter is a sophomore at Carnegie-Mellon University, studying Theatre Arts. Neither one is currenty taking English or English Lit. (or is expected or planned to do so.)

    I cannot express how sad and futile this made me feel.
    They are not stupid kids. Just under-educated. (In my view.)

  10. You and E need to start checking other groceries. I bought 3 standing rib roasts for $4/lb at HEB. Got 12 steaks out of EACH! Walmart does have competition.

    Hope everyone here has a better 2024!

    Looking at headlines today, there were 3 biggies involving aliens – so the MSM likely slow rolling Project Bluebeam?? Always interesting that todays poor rez cameras somehow are not used – just B&W, grainy cams built in the 1970’s ?? LOL

    I am cracking up at the Fani Willis shenanigans – hiring her lover as prosecutor and freeoading off of Fulton Co. taxpayers… more LOL…LOLOLOLOL

    The things now being exposed all around are really interesting – one might even surmise it is an apocalypse. Makes me really happy I have been prepared for so much for so long, because it’s like black swans are playing musical chairs in the air above the USA…

  11. Time?

    REVELATION 10:6 (KJ21)

    “And he swore by Him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven and the things that are therein, and the earth and the things that are therein, and the sea and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer.”

    • And then it goes on to say …

      Revelation 10:7-11
      New International Version
      “7 But in the days when the seventh angel is about to sound his trumpet, the mystery of God will be accomplished, just as he announced to his servants the prophets.”

      8 Then the voice that I had heard from heaven spoke to me once more: “Go, take the scroll that lies open in the hand of the angel who is standing on the sea and on the land.”

      9 So I went to the angel and asked him to give me the little scroll. He said to me, “Take it and eat it. It will turn your stomach sour, but ‘in your mouth it will be as sweet as honey.’[a]” 10 I took the little scroll from the angel’s hand and ate it. It tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it, my stomach turned sour. 11 Then I was told, “You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages and kings.”

      Seems to me, someone’s time is up but not everyone’s. Cuz it’s gonna take (more) time to go “prophesy again” about all that.

      This is a world without end. We gotta keep that in mind.

      • Aliens – el o him – annua – annunaki .

        Open Ure Eyes/Minds..adams, open Ure Eyes.

        Take a look Ecuador – hover boards, aliens/annunaki, “shot the hoverboard out from under em” , black jumpsuits impervious to bullets..neck area exposed.. these things are hunting Humans at night.

        Ask Ureselves – your “higher selves”..

        they are HERE, more and more to come..

        you did see WHAT was found under NYC in the hasidics underground torture rooms ? “chosen” by WHOM?

  12. I have to admit that I am a little surprised that they did approve the ETF’s. Guess I was looking at this in a completely different light.
    More than 10 years after the first filing, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission finally approved a spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund. In fact, the SEC approved 11 spot bitcoin ETFs, giving investors options right off the bat. Trading should start, Jan. 11.

  13. Yes, we are time travelers. Only trouble is… it’s a One-Way trip! There’s no ‘going back’. Only a rear-view mirror.

  14. The Japan stock market – Nikkei 225 – hit a 34 year high yesterday and is up another 1.7% today – levels not seen since the over-speculative markets of the 1990’s., just before their crash-n-burn. They seem to be betting on the Bank of Japan to change course from the decades of fighting the complete collapse of the economy. Will the BOJ oblige ?

  15. “When psychotic morons are in charge of a failing empire, what can you do?”
    .., and
    “What is a rational person to do for a survival strategy in a world gone mad?”

    It’s all a waiting game – I just can’t figure out what it is I am waiting for.
    .., but then – does it really matter? Whatever kicks this off., it all ends the same. The curtain drops and we all lose. All of us. Oh., you might actually survive – but the madness you will see and be living in will make you wonder why you even tried so hard to do so. However, can you just “give up” !?
    I have a pretty fertile imagination. It has helped me my entire life., seeing and imaging things that others can not. I can not imagine our world on fire. Tens of millions dying. Whole societies and cultures crumbling into a self-induce holocaust.
    That scenario., that “future-view” is very depressing. I do hope that Stu is wrong, but I fear that he is not. I guess our hope now lies in the possibility that Nostradamus got the ending all wrong.
    We could have been so much more…………….,
    Side note: 18 degrees and snowing – the Arctic Blast as arrived. Supposed to go to zero tonight., and won’t be over 18 degrees for the next four, or five days. Now.., where did I put my arctic survival mittens………….???

  16. Went to the grocery this evening. It wasn’t too bad, but you could tell from what people were buying that they were stocking for weather. Tomorrow and Saturday should be at panic levels.
    Gasoline cans are all but sold out, pretty much all over.
    As of yesterday, one could still get a Wen generator off the Zon, for delivery by Saturday.
    The chances for snow keep going up, and anticipated temperatures keep going down. It will be a chilly MLK sledding holiday in Texas, by the look of it.

  17. I was fly an Airbus from a small city back to Home Base. Approaching 10000 ft on climb out, the cargo door caution light illuminated. By the time I eased over in a fast climb, we had passed through 12000 ft. I elected to return to the departure airport.

    On inspection, the door handle would not properly recess into the door frame because of loose hardware. The maintenance regs would allow using High Speed Tape (600 mph tape) and a sign-off to fly up to 3 days for proper repairs to be made. I said No.

    They then said we will fly parts from a Hub and fix the door hardware. Okay… expect 3 hour delay. Parts missed the last flight… so please do a maintenance ferry flight, with no passengers. I said No.

    Flight canceled until next day. Deadhead on new plane.

    Wrote a required report… In the reply, I was blasted for returning to departure airport because if the airplane was still pressurized with a caution light on, it was okay to continue to destination. I disagreed and said No.

    Spoke with Pilot Safety committee, and they said No too.

    Kudos to the crews who handle the emergencies with calmness and judgement while adhering to all appropriate checklists.

    • Cap’n: I have been on a few bad flights out of hundreds. It happens. Someone misses a mtc. to-do or something was never built right and eventually fails.

      Worst was departing Providence, RI we left most of the right main gear on the tarmac. I was sitting in the exit aisle right over the gear which blew (including the tire).

      Cool as cucumber crew was clearly running their check list. We eventually went out over the Atlantic to dump fuel (that’s when my seat mate called his wife, as did I).

      Did a slow speed fly-by on outer runway at Logan with all the emergency gear rolled out, a hundred eyes staring through binos. Logan rollout ends in the drink. :0/

      Pilot did a near stall speed pounce on the runway and we all clenched butt cheeks hoping to stay dry. Think there was 100′ left when the jet ground to a halt.

      Hats off to the Delta crew. Total studs throughout.
      I got on another flight in 10-12 hours.
      What are the odds? good.

      BR, Egor

  18. December 23, 2023
    Something odd has been swirling around Ure’s environment for 21 hours now involving Poland.


    January 12, 2024
    Poland’s New Govt Pro-War & Pro-EU…

    “It’s a real crime what’s happening to the Polish people at the hands of what many see as traitors who are taking directives from foreign organizations that will take Poland into a disastrous war with Russia.”


    • There’s a reason Poland is one of the most-conquered nations in Ureup — maybe two, since they showed up in WW-I to fight the Germans with sabers and their best-in-the-world horse cavalry. Unfortunately for them, the Germans showed up in tanks and with machine guns.

  19. Dam its cold out there today… brrr…
    and a wind.. fifty below zero.. wind chill and it is suppose to get colder.. brrr…

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