PPI & Trade – Doing What Works – Cold

Since our focus is mainly economic – and trying to stay a step ahead of the woes-to-come – let’s kick off Friday the 12th with some Producer Prices hype, shall we?

“The Producer Price Index for final demand fell 0.1 percent in December, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices moved down 0.1 percent in November and 0.4 percent in October. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, the index for final demand rose 1.0 percent in 2023 after increasing 6.4 percent in 2022.

The December decrease in the index for final demand is attributable to a 0.4-percent drop in prices for final demand goods. The index for final demand services was unchanged.

After the numbers, the market was heading negative at the open. But don’t forget Options Hype is due next week, so nose plugs at the ready.  Earnings season looks not particularly good so far.

International Trade

Just out, also:

“The U.S. monthly international trade deficit decreased in November 2023 according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis and the U.S. Census Bureau. The deficit decreased from $64.5 billion in October (revised) to $63.2 billion in November, as imports decreased more than exports. The goods deficit decreased $0.6 billion in November to $89.4 billion. The services surplus increased $0.7 billion in November to $26.2 billion.”

This is one of those rare cases where a chart going down is good. Deficit means how much we’re having to make up to pay overseas bills.

Crypto Crazies

Not everyone has swallowed the Kool-Aid yet. Our hats off to Vanguard for clinging to honesty in this increasingly crooked world:  Vanguard Blocks Spot Bitcoin ETF Trading, Prompting Some Investors to Close Accounts. This from a Twit/X post here. Doesn’t fit with our “investment philosophy” either.  Wherein “suitable recourse” is one of those “got to have’s” for us.

If a financial agreement blows up, we want a hell of a lot more than a sack of hot air or useless hash tags.  But this is the modern times analog to the South Seas Company bubble and even Isaac Newton got sucked into that one, writes one of the smartest people we can find.  So, if you’re bright – and got sucked into the crypto bubble, you’re in good company. Ike Newton was no slouch in some things, but financial acuity? Maybe not so much.

Post SEC Bubblizing, BTC fell right back to the center of its Wave 2 rally peak that it appears to be in viewing long-term charts. (Which to these folks is anything from 10-minutes on…)

Doing What Works

My honest attempt at playing the long-term position trading came to an end last last year when I noticed about a 6-rack hole had developed in my account balance in the Lunch Money Day Trading Account (LMDTA).

This morning, though, the account is up 3 1/2% for the year, already, and we’re just two weeks in.  I like it.

Ure’s Grand Wazier of Finance Scheme is very simple. Just make 3 1/2 percent twice a month.  Simple as that.

Making 3 1/2 percent isn’t terribly hard.  In fact, you can hit the metric just on reasonable “noise trades.”

But here’s how it works out, if you can hit that level every two weeks.  Ready?

The idea here is very simple.

Every month, look for a doable trade or three which will get you to your goal which is 3 1/2 percent in two weeks.

Then rinse and repeat.  I’ve got my first period done for this year.  So I can kick back with some reasonable concerns about which way Options will head next week.

Now, what happens if you actually could do this level of investment/gambling for, oh, 10-years, or so and had started with $10,000?

I backed the rate down a little – 220 percent per year and still came out pushing $29 million.  If you got better, you might be able to hit some totally stupid goal – like $74-million.

But there are problems because your name isn’t Hunter and you need to pay your income taxes.  In this case, realistically, the larger numbers become problematic because is slow-rolls the compounding by whatever the marginal tax rate is.

Still, you get the idea.  This should explain why people in the Ure clan don’t worry so much about “money” as about having a good life and optimized living. Which is how we label low to non-existent expenses and enough income to get by with the odd prime rib or flying in some lobster now and then. No point being the “richest man in the cemetery” is there?

Inter-Market Entrainment Workout

Frankly, since our Crossing Moving Averages are now telling us there is a chance the rally is undergoing a relight, we can wait until the close today and the pre-open on Monday.

If this was a Peoplenomics report, I might mention (in addition to not offering advice, only commentary and perspective) that the Global Markets are trying hard to finish filling in the “trading box” which would set the whole world into collapse mode as we move toward spring.

As you should be able to see, the Global still has a way to go.  Which is why we’re in no particular rush to “get short”.

Still, when we look purely at the U.S. markets – based on the pre-opening prices earlier today, we could see where the Yanks are “done” and just waiting for the slowpokes in Europe to catch up. Our markets – in Aggregate – are in position of being “Done – stick a fork in us” already.  As you can see here, we have filled the right-hand trading box and we’re waiting for Rest of World to get in line.

We will continue the discussion on the Peoplenomics subscriber side tomorrow, but for now that’s where we are for 2024: Doing what works for us and enjoying life along the way.  Time traveling to the next station…

Pick a War, Any War

Taiwan to be Gone in ’24:  But, until we get there (April-May?) we have elections this weekend.  Where the party not favored by Beijing is considered a shoo-in.  Which gets us to admiring the diligent Taiwanese people behind Over 200 arrested for Chinese interference in Taiwan’s elections. We contrast that with all the arrests around the half-baked elections here…remember? (There were none!!!)

Iran Proxies a useful Distraction.  Because while we’re reading about how a Missile “storm” hits Yemen: Britain and US bomb the Houthis from moment to moment – New front in the Middle East, what we’re not seeing in the (controlled ‘Merican press) is how there won’t likely be a Palestine with the Gaza (and related offshore energy fields) when it’s completely under Israeli control.

The Irish Press is doing a better job than our own: Overnight Israeli airstrikes in Gaza kill least 59 people, as death toll hits more than 23,700 (thejournal.ie).  And what about Israel attempts to play down Gaza genocide case as ‘distorted’.  None of it ends nicely, but al least not today. We hope.

From Traumatized to Monetized

What have we written of for over 25-years now? Everything is a Business Model.  While in the throne room earlier, the news briefers in San Antonio were going on about how the 737-Max event last week was a “near death experience.” for all the passengers.

Where traumatized, time to lawyer-up: Boeing sued by Alaska Airlines passengers after plane blowout. Meanwhile, the Washington Post advise how You can filter the Boeing 737 Max 9 out of your flight search,

Sheesh.  Can we get back to walking?

Madness of Bordering

Looking more presidential than Sloppy Joe on border policy (what policy???) Greg Abbott – TexGov – has seized a city park which has been a key Rio Grande LZ for illegals entering America: Texas Gov. Abbott seizes Eagle Pass border park without notice.  This has to make the Blue State bullshit artists just crazy (er). How can they waffle through “Love and open borders” while pissing and moaning “…But not HERE!

Around the Ranch: Hot and Cold

Cognitive dissonance reigns supreme.  Long range forecast is calling for an inch, or so, of “wintery mix” as temps drop into the low teens here Sunday-Tuesday.

To me a “wintery mix” is hot, has some butter, and a good slug of rum in it.  In the NWS seems to be a glass of ice.

Got the backup heating plant in the house checked out yesterday.  Worked fine after a 3-minute gas line purge.  Now, the fun part today. Menu planning.  Nothing is better than a good pot roast with potatoes and gravy when it’s cold out.

Not sure if it will get cold enough for hot spiced wine, or not… decisions, decisions.

Write when it warms up,


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55 thoughts on “PPI & Trade – Doing What Works – Cold”

  1. Calm before the storm (apply to all).

    The much anticipated rollout of BTC ETFs yesterday was a nothing-burger. I watched metal, energy and crypto as the fur flew overnight in ME and … 2:3 spiked. Digital Tulips? Nyet. Not fur mich.

    ATL: We have a solid 3-4″ on the ground and roof (and those nearby solar panels I kept watch on last year). Forecast model suggests 10-11″ today and another 4″ tomorrow. Add in 40 mph wind gusts and you have recipe for an ole fashioned blizzard. Hope the Mrs. feels like shoveling!

    I have a half dozen projects saved for days like this. Wonder if any will get done? TBD.


    • My relatives up in Wisconsin bemoaned a ‘brown Christmas’ with no snow. I told them to just wait… When I was young, these were bonanza days as I went out and shoveled as many sidewalks as I could for pocket cash. I remember delivering newspapers, all bundled up at -40F. Scarf over my mouth getting plugged up with Ice. Steam breath causing frost buildup on eyelashes until… a blink and the eyelids freeze shut. Rip off gloves and quickly pick ice out of eyelashes to see again. Quickly get gloves back onto stiff fingers that don’t want to move. Head to nearest gas station for brief warmup of hands so they flex again… and continue on. Forty five years living in Hawaii has not erased those memories. And my niece last summer had the gall to ask me when I’m moving back!

      • me too Hank. I made a bundle as a kid shoveling drives in winter (with buds) and mowing yards in summer (solo). Those days are gone. I have never in my adult life had a kid knock on the door asking if I wanted to have the drive and walks cleared.

        As temps crater a few bits of wisdom: Most people simply don’t have good cold weather gear. As snow mounts I am considering bringing in the Mickey Mouse Paratrooper boots to thaw for the morrow.

        Head, hands and feet. Wear a stocking hat inside a coat with hood. Hooded sweatshirt inside a hooded coat is best. Cheap dollar gardening gloves inside big outer gloves works. Once your feet get cold you are done. Wet and cold feet are a disaster. Double sock. Everyone hears about layers but few bother.

        [for the record, I have not inexpensive silk glove liners to wear inside winter outer gloves – chalk it up to Raynaud’s disease]

        At Christmas I dropped off enough hand warmers for every Sheriff to have two pairs at the Constable Shop. One of these little hand-warmers in each pocket can _save_ your hands (and, if in hoodie pocket inside coat add to core temp).

        There are lots of brand mfgrs. but this is what I mean:

        One officer who was in my kitchen (long story and I need to go shovel) told me the patrolmen appreciated them but often kept them for others. Huh? said I. He said when they rescue someone who is hypothermic they will put a pouch under each armpit.

        If you exert while outdoors (like I will when shoveling) it’s best to ventilate. Perspiration ruins the dry layers ability to stay warm (unless wearing a really high tech fabric -or- old fashioned wool).

        Now where is the Mrs? I always buy shovels in pairs. The “hers” shovel hasn’t had much of a workout so far and …

        Stay warm,

        • I did to..today I get the grandkids to do errands .. but most of the kids today won’t

        • Careful there… she may ‘use’ that shovel on you! I have several military wool blankets that I keep for survival gear, even in this warm climate. Wool keeps 80% of it’s heat retention ability, even when soaking wet. Back in cold country, I always opted for wool anything. Never mind the ‘scratchy’… it’s WARM. Yes, layer, layer, layer.

        • Go check your own historical records! I’m here as a witness… I grew up in that stuff. Lowest I saw in Wisconsin one night was -60F. below zero.. and I was outside working in it.

      • In super cold windy weather, I’ve always wondered why people don’t wear helmets – like motorcycle helmets or space suit helmets, with a gaiter of course. Today, with modern batteries and usb charging, the helmet could be heated, along with pre-heating and ventilating the air we breathe. Defogging too.

        We lose a major portion of our heat through our head, yet custom keeps our face exposed to weather(and weathering) year round. Stupid customs!

        • Skiers have finally figured that out.

          Originally skiers started wearing them because of safety, for younger people or for doing certain skiing events they were required at the slopes. Once it became apparent how much they helped on the “staying warm” front, particularly when it was sub 10 below, skiers embraced them. Now most wear them versus other head gear.

          Great idea to use them for just staying warm when doing outdoor activities. With a Balaclava on your head underneath the helmet with the helmet’s vents closed the body heat loss out of your scalp is considerably reduced.

    • The Wind is moving like the Holy Ghost through a Baptist Tent Revival. Everyone is running in to get saved!

  2. This is awesome.

    “Vanguard Blocks Spot Bitcoin ETF Trading, Prompting Some Investors to Close Accounts.”

    Word has it that the BTC multipier effect [ every $1 invested in BTC pumps the price by $100] Why do I mention this? Word has it that the BOA multiplier was alive and well running at 1:96 on 1/10/23 launch day. Zo.. I would appear that BTC for the spot ETF’s was simply not available on the market to fill orders. [Cliff Highs BTC impossible is resonating again].

    Perhaps Vangaurd will be opening an XRP ETF ? Just like Blackrock and others.

    I fully expect a 50% BTC pullback at anytime before the halving. Perhaps Vangaurd recognizes this BTC Super Cycle Bull pattern as well. Try explaining to clients why their recent investment took a 50% haircut. IMHO. 2 motivations to block access on hte first day. I smell a FOMO event coming soon. From a marketing perspective percieved scarcity also helps sell the asset to retail, all a part of the Kabuki Theater Show.

    I’ve never seen a Kabuki investment show distraction on as grand a scale as the FUD surrounding Crypto assets. The last new asset class to be introduced to the financail markets since the intoduction of bonds in 1643 by Bank of England.

    Ill be happy to go shopping any further sales engineered by the specialists. Not Advice do your own homework.

    Meanwhile it looks like Vangaurd indeed is a closet BTC fanboy.


    know what you hold.

    Got Blockchain? Vangaurd does…. LOL .



    • Too bad they NEVER got on board Crypto. Vanguard is notorious for NOT investing in Technology..especially early on. Always late adopters.
      Spouse retired from Mgt at Vanguard 6 yrs ago along w/ old CEO..nu ceo one of the largest tools in the toolbox I ever have met..DB’s name is Mortimer..if that doesnt give you an idea to level of his darmouth educated “My shit dont stink” attitude..reminds me of reg. Military Ofc.(no offense) – fat, lazy, outofshape cake eaters who leave candy wrappers behind on the toilet seat, when finished their business, the “Black Shoes”.

      black shoe black shoe, Im in doubt as to why Ure fat gut is hanging out. Is it Whiskey or is Wine, or is it lack of PT time?”

      I am talking NOTORIOUS. The only tech they ever went after as it evolved was Scanning Technology. They were my client when I worked at the Big Philly Bank – they had the biggest “hammer” in Philly mkt place.
      Midmarket bank..eventually become wachovia, now wellsfargo. They wanted our scanning Technology – for their Processing Operations, they paid up and acquired it.

      Today – Vanguards Techonogy still SUCKS big hairy moose!
      Think they bothered to Purchase the Eth Domain Registration Name/Space?
      Nerp – the BCN owns it. Same vein think Pennsylvania State Dept of Revenue bothered to acquire same ? You guessed it – the BCN owns it, and many others including G Dogs (UrbSurv.)

      Good thing he has good relationship to that really swell guy ; )

      Who would have thunk it ? The “Nazi’s” got G’s back, should he ever wander into the world of Smart Contracts..

      * Sometimes it is a good thing to have friends in low places..

      ** You all just witnessed The classic “Buy the Rumor, and Sell the News” phenomena BTC.

  3. The Chinese theorize (I think, maybe) that if Taiwan can be absorbed administratively, or by diplomatic trickery, that that is to be desired more than “shooting your way in,” because a violent takeover will seriously damage one of the prime attractions to owning the joint. — numerous up & running high technology profitable manufacturers. (These days it’s in fashion to call them “chip forges.” As in metalworking forges, or blacksmiths.)

    If you shoot the place up, you have to finance the re-build into functional profitabi;ity.

    So, if China can just frighten and intimidate Tiawan (and us) into surrendering without a shooting fight, so much the better. Just chage the sign on the front of the building, and keep on cranking out them chip$. (..and all the other manfactured Krappe.)

    I mean… Does anybody mourn for Hong Kong any more? ..or do we just con-tin-ue as if nothing much happened?

    • “The Chinese theorize (I think, maybe) that if Taiwan can be absorbed administratively, or by diplomatic trickery, that that is to be desired more than “shooting your way in,”

      Sounds like what’s been happening here. (I think, maybe) also.

    • no I don’t believe anyone is mourning for Hong kong..it’s in Taiwan’s best interest to negotiate a deal similar. you don’t have to be a psychic to realize that the usa can’t defend them ..

    • I would be SHOCKED to find out that China may be influencing the destabilization of other theatres, globally. ME, US Border, UKR/RUS… all of that puts strain on Western forces and would help push them toward negotiating a Taiwan takeover.

      I can just imagine China offering alliance / military support in one of these hot spots in return for a peaceful hand-over of Taiwan. A bonus for the negotiations (or, strong-arming) would be to time and frame this as a resounding success by the Bidan admin. Headline of June/July ’24 “Bidan administration negotiates ME peace deal (with China support)” and all this world peace cost us was changing the flag on Taiwan. Next thing you know, a lot of those ME energy pipelines route into China, as well.

      • (“I would be SHOCKED to find out that China may be influencing the destabilization of other theatres, globally. ME, US Border, UKR/RUS…”)

        Or even the US border.. what did they buy when they gave the BRAND all that money…

    • “Sun Tzu said: In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy’s country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good. So, too, it is better to recapture an army entire than to destroy it, to capture a regiment, a detachment or a company entire than to destroy them.”

      They follow SunTzu and the art of war.. I don’t think they want to destroy Taiwan.. hell most of the people in Taiwan have family in China.. I know my acupuncturists brother lives in Beijing and he is from Taiwan.. his grandparents are in China as well..
      the story I like about my grandpa.. was he was in the army in WW1 sent to Germany.. where did they send him.. to his great grandparents home town.. the story I was told was while they were signing the armistice he was eating strudel an visiting with family and friends of the family….My guess is it is the same thing with the people in Taiwan.. they don’t want to blast the hell out of grandpa and grandmas home.. and grandpa and grandma don’t want to blast the hell out of their grandchild’s home.. as close to chinese borders that Taiwan is. it would be a logistical nightmare to try to defend Taiwan.. over the business model..Like Hong Kong.. I believe that what will eventually happen is they will negotiate a deal just like Hong Kong did..

    • Neutron Nukage should clear the playing field in TieOneOn nicely, very nicely.
      Chynah already controls all the Business Licenses for these guys..when pulled they would be out of Business on the mainland – a death knell.

      They have a Choice..

      In any case, dont sleep on Gold..Chynah and Formosa certainly arent.

  4. -51 with the wind chill in Saskatchewan this morning.

    Question I have for the Israel Gaza war. How come the press takes Hamas’ word for how many have been killed? This is a terrorist group who five minutes after they bombed their own hospital parking lot, claimed 500 were killed by Israel, and the world press jumped on it with no fact check. Do they think Hamas is just that much better at math. Israel takes weeks to make sure their counts are accurate. I’ve watched videos Hamas put out of the wreckage before, and watched supposed rescue workers just walking around for the camera, picking up paper and the like, while one guy carried a completely clean kid past the camera that has been “rescued” from the collapsed building. What happened to the world press? Where were they over the last couple of years as the muslim leaders have murdered millions of their own people, and no one cares. Where were they as the Arab countries one after another expelled the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees they took in because they were radicalized and couldn’t fit in? But one Jew kills a Palestinian in self defense, it’s headlines. What’s the agenda here, and why?

  5. Went to the Wal yesterday. After getting a few of the many items we needed. Started hearing murmurs of a “computer outage” After wandering a little longer we were finally told to abandon all hope and leave the store. Oh My. Going to the next town south we had to get lunch at the wendie. Employee at the counter seemed to be lost as a computer operator. We did get our correct order though,ate, braced ourselves and on to the bigger better Wally. After a short time the wendie kicked in and both had to make a side run to the room. Then on to our big list. Oops the wendie again and back to the room. Now we started at 9:30am now after 1pm. Then bigger store was a navigation nightmare not knowing where things are and having to backtrack several times. Checkout time! only 3 full service registers open. This is the way. Plenty of wal shoppers filling online orders but no registers 3 out of over 20 at this store not including self check. Then 45 minutes home to unload. Yes we missed several items not found. Also got several items not found in our store. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. Question of the day? How much did the little computer glitch cost the wallie those few hours of dead time? Weather guessers say 13 degrees Tuesday night to Wednesday morning. Chickens and dogs will need to stay warm.

    Now for all you current and former pilots an intermission.
    Pay close attention to Where she is getting her ATC information.

    For History buffs. See the Civil Rights Lawyer. He bought a WV house that turned out to be the last remaining in tact pre revolutionary war fort.
    Great history lesson. A lawyer that actually breaks a sweat and plays banjo too. I’d hire him in a minute.
    Remember to practice your veganism. Only consume plant based adult beverage! Stay warm.

    • if they don’t have a computer to tell them x amount..they can’t figure the money or change. I <e to get the biggest thrill out of going to the bank and tossing a bucks worth of chane in the company deposit lol lol the teller couldn't count lol..my boss would tell me dam your just mean…

    • Hertz wants 20K+ for each of those things. I could see paying 1K and just pulling the battery to use as a powerwall, but what can someone do with the rest of the parts? Tesla, and probably the others are dead set against DIY repairs and don’t support “right to repair”, so except for STS projects, it’s just junk.

      Regardless, I’ll keep driving my ICE car unless gas becomes unobtainium, and even that’s known DIY tech.

  6. Slight breeze and -1 degree.., felt even coder than that!
    The high forecast for the next five days is 15 degrees. No snow predicted.
    – This is nothing new for around here. We always get a week, or two of really cold air dropping down out of the Fraizer River Valley in Canada. In a week, or so we will be back into usual high teens for lows to low 30’s for highs.
    – Stay warm

    • you must live in the south.. nice temperatures like that.. LOL.. here they are talking fifteen below and fifty mile an hour winds and a blizzard… brrrr….been going out every few hours to start the car.. next week I will be having a heat plug put in it and a battery maintainer..

  7. Bitcoin has dropped close to $2,100 since I checked late last night.
    I thought the new ETF’s where to give it a substantial boost??

    • d’Lynn: none in media want to put this out there but, it’s highly likely the buyers who drove BTC from 30k-ish to 49k were front running the ETF declaration. buy rumor sell news. Or, so it would appear?

      Now the predators are stoking ETH to do it (frontrun) all over again. Those who get “stuck” will blame everyone and everything except for their own ill fated decision.

      Lotta wolves in spec. game.

      • It all sounds so much like the Money game of the eighties.. during the Reagan Recession the money game was a big hit.. it was going all over.. from a fifty cent one to a hundred dollars.. a square.. the thing was to get enough people and the one at the top got the cash prize.. the winner would buy a square in the next round.. so the pyramid was split into two..
        then it would grow again..since people were hurting during the reagan recession.. it went viral.. everyone was playing it.. Kind of like playing the lottery except you had a better chance to get something than you do with the lottery.. the process was..
        1. The constant need to recruit new people: to buy a square.. as it grew.. you were on top.. once the pyramid was full the two below your name would split with the rest of the pyramid being split on a different sheet..
        In a traditional Susu the circle is closed to family members or close friends, and your odds of getting the payout is very high. In a pyramid scheme, there is a constant need to recruit new members for reasons stated above.
        2, Consistent hard selling or announcement of a “great business idea or plan.”:
        If you had a fantastic money making plan, would you constantly try to hard sell friends and families about it? Would you use Facebook to hard sell the “friend” you haven’t spoken since high school? Unless your Jesus Christ or Buddha reincarnated, no one is hard selling people on a for sure money making idea. Why not just keep the idea to yourself and make more money? Because it’s a pyramid scheme, and you need new participants, that’s why.
        An added red flag on this point is it’s usually the “friend” who is always involved in whatever get rich quick scheme is the flavor of the month who’s hard selling you on a can’t miss business opportunity.
        3. Monetary entry fee with no promise of services or products in return:
        bit coin.. or Ethereum.. you buy nothing and expect a payout.. with the money game.. it was a sell your fellow man.. get them to donate money to it.. then walk away..
        kind of like the pick one in ten game.. give me ten dollars and pick a number between one and ten.. dam you were close.. LOL LOL…missed it by one.. LOL LOL LOL

      • Oh I forgot with the money game.. not all the proceeds went to the one on the top.. of that.. half of the money was kept and split.. so the kitty was the bottom row.. eventually someone loses.. but since you guy two sqares on the next two pyramids.. you were at the bottom .. it went on for about a year before they stopped it .. heck even the television announcers were playing it .. LOL

  8. WHO..faucis pandemic agreement (treaty) is totally bad for the US people and needs to be rejected for a multiple of reasons…all comments must be sent demanding a no agreement soon…

  9. (“Now, what happens if you actually could do this level of investment/gambling for, oh, 10-years, or so and had started with $10,000?”)

    hmm…I believe that you become a very wealthy man…

    my father did everything he could to convince me to buy savings bonds..the poor man’s way to wealth..his advice was buy as much as you pay out for SS taxes in savings bonds every time you get paid. even at a young age if you only invested a couple grand before life slaos you silly and kept up with flipping it every seven years you’d be a millionaire.
    with what I paid in in social security in my work life had been invested in something as simple as savings bonds.. I would have had a nest egg of just over fifty million dollars..if I had had the ability to invest both sides of the taxes paid in.. I would have had a nest egg just north of a hundred million dollars…instead weet scoundrels and Fools spend our tax revenues that should have been secure into bail outs and wars on stupid crap that only benefitted the ultra elite..just may honest opinion

    • Little Children/Kids and Andrenachrome AINT cheap, for goodness sakes!
      See tunnels in NYC recently uncovered..built by the Dutch over a hundred years ago. There is a statue/carving down there of a Reptile dragging a child into tunnel opening/cave . No you will never see that SHIT on the news, they filled all that in with Cement as quick as possible. Nasty behavior is allowed/sanctioned in the Talmud..Babylonian talmud..NASTY on a good day.

      Its REAL, its ancient – and its going to be in URE face in 2024.

      Why I have been preaching “Practice”/Mental Engagement/Meditation.
      “They” can eat Ure mindz, without lifting a finger. Paralyzing FEAR with a “look” (same goes with Love feeling the females can induce)- takes some experience/practice to overcome the sickening FEAR feelings. Several ancient sites around USA have the FEAR curse in place..get too close – start feeling very SICK.
      See Ecuador for latest in annunaki tech..hoverboards, “high tech armour black bodysuits – “necks are exposed”, “shoot the hoverboards”, “shotguns best method..hoverboards”.

      Sorry to say – jesus will NOT be taking the wheel, ever, this scheisse is as real as it getz. And why you have been mentally “denuded” by a book and faith in it.

      My Condolences.

      • “Nasty behavior is allowed/sanctioned in the Talmud..Babylonian talmud..NASTY on a good day.”

        My sentiments exactly.. the Talmud has heavenly fathers words in it.. but it is totally manmade.. it was set up to give credit to what man wanted and is using the words of heavenly father to say see here it is sanctioned.. I am pretty sure that the heavenly father gets red faced angry everytime he see’s someone reading this trash that says he loves exactly what he tried to teach everyone not to be like…. or referring it as his must follow laws and guidance.. remember christ was crucified because he didn’t follow the laws of religion of the day and was conceived to an unwed mother…. he taught peace and do the right thing..not the wrong thing..
        I totally believe that the whole old testiment is only put there to teach us how NOT to treat our fellow man or how NOT to act…
        and a great many of the books of the bible that refer to the OT as being evil or teaches the opposite way of acting.. were not allowed to be in the Old Testiment..

  10. (“But there are problems because your name isn’t Hunter and you need to pay your income taxes”)

    LOL I am terrified to even make a two hundred dollar mistake on taxes.. LOL LOL then to imagine not even caring enough to consider reporting it LOL LOL LOL… I usually make sure I pay a little extra on them just so I don’t have to worry about them getting nasty… the dual standards.. than to listen to them on MSM talking about how he is being picked on LOL LOL what a sham…its actually embarrassing at how they insult the taxpayers of this country….
    Well JC.. you got me watching the whole year of time tunnel now.. its all on amazon prime LOL

  11. Israel voted the Pallies off the planet. That’s the way it is now.

    There’s been some buzz from folks thinking the Egyptians should ‘take them in’. We’ve got a mirrored situation developing in the U.S.A., again.

    Some folks think Americans should take in migrants. I don’t think ‘hosting’ pays yet but when the .gov stipends start dropping the back bedrooms are going to open up.

    “Massachusetts is now the first state to ask its residents if they will open their homes to house incoming illegal migrants.”

    “Healey is signaling the state’s desperation, saying “If you have an extra room or suite in your home, please consider hosting a family.”


    • Arab nations aren’t taking in Palestinians because 1. Palestinians don’t want to leave their land and 2. The Arab nations don’t believe Palestinians should have to leave. – the more Palestinians that leave, the more land Israel would get.

      That’s their way of thinking.

      Meantime, waiting for the court case between South Africa and Israel.

      Then, gonna wait for Clif’s prediction to come true … which, seems to be manifesting.

  12. Earlier this week, Ralph commented and gave a link to a video of Sabrina Wallace. I gave Ralph a “Wow” and shard a few links I found.

    Impressive stuff, actually. Check this out …


    Then today a guy I follow on Instagram: this guy …


    Posted this …


    Searches for Sabrina Wallace seem to be (censored) so I had to use a different search engine to really find her material … but the next day, my YouTube revealed her debunkers who discredit her. Hmmm.

    From what I’ve seen, I don’t think this stuff is Spence fiction anymore.

    Oh, and Thanks Ralph. Good eye!!

  13. Many, many moons ago, 1975 it was, I was in Europe (Munich and Brindisi, Italy) “interviewing” Middle Eastern “refugees”. Whenever I would mention the Palestinians, the almost universal descriptor they gave me (transliterated to English) was “ibn Kelb” which means “son of a dog”. The “real Arabs” wanted nothing to do with them, but thought they might be able to get menial service jobs in Saudi Arabia and the emirates–if any country would let them in. Nothing has changed in almost 50 years, as you notice none of the Arab countries want anything to do with those refugees. GF

  14. And what could possibly be in the Chemtrails or Covid injections that could help facilitate such a thing …..
    Will be relocating to the Bullard, TX area in April…… had enough of H-Town.

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