Storm Cowards

With all the Global Warming shills missing, we ponder another angle to cold weather: Trading risks for the small investor.  Because out here, those are very real considerations.

We won’t just look at “How do you trade with the power down.”  Goes a lot deeper than power, my friend.

Which we will get into as we look at the weather maps for what’s coming and George layers-up for a run into town for “pre-emptive supplies” that include things like PVC and CPVC pipe caps.  You just can’t be too prepared on winter weekends like this one looming.

Is it a little silly to frame “offshore storm tactics” with onshore day trading in markets?  Well, no, not this week. Not around here, anyway.  The template is pretty similar when you start thinking about it.

At any rate, purely a chart based discussion this morning because we are in an inflection zone where any of three possible future tracks will be decided in the coming week or two.  We’ll explain.

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68 thoughts on “Storm Cowards”

  1. Hmm.. do you see what I see……

    LOL I believe it appears that Hunter just did that selfie and a moonwalk …. he just spit in the face of congress… all this time he has been mocking them and teasing them.. now he just spit in their face.. what was that daddy said…
    LOL LOL LOL all with the help of those heads of organizations..
    Obviously we couldn’t ever do anything like this but.. then we are not them..

    • Why waste your time with this? It’s like water running off the duck’s back. Congress is as inefficient as the UN and other similar institutions.

      • you are absolutely correct I am sad to say.. and the damage that this administration has done already in three years.. I fear cannot be turned around the other direction we were on the cliff before having stupid people in congress that don’t have a clue about anything the citizens deal with..then.. we chose to have numb nutz finish destroying the country and now we have to live with it..
        So why complain.. if you have people that have shitty work ethics.. don’t go to work.. do a crappy job and can’t get anything done ever.. always gone on vacation and live a life of luxury.. then keep voting them back into offices of power.. the people really have no place to complain because they kept putting the same crappy people back to keep doing the same crappy job of nothing.. that is what makes Hunters stunts so comical.. he is flaunting their inability to do anything about his corrupt activities right in front of them and the whole world… with the old go ahead you can’t or won’t do a dam thing..I am beyond your touch or the laws of this country..

  2. “Now you can see what I was up against offshore (west of Vancouver Island. About 44 degrees so my “expiration time” would be under 40-minutes unless someone plucked me out. ”

    That is what really keeps me watching Naked and Afraid.. they are hovering for months at temps that could put them on the verge of death all the time and surrounded by wild animals that would be more than happy to help them along on the journey.. Cody told me once in an email that he quit because the networks kept putting them in more and more dangerous situations.. that he feared that at some point it would be serious enough that it would kill someone..
    being friends with a couple of the contestants.. they had voiced the same concerns.. what surprised me.. is when I was walking twelve miles in cold weather.. I would have to get up at one am and start the journey to get to work by seven oclock.. no winter coat.. all I had was a pea coat and a stocking hat.. no real winter hat.. tennis shoes and boone dockers.. no gloves.. I froze my feet… and ears.. my skin on my face had turned white at times as frost bite had started to take ahold.. at first I tried with one pair of pants on.. but ended up wearing two pairs.. and would stuff newspapers crumpled up between them.. today.. I have a face mask.. my gloves are double layered.. I use the heat shield glove liners..
    inside I like the work gloves.. but get the heavier work gloves..
    hmm they changed the looks a little bit.. I don’t know if I would like the leather finger pieces.. mine are all yellow.. great gloves
    an Urshanka hat..

    and a face mask…

    I actually buy those by the case.. I swear the grandkids eat them.. they go through a lot of them in a year… but I can get plenty for the price of one at any ski shop.. they use to be five bucks a case..
    and I layer coats to.. always a down vest on under a winter coat.. and down.. there is a flock of geese somewhere that is cold because of me..
    I survived those days of no coat.. and insist on the kids getting a good one.. I have bought coats and snow pants for so many people you wouldn’t even believe how many.. little tommy was the last one and a girl at the store.. came in to work in rags.. almost frozen.. didn’t have money to buy a coat.. or gloves.. that was last year so far.. this year I haven’t ran into anyone.. my older mini me.. he won’t wear it but he does toss it in the car.. and snow boots.. the best pair I ever got.. ( my feet actually hurt because they were frost bitten..) came from NASA employees.. the govt. gave them all snow boots for antarctica but they gave them steel toe.. so they couldn’t wear those there.. so they were burning them.. and sent me a pair.. sadly those wore out.. so now I have boots from steflars..
    all of my boots are to fifty below.. the baffin is a great boot to.. non slip

    • looking out of the box:

      Not too cold here yet. That comes early next week.

      I too remember being ill equipped though your tale, well, made of strong stuff Sir. P-coats of old were good woolen wear. But no hood.

      George write on the subscriber side about offshore life and hypothermia. That and frost bite hurt, a lot. A swipe of vaseline on the cheeks this morn but I will add a gaiter for the next trip outside.

      The Mrs. is a girly tom-boy but made of stern stuff. She went out to shovel with me a bit ago. We have 10″ on the ground and, due to sustained 20 / gusts to 40-something, drifts. A 14″ drift blocked my path to lakeside boathouse.

      Wonder what the wind drifts are in fields above the lake. Bet 3′ or more. Going nowhere, machts nichts. Tomorrow a different story. Today? Staying put. Mrs. E went for a walk in the winter-land glory (while I cleared to boathouse).

      I drive a gas-guzzling 4WD SUV. Big HP, big tires, lotsa ballast and survival stuff: snack bars, dried fruit, fluids, flashlight(s), snatch strap, chain, reflectors, blanket(s) and a washed out tuna can with votive candle.

      Our County, like all ’round here, have monster trucks with nose plows / belly plows and due to “warming” 1st half of winter gobs of chems., salt and sand. Those drivers are used to OT so are probably round-the-clock now.

      But, there are a lot of roads and …

      Don’t have good underwear? Do you have flannel or fleece loungers? Or, sweats? They work well under jeans. Better still under nylon foulies. Lots of my winter wear is high tech sailing gear (like Yorge I have done offshore).


      In addition to other first aid quals I’m a former WSI (Water Safety Instructor). That’s the top of the food chain in the lifeguard world. Wet (in water) hypothermia situ is dire. There are loads of charts and graphs but …

      in 15-20 minutes afloat in balmy 40 degree water the strong start to die. CG rescue tales sadly relate how victims rescued and put below are soon found dead. Dry hypothermia kills but you have longer to live.

      Nice people here are looking after livestock / pets. They get hurt in these temps. My 20 YO tomcat turned tail and ran when I cracked the door this a.m. Nope, this was your idea pal: out he went. Yowling ceased soon after.

      Blizzard here. Every 20 minutes it’s sunny, then white.
      Climate change? It’s what climate does …
      Stay warm, stay safe,


      • My wife has fought the fight herself.. tough as nails.. while I was taking guys to the oncologist.. ( can’t play doctor with them.. ) she went out and shoveled.. thank god my mini me.. seen this and went out and shoveld.. but she has had a few strokes.. and going to do shoveling is not a wise thing.. she would break.. so I was in getting things for the wicktorian lamp.. and I noticed that.. hey they have a snowjoe snow broom..
        and I had rebates.. so I bought one.. that way if she is going to insist on doing something stupid like that and I or the mini me isn’t around.. that would be easier for her..
        I loved the old pea coat.. I will never forget that walk every day.. I make sure I have all the winter garb.. and if I see someone that needs one.. what is another coat.. Little tommy just two years old.. he started telling me about how the cold made him cry.. and his mommy was unemployed.. hmm.. sounds like a job for super papa LOL LOL LOL to see him outside now.. all warm and playing is gift enough for me…

      • I believe they actually made the loungers for me LOL keep a pair on all the time.. I use to have nice thermal underwear.. I make crisco candles for the car.. the kids never got why I do it.. they think I am just paranoid.. but.. they have never experienced this.. so how would they know.. I was visiting with one of the contestants on Naked and Afraid.. nice guy lives in the South West.. He had to admit my jerky is better than his LOL.. I gave him the recipe to.. when he was in the amazon jungle.. the camera crew suggested the site where they camped.. but he said if he was to do it again.. he would pick a different spot.. the one they picked the bugs were so bad about drove them nuts.. It was during a blizzard like the one we are having and Laura Zerra was stuck in her car just a few miles.. we chatted on the phone.. I went to get the mail and on the way back I came around the corner and there was my grandson.. out with a coat on.. shorts in flip flops scooping snow.. I laughed and told her.. yea you want to see naked and stupid take a look at this.. LOL LOL LOL LOL… I was dressed up like a mummy.. LOL nice girl.. if I was to ever get stuck in the wilderness she is one of them I want to find there.. I would have a fighting chance at surviving ..another one is Ky.. nice girl to.. some of those young ladies that are on that show.. they now are masters at surviving the wilderness.. in the rawest of weather.. EJ.. even though he disappointed me once.. but then he was just playing the game.. Billy is like cody.. he does ancient hunting skills.. great guy to.. those people will survive an apocalyptic situation..I have survived many times where I could have easily have given up.. then I would remember my father.. work the problem.. god doesn’t allow you to suffer more than you can deal with.. so work the problem..
        I always keep down sleeping bags around to.. not many do.. only hard core outdoors hikers and campers.. but I had been in a situation where I needed one.. I actually paid almost three hundred dollars for a bag in 72-73 when I was caving.. it saved the life of my wife and kids.. when a winter storm like this took the power out .. the nice thing about this style is you can zip two of them together and make a double sleeping bag.. that way mom and dad can be together and if you have small children.. they can squeeze in between.. and not to bad for a price either..

  3. 2 degrees/wc -10 at 0600. Heading out to check the stock and Diana hands me 4 food bowls for the dogs. She had poured microwaved bacon grease over each bowl and covered them with foil. The 2 for her boys were marked with a big X. I told her it wasn’t a good idea to feed working dogs this way. I got “The LOOK”. After chores, I went back in and asked her what was for breakfast. Whatever you want to fix she said.

    • Jim: funny everyone knows what you mean about: “The LOOK”

      Your wife and mine? They must be related or sumpin.

      Make her feed the dogs so you stay gruff!

      Best Regards,

      • I think its.. all in the DNA genetics and Evolution through Successive Generations of our history LOL…. LOL LOL LOL Our women are our mates to keep us from doing something stupid and rather than just telling us.. is that a wise thing.. they give us the LOOK.. its their jobs LOL LOL LOL LOL…..

      • I’m afraid to push the feeding of working dogs anymore. I may get a bowl of Cheerios with bacon grease poured on them for breakfast.

        • My brother… mom baked Carmel rolls.. she slipped up and the Carmel got more than done.. it was hard as a rock candy.. everyone was eating them and my brother asks…can I have the recipe.. mom thought oh they must not be to she started to give it and my brother said… yes I’m going to sell it to the army for armour for their tanks.. I about fell over..
          so she did something similar to that for his meal lol lol..
          while in the military one of the guys was a little odd.. and everyone was sitting around and having a cookout.. he brings in a meatloaf and I politely. said no thank you… after everyone had devoured the whole thing he asks how was it..everyone was saying oh it was pretty good..where he said yeah you’d never believe that was dog lol lol
          happy wife happy life I always say..

        • I think my mom just forgot to put the heavy cream on the bottom of the pan when she baked the Carmel rolls.. that makes the carmel so soft and chewy LOL LOL..

  4. G-Dude,

    A lil story from Thursday night…Maya Beach-Placencia- Belize. sitting at table of eight expats-beach bar-Bingo Night ,put on by RotaryClub. Convo goes to Spouse relating story of being informed by her older brother that he had a Grandchild who was trans, (the kid in question is 5 years old). This came in response to other older Brother joking with Moi regards Pronouns in same room as Spouse and other Brother.
    Needless to day – Spouse was mucho Disturbed by this news. Been warning her for several years after our kids showingMe pics of the kid on social.

    Mrs BCN looked her older brother dead in the eyes and said ‘That is Child Abuse”.

    ..Havent spoken with Him since..dont think we ever will again.
    Point of this tale..everybody at table was in total agreement and were disgusted by the idea of any 5 yr old boy “transitioning” . Seems to me 90-95% of expat community is CONSERVATIVE…Bettter Dead, than Red types. Think this fits in with Ure pop. samples here on Urb.Surv.

    ? Is there anybody left in USA Pop. or Global Pop. who is not a “Pinko” or doesnt think like a “pinko”..present company excluded ?

    G – Got A Fork ? I am confident you know what do with it ?

    The question then becomes one of Will Power and Intestinal
    Fortitude – a bumpity ride indeed..

    *Chris looking for agenda ?? Here is Ure agenda – same EXACT SCHEISSE and Perps. as 9-11 -

    Think Business Model – and we Humans are the Commodity. duh-ohhh!

    * Chris types – know the BCN has Ure conspiracy theories Right Here tween my…. . Would you like a taste ? Please advise, thx.

    • what does a five year old know about their sexuality.. my god..
      all my grandkids played with stuffed toys and slept with their dolls.. doesn’t mean that they are transgender..

    • “Is there anybody left in USA Pop. or Global Pop. who is not a “Pinko” or doesn’t think like a “pinko”..present company excluded ?”

      Because the US always went to war against the wrong (imagined!!) enemy, IMHO

      • You know I never did understand why people are so afraid of the people in other countries.. take China.. oh I worked with a gal from russia once upon a time.. they made the best sandwiches .. anyway.. I order my can supplies from china.. I get them from canada and austrailia to.. but those places get them all from china.. anyway.. I had to get a few for this year.. and I ordered two cases for under twenty dollars.. in the USA they are over a hundred dollars.. per case.. but since the price of shipping was the same if it was two or four.. the company tossed in two extra cases…. so instead of four hundred containers.. they sent me a thousand containers.. a pallet load.. now where will I put them.. that is going to be a challenge all in itself.. all for the what was it fifteen dollars.. no company in the USA would ever do that..when I asked he said oh.. we still made money and your a good customer.

  5. Good charts!

    “A desperate Biden administration imposes martial law but it’s a joke since local law enforcement already knows,”

    People stick to who feeds them.

    The Soviet Union is an example. Did Soviet KGB agree with policy or simply go along for the comparatively cushy lifestyle being a .gov agent? And after the Soviet collapse did the KGB staff vanish/go home or rebrand and exchange for new Rubles?

    We’ll face the same here.

    This week I posted about Maryland .gov asking local residents to open their backrooms/suites to ‘illegal migrants’.

    Today we see the Great State of Maine .gov one-upped Maryland and is offering 2 years of free housing to ‘newcomers’ in brand new housing!

    “State officials said they were welcoming in hard-up newcomers, and one of the migrants to win a home said it was a ‘palace’ compared to the shelters and hotels she had been sleeping in.”

    “Migrants started being housed in the first 24 apartments this week, and dozens more units are expected to be completed in the coming weeks. ”

    “Maine State Housing Authority budgeted nearly $3.5 million to cover the rents of 60 migrant families in five buildings in Brunswick for two years.” `vticle-12953637/Outrage-Democrat-run-Maine-towns-luxury-digs-migrants-Asylum-seekers-live-rent-free-palace-apartments-balconies-hundreds-born-homeless-sleep-rough.html

    I haven’t heard of any legacy Americans in Maine quitting their cushy .gov job over principles. I tried figuring out what .gov Mainers get paid being ambassadors to newcomers and couldn’t figure it out. Link below.

    Mainers go along supporting ‘newcomers’ for the daily bread like the border processor/bus driver moving the newcomers from the border to Maine/construction worker building Teepees for the newcomers under .gov grants and loans/the Alaskan lumberjack fulfilling lumber orders for chainsaw payments.

    Since it’s happening we look for an angle in possible Federal “integration/assimilation” grants and loans. Teach the newcomers how to wash hands/stop drop & roll/how to use the 911 system/how to get an EIN, etc.

    State of Maine: EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION: 2022

    • AH privately noted that people (w/o a few!) are no smarter than a flock of geese. You see how far he advanced during his life. ;-)

  6. I saw this and took a picture. its a word written in graffiti on the side of a train car.

    today Elon Musk (Parody) mentions buying Harvard and Changing its name to the same exact word written on the train car.

    this is confirmation that my read of the world around (aka language of creation), is far ahead of manifesting on X and other media outlets.

    i do not need the news to tell me anything. all i need to do is pay attention to what is around me and what it says.

    and no matter where i am at? it speaks volumes, in silence.

    digital time stamp on photo,

    11:39am 23 December 2023

    i posted it here today:

    and a drirect link to

    Elons Musk (Parady) matching post,

    at 551pm, 11 Janruary 2024,

    ya see, everything in the world is telling you the future. all the time. you need only pay attention to what it says,

    that is why, i invest much time: in silent contemplation meditation.

    as the song goes…..

    “And the sign said, “The words of the prophets
    Are written on the subway walls
    And tenement halls
    And whispered in the sounds of silence”

    and so it came to pass.

    To True!

  7. Looks like Palestine TX is in the crosshairs for an ice storm Sunday-Monday. The afternoon temp here is supposed to be 55 F, dropping to 11 F with wind chill below 0 F. Hypothermia weather. The freezing drizzle will warm it up a bit Sunday night, with single digits again after the ice and snow stop.
    Ercot is claiming almost 16 gigawatt of reserve for the moment. With winds picking up, they will get an even bigger boost, if the turbines stay on line. No reliability warnings as of yet. I have a week and a half or so of dry seasoned wood hardwood cut for contingency. The tornadoes a year and a half back were tough on the old cedar elms.

    • Regardless of Ercot’s reserve plans, if an ice storm drops trees and power lines, there’ll be no way to deliver that reserve electricity. Ice is our main worry in the ETX Pineywoods. We’re preparing to stay indoors except for tending to critters. Wood for heat and gas for water heating and cooking should see us through.

      • Went through a severe ice storm years ago south of you. My electricity was off for more than a week. I had fallen limbs piled up 7 feet high across the front of the lot for pickup. Not much different than a cat 2 hurricane. I’ve sworn off the coastal living. Stay safe and watch out for the widow makers during clean-up.

    • Where I am up north our big power failures come in two varieties … Heavy Ice Storms, they bring down limbs all over place which in turn brings down the feeder power lines, and more rarely Extreme Wind Events over a wide spread area (usually hurricane remnants).

      It is the Ice Storm variety which causes the worse problems since here they are followed by extremely COLD weather and usually cover a widespread area which spreads the repairs crews to being very thin at the local level. Even in the city a bad ice storm can leave large neighborhoods powerless in zero degree weather for up to a week.

      Stay safe … and have backup heat that doesn’t need electricity to operate.

  8. Set a record here last night. 11 below zero. A balmy 8 below right now with a steady 10 to 12 MPH breeze. High forecast is 8 above.
    Sunny and bright – the lake is “steaming”., with dense ‘fog’ rising and swirling about. Looks very pretty – as long as there is a fire in the wood stove !
    “In the spring, a fellow Long Waves Group expert, our deflationary friend Jas Jain, cashes in…,”
    – Change that to mid-late Summer. [ At least on my charting..,]

  9. it is important to note:

    The Advanced Human Meditative Mind sees things at minumum, 19 days before A.I.

    Any such individual with an Advanced Human Meditative Mind can move into a more prosperous position as well as avert any disasterous circumstances or events long before they unfold.

    by apearance, many may see me as just an old man with shaggy white beard, wearing sweat pants, muck boots, a camo jacket and a dirty old CAT ball cap standing on the front porch with a cup of coffee in one hand and a marlboro red in the other having that crooked little grin on my face.

    but i assure you,

    Im really a Jedi Master.

    • “Im really a Jedi Master.” That’s a contradictions in itself ;-) and you know very well, IMHO, of course.

  10. This week has been bloody cold, but my nest within my castle is comfy warm! Always have your “warm room” where you can nest. The rest of the house can be kept at pretty much any temperature above freezing. It also helps to have at least four ways of staying warm, three sources of water, and two ways to communicate with loved ones, if any.

    By the will of God, and extraordinary luck, it seems that much of NM, including my place, will escape the chill and snow that’s blanketing the rest of the country in the coming week. Best of luck to all!

    • I am just pleased as peaches.. that it is just a cold weather front.. If we had really pissed off the planet and this was the poison pawn trap…we could be facing the same results similar to what the NATO countries that depended on Nord stream 2 for heat faced last winter.. and been in a real pile of crap.. as much as we have neglected our infrastructure on every level.. the whole thing wouldn’t take much to tumble ..

  11. A note on the PN site: Unlike Urban, the PN site seems to have no ability to reflow if you elect a larger font(ctrl+). For those of us with aging eyes, larger fonts are a blessing, but sliding back and forth on each line to read it all does get tiresome. I have a 24″ monitor, but am quite limited as to how large I can make a font before it spills off one side or the other.

    I realize the work involved in making a site and keeping it up to date. If it’s an easy fix for PN, I’d really appreciate it. If not, the site is still worth paying for. I’m currently viewing using Brave on a Win7 machine.

    • With *.html it’s easy, by enclosing the entire article in a table with a “width=100%” tag. Lines will scroll-to-fit irrespective of font size.

      “Width” is likely limited by the pixel-width of George’s charts, and the “enclosing everything in a table” trick may not be possible with WordPress or other server-side publishing tools.

      You might try going into “Settings/Appearance/Content” and adjusting the font size…

    • Dude Loob – keep in mind that this is all a Show.

      Think not the decrepit retard, but rather diabolic homosexuals” 3rd term.

      Future – 6′.3 tranny named Michael will be obongos’ 4th term. Everything about This antiCHRIST False – everything!

      Hail 2 the Androgyne !


      The great satam (sumer) satanryi(turk)zeus(greek)seth (egyptian)typhon/seth-enlil (nutless evil one) riding herd (frequencies) and (infected genetics-royalhouses) manipulating the hell out ofHumanity.

    • Loob,
      HR 599 might have given The President authority to attack Iran. I could find nothing showing that it passed the Senate though. So I can’t say definitively whether The President has the authority. My guess is that If he attacks Iran and it goes well, he had the authority. But if it goes badly he didn’t.

      My opinion is that if he attacks then Iran will unleash every prepositioned missile it has plus every drone in its arsenal. So in summary it might not go well.

      The reason why I don’t like to comment on politics is that where I am uncertain or confused I don’t like to make a definitive statement. To summarize I think The President might have authority, maybe, to attack Iran. But he might not. I can definitely say that I am 110 percent confused. Good luck!

      • I had one of those dreams last night that he did and all hell broke loose here in the US.. and was actually shocked that the electricity and everything was still on this morning..
        I guess no news is good news right now.. trying not to tune into any of it.. the minute you think .. could it get any worse then you hear the news..

  12. Just so all you mainlanders don’t think I’m ‘privileged’ or something… In between southerly ‘kona storms’ rolling thru the islands, we got a blast of cold northerly air last night. “Hawaiian Freezing” here is 70 degrees. So this morning it was “10-below” Hawaiian freezing at 60 degrees… brrrr.
    [Dodges snowballs from up north!]

  13. Reminder: After Holidays MEAT SALES are ongoing.

    Among the cheapest is not THE CHEAPEST prices on selected Pork and Turkey products of the year.

    Just got ham at Krogers for $.69/lb, didn’t have a chance to check Wal Mart prices but usually they are as low or lower. Turkeys this week have been running $.49 to $.69/lb and last week were as low as $.29/lb.

    If you have freezer space you might want to consider getting a 6 months supply of those two types of meats. (ham’s these days are all pre-cooked and will be safe for considerably longer than it’s “Sell By” date as long as you place it in the fridge)

  14. Read this last week:
    The U.S. poverty rate saw its largest one-year increase in history. 12.4% of Americans now live in poverty. Child poverty also more than doubled last year to 12.7% from 5.2% in 2022. More than 38 million people now live below the poverty level. [ That’s more than 10% of the population.] And that is the “official “numbers from the government., so, you know it is probably more than that.
    – Federal governments income for poverty level for 2023 is: $19,720 for a two member household. $14,580 for one. That’s $1,245 a month

    • It may be reenacted:

      Notice Republicans favor businesses over children, children don’t vote, but lobbyists and businesses do lol!
      ‘The emerging deal is a rare attempt at major bipartisan legislating in a divided Congress that has struggled to do the basics of governing. It is also the product of aligning incentives. Democrats are eager to bring back an expanded child tax credit after having enacted a huge benefit for one year, which sharply cut child poverty before the tax credit expired in 2022, raising it again. And Republicans, who unanimously rejected the earlier child cash payments, want to deliver for their traditional business allies in an election year after having struggled to pass new laws since they retook the House.’

      • NOW this rarely happens and for once I totally agree with you.. that child tax credit is a good thing under our present tax laws although I believe that the tax laws should be changed.. and that piece of shit and his brother and kid should be in prison for what they have done to the american people and this country not reporting income or paying taxes and selling out the country to other people in years past that would have held a stricter set of laws than what we have now…. hell I would be dropping bricks the size of the rock of Gibraltar if I screwed up even a couple hundred dollars instead of millions .. I am probably the poorest one on this site don’t get me wrong.. we live pretty good on what we get.. Now I am a democrat and I Like you am EMBARASSED and ASHAMED at what they have been doing to our great country..
        where others getting millions and not even reporting it because of their position then giving the american people the finger..they should be slapping those like the ones flaunting their postions of don’t touch me I don’t have to pay taxes because of my name or prison.. in the wastelands.. they are referred to as pieces of shit.. POS.. we see stock options.. we see people throwing money at our leaders vacations plane trips.. gifts,sex sex with children and every other depravity and paying for their childrens college and medical services.. influence peddling it is a shame and a disgrace to this country for our congress to allow that.
        … the country has to have income Rather than another tax credit.. like the child tax credit.. I believe in a set flat tax.. take off poverty level then pay lets say ten percent of anything over that.. no deductions..
        What is the US poverty level 2023?
        Federal Poverty Level (FPL)
        Family size 2022 income numbers 2023 income numbers
        For individuals $13,590 $14,580
        For a family of 2 $18,310 $19,720
        For a family of 3 $23,030 $24,860
        For a family of 4 $27,750 $30,000
        flat tax everyone and businesses whether or not they are in the USA or in the bahama’s if they make a buck in the USA they pay a tax on it.
        A social medical system similar to that of canada and the UK.. here we have good medical if you have the money otherwise we have one of the poorest medical systems and overchages for medications than anywhere else in the world.
        Around here.. big company execs.. put their homes and cars campers their travel expenses in the company they even fill their tanks on company income.. then it is a tax deduction for the company while everyone else has to struggle with this..
        I know several that were given million dollar homes all by the company so the company could write them off.. government workers that have so many days off and holidays that no one is there.. make them SH punch a time clock like everyone else.. you don’t work you don’t get paid for it only what three federal holidays a year and two weeks payed vacation or no vacation.. I went almost fifty years without ever having a vacation.. well I have never been on a vacation work didn’t allow it.. . tax incoming goods and services.. if you have a receptionist living in the grand caymen islands pay a tax on their a robot.. pay the same taxes as if you have people.. NO hidden hideaways…. if your having goods manufactured in another country for sale here.. then tax it..tariff the hell out of it.. as if it was made in the USA.. No benefits to anyone not a citizen.. if you cannot offer it to someone that has worked their entire life here.. then no benefits.. if we want to open the borders to whomever.. then yes they pay the same taxes plus a non resident tax and no good samaritan benefits until they become a citizen..
        I am finally glad that you and I agree on something.. its about time..

    • That’s probably considered a confusing successful statistic.

      I mean, the country just imported more than 10 million in less than 4 years so wow.

      Americans on disability make less monthly than the new imports.

      This is success in the eyes of the DemonCraps.

      • I know people on disability gave up limbs in wars to benefit some schmuck in another country ..they are refused medical care because they don’t have the six digits to give them as a good will donation.. elderly that have to travel to Mexico or Canada to get their medications because pharmaceutical companies rape them with their costs..
        now I don’t care if someone wants to live and work here..come legally and pay the same taxes plus a nonresident tax and not be eligible for benefits that are meant for those falling through the cracks that have paid in to the system. they should not be eligible until they are citizens and govt the same rules ofcitizens.. what is it a citizen has to pay in for be eligible.. 40 quarters of tax payments ..

  15. Two fore flinching Elon and Company. two fore flinching.

    thems the rules.

    now get the fuck off my yard.

    thank ya kindly.

  16. Thanks George.

    I apologize for the interruption, for purposes of display.

    you are clear on Ure Privacy policy here:

    you know all those years of being a casino inspector and regulator, you develop a uhh sense when someone is looking at you from the eye in the sky.

    and when I’m standing on my front porch, in muck boots, sweats, came jacket, CAT ball cap, having a smoke and drinking a cup of coffee minding my own business and I feel someone peeping on me through the door bell cam and it doesn’t have blue eyes like the rancher and his wife. I get the image of snake eyes.

    then I go in the house and think, hmmm am I tripping? the a couple dice roll off the night stand on the floor and its snake eyes. and I go back outside and see star link fly over.

    and it happens 3 times.

    and I know they been snooping on my locality and my phone. listing in. I just know.

    the last time, I felt those eyes peeping on the door bell cam, and saw star link go over, I came outside and the ranchers wife is out in the garage skinning a Coyote.

    well, most of the time I don’t say everything I see. but as the Ranchers wife reminded me, around these parts, we shoot and skin Coyotes.

    so I wanted to make sure I was clear about that.

    as always,

    much obliged.

    thank you so much for all you do Mr. Ure. I will return to my thoughts and quiet contemplating.

    *tips hat.

  17. if you ever read the tale of the
    coyote and the snake?

    after the story, one understands both the Coyote and the Snake, have no fucking idea how A Man thinks.

    so, dont be a Coyote or snake.

    i got my confirmation today. the A on the top of the Gold Pyramid. i know exactly where it is at. and everything has been provided in advance.

    My time in the Valley of Enoch has come to a close.

    moving forward.

  18. Remember the A in the CAT symbol above the golden Pyramid?

    A being Ahhh (The rainbow body phenomenon) is pre-Buddhist in origin

    The Golden Pyramid is a state of consciousness, far more than it is a building of wood and brick, aluminum and steel. It is a thought being made manifest, the Word being made flesh. It is Truth teaching itself through the medium of architecture. 

    “It is a place where illumined teaching will take place every day; not through the utterances of a procession of mortal sages, but by the quickening of the revelation-center within the individuals who worship there in the deep, deep silence of Christly contemplation.”

    and i know where it is at now. i seen the sign on the mountain. remember the pyramid i posted a picture of that looked like the one on the dollar, and said 24 in the middle.

    i seen the sign with the A at the top of another mountain near a city.

    the final place of my long 4 year adventure.

    im sure, it will be sooo much fun and lots of good stories.

    The Destiny of the Golden Pyramid.


  19. this is the Prophecy.

    “the Master of the Hidden House shall wait in the Silent Place for the coming of that man who, casting aside the fallacies of dogma and tenet, seeks simply Truth and will be satisfied with neither substitute nor counterfeit.”

    its a real place. an old sage once told me, if an archtype be an archtype, it must have a material representation.

    and i have found that to be true. the entire world is a birage of symbolism. everything from the Bull symbol on the toyota car or truck to names of cities like phoenix which anyone who knows anything is the symbol of the phoenix is the Trinity of God, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

    to the City of Seattle aka The Emerald City, where the yellow brick road takes you in Oz.

    the Golden Pyramid has to have a Material Expression.

    i know roughly where it is at. i know its approximate locality.

    i do think, you can only enter it, by being a certain way, or it would be hidden from those who are unable to acknowledge its existance. im sure it is hidden in plane site.

    i realize now, all creation has been giving me glymps of it. i didnt know what it meant. i seen it here and there. in sunsets and sunrizes. the indian Maze and other imagery. its on every one dollar bill. its a real place.

    i know that it exists. i know that it is real. and i know i must go to it. and inside it.

    i think it ushers in what the Hermetic order calls “The Golsen Age”. the 5th world.

    one has to complete a series of tests and perform a series of faith tasks in order for the Golden Pyramid reveal itself to them.

    What a wild adventure!

  20. like when i was driving ore trains in a living expression of the merkaba. moving phosphate which is the Alchmy symbol of spirit and light.

    most do not see these representations in the world around them, because they are hidden in plane site.

    but i recognise them.

    eagles nest north, mountain lions den east, heard of cattle to the west with a Big Bull standing on top of a mound and the cows around him (Ox), the likeness of a Man (fella on the stacker, where we drop our ore to go to the refinery) to the south.

    one big path shaped like the symbol of infinity. and my Ore Train #11 with an 11 in front, on each side and one on the back, 11 or One By one. (like the throne in the merkaba two thrones Charity and Justice at its center)

    the golden pyramid must be a real material expression. and once you enter in to it? you enter into the city not built by human hands.

    hebrews 11:10

    For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.

    it has to be a material representation, hidden in plane site.

    has to be a real material place.

  21. Regarding the privacy policy for Urban, it’s generally good. I’d not read it through before. Since you like to cross the I’s and dot the T’s, I’d suggest that you add “legal” in the second paragraph. “Engineering” and other disciplines may or may not be going too far. The policy is quite straightforward and I’ve got no problem with it at all. When it comes to outflanking lawyers, I suppose it’s what you have vs how difficult it is to take that determines how careful you must be.

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