Seeking Ararat II

You study the UrbanSurvival site, you read G.A. Stewart’s take and finally come to it: Time to “Get out of Dodge.”  Well, except for one thing: You don’t know how, exactly. Because getting out, even if you have time (when time comes, so to speak) is not likely to work unless you have laid in plans well ahead of time.

As part of my latest serialized book for Peoplenomics subscribers, Building Your Personal Ark, we take off this morning on the “getting out part”.  We look at cars, RV’s and even the “going Mountain Man option.

First though, we have to take a swipe at how the world is really working while we wait for the smelly stuff and the fan to collide.

After which, I will go back to wondering who put lines of HTML source a report that says  simply <musk>. Yeah, things are getting ever stranger as we roll…

By the way, Great Comments from G.A. Stewart in the UrbanSurvival comments overnight.  Go read his latest here.

Two cups worth, today. Maybe even three.  Not counting charts we’re over that 7,000 word range again..

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55 thoughts on “Seeking Ararat II”

  1. “Can all of this virtualization remain real and vital? Or, at some point, does the world come crashing down, hungrily devouring everything in sight?

    I’m guessing we crash, and the result is not pleasant…

  2. “Occasionally, you will see a used Kenworth or Peterbilt tractor come up for sale on eBay or Craigslist. ”

    I suggest Blue Wave or GovDeals.

    “Insurance (until stuff hits the fan) is another Big factor in decision-making. The Class B (being smaller than an A or C – which never made sense to me, either) is the cheapest of the lot. Typically $800 per year. Then comes the Class C in the $1,000-range. With the high-end rigs, Class A’s costing $1,400 per year ”

    If’fn it is a bug out vehicle, insurance is zero. It is stupid to insure something which will only be used in the event insurance companies all go belly-up…

      • Many States (and InsCos) give a 30-day allowance or grace period, where your existing insurance covers a newly-purchased vehicle. If you buy a vehicle from a distance (or out of State), it is impossible to insure it until you have the VIN and have its title, in-hand, and also have a police or governmental agency run a nationwide MV check. It is also impossible to have this done legally, unless you (or your “agent”) are present. I live in a free State, so am never carded before buying petrol (or wipers, which I ALWAYS buy ASAP when I purchase a MV…)

        • when I got the buggy 2 They wouldn’t even close the deal and hand over the keys until I showed proof of insurance..
          In a real SHTF.. how many would continue to buy insurance.. insurance is a lot like playing the lottery.. your gambling that in some point you won’t need it.. and they are gambling that you could need it..
          as anyone that has had to use their insurances because of a hurricane or tornado flood earthquake or civil disturbance will tell you.. the insurance companies do not pay out.. Even in healthcare.. just about everyone that has been in our spare rooms could tell you.. the insurance companies and companies drop you if you get sick the hospitals take everything you own.. and govt employees or veterans go by the your covered as long as your alive.. everyone that has left from an illness that had va benefits or old govt benefits.. their final expenses are not covered because they are no longer there..
          I could save two grand a month just on insurances that I get.. easy..
          two of my kids were scared to death when covid shut downs.. about people dropping their policies..

  3. “One last point, because we had considered a motor home as a “cheap place to stay” when I was doing consulting gigs in sales. There was one opportunity in the Pacific Northwest that had come up but I’d have to be there. My research all made sense until I started looking for a place to park our (Hypothetical) RV at the far end.”

    I would never pay to park an RV.

    It simply makes no sense to do so.

    If’fn you’re staying in a town, you should be in a hotel/motel, and therefore don’t need an RV. If you’re staying out in the boonies, there’s many places to park for free, and no, you don’t get an electrical or cable TV hookup. Again, if you want these amenities you need to be in a hotel, not an RV…

    • You don’t need to stay in a campground or a hotel to get electricity in an RV. Generators or solar panels, with inverters, can provide you with the basics when boondocking. My first RV, which I had for 17 years, had neither, so when I needed electricity I just drove it around for awhile to charge up the single house battery. Primitive, for sure, but enough for me at the time.

      My life lit up, literally, with the second RV, which had both a generator and a 130-watt solar panel. I never used the generator because I hated the noise, but the solar panel provided me with all the electricity I wanted throughout the 8 yrs. that I lived in it full-time. I didn’t watch TV and I didn’t have any gadget that required more power than my 1000-watt inverter could supply. My main power needs were for lights, computer, and charging various devices. The only drawback was not being able to use the AC, but if it got that hot, I merely moved to a higher elevation. (Correction: I could have used the AC if I’d been willing to use the generator, but I wasn’t.) It was a simple, wonderful life that would certainly be adequate in a bug-out situation . . . IF the RV is in excellent condition. The need for repairs is otherwise constant, and it seems that the newer models are very poorly constructed and may need more repairs than the older models.

    • WALMART… will let you park..
      had one gentleman that couldn’t get his thirty year retirement.. because almost eleven of his years deployed to some foreign land were outsourced to the Alphabet organizations.. Even though he was in the military.. that doesn’t count as military service.. he couldn’t get his thirty year retirement..After he lost his home he tried to live in a storage shed.. then they made him stop there.. he was living in his car.. Walmart let him park and use their parking lots… restroom etc.. he stayed on our couch when it was fifty below zero.. he would say the senators best man evers guy was working on it.. I said invite that best man ever to come spend a week in the car.. or better yet drag your sleeping bag into the best man evers office.. maybe then that best man ever will go get the signatures needed.. after five years of the best man ever not doing his job.. the guy had a stroke.. and died…alone they found him about a week after..
      heck two months ago they were confused that one of their best employees quit he hadn’t shown up for almost a week.. then they found him.. dead in the car…
      He never did get his retirement.. I am pretty sure that the best man ever is still working on it to LOL

  4. “Imagine finding one of those few Volkswagen Rabbit diesels. There were a few that came with 25-gallon tanks. Driven nicely, full tank would push up to the 500-600 mile range.”

    That would be B-4 (Passat) wagons, of the 1996 and 1997 vintage. With a 5-speed and a light foot (and some practice), [they] could be expected to return between 63 and 72 mpg. I’m in the “700 mile club” with my (A-4) Jetta, with its automatic transmission, 16gal tank, and 150WHP. There are guys (gals) who have 5-speed A-4s and have comfortably made the “800 mile club.” In one of those HTF and extremely expensive Passats, a body can drive nonstop from Key West to Portland, Maine (see the exploits of Jon Bartlett on VW Vortex or TDIClub, using biodiesel in a B-4. I believe he got around 83mpg, one year…)

    The true high-mileage VWs are the Rabbit diesels of the early 1980s. Unfortunately, their acceleration is measured in “minutes from zero to sixty,” not seconds, and they had 12gal tanks.

    My old diesel truck had a ~2000mi cruise range, but only because I carried 200 gallons in the bed…

    ‘Best setup is still a Class-A, either towing a Mini Cooper S ragtop or housing one inside, as a “toy hauler.” The Cooper is nimble, indestructible, and can carry lumber or pipe with the top down — should get ~38mpg with its SUs properly balanced, and is a much better “rover” solution than a pick-up + 5th wheel… oh, and it’s EMP-proof.

    • Ain’t it remarkable AF-1 is a “four engine heavy?” And no one buys a car based on 50 MPG as a baseline search crite3ria? So yeah, pardon me when the blowme administration sacks natgas stoves and sells coal to China. Lying sonsabitches and that’s on a good day with a tailwind.
      “Environmentalism” is a scam except for those of us living it.
      I get into it deeper in what is now the second rewrite of the 100-year toaster.
      But like my consigliere said: If these a**holes really cared about the voters, they would not have wholesaled all those repo’d homes from the Housing Collapse into hands of Blackrock and the rest of the Wall St. Mob.”
      He’s being too kind.
      We’re being ripped so something 1000 times 9/11 will be needed. Bets on Phoenix? Slow-roll the chip developments and keep we wee folk in line with shortages galore. Permits to travel the interstates will come (think the semis on I-40 ) – we can almost see it coming…

      • a Boeing 7-4 as AF-1 is a symbolic power trip, not a most practical choice. For many years it was THE pinnicle of size and American greatness. The livery was inspired… beautiful to my eye anyway. (Raymond Lowey conceived it, if I have my facts straight. The designer also of the “GG-1” famed railroad locomotive. If I recall rightly.)

        I beleve some Airbus monsters are bigger, but it’s another symbol to use an American-made jet. The A-380 is bigger, being the only full-length double decker, I think. Still, I’m glad AF-1 is a 7-4.

        On the GEET technology though.. if you notice one is for the US Army.. the other is for paul pantone.. both patents are basically the same patent.. with a few minor changes.. that really don’t mean to much.. now if you research it you will find out that every auto maker and every branch of the military and every country has this very same patent… it isn’t even a secret everyone knows about it.. like the tucker.. they won’t use anything like this because gas usage is money.. that is why you don’t see tesla towers to harvest the frequencies floating through the air.. or roof mount systems.. its why they discourage solar energy and everythign else.. the same process is used in getting gas from coal.. stuff that has been known for years.. forgotten then brought back as new.. I believe that the first ones that were recorded in texts was two hundred years before Plato was born in China.. where they used it.. and transported it through bamboo pipelines.. anyway it isn’t new.. Its all part of the Sacred Geometry that has its roots in Ancient Greece, or even further back since we see it in everything from the building of the pyramids to where the pyramids are placed on the earth all represent the sacred deometry.. you see it in how propellors are constructed to absolutely everything even branches show the geometry of synchronicity . It describes the belief that God, when creating the universe and everything in it, used a consistent kind of geometry or repeating regular shapes as the building blocks for all our existence. anyway I am close to ranting about frequencies to LOL

    • I love this stuff because have you ever wondered about why they can take a 1972 Bronco four wheel drive across the middle eighties I had a seventy two.. the toy was awesome.. but dam.. the mileage of it sucked.. three miles a gallon in four wheel drive.. and ten on highway miles..If you ever got stuck in it.. well you were stuck.. it had real four wheel drive.. so how did they drive them hundreds of miles in the outback on saffari’s.. it was the carburetor..
      …you can buy the carburetor… the same with the carburetors in the trucks in the outbacks..
      one guy that had a ford.. but he had it while he was overseas.. got huge mileage.. it was how it vaporized the fuel.. anyway.. he could drive across the state on just a few gallons.. when he got back to the USA they tried everything they could to get a hand on it..
      Texaco use to have an employee challenge once a year and in 1965 they had a chevy getting what was it almost eight hundred miles to a gallon.. I use to have copies of all the yearly magazines from texaco.. but no longer have them.. in 1978 a gentleman from Texas drove across the USA to congress in a little ford car.. on ten gallons of gas.. he used a vaporizer..

      That is basically how he did it.. but he used a carburetor system .. let the heat of the at that point it was brand new tech.. but the catalytic converter do the cracking.. it is the same if you used a microwave to..
      its frequencies and pressure heat etc.. the problem with hydrogen though.. is its hot.. real hot.. so you have to cool it down.. and hydrogen without the cool down can damage a motor.. great to cook with.. or you can use a small motor.. but with the newer type motors and the construction of them its damaging.. I think a person would have to put maybe oil in one of the cooling chambers.. then a system that works on demand.. you can’t store it.. you have to split it for like a car use.. split it and store it in a hydride and carbon tank.. then heat it to get the hydrogen to release from the hydride.. so auto use is not really efficient enough.. to many processes..

      With the GEET… It works similar to the Coleman gas generator.. using heat as the generator.. the bubbler in the fuel tank as the bubbler in the coleman camp stove.. same process.. its the same with an old used oil stove to.. intensify it by using water vapor or pop cold coffee etc..

  5. “Only a “way out there” contingency, though. The EPA has a way of showing up at farm-oriented events and passing out $10,000 fines for running “off-road diesel” in a public highway conveyance.”

    After the SHTF, there IS NO EPA…

  6. I love the part of Stew’s comment where he proclaims to be “a moral and intellectual snob.” – So am I. I’m not much of a Writer but I am a Reader and, I want to read the Truth.

    We need more moral and intellectual snobs in the world. Folks who tell us the Truth and validate it. Stew does that. Thank God !! – BTW, George, so do you and, we’re very fortunate you get up early every day to tell us the Truths.

    Lots of “expert opinions” out there and folks who (think?) they know what’s going on. Copy cat bullshit just to get their 15 minutes of fame. That shit just causes confusion and controversy.

    Wife and I recently stopped in a well known Christian Book Store to get a copy of The Apocrypha. Wasn’t expecting to see how many (versions) there were. As a kid, there was only One. All I wanted was, a copy of the REAL One.

    As I looked across the shelves one book stood out: The Apocrypha/ JKV. So, I’m suppose to believe the folks who took the Apocrypha out of the Bible? Seriously?? I got kinda angry and leaned over to my wife and said, (quote) “Get me TF out of here.”

    We’re just gonna Amazon a Geneva Bible. It’s in there.

    So yeah, I completely understand Stew’s situation and I greatly appreciate his moral and intellectual approach. He’s really not a Snob. He’s just being assertive about his stance.

    Thank you Stew. You get 5 Stars from me.

      • I’ve appreciated Doug’ writings for the past 40+ years. We met on a couple of occasions, though he has far better social skills than I do. The article is good and mentions tripwires that most people have no idea about. In our country, insurance companies are alllowed to use your “credit rating” to calculate your insurance premiums – something that is only loosely relevant to your actual risk profile if even that. Insurance is required to drive(in most cases) and every vehicle you own is billed separately, even though you can only drive one at a time. The regulators are in on it and with high enough insurance, you’re effectively prohibited from driving. That’s not here yet, but the companies are ramping up rates at around 20% a year, sometimes twice that, even though a person may have no tickets, collisions, or even LEO contacts. I suspect that age is a factor, but who really knows?

        None of us are safe from the ability of financial institutions to “debank” us! We need to look extremely conventional regardless of our desires. AI and its tendency to look for outliers across diverse aspects of our digital lives will only exacerbate this trend.

        You’re definitely right about the “herd animal” thing. Not all of us are herd animals and not all of us are interested in feeding our lifeblood to our self-appointed shepherds!

  7. Yo Trader G,

    WhatTheFuck is going on at the SEC ? How pray tell can this agency secure/protect/ police ANYTHING ?

    Pure and Simple INCOMPETENCE..which always leads to FAILURE.

    *See pedojoe administration for IN URE Face glaring examples of Incompetence and FAILURE – everything those assholes have done has FAILEDor Failing.

    But I digress, oh how I digress.Fckrs!

    SEC got Hacked ! Read that again my precious sheepy Sheeps, read that again- The Securities Exchange Commission got HACKED yesterday. No 2 factor anything, no nothing – zero .

    Please, oh please tell the Bitcoin Nazi HOW the SEC can protect and Serve the Securities Industry and Investors from Malefactors ? Please ? What TheHoly F! is going on over there? Where did all the MONEY from Annual Budget Allocations Go To ?
    Hello – is there anybody out there ?

    “We” (maximalists) knew and foretold that g gensmear would literally use the Dog Ate My Homework excuse to delay the decision on BTC etf’s approval. Looks like he did one weasleworx better and “self hacked” instagram account – false flagging the decision…Yeah yeah we need moar time, after the hack we need moar time get our shit back in order..

    Weak Sad Pathetic – that is our GOVERMINT under 2 Zionazi pedo freaks and a tribesmen.That would bee 3 Strikes G, tree!

    “Blue” better call the Out, lazy bastard.

    • Which part of “government hates competition” when comes to money (in any form it doesn’t control) were you not paying fucking attention to????
      Lord love a duck, buddy. Anyone in their right mind could see this coming a zillion away.
      Say you’re not in your, um, you know…uh…right….oh, fuhgeddaboudit.

      • Chuckle. I have an ongoing chat with my only surviving 1st Cousin. Smart fella but … he drank the kewl-aide. Hopefully he parked a trifle in BTC and ETH but, of late he’s getting defensive when I point out issues like his brother, the Big Brother, isn’t fond of off-sys competition to currency (and has CBDC in the chute ready to roll-out).

        IMO, as long as people confine ventures to small portions of one’s wealth it’s no big deal. The all-in folks are trapped in a hero or zero play. Fine if you like. Leave me out, thanks much. AG/AU check. Pretend money? Nuh-uh.

        On Ararat: I’m not moving. Mobile sounds fine but there’s no way to take it all (stores) with me. I’m too near Chicago for survival sake but the rest is ideal. Heck, not even sure I want to survive end times. If I do it’ll be making a stand here.

        ATL: massive flocks of geese, the Canadian Air Force, were transiting in/out last night. These late migrators are clearly irritated, loud as heck in quiet of the night. Probably a thousand or more are speeding south.

        WX: tomorrow will be a crazy day at groceries. Yesterday at my office not a single person knew what the forecast was for Friday. The model was wobbling but now fixed at 10-11″ of snow with more Sat/Sun.

        We B done adding stores though I have a couple Menards items to collect (non-coated steel for welding, etc.). I made plans with the helper fella to shovel. I did my part yesterday so will do little or none.

        Snork: when the first half of winter featured unusual warmth everyone wondered if it was climate change? Now? It’s weather. Sheesh, pick one and stay with it hey?

        Bring it on Mother Nature. Snow days are welcome.
        Write when you get warm,

      • BCN Official stance on Bitcoin ETF – “Nein, Nein, Nein.

        Same goes for any shitcoin (all others not named BTC).

        Watch da BTC’s on night 26th- day of 27th – ToneVays big BTC event/news day..uncanny accuracy that cat.

  8. I have a quasi-friend. He went off the rails a few years back when his wife died suddenly from an aneurysm. He has spent the last three years “living on the road”. His mode of travel is a Ural sidecar rig – two wheel drive. He sends me an email very two weeks, or so. Lots of great stories and photo’s., from all over the country. For the past eight months he has been exploring and riding the back roads of the rural Tennessee area. Says he feels like he is looking for something, but doesn’t really know what it is. Person, place, or thing – he doesn’t know.
    He admitted last Summer that living on the road after the SHTF would be suicide. You would not survive the constant and unending onslaught of the desperate, crazed population. RV, van, motorcycle., you will simply be gunned-down.
    When the SHTF his plan is to ride as fast as he can to his daughter’s farm in nowhere Oklahoma. They converted the loft in the barn to a one bedroom apartment.., and he will work the farm with them and provide the security where he can. [ 21 year Army vet, 101st Airborne Division.]

    • Put a star on that one being “not one to try and sneak in on”
      In city dweebers don’t realize that IQ is pretty evenly spread. but when crash comes to the door, local stocks of lead and food not to mention some long-eyes 6 km drones on high perch, well, uneven, yeah…

  9. Another item for the Ark discussion. Aging during the SHTF/Collapse or whatever.
    10+ inches of wet, heavy snow along with subzero wind chill temps has the Hoopty in jeopardy. I don’t have a clue how or why it is still standing. I’ve been carefully shoveling the snow away from the sides to allow the snow to melt down from the peak thanks to a couple of propane heaters running inside. There is a lot of food along with ours and some neighbors fig trees I am trying to save. Ask G2 his thoughts on old men shoveling snow. I’ll bet they are on par with old men on ladders. Nurse practitioner daughter and her trauma nurse spouse along with Diana spent the eveing last chewing my ass out. Still beats the hell out of city living.

    • My daughter in law sent me an article saying that after the age of 40, shoveling snow should be passed to a younger generation. I asked her what city people wrote that.

      I told my neighbors about the article and her warning. Everyone around here got a good laugh about that.

      • Exactly. Work still needs to get done. After 2 days of shoveling snow and now sub zero temps expected for the next several days I’m beginning to think Diana may be right that we need to cut back ranch operations even more. Just don’t expect me to ever agree to town life.

      • Snowblowers – winterize em with Stabil, as cheap Chykneesium built carburetors no likey Muhrican Gasoline blends. Electric start is recommended. Im a shoebiedoobiedoo, and so head South with da Burds in da Wintertime. Plow service is same cat who does yard service in Summertime when when we be away traveling.. Keeps the place looking actively occupied whiles the catz are away.

      • At almost twice that age, I was actively digging a deep trench by hand where no machine that I owned could work. Know your body and listen to it. We’re all temporary on this earth and we need to engage our physical resources, but there’s no need to overdo it(most of the time).

        Dirt is a lot heavier than snow, and clay is worse. We all need to do what we must.

    • Not one of “Ray’s Rules,” but a valid observation nonetheless:

      “I have yet to find a job that will do itself.”

      I really appreciate it when one of my kids makes the drive to shovel my sidewalk, but if it needs to be shoveled (it doesn’t always)* and there’s no progeny or roving neighborhood kid, you can betcherass I’m going to be out with a steel shovel and snow boots, to check the job off my chore list.

      * Look at the forecast! If the temp is going above freezing, only to plunge back into the frigid zone, or if it’s going to rain on top of the snow, shoveling is unwise, because you’re much less likely to slip and fall in snow than on ice. Wait a day…

  10. I live in North Central Washington about 20 miles from a small town (no stop light) that could be considered “The middle of nowhere.”

    I’ve been seeing construction materials go up the road to an even more remote location this Winter. That’s pretty much unheard of here, with the Winters we have.

    Last month a truck hauled a bulldozer up the hill and then, after a snowfall, the dozer went back down to be loaded on the truck at the bottom of the hill below my place. I didn’t see when it went up the road again, but today I saw it go back down.

    Someone appears to be paying a LOT of money to have their Ararat built in my area at the last minute.

  11. After reading todays ‘mobile options’ I am SOOO glad I made my ‘retirement’ plans years ago, and had the time and means to accomplish them. (Thank You , Lord!) Mainly to get away from the overcrowded, multiple targeted, “gathering place” island. I’ve got all I need to live here in the jungles, and the Volcano Ranch is my Ark.

    I do believe I am being called to start the Volcano Vanilla farm. (Blame it all on LOOB, that dang ‘vanilla addict’ that set me on this path!) I have found a Florida farm who will sell cuttings and plants of the rare Peruvian strain of ‘Pompona’ vanilla with the fat beans. Will not order them until the winter freezing weather moderates on the mainland, though.

    I have discovered several vanilla growers on my island. One surprise, just down the road from me, is a very active ham radio operator old farm lady, who told me the tale of growing, pollinating, and curing a batch of beans years ago that she still has some of for making extract. I want to try to propagate the rare Pompona as no one else is doing it here, and I want to try to save the ‘original’ that was discovered in Peru. Getting a couple plants and cuttings, it will take a few years of TLC just to get the plants strong and growing. I’ll deal with harvesting down the road. The Kauai Vanillery
    has some good pages of how they modernized the curing process a bit. It still labor and time intensive. So perhaps in a few years I will have some exotic farm barter for those with elite palates. Kauai Vanillery is selling imported Pompona beans. One ounce is two beans… $43.00!!

  12. For a good simulation of mobile arks, I would suggest watching the Walking Dead series from the beginning.

    Mobile arks work good until they: 1. Run out of fuel 2) Meet with organized looters.

    First rule of evacuations: don’t be the last out of the driveway.
    Second rule: Have a place to go that you own, and be prepared to stay there for the duration.
    Third rule: Ignore anyone who tells you that you can’t leave because they say so, unless they have the drop on you with real firepower. Don’t disobey a direct order from an armed blockade; just drive around them out of their view.

    • would you be able to use them? Everyone prepares as it everything will remain the same.. the if it doesn’t affect you or you have never experienced it.. it doesn’t exist thought..
      I was mottled and in so much pain for a few years.. swollen huge.. it was so bad.. they didn’t think I would still be here.. anyway I went through it.. it is part of my memories of my own personal experiences… BUT… I forgot.. my mind has blocked that experience out.. so when ever I have a bad day.. it is NEW all over again.. we prep for stability that we know daily..

      just drive that personal ark over that and your good to go..

      • “Everyone prepares as it everything will remain the same.. the if it doesn’t affect you or you have never experienced it.. it doesn’t exist thought..”

        I assume everything which requires electricity or petroleum will cease, either to function, or to function in a useful manner. (What happens if your solar panels crank out juice, but you don’t have anything to power with it?) This is why I have electric drills, but I also have a brace and brace bits; I have chainsaws, but I also have a bow saw, axes, and wedges; I have a furnace, but I also have a stove and a few cords of hardwood.

    • Sometimes, as with wildfires putting your property at risk, you need to stay out of sight and fight the fire, or at least protect your stuff. Wildfires are incredibly scary and dangerous, but the assigned teams have very different priorities than individuals. An entire community near here refused to leave and fought a wildfire to a standstill, and as a result, they still have a community! I’m sure G2 would disagree with that approach, but that’s to be expected. Note: The members of that community knew all the back roads and trails and were able to bypass the State Police blockades to get back home.

  13. Someone posted this a few days ago:

    The Henoch Prophecies:

    Then, this was on the cover of the Daily Mail earlier Wednesday, the very next day after he posted the above link:

    The timing couldn’t be more eerie.

    The evilness of our leaders leading us into annihilation is almost beyond comprehension.

    No, you did not vote for this. Nor can you stop it.

    You can only bind yourselves together with freedom loving, God fearing people, and as has been mentioned here many times before.

    Do not fear the reaper.

  14. Here’s a link to a solo sailor named Lauren Landers. She sails in the Caribbean. The episode linked below from about 3 months ago raises the issue of burnout. She also has a recent episode from a couple of weeks ago about how she navigated without an Autopilot.

    The lesson I learned is that many people’s survival preparations are for weeks at most. Then things start getting worse and worse.

    • The same applies to individuals who are being held as virtual prisoners in their own homes. Civil unrest, bureaucrats, clubs, community “leaders”, gangs, hate-mongers, identity thieves, lawyers, partisans, medical types, grifters, corrupt government including judges and police, private security, social media stalkers, wealthy pricks, and worst of all, vigilantes, all trolling for victims are possible memes. I’ve seen all of it, and more.
      Being all alone with no one coming to help gets old as months and years drag by. Over-vigilance is just as dangerous to an individual’s health as under-vigilance. That is the reality for too many in this country. We don’t need foreign devils to attack, or travel to the far ends of the earth to experience this. Learning to shrug off intimidation and go about Ure business without provoking (or volunteering for) outright assaults or imprisonment is usually the best course. I came by my education the hard way. Documenting what you see and experience online can help.

  15. One thing, George, that you may have left out is this.

    Friends/Family/Groups – 500 miles distant from each other, across the nation.

    Willing to accept each other and take each other in depending on circumstances.

    This network will alleviate a lot of issues IF things get bad AND your inner guidance counselor says – “Git thee out of here/there/anywhere.”

    IF you own a Class A, B,or C, or tow behind, or panel truck, or covered me up truck, or any manner of turtle housing, practice packing it up, with Family, Friends, and Gear and get a move along, see?

    You may not have the bug out place, but you and your crew just might be welcome at the Family/Friend’s/Group’s place.

    Safety and comfort and numbers.

    How about agreeing ahead of time, what the list is, and what is essential to bring with you when it is your time to mosey on down the road?

    I am seriously considering the following: a letter with $500 in it for each family member stating my desire for them to get ready, and to use the money to purchase what their family needs IF they need to move/migrate/uproot themselves.

    IF they stay, use it for their Stay At Home Plan; or maybe they will mosey on over to somewhere closer.

    Seems like a nice gift to continue to focus, care for, and love on others as we practice care and love for ourselves.


    As mentioned here previously, many lots/land for sale under $50,000 (lots of land/acreage under $35,000).

    Most land/lots unrestricted, so you can put a tiny home, build a home, manufactured home, have an RV, build a metal storage building, even seen some nice and fancy cargo shipping container homes, real nice, and not too pricey.

    Unrestricted allows you to dream your home into physical reality at a price you can afford.

    Many people hook up to city services, live in an RV, and then put a cover over the RV, and have a little storage building for overflow, and there they are, less than $40,50,60k and all set up.

    You can have animals, have a garden, enjoy your hobbies, just change your whole mindset.

    Yes, it’s simple living, but it is your place, and you can invite your friends and family.

    I just did a simple search in Texas, the country is awaiting ya’ll.

    Great website, George.

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