Time Machine Engineering Notes

No, actually, I’m not kidding.  Our recent encounter with what can only be called a “time slip”  August 30th has actually yielded not only an interesting  set of data correlations but also deep-thinking on how “the Whole Thing (Universe) might work.

Sorry it’s such a long piece, but there’s a ton of concept to digest, So we will keep the news and ChartPack

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43 thoughts on “Time Machine Engineering Notes”

  1. Hi, George,

    Thank you very much for a boatload of information, which I will need to take time to digest.

    I noticed something unusual last weekend, August 31 and September 1, regarding the hummingbirds around my home. Here, the hummingbirds arrive the second week of April and stay until early October, occasionally leaving the end of September. Well, I currently have only three out of twenty-plus hummingbirds since last weekend. I have never seen hummingbirds leave so early and so suddenly. Just an observation.

    • Here (central North Carolina) our micro-birds seem to have migrated as well. They haven’t been seen for about a full week now. This is early they are usually with us till mid-October.

      I have had a hare-brained theory for a while now that some animals are sensitive to deep infra-sonics — sounds far, far lower that the lowest bass note.

      It is established that large storms generate huge infra-sonic signatures, so maybe our little guys have left before the storms this year.

    • I’m inclined to believe strange animal behavior is related to earthquakes and weather.

      I live in Maryland and the critters have been eating everything in sight. I put out corn and the groups are getting larger and more frequent. Some of the bushes and trees have started winterizing early as well. The rains have dried up. The Old Timers believe a cold winter is on the way which makes sense as the last few years have been very mild. I’m also recovering from shoulder surgery which almost guarantees a ton of snow is coming that needs to be shoveled, LOL. Does anyone have an almanac or know any tried and true predictors? I haven’t seen any woolly bears but I did see a black butterfly yesterday and it seemed to be struggling.

  2. Fascinating read. I will read it again when I have more time.

    Just a point of information: I think in the beginning of part 2, you meant to say 10e20 joules and 10e25 joules. To me, it makes no sense written as 1020 and 1025.

    Perhaps I’ll find yet another use for my plasma cutter! I wonder what effects, if any, it will have on my newly installed “smart meter”.

  3. Thanks for beaming me up Georgey. Go back two weeks place your bets and ride your time with enough. Thanks Mr Spock

  4. A fine rabbit hole you have fallen into this time G. Think Ure gonna need a way more powerful computer than the one U R currently running Ure calculations on. Mechanically speaking Ure gonna need to figure out planet positions – exactly/precisely – in order to move from one time frame to another – Earth and others are moving at all times..

    Once U have all that figured out, let us know, thinking Bi-Location, ala Padre Pio, Daoist Masters would be of interest and useful in a better understanding of the ways.

  5. Interesting theory. My time slip occurred as I was traveling through the highway 92 pass to Half Moon Bay. That area has always been odd. That interchange of highway 101 and 92 is where I lose cell coverage, Sirius XM goes dead as does Tune-in on my car. All are satellite or streaming based. That pass connects Ocean to Bay in the mid Peninsula. Is there my correlation of being in between two bodies of water and time slips? I also forgot to mention…after my meeting at the property I was showing, I went to a local restaurant called Sams Chowder House and had this incredible feeling of deja Vu. It was an overwhelming feeling that I had already experienced all that was in the present. Weird huh?

    On Sharpie gate. I am on the media’s side on this one. Yes, they are giving it way to much play…but No matter if Trump’s claiming that the chart he had was part of the original forecast…it wasn’t the present forecast. It was three days old…and…more important…he took it upon himself to alter it from the chart he was given with a Sharpie. Why? I still don’t understand his Motive for doing that. That’s very irresponsible. And a crime for potentially causing undue panic and loss of revenue for the state of Alabama.

    People in Alabama were not happy because he announced it on a major holiday weekend. Millions of dollars of tourism dollars were at stake. I haven’t seen any metrics of cancelled vacations to the Gulf Shores Area or flights to Alabama, but nevertheless, for many parts of the country, the Labor Day weekend is one of the most profitable of the year. A last hurrah before school and less stable weather sets in. My biggest issue?No apologies from Never Wrong Trump. It sort of sickens me.

  6. For the record:  Friday morning (Aug 30) it looked like Dorian would, indeed, jump central Florida and head into the GOM.

    As George stated, Trump was right at the time. Each time Trump opens his mouth, the left thinks it is a Conspiracy, a plot to do something unlawful or harmful. More made up garbage to defeat Trump in 2020. I even think one Trump Hater used as his source comedian Seth Meyers. How desperate are they?

    • That’s the thing Vote Trump, it wasn’t the time he said it. By Sunday, there was absolutely no service that had Dorian jumping central Florida. Three days earlier there was a slight chance. But as much as the weather changes on a normal day, let alone a hurricane, people with brains know that you must be to the hour on forecast like this…not three days late. And no Seth Meyers is not where I get my info. It’s where I get my laughs. My info is straight from the national weather service that immediately refuted Trumps claim.

      • Sorry Mark, you & your friends at CNN misinterpreted everything.

        “In a statement attributed to an unnamed NOAA spokesperson, the agency said Trump had been given information from August 28 until Monday that Dorian could impact Alabama.”

        It was the Weather Service in Birmingham, AL to save the tourist business who attacked Trump, & CNN, of course, jumped on the story.

        You look but don’t see. Hate blinds.

  7. “Then I got thinking – was this what happened in 1929? Did everyone start to believe the “sweet song” and drink the same Kool-Aid?” I believe the answer is yes. I recall reading somewhere that at the market’s peak, exuberance was so high that shoe shine boys were buying stock on margin.

    As for time-space, maybe the ether has density controlled by electromagnetism, and last week’s woo woo was the Earth slipping through a lower density area, increasing our time velocity? If you have to be in a higher dimension to observe a lower one (2D to see a point and 3D to see a line) what is the 5th dimension to observe something’s position in 4D (3D in time)? I wonder if somebody wrote a book about this and in terms that can be understood?

  8. I wasnt going to comment on the time slip issue until I saw this today.

    First comment to make is about very deep , hard naps. My wife and I work long hours 7 days a week. We never get the luxury of a nap. Never. That day both of us could not help but taking…..a 2 hour nap. Apologized to some customers for not getting back with them. None complained as they too had a lengthy little 2 hour nap themselves ! Co-incidence ? Probably.

    I hit this part heavy in my thinking and still dont have it ironed out correctly in my so called head. I do peruse some alternative sites that sometimes go way off the deep end in their thinking. But I do pick up bits and pieces that I find useful. From that site I read that the Earth is/was in the middle of a magnetic storm. Strange anomolies have been reported. Other people mentioning odd actions from others during that time and day. Okay , theres a lot of folks here much smarter than me so tear me to shreds if need be. Is it not possible to control humans through energy/magnetics/electricity ? Ive read where the alphabets have used this decades past. Seems commonly accepted.

    Heres where I go nutty. I recall from my earlier training in the Navy about frequency. The space between the sine waves is time , correct ? Time and frequency are intertwined. We had different systems on my ship for different frequency needs. F-14’s needed an MG set that supplied 400MHZ whereas general power and lighting ran on 60MHZ. ( patient , Im trying to get to my point ! ) Can the same not be said for people ? Our perception of reality and the way we works in a very specific need. So if theres a disruption in our “sine wave” that can change our thinking , physiology and even our health. That day had many people complaining about how rude and aggressive otherwise normally nice people were that day.

    On the frequency , I go back in my mind to what I consider the perfect explanation to be on time and frequency. I dont recall the name of the movie but it was the one with Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johanson. The scene that sticks out in my mind is the one where she is talking about time and frequency to the group of scientists. Changing the frequency can change the time. Frequency is a function of an electrical input.

    From a very odd sci-fi point of view , shifting the time can shift out certain attacks that need to target a specific time.

    I think this last one was a big shift. Not like the little 20 minute slips that were happening in years past.

    Honestly , if im crazy , please say so !!!

    • Sound pretty rational to me… It may help you to know two things
      1.Induction motors turn at a speed proportional to frequency, so a high frequency power supply allows more power to be obtained for the same motor volume and mass. Transformers and motors for 400 Hz are much smaller and lighter than at 50 or 60 Hz, which is an advantage in aircraft (and ships).?
      2. The higher the frequency, the more efficient the energy transfer, which is why high frequency sine wave inverters are so cool. If you ever want to talk about power to weight of DC-t5o- DC converters….

    • The movie was called “Lucy”. She was a drug mule who accidentally ingested way too much of a new synthetic drug that caused her brain to go into overdrive, allowing her to evolve dramatically. It was good movie but the end seemed rushed when she became an organic computer…

      And you are not crazy.

  9. Hi George, I want to relate a quick quirky experience on the time slip from last Friday, 8-30-19.

    I went over to one of my rental houses to mow the lawn that afternoon. I finished mowing and loaded the riding mower onto my trailer. It was about 3;15PM CST. It was hot and I was sweaty, so I started the Mariner and turned the air on to cool off as the Mercury was idling. I glanced at my speedometer and the pointer which was at zero, started jumping wildly from zero to 80, back to 20 then 60, then zero back to 60, etc……. just random jumps. I put it in drive and was driving off slowly. Couldn’t have been going more than 25 to 30 since I was in town. The pointer still kept jumping up the dial and back at random. I thought to myself, “Here we go. looks like the speedometer is going out. I wonder how much money this problem is gonna cost me to get fixed”. I eventually got back to the house and unloaded everything and kind of forgot about it until I read your time slip article earlier this week, and the follow up today.

    The only reason I dropped you this comment today is because I have not noticed any more issues with the speedometer behaving as I have related above, since last Friday.

    • The comment about time and frequency got me about the Freeport destruction.. Did the hurricane pause in that area, category number? I was thinking that the time slip was used to increase the strength of the storm.. The town and area was damaged badly, no accounting for the Chinese facility that probably got hit as well.. Know nothing about the storm except some comments that was a weather weapon.

    • Gisbert in MO…

      “I glanced at my speedometer and the pointer which was at zero, started jumping wildly from zero to 80, back to 20 then 60, then zero back to 60, etc……. just random jumps”

      I have actually had that happen on two cars.. one old one one new.. the old one to get it fixed was a different speedometer and Cable from a junk yard the cost under twenty dollars for parts.

      On the new car.. well I dont want to start crying again so I’ll leave it there..

  10. G – good article today.

    You seem to be observant of the natural world – and keep notes. When I perceive oddities I don’t keep notes. I chalk it to life.

    I can’t say if I had any time slips Friday, 8-30. The previous day, 8-29 for no apparent reason I did crash while riding my mountain bike. I was just riding along on flat terrain and all of a sudden, I was flying toward the ground. The crash before this crash was at least 10 years and I was on a treacherous mountain bike trial. For me to crash on a flat straightaway for no reason is odd.

    Thinking about reality frequency. Could we be living two lives simultaneously, one in peak phase and another in trough phase

    • Well, as I point out in my book on dream world adventures, we live in AT LEAST two worlds already. Most people prefer to wake up with the curtains drawn, but there’s much to share back and forth between the states.

  11. Strange about the hummers leaving early. Had noticed they were gone early so maybe they are on to something.

  12. As a child of 5-6 years old I had an out of body experience 3 concecutive nights , attending my own wedding in another life on the paladies.

  13. Your time machine write-up is interesting but I want to poke at it a bit.
    First, solar flares, solar particle stream shock waves, hurricanes and terrestrial earthquakes happen a lot. There was nothing extraordinary or even unique about 8/30 from a space weather or terrestrial phenomena standpoint which I am aware of.
    I don’t recall ever seeing the number of people reporting the sort of temporal observer distortion effects which have been reported by readers for 8/30. I initially attributed the report to observer error caused by double vodka in, something else out, but I will acknowledge that that may have been a little hasty.
    Occam’s razor may be useful here at some point.
    Without additional recurrences of a solar disturbance followed by more temporal effects, I would tend to dismiss that particular cause-and-effect as just happenstance.
    If a weird science gone wrong explanation were correct, there would likely be some other event which might be visible, like an accident, evacuation or quarantine with a less than plausible cover story. I have heard no reports of giant alien spaceships, no black helicopters, no mushroom clouds, no mishaps at a certain high-energy particle accelerator facility, etc.
    Given that the science of temporal mechanics is currently science fiction, the theories of a great disturbance in the temporal farce seem a bit of a reach. I will acknowledge that temporal scatter and branching effects may still be on the table in a personal religious sort of way, but with no possibility of proof (or elimination either).
    Right now, no one has tied anything out of the ordinary to the afternoon of 8/30, except a lot of people reporting bizarre perceptual distortions. And if I had had one of those experiences, I will say that I would not have admitted to it publicly or to myself, so if others are only coming forward now, it isn’t surprising.
    Note that the idea that higher level space-time “dimensions” would work like physical dimensions has kind of lost favor in academia. Other overlapping realms are in, physical dimensions at right angles is kinda out.
    I originally threatened the use of Occam’s razor, and at this point, I think the explanation which best fits the situation which is not too much of a stretch is that something probably did happen, but there aren’t enough consistent data points to really make a plausible guess as to what was the cause.
    Also note that empty vodka bottles, brain f_rts, and mass low-level hysteria are all still on the table.

      • The weather service waffled on the hurricane track, but it ended up making the turn they had originally predicted. I don’t see anything out of the ordinary with all that.
        All the other data I saw looked like perception distortions to me, and they seemed to be rather, well, personal.
        I started working on a personal project of reviewing and updating my surge protection at the house to cover more extreme scenarios on 8/30, and I have done several months worth of side projects in a week. The project has pretty much obsessed me, to the point where others have made comments. Hmmm…

    • Back in 2009, i did an experiment with 2 clocks. There is a record of it on Bot forum 1. Dr. Steve would rememeber it. He tried an altered version.

      What i did was bought 2 digital alarm clocks. One with a green face and one with a red face. I set them up sychronized so they turned each min exactly at the same moment. I tested it for a consecutive week. I placed the red one on the left side of the room the green on the right side of the room. My bed was placed center, facing magnetic north.

      Each night before i went to bed, i would look the clocks and repeat the time 930 pm for a 3 count and i would tap on the center of my forehead each count.

      When would wake up in the morning before i opened my eyes, i would say the time, then open my eyes and sure enough it would be the exact time.

      I did this for 3 weeks and every moment i would get it right before i looked at the clocks.

      Then i descided to subtract 1 min from the green clock when i did my night count. I would say 930 red, 929 green and repeat that for a 3 count while tapping on the center of my forhead.

      For one week nothing changed. The clocks remained synchronized. On the 8th day, i woke up in the morning and said 430 red 429 green. When i opened my eyes, the clocks read 430am red and 429am green.

      I had effectively altered the measurement of “time” on a divice by simply using my mind while i slept.

      Dr Steve, did the same experiment. He used identical wrist watches instead. One on each hand purchaed at the same time. Both of his watces were identical and synchrozed. His results were the same. He had affected the watch on his right wrist by subtracting 1 min while keeping the watch on his left hand synchronized with his phone a 3rd device not on his body.

  14. “If a weird science gone wrong explanation were correct, there would likely be some other event which might be visible,”

    OH MY GOD N______ I would love to have a rainy day coffee debate on the probabilities.. LOL pick your side I will debate the opposite side.. my wife would be doing the eye roll or saying ten words or less LOL LOL take either side or telling me to take it someplace else..

    “if events of type A and B are associated with one another, then either there is always a chain of events between them…or else we find an earlier event of type C that links up with A and B by two such chains of events. What we do not see is…an inverse fork—in which A and B are connected only with a characteristic subsequent event, but no preceding one. (Horwich, 1987, 97–8)”

    i haven’t had a good debate in a long time.. I use to work healthcare and as a clerk in a gas station.. the official response to the full moon syndrome is its a myth. YET If you ask anyone working in public service such as a clerk hospital ER worker, police etc. they will tell you it is fact..I use to do my own scheduling.. and can tell you I did my best to schedule the positions where I would see the affects of the full moon syndrome at its least.( its actually the rising full moon two days before the actual full moon) is it a chemical imbalance or the affects of gravitational pull.. who knows.. but in my opinion it is real.


    take quantum..

    for my woo woo effects .. it could be the onset of Alzheimer’s or any one of a dozen other possible reasons..
    what if..
    Many of us can say that the Mandela affect isn’t at all true.. but then there are thousands that say that it is..
    I personally remember some of them.. heck there was a show on discovery channel the other day on the Lindbergh baby.


    even though we haven’t in this day and age.. what if someone from a hundred years from now has..
    the debate on ufo’s is an example. time travelers or from another galaxy.. the lists of their existence goes back to the beginning of written language.. or the ghostly sounds from another being after death. or take for an example seer’s like Nostradamus.. was his chemistry such that at certain times or in certain conditions his mind was opened to view events.. real life dreams.. I have had dreams where I have been in buildings then been in them at some point in time in the future and knew where everything was in the building.. what was in drawers behind doors.. why.. the sleeping prophet edgar cayce and his ability to see future events…https://www.edgarcayce.org/uploadedFiles/member_section/Circulating_files/Circulating_Files_PDFs/Non-Medical_Circulating_Files/21876_BookofRevelation_Commentary.pdf

    my favorite one is his prediction that they will find a vast library under the sphinx only this year they announced that they had discovered there are indications that there are rooms under it..

    My point is even though it isn’t wide spread there is always the chance that there was a minor shift in time from some event unrelated to the time shift. just enough and the chemistry of people that notice these minute changes. there is a high probability that the number is greater.

    A person told me once that if I had a complaint on a product to voice it to the company. that they company figured that if One person complains there are more than ten thousand that don’t complain about that issue and takes the matter seriously.

    I think this is the same thing.. ten people had an issue.. so there is a hundred thousand that didn’t mention it and wrote it off to something different..
    I find it curiously interesting that at the same time these events happen there seems to be some testing done in some other place.. or just alternate realities..

    when we think of physics and the rules of physics and the probabilities of time travel we see them as absolute.. yet if the rules of physics are absolute then we do not exist yet if we look into the mirror.. we see a past representation of ourselves that even though we don’t know how to explain it is still just that a past view of our own image.. what we know is not the unknown answers of tomorrow.. the rules of physics is just a suggestion.. the fact that we haven’t unlocked the rest of them is till unknown to us at this time..


    these are things that the wife usually makes sure anyone that comes over doesn’t bring up LOL.. the young nieces and nephews that are college prof’s never bring up probable debatable issues..

    • There may be an interdimensional war going on designed to destroy this dimension by having us concentrate on everything that doesn’t matter, driving everyone mad. We will then destroy ourselves in the confusion.

  15. Great article on time travel George. As a B757 Captain I see more “time to travel.” As in sorry folks, we have a Air Traffic Control delay. I’ll be soon retired or else I’d be afraid of time travel affecting my job… Time to spare, fly by air… better yet, fly by jet! I experience the heterodyne problem on the VHF airplane radios every time I fly. When 2 or more transmit at the same time on an ATC frequency you hear that awful squeal. Then you hear on frequency the inevitable “say again, or call sign blocked.” Sadly the heterodyne effect was a factor in 1977 in Tenerife when 2 B747’s (KLM and Pan Am) collided on a foggy runway partially due to VHF avionics limitations. There is zero chance of fixing the heterodyne effect in aviation because of certification standards for aircraft and avionics used by ATC controllers. On the positive side, noise canceling headsets are very popular with the frequent flyers.

  16. Two comments (to futz-up your thought processes):

    “The human-observed time anomalies happened in-between the outburst event (waves and particles) and the arrival and impacts of the particles.”

    Is it possible that the Sun transmits/ejects something of which we are not aware, that doesn’t trip any of the existing instrumentation, and which moves at an intermediate speed (between the 200-1200km/sec of observed ejecta, and the light speed of light or cosmic ejecta?) Could this mystery ejecta have been either the cause, or the trigger of the “time anomaly?”

    “In a similar manner, time may have its own “onboard duality” ”

    “Duality” implies two different states or characteristics of existence. Could there be more than two?

      • Great find – neat that we got to it via intuition and that there’s some evidence, esp the change in decay rate of manganese -54 before a solar flare – so my notion of a time wave between the flare and the arrival of the particle cloud now seems not only less far-fetched, but even possible…

    • “Is it possible that the Sun transmits/ejects something of which we are not aware, that doesn’t trip any of the existing instrumentation, and which moves at an intermediate speed ”

      Interesting thought Ray…
      I believe in harmonics. Everything is a frequency. I believe in alternate universe..the past present and future all at the same time. I believe our perception is because we c azz n only perceive things in our frequency range…
      Having said that.. what if.. the solar flare burst changed the frequency of sunlight just a little bit momentarily..or emitted it just long enough so our perception of events was momentarily altered.

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