American Values Class: 3-Takes on Patton

Many young people (millennials) have not sucked enough air yet to squeeze in time to watch the 1970 move “Patton.”  It won awards for George C. Scott for his phenomenal portrayal.

In addition to a haunting soundtrack, and observing how General George S. Patton “channeled” the history of warfare back to Roman times, Patton’s speech to American soldiers before battle in Europe remains one of the most deeply-moving patriotic speeches ever.

There are many who thought Patton’s death in Germany right after the war was no accident.  Books have been written on point.  But there’s no question, Patton would have been a serious challenge to another great American soldier – and later president – General Dwight Eisenhower.

In a second take on Patton, pay attention to the voice-over artist in this next clip.  Fellow by the name on Ronald Reagan who would later go on to win the White House.  He spoke of Patton in glowing terms:

Our third, and final spin on Patton is to wonder “What would a modern-day Patton have said were he leading US forces in the Middle East in more recent years?”

In 2007, a voice actor, Mike Kaminski stepped up to a microphone and using some clever editing of the Patton movie, “re-tracked” Patton’s (Scott’s) speech using more modern terms:

If there are times the UrbanSurvival website sounds a bit conservative to young ears, perhaps that third spin on Patton can help you understand.

If not, Patton’s views on politics are straight-forward enough:

Politicians are the lowest form of life on Earth.  Democrats are the lowest form of politicians…”

There are times, in the study of long wave economics, when in a certain light, you can almost attach “gender expression” to great historical conflicts.  Hitler emphasized maintenace of a strong male archetype in a nation’s core to preserve it. (Second book)

Might we look at historical wars as either external (male, archetype aggressive) or internal (female, passive-aggressive)?

In this view, the American Revolution could be case in the long wave expression of male archetype values war.  The Civil War, the expression of female archetype values war.  World War II, Patton’s fight, swung back the male values conflict expression.

The next one?  The feminization’s America’s role – you can see it everywhere in social media. China’s fast-growing military and a “president for life” can be seen as echos of Germany.

Patton would think – and speak – clearly on such matters; very unacceptable in today’s “let’s all finish at the same time” world. The shift is remarable; Kruschev’s “We will bury you!” is winning from grave.

Because why?  America has been detuned.  Historical revisionism – the Kruschev path – has been pressured into America by socialism selling false idolitries.   Some things never change.

Which is why a few minutes pondering Patton, now and then, and the cyclical nature of wars down at the archetype level, is worth it.

Although the effort’s always in vain – to avoid the next one  – we can at least better-focus on who our enemies are.

Write when you get free,

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    • We will.

      It will take a Large Challenge — one that will scare every American into recognizing at long last that the only real security comes from strength and resolve.

      I only hope that Ultimate Challenge comes before it is too late, and too many of our people are too weakened by these current popular illusions and delusions.

      “The issue is in doubt,” as a great American military commander once said.

      The longer it takes, the worse — the more deadly — it will be.

      • I have serious doubts. I projected the 2k8 Election was our last chance, and Mittens, with his business background, could _possibly_ do it. Unfortunately, the fix was in as the Huckster threw his delegate support to McCain’t, and before the ’12 redux, Mittens sold out to the puppetmasters.

        The Marxists and Regressives had been patient for over 100 years in their incremental subversion of the United States. Obama loosed them. The kiddies ape Marx, but have never read Alinsky, and so haven’t the patience of previous generations. If they push hard enough, while there are still enough people alive who can appreciate THIS page of George’s, we’ll spank them and stick their noses in a corner until their ears dry out and they acquire a clue. If they manage to bide their time for another 20 years, we will go communist-totalitarian and within a few years, the entire rest of the world will follow, as there will no longer be a “parent” around to tell them not to.

        I’m still hoping for the former, ‘cuz it would be a b!tch, breaking the yoke of slavery in a worldwide surveillance State, and I can’t imagine that today’s snowflakes could EVER produce the type of progeny capable of fighting for anything, especially a concept that will be foreign to them, like freedom…

  1. George, thanks for articulating something I’ve seen in my interactions with many Chinese and two Russians vs Americans over the years. We still have the strong male archetype in our nation’s seniors and the less formally educated types, aka “rednecks”. I like that culture, BTW. The university culture actively indoctrinates students into a far less aggressive personality type and actually has a large preponderance of females as both faculty and administrators. This is a real area of concern for me. I don’t like to be around an excessively aggressive environment, but I can hold my own. OTOH, the passive-aggressive PC environment is just nauseating after a while, since it’s stifling. Sadly, people seem to forget that Sparta won the war against Athens for precisely this reason.

    I’m rather saddened by your last line regarding the futility of trying to avoid war.

    • War is the biological equivalent of decluttering the house. The problem with modern warfare is that it has been dehumanized. Push a button, wait a second, they’re neutralized. “Who’s neutralized? What do you mean?”

  2. I don’t know where to put this – it should probably be in a coping or prep column. It’s a detailed one hour presentation on WHY the future is likely to be really cold, given by an apolitical climate scientist. I’m no climatologist, but I can certainly follow the detailed description of why the current paradigm of “global warming” is flawed to the core, due to not accounting for the non-radiative and albedo aspects of solar planetary heating. He points out how failing to account for such things leads necessarily to a false conclusion.

    His truth is quite chilling!

    It’s technical and the third of series of three videos:

    Links to the other videos are listed. I think it’s worth the hour I spent watching. I’d be curious about others’ considered opinions.

    • NM Mike,
      It’s all a money grab…I have never bought into Global warming…Global pollution?…YES!

      I was listening to Joe Walsh…a supposed GOP challenger to Trump along with a few other guest on Bill Maher last night. One guest made a good point. While the libs like to blame the Amazon fires on Global warming, the truth is about soybeans. America is one of the world’s leading growers of soybeans. China is our largest purchaser of soybeans…Yet because of the trade war, China is seeking other suppliers. That’s where Brazil comes into play. Farmers are clearing land and forests to grow soybeans to export to China. I am sure China …through their Belt and Road initiative is helping pay for the clearings and fires. It’s a big world out there…and planting season is just around the corner in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s not caused by Climate change at all.

      The point being, greedy economics, profits and control of markets are behind our polluted skies, waterways and land. I don’t know if it has an affect on the weather, but it does have an affect on our health and the balance of the worlds environment and overall safety.

      On another note…even you ultra conservative types will appreciate what Bill Maher said last night in the overt political correctness on health initiatives being touted by Warren, Sanders, etc. George, you seem to be a very healthy food intake guy. Me as well. Although Maher can be a bi crude for comedy’s sake, the message is still strong. Yes, he had Tea Party leader Joe Walsh sitting next to him. Maher tries to be balanced, despite his reputation otherwise.
      See video:

    • Try the book, “Not by Fire But by Ice” written by Robert Felix. His argument is that global warming leads to global cooling and that the next ice age is right around the corner. If movies are your thing, “The Day After Tomorrow” is based on the same theory.

    • I watch Davidson all the time. Most of it I can understand. The first two videos were easy to follow. This last one, was alot of Dr. Tinsley, and he was difficult to follow. The message is still the same, though, just harder to digest, as Tinsley speaks waaaayyyyy over average people’s heads.

      • I really enjoyed this last video. I’ll be watching the others soon. For me this one connected many dots, and for those here that are physicists and engineers – especially RF engineers like George, it’s a probably a breath of fresh air(my opinion). Rather than making blunt statements of presumptive “fact”, it shows graphs of the data over time, reasonable approximations of the magnitude of atmospheric and geologic voltages and currents along with formulae to determine the actual global heating from such sources if one wants to make the effort. There was an exploration of temporal effects from the various energy transfer modalities. Insolation is relatively slow, and geocurrents are immediate. There’s probably enough new information to actually make a stab at a new climate model. Note that none of these electrical effects can be changed in any significant way by human efforts, so all that energy moves from the anthropogenic column to the natural column, along with energy from earth/solar currents and solar wind. This not only negates the political arguments, but also is a potential cause for alarm since for most of geologic history, the world has been much colder due to fresh water ice in much of the oceans reflecting most potential insolation(albedo effect). This is a positive feedback mechanism with a rather negative result for humanity, yet it’s largely if not completely out of our control. The earth is like a thermal flipflop in that it has two stable states that can be triggered into a reversal by a significant pulse of energy. I believe this was the premise behind “The Day After Tomorrow”, though I’m not sure it was fully fleshed out.

        To summarize: The premise from the video is that the presumptions underlying climate models are incomplete and are ignoring much of the natural energy heating the earth, while attributing this unaccounted for fraction to human efforts.

  3. If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.
    George S. Patton

    I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.
    George S. Patton

    Better to fight for something than live for nothing.
    George S. Patton

  4. George

    In 1970 I was stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base located in Wichita Falls,Texas for training. My wife and I were at the base theater to see the movie Patton. As is traditional at military theaters they play the National Anthem before the movie starts and every one stands for this and so we did. A few minutes later the movie began and the American flag filled the movie screen. Every one stood up again! Some confusion then applause as we sat down to view an excellent movie.

    As I have commented before I hope President Trump has some DNA from General Patton. If not in body then in spirit!

    The Chinese want to put a naval base on Bermuda. The President should beat them to it. Put a division of troops on Bermuda right now to help the people and stop the Chinese from claiming that island and start their process of encircling America.

      • Rocket Mike

        I have heard of harpa being talked about and believe both parties would do this. It would give them complete control over we the people. What is hard to understand is how because it would violate not only the second amendment but also the third and fourth amendment. At that point we would no longer have a Republic. It’s time to fear are government. If they bring it up for a vote it will be time to disconnect the enternet and get rid of the cell phone. Go back to liveing the way we did before which was a more harmonious life style any way.

      • DAG, the First, Second, Fifth, Sixth, and Ninth Amendments have been abridged in part, and the Fourth and Tenth, pretty much eliminated by legal circumnavigation and by their being intentionally ignored.

        I’m not sure anyone under 40 would notice if they all went away, and I’m damn’ sure no one under 35 would comprehend the ramifications of such, until they got the knock on their door…

      • BTW Mike, now might be the time to acquire a MAC Address spoofing app, (Tails?) and to set up a laptop with Debian, for use at your local fast food or coffee joint. The spoof is easily seen through by anyone with a massively parallel array, but it (and Startpage) would keep a surfer anonymous until someone wanted to find them.

        {Or do what I did and buy a bunch of PCMCIA wireless NIC cards. In 1984, spoofed (but “burnable”) 802-11B might be an acceptable inconvenience when the alternative is a report stating you’re in the minority…}

    • The Bahamas are a British Commonwealth just like Canada.
      Where the hell are the Brits?
      I agree with you RM, we should go in do whats necessary, keep the Chinese out and take the whole of the commonwealth as payment as the Brits don’t seem to give a crap!
      From Wiki:
      “A Commonwealth realm is a sovereign state[† 1] in which Queen Elizabeth II is the reigning constitutional monarch and head of state. Each realm functions as an independent co-equal kingdom from the other realms. As of 2019, there are 16 Commonwealth realms: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, and the United Kingdom. All 16 Commonwealth realms are members of the Commonwealth of Nations, an intergovernmental organisation of 53 member states. Elizabeth II is Head of the Commonwealth. “

      • The Brits can even figure out if they want to throw-in longer with the criminal conspiracy EU which has more employees than a good bit of the English countryside.
        So to think them capable of really navigating the Atlantic any more, particularly to show force is kinda, oh, you know…delusional

      • The Brits figured out the EU thing a couple years ago. Unfortunately, being an EU Member State hands the Members of Parliament certain financial and power-sharing incentives for which they’d actually have to work, were the UK to exit the EU and reclaim its national sovereignty and identity. The reason Boris called for an election was so the British People could throw out the greedy, self-serving bâtards in the House of Commons. Unfortunately, Parliament now has to approve a called election, and they have refused to do so, because they know the People would throw the Lower House out on its collective keister…

  5. “These are the times that try men’s souls.” – Thomas Paine, 1776

    It’s not going to be national. Nobody wants to get nuked.

    It’s not going to be EBE extraterrestrial. It would have happened by now.

    Methinks it’s going to be a global catastrophe. Maybe a seismic 10. Maybe a big rock is going to hit the moon or the Earth. Not Planet X but something with a similar impact on Earth’s natural processes.

    • EMP.

      It’ll kill 90% of us, and we would retaliate in-kind, zapping Russia, China, or both. In-turn, their second-strike EMPs would take out Ure-up and Aussieland. Eventually someone would zap South America and North (and South) Africa, to ensure that any possible aggression would occur on a “level playing field.”

      Quakes are localized. Even if a 10.0 were to occur, it would only kill a few million people (The shocks from an 8.0 are capable of rupturing the internal organs of animals caught near its epicenter. A 10.0 would be 100x as violent — actually about 10x as violent, but would last 50-100 times longer.) Its attendant tsunami might kill a couple hundred million more, but it’s not going to kill many who are not coastal, and on the affected ocean — say half a billion, total, and Mankind could recover from it without any massive “course correction.”

      Were either Yellowstone to blow its top, or a big rock to hit earth (anything larger than about 1.5 cubic miles in volume) those’d be ELEs — End of Life Events, and survivors, either animal or vegetable, would be random, and based purely on luck (therefore, they’re not something to either plan for or worry about…)

      Now, we could shift on our axis, as the shift in the poles finalizes their new positions, and North America become the new Antarctica. However, the most-likely cosmic event is: Our magnetic field fluctuates, and is waning. Them there invisible flux lines will go away for a (cosmically brief) period, perhaps 40-50 years. During that period, a large CME or cosmic blast from the Sun, or from any other star (a “killshot”), if in our general direction, would be sucked in by Earth’s gravity, and being not shielded by our magnetic field, the 50% of Earth facing the blast would be turned into a cinder, and everything in the blast zone, down to a depth of several miles, instantly vaporized. The dust/debris cloud would create a “nuclear winter” of several hundred years duration, starving off the half of the planet not crisped by the blast.

      Are we having fun, yet?

      Cataclysmic ELEs don’t scare me. What scares me is the depths of social and societal destruction we can wreak (and are in the process of wreaking) upon ourselves politically, because everybody survives, but all will cease to live. My college girlfriend’s BFF left Cuba in a suitcase. Her parents spent the remainder of their lives, touring the U.S. when they could, and describing to anyone who would listen, exactly what Hell-on-Earth was like. Those folks were both college professors and pacifists until they gave up everything to escape with their lives intact, but when I met them, had become the strongest and most vociferous Second Amendment proponents I have ever personally known…

  6. -now drop and give me 20…

    – “From the sands of Sahara, to the South East Asian mud,
    you’ll find a fearless frogman, with his fingers dripping blood”

    – its a Hooyah! kinda day when you start it off with general Patton and cup of good STRONG coffee..javajava..

  7. My uncle fought under Patton. Met him only a couple of times, when I was very young. I remember him throwing me in the air, as high as the roof line of the house! Awesome. According to my mother, Uncle Mike said he would have been willing to follow Patton into Hell. He also said, he would be fine to return to fight the Germans, but had zero desire to ever have to fight the Russians, too tough.

  8. George,

    I was surprised and dismayed by your conviction of the inevitability of future wars. I believe that we as a species really need to recognize that future nuclear wars are an existential threat to our continued survival as well as to the viability of our home planet Earth.

    Wars have always been instigated by a minority, the ruling or elite class (military-industry-banker class, or MIBC, for short), to further their aims of acquiring more money and power. The common man, who is propagandized into thinking that maiming and killing other humans is a patriotic duty that will benefit his family and his country, is being used in the most egregious and inhumane way possible.

    You’re an ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker and we need more of that to solve this dilemma that we all face. I believe there are problem-solving approaches other than either the “blood and guts” super-masculine approach of George Patton or the “passive-aggressive” style of the more feminist progressive left (even though it seems that the progressive also like warfare, too).

    Cooperatively exploring the vastness of our own earth and truly understanding and communicating with other species with whom we share this most precious home planet would be a worthwhile endeavor, instead of trying to exploit each other and our world into oblivion.

    The old money, power and warfare paradigm just won’t work anymore. We need a new direction.

    • What would you do if confronted by a person who wouldn’t cooperate or negotiate, and was bent on conquest and destruction?

      Sprechen sie Deutsch?

      • Your comment refers to the rise of Hitler and the Nazi regime in Germany prior to WWII. There is ample evidence showing that American financial institutions and industry helped fund and provide equipment for the re-armament of Germany. Seems like our own profit-driven institutions were complicit in animating history’s great boogeyman, Adolf Hitler.

        But that’s looking at the past. Looking at the geopolitical situation now, I see only one empire that, in your words, “wouldn’t cooperate or negotiate, and was bent on conquest and destruction”, namely, the empire of the USA. An empire fueled by the lust for power, money and control, and led by the elite oligarchs (banksters, leaders of the big industries (e.g., oil, pharmaceutical, communications, armaments, etc.), the neo-con/liberals in government and the military. I feel that the US Empire is projecting its own bad behavior on those who refuse to be bullied by the US, a classic Orwellian reversal strategy.

        All empires collapse and I think most Americans know in their hearts that we’re headed in the same direction. We still have it pretty darn good here, even with the rampant financial and governmental corruption, which the elites have been very effective in masking through illusion and deception.

        We need to recognize that US exceptionalism is defined by the corruption and bad behavior we’ve allowed to grow and fester within our society. There has to be a better way.

      • From a cynic’s standpoint, we don’t seem to be too divergent in our thoughts, just the delivery…

        I have a detailed reply for you, which I am going to take to the top level, to make it easier to follow. Please scroll up at your convenience…

  9. You would be surprised. When I was in high school, our JROTC instructors put this movie on for us in the fall. Pretty sure i.have seen the movie at least 4 times. Great movie and a inspirational man General Patton was and still is.

  10. To “Famous Mikey”:

    Please name one place outside CONUS (conquered by the British, French, and Spanish, BTW) the “United States Empire” has conquered, then not relinquished.

    Hitler enabled himself. As the accepted Head of State of a sovereign Nation, there was no reason not to have dealings with the Third Reich, until Hitler took actual steps toward actually creating an empire. The Western World was enthralled with Mussolini and fascism in the 1920s and 1930s. As far as the American public (or even the vast majority of the German public) knew, Nazism was simply an enthusiastic approach to Mussolini’s teachings.

    “Hitler” is the history-writers’ great bogeyman. His genocidal accomplishments pale in comparison to Lenin’s, and the later genocides committed by Stalin and Mao, and by percentage of population affected, even those committed by Pol Pot.

    I should have said: “conquest OR destruction…”

    I was actually thinking of Muslim fundamentalists, but implied Hitler because he is an example with which everyone is familiar. The MIC, of which the bankster and more-Liberal of our political classes are members, believe they can control, and use jihadists as tools to an end, then dispose of them when their purpose is served.

    I do not…

    I also KNOW that the people you consider American oligarchs, don’t measure up with regard to wealth, power, or command authority, when compared to the people who REALLY pull strings. To paraphrase what I said some years back regarding George Soros: “He gets to come into the Board Room sometimes, but he sits ‘way down at the far end, at the ‘kiddie table.'” The same could be said of virtually everyone else on the Forbes 500 List. People who wield real power, don’t advertise.

    As far as our “bad behavior,” can you name one natural disaster, anywhere on Earth, since WW-II where the U.S. hasn’t been the leader in humanitarian aid? The Bahamas are a British Commonwealth, yet as I type this, the U.S. is air-dropping SRT personnel and supplies onto the islands. It wouldn’t surprise me if our host’s son is on his way there, since he’s a skilled parachutist with ALS certs. This is not something we do because we feel an obligation. It is something we do because as a whole, Americans are generally good people.

    I’m not saying our “leadership” doesn’t act badly, and aren’t selfish, self-serving SOBs, because a majority are. “American Exceptionalism” is a real thing, but it has nothing to do with our leadership, or even our Citizens. It has everything to do with those old, crusty, parchment documents in the National Archives.

    The “better way” is for people to start living within the parameters of said documents, instead of trying to abrogate, negate, or circumvent them for their own gain — They “gain,” the Nation loses. The Virginia and Pennsylvania legislative charters, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Federalist AND Anti-Federalist Papers comprise a years-long debate which culminated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This debate was essentially geared to determine “best practices,” based upon the things which worked and things which didn’t — culled from 10,000 years of trial & error and influenced by The Bible, Eastern philosophies, the Iroquois Confederation, ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, the Magna Carta, and English Common Law, each of which was its own “best practices” societal primer, but from different perspectives.

    Bear in-mind, were it even possible to reclaim the U.S. as its founders intended it be, having not truly suffered in seven generations, I doubt current Americans could do so. However if they did, it would still only “fix” the U.S. The rest of the World would still be the “ROW.” I’m okay with that, because I do not believe we have either a duty or an obligation to fix anyone else’s problems, merely a duty and an obligation to keep other people’s problems from bleeding over into our society.

    If the Iranian Nationals which have made Dearborn, Michigan the 2nd largest city (population-wise) in the State wish to return home and reclaim their Country from the current power structure, would I support arming and training them, and creating a materiel supplyline for their revolution? Absolutely! Would I favor American soldiers joining in, in a combat capacity? Absolutely not.

    Do I believe Ukraine should become Russian territory? No. Do I believe the U.S. should employ NeoNazi mercs to install a Eurocentric government and foment internal strife, just to poke a stick in Mr. Putin’s backside? Do you have to ask?

    As for the “American Empire” collapsing, I disagree that we’re an empire, but (of course) the American Civilization will collapse, and it will be replaced by a totalitarianist dictatorship, as are all “successful” civilizations unless stimulated from outside. This will happen because Homo Sapiens has a huge ego and a convenient memory, and forgets the lessons learned from past societies, as we lead ourselves to believe we’re “smarter than they were.”

    IMO, not only do the current “power elite” believe they are “smarter,” but that the U.S. will have a “soft crash” and devolve like the Dutch, Spanish, and British empires. Again, I do not. We have been the bulwark which has kept those other global powers from sinking into despotic serfdom. When we devolve, we will take every other Nation down with us, because there’ll be no one left to apply sufficient economic power, to check our, and subsequently their, devolution…

    Now, let’s see if you’re “Famous” for problem-solving. I’ve given you the problem, and some of my personal opinion. What are you going to do with it…?

    • Ray,

      Bravo!! That was a thoughtful and engaging response to my comments that must spring from a wide breadth of life experiences and astute and scholarly reflections on world history and geopolitics.

      I agree with you that our views are not greatly divergent, but there are specific points in your dissertation with which I’d like to take issue.

      I take exception to your first paragraph, which argues that the US Empire has always relinquished any country that it has conquered. The US currently has over 800 military bases in 70 countries with large numbers in Germany, Italy, Japan, Iraq and Afghanistan (OK, you could argue that we haven’t conquered Afghanistan yet, but I think that’s quibbling). Those are all conquered countries and military bases are equivalent to ‘occupying forces’, IMO.

      The extent of US projection of military force is one factor in designating it as an empire. Another equally important factor is the worldwide economic influence exerted by the US dollar as the world reserve currency. The unconstitutional Federal Reserve with its ability to make up US dollars out of thin air, the IMF, the BIS and the corrupt international banksters have all collaborated to prop up the Empire’s debt-burdened dominance.

      Militarily, the US was top dog after WWII and that hubris fueled the US MIC to cast itself in the role of “World Policeman” to staunch the rise and expansion of those damned ‘commies’. Of course, the real reason to oppose the ‘commies’ was because they potentially jeopardized the ability of US companies to exploit cheap labor in 3rd world countries.

      In my opinion, the US Empire and its policies veered onto a significantly different path following the coup d’etat of the JFK assassination. The US seemed to plunge headlong onto a downward spiraling path of corruption, sinister intentions and actions. The false flag of September 11, 2001 was the killing blow, specifically for the American people and potentially for the world. We are DOOMED, however, most Americans either refuse to see the reality around them, maybe because of fear, or maybe we’ve had it too good for too long. Even the recent revolting revelations about Jeffrey Epstein, his pedophilia, his relationships with intelligence services and his association with our ruling elites haven’t raised the level of revulsion that I would have expected from Americans.

      Where did this malevolence in the Empire’s policies originate? As I’m sure you’re aware, the CIA was established after WWII out of the OSS with Allen Dulles playing a critical role. However, another key figure in establishing the CIA was none other than General Reinhard Gehlen, head of Nazi intelligence services under Hitler during WWII. He escaped trial at Nuremberg for war crimes by making a deal with the US to merge Nazi intelligence forces with the CIA, with him being given a high leadership position within the CIA. These facts in conjunction with the many Nazi aerospace scientists, technicians and support personnel who were brought to the US through Operation Paperclip (rumored to be as many as 70,000 personnel) after WWII represents a possible explanation for the sinister influences within the US government intelligence and scientific services.

      I believe that 98% of Americans are kind and benevolent, but the conviction that we are always the “good guys” is also incorporated in our national identity. Does this delusion preclude any consideration of that not being true? Do all humans possess a delusional nature that allows them to believe that they are exceptional while the evidence to the contrary is all around them? Is that why we’re doomed to a totalitarian future way beyond the imaginings of even George Orwell? Or, will Mother Nature throw us all a curveball and usher in a mini-ice age that would erase all delusions and throw all humans into survival mode? Either way, I see suffering ahead.

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