Many young people (millennials) have not sucked enough air yet to squeeze in time to watch the 1970 move “Patton.”  It won awards for George C. Scott for his phenomenal portrayal.

In addition to a haunting soundtrack, and observing how General George S. Patton “channeled” the history of warfare back to Roman times, Patton’s speech to American soldiers before battle in Europe remains one of the most deeply-moving patriotic speeches ever.

There are many who thought Patton’s death in Germany right after the war was no accident.  Books have been written on point.  But there’s no question, Patton would have been a serious challenge to another great American soldier – and later president – General Dwight Eisenhower.

In a second take on Patton, pay attention to the voice-over artist in this next clip.  Fellow by the name on Ronald Reagan who would later go on to win the White House.  He spoke of Patton in glowing terms:

Our third, and final spin on Patton is to wonder “What would a modern-day Patton have said were he leading US forces in the Middle East in more recent years?”

In 2007, a voice actor, Mike Kaminski stepped up to a microphone and using some clever editing of the Patton movie, “re-tracked” Patton’s (Scott’s) speech using more modern terms:

If there are times the UrbanSurvival website sounds a bit conservative to young ears, perhaps that third spin on Patton can help you understand.

If not, Patton’s views on politics are straight-forward enough:

Politicians are the lowest form of life on Earth.  Democrats are the lowest form of politicians…”

There are times, in the study of long wave economics, when in a certain light, you can almost attach “gender expression” to great historical conflicts.  Hitler emphasized maintenace of a strong male archetype in a nation’s core to preserve it. (Second book)

Might we look at historical wars as either external (male, archetype aggressive) or internal (female, passive-aggressive)?

In this view, the American Revolution could be case in the long wave expression of male archetype values war.  The Civil War, the expression of female archetype values war.  World War II, Patton’s fight, swung back the male values conflict expression.

The next one?  The feminization’s America’s role – you can see it everywhere in social media. China’s fast-growing military and a “president for life” can be seen as echos of Germany.

Patton would think – and speak – clearly on such matters; very unacceptable in today’s “let’s all finish at the same time” world. The shift is remarable; Kruschev’s “We will bury you!” is winning from grave.

Because why?  America has been detuned.  Historical revisionism – the Kruschev path – has been pressured into America by socialism selling false idolitries.   Some things never change.

Which is why a few minutes pondering Patton, now and then, and the cyclical nature of wars down at the archetype level, is worth it.

Although the effort’s always in vain – to avoid the next one  – we can at least better-focus on who our enemies are.

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