Time for a Serious Trading Discussion

Right up front:  This morning’s report may not be of much interest if you don’t actively manage your own finances.

On the other hand, if you do, you will see insides what goes on in my head during an active trading day like we had yesterday and which seems likely to follow through into this morning ahead of this afternoon’s Fed announcement.

Is it politics?  No, this is more the technical expression of a lot of major trends and how this week ends will give us a lot of insight into which way the next year could be lining up.

So bean up and let’s dig in, shall we?

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5 thoughts on “Time for a Serious Trading Discussion”

  1. SONNY: as far as i am concerned we will go back to paper ballots and chads ,you know,then everybody can you know count them up, BRYCE:yea you know you have to have both sides and a third party there

    • Third party and more coming, this will be the last Presidential election with two major parties.

  2. You said, “If SPXS pops back over 13 this morning, I’m a likely seller”. When I looked at the chart, I saw the SPXS was never under $13.00 on Tuesday or today. Did you mean a different amount? Also, I could not figure out reading Wednesdays 11/2/16 report if you thought the market was going up or down over the next 2 months or what direction it is possible going, or if an investor should be long or short. I was confused. Thank you.

    • The missing part was spxs 13.30 – and I clicked out at that.
      The trading model says be cash or short, but I went short very early back in Sep at an extreme of the oscillator.
      So my account is up 6.7% since 9/1 which keeps me in the running for 30-60% for the year if I keep paying attention.
      I may reenter a short, but use the brainamp.xls and you’ll see we may be nearing a short term bottom in the 2074 sp area…hope this helps… next time send a private email because I don’t want to put too much out here in the wild…
      the poor old man in the woods.

  3. so that stuff I was talking about the powers-that-be if they wanted to create a system to reduce the population all they would have to do is just give everybody a new car I mean since they create money out of thin air

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