Markets: Running the Clock

Common term in football and basketball is showing up big-time in markets this week as we only have five more trading days until the future of America will be decided.

From the market’s perspective, in that one week, we should see the following appear:

1. Hillary Clinton seems likely to win the election. Not on quality, mind you. But with a best friend of John Podesta heading up the Department of Just Us email II probe, it’s clear the fix is in.

2.Even if it wasn’t, the lame duck we refer to as President Useless is likely to give her a pass/pardon so she will never have to worry about anything in the way of jail time.

3.Despite the comments and worries, here is a dandy discussion about how voting machine tampering is likely alive and well.

4.Then the MSM is attacking again. Today it’s the New York Times attacking the Trump income tax report from 1995, but here’s the thing: It is based, near as I can discover by reading, on three pages of the return and whether it is a fair piece depends on how you virew the heavily pro-Clinton NY Times as a source.

5.Now we can toss in the Fed meeting, ongoing today with a report due out tomorrow afternoon. Common sense says no hike, but what – if anything – has made sense in this election cycle?

It is little wonder then, that the cable outfit some call the “Clinton News Network” figures “The case is already baked.”

And this all leaves us looking at the market for data with which to set expectations as to which way things will go next Wednesday when the vote counting should be done, if it hasn’t been already.

While we will get into an interesting look at how intermarket arbitrage with currencies work for the stock market in tomorrow’s report, we would draw your attention to the behavior of gold this morning.

At one point (as I was writing) it was up $9 dollars an ounce. At the same time, the US dollar was down a good bit relative to the Euro. The third leg of the milk stool is that when the dollar purchasing power goes down, it takes more dollars to buy the Dow which makes it appear the Dow is set to rally.

To an extent, that seems likely, with the futures earlier telling us “Up 30 for the Dow at the open.”

Ah, but you didn’t drop by for a lecture in differential analytics, did you?

No…you just wanted to make sure a) the markets would open this morning (yes), and that “normal” would continue for another day or three. Yes.

But come Sunday or Monday, we are half-expecting another cyber attack and then on Election Day, also known as Halloween II (features a witch, as well), we have high risk of war since in the background, tensions have not been so high with Russia since the Cold War was throttled down when the Wall came down in Berlin.

Losing Germany

That get’s us to the murkiest of Merkel and how Germany’s leader has managed to orchestrate and open borders descent into near anarchy in Germany.

Not that it can’t – and isn’t happening here – it is.

In fact Senator Jeff Sessions claims that more than 817-thousand people arrived in the US in the past year, most illegally at that.

Like that isn’t bad enough, Breitbart has “Leaked images show illegals casually strolling across open border.”

Thing is, when the election is being called “already baked” and with President Clinton II in the wings, we have no reason to expect anything but more of the same in the next four years. In addition, with improvements in the subtle control mechanisms of election management, we have little reason to believe free and impartial elections can ever be held again.

Not that it’s all crooked democrats, signing up illegals to vote and such. No, no, no. It’s far beyond that.

Media bias, for example. Human Events for example says “Media Bias is One Thing: Its Complicity is Another.” Along the same lines, an “AP-GfK poll: Most voters believe media biased against Trump.”

Again, not that it will matter. Baking’s about done and we get the “let them eat cake” in a week.

The Coming (Historical) War Over Syria

Word this morning that the Russian – US peace talks over Syria have broken down indefinitely would be a major thinking point for people.

The reason is all the biblical references to warfare in the vicinity of Syria.

For example, Amos 1:5 refers to “I will break down the gate of Damascus; I will destroy the king who is in the Valley of Aven and the one who holds the scepter in Beth Eden.” Arguably, the geography is a bit off (Valley of Aven is not in downtown Damascus) but as someone who has looked a futuring a good bit, when you’re making calls 2000+ years in advance, geography and other precision errors are bound to crop up.

Also, in Isaiah 17: 1-3, there is a prophecy against Damascus: ““See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.The cities of Aroer will be deserted and left to flocks, which will lie down, with no one to make them afraid. The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim, and royal power from Damascus…”

This is not to go off preachifying, but from a pure analytical standpoint, what’s also going on about this time sure sounds like a global war since we read how “The nations move on like the noise of many waters. But God will speak sharp words to them and they will run far away. They will be blown away like the part of grain that is of no worth by the wind in the mountains. They will be like dust blown around in a storm. 14 At evening time there is much fear! Before morning, they are gone.”

You should remember the Russia fleet working toward Syria is refueling about now. Although the Russians have denied sending three submarines into the conflict to attack ISIS at Alleppo.

So regardless of your religious thinking, there is the biblical reference to people cutting off their hair and shaving beards at Kir of Moab which to us sounds remarkably like decontamination. But looks to me that’s more in Jordan than Syria…still makes for an interesting framework as to where to expect trouble next.

In terms of good old-fashioned catastrophism, it doesn’t get any better than this. Unless you toss in a slice or three of that “already baked cake.”

25 thoughts on “Markets: Running the Clock”

  1. I like the new design and the colors to. I have also come around to Trump’s side let’s hope he can win. Just maybe he will keep us out of these wars.

    • there was a lot of “it’s their problem, we don’t want to get involved” before WWII, but THERE WAS NO ISOLATION OPTION, and FDR had the factories ready BEFORE Pearl Harbor (when war was finally declared).

      Typical Trumpeteer thinking, feeble minded avoidance, to vote for him just so U.S. can avoid involvement.

      • Before we officially entered the war we were sending ‘material’ to England via ‘lend-lease’ so as to stave off the Nazis. Very dangerous situation!

      • Avoidance??? Russia, is not running around the world destabilizing this that or the other to ensure its corporate interests gain control of pipelines to help Europe and stave off the Russian’s ability to influence via shutting down the gas pipeline. In Libya to help maintain the metro dollar for all the US corporate banks and Federal Reserve which may lost their place in the world.

        Russia, really has not been the aggressor if one objectively looks at it. We tried to destabilize the Ukraine and with the Wests advance Russia reacted and sought to maintain control of their warm water port.

        Maybe we have been waging war for a while, but an economic one and while we had the advantage for a while, we no longer do.

      • I wasn’t a trumpeter and I am still not but it’s become plain he is the only choice the head of the Clinton crime family cant be put in office. A thought when Nixon was forced out I was in Asia with no TV are radio and didn’t get to see it I would enjoy watching the hell itch get impeached.

  2. Don’t forget that the world is overpopulated as is ;-(( with mostly (sheepled)people who refuse to think

  3. Me too likes the new fancy masthead, George.
    Let us hope next week brings us a new party in the oval.

      • Where do you think that Trump gets his money to fund his ‘lifestyle’? – the American banks don’t like people who declare bankruptcy. He is in hock up to his neck to the Russians! Get real yourself!

      • It’s actually the Chinese – and I challenge you to find something more damning that the dems involvement in a Russian nuclear tech park…just saying.
        And on China, please remember that’s where the US is also in debt up to its butt…

  4. I know Hillary has to come up with something but “the Russians cultivating Donald Trump”??? really? I’m not of the belief that Donald can be cultivated, by anyone (look at the personality). As to the new header, looks nice, seems there are questions about the coloring? I think blue is nice BUT you could always rotate through daily colors you know red for Monday, blue for Tuesday etc. One thing I would like to see, in the header are charts for OIL and either the DOW or S&P?? POSSIBLE???

  5. Playing catchup here..

    ” But what has happened is the FBI Director re-launching the Clinton probe gives the MSM a chance to hide the fact of 65 reporters getting too cozy with the Clinton camp and now, we await what is likely to be one of the largest “pendulum swings” in American history over the next week.””

    Maybe I am just an old cynic.. but.. does anyone truly believe that voting isn’t controlled by the power class. or that their vote will actually make a difference.
    we have the best political system money can buy…
    we have congressmen that refuse to even read the bills they vote into law.. obviously they don’t write them either lobbyists have the ears of our politicians.. ..
    I have said that since the puppet masters have been trying for months to get Trump off of the ballots.. that Hillary is our next president. If you watch shows that all seem to be pro hillary in contex their main advertisers are corporations completely controlled by the one percent.
    What I am not sure of is.. I am pretty sure I know who the next president is.. now if because of all the allegations of voter fraud thought is if they do let Trump in. How long will they let him keep it.
    Unless he bows to what they want..
    I think we are screwed either way.. I just don’t understand the reasoning for it all..

    • NWO is the reason, unrelenting, decades in the planning and execution and the #1 goal is the takedown of America. That is why the elites, like Hillary have been selling us out. All of the President’s since Carter have been in on it.

  6. Y’all are forgetting one thing who makes the money I mean even though he’s CIA people and the NSA people and all the other 15 agencies were all ruled by what the people who make the money

  7. Don’t delude yourselves that either DT or HC have a shred of morality or loyalty to any county, group, class or cause when it comes to the string pulling of those behind the scenes who control the all mighty dollars. It really doesn’t matter who wins nothing will change but the poor will get poorer and the rich will get richer and the middle class will dissipate in a happy fog induced by eating bad food, taking bad drugs, shopping for crappy Chinese products and playing with their little cell phones.

  8. I don’t know what Trump will do. He sure talks a good game and if he follows through then I will be happy. My thinking is that if by one year he has not busted Israel for 9-11 and the US collaborators then we’ve been had.

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