Time Closes In – Markets Boo Biden Boo-Boo

Our “Monday on Tuesday” ponder is this matter of whether time is a pure notion, or one vastly misunderstood.

I mean, conventional thinking is that time is relatively linear in how it works.  You go 5,280-feet in one minute and it’s a nice 60-(statute) miles-per-hour.  Over large spans of time, therefore, linearity seems to work. Scales to nautical miles of 6,076-feet with equal ease, just 15.078 percent more distance, as nautical miles are that much longer.

Yet after many “time machine experiments” here in the lab and sound studio, we continue to be mystified by non-linear characteristics of time.

G.A. Stewart runs into it because in his studies of Nostradamus at The Age of Desolation site, there have been whole spans of time when Nostradamus simply didn’t have much to say.  Now?  The pieces of his predict Woe Decoder are falling into place at progressively faster rates.

Nonlinearity of time shows up in wars, as well.  The front-end of a war like the U.S. manufacturing regime change in Ukraine a decade back, operated at a different apparent time than this weekend.  When Joe Biden’s trip to “show the flag” in some manner of speaking, told Russia that Ukraine’s war is Biden’s war with Russia.

Yet the theatrics were all wrong.  For one this, as one of our astute readers noted: (Biden and Zelinsky met at) “…Mariinskyi Palace in Kiev. The palace of course was constructed by the popular Russian Empress Elizabeth between 1744 and 1752.”

Seems us a bit odd that Russia claims on real estate are so vociferously denied when once fee-simple evidence of Russian allegiance stands tall even now.

The stock market may be a reasonable indicator for this increasing non-linearity aspect of time. We see the potential for even greater non-linearity directly ahead.  Even as Poland Predicts Russia’s ‘Next Attack’.

If, or when it comes, our number one target pick was laid out on our Peoplenomics.com site months back.  We’ll see how it fares.  Because it’s a semi-soft target that could be managed with a handful of drones.  Even were it to occur, it would be plausibly denied by all sides.

The U.S. has a nasty habit of lying in times of war. Insane, sure. But consider Tonkin II and the Nordstream debacle which Sy Hersch has reported.  So, a major soft target attack on Poland to “galvanize public support” is not beneath this morally deficit administration.

Watch the Museums

My consigliere called over Old Man Birthday Weekend and instructed me to make a few notes.  “Look up where Vlad Putin was born,” he advised.  I jumped on the Wiki machine in an instant:

“Putin was born on 7 October 1952 in Leningrad, Soviet Union (now Saint Petersburg, Russia), the youngest of three children of Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin (1911–1999) and Maria Ivanovna Putina (née Shelomova; 1911–1998).

Now look up the biggest art collection in St. Petersburg…”  That led to the Wiki entry on the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg:

“It is the second largest art museum in the world by gallery space. It was founded in 1764 when Empress Catherine the Great acquired an impressive collection of paintings from the Berlin merchant Johann Ernst Gotzkowsky. The museum celebrates the anniversary of its founding each year on 7 December, Saint Catherine’s Day.  It has been open to the public since 1852.”

You see,” he explained “We have only to watch the Museum and track when and where the priceless art treasures go.  Because as a St. Petersburger, Putin will not risk the National Treasure.  It will be a highly visible “time’s nearly up” indicator since it would mean war with NATO/Biden would likely go nuclear when the goods are safely secreted away.”

We assume French president Macron is cognizant of this type of time dilation.  The French invented and thus understand that you can place a “French curve” on any two points and they will indicate where greater nonlinearities will occur.

Another such indicator may be dreaming states.  Because dreams often change and the Princeton global consciousness project records changes in coherency in proximity to massively impacting global events.

We shall watch (from our safe distance) but warn there is a risk of nonlinearity in the next 60-days.  Some Talking Heads on the stereo may help.  Lifetimes piling up, indeed.

Especially with the Internet not taking World War III at all seriously – yet. As evidenced when this popped out of our news scans today:

Worrisome when placed alongside Amid Ukraine war, Putin withdraws Russia from last nuclear arms treaty with US.

Sports? Yeah, right there on the DDG interface.  (Shakes head, reaches for coffee.)

Markets See Trouble

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the yellow scale larger 3 down is peeking out from the data today.  Sure, a Purchasing Manager’s report might be of interest to some, but the big picture is if we close today where the preopening futures are pointing, the 3 down of the larger 3 will probably be game on.

Would we therefore go short at some point to take money from delusional optimists?  Us???

A paucity of scheduled data continues tomorrow.  However, Thursday sees the GDP and Friday the latest whopper on personal income which has us thinking lower then higher possibly Friday.  But a Black Monday or Tuesday next week feels about right.  We shall see. Depends on the weekend ahead.

The News Scanners

Bubbling this morning on word that One killed, a dozen injured after blast at Ohio factory scatters molten debris, starts fire, southeast of Cleveland.  Was this an industrial accident or do they make something “systemically critical” is the question unanswered going into the news day.

Grandstanding Pete, is how this reads to us:  Buttigieg urges safety changes after fiery Ohio derailment. So, let’s look at the timeline here:  Accident February 3rd.  Call to action on February 21 (you do the math).  Seems tardy to us.  But this will make Pete a great vice-presidential pick for the O’Biden II debacle.  Watch Slo praise his “leadership” in the disaster a year from now as Kamala will take any hits on border, Ukraine, and whatever else they can heap on her.  Dirty game, this political crap. Amnesiac voters and time dilation, yessir.

Somehow, we’re not surprised: Nikki Haley’s Cognitive Test Proposal Gets Mixed Response From Older Politicians.  Which means it IS a good idea, after all. Incompetent people never vote for competency testing, though. Kinda like crooks don’t vote for lie detectors, either.

I call breakfast today the “Earthquake Sandwich on toast” for a reason: Six killed after fresh earthquake hits Turkey-Syria border.  Yep, still grinding through the leftovers and I guess this is a reminder it’s spoiling (as Turkey is/will).

Uncovering at Project Veritas:  Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe out at right-wing organization.  Apparently the Board of Directors wasn’t pleased with the financial side of things.

BTC is under $25K today, as the market slouch at the open looks possible.  We were pleased that Tim Berners-Lee has joined our outlook on the crypto con:  Why The Creator Of World Wide Web Thinks Crypto Is A Form Of Gambling (bitcoinist.com). He is, of course, right. Makes you wonder, though:  When the smartest people in the room can see through the con (him, not me), then why is it people will hold so tightly to their delusions?  Answer that one and we can make a fortune in rehab clinics!

ATR: Back to Grinding

Due to the Holiday-shortened week, we will be doing mainly charts this week on the subscriber side (Peoplenomics.com).  But even if you don’t play the markets, it’s still amazing how much of the economics falls over into the “regular people thinking and doing” category.  Which is why books like Freakonomics have become huge sellers.  People want the (insane) world to make sense.  Good luck with that.

We just go prepping into the future.  On the calendar, looks like we may be done with frost for the year.  Should hit 84F here today and if it happens, may have to fire up the BBQ.  Getting to be that time of the year, again.

Write when you get rich,


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  1. Ure wont be firing up anything in Texas outback..with out permission from the WEF and WHO. Who the F___ you think are, Slave ?

    Reallly need to learn Ure place in this reality..its Ure reality after all. Ure ticket to ride you defend so vigorously here.. Ure ship so to speak, so Sail On,Salior.

    https://www.zerohedge.com/political/biden-admin-negotiates-deal-give-who-authority-over-us-pandemic-policies – This IS the writing on the wall of Ure sheep pen..prolly wanna get Ure eye sight tweaked again so you can see the writing – its plain as f-ing day.

    No need for Russia to do ANYTHING – just play the waiting game, we are destroying ourselves, our children and our country, from within and from outside ,as is reported in msn everyday.

    All you rural flyover country peeps – still dont get it – you are being replaced, as they slowly kill you and yours off – see dioxin cloud/Ohio river basin/ watershed, food processing plants..Ure replacements have been pouring across the border..the recipients of much govmint largess – that you nice hard working family oriented tRump luving mid-westerners do not qualify 4.

    Suggest readers watch episode of Yellowstone and see what a round up is all about, how they work in moving large numbers in desired direction without spooking/panicking the main herd..think of it like a youtube how to vid.

    back to sleep frogs , Ure water is not hot, it just feels that way, but TRUST us, our scientists say it is NOT hot.bwahahahahahahahahaaha

  2. “You see,” he explained “We have only to watch the Museum and track when and where the priceless art treasures go. Because as a St. Petersburger, Putin will not risk the National Treasure. It will be a highly visible “time’s nearly up” indicator since it would mean war with NATO/Biden would likely go nuclear when the goods are safely secreted away.”

    I cannot find the article now.. but a few months back I had read that they were in the process of doing just that.. about the same time that one of the white house aides.. posted a video showing JB and the staff heading down into the bunkers.. where they have a second stage set up..
    Which surprised me.. since.. after fifty years.. they haven’t changed the decor very much of the tunnels beneath DC.. it looked just as it did when I got drunk at a christmas party and woke up lost down in the tunnels beneath DC.

      • I had never been drunk before..thought I was drinking fruit punch..came to in a dark area.. every city block there was a little red light I don’t know if someone put me in there as a joke or if I wandered in there..took 3 days for me to figure out how to get out of there..lol lol

        • wow! straight out of the book tbe lost symbol, by Dan Brown LOB where the main character gets lost in the tunnels under the the white house.

          there is a place in that book, than mentions George Ure and Clif High briefly.

          a line in that book that says, “i found myself there in Staint George cathedral upon a high cliff.”

          I damn near fell out of my chair laughing when I read that line, I was listening to clif and george talking on some radio show at the same time.


        • Never seen or checked that area out heard stories about it though..you would be shocked though..the thing is huge and more confusing than anything . I was scared and horrified didn’t know where I was or how to get out of the dam place.. once I found the light switches there was mini maps but the light switches were pull out plungers not a conventional light switch…. I can’t even imagine how its all been changed in the past fifty years especially after 9/11.

        • it’s rumored to have 13 floors underneath it. I’ve never been in the white house. so I’m not sure about that. love it tho.

          and that is a good book. I’ve read almost all of Dan Browns books. I love cryptology

  3. Wordslinger: done with frost? 84F today? We are holding breath hoping to be the creme in cookie as a major storm slides through (hopefully to the north though creme may be ice).

    WallyWorld and Home Depot just piled on with decent #s but gloomy guidance. This is a surprise to no one. Demand destruction was followed by wealth destruction and it is what it is.

    Yesterday nautical dawn I was watching a big bird on the lake. Black Swan? No, Shirley not. After grabbing my yachting binos I decided it was an enormous Loon. Not a swan but the name fits.

    3 of 3 inbound. Buckle up, keep your trays stowed and seats in the full upright position until the ride comes to a complete stop. IOW, there is turbulence ahead at the least.


  4. Yes George, time is a weird thing.

    In 1975 when I was 14, I got a work permit and worked a 32 hour work week, after school. Saved my money and by the time I was 18, I moved out of my parent’s house and was reasonably established.

    Then lately I’ve been reading about things like this …


    This is 2023 … not 1975 anymore. Wonder when someone’s gonna start bitching about farm kids getting up at 4:30 am. to do their farm chores. Our society has gotten so f-ing lazy.

    And if you remember, I told you a story about sitting in on a meeting at a healthcare facility. A Corporate CEO was visiting, who told a MDS Nurse to fudge some of her wording so that the company could be better reimbursed for patient care. (Basically, to lie.) She said, “I can’t do that. It’s not ethical.” – To which his narcissistic nature emerged in a fit of anger and hatred. And saying, “DONT EVER SAY THE WORD ETHICAL TO ME AGAIN!!” … That’s when I knew Healthcare was going down the toilet and everyone was in trouble.

    Today, I read this …


    In the “ Summary of Key Facts” you’ll see … “The root cause of such irresponsible conduct by pharma and health authorities is a lack of ethics.”

    Glad to see someone calling them out on it. – bit overdue.

    And by the way, with so many chicken facilities being burned down, shut down and all this Avian Flu shit going on, where the hell is Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack ?? Just wondering. I haven’t heard a peep from him.

  5. “St. Petersburg museum”

    Pulling in the lawn ornaments before a fire fight with the neighbor makes sense. Putin may believe St. Petersburg is invincible.

    Speaking of the Time Machine it’s noted some folks can lift heavy objects using sound. We’ve all heard about the “strange sounds heard around the world”. Putin may have a force field ready to go.

    Biden launches and the missiles are flung out into space like “Carrie” flinging a car. The world shudders. Russia gets one on the big board.

    NORK Wants attention.

    Kim Jong-un’s little sister, Kim Yo-jong has indicated she’ll turn the Pacific into a ‘shooting range’.

    North Korea fires multiple ballistic missiles in major escalation


    • imo …. Kim Jong-un’s little sister, Kim Yo-jong is THE ONE in charge!!

      Kim Jong-um is just the front man … KimYo-jong is running things from behind the curtain … and she has an inner meanness in her that is heads and shoulders more than what her brother has. (she may well have been the one who orchestrated the shooting of their uncle via an artillery piece as well as the other nasty shit that went on in the early days of her brother’s reign)

      • If you look at Korean women, nearly every one between the ages of 12 and 50 looks like they’re 15, and they’re all strikingly attractive…

        Except Yo-jong.

        I have never seen a photo of her where she doesn’t look like she’s drinking straight lemon juice to ease the discomfort from four cavities, while sitting on a lit corn cob soaked in kerosene.

        • Hmm.. you must be looking at a photo of her that I haven’t been able to see..from the photos that come up on google I think she’s beautiful.. she has a serious expression but the context of what she’s addressing is serious..but I can see a great smile hiding beneath the seriousness..
          I wonder if she has a sense of humour on her softer side..

      • Godfather 3, Michael Corleone and his sister Connie.

        Connie: Now they’ll fear you.”
        Michael: Maybe they should fear you!”

  6. G,

    Was it mentioned having a power deficit during the big ice storm?

    It might be a good idea to ‘store’ power by ‘banking’ water pump time in a water tower. Legionnaire’s disease and freezing would be disadvantages….

    During the next power outage you’d still have water pressure and wouldn’t need the on demand pump so could use the electricity elsewhere.

      • Yes, it’s gravity fed so long as the pumps are working to pull it out of the ground. We had a 5 hour power outage last week and found our rural water supply down to a trickle before power was restored.
        I built my own 500 gallon water tower about 25 years ago. A 24′ steel pipe tower with a 500 gallon concrete tank on top. I had to disconnect it from the house when we got the rural water hookup, but I am getting it ready for use again should the electricity go on permanent leave of absence. I just installed a 24v solar powered pump in the well to keep the tower tank filled. 500 gallons can last us up to a week with careful use, but the solar pump will refill it with about 2 hours of good sunshine on the panels.

  7. Comment on content:
    1) “Inflation” of space from the Big Bang time isn’t over. “Space” itself — in my view better thought of as SpaceTimeEnergy — continues to expand, recent work has indicated. (Perhaps at a “slower” rate — whatever that might mean…) At one time in cosmology, the theory of “Tired Light” — held that light decayed or lost energy over vast traveled spaces, and red-shifted NOT only from receding velocity, but from that tiredness-decay loss. Doppler effect also explained that, but expansion — stretching — of space itself was not seriously considered until very lately. SpaceTimeEnergy, itself, isn’t empty, but has properties, and contains huge potential energy — so-called “zero-point” energy. (Long, boring explanation deleted here, due to my lack of understanding)

    2) I knew an arson investigator some years ago, who told me the two most important things to determine early in a residential suspicion of arson investigation were:
    A) Was the house overly “leveraged.” (Loaned out. Leined.)
    This goes to motive.
    B) If the address was of a known gun permit holder, the owner is asked of any guns were lost in the fire. (This information must be artfully requested.) If the owner claims all his guns were by coincidence at the smithy, or anywhere else such a brother in law’s or parent’s place, then it’s a strong indicator of guilty foreknowledge of the fire. Not a conviction, but it puts the investigator on a path that may prove out. If The Hermitage is temporarily closed for renovations or a thorough cleaning, AND the collection is temporarily moved to a secure location, then the missiles may be in the air shortly by that logic.

    Something deep in the nature of men finds the destruction of guns abhorrent in the extreme — so they move them out of harm’s way before the fire — and lie. So it could go with Pooty-poot and the Hermitage.

    • Too bad no one here knows any of the night cleaners or custonians who work there. They may not know that THEY hold the key to knowing when the next major WAR is going to break out!!

  8. Nonlinearity … Yes

    Look to Gold in USD for similar nonlinear devaluations in global equities, commodities, and crypto.

    The total expanding/contracting money/debt global supply supports asset creation and asset valuation. That supply is being QT’ed in a historically unprecedented fashion.

    Gold from its monthly low: 13/32/26/ 19 of 20 months.
    From gold in USD’s recent 29 day base fractal 29(x)//(19/46 = 64 = 2.5x’, ideal base x’ = 26 days)//1.5x’ = 39 days.

    From gold’s peak 12 day base fractal 3/7/4 days; 12//25(5/11/11)/15 3/7/7 days :: x/2-2.5x’/1.5x’ ending 31 March 2023 …

    Expect historical asset devaluation nonlinearity.

    • The asset-debt macroeconomic system self-organizes into its intrinsic most efficient mathematical valuation growth and decay time-based fractal patterns. Debt expands, asset variety and asset valuations expand until an intrinsic maximum production and maximum valuation peak is reached and then decline as bad debt liquidation and asset overproduction and asset over valuation cause a decline to a natural nadir valuation point. The system self assemblies in elegantly simple time-based fractal patterns. George’s Elliot growth and decay valuation saturation waves represent the asset-debt system’s qualitative organization and fractal time-based self organization represents the system’s quantitative organization. http://www.economicfractalist.com/blog/

  9. rooty toot toot- oh no its the bandicoot!

    Yo G-Pops, coot went FULL ON Lennster this AM , and am shorting the guts out of the SPY wit Zero Day till Expiration PUTS. You see some days I just get so irritated with STOOOPID that I have to exercise my trigger finger, vigorously.
    ..”squeeeeeeeeze it” – like picking off zombies with my “plinker” (ruger 10/22) – ole reliable. Works wonders wit flashlight on deer as well, same dumb look when you “spot em”.

    Is there a more entertaining, more fun sport than taking money from wallstreet ? The imagination game of who the contra party is on the other(losing) side of my winning trades is, just adds more joy to my adventures in taking money from the street..bunch of greedy wankers no doubt. Been buying miners on dips as well, both PM’s and BTC’s, also like dividend paying Oil co’s. Other than that – I nibble on some exciting biotechs (insiderknowledgecheatercheater) as I dont and wont want to be “piggish” about it…Bulls and Bears go market, Pigs go to the slaughter house. Dont be a biden/obama/clinton/bush oinkoinkoink,suey! sueysueypigpig.

    If market is truely looking six months out – we about to see that index go tits up and six feet unda.

    Woke up this morning – ALIVE, 4 that I am profoundly grateful!

    Peace Out..

    • And if he wasn’t shot dead, wounded and still alive, I think he can sue you for shooting him. For sure in New York, I guess it varies by state.

      Homestead laws are interesting too. Your home is up for grabs in most states if their is a legal action against you.

      • “Homestead laws are interesting too. Your home is up for grabs in most states if their is a legal action against you.”

        LOL LOL there was a person locally that was a little on the crazy side.. had several farms and a few homes etc.. but wasn’t able to take care of a loved one.. was found to be irresponsible and they placed the loved one in a healthcare facility..
        that person would go and just put leins on the property of people.. they wouldn’t know about it until the day they had to sell the property.. then this lein would show up.. I refused to take this person to a function they wanted a ride to.. ( I had to be at work.. ) and they said I OWN YOUR HOME.. I was laughing about the comment that was made at the local gas station and they said.. you better go check.. so I did.. I didn’t know they could do that.. but it does happen.. the same way with a car.. you get towed they charge a towing and storage fee.. to get the title they just send a certified letter ..after thirty days its yours..
        My wife moved out of an apartment in 1980.. closed out the services.. in 95 she gets a summons to court.. the people that moved into the place called them up.. ( yup the offices are someplace in another country) and said they were her.. she had kept the papers all those years.. so another court date.. they threw the bill out.. then a few months later.. they garnished her income.. the reason.. she didn’t show up to a court date.. they sent it to a box in a city that she had never lived before.. they of course didn’t have a clue who in the hell it was.. so they returned it.. that was an official notice and she refused her official notice.. we petitioned to have another court date.. and we paid the bill.. when I brought it up.. the judge threatened to have me thrown in jail for contempt..

    • This is why every good guy should have access to a lime pit.

      Why “yes,” I may have read too many of Lady Mallowan’s books whilst still wet behind the ears…

  10. US stocks have surged too high and are now in a “death zone”, Morgan Stanley’s chief US equity strategist.
    “Investors have followed stock prices to dizzying heights once again,” he warned in a recent note. [Sunday]
    Wilson has predicted the S&P 500 could crash 26% to 3,000 points within months.
    US stocks have soared to unsustainable highs – but investors are behaving similarly to climbers who blindly push on towards the top of Mount Everest without properly considering the risks, “The Death Zone”, according to Morgan Stanley’s Mike Wilson.

    The bank’s chief US equity strategist said Sunday that he sees similarities between current valuations and the “death zone” – an area just below the summit of the world’s tallest mountains where there is so little oxygen that the human body starts to die, minute by minute and cell by cell., until it completely collapses and dies, or decision making becomes impossible.

    As of a few minutes ago, the S&P500 is still holding above the magical 4,000 mark.

    I have been closely watching the S&P500 options board.., once we close below 4,000 [ and below 12,000 on the NASDAQ100 ] I believe, it will signal a major down trend. How fast and how far..? My “Texas Instruments Scientific” is still uncertain.

  11. The government should give utilities, factories and railroads tax incentive like 100% immediate depreciation or a 50% tax credit to improve security. Put a cyclone fence around the facility. Key cards to open doors. EMP protection on electricals. Any immediate improvement will help. Only you can prevent factory fires.

    • Go back to sleep – your demise and that of your family is pending..

      The WAR is on YOU and YOURS – still think the clotz shotz was beneficial to Human health ? Billions to cockraine(home of kazarian mafia), while we suffer poverty, food security, and chemical bomb (s) over our heartlands.

      Yeah there gonna help Us alright..into a grave.

  12. OK.., now we are in trouble.
    – EPA just announced that they will take over the clean-up of the Ohio train derailment disaster.

    • Iodine .

      Eastcoast, up into Canada, Ohio River basin/watershed – protect Ureselfs,fill Ure body wit Iodine. Will help protect against those nasty halides/bianaries….in dioxin/phosgene/vinyl chloride from getting into youins cells.

      Multi level/layer PSYCH WAR .

      .. why they let clotshot out – so we could all see “they” KAZARIANS are trying to kill off the majority of Humanity. Not accident – Chemical bomb is meant to kill Us all, softly. Stand by, more chem bombs going off in an ag area near You. Hello Cali ? Hello Texas? and Hello Nebraska?

  13. Dude G,

    Fun and Entertainment for All ! An ancient and exciting game of Name That Demon. Ure sources can be whatever you can access or have access to; lesser keys of Solomon, movies, books, treasties, akasic records,john dee’s work, crowley – everything and anything is fair game, cept of course vatican restricted library.

    Here is how you play – clear Ure mind for 15 minutes of meditation, mantra like Shaanimm Manah repeated outloud will help with chasing away/clearing da brainpan. Now take look at picture of a random human being for 1 minute, then close Ure eyes and describe what Ure mind is showing you. Open eyes and quick look up sources for the name of that particular demon.
    * 1st Rule of Demonology says you know its name, you can control it.

    Ready – Set – Check this dude out – https://www.zerohedge.com/s3/files/inline-images/nulandfilenew.jpg?itok=HvzyOWoS

    ..starts with an A

    bel,bel,bel, belgorod, you got me rocking and rolling, rockin and a reeling bbbbbelgorod..https://youtu.be/4wvx14Qv9cg

    “Natasha we must stop the evil bitches!”

  14. Fake ChatGPT tokens are flooding the market as crypto scammers take advantage of the AI craze. One scammer did a pump & dump over the weekend, with dozens of fake tokens created by an AI – then disappeared, along with the cash. His I.D. [ also fake .,] was created by an A.I.

    • think about AI and computer language…that is why i quit using a popular financial book keeping program.. the irregularities in its math had me question.. ok so if it is off fifty cents.. and that deficited fifty cents is being put into another account as being filtered.. and they have a billion people using that same program with the same irregularity of math.. how much money can they filter off.. BC is the same way.. you have bc miners gathering BC… a computer can just create the numbers its a number generator..and juggle the numbers..
      Is a computer on a network…. and can AI get access to not only financial information but strategic information…
      Now if a little preschool child can get a machine to access secured information on the cloud.. what can AI do.. If china in a show of ability can turn on everyones camera’s throughout the country.. on their phones turn on the baby monitors your security systems etc.. what can AI have access to.. so it is in a secured cloud storage.. that cloud is accessible and editable.. a friend had the cops looking for a pervert that kept ringing his door bell and running away.. that was me dropping a photo in that file.. So AI is a computer.. and as a computer it doesn’t care what files it retrieves.. the networks here don’t share a lot of news.. but that doesn’t mean that there are backdoors to those files.. and that same information is accessible on other networks.. similar to seeing a story in the WSJ.. or WaPo.. they may block it off.. but then you pick the same story up that is published in another place..


      • look at the Pedophile Pervs laptop.. it had not only secured documents on it.. and enough photos and videos to put a normal citizen in prison for the rest of his life.. but access to top secret filing systems.. that information ended up in the hands of people that if they are enemy agents of the USA could access the most secure while in a drunken drug induced stupor .. you talk about the pedo and his family that left documents on a table in the garage..In my opinion that is nothing in comparison to giving access to those files and access to the websites online.. put an AI bug in it to search out documents.. and they have access to everything..
        that in my opinion really outshines the trump having a few documents in a secured safe being monitored and protected by the security personnel..

  15. immortality has said hello to me again yesterday. a young lady innher early 20s said I found this tiny little clam shell. I thought to give to you. I laughed and said cool. I held it in my hand and looked at tiny it is.

    then I Gave it back. she said you don’t want it. I said darling I stopped accepting little clams from lady’s your age. she roared laughing, blushed and said yes sir.

    the claim shell is also a symbol of immortality.


    time. immortality.

  16. “You see,” he explained “We have only to watch the Museum and track when and where the priceless art treasures go.”

    Not necessarily.

    Ever watch the first few minutes of the movie “2012?” When no one is allowed within 12 feet of a painting, it is easy to foist a counterfeit on the viewer, without detection. I’d be willing to bet there are enough talented artists in Russia that every item in The Hermitage can be counterfeited, and the originals stashed deep underground, without anyone noticing…

  17. “One killed, a dozen injured after blast at Ohio factory scatters molten debris, starts fire, southeast of Cleveland. Was this an industrial accident or do they make something “systemically critical” is the question unanswered going into the news day.”

    They make raw supplies (ingots) for other factories, and work principally with brass and bronze alloys. I have bought aluminum ingots produced by them before, so apparently their aluminum doesn’t all go into weird bronze alloys.

    • Ray;
      That was up near Cleveland. Been a lot of that happening … more so since there are less and less businesses, ironically. – One reason I say “We’re at war on so many levels.”

      There are many chemical plants along the Ohio river and we’re downwind of them.

      We got some damn good gas masks a few days ago. Never thought we’d be buying such things … until about 2 years ago when it crossed our minds to do so. We finally gave in and got them.

  18. “Our ‘Monday on Tuesday’ ponder is this matter of whether time is a pure notion, or one vastly misunderstood… we continue to be mystified by non-linear characteristics of time.”

    ‘Time’ from the human perspective is just as much an illusion as the purported ‘solidarity’ of our bodies and other forms of ‘matter’.

    Time is a Hyper-Cube of what we call past, present, and future. But like a huge layer cake… the ‘Whole Time Cake’ is all there, all the ‘time’.

    Why does Time appear to ‘move’ from ‘present’ to ‘future? Time doesn’t move. Our human consciousness does. Our individual human experience is what moves trough the Big Time Cake from ‘present’ to ‘future’. Or from ‘present’ to ‘past’ if one is a remote viewer or other ‘Time-Naut’ that has learned how to navigate through Time under one’s own volition.

    Think about when you are stopped at a railroad crossing waiting for a freight train. You are stationary and the cars are moving past you with the appearance of movement. BUT you would have the same visual experience if the train was stationary and YOU were loving laterally along the side of the train. It would look exactly the same.

    So this is with Time. Time ‘exists’ in the grand quantum soup of Energy as all things… all the ‘time’. It is we who are moving through Time like a knife slicing through a chocolate layer cake in a certain direction.

    It’s all energy. Dancing, frolicking energy. All directed by Consciousness and one’s own Intent. You fashion your Energy Sphere of Influence with your thoughts and feelings and beliefs. You are the sculptor and the Universe is your clay.

    And you have all the ‘time’ in the world to work on it.

  19. Re: non-linearity


    We go from air raid sirens in Kiev to spotlights in Poland which scanned backdrop castle walls of the Royal Warsaw Castle Gardens as President Biden delivered his “got your back, Ukraine” speech. Attending Polish dignitaries must be chomping at the bit to get a refund with interest for their move of 1686 that saw them sell Kiev to Russia for 146,000 rubles as part of The Treaty of Perpetual Peace.

    • Folks,

      I haven’t heard anything more from elected dictator Erdo?an throwing shade on Sweden joining Nato since the earth shifted. Have you?

      Maybe it was a shrewd move of President E. to push through a constitutional change in 2017 from Turkiye being ruled as under a parliamentary system to one now as presidential. Legislatures in that part of the world just get in the way of progress, don’t they? Can the scheduled May or June presidential election even happen in 2023? Perhaps the concensus will simply be to give Mr. E. a free pass into a third (?) term. Why rock the boat? Look at Russia and China. Don’t things run smoothly there?

      As you’ve probably heard The Boss is heading out on tour. Apparently G&R pre-sales are also about to drop. No further confirmation though on the Bilderberger confab in Lisbon in May. Looks like the alleged venue is top-end posh. Wonder if they have any rooms left? Should it be the same booker that Swiss media reported on who was servicing last month’s WEFers in Davos, they might be able to offer some clues. Probably be best to source one of those inflatable dolls along with a couple of white balloons. Don’t want to stand out in a crowd.

    • Re: “markets see trouble”
      feat. food for thought


      The BBC domestic news page pictures picked-over produce shelves in UK grocery stores. So far 2 of 8 grocer chains have put “limits on purchases” (rations) of certain items in short supply. The situation is expected to last several weeks while suppliers in Spain and North Africa recover from weather happenings. Apparently UK greenhouses were dialed back when electricity costs went up.

      So far the report did not blame either Mr. Putin or Mr. Trump for this unfortunate turn of events. Hopefully the Duchy of Cornwall can divert wine and cheese to a peasantry palate that would otherwise have been consumed by His Majesty the King’s Aston Martin motor car. As a very minimum, people should remain confident that the nation’s pre-eminent brand of cream cracker produced in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire since 1885 will continue unabated providing 1 gram of protein per cracker.

  20. right again George! ” you see”

    the optometrist just called and said my new spectacles are done. haven’t had new ones in almost 3 years.

    I’ve been wearing these damn readers for 3 years now.

    shit, I might be better lookin than I think I am. hahahahaha.

    probably, be able to see the future a little better too.

  21. Dow ended up down 697 points.., Nasdaq100 down 297, but still 60 points over 12,000.., and the S&P down 81.75, closing below 4,000 at 2,997.34. There is no technical reason / support for the 4,000 mark., just appears to be a psychological point.
    Tomorrow and Thursday should prove.., interesting.

  22. U.S. food additives banned in Europe: Expert says what Americans eat is “almost certainly” making them sick

    London — From baguettes to focaccia, Europe is famous for its bread. But there’s one ingredient conspicuously missing: Potassium bromate. It’s a suspected carcinogen that’s banned for human consumption in Europe, China and India, but not in the United States. In the U.S., the chemical compound is used by some food makers, usually in the form of fine crystals or powder, to strengthen dough. It is estimated to be present in more than 100 products.


    • I just had someone ask me what I knew about grain going to other countries.. because they couldn’t sell grain over there.. or send any.. the GMO seeds. the gmo crops are altered to be pest resistant and chemical resistant. I cannot get bees to be dropped in our area.. the gmo plants kill his bee’s now if I buy bees he will take care of them for me.. but he won’t put his bee’s in jeopardy.. . I believe that is why congress passed legislation saying that if it is proved to be harmful to humans in the future that you couldn’t go back on the seed companies..

  23. Most health claims advertised in baby formula products lack scientific evidence

    The case of baby formula is basically the history of nutrition over the last century, in a nutshell. We have a perfect animal-based product, in need of no improvement, replaced by inferior products of industrial origin, with serious negative effects.


    From cancer to psychosis: New data analyses paint grim picture of COVID jab effects

    What most people have heard about deaths and illnesses caused by COVID vaccines is just the tip of the iceberg. Medical research articles keep rolling out on a host of health impacts from the vaccines. Here a number of new articles are cited to better reveal how unsafe these vaccines are.


  24. Ex-NYT Staffer Describes ‘Crying’ and ‘Bloodthirsty’ Colleagues Seeking Vengeance for Cotton Op-Ed

    Embarrassing details about the extent of the 2020 staff revolt at the New York Times have been revealed in a new book featuring an interview with former Times staffer Shawn McCreesh. Mediaite obtained excerpts of Steve Krakauer’s new book, Uncovered: How the Media Got Cozy with Power, Abandoned Its Principles, and Lost the People.


  25. Ukrainian Refugee Girl Finds San Francisco Schools So Violent She Wants to Go Back

    A Ukrainian refugee girl who settled in San Francisco with her mother is finding public school in the city so violent that she longs to return to her war-torn country, where she feels children are less cruel to one another.


    Best, most awesome city on the planet… :rolleyes:

    • “Best, most awesome city on the planet… :rolleyes:”

      LOL maybe they should defund the police a little more if she just sees it like it is for the rest of the poor kids.. It depends on what neighborhood you live in.. the poorer neighborhoods are being ran by a criminal element that doesn’t care about the people of the neighborhood. these are the poorer neighborhoods where mom and dad are forced to work multiple jobs crime filled network televisions computer games and the Local gang is was control’s those neighborhoods. Or they to become victims of substance abuse.. many of the parents are not able to escape their .. the schools don’t go after the bullies out of fear of retribution.. one teacher interviewed for a position it paid more.. they said and we will have a guard walk you to your car LOL LOL.. they are only in it for a paycheck so you see those that are being bullied unprotected and once they get fed up with not having an advocate for them in the schools taking revenge into their own hands..sad but true.. the teachers all should be fired in those schools.. or start to be teachers with principles and the schools taking the initiative to stop it.
      Its like the Terrorist actions of BLM and Antifa.. those saying that they care about their race then incites riots destruction pillaging and rape in the very neighborhoods they say they love.. are pure evil in my mind.. something happened to them along the way for them to target the very neighborhoods they say they want to protect.. hey maybe they went to a poor neighborhood school and was one of those being bullied.. communities already had a tough time getting officers to patrol those high crime area’s.. in many cases forced into hiring people that are as bad or worse to be the ones to protect those neighborhoods.. Memphis is one example.. visited with a guy that just moved up here from there.. he gave me a chewy story about what those neighborhoods are like.. not a good thing..
      then to have one of these so called good people come out with public speeches with the come to action slogan..That is only targeting the very ones they would like to see protected into having more misery.. But then again if they did go to have one of those go to action marches and did it around law makers.. then it would be worse than January 6th and since then millions have been given to them to put advanced surveillance systems and a protection team at their homes…. In the poor neighborhoods where billions of dollars worth of damage had happened there was real violence and a lot more..
      food stamp level in San Fran is just shy a quarter million dollars.. these refugees are parked in the poorest neighborhoods and the kids have to walk the streets of the neighborhoods with the highest crime rates..

      ( Now that scenario is quite a bit different if you walk into a neighborhood that is primarily being ran by the MAFIA.. and you will have a great time… crime has to be sanctioned there and they are businessmen that want people to come in and spend their money. as long as you follow their rules you will have a great time…. speaking about that.. the boss wants to take a mini stacation .. see a concert etc.. we are going to .. great time great food and no fears.. )

  26. Agenda 21 policies began in the 1970’s. It was formally launched world wide in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro where, on Prince Charles’ yacht, President George HW Bush signed the United States to it without the consent of the American people or their representatives in Congress.

    President Bill Clinton took office the following year and created the President’s Council on Sustainable Development which began immediate, comprehensive, and irreversible implementation. Clinton’s council was comprised of federal agencies, corporations, and non-profit UN NGOs. The Council on Sustainable Development moved quickly to ensure that all federal agencies would change their policies to comply with UN Agenda 21. All President’s Following Same Plan (Bush Sr’s NWO) – Including Trump.

    Then 911 – Patriot Acts – National Defense Authorization Act – Etc. (Constitution & Bill of Rights Overridden)

  27. Permanent War Mode Ever Since 911.

    Russia & China Have Become The ‘Enemy’ Because They Now Back ‘Syria’ & ‘Iran’ – The Last Two Countries On The Attack Lists.

    Turned Against War on Terror After Gaddafi was killed and Libya destroyed in 2011.

    This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” Gen W. Clark

    Taking Control Of The Middle East Oil Supply & Pipeline Networks – America Is Bankrupt – National Debt 32+ Trillion.??

    The Secretary-General of NATO Made a Formal Statement Explaining the Purpose of NATO in the Post-Cold War World is to Control Global Energy Systems, Pipelines, and Sea Lanes. That Means, to Control the World. Noam Chomsky

    Which Is the Reason Why Russia Now Backs Syria & China Now Backs Iran To Counter That Move.

    Then Ukraine in 2014 (False Peace 2014 – 2022 Thru Minsk Agreement) & WW3 Soon.

  28. Addendum:

    Remarks by former German Chancellor Angela Merkel and ex-French President Francois Hollande that the Minsk Agreements served to win time for Kiev to prepare for ‘War’ are “Documented Betrayal”. 31 DEC 2022

    Hersh describes the destruction of the North Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea by U.S. Government Forces.

    Romania Senator Diana Lovanovici Speaking in the Parliament on the Uses of HAARP Technology in Turkey by NATO.

    The silence of the UN chemical weapons team, OPCW, while Ukrainians brag about using chemical weapons on Russians.


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