Those Damn Dardanelles

Readers should likely be thinking more about geopolitics than the markets this week.

There have been some reports that Turkey either has, or will, impose restrictions on oceanic traffic transiting the Turkish Straits (the Dardanelles). 

This would likely set off World War III, if true and prolonged,  since Turkey is in a key position as the “door to Europe” from the Middle East.

Before getting into the specifics of war worries, we need to step back and look at how the War with ISIS has been a mainly “soft war” – so far.

The U.S. actually got things rolling when the residual neocons – still holding sway among Washington’s power elite – managed to convince the idjits at the top that toppling yet-another-government in the Middle East would be “good” for the U.S.

We refer to the “idjits at the top” because anyone on this side of an Alzheimer’s Unit remembers how well the last neocon (made-up) LIE about regime change worked.  If the National Media Kool-Aid continues to work its magic on you, that would be the ill-managed Iraq War.

The neocons have done it again, not once, but actually TWICE – by screwing with two former areas of relative stability (Ukraine) and Syria where the neocon remnants declared war on president Assad with no corresponding concurrence from Congress.  There, lead by death-merchant lobbyist-controlled miscreants, there has been no restraint on U.S. war-making. We do note the growth of H. Clinton campaign coffers and that Foundation in parallel, however.  (That mut be a coincidence!)

So that’s where the anti-Assad forces have come from, and the U.S. has pushed mountains of war materiel in the region, only to see much of it fall “into the hands of ISIS.”

This has worked well for the One Trying to Destroy America.  He has been able (on the surface) accede to demands of the neocons while (with a decision here and there) actually furthering the replay of the Muslim Invasion of Europe which is now in full swing.  He’s working his butt off to bring it here, too.

We saw  the stark ineptitude of a hobbled U.S. Military (strangled from the top) when we observed that mile-long line of ISIS vehicles (no doubt in part arranged by the Clinton State Department) [Count the Toyotas] and yet never attacked despite being lined up in oh such an inviting formation.  Only Kabuki of the grandest scale can account for such incompetence.  Like we’ve said, a fish rots from its head.

And, since it is clear to all, and the U.S. military really is capable, we intuit (perhaps  correctly) that our military was hobbled around the same time as the Clintonistas and Obamanista regulars we plotting to use the neocons who are easily played as useful idiots.  A few trucks, a few cookies, and they get flipped.

The present game being run out of Washington seems to ensure the success of the Muslim Re-Invasion of Europe for Machiavellian reasons we won’t get into this morning.  We note, however, that non- “embedded” media are likely getting to the truth around the edges.  Our news analyst in Canada sent us this advisory this weekend:

Dear Mr. Ure,

Journalists in Isis-infected Deir Ezzor province reported earlier in  November that a brigrade was decamping Syria for Turkey and Europe.


As to the credibility of the media report, it may indeed be questioned, but to disclose such information would serve no apparent purpose for ISIS/ISIL and thus becomes more heavily weighted than recruiting ads on social media and other misdirection.

While this continues, it is no coincidence that (so hobbled) the U.S, has not effectively attacked the ISIS oil trucks that are reported going to Turkey and thus funding the war.  We have the technology but neither the will, nor leadership, to actually make a difference.

There are still a goodly number of keen military minds in NATO who have not be fired by well-stoked political witch-hunts.  Not everyone with a military brain serves at you-know-who’s pleasure. NATO might save the U.S. but not Europe.

At some level, one of the few ways for the Second Muslim Invasion of Europe to be stopped is to create a kind of nuclear ditch to be crossed, hence we come to this morning’s view of the potential battlefield with the following notes:

Of all the stories we could list this morning, only bottling up Russia in the Black Sea has the potential to really set off world war. But there is the matter of oil and drug money.

The “interest-assessment” of players becomes a little complex here, since there are several levels to it.

Russia has no interest in Turkey getting energy from (surprise) anyone other than Russia.  What is key is that off in background, Russia has been holding Ukraine (backed by a Western-backed coup) short of gas supplies and winter is coming.  The Ukrainians retaliated by shutting off its air space to Russia a while back.

When the Russian plane was downed in Turkey/Syria, the U.S. proxy government in Ukraine promptly applauded the shoot-down.  Here’s a fine example of “spitting in the fact of the other party” as Ukrainian officials endorse Turkish downing of Russian jet.

And Ukraine (with the U.S. and NATO backing) is doing everything it can to tweak the Russians by doing what?  Analytical Guidance: Crimea Loses Its Electricity.

Yes sir…It’s a regular love-fest.

The president of Turkey is denying the claims that Turkish elements are “oil laundering” –Erdogan says would resign if Putin IS oil trade claims proven, but there are other useful commodities that are demonstrably moving through Turkey:  Heroin from the overland routes from Afsmackistan and of course the Muslim reconquest of Europe is a kind of million mule drug smuggler’s wet dream.

As always, the rhetoric is almost meaningless to follow (which is why we’re not keen on “He-said-She said” journalism.  Instead, we prefer to look at the strategic moves and the flow of funds.

There are several items moving here, it turns out:  The have to do with Bitcoin.

As everyone and their uncle knows, ISIS is big on Bitcoin. ISIS parks its cash in Bitcoin, experts say… although how much of the Global Caliphate’s actual resource is involved in Bitcoins can be argued.  Hacker Group: Bitcoin Only a ‘Small Part’ of ISIS Funding.

And now we get to the he-said/she-said stuff as “Hacktivists claim ISIS terrorists linked to Paris attacks had bitcoin funding”.

As of today, Payment Week is reporting “Security Experts Said Terrorists are Hoarding Money in Bitcoin.”

But even as ISIS seems to have effectively gone untraceable digital, there is a crime underway which is very key to how the next stages of the Bitcoin battle works out as “Greece banks hit by Armada Collective hackers demanding ransom in bitcoin.”

Could this be the beginning of a larger-scale attack on BTCs?  If so, will holding BTC’s be made tantamount to having a hand in funding of ISIS?

Lots of forensic accounting would be needed to prove the case, and by their very nature, Bitcoins are problematic for “authority” for this very reason:  You can’t “civil asset forfeiture” or “income tax” a currency which is effectively invisible.  We confidently predict “Civil Hard Drive Forfeitures” will be coming to a world near you.

Taken to an extreme, it will lead to cops frisking people for USB drives and SDHC cards.  Ain’t progress dandy?

All of which leads us to the important look ahead part of this analysis (updates to which will only be available for subscribers…we give far too much away around here):

There are only a limited number of tactical options for the major players to pursue:

  • The local hardware-layer would be another shoot-down and raising tensions that way.
  • A massive attack on ISIS funding streams (oil, drug smuggling and use of bitcoins)
  • Escalating attacks on ISIS such that civilian casualties rise.  ISIS embedding in local pops will make those civilians losses unavoidable and difficult for a failing administration and Connedgress.

Or, there is one last-resort news story to keep your eyes open for.

Either Russia or China could announce that one of their satellites has been hacked and that being powered by a plutonium fuel cell, it might go critical and explode in space.,

The thing is, a moderate yield nuclear device going off at just the right place could result in a small-scale EMP and that  positioned over just the right place, like the U.S. West Coast, would not only turn off the lights for a big part of America, but it would result in the collapse of the sham border with Mexico which has become far too electronic-reliant.

So the invasion of the U.S. from the south would gear up, and in the interest of not blowing up the whole planet in a nuclear exchange, the Peace-Prizer-in-Chief would likely hold down…something a Russian-Chinese cooperative might be counting on.

I apologize if this sounds wholly unworkable, but it isn’t.  The data is beginning to cluster and if you hear any reference to non-U.S. satellites in coming weeks and months, having “technical difficulties”  it will be time to be well stocked on batteries.

You should already be prepped with 3M Standard N100 8233 Disposable Particulate Respirator Masks, Cool Flow Exhalation Valve, Nose Clip, Meets NIOSH, OSHA (5 Case)   A fine stocking-stuffer.

This isn’t a matter of being paranoid.  It is, rather, an exercise in extensibility to End Game which – if you haven’t noticed –  is getting easier and easier by the day. That growing “feeling od dread” lately is telling you something.

Hot Data (*like you care…)

With Auto Sales figures pending, we note that futures are up 62 after dropping more than 70 points Monday. 

We call this “noise trading” ahead of the Fed likely small rate hike.

Other Distractions

Not much else going on today.  You may be tempted to go for stories like AirAsia QZ8501: Pilot response to equipment malfunction caused crash but unless you were on the flight (we’d like to talk) or know someone who was (statistically improbable, this is just another day of distractions and a chance for networks to recycle miles of b-roll.

Have fun with that.

Go tighten a room up for fallout, ‘k?


10 thoughts on “Those Damn Dardanelles”

  1. George,

    I’m constructing an EMP Shield/storage from an aluminum trash can.

    Does the outer skin of the can need to be grounded? The instructions around the web seem to be divided 50/50 on the question.


  2. I read the link regarding the air crash, and it sounded suspiciously like the “probable cause of the Airbus flying from Brazil to Europe (442?) a few years ago. Almost the same situation, with panicked co-pilot and pilot fighting each other for control, while trying to climb over weather rather than penetrating at maneuvering speed and toughing it out. The computers got everything wrong, trying to do the proper thing in the face of strong and opposing inputs. Nothing we can do about that now, but it’s an ongoing problem.

    Now, I’m going to tighten up a room so I can keep it warm and toasty with low energy, and of course, keep out those bad nuclear particles too.

  3. George,
    As far as I know, there are no reactor-powered satellites in Earth orbit…they are overwhelmingly solar powered. The weight penalty for nuclear versus solar alone would be prohibitive, not to mention the environmental impact of raining plutonium cores down on Earth, as most are designed to reenter and burn up in the atmosphere at the end of their useful lives. Thermal reactors that use radioactive decay are used, but for probes to the outer planets where solar is not practical (much less solar radiation out there versus our sunny little planet). Even then, there is no ‘reactor’ to speak of, as it is essentially a lump of radio isotope generating heat from radioactive decay which is used in turn to produce electricity. I therefore contend that there is no plausible way for a country to claim an ‘accidental’ EMP in orbit.

  4. Either Russia or China could announce that one of their satellites has been hacked and that being powered by a plutonium fuel cell, it might go critical and explode in space.,

    Tsk, Tsk…

    This is simple fear mongering. Radioisotope generators work by producing heat from radioactive decay and in no way can be made to explode and cause an EMP.

    EMP threats are very real, just not from satellite power supplies.

  5. Sorry to tell you but you do not give away FAR too much for free, instead you both give away and charge a bunch for ads and your personal beliefs and opinions. They are all yours and fine if you like them — but in truth — all beliefs are baloney and only facts and provable truth count — and you are far too interested in money to take the time and open your mind to the real truths and answers to all your questions about LIFE which as you get older will become both increasingly more important and further away from all you BELIEVERS!

  6. About those nose filters George: “Do not use for gases and vapors, including those present in paint spraying operations, oil aerosols, asbestos or sandblasting.”

    Thus says the product specs…

  7. “This isn’t a matter of being paranoid. It is, rather, an exercise in extensibility to End Game which – if you haven’t noticed – is getting easier and easier by the day. That growing “feeling od dread” lately is telling you something.”

    George, that feeling of dread is coming from you. The world is as broken as it ever was, things just move faster.

    “one of the few ways for the Second Muslim Invasion of Europe to be stopped is to create a kind of nuclear ditch to be crossed…”

    This marks the second time in recent weeks you’ve seemed to be suggesting a nuclear bomb be detonated (the first being more direct)… troubling..

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