The Annual Personal Financial Review

Now that TurboTax Home & Business 2015 Federal + State Taxes + Fed Efile Tax Preparation Software – PC/Mac Disc ($80, Amazon) is shipping and I’ve gotten it installed, it’s time to get serious about my “personal management plan” for 2016.

This is something that goes on all the time in real businesses:  There is a year-end review and the examination of all pertinent financial information is usually quite exhaustive.

Is it therefore any wonder than most corporations are extremely well-managed?  Hardly.  There is a combination of method and plan that leads to inevitable management success.

Odd as it may seem, however, only one-in-a-hundred of us “little people” bother to conduct this rigorous personal review for reasons that, frankly, don’t surprise me:  A laziness and lack of clear-headed thinking about the future.

While our other ongoing works (Functions of War, Iron Mountain II, part 2) are dandy mind-candy, they don’t have the hardcore payoff some of our other Lessons from Life have to offer.

This is one such Peoplenomics report…the kind that will help sweep the Nissan out of the driveway and replace it with a Lexus, if that’s what you want out of life.

After a few headlines, that is, and my explanation of contemporary climate hysteria including “How Trump “Caused” Global Warming.

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5 thoughts on “The Annual Personal Financial Review”

  1. I don’t see homeowners or automobile insurance(s) listed in your budget(s). Do you self-insure the “old homestead”? Last time I checked New Hampshire was the only state that didn’t mandate car insurance for all drivers. BTW Obamacare is costing me (individual policy) $9726.12 per year for the cheapest “Silver” plan that comes with a $6,700 deductible….. paying the penalty for not insuring may be the most sane option next year.

    • Good catch, Tom! I could add about $70/month for the home and car…our tax picture is vastly more complicated than what was show in the abbreviated example in the report. However, some of that is buried in the Auto expense because if you have a paid-for car, and it gets good mileage, $100 a month at today’s prices will buy 50 gallons (times 35 MPH) or almost 1,800 miles – I don’t think my butt could handle 58 miles a day of driving. Butt rage would overtake road rage…

  2. George: Love your perspective, and your occasional guesting on C2C.

    With today’s (02/12/15), California’s mass shootings, can you mention where in your mass murder news cycle (approx. every 152 days) where we are now?
    You have not mentioned this UN directed liberal gun demonizing agenda for some time now. An update would be appreciated. Thank-you from outside of the fish-bowl.


  3. Its nice to see the Obama fans and voters get their awakening on Obama care, Its too bad the saner ones of us are stuck in the pocket with it also. Un till the costs and MD are blocked from having the rape stick they never will be able to do much more than rape the payers,

  4. Now the dog and pony show exhibited by bought-out MPs is over, Cameron replays war criminal Blair while the military-industrial complex rubs their hands with glee at the thought of more profits for the death industry.

    After all, the UK must respond to the terrible, unprovoked acts of war Syria has inflicted on the UK (i.e. none) by bombing their country.

    TPTB must be very happy with their never-ending war on terror, a replay of Orwell’s 1984, providing as always the perfect cover for continual war and continual erosion of human freedom and promotion of the police state.

    Who benefits?

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