Thinking Skills of a Pari-mutuel Investor

What you learn at the track may be more valuable than  classes in Business School.  No, seriously.  The pony pickers may offer better insights into making money than B-schools because they have disciplined picking skills and personal money management skills often overlooked by academics.

Trust me when I tell you the “sheepskin” is more like an HR lock picking set than a plan to actually make money.

So, grab a latte – we’re heading to the track.  Where the real investment skills become evident at the pay window.

After headlines and the daily war checks, of course.

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25 thoughts on “Thinking Skills of a Pari-mutuel Investor”

  1. Basically we’re waiting for an event to proceed (by moments) a historic stock market decline & as a bonus get the U.S. directly involved in Israel’s battle, a battle that’ll only last a few hours and cost a combined trilly or two.

    “world series”

    Maybe Friday’s game will be blown-up live across all screens. Bigger than 911 and no better way to call fresh recruits.

    A clue might be recent heavy insurance purchasing in and around the stadium zone.

    In the other column the city of Tel Aviv has modern elements like glass buildings. One or two bombs in the downtown zone and the buildings are going to be blown out. That’ll be good for a market decline but maybe not recruiting.

    Horses come and go while jockeys have to make a living. Bet on the jockeys.

    • All of named problems are little compared to the U.S. monetary INFLATION. My personal “cost of living” is up 100% (no kidding!!) from a year ago, and people just seem to accept it as one of those things. Sorry that I’m past the age to go out and lay my hands @Weimar-DC.

        • You are so right on that one Hank …. the definition of a politician…

          (a) A well dressed, well spoken criminal, who deceives the general gullible public, through a web of utter lies or half/distorted truths, mostly for personal gain.
          (b) A person who pretends to be your best friend come election time, but is never there when you need them the rest of the time.
          (c) Is never, EVER honest about anything, except when it is convenient for them.
          (d) A bubonic plague that has infected the entire world.
          (e) A mistake in civilization that people are too lazy to correct.
          (f) Lower than dog turd in the social order of intelligent people.

      • Inflation is the result of an expanded money supply. The prices doubled because the money supply doubled but technically the money supply probably more than doubled since the price sampling.

        The FED will try to monetize the debt using war, which will be another doubling of the debt.

        I don’t know what to do about the prices but I’ll tell you what, Tyson Foods is building a bug factory because someone is going to be eating bugs.

        Getting $ into Protix or one of the competitors for the consolidation phase may keep the bugs off our tables for awhile but the companies are still private.

        GOOD Meat (parent/Eat Just) & UPSIDE Foods are private.

        Tyson Foods Announces Partnership with Protix for More Sustainable Protein Production

        Protix is the world leader in insect ingredients.

        GOOD Meat

        UPSIDE Foods

      • Glad to hear from you Mr C.
        My cost of living has peaked and seems to be trending down a bit. Of course, part of that is that I have cut expenses rather mercilessly, and I’m on a cash basis to start with…
        -Real estate taxes have dropped significantly. Small and ugly is good.
        -Fuel costs have been trending down.
        – Insurance of all sort are a sore point, but seem to be leveling out. I have several bills coming due in the next month. Hopefully there won’t be surprises. I have decent health insurance at modest cost, but the home and auto insurance have hyperinflated on me. I am looking for that to slow down with real estate cooling off.
        -I reconfigured comms, and I am paying less without any real decrease in services that I use.
        -Cut out overpriced subscriptions, including ones I have had for a long time.
        – Food costs have gone down, due to eating out less.
        From what I gather, the larger urban centers are seeing much higher relative price increases.
        Take care this winter.

      • If you’re complaining about it here, choices, you’re speaking to the choir. That’s one of the main topics we come to talk about here but if you’re speaking about those you see every day – OH, HELL YEAH! Nobody out there is going to raise their voice against the status quo even while their “money” slips between their fingers and strange swarthy people start populating their world, if not their neighborhood, and start changing the social rules we all know by heart. Everyone’s ears have become spikes to keep their heads in that moist, warm place between their glutes. It’s utterly amazing to me.

        • what surprises me very few real7ze they are being robbed with a smile..bent over grabbing their ankles.
 gad a million dollars two years ago in a 401 k and it hasn’t doubled or trippled in two years then they’ve been robbed..
          in the fifties and sixties 10 grand in the bank was a lot of money.. a dishwasher I paid 176.00 for two years ago has to be replaced..the service plan gave me 300 dollars to scrap it out. ( poorer quality than older units)
          today the exact same unit that I paid 176 for is 600 plus..
          I am pretty sure it isn’t any better than the unit we have. they seem to only last two years. the first unit we had lasted 17 years and we hot it foe 125 delivered and installed..
          as prices go skyward purchases will slow if income doesn’t keep pace with inflation.. if you shove it in a box and only peek at it occasionally..your actually losing it.

    • As expected and so are not surprised.

      CONFIRMED: Netanyahu ordered the Israeli military to STAND DOWN for 7 HOURS during the Hamas invasion.

      I sat down with Jewish Charity leader, Cecily Routman, who received intel directly from her Israeli Rabbi and other top level government sources.

      While I do not agree with…

      — Lauren Witzke (@LaurenWitzkeDE) October 15, 2023

      (Related: According to Israeli officials, the roughly 2.3 million Palestinians who live in Gaza, many of them young children, are just “human animals” who do not deserve access to food, water, fuel, or electricity.)

      • we will never know if this was a staged black swan event similar to what happened to get Hitler into power.. Was this a staged event to get the big show started. We all have noticed how all the congressional investigation on the family brand ended.. like it never existed… how did a group enter into Israel the one country with the tightest border security in the world and their countries military was told to stand down…. its like the white powder found in the white house.. I have been there.. back long before nine eleven.. they almost did an anal exam then.. now they don’t have a clue how cocaine got into the private quarters yeah sure you betcha LOL.. you could have a thousand people in there and a man lean over and whisper to his wife.. Honey I just sharted.. and I think I might have to wipe.. and someone in the building has that on tape.. and I bet they will for shitz and giggles play it over and over to the others in recording… it will be a humdrum day nothing going on and the joker will hit play.. I just sharted.. LOL LOL heck I did a roll of film.. of a woman at a motorcycle rally giving bj’s to a line of men frame after frame the same woman and a different guy.. that hung on the wall of the lab for over forty years as a color correction test strip.. they should have used a polaroid that stuff is seen by everyone.. the one that use to baffle me.. was a lieutenant at the pen would come in with six rolls of Kodachrome .. every week.. thirty six exposures.. all of the same ugly woman and her hairy butt and tits.. for years and years he was like clock work same time .. every week.. then we got a work release from the pen.. and I was mounting the film and casually said dam I don’t have a foggy clue what he see’s in that.. the prisoner on work release said.. he sells them to the inmates for ten bucks a pop.. average was thirty eight to forty frames.. on six rolls of film for over ten years.. that man made some serious cash.. and that doesn’t include the other labs that there were.. did he take more to them to..

  2. The $4 Shit Show (3rdplc) wager!

    Any horse that takes a dump in the paddock pre- Race, gets the shit show wager. Not a guaranteed payout, but entertaining as all hell. Helps to have little spotters (kids/grandkids) keeping eye out. Also use the kids to go talk to the jocks on bench prior to “riders up” call, they try get a pair of throw away googles from the jocks, as well any intel regards pending race = Research.
    Andzo I can say with confidence that my pony wagering is 90% a calculated risk , the other 10% is “GUT”

    * love standing off the rail on first turn, not only hear the thundering hoofs, you feel em thunder by.. : ). Not so much work as it is Entertainment, so predetermined limit loss is cost of day full of being entertained.

    • my last guy that lived in our spare bedroom..he was a trainer and groomer for all the big horse races. knew all the pony’s ..
      he would get excited for the derby . then tell you about the horses and their owners..wonderful guy..
      he raised thoroubreds .. his wife was an RN she got cancer the hospital tossed her out and they took everything he had to pay for her final expenses..his farm his rental home his business.
      he came to our home with just the clothes on his back..
      he loved animals..
      he loved secretariat.. one of his horses after it retired from horse racing came to live on his mourned for him when he lost the farm and had to be put down..that was so sad it was such a beautiful horse..

  3. The U.S. economy has shrugged-off high interest rates, ignored the bond market and seemingly just points-and-laughs at inflation as we have had four quarters of national growth. On the 26th we will have the governments report on what most are predicting a fifth quarter of economic growth. [ Much to my surprise.]
    That is, as yet to be seen., but with the capital spending from major corporations using the money borrowed when interest rates where much lower., and consumers still spending like nothing what-so-ever is wrong – we could see a 1.5% growth report tomorrow.
    – Will that move the markets ?
    – We’ll see…………..,

  4. A confirming data point for Andy of July 25, 2024.

    Message of Jesus to Christina
    for July 16, 2023

    “I welcome you, My people, here today but there are some of you here in curiosity and to find fault with My messenger that I have called to be My vessel. I desire you open your hearts, your ears and your eyes because, in your time, one year from now you will see much of the final part of the third secret of Fatima being fulfilled.”

  5. George,

    A History of October 1987 Quantum Fractal Series:

    The 1987 SPX and global crash occurred in the subfractal (2) 2-2.5x nonlinear devaluation widow of two interpolated
    subfractal (1) and. subfractal (2) monthly fractal series. The first was a 20/45 of 46 months fractal series starting in July 1982 and the second an interpolated fractal series of 11/26 of 27 months fractal starting in November 1984.

    Preceding the Sept-Oct 3 phase daily crash fractal series was a self-ordered 20 May 1987 4-phase 13/32/25/18 day :: x/2.5x/2x/1.5x fractal series ending 21 September 1987. The 4/9/10 day :: x/2-2.5x/2.5x 3-phase crash series occurred from 21 September to 19 October 1987 with a peak to nadir loss of 33%.

    The SPX is again in the terminal 2x-2.5x nonlinear devaluation window of two subfractal(1) and subfractal (2)series: a 1982 13/30 year fractal series and a 13 March 2023 52/107 day fractal series. The crash daily decay fractal series appears to be a 27 September to 2 November 2023 5/12/12 day :: x/2-2.5x/2-2.5x series. At a 4-hour unit level the last 12 days appear to be following a 4/10/10 4-hour unit :: x/2.5x/2.5x 3-phase fractal decay series ideally ending around noon on the trading day of 2 November 2023. The greatest decline will likely occur in the last units of the final 10-unit sequence.

    Re: Prechter (good interview): Up cycles of easy credit and money creation promoting asset valuation, asset overproduction, and job growth are the causes of positive social mood; and in the contraction cycles unstoppable and deterministic deleveraging , debt default, asset depreciation, and job loss are the causes of bad social mood. The asset-debt macroeconomic system self-orders its assets’ valuation growth and decline.

  6. The reason why the existance of aliens had to be supressed.

    The aliens are responsible for using humans to settle alien squabbles.
    Wars of men are really wars of these aliens.

    Just imagine what would happen if the curtain was drawn back to reveal who is really orchestrating these ceaseless wars.
    All humans would turn around and see how they have been manipulated for thousands of years.
    Imagine the anger as it dawns on them
    The aliens are the ultimate Machiavellians.
    That’s why their existance had to be denied.

    So who are these aliens?
    They are the Anunnaki. A group of their ‘royals’ came to earth about 440,000 years ago and created humans for slave labour. So we are genetically linked and can interbreed with them. While on earth, they took the opportunity to ‘have it out’ amongst themselves in ways that wouldn’t have been permitted on their own planet.

    They recruited humans to fight their wars (take sides). Humans looked on them as ‘gods’ and followed their orders (for the ‘gods’ posessed modern weaponry). The god of the Jews is the Anunnaki Enlil (or one of his sons). The god of the Moslems is Enlil’s son Nannar. Most likely the god of the Christians is the Anunnaki Enki.

    The last major Anunnaki-driven war on Earth was a nuclear war that destroyed most of their earth based cities (the Sodom and Gomorrah event, 2024BC). Many of the Anunnaki fled back to Niburu, their home planet.

    The planet Nibiru has an orbital period of about 3,600 Earth years, and is highly elliptical. It won’t return to perihelion (closest approach to the sun) until 2900 AD. I’m guessing it won’t be easily visible until around 2700 AD. It may well be picked up by the newly built observatory in Chile:
    (Nibiru spends most of its time when away from earth in the southern skies).

    So when Nibiru’s presence is confirmed, it will bring a crisis situation to the Anunnaki. There could even be an interplanetary war!
    What we see happening now is an effort by the Anunnaki to deal with this developing situation.


    • sorry – but nibiru is is ancient myth…the Eye of Sound of ancient Egypt..not 1st dynasty, not 0 dynasty, prior to.
      – early Egyptian Copts viciously destroyed all statuary, wall carvings , all evidence of Osiris & Isis..the creator and queen of heaven. All evidence of reptoid occupation.
      Enki-Osiris/Asar was NOT a Annuna/Annuaki – he master geneticist designed and created them along with An – his creator (the evil father in heaven), Nammu and Dinmah.
      Eye of Sound was originally the planets’ Mulge -Tab (moon) – located between Mars and Jupiter.
      See Emile Amelineau work on the Osirion @Abydos, also work of William Flinders..came after Amelineau. HARD Proof, evidence was uncovered, documented and SUPPRESSED. Skull found in Osiris tomb was finally tested..= Not Human origin was final finding.
      Nibiru today is the Planet Venus – her final resting place
      Earth is said to be the location the entity Osiris eternal Return..

      • Osiris and his second brother were fathered by the god Ra (Marduk, a son of Enki).
        Venus is shown in the VA/243 cylinder seal, and is described as existing as a separate planet to Nibiru in the Sumerian story of creation (Enuma Elish, on which Genesis of the Old testament is based). The Sumerian account explains many anomalies of the current solar system (asteroid belt, pluto’s orbit, tilt of Uranus, etc).
        Absolutely right, Enki was the master geneticist who along with Anu’s daughter, Ninhursag (also Ninmah or “Mighty Lady”), chief medical officer, created modern humans from Homo Erectus.

    • hmm.. from spending years reading ancient literature.. what I see is a different perspective..
      what i gleaned from the writings was the annunaki created man to be able to mine for gold to use in filtration systems to filter out toxic waste on their home planet.. having come from another planet with a different atmosphere it was to difficult for them to do the work..
      anyway the results were humans had the genetic ability to learn but the animalistic drive for self destruction and from time to time man had to be reminded of the true path they should be following.
      take the Torah or old testament.. every form of depraved action is written in it for biblical law.. yet if you really study you see the true law of unto others..
      human and hideous sacrifice is all man’s idea not the creators..
      there are examples in ancient writings of an evil alien species but the majority of them were not sent to destroy but to build and teach a peaceful land..
      now is it true..who knows the tablets are thousands of years old ..

      • LOOB, you are right, and the Anunnaki gave humans a lot of good stuff. Enki in particular.
        But the Anunnaki had the same faults as us : quest for power, extreme jealousy, and a capacity and willingness to destroy and murder their own (the nuking of Sodom and the other 4 cities was also an attempt to kill Marduk and his son Nabu – thousands upon thousands died as ‘collateral damage’.

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