Nightmare on Wall St. – Murder Cycle Event

The Murder Cycle is back.  22 dead in Maine and 30 injured. Military firearms instructor shot up a bowling alley and a bar.

There is a person of interest and he is still at large.

No school in Lewiston, Maine today.

The Murder Cycle is “soft” – a range of 130-150 days.  Making this one close to the shooting at a Tennessee house on June 15th of this year. Six died in that case 133 days ago.  And the May 6 mall shooting in McAllen Texas was 173 days ago.

There was also a Father’s Day shooting this year, so the window is open for more in the next week to 10-days. Depending on how Future clusters the data.

Bloodied Financial Markets

Did Freddy Krueger land a gig in Finance? Which part of the recent stock market decline has scared you the most?

Over a year ago we published an outlook based on our Aggregate Markets work – the Peoplenomics Aggregate.  Here’s the same data set and projections so you can have them in hand for Wave 3 (2) which should be a rally.  But that won’t happen for a week or two.

The Wave 2 (completing in our meta view on July 31 of this year) sets up the larger decline, but this, too, will be fractal in nature and will be comprised of multiple waves that nest in a logical way.

OK, with the major Wave 2 rally lasting 292 days, we are ready now for the damaging Wave 3 down.  And this is only the first third of the damage – if that!.

Here’s an Elliott count to consider based on crossing of 2 and 13 day moving averages of the S&P 500:

The fat red arrow down is the first leg of a likely five which together will comprise the larger 3.

You will notice in the data above the chart that Wave 3 down holds a lot of possibilities. One key thing to keep in mind (AT LEAST) until a week from tomorrow is that the (v) of this down trend could extend.  The Elliott rule only says that 5th waves cannot be the smallest wave.

Thing is, there is one – last – remote hope for a rally in technical analysis, but we’re honestly skeptical of it though it’s a smallish risk of a couple of percent based on what we’ve seen in past markets.

Speaking of which, the invariable comparisons with 1929 abound but we really enjoy the art of “waveform picking.” This is where you look for a similarly shaped decline and then use it as an idea generator:

And speaking of which, the A.I. bubble seemed to begin bursting in earnest Wednesday and don’t overlook the potential for a bloodbath in social media as well. Now that states have filed suit this week – along our contentions that kept us from trying to Go Big by Going with social media.

Walk Our Talk?

It’s OK, thanks. We had a very nice day Wednesday – despite me exiting our short position too early and leaving $500 on the table.  I had other things to do around here than sit on my butt staring at streaming quotes.  Still, up 8.5 percent for the month and up 38 percent year-on-year. A little better than a passbook savings account?  Uh….

It wasn’t really that hard (if it was, could Ure do it?). But is there a thrill from sitting in front of a monitor to pile up paper?  Naw.  This close to the exit in life…other things are more pressing.  No point being the richest man in the graveyard.

Knowledge + Action = Money

May help your study of finance to understand that our meta index and applications of Elliott, Trend Channels, and basic technical analysis (using meta data) is only one slice of the pie.

The Economic Fractalist was kind enough to share his view overnight in comment.  The part you need to remember is?

A History of October 1987 Quantum Fractal Series:

The 1987 SPX and global crash occurred in the subfractal (2) 2-2.5x nonlinear devaluation window of two interpolated subfractal (1) and. subfractal (2) monthly fractal series. The first was a 20/45 of 46 months fractal series starting in July 1982 and the second an interpolated fractal series of 11/26 of 27 months fractal starting in November 1984.

Preceding the Sept-Oct 3 phase daily crash fractal series was a self-ordered 20 May 1987 4-phase 13/32/25/18 day :: x/2.5x/2x/1.5x fractal series ending 21 September 1987. The 4/9/10 day : x/2-2.5x/2.5x 3-phase crash series occurred from 21 September to 19 October 1987 with a peak to nadir loss of 33%.

The SPX is again in the terminal 2x-2.5x nonlinear devaluation window of two subfractal(1) and subfractal (2)series: a 1982 13/30 year fractal series and a 13 March 2023 52/107 day fractal series. The crash daily decay fractal series appears to be a 27 September to 2 November 2023 5/12/12 day :: x/2-2.5x/2-2.5x series. At a 4-hour unit level the last 12 days appear to be following a 4/10/10 4-hour unit :: x/2.5x/2.5x 3-phase fractal decay series ideally ending around noon on the trading day of 2 November 2023. The greatest decline will likely occur in the last units of the final 10-unit sequence.”

You can learn volumes from visiting his website and following his work, along with mine.

With that, and a great interview of Bob Prechter, dean of the Elliott wave crowd, you should be in position to take the money and run, as we have been doing on the way down. Here is an hour well-spent to put on your schedule:

 Yes, it’s all setting up for a Nightmare on Wall St.  But, like we say in Texas, “Bring it.

There are cycles in everything when you learn to spot them – days, tides, moon going full or dark.  Even in moods of friends. And especially in the duration and magnitude of market declines.

High Density Data Dump

Before we get to the specifics of the data dump, let’s me remind you to keep an eye on the CME Fed Watch Tool.  Notice that virtually no one (except me) thinks the Fed will raise rates next week.  Even today, no one.

I think there’s simply too much inflation in the system now for a hike to be avoided.  GDP growth is too high and people have moved up spending plans because they fear “higher prices are coming” and that’s driving core inflation – like home prices – which will be along next Tuesday morning.

Now, let’s line ’em up.  Starting with GDP:

Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 4.9 percent in the third quarter of 2023, according to the “advance” estimate. In the second quarter, real GDP increased 2.1 percent. The increase in the third quarter primarily reflected increases in consumer spending and inventory investment. Imports, which are a subtraction in the calculation of GDP, increased.

Next on to Durable Goods – a big jump:

International Trade follows:

New Unemployment filings:

With all this, the market which was lower will show up what’s ahead as the morning wears on…

The Overnight Wires

Boil and Bubble, Cauldron of Trouble: Armageddon: Plan to evacuate 600,000 Americans from the Middle East – US deploys 12 new aircraft systems and F-16 squadron – France sent FS Tonnerre.

Dear New York:  This is only a taste of open-border problems Texas suffers – we can send millions more to Gotham!  Passing Out Tents Is Adams’s Possible Next Step in New York Migrant Crisis – WSJ.  Don’t get me wrong, I like liberals.  It’s just they can’t seem to connect causes with effects. Pobrecitos!

Back to Playing House in the District of Derision. Live updates: Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana elected speaker of the House (

Grandstanding congressman has been charged say reports: Jamaal Bowman CHARGED for pulling fire alarm: New York Democrat facing prosecution for stunt during votes to avoid government shutdown. He tried to bullshit his way out of it, but no, being Black doesn’t excuse it. Typical leftist tactics, though.

Shop till you drop because of little risk of cops: Retail theft is the worst in these 10 US cities, study finds | The Hill

Maybe we could call it Anti-Coke? Brazil Scientists Developing New ‘Vaccine’ For Cocaine Addiction | Barron’s (

Acapulco is now Messapulco: Mexico assessing Hurricane Otis devastation as Acapulco reels.

ATR: Confounded Phones!

I came face to face this week with one of the “vipers of complexity” that are coming for us all.

You see, as security-aware seniorswe take data security seriously.  We have two satellite onramps to the web (ViaSat and Starlink) along with terrestrial HDSL lines, for example.  We take “getting our reports out” on time very seriously.

But when both of our voice grade circuits (Century Late now Bite Speed) this week, I found myself unable to log in to my trading platform.  See, we’re so far out of things that we don’t have cell phone coverage out here.

With no way to get that two-factor “secret code” I could not access money in banks and couldn’t log in to trading platforms.

Now, see how we could ALL be held as Economic Hostages should “baddies” want to mess with two-factor? Or the Gubmint?

When the crap hits the fan (next week will only be a warm-up – it’s what’s after s minor (ii) of (1) of the larger 3 that worries me – could gateways be attacked in such a manner we have a massive destruction of savings?

Something I hadn’t thought much about, but yes, there it was. No access to my bank for a day.

The good news was?  We didn’t have the five-day outage we had last time.  And BrightSpeed tech support is issuing us an outage credit for 6 days, so OK on that score. Oh, and the internet still worked… it was a voice-mux card – same as last month’s much longer outage. Which accompanied this week’s 3-hour power outage.

Being at the “end of the string” is a great prepping motivator.  And maybe this is Universe prompting us to consider more closely what happens when phones go down.

The Ure Solution to all this?  Require that any company imposing these two-factor security systems allow the user to set up a minimum of three different phone numbers to call (or text) for the secret numbers to verify.

Shouldn’t be that hard, but with no money on the table (this is all development and expenses) I doubt the greedy banksters will step up.

Besides, since “the rules” changed, whatever you have in a bank is not your money.  It’s theirs.  You are only a creditor. At least with our Treasury Direct Account we know where the problem is – D.C. as always.

Really seems to always come down to wondering who to trust more: The Greedy Bankster Pricks or the Greedy Bureaucrats.

I won’t even attempt to answer that one in less than a book-length treatise.

Breakfast and then a day of collapse spotting.  Our OEB (Oct. Ends Badly) is materializing before our eyes.

Write when you get rich, especially through next week.

41 thoughts on “Nightmare on Wall St. – Murder Cycle Event”

  1. Bo Polney is out saying to look for a Black Monday or Tuesday next week and then comes the Abyss. It could get so bad we could see sub-$1,000 gold and similar prices for silver as the sell-off cascades. Good luck finding any to buy, though.

    The only person I can think of that may have a rosy outlook for the immediate future would be Jim Cramer and we all know about him.

      • From Stu …

        We know from the Epistle to Henri and the book of Matthew that a nuclear type of explosion will happen near “The sepulcher” and “Then let them which be in Judea flee to the mountains” because “a calamitous affliction will befall pregnant women,” “And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!” Will it be a dirty bomb that contaminates a large area of Jerusalem with radioactivity?

        Maybe biological chemical weapons …

        Guess we’ll have to wait and see what pops up.

        Meanwhile, … never mind.

      • Yep. Bo isn’t saying anything but what is/may happen in the markets using his time markers. A big firecracker of certain radiant abilities in the right place certainly can do exactly what he’s describing but Bo doesn’t say what the motivator for such financial events would be … I don’t think. Everyone’s been waiting for this type of event with bated breath for a long time. It’s another example of different people using their own tools to arrive at the same place in space and time. But, just in case, perhaps Mr. Stewart ought to check and see if Bo or someone on his staff is a subscriber?

      • The US wants it’s second carrier over by the Persian Gulf before the fireworks start. That is still probably at least 10 days away. (to protect US troops in Kuwait and in Iraq)

        Once they get TO the Med (ie: pass Gibralter) they have go through the Med to get to the Suez Canal which is 2300 nm by ship, and once there the transit time through the canal is 12 to – 16 hours (if they go to the head of the line).

        Once out of the Canal the distance to the Persian Gulf (Bahrain) from the southern end of the Canal is another 3300 nm (though I doubt they actually go into the Persian Gulf, they will probably stay in the Arabian Sea since it is safer for the carrier).

        How much distance can a carrier group cover in a day, having to take time out 3 or 4 times a day to launch and recover aircraft? Any navy people out there know the answer? (my guess is a max of 500nm/day if they are going to keep air cover up – which in this case they may not (which could add 200nm/day to the distance they can cover while underway).

  2. “Really seems to always come down to wondering who to trust more: The Greedy Bankster Pricks or the Greedy Bureaucrats.” GU

    Man o mano shevitz ! I simply cannot believe you wrote that slop statement..WTHF?! ?attempt at Humor?

    Hear is simple suggestion to Ure rhetorical bullscheisse ..BTC, NO Trust, read that again G-eniuses, NO TRUST -only VERIFICATION .

    Would add George Ure name to that rhetorical tripe ; )

    Either you own some BTC or Ure wrong . sheeesh!

    Got Blockchain ? dont bother..screwed blu coming up..

    *Q tards – you paying attention ? did you see this back on February 5th 2020 -picture of American Flag hanging down tween 2 marble pillars with caption “In GOD We Trust” .

    Yesterday 25OCT23 representative Mike Johnson posts same exact picture of flag/IGWT/pillars (2) Hours before the vote for house speaker – Before.

  3. Feb 5th -2020

    qquote – “sometimes the past can find the future”

    Speaker MJ – MAGA ascending…

  4. Trust no one. Works for me in things about my money. But I’m only that grouchy old A$$hole from El Rancho de Chaos. I won’t use on line banking but Diana is a banker so our exposure through her is a done deal. I do not like the idea of 2 factor ID when one or more methods of confirmation can be compromised.
    Stay safe. 73

    • Youse guyz need “Fobs” – handheld devices that generate the codes. C’mon peeps – getting a lil late to be brushing up Ure fintech..get a “fob” – if your financial institution dont offer both – I would be questioning their Service & tech savy.

  5. Don’t forget the Puetz Crash Window marker effective Saturday. Puetz asked what the odds are that eight of the greatest market crashes in history would accidentally fall within a time period of six days before to three days after a full moon that occurred within six weeks of a solar eclipse. Come to find out, the answer is high.

    The marker is rare, it’s specific, and it’s accurate. More importantly, its conditions are in place — the last solar eclipse was 10/14, and the October full moon is 10/28, easily within 6 weeks of each other, and there is also a lunar eclipse on 10/28 which falls within 6 days before and 3 days after the full moon.

    Farmer brought it up a few days ago on 10/21. He gets credit for the find.

    • With all of the unfortunate shooting up thats going on in ME. Isnt your market crash indicator now calibrated to within 60 days of same Mr. Ure?

  6. “massive destruction of savings”

    During 2008 GM was saved instead of auctioned.

    Today F agreed to a 25% raise still leaving their old pension obligations for us. While sanitized that’s no different than comping oneself a store. Theft is theft.

    A 2022 F Maverick started at $20,995.
    A 2023 F Maverick started at $22,595.
    A 2024 F Maverick will start @ $24,995.

    The 2025 isn’t yet priced. The $ dilution is really getting going now.

      • Sounds like the hearing aids sparked an epiphany that he was unpopular. Even less popular now. Always being right is something that seems to be a symptom of dissociative disorders, from what I have observed out in the real world. It is unlikely that the people around him will give public accounts until he has been bagged and tagged. However, if he surrenders, I hope he gets competent psychiatric services, a good lawyer, and a fair and speedy trial.

        • Well, he’s room temp now. Saved a lifetime of 3 hots and a cot but how many times have we seen nut jobs just coming out of looney bins go “active” and shoot up one or more venues?

          I keep going back to the YouTube video “Derren Brown: Assassin with Stephen Fry”. It shows how shooters like Sirhan-Sirhan are chosen, groomed and programmed to kill their targets.

          I’m amazed that YT hasn’t cancelled this video.

          If there’s anything that the past few years have taught us (SHOULD have taught us, that is) is that there is a huge contingent of people in our government and in particular this administration that give exactly ZERO “effs” about our country and its people.

  7. I have long been of the opinion that the end of the world may be traded, but it will NOT be paid out.

    “Two Factor” authentication to me, means Gold & Silver ‘in hand’.

  8. I recall 1987 very well … made my first purchase early that year … a tech. mutual fund no less ….. seems it took several years to break even again …. and then it did go up very nicely, but that Oct 1987 haircut was hard to take … and if I recall correct 1987 produced all the “circuit breaker” rules, all designed to stop big down days (honestly) … so no telling how this current test all plays out ….. I too have long thought its all just game playing … no “investing” to this at all … good luck to all

  9. I have two factor authentication for several portals to my overly complex university account and website. It used to be either voice or text authentication, and I had three options. Now they’ve dropped the voice option since it’s considered “insecure” and a text is the only option left. Short of buying a couple of extra cellphones and keeping their accounts active, I now have only one option. It’s OK, since there’s no money at risk and time is not a critical factor yet. My banks are using two factor occasionally for their web access, but it’s not yet critical. As a rule, I try to keep not to keep more money in a given bank than I can afford to lose.

    The bottom line is that everything is always a risk, either from the custodian(bank, etc) or from thieves or vandals that will steal or damage physical assets. Even our minds are at risk from dementia or death. Best to just do the prudent best, then Surf the Apocalypse and enjoy the ride.

  10. Adams is now going to give tents to the Illegal Immigrants … what a stroke of genius!! Now NYC can house another million or so illegals!!

    I think turning Central Park into an Illegal Immigrant Tent City is a wonderful idea. Maybe add Grant Park to the list … they can put them where they normally have their ice skating rink. Ditto over in Brooklyn … oh, and down in the Wall Steet area. Roosevelt Island has some “green space” too as I recall, another great location!!

    Of course the sidewalks on the upper East and West side are PERFECT. Lots of rich folks the “immigrants” can hit up for some loose bills every time they walk past or go to enter their buildings (I would say “loose change”, but inflation has kicked in you know). Lining the sidewalks and the drive up to the Met and the sidewalkds in the Theater District are also perfect places for tent cities since that is also where rich people go or hang out.

    Adams has come up with a GREAT PLAN!! We must applaud his actions! Now to move another million or so into NYC over the next 10 months or so, relieving pressure elsewhere in the country, would be a step in the right direction!!

    (Adams may be a Democrat but personally I think he is doing this intentionally to swing the Demoncrats in NYC, along with the NYC based liberal media away from their Open Border policies)

    • I like the idea of islands! Roosevelt island perhaps, but I was thinking more like Ellis Island or even Rikers Island. They’re migrants, not immigrants in the traditional sense. Until they’re assimilated and learn the culture and the language, they need to be kept confined to some degree. They were not invited by the people of our country, and there are few willing or able to pay their bills voluntarily. Most have no skills that would cause us to select them, and few have been vetted criminally and medically as real immigrants have been.

      Technically, we owe them nothing, but humanity dictates that we don’t harm them more than necessary to restore the social and economic viability of our country.

      I’ve been winter camping in New York State, and there are a number of skills needed that are not commonly taught even to American kids these days. Coming here without a plan is a bad idea for all but the most desperate.

  11. Just what I need – more dirty, thieving, drug dealing, child, mommy& daddy rapers. FU very much.

  12. Looks like Hal Turner’s website got knocked off for the last few days. Land of Free Speech …. RIGHT !!

  13. The more people who bet on a crash, the more likely a rally will happen.
    Gaza sentiment might well be a black swan; the Israelis getting caught flat footed by a crocodile gadget would also have a similar effect. Often times the market moves and the talking heads turn to the newswire to find something to blame, when in reality there is no causal effect, just social mood unwinding. But sometimes bad news does move markets, and that is not a place to have a bet tendered.

    • LOL LOL LOL Oh N____ you don’t have to bet on it.. it has to happen.. so does war.. I sometimes wonder if tossing out all those presidential countermeasures isn’t all just a plan..
      if you don’t have a dollar you cannot spend a dollar.. simple as that..
      so far people .. well the little guys working anyway.. have been using an interest level.. plastic is running out.. once plastic runs dry so does spending.. the security and affluence is just a big wet dream stain… KIND OF LIKE PORN…. you can watch them but your not the one in the films it is all just fantasy..

    • OTFLMAO.. well that makes sense..

      after destroying billions of dollars worth of infrastructure .. all the destruction all the violence.. the raping and pillaging of our nations poorest neighborhoods in the biggest cities. Defunding the only protection they had for them…. and they are nominated for the Nobel peace prize.. LOL LOL LOL
      the perfect oxymoron.. LOL LOL LOL LOL what it did do is showed how fast the USA could be taken over..
      So why not give the etics award to someone that went out of his way to do the opposite..

      C…… or Mark.. come quick and explain this to Hank….LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  14. “Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana elected speaker of the House”

    Things are not always as they appear, and Gaetz may actually not be the biggest jerk in Congress.

    Johnson is pro-gun, pro-wall, anti-war, and a huge proponent of the Fair Tax.

  15. Were I a Mike Pence fan, I would have ceased being so, today. I was listening to the David Webb show this morning when he interviewed Pence. Mr. Pence said that were he Prez, he would have given Hamas 24hrs to release American hostages, then sent in every one of our SEAL and Delta Force Operators to extract them.

    This would have done nothing, except create a whole bunch of openings in our SpcOp forces, as a mess of our finest got themselves deleted in the Gaza tunnel system. “Cowboy politics” sounds good, especially to the gung-ho American who’s ex-mil or watched too many John Wayne movies while growing up. In real life stuff like this makes fighting men, dead.

    Pence should know better. The fact that he doesn’t, after stints as Congressman, Governor, and VP, disqualifies him, in my opinion.

    I honestly don’t know how to run the tunnels. I would be inclined to use robots to trip IEDs and drones to surveil the nooks & crannies because they’re a lot more expendable than human assets. I would have patrols working above ground and over the inserted force, because Hamas is known for pinning down or blowing the tunnel on an IDF force, then escaping to the surface through a vent tunnel or “chimney.” The folks on the surface would eliminate this “hit & run” type of asymmetric fighting.

    • It all depends on what those pulling the strings an ultimatum they want us to be the one in the firing line .I wonder if Xi and Putin realize that the USA and NATO are just the pawns doing the moves.. I am pretty sure Kim in NK knows.. that is why he has always included their homes and countries on the hit first list.. . the USA and NATO forces have been toying with escalating this into a first response situation.. instead refrain has been shown and Neither Putin nor Xi has made that move that would give them the reasoning to action.. instead both Putin and Xi are doing the opposite calling for negotiations all while showing support to the Palestinians.. Now I am no strategist at all.. but seeing how they are playing all of NATO and the USA in a poison pawn trap was quite a big endeavor and they have been playing it like a master chess player.. somehow in my mind I thought the move would have been quicker.. but now after watching this chess game from the sidelines.. I realized that there were a lot more resources that the USA and NATO had to get rid of to make it less dramatic move.. and giving the perv a few more bucks so that they could get more of their army come in on the trojan horse move..
      centuries from now.. we will be lined up right with the trojan’s.. once mighty taken down by some deviant perv…with little or no regard for the people they represented..the best scenario that we can expect is.. the worst depression than the weimar depression and zimbabwe currency valuation..
      the one funny move that I am betting that they never did was destroying the NORD stream pipeline.. who was the genius that thought that one up.. dam it was our very own pedo peter LOL

  16. Lisa Haven had a great post today.. love her news reporting a lot she is so on top of it just like G….

    Now the question.. what is so surprising about any of this….
    I worked medical in many fields for a long time.. from the old days when it was volunteer work to full time.. it is the job of short shifts and long hours..
    a long time ago.. my daughters best friends father was the second in command of a major hospital system.. anyway.. they downsized.. started cutting out nurses.. ( they do the yearly witch hunt where they get rid of the higher paid employees that are not over the twenty five year mark..) Like my suplimental insurance.. we just got notice that the supplimental insurance is cutting out five counties.. they do that if there is more than the acceptable amount in claims.. it is after all a for profit business model..
    anyway.. they down sized him.. and we were sitting around his pool having an adult beverage.. and he started to complain.. they got rid of him and the only one that made an offer.. was for a half million dollars a year.. he was insulted.. I sort of laughed and said well they could beat the hell out of me with insults like that.. I made four dollars an hour LOL LOL the ceo was making over a million a year way back then..
    on tuesday.. I was visiting with an RN she is a traveling nurse.. and she makes 120 grand a year.. with no specialties..the facilities she works at.. provide lodging and meals three days a week 12 hr. shifts….
    today they are making a substantial amount more.. they cut hours.. work short shifts.. hell I wished I had a nickel for every hour I worked where it was me alone tag your it..
    medical is unsustainable .. look at the price of goods.. for the wife.. we were paying everything the wife made at work just for her healthcare insurance.. she took home twenty bucks a week take home.. My wifes employer.. well he doesn’t make a dime with the facility.. I told her five years ago.. don’t complain about the wages.. one day when he does a budget with each of his facilities he will realize he is going under and will sell the place..
    the thing is.. medical is unsustainable today.. it was thirty years ago..
    getting help is tough to.. around here average starting pay is twelve dollars an hour.. med aides make between fourteen and twenty.. because of the cost of insurance and the fact that.. business’s no longer offer medical coverage.. the average employee will opt to not get it.. the teller at the bank.. she makes two dollars a week after insurance and transportation.. daycare.. so uninsured go into a clinic and are promptly turned away to go to the ER…the cost of ER turns those costs over to collections and raises the doctors rent at the clinit.. six years ago it was over three hundred a square foot rent.. and he has to pay the staffs wages.. depends on who and where etc.. so smaller outfits are closing.. one it takes a special kind of person to do the job.. I have seen some pretty horrible stuff in my day.. been there done that..
    seen doctors that feel over stressed that get phone calls because they are morons in the middle of the night throw patient charts at the nurse for doing her job.. when all they had to put in the chart was.. in an after hours emergency let oncall staff treat and diagnose I will follow up in the AM.. yup I tell all my doctors to make sure they chart that.. let it be a standing order.. if they chart other on call will not treat.. like my daughter that had a c section.. the doctor went on a cruise the asshole and her stitches came out.. he intestines were exposed to the air.. by the time he got back .. they couldn’t do anything and had to let it heal the hard way.. Medicine.. we are raped daily on medicine costs.. one shot costs in the usa.. ( or it did.. not sure how much it is now.) was fifteen thousand dollars in the USA but thirty dollars in Canada.. my seizure medication was 1250 a month but less than a hundred in Canada with doctors visit costs.. and shipping etc..
    facilities have expenses.. I always wanted to see what the cost of the water bill was.. or the electric bill..with wires coming in as big around as a three pound coffee can or a five gallon bucket.. there is some juice.. then to give the bonuses to executives.. along with those nice hefty wages.. the higher their wage for sitting at a desk.. stroking their egos.. someone on the other end is not making enough to pay rent.. as prices go higher.. so will the amount of closings.. as long as it is a for profit business model.. take the VA healthcare system.. great system.. but the place is empty at three thirty.. and my doctor is getting almost four months of vacation a year not counting all the federal holidays off.. they use the IRS as a credit collector to.. I pay fifty dollars copay and up to two hundred fifty dollars for name brand drugs.. fifteen dollars for generic.. they are not using care in the community so they don’t have to pay for some of the faculty.. and they refuse to pay those to.. you die.. then your no longer a veteran and they come to get everything you have..
    Now talk about inflation.. and spending.. like the gas station that is charging less than they pay for the fuel just to get people to come into the station for over the counter sales.. their income was five hundred a day.. and then that is before building and personell wages were figured in..
    a good indicator.. people with illnesses will wait longer to get care..
    just two hours ago.. I was with a healthcare worker.. stood up.. and he fainted.. I thought at first when he went down that I was going to have to do cpr..or get out the AED… luckily he just fainted.. probably his BP dropped when he stood up.. we had a talk about it and I told him he needs to see a doctor to find out what it is that is causing it.. he is working eighty hours a week.. it could just be fatigue.. either way.. he has to get it checked out.. He probably won’t though because of the cost.. what do I know about income.. well if you seen my bank balances you would probably say .. he don’t know anything.. look at that.. but I have been through it.. been there done that..

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