Future Redrawn – Synthetic Growth

We had a very good day in the market Monday.  While I’ll admit to the error of cowardice (not being short over the weekend) the fact is, the “second bite of the apple in the afternoon into the close was a tasty bite.

So good that I let it ride overnight.  Because I figured the risk of “good news” would be fairly low and since I’m in a short position… yeah, what could go wrong, right?

Well, A.I. and commercials in the market is what.

Let me give you my best guess (and only that, since we don’t offer financial advice!) as to where we may be in the great scheme of things.

We will look at this from an Elliott Wave and Trend Channels perspective.

As you can see, we have clarified the wave structure for the Wave 2 rally (big yellow scale) which ran from mid 2022 until July 31, 2023.

If you focus on this part (*rally) of the larger downward trend, a couple of things become apparent.

The first is that what we had counted as an a-b-c-d-e type of rally *for the larger 2* was likely a pretty normal a-b-c.  Unfortunately, waveforms like the double zigzag under Elliott are tough to call right in real time. As always, the Elliott Wave International site offers key insight here.

To these old eyes (again, not advice) the present wave seems to have broken the boundaries of the Wave 2 rally.  Which means we should be in a Wave 3 down, but not over and done until sometime next year (possibly!).

When you’re visualizing this at the macro level, this is likely only the (1) down of the larger 3.

Getting more granular, we can see how there are three (ghostly) trading boxes at the far right.  These would be the subwaves of 3 (1) down.  And they suggest that we are in 3 (1) (v) down presently.  But a within the smaller (v) we can further define a ((i)) ((ii)) ((iii)) with the present pause likely to be a ((iv)) which should resolve before two weeks’ time into a final ((v)) of (1) down of the yellow 3 down.

Fine, that’s ONE possibility.  The other is we promptly go to the Moon and Wave 2 (yellow scale) transitions from being an a-b-c (with a 1-2, 1-2 for the a) and this could be only a larger (4) of 2 which goes Moonward.

Fortunately, our work on the Peoplenomics side developed something I call differential moving averages.  The idea here is that there is information hidden within people’s memories.  In other words, your memory gradient between an event of two days ago and something 2 weeks ago, could be meaningful.

Which any psychiatrist would likely agree to; after all memory impact declines over time (for equally weighted/impactful recall). [Don’t even get into how that could possibly be determined!]

What is unknown, but I suspect is extraordinarily clear (at least to me) is that trading moving averages likely obey the precepts laid out by Ralph Elliott years ago.

The most useful to short-term (swing) traders, are the closer-in crossings.  And for that we consider a two-day average and a 13-day average.  This morning, ahead of the open, it looks like this:

I have labeled the declining wave form of what may be confirmed within two weeks as (yellow Scale) 3 (1) (v) completing.

No doubt, this is the same perception that the Economic Fractalist sees, as well.  Both his site (here) and Comments in our discussions following each of the daily reports here, pretty much reach the same conclusions.

In theory, it’s too early for a Big Turn Up.  (Turnips, anyone?).  But a best guess is some hair-raising adventures in one of the (growing number of war zones) and then (maybe) a rally as we have kumbayas and the world seems headed back to normalcy.

Don’t worry, though, it’s not.

Seeing Reality for What It Is

The past couple of days I’ve had some fascinating conversations with Peoplenomics subscribers.  (Who generally love the work over there.)  But some are troubled by the increasing unpredictability of markets.  Especially those who think orderly markets should behave in at least a semi-rational manner.

Sadly, the introduction of highspeed computers into the trading mix has resulted, in my view, in several bad things happening.

  1. Markets are now faster.  Volatility can, therefore be higher.
  2. But conversely (and a bit perplexing in long wave analysis) the markets now are so fast that the traditional asymmetry of information (which played a role in past collapses) may be so damn FAST now that real crash-drivers do not materialize.

Honestly, we should have tanked (ceteris paribus) on a 1929-like basis in the early months of 2022.

EXCEPT both the major trading houses and the central bank could all model out all different cases and pick a reasonable path to “financial engineer us into the future.”  See the Fed DSGE modeling work in particular.  Because reading about it will help you to wrap into how the computational aspects of “thinking” and “trading” work in the wired modern world.  To quote from the Fed:

“FRB/US is a large-scale estimated general equilibrium model of the U.S. economy that was developed at the Federal Reserve Board, where it has been in use since 1996 for forecasting, analysis of policy options, and research projects. The design of FRB/US has in common with the Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) approach the view that the actions of many households and firms are based on optimizing behavior in which expectations of future economic conditions play an important role. Compared with DSGE models, however, FRB/US applies optimization theory more flexibly, which permits its equations to better capture patterns in historical data and facilitates modeling the economy in greater detail. For example, FRB/US contains all major components of the product and income sides of the U.S. national accounts. Since its original development, the model has continuously undergone changes to reflect the evolving structure of the economy, including conceptual revisions to sectoral definitions of the national accounts.

This, of course, will not end or eradicate cycles and periodic perturbations from investing.  What it may do, however, is moderate extremes of human behavior.

But it’s a hell of an adjustment for really smart people who dearly want to make decisions based on solid (unshifting over time) ground.  Sadly, that ship has sailed.

As effectively a 75-year-old (4 months ahead) my best long-term financial gains had been in things like real estate. If the prevailing rate of inflation is 7 percent, it’s hard to buy (using minimum down payment leverage) a pricey property, hold it for 7-years or longer, and lose money.

Similarly, it wasn’t genius on our part to buy silver at $6.97 in 2004/5.  It was simple recognition of the fact that government spending requires the making up of more money and that dilutes and expands prices.

Once you see that – and understand that the American Fairytale will implode without continuous growth – then it’s easy to see the URE – Universal Reality Economics:

  • We knew computers made it possible to shoot down missiles in the battlefield.
  • Yet it’s hard to wrap-into computers being able to shootdown fast moving manias.  Yet, here we are.

Of course, short of financial crises, it’s nice to have actual growth, but as we’ve pondered on the subscriber side, leaving borders open brings in a whole shitload of additional people and every one of them will need a place to live (we have busses from Texas to liberal states, lol). Plus they will get a phone, some government assistance, a case worker, lawyer, job training, ESL programs.  The tradeoff we’re in is exactly what the crooked liberal elites of Europe did – turn race and diaspora into a business model.

Well, we could go on about this, but I’m still adding detail to the Parimutuel Investor column for Peoplenomics tomorrow, so no time to lose, no time to wait, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late…

Pick a War – Any War

Get ’em today while they’re hot!

The liberal implosion of values is picking up speed as leftists supporting Hamas are angering the Western conservative way of doing things.  In the UK, see Rishi Sunak blasts Met Police for not acting on ‘jihad’ chants.  Question is, will free speech survive all of this? (Or is that the plan?)

Israel taking a “go slow” on Gaza may have been a good thing, at least so far:  Shock video for Israel: Hamas armed with AT4, Javelin, NLAW via Ukraine – Washington Post: “Deadly surprise awaits IDF in Gaza”.

Notwithstanding, global war is forming up: Intelligence shows Iranian-backed militias are ready to ramp up their attacks against US forces in the Middle East.

And don’t miss: Watch: Joe Biden ‘accidentally’ calls for Israel-Hamas ceasefire, walks off.

Off in Ukraine, it’s Tweak Russia time: Ukraine Nearly Assassinated Gerasimov, Leader of Russia Military: Report.

To keep Russia from getting too heavily into the Middle East, Ukraine is maybe sending a naval message: Ukraine’s leader says Russian naval assets are no longer safe in the Black Sea near Crimea. Fleet protection in the Black Sea might reduce ship count off Syria, or something like that, perhaps?

All the Stress getting to Vlad Putin, is it? Did Putin Have ‘Cardiac Arrest’? What We Know, What We Don’t (newsweek.com)

In the WestPac: US renews Philippines defense after S. China Sea incidents (mercurynews.com)

Out west of there, it’s like sharks circling: China sends 9 military aircraft, 6 navy ships around Taiwan.

Flow of Idiocy and Trivia?

I used to call myself a republican (moderate).  Anymore, that’s like putting on the “no teamwork” and “me-me” badge.  As House Republicans to hold 3rd internal vote to find speaker candidate 3 weeks after McCarthy ouster.

Let’s have a training exercise.  I’ll shut down the engines…US flight diverts after off-duty pilot attempts to disable engines.

Never seen him before in my life?  Michael Cohen to confront old boss Trump at NYC fraud trial (nypost.com)

Around the Ranch:  Rain and Soup

Grand (easy) dinner last night:

  • 3 cups of water
  • Head of Bok Choy chopped to 1″ pieces
  • Cup of small frozen shrimp
  • Cut of diced pork roast (leftovers)
  • Cup and a half of thin sliced mushrooms
  • One package Lipton Chicken Noodle packet
  • Tablespoon oyster sauce
  • Tablespoon+ of hoisin sauce
  • 3-4 per person Tai Pei chicken pot stickers frozen
  • Low sodium Kikkoman to taste

Throw it all in a pot (big, big) and go have drinks for 15-minutes.  A double vodka water will work.,

Yes sir – nukes great for breakfast, too.  After which, I plan to conquer the world.

Write when you get rich,


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  1. thanks for the Soup Recipe.. I will try it… I love to try new soups.. the flavors mingle and you get some pretty yummy stuff..
    My grand daughter told me her mom my daughter is scared to use her pressure cooker.. that a friend of theirs had one blow the top off.. I said come on honey they opened it while it was still under pressure or they didn’t properly seal it.. I love mine.. don’t use it much since I got the air fryer.. love that thing to makes the best dammed toast in the world and six slices at a time..


    notice in the bottom story the fearless leader is trying to stick through the bill a way to buy every illegal that has crossed the border a house… hmm.. no one ever offered anyone I know something as great as that..and funding to financially support them… hmm


      • seen a guy in a restaurant walk in get a cup of hot water.. then squirter some catchup in it and put crackers.. I had the waitress bring him a meal..
        when we go out to eat I glance around especially to young families where the dad or mom wants to give them a well earned day out.. the guy or woman usually let’s the kids order first then peeks in their wallet or purse to see if they can afford to order anything.. I most generally pick up their tab..without them knowing..
        as for the question to the hot water soup and have i had it…. yup been there myself done that..don’t plan to be there again..
        had to pick grain up off the ground grind it with a stone in a cast iron pan..gather coffee grounds out of the restaurant garbage then re-roast it in a coleman oven on a camp stove..
        still have the oven and camp stove to..
        that is where I learned to enjoy fresh roasted coffee..roast a little barley in it.. take dandelion root.. then grind it up.. dandelion leaf soup is good to.. you can find kale and asparagus.. wild garlic and onion..a little salt and pepper. caramelize the onions first then you get French onion soup.. been there done that..

      • I totally for got deer tongue and lambs quarters which will make a great salad..toss in wild garlic or onion .. I dry celery.. just for soups .. freeze dry a great deal of food..
        I have two freeze dryers.. offered one to my ward they said they didn’t want it. for some reason they think I don’t have faith because I have to be with those I let live in our spare rooms lol..they just don’t know me.. like Andy it’s what’s in your heart..

  2. Hey George-
    You wrote:
    “second bite of the apple in the afternoon into the close was a tasty bite.”
    Did you forget?
    It’s the second mouse that gets the cheese!

    Have a good day,

    Al B

  3. I love it when a plan comes together(movie script)!

    Batman – played by GU hisself, and Robin- played by the Cosmic Chicken Bunny.
    Plot Line – CCB goes after antichristobongo(lots action& intrigue), binds him & big mike in chains, just they are performing yet another act of “hide the sausage” in backroom of real white house..hint – not in DC.

    After which the CCB joins forces with GU and together , hand in hand they eradicate the RKM/world zionism.
    Keep in mind dear commentators Stu, the new Cockatoo at the Zoo(bigbangtheory/Sheldon), has named the protagonist of the above action flick Henri Selin – know Ure rules of anagrams ? Thankfully none of my names fit, one too many letters…. : )

    $35k on the bitcoinz today – whaddaya say Jose? Hose B?

    from the recent Lows to now – that is gain of HOW MUCH ?

    Did youse buy some fractional BTC – AS A PREP ? How comes, why notz – you no like Winning?

  4. “You take the blue pill… the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill… you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

    Morpheus (The Matrix)

  5. The house next to me is only rented to Mexicans. The original family usually has various relatives and friends move in. (cousins). There is usually a 5 or 6 year old who speaks English and a friend who speaks English a phone call away.

    The renters don’t know how to fix problems and live with rats and roaches, and plumbing issues and rotten porch boards. One family left all their used baby diapers in plastic bags on their back porch. I have no idea why.

    I will call the owner if I know of a problem (Sometimes the kids tell my granddaughter of scary things like rats.) But the renters don’t complain about anything.

    I wonder how people who crossed the border illegally will fair with house repairs. Will they have enough money or knowledge to solve common problems?

    • Yo E,

      You may find some solutions and ideas from the tvshow Breaking Bad. Attached clip shows some of the novel uses for every day Chemicals…referenced one in clip is easy to obtain and cheap. Safety first E, safety first when dealing with any chemicals – but You already knew that…https://youtu.be/wJcfhwYJ5uc?si=N-zGgTweplbig9Ke ; )

    • I wonder what kind of house that Brandon wants to give each of them.. it is so funny that he is trying to sneak that through as a bill LOL LOL LOL I wonder if those lazy SOB’s will read this one LOL LOL
      Probably not.. they generate hundreds of thousands of pages of shit every year and will generate another few hundred thousand pages of shit explaining why they shouldn’t have to read that crap …LOL LOL
      Now they can’t decide who they want to be speaker.. HMM.. simple enough.. a nutless monkey could do their job LOL..
      Words of wisdom from the movies…
      what is funny when I worked at the cabinet shop.. there was a man that fell someone turned on the locked out circuit…. ended up in real serious shape.. the maintenance man took the bosses to court and won big time.. but seeing that they were the ones in charge they got their names tarnished.. so instead.. they put the stupidest one they could find anywhere in the charge of plant manager.. the guy was so stupid it was comical.. he was a floor sweeper.. couldn’t read a tape measure.. but he got the job of authority.. have you ever wondered why those people pulling the strings have never took the job.. that is why they need some moron that is willing to sell his grandma’s panties to do the job so they can do what they want and not be the ones to blame.. the same with wars.. why do we fight wars for the benefit of some schmuck in another country that doesn’t pay any taxes at all.. LOL LOL that way the blame comes to us.. we are the guilty parties.. they and their families their neighborhoods their countries sit idly by watching ..

  6. re: “top of the mountain”
    feat. burning bush


    Does Houston have a problem? Did Yogi call the Rangers? Gosh, golly 10 2 4 was a pretty good roll on an 11 2 4 outcome. Congrats to all investors.

    Travelogues describe Xiangshan (Fragrant Hills) Park, Beijing – site of the Hall of Diligent Government and former haunt of Emperor Qian Long – in glowing terms. Censer (Incense) Hill is the park’s highground. It’s cliffs are affectionately nicknamed “the ghost scares”. October sees the maple leaves blossom to offer lovely “mountain on fire” vistas.

    Today CGTN reminds all that the 10th and first since covid Xiangshan Forum meeting of defence leaders from around the globe will gather at Beijing from October 29th to 31st. The theme will be “Common Security, Lasting Peace”. Separately, “France24” is reporting that the Chinese Defence Minister has apparently been removed from his post.

    Halloween apples; mandarin oranges! Get your pumpkin orders over to the fairy godmother before the midnight!

    • When the Defense Minister and the Foreign Minister both advise a Dictator that he should NOT start a War because #1 … they aren’t really ready yet; and #2 … they can’t be sure what directions it will spin after it gets going … well

      Obviously they will be “Relieved” of their duties since their advice is TERRIBLE. It is NOT the advice the “Dear Leader” wants to hear.

      Time for a NEW TEAM that is more in tune with “Dear Leaders” desires. (same thing happens in the US … where were those inside the Bush Administration who opposed the US going into Iraq? They weren’t there since they had been kicked out early since their advice did NOT conform to what the NeoCON inside crowd wanted to hear)

  7. Ure said: “Honestly, we should have tanked (ceteris paribus) on a 1929-like basis in the early months of 2022.”

    Yo can blame me and others like me. We stubbornly insist on a bright future!

  8. So George, I am confused.
    Is it gambling?
    Is the whole market manipulated?
    If manipulated, how can your reverence for cyclical analysis hold any relevance?
    With 7 firms (Black Rock, Fidelity etc) holding most of the cards, (er the ability to buy or sell at will) what is their motivation for allowing the market to tank? Isn’t it in their interest to keep the market floating on bubbles in order insure that Fed and retirement money keeps flooding their way?
    In such a situation then, the bulk of action in the markets will necissarily insure that those major firms will do whatever is necessary to keep the perception of a stable market. Every dip then must be countered by enough institutional buying to keep the whole thing bubblicious.
    Sure, you can day trade (gamble) on the margins, but your long predicted reprise of 29′ keeps fading into the horizon. Hell, with any sense of reality the Crash should have happened in 09.
    So why are you pushing the minute cycles narrative as the whole fixed game keeps on trucking?

  9. Blue Pilled bed wetters need a hanky to wipe the tears from their eyes, before they try to do marching drills on the tarmac. Just sayin. The owners of the West have done a great job kicking the can. Owners being CEO’s and board members of Blackrock, State Street, and Vanguard. Next crash window opens mid Feb. Third Pause in the wind? Swing trading is the best above 200 day. Should have 3 or 4 more months of high volatility hopefully without mushrooms.

    • It has been my contention that we should have had Great Depression Redux visited upon us when the techs tanked (beginning in March of 2000.) It was my opinion at that time that Greenspan (and GWB) did an amazing job of walking a tightrope until 9/11 came along and donated a brand new segment to the economy — miraculously staving off the crash which should’ve been.

      It is also my contention that our economy is a spring which is tightened with age, and periodically needs to have its tension relieved. By not allowing it relief, the spring gets wound tighter and tighter, and the longer its “unwinding” is postponed, the more-violent and more-devastating (and longer-lasting) the effects will be, once it gets sprung.

      I believe the “2000 Depression” which didn’t happen would have been comparable to the ’29 crash. I believe the 2024 Depression, if it happens, will be the MOAS (Mother of all Suck) and if it does not, we will either be at war with someone by June, or buried in an inconceivably intolerable stagflation.

      • Good analolgy … except my timing going back a few decades put the actual unwinding (the banking /real estate unwiding which are the BIG dollars, the high tech sell off was stocks only and just a side show) was that it was to start in the 2006-2008 time frame.

        Alas that Great Collapse DID start in the 2006-2008 time frame but was symied in doing what it was supposed to do, clean out the dead wood of crap in the financial system, by the LUIQIFY … BAILOUT insolvent companies /institutions, stacked upon further LUIQIFING … BAILING OUT more insolvent companies /institutions.

        The concept of Free Markets, which were already under stress in the US, was totally tossed in the trash pile and lit on fire by that government engineered Borrowed CASH CASH CASH thrown at the insolvent businesses in the US (as well as an insolvent US government).

        Now when the roosters come home to roost it will be a multiple worse … or Major WAR will be undertaken to try to bail out their asses

  10. The misses walks in just as I was closing out a trade this morning..,
    “Anything new this morning?”
    “Nope., just the same ole hate and anger.”
    “Does it ever go away., diminish.?”
    “Hate? No. Never. and they have hated each other for thousands of years..”
    “Like your hatred of tube socks?” She grinned
    “On a slightly different scale – but similar., except I won’t nuke ’em for making them.”
    “Do you really think someone will use a nuclear bomb ? Really?”
    “Yes, it is ‘very’ possible. The Jewish people, Israel will not go quietly this time.”
    She took a sip of her tea.., “I hate what we have become….,” – and slowly walked out.
    * * *
    I will repeat that for the hearing impaired:

  11. US deficit soars to eye-watering $1.7 TRILLION as Bidenomics goes ‘belly-up’.
    ., and now he asking for $100billion in what can only be described as a foreign aide slush fund. Billions to fund the retirement accounts for the Ukraine ? Billions to Gaza? Which only funds the Hamas, not the Palestinians.
    – Sen Cotton has gone on record that the President’s proposal and bill are dead on arrival. No way is this going to get this through the Senate. “I promise you that.”
    Do you really think that maybe., possibly they are going to finally stop his incredible spending spree? Stay tuned……,

    • “Do you really think that maybe., possibly they are going to finally stop his incredible spending spree?”

      Not in any decent, civilized manner. Not until the country collapses like armageddon, and we the people are forced to take care of ourselves. They will push the throttle until the wings fly off… and we will be riding the lawn dart.

    • “Do you really think that maybe., possibly they are going to finally stop his incredible spending spree?”

      No. If he has to, he will do it via Executive Order in the middle of the night, just like Obama. His handlers, who handled Obama before him, know the Repukes will grouse, but like Obama, Biden will not be impeached over his power overreach, and the MSM will excuse any action he takes, then sweep it under the rug in the next news cycle…

      • He has to continue the spending.. It is the only way to keep the noodle moving.. he stops spending with as much damage as he has done.. and it is pulled apart in a million pieces.. its better to let the noodle get so soggy that it falls apart.. he has only one year to keep this dam thing moving.. then it is the next guys fault..
        He is a sixty year veteran of politics.. he knows how the game is played.. Just like them not being able to get a speaker.. it isn’t like it is a tough job.. LOL don’t even have to attend .. LOL you don’t have to write the bills.. McCarthy they got rid of him because of their incompetence making the whole bunch look like idiots.. they didn’t read it.. they should have known that whoever wrote the damned thing was being told what they wanted snuck into it.. heck I have joked for over forty years that I wished I could find a lobbyist that could sneak in a ten grand a month donation to the loob … easily done..
        Seen a guy that went to boot camp with me.. I got out and he was like an E8 already and getting ready to retire.. LOL he was in charge of his own records..

      • Did you not hear ?

        Perhaps because he is “ the silent one” many do not know What to listen four.

        Soonly he speaks.. of conservative justice.

  12. George,
    The crash low will likely occur midday 2 November 2023 vice 31 October 2023. The cryptocurrencies (use GBTC as a proxy) have undergone a 26 September 2023 short squeeze blow-off of 4/10/8 days :: x/2.5x/2x with a gapped high today and likely ending on the low of the day. This blow-off series will convert to a crash series of 4/10/10/6 days. The final 6th day of this crypto fractal series coincides with the expected terminal day of a weekly 29 Sept 2021 gold fractal series of 15/38/37/22 weeks :: x/2.5x/2.5x/1.5x with the final 22 weeks composed of a 7 June 2023 15/37/33/22 days :: x/2.5x/2-2.5x/1.5x

    The final two 3-phase sequential daily decay series for the Wilshire from 18 August 2023 becomes 6/12/12 days :: x/2x/2x and 5+/12/12 days. :: x/2x/2x. The SPX is completing the 5th day of the 18 October 2023 final subfractal (3) 12 trading days of the 27 September 2023 5+/12/12 decay series. Possible fractal decay patterns for these 12 days are a 4-phase fractal series of 2/5/5/3 days :: x/2.5x/2.5x or a 3-phase decay series of 3/6/5 days :: x/2x/1.6x.

    The degree of asset valuation nonlinearity in the synchronous 1982 13/30+ year and 13 March 2023 52/106 day subfractal (2)’s windows of 2x to 2.5x will likely take most by surprise.

  13. Blinken has once again [ third time] warned Iran that “swift and decisive” response if Iran backed terrorists strike U.S. Forces in Syria.
    – Well., they just did and it appears they are getting ready for a major strike on the bases.
    – So.., big mouth – what are you going to do? You have used up your allotment of threats. You can not just open your mouth and then do nothing. You are putting American personnel in harms-way by your inaction and constant yet meaningless threats.
    – Looks as though the entire Lebanon and Syrian border regions are about to seriously ignite. Seven Israeli communities are being evacuated further south.
    – Our response to this will, no matter what it is, will drag us into a war with three terrorists’ groups and Iran. And it will not stay in the Sand Box.., it will visit our shores. They are probably already here due to our open southern border.
    – I do believe it is time to step-up your situational awareness. Let’s be careful out there!
    “Stay Frosty !”

    • They have been here for over 20 years — on’y there’s likely a lot more of ’em now than there were in 2001.

      The Administration will do nothing.
      It will do nothing.
      It will do nothing.
      It will do nothing.
      It will do nothing.
      And then suddenly, Biden will bomb an aspirin factory. He is a coward and a bully. He also knows nothing about foreign culture or foreign policy, nor do his “advisors” (who are the same clueless twits who advised Obama, and have now twice put Vichy No-land into a position of prominence.)

      I can virtually guarantee that Mr. Biden will choose the worst possible course of action, then use it to send a bunch of Americans to their death or destruction. He is simply not going to change the patterns of a lifetime, at this point in time.

  14. .. Possible fractal decay patterns for these 12 days are a 4-phase fractal series of 2/5/5/3 days :: x/2.5x/2.5x/1.5x or a 3-phase decay series of 3/6/5 days :: x/2x/1.6x.

    • George.
      In terms of SPX 4-hour fractal units from the 930AM EST 27 September low at the trading close of today: a 3-phase decay fractal series of 10/23/22 units :: x/2-2.5x/2-2.5x would fit the quantum fractal math of Occam’s razor to the crash low …

      10 : 2/4/4/3 units
      23: 5/12/8 units
      22: starting 18 October 130PM EST 4/6 of 10/10 units ending midday Thursday 2 November 2023.

  15. you remember a year after we met george,

    i took my spring field .45 ACP, with Job 38:11 ingraved on it. blew the backside of my left hand off. removing the moon from the back of my left hand. (if one were to study palm reading)

    the lady who was my wound care specialist became my second wife.

    the entry scar left, the capital letter I. that is right. i have an eye on my left hand.

    the exit wound left a large letter X.

    long before twitter. long before Elon Musk became the richest man in the world and would buy a platform called twitter and change its name to X.

    15 years later. clif high aka moon@halfpasthuman is posting on a social platform called X.

    15 years after Clif said i was a delusional christian retard and the Living God was a fabrication.
    i have him and elon right on the palm of my hand. and clif monkey mind is all chattering away about the moon lately.

    who is delusional one now?


    so when you say, long term context. you have to see the bigger picture.

    as i said, even my mistakes are accounted for.

    so when i say, 15 years. i wonder what my return is on that investment. You understand now.


    there is still millions of lines of thought in motion.

    job 38:11. here your proud waves end. you shall not pass.

    14 years later im standing on the pass gate and Roger Waters nick names me Gandolf. as in. “you shall not pass.”

    because i wouldnt let his band on the stage without their access badges. lol im a sticker for the rules.

    about as interesting as standing next to the stage at The Tool concert.

    with the symbol of the 4 corners writtem on the floor on my left and two boxes laying next to each other with the name mesa written on them. the second mesa. and there i stood between them both. while the band Tool displayes Hermetic imagry and plays their music with fury.

    the Rats are building underground bases to hide in aka fancy caskets.-> Elon is Builing an Arch like Noah in space and and Im over the Valley of Enoch.

    what you didnt know???? i encourage you to stop for a moment. turn all that stuff that is distracting you for while. until you can think for yourself.

    where do you think all them missing kids are going? they aint all being trafficed for sex. how many naked boys does a sheik really need? mmmm?

    most are being selected to repopulate the planet after the big boom. some to the arch to populate another planet and some to the rat holes.

    im sure its all just by happenstance. lol

    happy 1024.

    did you know if you connect the dots on the 4 corners symbol to the center of the cross, it creates a pyramid and the 5 world is revealed in the center.

    if you removed the pyramid the 4 corners symbol becomes the I-ching coin.

    and that is the difference between the world ending at the 4th world or the emergence of the 5th world, in the hopi prophecy stone.

    as terrance mekenna said, in his time wave zero model,

    based of the hex of the I-ching.

    time speeds up as we approach the complex attractor.

    so when someone like “choices” says, maybe THE DUDE is mad because you are interfering with His plan? who do you think sent me back here silly? where do you think i get my power and abilities. Im a Christian. lol

    so ya seee, im not worried to much about their nefarious and corrupt plans.

    the more they take from me, the draw from me, withold from me. they more they commit scocery against me? the more is solidifies their fate. and that is their choice.
    they are so confused they actually think they are winning and reality is they are moving into postions that create only their utter defeat. everything is in motion. lol

    not to mention,

    i have compounding miracles upon miracles upon miracles in motion. what do you think they will produce in 15 years?

    As always, ~ we are right on schedule ~

    who knows George, the complex attractor could be me. lol

    since all the shamman ive ever met call me, zero without me ever mentioning it.

    reminder, 11/11 is right around the corner. and i been stacking 11’s all summer long.

    this all crazy talk Andy!

    but is it? if you cut out all that distraction, digitally detox, you would be suprised how the answers just come to you.

    i know, by apearances, im just another jack off slave on prison planet. that is what i want you to think.

    rocket from the old web bot forum called me Holy Hand Man. and would say all the time, them witches dont know what to think about the you do they? they dont know whats coming for them. you are the Holy Hand of God.

    id laugh and say, its better they dont.

    a couple months ago
    someone on Glp said to me, “They know who you are.”


    I am Just Andy. A Christian. A Man. Im a Leo, i like long walks on the beach and big trucks, fast cars both cats and dogs. i just won the Jackpot Lottery, and im single and ready to mingle. im saltier than 15 cans of pringle. there ya are Woman.

    Apsen! that is the ladys name in the Demon with me leaving LA in a hurry. Aspen!

    ha ha.

    but like Dua Lipa


  16. Despite occasional dips into temporary down-beat-ism, i remain essentially optimistic.

    The reason is simple: “money” rules the world.
    …and war is bad for order and business-as-usual.
    BUT the aftermath of war is VERY profitable.
    All that Gaza crap will need to be re-built after
    whatever political reforms happen. Peace (of a
    kind) and Domestic Tranquility will return; and
    even more money will be made.
    It’ll be messy and very scary for a while. And
    deadly for too many. But it will END.

    …just terrify everybody, kill off a few thousands
    who get in the way, and then resume cruising.

  17. I thought synthetic grow was going to be bailing GM to save the supply lines.

    Back when K-man was plotting out waves there was no 10 year car note. There weren’t pension bailouts. The American GSE complex was just five years old.

    Back in 1938 when K passed America had the “Big Four” automakers and 3 year car notes just started. Post UAW America is down to two automakers addicted to bailout in the form of “forgivable loans and grants”

    During 1938 most folks got loans from a corner pawn shop. Today we are paying back debt dead people created decades ago. The Dark Ages with these reverse mortgages.

    New-Automobile finance rates, 1924-62.


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