Things “Preppers” Usually Miss – I

Got food?  Water?  Dandy first-aid kit?  A lifetime supply of toi8let paper?  Cooking surface (like a rocket stove)?  Foraging books? Sleeping bags?  Serious walking shoes? Exit/bug-out plans? 

Food rotation plans?  Sprouting seeds?  Manual and magneto-running garden tools that are EMP proof?  Couple of solar panels, batteries, inverters, shortwave radio?  Ham radio gear, communications plan, guns, Qwik-Clot, bulletproof vest for the roving gangs?

Well, you missed a huge – and massively more useful angle or prepping.  In this morning’s Part 1 we’re going to begin fixing that.

After I explain my latest short trade, that is.

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9 thoughts on “Things “Preppers” Usually Miss – I”

  1. G-

    Go to and have a look at the total flux from the sun. This is everything we are getting from our star. It’s really low.

    They have established a tentative link between CME’s and quakes. There seems to be direct correlation. But we aren’t even getting CME’s from the sun at this point. It’s really like the sun is asleep or taking a nap when you look at sunspots and CME’s.

    Some science people are positing that Banda Aceh was caused by gamma burst as well – which is totally unpredictable galactic thing.

    There are many anecdotal reports of rapid sunburn on people appearing too – which would go towards solar output declining and thus reducing the magnetosphere – more rays getting through than previously. Kinda counter-intuitive, but reduced solar output reduces magnetosphere and actually let more rays in.

    Third year in a row that they are setting record cold temps in the southern half of the planet. Didn’t we get snow in the Sahara last year? Rain increasing, and increased clouds are linked to more cosmic rays penetrating the magnetosphere…

    I think everyone needs to be food prepped, if only for the increasing potential for crop failure due to cold and wet increasing with the sun declining. You’re down the road from me, and you know, based on the last ten years, it should be near 100 degrees about now, and we haven’t broken 90 but a few days so far. And we have more rain than our previous “normal” this year, again.

    With all the global warming morphing into climate change and all the “sea levels are RISING” memes still floating around – well, there is the possibility that what is really going on will be ignored or obscured by the S/N level. It’s hard to turn a ship of fools quickly.

    Maybe the real danger is that when the sun starts to perk back up, the magnetosphere hasn’t been fully restored – then our shield is down and we take a whammy.

    And don’t forget that collapse of civilization takes 2-3 generations if there are no catastrophic events like quakes, volcanoes or plagues. Rome wasn’t built in a day – and it didn’t collapse overnight either. Same with the Inca’s, Mayans and Egyptians. So while the market may hit the pooper, it isn’t going to kill anyone directly. Prepping needs to be multi-generational if you are doing for societal reasons.

    • Elaine and I have been looking at the data. Don’t know if you saw the chart on Peoplenomics which correlated the solar 11 year cycle to performance of the NASDAQ (frothiest of the major indices) but it is mighty impressive.

      The article on the biphasic solar relationship boils down to this:

      When solar maxima occurs (not to be confused with solar Nissan) no big deal for markets. But you see to get a shock about half way down the decay side of what is semi-sinusoidal on the solar sunspot cycle.

      Then when the bottom is really in – and we are almost there – the odds of a major market hit go way, way up.

      There is a moderator – and that appears to be the solar AP Index. Seems when the AP index is high (2004) the market decline is less severe.,

      I’d put the chart up here, but it is proprietary for Peoplenomics subscribes, but you see the pattern.

      meantime, after your son finished up Saturday’s fence work up here, E and I sat out on the screen porch with “branch water’ and snacks until damn near 7:30 the temp never getting over 81…which is absolutely freaking unheard of here in the Texas “Concorde Mountains”…never seen anything like it – EVER.

  2. Yes please on a Part 2 of this! For the Wednesday report would be good but this last Wednesday, you also had another part 1 item as well. This was quite informative subject reading concerning prepping! I didn’t think about CERT training but will do that now. Also renewed my Weather Spotter training with the NOAA and will join SKYWARN. I also bought most of the things you recommended though I’m waiting to get the Baofang till i get my ham license. That will be after my Aircraft Dispatch license. FAA likes my money…

    Also, this may be a question for Elaine but i am wondering how to introduce a women to prepping and also what could i as a guy get for the special woman/women in his life in the preparedness category. Like hygiene products or other things we would not consider getting but getting anyways so the s/o is taken care of through most bumps in the road or other SHTF events. Especially to get them through possible high stress times.

    Thank you so much sir! I look forward to Part 2!

    • Millenial Caller –

      I don’t much like the “prepper” label. Being prepared is what many people have done for eons. It is part and parcel of Mormon philosophy, for instance.

      I prefer using the label “self-reliant”. Prepper means you are ready for something bad coming. It has connotations of being a hoarder of ammo, food and bunkering down.

      Self-reliance means you are trying to live within your means, without relying on society or others to make your way through life. It is more a way of life, a mindset, than prepping. Many people call themselves preppers because they have some MRE’s and a water filter.

      Self-reliance is very different – it is a set of acquired skills that allow you to NOT call a plumber or a carpenter or an auto mechanic when something goes kaput or fzzzt. Prepping is just a single aspect of being self-reliant.

      You can be a prepper and not be self-reliant. It is difficult to be self-reliant and not incorporate most aspects of what is termed prepping.

      • Wow sir. I never thought about it that way. This is something i think will stick in the back of my brain for the rest of life or close to it. It just kinda hit me like a 2×4 reading that. Thanks Oilman!

  3. makes extensive use of and explains things in layman’s terms for the non-scientific (me) among us in daily updates on the site. Ben has also done extensive research on the relationship between Sun activity and earthquake predictions in specific area on the Earth with very good results. He also hosts many scientists that have an alternative view to the status quo version of the Universe such as the Thunderbolts people and their Electric Universe theories.

  4. Just posting this so the readers can see what our MSM won’t print. Colleen Rowley, the FBI agent that blew the whistle on the 911 lies that lead us into the never ending wars for never ending profits, gives us some insight into Mueller and Comey.

    Now I wonder if Comey didn’t conspire with Mueller to get him named as the special investigator, before that spectacle last week. Comey already admitted he leaked information for that very purpose, to get a special prosecutor. Seems he and Mueller have a tight relationship. Mueller played a big role in enabling Bush/Cheney and all the lies that came out of those years about 911 and everything that has happened since.

    I hope Trump gets busy tweeting Rowley’s story .

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