Things "Preppers Usually Miss" – II

There is a “missing R” in the phrase reuse, recycle, repurpose…and this morning we delve into the surprisingly favorable personal economics behind it.

First, though, a few headlines as we roll into what it technically the last weekend of Spring.

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6 thoughts on “Things "Preppers Usually Miss" – II”

  1. George:

    Re:”Canada enacts protections for transgender community.”

    As one of your Canadian subscribers and a senior, let me tell you how confusing all this is to me.
    I filled out an application form the other day and the 3 choices for sex were:


    Ever since they removed the words male and female from public washroom doors and replaced them with pictures (more often than not looking comfusingly similar), I have had trouble, but now this!

    Guess I really am a slow learner!


  2. Hey Mr. Ure, Oilman, and others…

    First, I will be doing a lot more with the 4th R and i also need to save up for a toolset that will work! I would have never thought about the missing R which brings me too…

    So i have a hard time being a creative problem solver. Yes, I’m fresh outta college and as a pilot, if something goes wrong in the air, you may have to get creative. Same thing with problems in life. Is there a way to become a better, more proactive, creative problem solver? Though the inside voice says this tends to be a experience thing too. The Missing Manual has been a huge help in the daily things!

    Also, something interesting also hit me reading those emails you included in the report. (and of course others are welcome to chime in.) I am interested in the possibility of maybe a show and tell of what it means to be a man in America. I’m not going to lie when i say i had a hard time in high school because i didn’t have a Dad and my Grandfather died real early when i was in High School so i had to self-navigate the birds and bees and other larger life things. (which the Missing Manual helps a huge amount on as well!) Figured i would throw the lure out and ask!

    • Every day, as you go about your business, notice the little things. How many bolts hold a wheel on? Why? Why are some sections of a bridge thicker? Why does each thing have a “natural shape”? How does your automatic transmission work, in detail? When something breaks, diagnose it and fix it. Youtube is an incredible help this way, as are enthusiast fora. As you do repairs on non-essential things like a washing machine, you’ll grow the confidence to tackle cars, trucks, etc. As a pilot, you want to understand your aircraft and engine, and propeller intimately, and model in your mind various scenarios such as engine out, stuck control surface, split gear landing, electrical failure at night, etc. These things do happen, and many pilots have experienced these things, myself included. You can survive and thrive by thinking ahead, knowing yourself, and trusting yourself. Plan and create, maintain worthwhile goals, and always reach beyond your grasp.

      Happy Father’s Day, even if you’re not one yet.

  3. This is not turning out to be a good year on the ranch, George. It seems like ev-re-thing out there is busted but we’re slowly pulling out from underneath it all. The tractor’s backhoe hydraulic cylinders are leaking like sieves but I’ve finally found a good machinist that will modify them for modern seals AND get them back to me faster. Taking heavy machinery apart by yourself is a challenge.

    Each and every problem takes a new approach that we’ve not experienced before but this is the flexibility that must be learned that Millenial Caller is asking about. Having a good tutor/mentor is invaluable but the main thing is don’t be cowed by the complexity of a problem. Learn to break it down to manageable chunks, take pictures of machinery you take apart as you go along if there’s a lot of pieces and don’t get horsey with delicate parts. If it doesn’t come apart easily figure out why. There’s a reason. Use online discussion forums while you can! If you don’t get a timely answer go to another or post on several if time is a factor. I made a good, long distance friend out of a liberal (who’da thunk?) mechanic in California that’s led me through several auto repair problems.

    The one thing I remember being passionate about in my 20s and 30s was “how do I do this myself?.” Every job I get into almost guarantees that I’m going to acquire another specialty tool(s) and this is how they accumulate. This becomes a challenge if you’re wanting or needing mobility, though.

  4. Hi George – as a conservative-minded Canadian its disappointing that with all the other issues on the table the Trudeau government chooses to give priority to an initiative like C-16. However, I don’t think those that helped put Trump in power can be too flippant about child-like governments. Notwithstanding the lack of credibility of the media coverage all one has to do is observe the behaviour of the US President to find an example of an ignorant, spoiled and angry child. It seems “shock” and “wonderment” are apt descriptions of what even conservative-minded folks are experiencing perhaps together with embarrassment as they watch him in action.

    Great couple of pieces on prepping!

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