We need to understand that the US Congress and Senate are presently structuring their slow-motion war on the average American citizen’s private assets which will be finalized when the U.S. economic system descends into Depression shortly.

That’s because in finance, as in rocketry, what goes UP usually comes Down.  And we’ve been going up since 1943.

This means the War on Cash, the War on Bitcoin, the War on Savings, the plans for bail-ins, and the tightening of the working class noose via Obamacare increases for 2018 -which none of the office-holding turd sandwiches is being honest about.  So we must report what others will not…,

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Let’s begin with the Big Picture so we are clear on what’s going on.

To begin with, the war on cash is real.

As the government’s financial position becomes more and more obviously fictional (in terms of being able to repay value-for-value) the war on the middle class has rolled into a “war on  the fungible holdings of Americans.”

Fungible meaning?

“adjective: fungible…(of goods contracted for without an individual specimen being specified) able to replace or be replaced by another identical item; mutually interchangeable.  Example: “money is fungible—money that is raised for one purpose can easily be used for another”

If it has never really seemed important before, it is becoming very much-so now as the government’s general level of panic (GLP) is presently heading towards the stratosphere.  Cops are using civil asset forfeiture to screw whoever they can out of money, gained legally or otherwise, with no proceeding in the Courts.

As of Sunday, the US Debt to the penny was?  $19,846,150,150,843.92.

I want to round that off to “about $20 trillion dollars” because it is, near enough.

Now let’s talk about people who create value:  The American workforce.

The number of people employed in America by the Labor Department’s own data was 152.923 million for May.  New (and equally depressing numbers) will arrive July 7th.

Let’s do the math, huh?

Debt: $20-trillion divided by actual working people (not counting the leach class):  Every worker is on the hook for $130,784.77 of government debt.  And that’s before your buy food or the other “government required” items you “are required by law” to have.  Like car insurance, like medical coverage.

That’s because the government has become the financial henchmen of the Insurance Industry.

He’s a shocker for you:  It was once legal to drive without insurance.  It was also legal to live and throw yourself on the mercy of charities for major medical.  Not now; Robin Hood is out and government mandates are in.

Deconstructing Healthcare

Next, let’s talk about why the super sleaze in Washington haven’t ditched Obamacare yet.

Two things going on:  First, as I have told you many times, we do not have a republican majority in the House or Senate.  We DO have a group of false-advertising opportunists who have no more fealty to small government and balanced budget principles and low taxes than Karl Marx had fealty toward capitalism.

These short petchewzelwhackers call themselves “republicans” because it sells.  Most people are stupid – present company excepted.  Dumb people buy brands not products.

Allow me to now roll back WHY the aforementioned weaseldicks have not reformed Obummercare yet (although surely you know this?):

Obamacare rates in Michigan could skyrocket as much as 31% in 2018.”

How can Washington sit by?  Well, they’ve been told to.

A Course in Crooked / The Callous Calculus

Here’s what it comes down to:  The R-wearing sleaze think if they let the Obamacare hikes (figure 25% for 2018) to come in, then people will reelect them to “fight the good fight.”

Of course, these (shit-for-brains) types will sing the same old song:  “Please, dear Voter, I need just one more term to do some real good.

If enough people are stupid enough to buy that hog-slop, they will get back in, too.  Brains spread slowly and unevenly.

D-circus players are already working the same angles:  “Those damn republicans, I have to go back and fight them…”  Not to mention the Obama Trump-slamming of O’s government in exile has been effective…mainly thanks to the revolutionary idjits in mass media. Think a million Jons.

Stupid voters – who don’t demand action AND MEASURABLE PROGRESS – are how America has pissed away $18-trillion in the War on Poverty alone since 1964, and the War on Drugs, and all the other mostly failed social initiatives is what, twice that?

In management we do benchmarking.  In politics we do crack.

BUT, understand this:  All these things are (like the War on Terror etc.) all HUGELY successful in Washington where success is measured in size of Empire, not in terms of deliverables.

There are still a few Americans who OWN THEIR LIVES but that’s not enough for the system masters as we head toward the final slope and massive decline.  The sleaze are pulling out all the stops to make having independently managed assets a punishable crime and thereby are ensuring that the public will be used to grabbing their ankles when the Big Bail Ins come.

If you think asset seizures expanding under SB-1241 (I will explain in a sec) is just for the border entries, think again.  Better yet, read some books on strategic thinking.  Refresh on the ACLU’s Constitution-free Zone.

Another example of waste?  Cost of higher education.  Saddle the poor and the young with debt so only the upper class can get out of school with a paid for degree while children of others (like our kids) suffer through payments for programs and course content will never deliver a working wage job at anything other that minimum wage.

Yet again, I tell you, the fact of the matter is that some schools have billion dollar endowment funds, tax-free status, and other perk’s yet when comes down to it, they get the keys to the student loan vault because of the sideways process called “accreditation.”

This is the consensus game among the insiders all designed to keep the upstarts out – which is why not other information industry on earth has seen its core product cost going up….save “higher education” which is a crock.

Higher education just means a bill…not that you’re really smart. Smart comes from reading, living, doing, traveling.  Degrees come from groupthinkers cutting the fat hog with FAFSAs and bilking parents into co-signing.

None of this was worth mentioning to you this morning, except a young man and I were talking this weekend about Senate Bill 1241 – sponsored by Chuck Grassley – that moves the country along toward broader asset seizures at America’s borders.

About SB1231

As you read the text of SB-1241 here, remember that the proposal deals with monetary items in the aggregate.

So let’s say you go on vacation and you have $4000 in cash, $4,000 in BTCs on your laptop, and a blank check your parents gave you plus a $500 prepaid credit card.

Guess what?  YOU bubba are about to be legislated across the $10,000 line and the government there will claim the right to do a snatch and grab.  No showing of intent, no trial…just a big expansion of civil asset forfeiture.

Over time, the “border” will become anywhere in America and bada-bing…totalitarians win.

Why No Obamacare Improvements Yet

While the government prepares to “migrate” their “war on fungibles” in from the borders, massive new anti-cash legislation which will criminalize privately held fungible assets when the crap hits the fan is coming.

Look at the average republican stooge.  How about (dart please?) Chuck Grassley and see what the real agenda is.

Just here in the last couple of weeks I read how “Grassley, Ernst say health law repeal is unlikely..”

I know…how could a real republican already admit such powerlessness and defeat…where’s the gung-ho, right?

I’d argue gung-ho was bought off.  Says here that Grassley got $257,000+ in campaign donations from the Insurance Industry for the 2016 cycle.

Gee, what a coincidence, I’m so sure.  And “Little Marco?”  Why he lead the list with more than $669,000 in payments….oops…I mean contributions.  Wonder why Trump’s promises aren’t met?  We have been outbid!

And you can’t see through the smoke and bullshit to see how Congress is being bought off and we’re sold bald-face lies?

See here:  If you’re confused on civil asset forfeiture and why Obamacare hasn’t been improved, and why kids are broke due to college and such…it’s all in the payments and the business models if you just read.

Its further examples of how the voting public is continuously outbid.

We need PACs, Parties, Associations, and grassroots completely OUT OF POLITICAL FUNDING.

Oh, but the National Association of Broadcasters spends how much on contributions to they don’t lose all those PAID political ads?  It’s all a business model, you see…monetize everything.  Niche to rich.

Yes, the entire country is a freaking business model.

Don’t mean to pick on Chuck Grassley, but it should be obvious that when a candidate spends $10.866 million to win  an election where the whole salary for his next six years is just over one million, something just ain’t right.

And yeah…we’ve got a whole bunch of “just ain’t right” going on in Washington.

Which makes getting up and going to work out here in fly-over country less than enjoyable.

As long as America’s Heartland continues to feed the corruption monster, things aren’t going to change.

It’s just another Monday.

Write when you get rich – which explains the lack of email….


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