Coping: Fictions of A Working Democracy

We need to understand that the US Congress and Senate are presently structuring their slow-motion war on the average American citizen’s private assets which will be finalized when the U.S. economic system descends into Depression shortly.

That’s because in finance, as in rocketry, what goes UP usually comes Down.  And we’ve been going up since 1943.

This means the War on Cash, the War on Bitcoin, the War on Savings, the plans for bail-ins, and the tightening of the working class noose via Obamacare increases for 2018 -which none of the office-holding turd sandwiches is being honest about.  So we must report what others will not…,

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Let’s begin with the Big Picture so we are clear on what’s going on.

To begin with, the war on cash is real.

As the government’s financial position becomes more and more obviously fictional (in terms of being able to repay value-for-value) the war on the middle class has rolled into a “war on  the fungible holdings of Americans.”

Fungible meaning?

“adjective: fungible…(of goods contracted for without an individual specimen being specified) able to replace or be replaced by another identical item; mutually interchangeable.  Example: “money is fungible—money that is raised for one purpose can easily be used for another”

If it has never really seemed important before, it is becoming very much-so now as the government’s general level of panic (GLP) is presently heading towards the stratosphere.  Cops are using civil asset forfeiture to screw whoever they can out of money, gained legally or otherwise, with no proceeding in the Courts.

As of Sunday, the US Debt to the penny was?  $19,846,150,150,843.92.

I want to round that off to “about $20 trillion dollars” because it is, near enough.

Now let’s talk about people who create value:  The American workforce.

The number of people employed in America by the Labor Department’s own data was 152.923 million for May.  New (and equally depressing numbers) will arrive July 7th.

Let’s do the math, huh?

Debt: $20-trillion divided by actual working people (not counting the leach class):  Every worker is on the hook for $130,784.77 of government debt.  And that’s before your buy food or the other “government required” items you “are required by law” to have.  Like car insurance, like medical coverage.

That’s because the government has become the financial henchmen of the Insurance Industry.

He’s a shocker for you:  It was once legal to drive without insurance.  It was also legal to live and throw yourself on the mercy of charities for major medical.  Not now; Robin Hood is out and government mandates are in.

Deconstructing Healthcare

Next, let’s talk about why the super sleaze in Washington haven’t ditched Obamacare yet.

Two things going on:  First, as I have told you many times, we do not have a republican majority in the House or Senate.  We DO have a group of false-advertising opportunists who have no more fealty to small government and balanced budget principles and low taxes than Karl Marx had fealty toward capitalism.

These short petchewzelwhackers call themselves “republicans” because it sells.  Most people are stupid – present company excepted.  Dumb people buy brands not products.

Allow me to now roll back WHY the aforementioned weaseldicks have not reformed Obummercare yet (although surely you know this?):

Obamacare rates in Michigan could skyrocket as much as 31% in 2018.”

How can Washington sit by?  Well, they’ve been told to.

A Course in Crooked / The Callous Calculus

Here’s what it comes down to:  The R-wearing sleaze think if they let the Obamacare hikes (figure 25% for 2018) to come in, then people will reelect them to “fight the good fight.”

Of course, these (shit-for-brains) types will sing the same old song:  “Please, dear Voter, I need just one more term to do some real good.

If enough people are stupid enough to buy that hog-slop, they will get back in, too.  Brains spread slowly and unevenly.

D-circus players are already working the same angles:  “Those damn republicans, I have to go back and fight them…”  Not to mention the Obama Trump-slamming of O’s government in exile has been effective…mainly thanks to the revolutionary idjits in mass media. Think a million Jons.

Stupid voters – who don’t demand action AND MEASURABLE PROGRESS – are how America has pissed away $18-trillion in the War on Poverty alone since 1964, and the War on Drugs, and all the other mostly failed social initiatives is what, twice that?

In management we do benchmarking.  In politics we do crack.

BUT, understand this:  All these things are (like the War on Terror etc.) all HUGELY successful in Washington where success is measured in size of Empire, not in terms of deliverables.

There are still a few Americans who OWN THEIR LIVES but that’s not enough for the system masters as we head toward the final slope and massive decline.  The sleaze are pulling out all the stops to make having independently managed assets a punishable crime and thereby are ensuring that the public will be used to grabbing their ankles when the Big Bail Ins come.

If you think asset seizures expanding under SB-1241 (I will explain in a sec) is just for the border entries, think again.  Better yet, read some books on strategic thinking.  Refresh on the ACLU’s Constitution-free Zone.

Another example of waste?  Cost of higher education.  Saddle the poor and the young with debt so only the upper class can get out of school with a paid for degree while children of others (like our kids) suffer through payments for programs and course content will never deliver a working wage job at anything other that minimum wage.

Yet again, I tell you, the fact of the matter is that some schools have billion dollar endowment funds, tax-free status, and other perk’s yet when comes down to it, they get the keys to the student loan vault because of the sideways process called “accreditation.”

This is the consensus game among the insiders all designed to keep the upstarts out – which is why not other information industry on earth has seen its core product cost going up….save “higher education” which is a crock.

Higher education just means a bill…not that you’re really smart. Smart comes from reading, living, doing, traveling.  Degrees come from groupthinkers cutting the fat hog with FAFSAs and bilking parents into co-signing.

None of this was worth mentioning to you this morning, except a young man and I were talking this weekend about Senate Bill 1241 – sponsored by Chuck Grassley – that moves the country along toward broader asset seizures at America’s borders.

About SB1231

As you read the text of SB-1241 here, remember that the proposal deals with monetary items in the aggregate.

So let’s say you go on vacation and you have $4000 in cash, $4,000 in BTCs on your laptop, and a blank check your parents gave you plus a $500 prepaid credit card.

Guess what?  YOU bubba are about to be legislated across the $10,000 line and the government there will claim the right to do a snatch and grab.  No showing of intent, no trial…just a big expansion of civil asset forfeiture.

Over time, the “border” will become anywhere in America and bada-bing…totalitarians win.

Why No Obamacare Improvements Yet

While the government prepares to “migrate” their “war on fungibles” in from the borders, massive new anti-cash legislation which will criminalize privately held fungible assets when the crap hits the fan is coming.

Look at the average republican stooge.  How about (dart please?) Chuck Grassley and see what the real agenda is.

Just here in the last couple of weeks I read how “Grassley, Ernst say health law repeal is unlikely..”

I know…how could a real republican already admit such powerlessness and defeat…where’s the gung-ho, right?

I’d argue gung-ho was bought off.  Says here that Grassley got $257,000+ in campaign donations from the Insurance Industry for the 2016 cycle.

Gee, what a coincidence, I’m so sure.  And “Little Marco?”  Why he lead the list with more than $669,000 in payments….oops…I mean contributions.  Wonder why Trump’s promises aren’t met?  We have been outbid!

And you can’t see through the smoke and bullshit to see how Congress is being bought off and we’re sold bald-face lies?

See here:  If you’re confused on civil asset forfeiture and why Obamacare hasn’t been improved, and why kids are broke due to college and such…it’s all in the payments and the business models if you just read.

Its further examples of how the voting public is continuously outbid.

We need PACs, Parties, Associations, and grassroots completely OUT OF POLITICAL FUNDING.

Oh, but the National Association of Broadcasters spends how much on contributions to they don’t lose all those PAID political ads?  It’s all a business model, you see…monetize everything.  Niche to rich.

Yes, the entire country is a freaking business model.

Don’t mean to pick on Chuck Grassley, but it should be obvious that when a candidate spends $10.866 million to win  an election where the whole salary for his next six years is just over one million, something just ain’t right.

And yeah…we’ve got a whole bunch of “just ain’t right” going on in Washington.

Which makes getting up and going to work out here in fly-over country less than enjoyable.

As long as America’s Heartland continues to feed the corruption monster, things aren’t going to change.

It’s just another Monday.

Write when you get rich – which explains the lack of email….

50 thoughts on “Coping: Fictions of A Working Democracy”

  1. Nice rant and to the point. I understand it well. You might want to add the “Unfunded Liabilities” to the debt for a larger picture of what is facing our kids and grand kids. Most people that I bring this up to are totally clueless! Basically if I add the debt per taxpayer to the liability per taxpayer I come up with a cool MILLION per taxpayer. Try to explain that to people. Each retired couple would have to cough up 2 million to break even for their kids. Not good!

  2. Well that was a depressing (but honest) observation to start the week. Any recommendations, ie: stop voting for any R or D candidates?

    • 1) vote for candidates who ONLY take donations from within their area of service
      2) spread the voter boycott
      3( I, the undersigned, will not vote for ANY political candidate who accepts ANY money such as pacs, party, or movements, outside of their home district.
      I will write up more for tomorrow AM’s Coping…

  3. Went to the ACLU website…with borders drawn as depicted there then Lake Michigan is considered international water?

  4. George. you say you understand MMT. Well, if you do, you know that the government can’t run out of money any more than a bowling alley can run out of points. Printing money is only a problem when it results in inflation.

    Problem is, all the money is ending up in the wrong places.

  5. Last election cycle I contributed to my preferred candidate and then to Trump. I will continue to support Trump but no Republican nor the party will ever get a dime nor will they get my vote unless or until they stand up and aggressively support the legally elected President. I will go back to writing in Libertarian.

  6. Word of the day for savvy investors..Trezor. Get your Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin,Etherium,LiteCoin) out of/off the the Exchanges, (Coinbase) Guvment can and will go after exchanges for Cyrptos and records, just like they did at the Swiss Banks. Savvy?

  7. Jon,
    1) Obama does everything hands off which is why gov’t in exile types like Valarie Jarrett pump up dissent.

    2. No, you have not idea who the boobs are. Unless you live in a house of mirrors.

    3. OUR generation? Hell no. There was a well-funded, highly organizaed movement to take down the West by the liberalistas of an 1960’s. The John Birch Society and other right wing groups called wacko at the time, we more right than wrong when judged from the historical perspective.\

    4. Keep that poison pen going, though….;it’s like a mid morning horror flick. I’m kind of looking forward to ’em now.

    • The Weather Underground, etc? All lefty groups responsible for far more damage than the Birch Society. What did they ever do, I mean besides warn about the lefty state (happened) debasing the money (oh yeah) pbankseter control (in spades) and the subversion of your (uh-huh) and the corruption of our moral fiber as a country? Also a fait acompli

  8. In Nov 2014(latest figure I saw)-Politifact(biased of course) found that Congressional Reelection rate was 96.4% with an approval rate of 11%. Classic case of “my representative is fine, all the others are scumbags”. Probably no change until a blow-up, if then.

  9. George,
    Like your articles.
    Makes me think,so here is how it goes.
    Since the 1600’s there has been a banking class that has accumulated knowledge. It has used it to buy control of governments and engineer their control of the world. The america,s , Africa, Indochina, & Australia have been brought into the influence and or control thru time.
    I believe that what we see or don’t see, that is happening in the world is part of an ever evolving plan. The return to a world feudal system. There is no time limit, the banksters are in control of EU, and working on the rest of the world.

    The fail of the US dollar will allow the conversion to a world currency (except for the “BRIC”). That is why Libya and Iraq could not be allowed to use gold backed currencies.

    And this morning the US declared war on Syria, or did I miss something? Are we trying to divide Syria into east and west? Then establish the Kurdish state from Turkey into Iraq. Will Russia give up its seaport at Tartus?

  10. Forget the R&D for they are quite immaterial, they are like looking thru a frosted pane of glass to distort their real intentions and actions, All the decisions regarding the economy/financial are made in the boardrooms of the corporations the boardrooms of the banks after all they the wall street bankers made billions off the meltdown in 1980, with the media as willing players, who papered over the meltdown of 2008 as they paper over the real un-employment figures the real state of the economy and the fact that terrorism is the only game in town worth trillions over time, and it really makes little difference on who you elect or who they take money from for they too will become willing players of the handful in power…

      • “We invaded their villages, captured, chained and beat their men, women and children,”

        I am sorry jon.. Slave trade started with their own tribes..

        even today we find the muslim community rich in slavery.. the reason is its part of their religious beliefs..

        even today..workers and maids are considered property..

        the list goes on.. and of course that is why countries with open borders for refugee’s are having so many problems.. when they should be fighting for their own countries.. they are fleeing their country because of their very beliefs that they wish to bring to ours.. as far as slavery goes it is everywhere.. in america they call them employee’s.. we cannot survive and if you work for someone you are at his beck and call..

        so don’t blame the Caucasian race as the implements of slavery.. it just isn’t so and still isn’t today. I actually worked with a guy that the only reason he came to america was because we the citizens would pay for him to come here and work and live ( while I might ad the men and women here went to fight for his homeland) so he could save enough money to buy twelve wives. . we are blamed for slavery.. but we didn’t start it..

  11. Wow George… I see that Jon is spouting hate once again. Maybe he is at 70,000 ft and forgot his O2 mask?? But I do think at 70,000 ft everyone not in his plane looks like an ant, and that he would love to have a magnifying glass to zap those poor lower life forms.

    Hating, berating, castigating and vilifying must work pretty well in the tech world – hence Jons’ purported ‘success’.

    I don’t like all the hate though – life is too short to spend around people that hate in so much earnest. Hating closes the mind down and wears the body out. Life is too short to bear fools who live in a world of assumptions.

    I’m really glad that younger people are not cut from identical bolts of cloth. Hating the older generations is sort of like burning the library. Maybe we should all chip in and just send Jon some history books?

      • WTF? You think blacks are superior to degenerate whites and have the super rights? Who brainwashed the shit outta you?
        No bullshit lefty spin on super or superior rights, no left wing social justice shit…just plain simple equality.
        WTF, you need a drug test homey?
        (You are on the verge of banned. just so you know ALONG WITH THAT OTHER COMMIE RACE-BAITER)

        Equality means…uh…(follow along here cuz this will be tough for the brainwashed)


        on par with each other
        no left wing erudite bullshit or Obama revolutionaries, thank you.

        just =

    • I see Jon entering the Tee pee and he’s wondering why everybody isnt doing what he’s doing or thinking the way he’s thinking and why everybody isn’t working 12-14 hours a day to get ahead in there non globalist Society that’s ran by a few and if you have schools that teach you how to do what they want you to do to expand what they believe,

    • What is it that you would do make a list and let’s see if we can agree upon anything

    • Jon –

      Have you ever met me?
      Have we ever exchanged political beliefs? Because I am far from alt-right or alt-left…

      Do you know what race group my genetics place me in?

      Go read some history not written in the west about who was exporting slaves and why. Slavery is still in existence and it is not black people being bought and sold.

      Women were only a few decades ahead of black people in obtaining equal rights – how does that factor into your world? Women don’t have equal rights in several countries I have been to, even today.

      Do you have any idea that you seem to disenfranchise everyone older than you or in another profession?

      Again, I said thanks for the clear reply above in the Mr. Wacky thread. Yet now, here I am reading more rabidly wrong assumptions made about people you do not even know. Credit where credit is due – not so hateful, but the condescension is palpably thick.

      You need to stop assuming so very much about people you have never met or conversed with. One size never really fits all IRL.

      I am now waiting for you to suggest euthanizing everyone when they reach the age of 50. Or that maybe white people should all be required to pay some kind of ‘white tax”. Oops! That might actually fly in Johannesburg these days…where the shoe is on the other foot.

      I’m not worried about your generation outliving mine and taking control – that is how life works. I know you guys are taking over – I’m just worried that when I am in my 80’s your generation decides that we all need to die, well, because you just think we should be dead.

      Doesn’t matter – because karma is quite the bitch.

      Tell you what – your generation gets us all on a working, single payer healthcare system like the rest of the world, and I will let you castigate me daily. But you have to do it before I hit 65, ok??

      That’s just one thing, and one thing where technology could be used to improve everyone’s life and health. So get your tech buddies on that and make a difference that will be of benefit to you as you age and get creaky. Better yet, make it so you don’t get creaky as you get old, with some great biotech.

  12. Pure hubris, with a spread of denial laid on thick. IMHO, Obama is guilty of treason.

    Intelligent people stick to appropriate technology – the best of the old and some of the new. We don’t dare lose the ability to recreate a civilization from scratch. We always keep something in reserve.

  13. Don’t be too hard on Jon. From what I’ve read he had a very unhappy childhood. While I’ve heard him mention his uncle occasionally I’ve never heard him say anything about his parents. If the brave new tech world brings him some kind of happiness, then good for him. Some of us find too much tech to be boring, tedious and stultifying and prefer to live closer to the real physical world as well as the real spiritual world. I have no desire to deny him his world but he seems to have the idea he has to keep us Yahoos(pronounced yay-hoos)in check somehow with technology in order for him to have his desired world. (Should I switch to Gmail?) To blame a particular generation for all the problems of mortal existence on this planet is extremely prejudicial and illogical. Each person can only be responsible for their own actions and must live with the consequences of their own choices. If there is something in your life you don’t like or think is wrong, blaming someone else will not solve the problem, even if they deserve the blame. Work to make things different or learn to live with it. I guess Jon really loves his job and I’m happy for him but working on creating marketing software doesn’t do anything to make my world better or any of the poor yay-hoos who live in my county. It will be interesting to see what he has to say 6 months or year from now as events unfold.

    • Mr. Wacky –

      I don’t know his personal background or situation. I do know that the adjectives I used to describe his comments here are accurate, at lest from my reference point.

      I don’t like people being hateful or abusive, and most certainly lumping entire generations into a single group is, well, just plain silly.

      I made my living as a programmer for several years, and while I didn’t love it, I feel I accomplished some things. Like you, I prefer other means to try to make my ends meet. But knowing many programmers, they are certainly not all like Jon, either in beliefs or demeanor.

      I just feel that Jon could impart some nuggets of truth and be listened to more if he dropped his hate of anyone older than himself and his amazing hate of DJT. Then again, there is enough hate for HRC to more than match his group of political leaners.

      Hate just doesn’t get anything done – not internal resolution, not business, not change – nothing. Hate is a thing best looked at, figured out and discarded – because hate originates inside each of us. It’s not something that others force on us.

    • The part that your teacher and you left out is technology is restricted by the people who control you your money and your thoughts and everything that you desire and wake up to when you understand that maybe you’ll become a little Freer to be able to make up your mind for yourself and change the world in the direction that you wanted to be and the direction you know it should be but if you want to get back to the basics imagine yourself being on an island among other people and who controls what now you’re globalist View is controlled by who and what you have to do to satisfy them instead of yourself

  14. (not counting the leach class)

    Unfortunately social security is now considered the leach class..
    Four of the worst actions that ever happened was deregulation of fuel,adding social security benefits money to the budget, deregulation of health and insurance,the NAFTA treaty, and making the ruling that lobbying firms for the members of the Macarena group could give openly..
    Now who’s fault is it for the social programs.. the biggest by far is the EIC tax credit and if you listen the people receiving society security.
    It doesn’t matter that you paid in all those years your now a leach on society ( my personal contribution was just shy a quartrr mil just because I worked so many hours). My Thout is if the macarena group could figure out how to keep the thirty percent and stop it they would.
    Food stamps. The soup lines of our generation there’s what fifteen or twenty thousand per Walmart.
    Take our power company it raised rates it wasn’t that much but to the average laborer that increase will amount to approximately seven cents per hour. Over the years the wage increases have averaged out to approximately two percent per year. Administration and the new executives five to ten percent.
    A local company with ten employees if they gave the one percent to cover just that one increase along with the company’s increase would have to roughly increase revenue twenty five hundred a month. Coffee would go up a nickel a cup and all other products as well..
    This company didn’t do that instead they kept prices where they are and cut hours forcing the employees to seek other revenue’s to sustain themselves. More food stamps heating assistance etc.
    Now step back one more ring of this target..this ring is the same except besides cutting hours and employees your importing cheaper goodss yada yada yada.
    What will have to happen eventually is life services, fuel, health, power, water, sewer, because it is a necessity if life a Nd because it will eventually become unsustainable by the average citizen will be taken over and ran by those in the Macarena group and no longer be a for profit industry.
    What gets me is the answer is so simple..all they have to do is step out of the box they are sitting in. Take (I know I live solar) solar rather than raise rates keep them where they are and give anyone willing to add a system a guarantee no rate increase. For this area consideration of what extra I produce that they can sell if everyone had a system doesn’t matter South north east or west slope it produces..better facing south but hey. Then wherever there’s a transformer station build a tree.. a solar tree sixty feet high will produce enough for approximately four hundred homes and cost about a mil.
    The approximate increase in profit would be somewhere around a billion dollars a year without raising rates one penny.
    Of course but this is all subjective to an ideal scenario.
    Administration wage increases should not be above that of the society or community.
    I once overheard the owner of a chain store that I worked for .. he drove up in a really expensive car..his dad lectured him on this saying never drive anything more expensive than your highest paid employees.
    The old guys had it right keep the bottom rungs healthy make a smaller profit and grow instead we pile it all on the top and send the bottom for assistance.
    Twenty five years ago a twenty ounce bottle of pop was a quarter at the gas station today it’s almost two dollars. With the way things are moving in another twenty five years it will be four hundred a bottle.. that is if society doesn’t crumble first. Of course this is all my opinion
    Oh speaking about Bitcoin I seen a commercial saying PayPal the new money…

  15. Jon-You shouldn’t be afraid to reveal your true self. After all, we’re all friends here aren’t we? We’ve all had our experiences in life that make our attitudes and perspective what they are. But like the famous “black motorist” Rodney King said, “Can’t we all just get along?”

  16. John if you have three things that you thought could actually——_the—– what would they be

  17. Jon seems a little too made-up to be believed. Transparent stance. Caricature. Dead giveaways in the writing style (if you use any of the tools available to compare such things).

    Nice try, though.

  18. You love to make up metrics.

    Not satisfied with real progress on real equality (income, voting, education etc?) then make up a “social justice metric.

    You snowflake and brainwashed make me sick.

    Everyone finishes the same,….there is no competition any more…just a big mob w2ith big plans to allocate everything to…themselves!

    Marxist-Leninist we4t dream.

    From each according to their lobby group, to each according to their social justice victim status.

    Fine country that…bankrupt in five.

  19. Jon, Don’t know where you got your screwed facts but facts they are not.

    The en-slavers were not the white shippers who bought and transported slaves to various countries. The chiefs of villages themselves sold their own people to Islamic slavers who marched them to the coast to be sold to anyone with enough money to purchase them. Muslims were the slavers of that time and still are. In Africa as well as in many other countries Muslims still practice slavery openly. They enslaved whites to sell in the slave markets when they held Spain in their grasp for 700 years. European women were routinely kidnapped and sold on the markets of Islamic lands.

    The Civil War was not fought to abolish slavery rather it was fought to preserve state’s rights. Lincoln only made the slaves an issue at the last of the war when the north was loosing in order to garner added sympathy thus support for the north.

    The indigenous tribes of the US constantly were at war with each other. They were not the peace loving people they are portrayed as. War for a native American male was part of gaining prestige and station in their own band. And they took slaves in the process of carrying on these inter tribal wars. Whole villages were wiped out, burnt to the ground, all the inhabitants murdered except for the young women and children which were taken as slaves to be sold to other tribes. Slaves were so numerous in some tribes that they made up 50% of the population of that tribe. Native tribes of the northeast would fight for whomever paid them the most in weapons and loot and they routinely wiped out white settlers who had paid them for the land as they moved westward.

    The most enslaved people on earth were not the African’s they were the Irish. Crack a book and learn the truth before you spout your so called facts.

    So shame on you for perpetuating hate through false personal assumptions Jon. Then again accurate history would not give you the excuse you need to give legitimacy to your own twisted reasoning would it.

    • Don’t be too hard on Jon.

      He’s either an ignorant snowflake or govtroll out spreading the false narratives of the Left.

      Real history, of the sort you refer to – and not seeing color, but just another person…why, this will just never do in his world.

      The only voice that matters, understand, is his and people of haughty preconceptions who agree with him,.

      Free speech? Not for us deplorables. Just for the ‘flakes. And the government in exile.

  20. I’m 74 years old, Dr Martin Luther King would be rolling in his grave today to see how the people he and thousands of not just blacks but also whites went through hell to get the rights that blacks have today. Yet the vast majority of younger blacks have sold out those rights for cheap cell phones, drugs and welfare and a gang culture some how believing that just because they are black they are entitled to take anything from any one just because they want it. They have no problem at all murdering their own. No one forced them to become what they are, they chose it rather than choosing better for themselves. They deride other’s of color if they take advantage of all of the doors opened as a result of the hard won efforts of their forefathers. Calling them Uncle Tom’s and worse because they chose to have a better life and were willing to work for it.

    No there is no equality and there never will be as long as the black community themselves don’t step up and put a stop to all this BS going on.

    I wasn’t raised to see color, I was raised to respect a person for the standards they set for themselves irrespective of their race. The blacks I see today can’t hold a candle to the standards and integrity that their grandparents set and lived. These were great men and women who raised their children exactly as I was raised, to respect themselves and others and to be responsible for their own choices in life.

    God bless the mother of color now who will drag her child off of the street and give him or her a few cuffs in the offing telling them to get their butt’s home and straighten their sorry asses up or there will be consequences. And bless the father of that household who goes out every day to work to support his family setting a positive standard for his children to look up to. Its too bad they are now in the minority.

  21. G, I always suspected congress to be unflattering to all but themselves, but lacked supporting details to voice it aloud to anyone but family. You printed a most excellent reason to distrust them even more. Aggregate the $$… What a crock!

    Also, this bickering with Jon is both fascinating and irritating to see. He’s monopolizing the comment section in a most fantastic way that I’ve only seen done in ZeroHedge. I honestly do not understand the guy and why he keeps bullying his way around here. Methinks he ought to have his own blog. Then you two can have Blog Wars.

  22. OK what in the heck part of the Midwest did he move from????? I can tell you I have friends from every walk of life and haven’t ever been kicked if any board or had anyone even question. Best man at my marriage was an Indian..
    And yes I think there’s inequality between social classes.. but money buys many things.
    As far as a neighborhood having more crime than another absolutely it isn’t because of a particular race but of the geographic location. If you have a nightly routine of answering calls if beatings, Rapes, robberies, drive by shootings murders coercion and statistics show its all congested in a five block area the people from that location white or black will be suspected. If the majority of offenders are black then black youth will be the ones questioned.
    Usually there is little or no education as well.
    There is good and bad in all races.
    I think it was Yale or Harvard that did a study.
    They sent students if color into predominately white neighborhoods with black lives matter signs the results were seventy percent positive for thatt as a statement.
    Then they sent Caucasian youth into a predominately black neighborhoods with all luves matter signs.. it was almost a hundred percent negative results with the Caucasian youths being ridiculed and even tougher up. It ended when a local make pulled them aside and told them if they valued their lives they should leave as quickly as they could.
    I for one am glad I live right where I do. I think the metropolitan areas with low education and depressed job markets have become more tribal in nature with local gangs controlling the neighborhood outcome.

  23. Well, well, well. Everyone’s beating up on Jon? Just because he threw himself headlong into this culture clash and thinks he’s the only one with a brain? Heh.

    Jonny, technology is fun. Technology can teach and it can get us places we’ve not been able to go hands down, for sure. BUT – technology can also insulate us so much that it keeps us from seeing the real world as it has with you. Money, the world it buys and the indoctrination you’ve received keep you from all the fears you accumulated as a kid. If you want to tear the world down and hand it over to a bunch of elitist frauds that are no better than Nazis and Klan members with a better than average vocabulary you’ll find that eventually you’ll be run over like you have been here. Who the heck have you convinced here of anything other than your ability to tick people off? This, in itself, is sad beyond words as you of all people as a World traveler have so much to offer here. People are the same animals that they were 5000 years ago. We just have more interesting toys now and there’s a million times more of us! Drive a few blocks out of the EXCLUSIVE new neighborhood you’re in now and you’re back to rolling up your windows and locking your doors.

    While hate is a definite negative that’s been expressed and used time and again on this website’s comment section let’s break it down a bit. Hate is useful. G-O-D hates … certain things. Hate expresses a frustration to an intransigent opposition that refuses to engage on a useful level despite many attempts to negotiate a positive outcome and especially when that opposition group is leading us straight into a solid wall of insanity because of purely selfish reasons. For those who come in, drop a doodle and do a Snidely Whiplash scuttle, exit stage Left, thinking they’re striking some blow for “their” side, who refuse to attempt any kind of engagement in dialogue to see how and why others think and experience what they do and then wonder why they get trashed – what … do … you … expect? You get exactly what you set out to accomplish and this leads to the stupidity of losers like the guy that opened up on the congress critters and people on the freeway. CUI BONO???

    If you want to get along then try it some time. If not buy a surplus helmet and scrounge up some body armor – Goodyear, Uniroyal, BFG – because there WILL be “incoming” soon enough.

  24. The SJW phenomenon, as it relates to some African Americans, has one goal, reparations. That is why no other narrative will be allowed. Professional victim status will never disappear, and if reparations are ever awarded, you can bet that when all the money has been spent, the bitching about inequality will resurface and nothing will have changed. The problem with some in the minority community (notice I said some not all) is theyve been taught from a young age that all their problems are caused by the dominant white culture.

    When I saw Michelle Obama giving a commencement speech to young AA graduates and a good part of her speech was all about being a victim and how hard it is being black, that was when I began my move to the center right. Michelle could have said to those young people, in spite of the adversity everybody has to deal with in life, look at what’s possible…she was the FLOTUSA…and yet her speech implied it wasn’t enough. (I voted for Obama twice) That’s when I realized for some in the minority community theyre never going to be happy until you stop hating themaelves for what makes them different.

    Oprah Winfrey did not become one of the richest woman in the world by claiming racism everytime she didnt get the opportunity she sought. She kept on striving to be the best she could be and people respected that. The same goes for all successful minorities. Its possible.

  25. Correction

    As written “That’s when I realized for some in the minority community theyre never going to be happy until you stop hating themaelves for what makes them different.”

    As revised “That’s when I realized for some in the minority community theyre never going to be happy until they stop hating themselves for what makes them different.”

    PS – Prejudice will always be a part of the animal condition known as instinct. It’s part of the its safe, fight or flight mechanism that all creatures are born with.

    In all honesty, I think people, like animals, like to be among their own sub groups within their own species. I think that’s our nature and now we have the one world govt types telling us to go against our nature and if we don’t we’re horrible disgusting and vile people.

    We’re witnessing the destruction of native cultures in the quest for political neutrality and the backlash to it, as people want to hold onto to what they’ve always known, or atleast accept change gradually rather than having it thrust on them like a pail of water being thrown at them.

    Use to be a time when people wanted to experience a different culture, they’d go on vacation there or move there and then blend into the native cultural norms they were fascinated by.

    Now we have a big social experiment going on where all those cultures are being mixed up on the same block, neighborhood, city, state, nation and those whose cultures were native to those regions are being told to shut up when another culture invades their territory and expects them to accept, accommodate and grow accustom to it. Some of the new cultures are similar and fit in. Others are more different, so much so that it creates conflict. Especially when those cultures are seen as regressive and backwards. It’s like sending someone back to school to learn 6th grade math when they’ve known Algebra and Trigonometry.

    Im not against immigration. I just wish people came here like my relatives did, to be part of the American dream, to be an American. What’s wrong with that?

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but my family heritage on my mothers side was Sicilian. When her parents parents immigrated to America (they came through the port of New Orleans to work the sugar fields), they came here to be an American. Even though they held onto their cultural norms like speaking their native language among their own, they saw themselves as Americans first. Im reminded of the opening scene in The Godfather. That’s no longer the belief of many moving to America now.

    • Sorry that so many today do not understand what makes us Americans. They WILLFULLY don’t understand because it’s the only way to crack the powerhouse America has become. The American PEOPLE are Americans, regardless of extraction, because of one thing. A thing that Globalists hate.

    • Great post. The stress of this forced immigration immersion on the citizen population with memories of legal immigration while witnessing the destruction of the dominant cultures can only end badly. It is natural for birds of a feather to flock together it is what makes life beautiful and distinct.

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