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Say, since we have talked about the “media fix is in” when comes to presidential politics, try this for a read when you get some time:

Tech Companies Apple, Twitter, Google, and Instagram Collude to Defeat Trump.”

Many of the same points – and more – than we have made here.

At some point, the data becomes overwhelming, does it not?

Although a bit older, see the 10 examples of search result variances over here, as well.

You just thought you had free choice in the upcoming election.

Data says, no, you don’t.  Input-swamping it can be termed.  Call it what you will, Hill will be the next president.  Says who?  Well, ask a search engine, lol.

See Tech Republic on the risks.

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  1. Mrs. Bill’s health is the wildcard. The system is obviously in overdrive to protect itself, but it chose a poor mouthpiece. If she’s sufficiently compromised, nothing short of a body double will suffice to hide it.

    • Well, I wouldn’t be too confident about Trump; that ‘letter’ from his doctor is a complete fraud – no medical professional would have written it!

  2. To those of you who consider a Hillary as president is ok and business as usual…you are not only sadly mistaken…you may be terminally subjected to your opinions….her history as such, IS there for all to see…not believing it, will be the ‘fatal’ factor for many….imho

  3. You have far more faith in her health or ability to sweep massive corruption under the rug than I do. She is extremely ill and it’s very obvious. Trump is going to eat her lunch on the debate stage.

    • Trump’s first step to winning the presidential election is to act presidential. That means he has to stop calling people names as though he is a 2nd grader. I trust all parents teach their kids to behave better than Trump or the kid would get a timeout. I always feel the need to also explain that I hate Hillary like herpes. The fact that she is beating anyone in the polls sickens me.

      • That is just completely wrong. The reason he is winning is that he is Trump. He beat 16 for nomination by being Trump. MSM keeps calling for it since they know it is where his appeal comes from, but they spread that crap in a desperate attempt to bring him down. His strategy to be honestly himself is working.

  4. ABC live poll yesterday had Trump ahead at 71%, Jill Stien at 18%, Hillary at 5%. Another poll has Clinton only winning 5 states. Trump rallies draw thousands and Hillary can’t fill a high school gym. The CNN boycott is working. The ratings came in yesterday and they have dropped to third. Talk of firings and restructuring as advertising $$$ go bye bye. The Globalists own MSM. I ignore it completely. People who think Trump needs to talk differently are people who are brainwashed by the MSM. He’s winning by a landslide. So I have to assume Obama will pull some stunt to circumvent the elections all together.

  5. You can also add hp to that list. The Globalist tentacles are far reaching! I’m puzzled why you say Google is working to defeat Trump and then use their rigged search results to confirm you faith that Hilz will win. Trump has the people. Globalists have all the levers. And if Hilz search results are high, isn’t it possible that people are curious about her lies, health and crimes?

  6. I don’t claim to be a historian, but I did get a history degree – however it is to be noted that of people who are historians, two hundred to one believe that Trump is a unsuitable candidate for president.

    Proof supplied upon request (not sure if anyone cares, especially someone who doesn’t care enough to live in the USA, to be an advocate for change.)

  7. Trump calling people names is no different that the MSM, Hillary and Leftist calling Republicans names for decades now. Somehow it’s not unseemly when they do it but is when Republicans follow the same playbook. I think we should stop being nice to all these people who trash traditional European-American values and individuals and give them the same as they are dishing out.

  8. The whole thing (election) is little more than a sports event to get people all whipped up about nothing. Anyone who thinks a win by either candidate will mean any real change for the better to the average American is dreaming. (I would say delusional but I’m trying to be nice here) Those that control the money control both Trumpy and Billary and anyone else that makes it to the election. Nothing will change, ever, except they will get richer and we will get poorer. You can put that in the bank.

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