The charts will come back to the top of this page as soon as I figure out how to get that done.  If you have an opinion on this, please post a comment.

Charts take a long time to load on a mobile device and since the majority of our readers are on phones, tablets, iPads, and whateverdroids, we’re trying to “go with the flow.”

The new layout can still be tweaked in a number of areas.

One example is in text size.  If you want it larger (or smaller) please post a note on that.

There are a few readers who have not been able to get the pinch-zoom feature to work o the new site, like the old one.  But, that seems to be a device-dependent problem.

If this functionality has gone away on older Apple products, try updating the OS to something more recent.  The pinch-zoom works fine on our phone and Kindles so that’s of the list.

As I mentioned in an update this weekend, we have installed a test instance of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) but we have turned off the immediate redirect to that.

AMP is an interesting case.

The idea of Google, et al, is that websites can be a lot faster with AMP pages.

That’s true, but they do this by getting rid of features.  And, even worse from the money-grubbing capitalist perspective, the monetization is less than perfect.

The promoters of AMP technology want capitalists to step up and buy “pro” versions of software, near as I can figure, to get full monetization tools.

If it worked perfectly, then maybe.  But for now, the social buttons on the AMP side don’t work right.  I’m sure it’s something with me, but, then again…

There is a new Chart Page on the menu.  This is the second copy of the familiar Kitco gold and silver charts.  But, I have also added QQQ and SPY charts, as well.  Greedy money-grubber I am,, I’ve learned markets are like cottonmouths:  It’s not wise to turn your back on them, even for a second!

We have spent tons of time on this over the weekend…including an oh, so exciting update of this sites Cookies, Security, and complicity with those effing idiots of the EU who – after big corporations and governments ALREADY HAVE MASSIVE FILES ON EACH OF US – are trying to pui “the horse back in the barn” on cookies.

It won’t work, but this is home mindless, unelected bureaucracies work  – furthering their own self-importance.  Pigs and slime are generally brighter.

So, go ahead and comment on the changes – and when you do, please be specific enough do a stupe like me can figure out what’s wrong.

It you post “I don’t like the new site/look/functionality” that doesn’t do jack shit in terms of being an actionable remark.

Something like “I like the header logo bigger” IS ACTIONABLE.  But, when you have such a remark, please let me know which platform you are using (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone) and which operating system (iOS, Win 7,8,8.1,10) and browser (Firefox, Exploder, Edge, Safari, Silk, Android, Opera, etc) so I can duplicate what you’re griping about.


I have new callouses on my ass from all this.  Funny thing is, it’s Ure fault, lol.,,,