The View from Oklahoma

Elaine and I are in Oklahoma this weekend to meet with Robin Landry, who as I’ve told you many times, is one of the best long wave (and Elliott Wave) gurus out there.

Because of the road trip, our report this morning will focus on just one thing:  How the  markets are doing exactly what we forecast and are working toward new highs.

But the real story is why and what to expect thereafter….

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9 thoughts on “The View from Oklahoma”

  1. An economy this big, even if very indebted and overvalued, has a lot of inertia. There are many calls for a crash hitting the alt-media and even articles in the MSM. These are all people who are holding their breath, working towards ‘the big short’. There are too many intact hedges against this very thing, and those have to be taken out first.

    In order for the .01% to gain their ownership from the indebted, they have to take out the smaller fish (the 5%’ers) and have emptied out the pensioners. Then the crash and accompanying bail-in of all available deposits in the big banks can start.

    It took nearly 18 months in 2007 for the bears to be taken out – when the real thing finally hit, they had no liquidity to buy in.

    There will need to be a HUGE rally between now and September for this to be the real crash, because the crash hedges have to be taken out first. Otherwise, it seems more likely to me, we grind forward in a bear market, until the bears have nothing left to give. Then there is an “event” to allow the theft to occur.

    I’m not a chart kind of guy – this is just my view based on what has happened in the past, and the way things are setup today. So please – show me I am stupid??

    • Didnt Yellen recently claim the markets will not ever crash per se, but that a black swan type event could?

  2. Hot off the presses from Breitbart and Infowars:

    A Chinese agent wrote by email to Chelsea Clinton “This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of China and its government’s support for Mrs. Clinton. I can also send this info to your mother (Hilldabeast) via Rhona, but it is ultra sensitive so wanted to send to you first.”

    Chelsea wrote back “I love it!”

    Chelsea, her husband and Podesta then had a meeting with the Chinese to get damaging info on Trump. The Chinese even gave Chelsea a stack of documents. Then Chelsea, her husband and Podesta continued to lie and deceive publicly about this meeting as well as other meetings with the Chinese.

    What do you think should happen to Hillary, Chelsea, her husband and Podesta???

    • I personally would listen to the gossip to..
      I think everyone knows that Washington DC is broken and has been for a long time.I don’t feel they represent the people any longer but the agenda’s of the lobbyists and special interest groups that have their undivided attention through their gifts. and it didn’t take anyone from Russia or China to get me to believe this..On the other hand..There wasn’t a stream of lobbyists tossing money and gifts and vacation trips on my door step either to get me to say that the Russians and Chinese have had anything to do with the election.
      What I do believe is that this is a stall.. that Legislators and the puppet masters and MSM are using this the same way a magician uses smoke and mirrors.. to draw our attention to the fact that they are not going to do a thing about anything and this will draw out and once again we have a do nothing congress.. Now if they are able to get the president to concede his office then the puppet masters once again win the game of thrones.. Either way they will get their way.. Historically it hasn’t ever worked out for any administration that opposed the puppet masters wishes..
      Thinking about the upcoming depression of depressions.. I wonder how crops are doing nation and world wide? the worst depressions always happened around times of real hardship and low crop production.

      • Everything is the same old SH@t different day…What would shock the SH@T out of me is if congress all parties started to work together and with the president and for the american citizens well being.. LOL I think I would have to be resuscitated..

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  4. In the past month, 2 small breakfast/lunch restaurants in our neighborhood have closed. They’ve been open for nearly 20 years. Rents are extremely high here in Portland, OR. Plus, there has been an increase in minimum wages, not to mention the increase in price of ingredients. We also lost a large grocery store in the neighborhood back in Jan 2017.

    Retail is hurting. I can imagine how bad its going to be if the market does as many believe it will this fall and the next few years.

    We have built so many new retail spaces in this town that there’s not enough people to support all those new stores, regardless of what venue they operate in. We don’t need anymore Tattoo shops or Marijuana shops, or restaurants. Its too expensive to eat out as often as many people got use to. 4 cheese stick and a diet coke plus tip at the bar in our bldg cost about $13.. Its cheese sticks..outrageous and the govt tells us that inflation is under 2%… Liars…….

  5. George, I was noticing the home sales in my hometown, Rockford IL. They seem to have really picked up this summer. Its an old mfg town about 90 north of Chicago. Most of the factories are closed now. It has many of the same gang problems that the south side of Chicago has. There’s very few good paying jobs there as evidenced by the real estate prices, but yet homes are selling and it appears to be at a rate that seems unusual to me.

    Im providing a link to some real estate in what was a good zip code, but now has its crime problems just like the rest of the town. There are no relatively safe areas anymore. Crime is everywhere. Shootings, murders, burglaries, assaults, et al. Rockford has won awards for being amongst the highest crime cities in America and one of the worst small towns (Wasn’t always like that, just happened as the gangs took over and mfg left for Mexico and other places with cheaper labor).

    I noticed a huge amount of pending sales on homes under 100k and that was just in one zip code. Didn’t check others in the city. I know its summer when real estate sales are more prevalent, but whose buying all these homes when all we hear is how bad the economics of IL is? I’ve watched real estate there for years and it just appears very unusual to see all these pending home sales, as though they’re all being bought up by some entity. China? A large bank that represents a REIT?

    Something unusual is going on in my estimation. Rockford is like Baltimore. Who is buying is what I wonder? Especially since I read how there’s more people leaving IL than moving there?

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