The Unprepared States of America

Just as I was writing this morning’s column on Tuesday, a wild storm line went through and we haven’t see power since.  There’s even a chance we won’t get power back until Thursday or even Friday.

The good news for us is that we have a generator and transfer switch plus all those golf dart batteries keep the freezers frozen overnight.

But even out here in Prepper Land, it’s one thing to talk a good recovery plan.  It’s quite another to find that load you forgot in the load shedding plan.

Markets are set for a soft opening – so while we wait for unlimited power to return, Ure’s thinking about a nap…

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74 thoughts on “The Unprepared States of America”

  1. Copyright 2007-2024 Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars 2024: Version 1.1 – 889
    All Rights Reserved G. A. Stewart LLC

    It frustrates me to see that people are still searching for answers to the Biblical enigma of Gog and Magog when the answer is in plain sight.

    In mythology, Gog and Magog survived the War of the Giants and retreated to Great Britain where the surviving princes of Troy eventually defeated them. Only modern-day readers have the vantage point of relating this prophecy to the City of London, where Gog and Magog are the symbolic Guardians.

    By the very end of this paragraph in Nostradamus’ Epistle to Henry, it seems The Great Dog and Dohan will take power away from The Red and The White Ones.
    Generally, in Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist Series, Red and White are allusions to Islam and Christianity.

    In Nostradamus’ First Antichrist Series, The Reds are the French Revolutionaries, and in the Second Antichrist Series, The Reds are most likely communists. Overriding all three period allusions to “Red Ones” is of course the allusion to the red in a Cardinal’s cassock, meaning the Vatican. Generally, there are clues that Nostradamus uses to make it clear that he is alluding to the Church.

    JC Question: The Red portrait of King Charles… is it connected? Could it be part of the multi-dimensionalities of Nostradamus’ writings?

    • Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, Volume I, G. A. Stewart, 2017, Page 615

      “So many evils committed by means of the great Red One” suggests a Muslim leader or someone involved with The Pagan Sect of New Infidels.

      JC question: Does this mean King Charles could be the Great Red One?

  2. Sorry to hear you’re powerless at the moment. Some of our Bowie-Cass crews will be down to help, I’m sure.

  3. just monday i suggested to my neighbor that he calculate generator fuel usage from our last outage, last week, and prep for a 5 day storage. only took a day for that to manifest! a good size battery bank cuts generator usage in half. at least it’s cool enough to sleep with the windows open.

  4. Most people don’t really prepare.. mentally we all feel that things we take for granted will always be there.. need heat turn the furnace on.. need gas run to the gas station.. a good friend that worked DARPA use to tease me because I spent the fifteen dollars a watt for solar panels.. ( at the time now its just stupid if you don’t have them ) then a hurricane hit.. took out the power for a couple of months.. after a few days he needed fuel.. thought I would run down and get some.. everything runs on electricity.. the pumps wouldn’t run he was out .. after a couple days he calls me and apologizes.. they could cook an egg on the counter in their home..
    If you have never been hungry.. preparing is a couple of boxes of canned goods a few pounds of burger and its over.. your prepared.. yes maybe for the week.. LOL LOL my kids got this with toilet paper.. LOL all of a sudden what do we wipe with dad.. here you go take this rock.. LOL LOL LOL wash it off so its fresh for next time .. eyes rolled up into their heads.. LOL
    so lets say you and a wife share one hamburger and one potato a day.. maybe one glass of water per day.. you would still need about seventy pounds of burger.. since if the unthinkable happens.. you won’t be able to run down to the grocery store .. the bakeries won’t be running.. especially if it is a situation like GAZA… seen it..

    having had the fortune to experience several times the unthinkable.. I learned.. know someone that went and had a harder time.. he delivered his three kids on the kitchen table … no food.. his pantry makes mine look like nothing.. but he went through it.. the church estimates that only six percent have put aside a food stock or water.. they don’t see a need for it.. its available.. been there done that.. some of the hardest things is the most common.. can you make ketchup.. or mustard..
    If there was a bad year.. how many years should you put up..
    the wife teased me.. about my obsession.. she had never experienced hunger….. then we went a year without food.. no income.. it was a shocker.. but we didn’t go hungry.. now the wife helps me.. Buy what you eat.. if you buy the prepackaged stuff you will be buying more oatmeal than you know.. its cheaper.. looked at grocery store shelves lately what do you see… go to the potato chip isle.. what do you see… Corn products.. corn is cheaper.. since almost half of our grain came from Ukraine.. the companies are pushing corn …

  5. You 2 were on my mind yesterday as I was following weather reports. Glad to hear you are OK and only inconvenienced. Living in tornado land myself and having been through the derecho a couple years ago, I have never heard you talk of tornado preps. Double wides do not normally have basements. Are these preps really not on your list of important to dos?

  6. Saddly.. no one really has a clue.
    there’s some references about total doesn’t work that way.. catastrophic events there’s always some resources..
    I think about Mt great great great grandfather.. hated up until my mother’s time..the reason he took off while they were out picking berries..with no provisions stored away in preparation.
    during the early settler days that was a death senrence..
    we all have heard the sad story if the Donner family and their trip to California. the ones that went ahead assumed they would have plenty with fifty cows.. not even knowing that they ran off and died..
    if a couple just ate one hamburger a day and one can of vegitables.. for a year you’d need thirty cases if vegitables and 75 lbs of burger..
    I retort can and it saves space.. I like to take a hamburger helper out a package of retort hamburger in the box..( yes I like the boxes.. ) the same with chicken or tuna..what I want is to get a retort bag big enough to hold a whole chicken roast chicken or a prime rib.. warm it up its done..jars take up to much space..
    I actually thought about retort canning years ago.. I had fallen about thirty feet was busted up real good.. had to crawl for food and water..( heat and eats at floor level) anyway while in the military we got MRE’s the meal I had was made in 1965.. we use to joke they would last forever..sitting there hungry and looking at that 30 year old MRE.. I threw something at it to knock it off of the shelf on the wall.. yup it was still good..the gum was hard as rocks but the rest was good..
    the thing is very few really take an honest assessment of what their needs would be..the church estimates that only 6 % have prepared for a storm..

    • “Donner family and their trip to California. the ones that went ahead assumed they would have plenty with fifty cows.. ”

      I had never heard the story with fifty cows.
      Btw. I’m so glad not sharing your concerns.

      • I read that in the diaries.. of the party..
        Reed went ahead.. but many of the cows died from thirst and ran off.. he had gone ahead to get provisions and was stopped by the snow.. He though from what I read in the diary that with the cattle that there were the oxen and horses.. that they would survive.. instead half of them succumbed to the weather and starvation..

      • What is funny about reading the diary.. was the wife and I were on our way home from work.. a blizzard hit we were reading the diaries of the members .. and we got hoplessly stuck.. I turned to the wife and said.. see hun.. you thought I was just getting FAT… while here I was preparing to save your life LOL LOL LOL

        • Very funny, LOOTB.

          ” I turned to the wife and said.. see hun.. you thought I was just getting FAT… while here I was preparing to save your life “

    • MRE sux big hairy moose . Never once had one that didnt cause severe agita and esophagial burn feeling.
      Always famished when had luxury of heating water and re hydrating meal. Never had luxury to read labels on MRE’s or date code, always pretty dark when involved with eating em. They will produce a Turd and they are relatively quick meals, thats about all I got positive to say regards MRE’s. shudders just thinking about some of those nights…

      * agita&burning esophagus prolly caused by lack of patience..not waiting long enough for full absorption when youse HUNGRY.

      • exactly.. I had the raised ham..
        freeze dried eggs.. I always carried them to work.. instant egg sandwich..that’s one reason I like to can.. you can what you eat.. you know what you like .. we use to buy Swanson whole chicken.. buck ninety can’t get those anymore..
        you can get individual serving sized bags but you can’t get family sized bags..I would love to put up a whole roast or a baked chicken..
        pasta is trickier. if you can pasta hold back about a quarter of the fluid otherwise you end up with mushy pasta …yuck…then in one place the meater. temp probe.. you have to reach 212 – 250 for a minimum of 2 – 15 minutes to kill bacteria..
        if your going to can milk wash and sterilize jars ( 1/2 gal ) let cool.. then fill the jars up to 3/4 height of skim milk then the last quarer with distilled water..( milk when heated thickens from the milk fat in the milk. by adding one quarter dw it comes out tasting more like milk) place in pressure canner.. bring it to ten pounds pressure then shut it off.. let it cool and seal its now ready to place on the shelf.. in Germany I do t know if they even have fresh milk most of what I heard from travelers is shelf stable milk.. refrigerate after opening..they irradiated it..same process just can do more at one time.
        then there’s freeze dried milk..

        here is the water bath method .. same as pasteurization of wine to kill yeast..

        some say that water bath canning milk is easy and can be done without a pressure canner. Here are some tips for water bath canning milk:
        Sanitize jars
        You can sterilize jars in boiling water for about 10 minutes, or in the dishwasher. If you wash them by hand, use hot, soapy water with a little bleach.
        Prepare milk
        Some recommend skimming cream off fresh raw cow’s milk before canning, but you can also use store-bought milk.
        Fill jars
        Let jars cool completely before filling them with milk, leaving about one inch of headspace. Wipe the rims with a paper towel or cloth, but avoid using vinegar, which can cause the milk to curdle.
        Place the jars in a small pot of boiling water for five minutes, then turn off the heat and leave the jars in the hot water until you’re ready to cover them.

  7. Glad to hear you are OK with no storm damage, just be thankful you are not down in Houston. Use this to find the immediate voids in your prepping and it will be a good practice run.

  8. see if “U” can use this for future reference
    Kim Jong Un Sends Hundreds Of Sh*t-Filled Balloons Into South Korea
    teaser image
    Seoul deploys chemical & biological warfare response teams to inspect the mess…

    WED MAY 29, AT 10:10

    • lol lol lol…now that there is funny.. hun is it raining lol lol..
      reminds me of the kids poem..
      birder birdey in the sky dropped whitewas in my eye..
      gosh oh me gosh oh my boy am I glad cows don’t fly..

  9. If the U.S. interior gets hit by nukes surviving will be luck of the draw.

    Recall the Dust Bowl and the “Okie” migration. The Okies drove/walked to California.

    When the Okies eventually got to California ‘milk and honey’ were waiting:

    “Many of them quickly moved out of farm work into better-paying jobs in the oil industry and, when World War II broke out, in the burgeoning Southern California defense plants.”

    The oil is gone, manufacturing automated the real estate is full and expensive.

    If NYC or DC gets nuked all the people in FEMA Zones 1, 2 and 3 are leaving. Where they go is anyone’s guess.

    Today people will likely go to climate areas where living in shacks comes easiest, similar to the Okie shacks of days gone by. I’d guess Texas.

    In 2024 “Texas has just 105.2 people per square mile.”

    As of 2020 the Northeast FEMA Zones had a population of 57,609,148. Texas will look like Gaza.

    FEMA Zones:

    • In Nebraska the likelihood is only SAC/Omaha would be struck – how much of that Missouri river gumbo would become worthless is unknown…..

    • “If NYC or DC gets nuked all the people in FEMA Zones 1, 2 and 3 are leaving. Where they go is anyone’s guess.”

      I will NEVER understand how frivolously some folks write and/or talk about nuclear war? Can those folks think reasonably? Please reflect on this : All of it starts in your mind. Probably useless for me to mention ;-(((

        • at thos point..Do you seriously believe they give a shit over what some oligarchs that pay the family business cash for compliance thinks?
          why do you think the getaways headed to the interior or requested to be flown by our government into interior cities…
          if it is a poison pawn trap.. the heavy hitting would be where the mass of the population live.. take the head off a snake and it’s tail fails.. so our military would have to be previously sent to other areas of the planet. which we see.. our strategic resources gave to be lowered. military bases neutralized..
          I don’t believe putin or Xi give a hoot about coastal cities. take out the ports wipe out Caif Delaware I am sure is a main target with as much defiance and agitation the brand has given..since it totally appears as if they are playing with two decks of rules and laws.. it wiuld probably be more similar to adolph hitlers second book.. the homes on the hill would be ransacked the wealthy would be targets..
          all the things that the brand has been doing to divide the country will happen overnight..
          my brother lived in saddam hussein presidential house..
          I actually am shocked that mire politicians haven’t moved out of the country. with as many people that are irritated. and the way this is going .. I totally get why so many upper crust have left already..
          since many haven’t just says they truly cannot comprehend what they are doing..
          every general has tossed up the beware flags.. while they keep boldly going down the path that no one has wanted to travel .
          blue red green or orange .this is some scary shit.
          the absolute best I can see is the UK and USA losing the monetary king of the hill position we have held and we go through a depression worse than the Weimar..the worst is to horrific to even contemplate.. everyone would have PTSD if things keep moving in the direction it is.

      • On a serious note.. They don’t know.. we haven’t had a war.. the closest thing we had was BLM and Antifa and their terrorist activities.. the gangs in the Hood and the inequality between social classes..
        I believe its just like the kids..those that survived the depression and WW2 are now all leaving us.. industry was out sourced for profit.. and dumbing down the kids..was intentional to gain income.. the class structure started to change in eighty.. and had gotten increasingly bad as time has gone on.. all because of the business model.
        War and the profits of war are a business model.. this whole mess could have been avoided.. our infrastructure could be rock solid instead of collapsing.. but it doesn’t fit the present business model.. Just like the six percent of the Mormon church that has preps.. Monson tried to talk some sense into everyone.. they pretty much let it pass .. my kids don’t have any trials and tribulations in their past history.. they have good jobs the world looks great.. the same thing with America.. I know my kids grew up in the time of plenty.. good jobs great pay no trials and easy credit.. if you don’t experience it .. you might think you know and understand.. but you don’t really have a clue.. so like blinken referred to a nuclear war as a hot day on a sunny beach.. that is what people are thinking..
        they can’t see this in their mind.. or imagine what these people are going through…

        the Horrors of the civil war and WW1 and two are just some story in the history books..for fifty years I was empathetic and thought I knew what patients were going through.. when it happened to me.. I realized I didn’t have a god dam clue what they were going through.. and as sympathetic as I am was totally clueless.. that is what is wrong with a lot of the medical staff.. they read some BS that is put out by the AMA on pain management but the majority of the kids today don’t have the experience to reflect on.. so the one rule covers all is it..

      • Its also like our political leaders.. none of them are thinking.. take the open borders.. I am pretty sure after listening to some of them on Youtube that they haven’t given a thought as to what would happen if they did just usher in an enemy army posing as refugees.. there is a reason why we have a vetting process.. If the brand did sell out the country to an enemy army and they succeeded in overthrowing our country.. has any of these people thought about what happens to a fallen countries surviving politicians.. not one.. if they are better than we are.. then they might make it to survive in some prison some place.. if the ones that overthrew our politicians.. are similar in temperament as we are.. then they are in serious trouble.. take Nez nation today.. and the closing instructions of the judge.. they are going to find trump guilty if even one of the jurors finds fault with him..

        after spending billions of dollars to try and put him in prison.. doing absolutely everything.. I believe that they won’t ever allow him to take the seat again..

      • Consensus reality: Hear no; see no; speak no may be good for personal piece of mind, but it won’t deflect gamma rays, Mr C.
        I figure that the portions of Texas which are fit to live in would be targeted in a nuclear exchange, just like the left coast jurisdictions. Areas which aren’t settled or in agricultural production in TX are usually desolate, and don’t have water that can be made potable, or are in flood zones, and have too much of the wrong kind of water. No place to run to.

      • “All of it starts in your mind”
        That might be true for the things in our personal sphere of influence – career, relationships, health (but only to a degree) – but not outside of that.

        Maybe we talk about nuclear war as a way of prepping our minds for the unthinkable? The Gazans weren’t collectively hoping for an Israeli attack. And not dwelling on those thoughts would not have altered their reality. Some things are inevitable and completely out of our collective control. Sometimes psychological prepping is all we can do to confront the storm.

    • No worries Oows, Russia has only stationed 11 Nuke Subs in the Atlantic in response to natos attack on Russian long range anti missile radar.
      Each one carry multiple ICBM (hypersonics) with multiple warheads- what could possibly go wrong ?

      Insane clown posse in Pentagon no understand Tit 4 Tat, shame that.

      Natasha we must Nuke the “Moose and Squirrel”, sick and F-ing tired of same ole dark shit.

      PS why spaceforce been “tapping” cape coral, Flalala? next up to be “Lahina’d” ?

    • LOTS of 1st Strike and 2nd Strike targets all around me, both within 10 miles and within 60 miles.

      My prepping? A good quality lawn chair and a good bottle of wine. May as well watch em come in (at least the first one) since I won’t be able to out run all of them.

  10. Australian news indicates Poland is preparing for a Russian ground invasion. WW1 thinking if I ever read it. Polish folks should be leaving Warsaw before they get nuked.

    Image shows a 7-layer defensive line planned for the border between NATO and Russia

    Poland unveiled a plan for new defenses along its borders with Russia and Belarus.

    Poland and other European NATO members are warning that Russia could launch an attack.

    An image showed a wall, barbed wire, anti-tank obstacles and vegetation.

      • Right on Georg, “If they build it, they will come.”

        And may I add this: If you keep thinking it, it will eventually happen. Case closed!!

        • Y’all are missing the point.

          Russia doesn’t want Poland. They want a buffer.

          I’m not saying this won’t change, if NATO becomes too belligerent to ignore, or a serious hard-liner replaces Putin, or if Poland and/or Lithuania try to deny Russia access to Kaliningrad. At this point in time though, Poland is not in Russia’s crosshairs

          The point you’re missing:

          Poland is building the Russia/Belarus’ border wall for them, and they’re doing it at their own expense.

    • “Australian news indicates Poland is preparing for a Russian ground invasion. WW1 thinking if I ever read it.”

      110 years ago Poland had the greatest Napoleonic cavalry in the world. It did not do well against German tanks.

  11. re: propfit from the word
    feat: RADA (tr. “council”) has spoken


    May it please the “PN” sect of readers who follow the teachings of Plutarch that today the King and Queen set foot within the grounds of RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) situated in the district of Bloomsbury adjacent to Camden Town which was generously supported by the estate of late dictator-advocate and playwright George Bernard Shaw.

    The Royal Couple attended in celebration of the School’s 120th anniversary. They were seated between the RADA president and vp who are both Black while third year drama students presented a play. A Black actor who alone wore a striking yellow t-shirt was pictured multiple times by msm photographers.

    The Ethiopian Amharic script on his shirt translates as –

    “New World Salvation”.

    Let us now take sojourn beneath the Ra-powered protection of studio surrounds as DJ George preps an afternoon selection from Bernard Shaw’s “Three Plays for Puritans” –
    “Caesar and Cleopatra”.

    • Shame DJT is not in the Oval Office. I can just hear him say to Kim “0ur balloons are bigger and full of more shit than yours.”

      • Naw, he would publicly laugh out loud and congratulate Un for no longer being full of shit…

        Nobody has noticed it yet, but what we have as a Republican presidential candidate is Trump v2.0. This version is less bombastic, less combative (although this may be due to being “gagged”), less of a braggart, and all about “Americans solving American problems together.” He is also genuinely funny. His traveling road show has become a rolling standup routine. Pay attention to what DJT says (not what the media faces say about him) and you’ll see what I mean.

  12. I didn’t close-out my DJIA [ options/puts] yesterday at the close – like I mentioned. I got to looking at all the smoke-signals and decided to stay with it – “for one more day”. It looked to me like the Dow may try to fill the up-gap created back on the open – May 3rd.., not an actual “technical”., but always worth watching for.
    – Will be watching the close., carefully. The Dow is now down over 1,500 points from its record high just a week ago. Thats a good decline., in a short window.., so they may be done will the slight pull-back – for now.
    We’ll see…….,

  13. Ive had a prepper mindset for over 20 years. I used to adjust my thinking to fit various specific needs. But in recent years , Ive realized that my prepping is geared more towards “probable events”, generalized thinking. Its very wide spread. I dont believe that we can prepare for everything and for any large scale events. I think the prepping is at best , geared for mid-level events. We have a shot with a mid-level event. Nukes , CME , San Andreas popping off a 10 , cant really do anything about those.

    Years ago there was a saying.

    Anarchy after 9 meals.

    Meaning most people only have enough food for nine meals. The warehouses also only have enough food for 3 days. One refilling of the stores.

    Cant really see a way where this all doesnt get ugly.

    • “Cant really see a way where this all doesn’t get ugly.”

      That’s reason enough to think, and write/talk more positively, IMHO. Remember any change starts with YOU, individually. You have the power to do that ;-).

      • the problem isn’t an us individual driving this bus..
        it’s that we are all passengers on this bus.. and we have Ricky Bobby driving it..
        at the front of the bus there are Generals openly saying to take care beware and get that blindfold off..
        but he’s a long term politician and they sold compliance of the Brand..
        with the poles all saying that the majority of the country’s citizens are screaming for the driver to watch out.. he feels his directions just like Ricky Bobby..

        • Old joke comes to mind: When I die, I would like to go peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather, not screaming in terror like his bus passengers.

    • beans and rice … and more beans and rice, plus good multi- vitamins


      Garden seeds, seeds, and more seeds (at least 3x what you would plant in a year) … enough for 3x as much times THREE YEARS of planting, anticipating two years of BAD or FAILED yields and need to share share share whatever output you can get.

      Easy to get seeds now … if the worst happens almost impossible. (and if you don’t survive someone will eventually stumble across them and be able to use them)

      • And add in a 10-100 pounds of some quality whey protein powder. Doesn’t take much room but adds an important boost to the diet. No, wouldn’t last forever but would help with the transition to a different way of eating. And also a few big bottle of generic multi-vitamins.

        YMMV – Good Luck to us All

      • boy that would sure lol
        If this goes the way they are pushing it.. no garden for a few years..

        if the threat assessment studies are correct..there would only be a couple million survivors..
        if they used an emp or a few emp’s take down the infrastructure..then let nature take its course..a year or two later the Victor comes in as the savior..similar to what we are doing in Gaza. once the people are mostly destroyed then come in as a welcomed humanitarian..

    • I agree with your thinking. My prepping is Time Based rather than Event Based. I have no idea what “event” might actually occur so (assuming that I survive the incident) I want to be ready for 90 days of survival with no normal resources available to purchase. If things have not normalized to some extent by 90 days then I am either dead or dying like everyone else ,,, no point in more than that.

      • I can’t really dispute your logic. And if you are forced to use a firearm to defend the 90 day provisions, Ure time frame shrinks to the equivalent of 6 rounds of ammo, if you have a defensible firing position. Composite, sheet metal and vinyl siding over OSB, in general, aren’t worth a sh!t in a firefight. A foxhole in an overwatch position to guard the supplies works better, especially in summer heat. Not a very appealing lifestyle scenario. I am dubious as to whether the generating equipment would be of much value past 30 days.
        I don’t think that Ure cares for Selco’s writings, but his recollections of the Balkan wars from the viewpoint of a completely unprepared civilian young man in a war zone give some insight as to what to expect in 90 day+ without resupply.

        • Some good and provocative thoughts here over the past few days. I am not sure what is going to happen and have prepared as best I can for my wife and me in an urban community on the edge of a large city.

          I am not sure I want to be around if nuclear war happens I and pray that it doesn’t. I have food, water and medical supplies stored to get through several months for the 2 of us for sure but Canadians are not allowed to have firearms so after after a short period of hunger and starvation of the majority unprepared, I think I know the outcome when my water pistol runs out.

          Maybe the “normalcy bias” folks have it right. Live life as if it will always be as it is now and forget the gathering storm. But the storm continues to gather. I get frustrated with the “exact date” prognosticators because dates pass and my family reminds me sarcastically. I remind them it is better to be prepared and not need it than to not be prepared and need it. If peace suddenly breaks out all over the world, I have a large donation for the food bank.

          The SHTF will come when we least expect it. I have seen Canadian maple trees covered in beautiful red, orange and yellow leaves on a fall day. I planned to take pictures the next day and then woke up next morning after a howling windstorm and the tree is bare.

          This is still the best interactive website to get a cross section of opinions from a wide range of people with life experience who see what is happening but have different conclusions.

        • BIC- We all have normalcy bias, or we would all be in the woods digging that foxhole already. LOOB- The guys with a grain grinder or three don’t worry me; it’s the guys with a couple of hand cranked meat grinders and sausage stuffers you have to watch out for.

        • If I have to use a firearm to defend my position and my provisions then I have lost before the shooting even starts. The only strategy for here in the city is to remain invisible , a fire fight is hopeless. One of me , a never ending stream of them ,,,, all starving , thirsty and hopeless. Probably otherwise really good normal people. I think that I might rather die than kill somebody desperate to find food for their family.
          As for a generator ?? Just a big loud ” COME GET ME ” sign.
          The Minnesota winter scares the Sh–T out of me. If “the thing” happens in Dec ,,, I’m screwed.

        • @BIC

          Bob, I strongly suggest you acquire the following:

          The Poor Man’s James Bond is the real deal, of which the Anarchist’s Cookbook was merely a fictionalized imitation:

          Intended originally for the political Right, The Poor Mans James Bond is now geared for use by the Civil Authorities. It embodies all the practical paramilitary knowledge collected and studied by dissident groups through-out America.

          Honestly, I’d recommend the originals, if you could find them. VC booby traps and such are far more useful than what might be found in a sanitized volume, targeted toward g-men.

        • @KEVIN OCONNOR

          The strategy for survival in a city is to run.


          You will have until about 1400hrs the day following an EMP, or grid or nuclear attack, to get as far away as you possibly can. It will take about 24hrs for the SHTF incident to register with the locals. You live in the land of 10,000 Lakes — pick one that’s at least 50 miles from any city and drive, ride, even walk, toward it, until you arrive.

          People in “The City” (ANY city) will have no chance. There will be one day of unease, then one day of unrest and looting, then one day of rioting, then the miscreants and children will discover the grumbling in their gut can not be sated by stealing another 74″ TV. At that point they’ll form into antisocial, social groups and begin to sweep every house, apartment, and eventually every other building. At 5-7 days, anyone found “sheltering in-place” will be murdered for their pantry and pets will become food (Fido will feed more people than a squirrel and is easier to catch) and at 12-14 days, people will begin to skip over Blitzen to get to Donner. Bottled water and soda pop will be gone, and folks will begin to drop dead from dehydration.

          A war or grid hard-down is entirely different from a hurricane or even an ice storm. The instant it occurs to people that there is no cavalry and they are truly on their own, without food, water, heat, or hope, maybe for years, all the veneer comes off and Man reverts to being the savage caveman from which we developed socially, over a few hundred thousand generations. If you are around to see this happen, I suggest you have a plan to “die well,” because that is your best alternative. No matter how nice or civilized your neighbor is now, that goes away by the second night he has to go to sleep listening to the cries of his starving children.

          The best plan is to run and hide, and stay hidden for, from 6-10 months (until all the MadMax types either kill each other or otherwise die off). It doesn’t matter if you have a gun, or if there are 50 of you and you all have guns. When people become sufficiently hungry and scared, you will not have enough defenders to keep your daughters from being stuffed and mounted, and your sons from becoming the main course in somebody else’s dinner.

        • Ray- I hope your timetable is a bit pessimistic in the ‘burbs. As I have said before, any place within 200 miles of a big box garden supply can expect heavily armed foot traffic by the end of the first 60 days. Remote must be very remote.

        • @n____

          “Ray- I hope your timetable is a bit pessimistic in the ‘burbs.”

          It is not “pessimistic;” it is “conservative.” It is based on many months of research, plus input from others, whose specialties involved “not dying” from similar bad situations. I have gamed it out extensively: The object of the game is to be in your hidey hole before people realize how bad the situation is, to get there unseen, and once there, to not move around, AT ALL.

          It is research I did 20 years ago, and as far as I can tell, hasn’t changed, except for the population-monitoring cameras that are popping up everywhere (which will make it much more difficult to move unnoticed, to or from anywhere, including one’s hidey hole.)

          “As I have said before, any place within 200 miles of a big box garden supply can expect heavily armed foot traffic by the end of the first 60 days.”

          Not 200 miles. Perhaps not 20 miles. Within 30-40 days of no electrical grid, most people will either be dead, or too weak to move very far, and they will not do so unless they KNOW there will be food and potable water at the end of the march.

          There will be little fuel, because it will be wasted. There will be little food on the hoof, because people don’t know how to butcher and in the first few days will kill a cow for a half-dozen steaks, and will waste the rest. There will be little water, because folks are unsanitary fucks, and will pollute what little exists. No one knows about capillary siphoning, so they won’t know they can drink the mud puddle, and will likely urinate in it.

          “Remote must be very remote.”

          Not at all. “Remote” must be away from the beaten path, out of sight, and in a place that’s unlikely to be stumbled upon. I drive through, especially Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois all the time, and I see clumps of woods dotting the farms. These woods are mostly 10-40 acres, full of blowdowns and brush, and damn’ near unnavigable, even on foot. A body could dig a covered trench in any of ’em, stock it with a proper array of prepping and root-cellar foods, and live there for years, without even the knowledge of the owner/farmer. The big secret to hiding without discovery is to not move. If’fn you don’t move, you don’t make tracks. If you have a fire, you make it in the daytime, out of dry tinder, and when the wind is either calm or wild.

        • #Ray:
          I would hope that you are correct and that my range analysis is wrong, because that would make my current personal plan A situation more tenable. Prairie schooners crossed the continent. Not sure what range an army of walkers with garden carts have, but I am concerned it will be further than most anticipate. The rest of your write-up sounds spot on.

        • “I would hope that you are correct and that my range analysis is wrong… Not sure what range an army of walkers with garden carts have, but I am concerned it will be further than most anticipate.”

          My analysis began with a comment Rawles made on Rense, in about 2001. He essentially said “50 miles” (away from every pop center) was the distance most knowledgeable people considered, “safe.” After research, I came to agree with him.

          That said, understand:

          1) Humans are animals — animals are lazy
          2) Humans are a slow study — It won’t occur to more than a very few, that 40ms after the flash, every facet of their life will have changed, and they are now on life support
          3) Between being slow and lazy, they won’t take action until they’re half-sick and infirm
          4) they’re ignorant WRT “what it takes” to survive and will be stupid, wasteful, and inefficient
          5) Our gasoline begins to turn to mineral spirits when it is 5 weeks old* — It will be varnish before anyone figures out how to get it out of the ground and into their antique car.

          If there is a “Sanctuary” (i.e. Logan’s Run, Beyond Thunderdome, etc.) — a place where food, energy, and potable water are plentiful, and its location is known (or strongly-rumored), people who’ve survived “Hell on Earth” for a month or more will walk toward it until they die, because a slim chance is better than no chance at all.

          Without knowledge or rumor, they won’t. They will have figured out that any mistake or miscalculation they make, no matter how small, is likely to result in their death, so they will prefer doing nothing, to doing something wrong.

          The reason I made my “20 miles” and “no moving” comments: Have you ever read a diary or commentary on Indian Wars in the “desert Southwest” (really, anything from General Crook’s commentaries to a Louis L’Amour novel is sufficient to convey the idea)? You could hide 50 Apache in 20 acres of barren desert, simply because the way our eyes work, if a warrior didn’t move, our eyes would not identify him as anything other than the desert upon which he was prone. I’m not a desert person. I’m a woodsman, but I can assure you, the rule is the same. If you don’t move around, you don’t make tracks. If, when someone is about, you don’t move (or cough, sneeze, or swat that damn’ mosquito) they will not see you, and if you’ve left no tracks, won’t find your hovel unless they step on (or in) it.

          * I primed some top rail and the new (plywood) tailgate for my tilt trailer today (using oil-based primer.) Got some on my hands. I washed it off with gasoline [that was] left over from last fall (so, unpreserved, and 7mos old). It did a wonderful job and honest to God, smelled exactly like mineral spirits. I will have one more cleanup, after the ultra flat-black topcoat, but when done, I will attempt to burn the leftover petrol, to see if it will even ignite.

      • I only prep for a temporary storm.. my preps deal around what I have already experienced.. I learned from those experiences what we lacked and taught myself how to adapt and overcome the situation..
        the year we went without an income..
        it was the wife saying I wish I had a little wine.. so I taught myself how..
        I do have a grinder or two more than I need.. but then you never experienced anything until you beat grain off of the ground into a crude gruel..

  14. it may not matter where you are at G. in some places though having a generator (lights on or noise from a generator) can make you a target. just something to keep in mind.

      • Mil-Surplus generator:
        42db@1m and .44gph max@100% duty cycle and 150% of rated output

        How loud is 42db at 100 meters?
        Don’t forget the thermal blackout curtains…

        • not loud.. conversation is something like 55db..
          images of BLM and Antifa ..rioters running down the street with a TV on their shoulders.. they should have been handing out grid tie solar kits to anyone willing to have them installed..
          years ago I ride with a contractor as he went to give a bid for a government building a tiny office in the middle of nowhere..
          the system they wanted was huge..anyway he said why do you think they want one that big. I said see the air handling equipment..why do you think they need one that big..there’s obviously more than that shack.
          the grid could be rock solid.. it just doesn’t fit the business model.. China Russia India almost every country has been silently preparing for this and to take care of the people.. we have only been going to war..
          china has been pushing solar and small wind building ghost cities and factories putting up power plants all while the USA has been concerned over bubba’s pocket book numbers . solar towers ..30 to 300 depending on the cost of the tower ..( oh I have the pattern cut out for the paper tower.. I am going to use a couple of bamboo skewers for the support)
          the native American reservation is preparing .. giving everyone solar.. when the grid goes down they will be prepared. so will the Amish
          until the business model changes the rest of us are going to have to depend on our own ..

    • Consider making a pit for the generator?

      Or how about an enclosure made with hay bales (say 3-4 high) and then an exhaust extension. Or maybe a sand bag structure.

      There are way to mitigate the noise….

      • lol .. a dog house is better…
        this is exactly what I put my old one in..
        I gave that to my daughter..they of course didn’t put in a transfer switch .. then the big one I got was showing me all the failure points so I bought another generator bigger than the one I gave the kids and am going to buy another dog house and transfer switch..
        the doghouse we had when it was fired up and ran a year ago.. was not obnoxiously loud with the house shut up..

      • the hay bales would start on fire.. get a resin shed… then put in a set of vents on the doors an exhaust.. a plug in.. for a battery maintainer.. and an outlet for the vent fan..

        the old generator I had I did this…
        It worked great.. we had a bad storm that took the power down for a week.. and the generator was nice and quiet.. the fan would kick on when temps would get up to a hundred and ten… or something like that.. I had a natural gas line inside to.. hooked up to the house and a valve.. all I had to do is go out and turn the gas on.. plug in the generator..

  15. Not to be a pest, but the information on “monkey werx” on you tube in regard to cloud seeding might schedule your life. At 5/28/24, flight time 2:27 cdt- 2:45cdt, Cessna tail # n 741 DF flew 53 miles on a cloud seeding flight. This info is @ 18:52 in the program . The old school bus burried in the yard might not be an eye sore after all?

  16. George:

    Based on the cussin’ and discussin’ I’m having with __n, it may be time to OCR and publish the booklet I sent you.

    If it has value for your readers, that value goes to zero once we, or anyone else in NATO, is in an actual shooting war with a nuclear power…

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