Market Fear – Data Salad – New Prepping Threat Considered

Fear. You can smell it in the markets.  Yet this is only the first whiff.  The kind you get off the stockyards along I-40 up in the Texas Panhandle, long before Amarillo.  Palpable.

Fortunately, also tradeable.

Fear Looks Like This:

Discussion:  First, this is an Aggregate Index.

Second is the (yellow, large) Wave 2 up may be complete.  We MAY be working down into Wave 3 – in which case life will be hitting the rails sooner than later.

HOWEVER my consigliere holds that we could have a Wave 5 up, which means an increase in the Aggregate at least equal to the (minor) Wave 1 of the larger 2.

The problem with this scenario is?  Well, it would nearly require a massive inflation of some kind. Gold is back in the $2,350 range, silver over $31.50, so nothing is “out of the question” particularly since the Public Debt is $34.6 trillion dollars.  On which, inflation alone (at the Feds 5.25 to 5.50 percent rates) pushes out between $36.41 trillion or $36.5 trillion.

While the (hot pink) latest ascending (subdividing) wave structure could halt the present decline and begin a shocking rally higher, we’ll just sit on the sidelines and twiddle a while.

Dow futures were down (another) 300-odd earlier, but in Europe markets were half-ass holding their own earlier.  De Nile is a river in…

Data Salad

Our “num-num” in the numbers is hard to score. If GDP is too hot, ol’ Joe might have an economic peak before the election.  If too hot, no rate mercy from the Fed until at least September.  After that, it won’t matter, even with the “It’s the Economy, Stupid” behavior of brainwashed sheep.

“Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 1.3 percent in the first quarter of 2024, according to the “second” estimate. In the fourth quarter of 2023, real GDP increased 3.4 percent. The increase in the first quarter primarily reflected increases in consumer spending and housing investment that were partly offset by a decrease in inventory investment. Imports, which are a subtraction in the calculation of GDP, increased.

Our next serving of economic mirth and merriment? Corporate Profits. Which in our view could have been higher, but DEI and “equity hires” has overcome Competence and Disciplined Managment.  Hooray?

“Profits of domestic financial corporations increased $73.7 billion in the first quarter, compared with an increase of $5.9 billion in the fourth quarter. Profits of domestic nonfinancial corporations decreased $114.1 billion, in contrast to an increase of $136.5 billion. Rest-of-the-world profits increased $19.3 billion, in contrast to a decrease of $8.9 billion. In the first quarter, receipts increased $29.8 billion, and payments increased $10.5 billion.”

How about Trade numbers?  (A little fresh ground parm on that?)

There is also the weekly New Unemployment Filings to consider…

One other data point to consider is Bitcoin. Around $67,885.  But when the market really hits the skids, we would expect BTC to slide under $50,000.

The Biden War Plan

We’ve been warning you for some time that the Biden Administration is nearly desperate to get a major war going.  Doesn’t have to be nuclear, but that might extend the governments “command and control” over the once Free America, even more.

We see evidence of this as Blinken hints US may accept Ukrainian strikes in Russia with American arms.

Can some adults please think this through? How would the U.S. react if Russia were to send high persistence, long-range drones up from Cuba to bomb Gulf of Mexico refining capacity in America?  Not well, right?

With the shoe on the other foot, though, America will be led into a massive ground war in Europe.  Which will be the “celebrated reason” for the coming collapse of financial markets globally.

It’s almost bad enough that an “emergency meeting of the world’s wealthiest” could be called in Davos. Because it is such a hard call for the Powers-that-Be to decide on whether to roll with massive ground war to cover-up the decades-long financial scammery, OR whether to just roll out Disease-X and do lockdowns and whatever that way.  Hmm…,tough decision, huh?

The Vigilant Fox ? on X: “Dr. Peter McCullough Issues Huge Warning: “Bird Flu Is the Next Disease X” Those are not Dr. McCullough’s words but GAVI’s, a global vaccine alliance founded by Bill Gates. That’s not all. The World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the CDC, and CEPI all say that” / X.

As we look around, we see people are losing their minds in greater numbers.  Nikki Haley, apparently numb to the word genocide has signed off on more Gaza woes.  Nikki Haley’s ‘Finish Them’ message on Israeli bomb for Gaza sparks condemnation (

Gaza?  Not exactly a poster child for Made in America lately as US Gaza Pier BREAKS APART, Fails, Biden Admin Screwed This Up.

On the other hand, as Haley talks herself out of the VP spot for Trump, we think it’s a damn shame that Elon Musk was born in Pretoria (So. Africa, not Illinois).  Because there may be a role in government for him to play: Elon Musk to become a policy advisor if Donald Trump returns to White House?

Say what you will about Donald Trump (“guilty” seems likely) we have no beef with his hiring skills for any of the (ahem…) positions under him.

Far as we can tell, even if Slow Joe instantly pardon’s Trump in an effort to play the magnanimous card, Trump’s still got a path forward by getting every bit of free-agent talent possible lined up to agree to serve.

Biden’s Biggest Problem? Biden

While the co-opted and controlled corporate media have managed to keep Biden’s two sons (relatively) out of headlines, the Old Man is demonstrating again that he is his own worst enemy.

Here we read Joe reprising Obama giving money to Iran as a riff: Biden’s suspended Iran envoy may have improperly shared classified material: report  (

And what’s this?  Pinocchioette? Jen Psaki Insists That Campaigns Never Work With Media to Suppress Stories.

While the jury in the Trump case deliberates, Biden keeps working on losing the Black vote: ‘Feel Like Vomiting’: ‘Blexit’ Activist Shreds Biden’s ‘Black This, Black That’ Rhetoric, Says It Wont ‘Play’ Well. Trump on the other hand will be considered a “brother” if he does time – even an overnight would work from a marketing standpoint.

Gee, remember when America just made things (well) and had a Big National Focus like “going to the Moon” or something?  You know Ure old when…

The Morning Kangaroo check:  Andy McCarthy reacts to Judge Merchan instructing the jury that they DO NOT NEED UNANIMITY to convict Trump. He will treat 4-4-4 on three different choices of felonies as a “unanimous verdict.” Someone want to give the judge a copy of Black’s Law so he can look up “unanimous”?  Let me help – good citizen thing to do:

Agreement of all the persons concerned, in holding one and the same opinion or determination of any matter or question; as the concurrence of a jury in deciding upon their verdict.”

Yep, just a ‘roo court.

Wall Street Apes on X: “WOAH ? The Donald Trump Trial Is RIGGED NBCNews Senior Legal Correspondent, Laura Jarrett: “Trump’s jury has 50+ pages of instructions to follow but the jury does NOT get this in the deliberation room” “I got them. These are the instructions that the jury has to follow in” / X

Still think I was kidding about it being a ‘roo court?

Hip and Pot Shots

The trans industry growth plans just hit a wall in the UK as UK Announces Temporary Ban on Puberty Blockers.

Time to sell out of Boston: Liberal Boston Mayor Supports Ending the Prosecution of Criminals for Theft, Breaking and Entering. Thankfully, we are in a Castle state.

For your ‘Best Government Money Can Buy” files: House Ethics Committee announces investigation of Rep. Henry Cuellar –

But at least there’s no inflation here.  Oh, wait…McDonald’s exec says average menu item costs 40% more than in 2019.

At the Ranch: Two-Factor Security Trap

OK, been a busy week – with major storms going through East Texas.  Which took down power and it was off for a whole day here.  We didn’t even notice, hardly. The generator started right up, and the house ran fine on it.  And the big battery bank on my solar backup for the office worked with not so much as a finger being lifted.

BUT we discovered a massive trap that could be sprung on America by unexpected events.  Namely “Two-Factor Lock Out.”

Here’s how it works:

  • When we do any banking or trading, we have two-factor security. It points at our landline. (Because cell phones are easily monitored.)
  • When the power went out, it took down a line card and power supply in the telco equipment cabinet a few blocks away.
  • As a result, if I had been in an aggressive trade when the storms came through, I would not have been able to get an “access code” to get me into any of the bank accounts, or trading accounts.

Money suddenly got immoveable.

We do have backup plans. One of which is to have a MagicJack which can access via any of our three internet systems (telco HDSL, ViaSat, and Starlink). But then comes the question about whether I want to have my two-factor based on a landline asset (that just demonstrated it can fail) or whether I should try cell (which was/is also down, remember, no signal out here, so who knows?) And then there’s the issue of having to keep the computer on to get a MagicJack call.

Anyway, lots to think about.  Our telco connections is up for voice services, but we won’t have the third web ramp (HDSL hardline) up until as late as 10 PM tonight.

There was some Humor from the Universe, though.

We had just gotten power back, the jury was about to go out in the Trump case.  And a blonde-haired woman gets out of the telco truck to check demark here.

“Hi, I’m Stormy…”

God or Universe sure has some kick-ass writers, huh?

Write when you get rich,

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51 thoughts on “Market Fear – Data Salad – New Prepping Threat Considered”

  1. Hey GCE Dude,

    Its quizzo thursday – lets play a round, shall we?

    Q) What do you call a 6 Inch rise in Global Sea Levels over the last 14 year period ?

    A) I dont know, but sure seems like an a global, coastal, events to my bloodshot eyes. (allergy’s,fckrs) (Go ahead ask me about building sea wall along 1 acre property fronting lagoon this year)

    Q) What do call holding Civilian Non-Combatants collectively responsible for the actions of some Palestinian Counter Terrorism Insurgents ?

    A) israeli GENOCIDE of Palestinian Gaza Gentiles .

    There, feel Re-Framed now ? Ure Welcome.

    Now – back to Ure regularly scheduled mind numbingly stupid, boring, same ole same ole daily diet of FEAR.

    ..”its how we manage youse filthy dirty animals/herd.” – “the dragon’

  2. I am envious of your power system. I am very satisfied with the 1000W Ecoflow we’re using in the hoopty so much so I have designs on setting something similar up for the well house. Along with grid power I have 2 100w solar panels feeding it and have 2 more to add but this requires a new expanded rack for the panels and since I’m going to take the current one down anyway why not make it easier to lower and do maintenance on. Something like a shortened folding antenna tower. With this sling and brace I have to wear for now makes this project extremely challenging. I was in the shop yesterday dragging materials out and arranging them on the floor to see what I have. Rat Fink Starsky was sitting by the doorway watching me for Diana until he decided to run to the house and rat me out. They both come back with Hutch and since I still had my restraints on I was spared any chastisement. Diana said she brought me a beer and its to come up to the patio with her and gave me “the look”.
    Life is great.
    Stay safe. 73

  3. is Merchan’s career in jeopardy for such outlandish behavior?
    He is only following orders from above, so what all do they control him with? beside the payola into his daughter’s business.
    the participation trophy clowns will run in the streets and main stream media with “he has been found guilty of a felony” but it will only get him more votes.
    of course it will be appealled, but the retards will dance like they won the race
    the avalanche is picking up mass awareness, cant stop it,
    Zippty do dah
    and Jack Smith’s case in FL is crumbling and Judge Cannon has jack on the ropes,,, besides that , he is UNconstitutionally appointed as he did NOT get a Senate approval for his office of Special Counsel

    • Why does that judge look exactly like a young Colonel Micheal Aquino ? The most evil, vile, forfeited Soul/Souless COWARD I have Ever seen or heard of, EVER. Demonic POS just needs to let his eye brows grow out a little and wax the tips.

      OG mk ultra kinda piece of in-Human SCHEISSE.

    • I’ll make a prediction and see how well or poorly it does…

      They will find Trump GUILTY, and he’ll be cuffed, outfitted with an orange jumpsuit, and be led off to The Klink. He may be thre overnight, or for a single hour. The Point is to create and have those images forthe coming campaign. The PICTURES are the reason for this. ALL important.

      • I guess we’ll know when the judge comes out and says “Will the guilty party please rise to hear his verdict.”

          It wasn’t a surprise.. the judges daughter gets millions.. the legal system spent billions.. what do you get if someone pays you a billion dollars.. what do you expect from someone that gets paid a million dollars..
          screaming satellites on nothing is for free..

      • (“The Morning Kangaroo check: Andy McCarthy reacts to Judge Merchan instructing the jury that they DO NOT NEED UNANIMITY to convict Trump. He will treat 4-4-4 on three different choices of felonies as a “unanimous verdict.””)

        I wasn’t surprised to hear that the orders given to the jury would be like that.. if he even looks like he could have lied on anything at all by one of you.. then it is a guilty verdict…. did you fart in the hallway.. no.. well I believe that it was you you lied about that fart.. now your going to prison boy LOL LOL….
        I cannot see how there is any way that Trump walks from this.. at all.. look at just how many billions have been spent of taxpayers money on putting him in prison.. what do you buy for a billion dollars.. with the brand we knew it was a million for a billion tradeoff.. but this is similar.. they want him gone.. and with what they are spending and how they are changing the laws of our country.. he won’t ever be in office again. He will be going down in history as an Innocent Martyr for the people.. Joes will go down as one of the worst leaders of our country in history. its pretty obvious that they will do absolutely anything to keep him out of office.. we seen fabrication of evidence by the steel report.. making up crimes and using two hundred year old laws that have all but fallen off the books..
        what I find surprising is .. you have the testimony of the brother and the kid and a mountain of evidence that puts them directly in the high crimes and misdemeanors class…. that they have been denied being able to use in any trial.. on the other two of suspected high crimes.. not one word.. and all the justice system is posed to ignore what they have.. not one day in jail nothing on the nightly network news…. that is just a pony show for the election.. nothing is going to happen to either of them.. It doesn’t matter what they have on them.. its business as usual..
        If we are in a state of emergency .. then they can delay the election..

      • WOTRR:

        Yes, agreed, gotta get the orange jumpsuit picture with the Orange Man.

        Except it will BACKFIRE….

        It’ll light a Meme Screen Stream FIRE seen across the world, and will propel Trump to Victory.

        IF President Trump can get locked up, YOU can get locked up (the old Uncle Sam poster).

        Orange you glad you voted Trump!!!

        Orange you glad you voted out O’Biden/O’Bamawaaaahma?

        What’s your favorite Orange joke?

        I am sending this with 8 minutes to spare for the decision 5:15 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

        I hope I am wrong, but here is my prediction.

      • You DO realize it is “Trump” of whom you speak?

        He will have his own photos of himself in orange and shackles, have them on his website, copyrighted and for sale, before the CCDs in the Network’s cameras cool down.

        • Ray:


          So what?

          It will be open sesame on memes; let the orange rumble begin!

          Knock Knock:

          Who is there?


          Orange Who?

          Orange you glad you love memes, t-shirts, koozies, bumper stickers, mugs, etc.?

      • can a fact be false and still be a fact? or are u just an oxymoron writer?
        did I Quote the purchased judge? as to what he said?
        to bad your sources don’t you tell the rest of the story about the whole case and what the judge allowed and rejected, huge amount of improper rulings and his daughter has banked millions in her business from some high up congressmen

        the demons created a “convicted felon” story as election interference, with lies and half truths ,
        kind of reminds me of the Bible story when the pharisees took Jesus before Pilate.
        to bad you cant see it, but that just won the election for Trump, as WINRED was over ran with donations to the extent that the site was shut down for a while, too much traffic, thanks for the boost in donations ,, see ya in Nov unless the Bribem crowd tries to STOP the election, you know, because he created a WW3
        FEAR runs deep in the satan worship pedophile crowd

  4. Gaza Strip and Hamas:

    Basic population facts:

    *Gaza has just over 2 million people (rounded to 2)
    *Israel has just over 9,500,000 people rounded
    ie: Israel’s population is 4.75 x larger (rounded)
    *US has just over 330 million people
    ie: the US’s population is 160+ times larger (rounded)

    So far Gaza has suffered about 35,000 casualties (rounded) and at the rate things are going it is reasonable to assume that before all is said and done it will be at least 40,000, and could be much higher.

    It is also reasonable to assume, based upon the reports that at least 2/3 of those are women and children, (example the recent bombing of the refugee camp that Israel said just last week was a safe place for civilians to move to in order to kill 2 Hamas people Israel has also killed at least 40+ civilians – some estimates go up to 200), say 22,000 innocent civilians now, eventually to be at least 26,000

    How would Americans react if:
    3,500,000 civilians had been killed in a 7 month invasion, that looked to be NEVER ENDING? Would those that survived suddenly NOT want to fight the invaders? (22,000 x 160)

    Or Israeli’s if:
    105,000 civilians had been killed in a 7 month invasion that looked to be NEVER ENDING?
    (22,000 x 4.75)

    It makes no difference if Israel would kill ALL the Hamas members (remember Israel FUNDED Hamas for years!) … the seeds are now planted in the young people for the next wave of resistance fighters, young people who almost universally have now lost an innocent female parent, aunt, cousin or under age cousin to Israel’s attacks. (I doubt you could find a young person in Gaza who hasn’t lost an innocent family member)

    The Hatreds towards Israel have now been imbedded in the minds of the young people throughout Gaza, and it will NOT be shaken out of those minds for their lifetimes.

    If Hamas ceases to exist some other grouping will spring up like a weed to take it’s place, and it will have tens of thousands of young people willing to join it.

    There is a strong possibility that those in Gaza since they can’t take the fight directly to Israel take it overseas and attack Israeli Officials or Israeli Government buildings elsewhere.

    Killings of innocents begats killings of innocents. The story of Wars since the early days of man. Remember the days of the American Frontier … it was a time of brutal killings of civilians on both sides of the Indian /White man divide. Ethnic Wars are like that.

    • Yes, and now take that 70% of the 2 million Palestinians housing is GONE; RAZED to the ground, uninhabitable. Something that took DECADES to build will not be rebuilt over night.

      Decades ahead of instability, including famine/starvation/ lack of medical care, clean water, steady food, etc.

      This was a planned genocide, taking out the child reproduction capacity; many families, men and women of reproduction age.


      GONE forever.

    • “example the recent bombing of the refugee camp that Israel said just last week was a safe place for civilians to move to in order to kill 2 Hamas people”

      Not a refugee camp. The bomb hit nearly two clicks outside the safe zone (refugee camp).

      Our “news” regarding Palestine comes strictly from official Palestinian sources. Hamas, being the duly-elected government of Palestine, is THE ONLY “official Palestinian news source.” I’m pretty sure they’re somewhat biased…

  5. US Gaza Pier BREAKS APART, Fails, Biden Admin Screwed This Up.

    Too much pier pressure.

      • For a Starlink “landline” I use OOMA. It is cheap and works well when Starlink is up. Starlink sometimes goes down when uplink or downlink has heavy weather. Outside of those events It is always up. I have bypassed the Starlink router and go through a Mikrotik RB760iGS wired router so I have no RF in the house. I do not use a cell phone other than for emergencies. I keep it off and in a shielded RF container. They shall NOT track me. J6 political prisoners would not be prisoners if they did not have a cell phone on their person while in DC. The old adage of shoot your TV would work well for the cell phone. They are intentionally addictive and invasive.

  6. George, Somewhere in all my reading I came across a book that pointed out an offense to Federal Law that is a felony.
    It had to do with civil rights and denial of same “Under Color of Law” where a law enforcer intentionally MIS-represents his or her authority as the law regarding an issue. Basically, the offender makes it up as they go. Seems somehow familiar when those Kangaroos start hopping around in a courtroom. I think I’m watching a judge commit felonies in his own courtroom with a bullshit lynching disguised as a “TRIAL”. I’m told the make-believe judge hails from Cuba. If so, he spent too much time under the oppressor regime there and his JUDGEment has been clouded… He should try reading and understanding OUR Constitution for a change. Before he puts himself in jail.

  7. I don’t believe 40,000 dead any more then 500,000 dead Ruskies in ukraine. Governments tell you what they want you to hear. If there is 500,000 dead , zelenski must be winning and doesnt need more money.

    • No money = no wars!! Therefore the “Federal
      Reserve” had been created, to finance WW2 ;-(.

      • Please correcting my error print:
        “Federal Reserve” had been created,
        to finance WW1 (1914 to 1918).

  8. My options trade on the DJIA has done extremely well., but I will be the first to admit that I did not see this coming.
    I knew the Dow was the weakest of the indexes – but it has dropped nearly five percent in the last eight trading days, [ since touching the 40,000 mark.] I had counted on a 1 to 1.5 % pull-back.., not a 5% slide.
    Not complaining – I have made more on this trade than any other single trade so far this year., but I will admit that it was completely unexpected.
    The DJIA filled the gap-up and actually gaped down at the open and currently is down just over one percent. The MACD has crossed and is still pointing down – so I will hang around a bit longer. Even if I get stopped out here, I will still have a fantastic trade.

  9. re: “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”, 1988
    feat: Cannes Cannes Polka


    This is rich. India’s wealthiest man of some $114 billion whose holdings include the world’s largest oil refinery apparently will soon be having a second pre-wedding bash for his son.

    The first bash of two months past in Mumbai featured Rihanna flown in by private jet from Milan. The guest list included Mssrs. Gates and Zukerberg. The event cost a reported £120 million.

    According to the “Daily Mail” the upcoming second pre-wedding extravaganza involves a three stop cruise for 800 guests on the French Riviera. The party will decamp to a mansion on terra firma along the way for five hours where guests will be treated to a setlist from Katy Perry accompanied by a topflight DJ. (DJ George is understood to have had a pre-existing engagement.) Movie buffs may care to recall that the cruiseship in “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” dropped anchor at Villa Hier (Yesterday). It was built for a British arms manufacturer and has most recently been associated with an alleged fraud against French tax authorities involving a confidante of Mr. Putin.

    Let’s join DJ George far from the madding crowd with a vignette from the pre “Queen of Camp” California Gurl. Here we go with a number from the “Katy Hudson” album-
    “Faith Won’t Fail”.

    • re: “Souls to the Polls”


      Yesterday’s White House schedule records an afternoon campaign stop in Philadelphia at a nightclub. The second generation long-time Philadelphia oasis serves up a popular recipe of soul music as well as food for the soul. Apparently a recent mayor of Philadelphia got his start as a DJ under tutelage of the local confluence of music and politics going on to stump for President Obama.

      Time to join DJ George turning up the heat in the kitchen. Keeping the cuffs buttoned, here he is spinning out a platter fit for a BB King. Raise a glass to the “There is Always One More Time” album and
      “Something Up My Sleeve”.

  10. If Elon Musk were to become a naturalized U.S. citizen, he could serve in some future president’s cabinet. Two prime example are Madeline Albright in the Bill Clinton administration and Henry Kissinger in the Nixon/Ford years. Albright served as Slick Willie’s Secretary of State. Kissinger held the same position under Nixon and Ford, but neither Albright nor Kissinger were in the presidential line of succession because they were not born as U.S. citizens.

  11. Spent quite a few wasted minutes reading an article on China’s invasion / retaking of Taiwan.., by a slew of experts and analyst. I’ll save you the bother and put it in an easy to understand short-form.
    It would be over before the U.S. could mount any kind of response.
    – My question, after reading this earth-shaking news, was not answered and it’s the only question that needs to be asked.
    – Taiwan has been invaded & repatriated – will the U.S. response be military or economic/political ?
    – The way I see it…,
    If it is by military., we just went right to World War 3. If it is economic [ sanctions & bans ] we just went into a depression.
    This one-day., military move by China., over an island just off their coast – will change the course of world history.
    I do believe that China knows this – thus the long delay as they ponder the possibilities and repercussions.
    – “Stay Frosty !”

    • An analysis I have pushed for several years now.

      It will be the US that decides if there will be an actual WAR between the US and China at this point in time.

      China will NOT attack any US military bases or ships in it’s move against Taiwan … if there is to be any shooting between the US and China it will be the US THAT STARTS IT.

      The decision as to a US /China War will be made in DC, NOT in Beijing. China though will be prepared and ready IF THE US DECIDES TO GO TO WAR AGAINST IT, and China will NOT restrict that War to just being in the South China Sea or in the economic realm. It will be BIG, though not necessarily nuclear, almost immediately.

      Again if the War goes nuclear IT WILL BE THE US that decides to take that War nuclear … China firmly believes it can win a Conventional War against the US, which imo they can if they can overcome US combat airpower in the region. (China has the manufacturing capacity to bury the US wrt weapons /ships /aircraft)

      • (“The decision as to a US /China War will be made in DC, NOT in Beijing. China though will be prepared and ready IF THE US DECIDES TO GO TO WAR AGAINST IT, and China will NOT restrict that War to just being in the South China Sea or in the economic realm. It will be BIG, though not necessarily nuclear, almost immediately.”)

        I believe they seen their opportunity when deregulation and outsourcing industry started..knowing the arrogance of the USA they just played into it..It was The business model.. I have suspected for years that the people realized the might of the us and have been positioning .. then in what 2014 when the maker of the Club-k made a port deal..phew that was scary.. then allowing the borders to be opened to refugees from countries that swore vengeance and retaliation against us by sneaking in warriors posing as refugees..
        then us dumping everything into a pawn well known for their corruption while over 60 percent were asking a country to step in and clean up the vast corruption..
        the poison pawn trap..either way.. we have already lost.. the best we can expect is the worst depression in history the closure given strategy will put to much stress on our already failing economic situation. either way the planet now has a multi polar economy..

  12. (“even if Slow Joe instantly pardon’s Trump in an effort to play the magnanimous card, Trump’s still got a path forward”)

    the time to do that was at the beginning…
    when the farmer first asked Joe about his kid..he should have said.. I love my child very much .. I hope and pray he makes good decisions but I absolutely have no control over his actions and business ventures. then let the kid and brother do time in some exclusive prison..
    he would have appeared as a loving caring father that had no control over their business ventures if selling connections to the highest offices of government…
    then a year down the road pardon him.. instead he went the opposite direction and everything the farmer brought up ended up to be totally true.. thepresident now appears to not only complicit but an active member..
    when Trump first started to question and all the legal dramas began ..If .. he had come out and said I am sorry he feels that way.. and who ever heard of the country doing that to an ex president.. Trump would have totally appeared as a sore lower and whiner..Joe would have appeared as the good leader.. Trump running for president would not be an issue..instead they went to destroy him at any cost..
    the border the sa.e thing ..if he had kept the borders closed he would look as a protector of the country..instead he opened it to millions and told the people to suck it up..the money created to fix the infrastructure..again if he would have used that money to do that.. well I would vote for him.. instead he totally appears to be bought and the allegations of criminal behaviors well you don’t have to go very far to see the possibility that they are totally true..

      • Wrong. It is a Federal Election charge.

        Bragg applied an FEC offense to NY State misdemeanors on which the statute of limitations had run its course, to revive these misdemeanors, then used the misdemeanors to justify the Federal charges.

        President Houseplant won’t pardon Trump, because this conviction will be the basis for him to not debate Trump. I expect the USSC to fast-track Trump’s appeal past a New York Appellate Court that is as Leftist as the NYC court, and has a years-long docket (as they did Bush/Gore.) This will happen because of the obvious effect on a Presidential election. I expect them to hear the case and return at least a 6-3 (but probably at least 7-2) judgement, throwing out all charges and clearing Trump of wrongdoing, within the next two weeks.

        Merchan set sentencing for July 11th. I would not be surprised if he were disbarred and facing Federal election interference charges before 7/11 rolls around…

        • Yes , I thought that it was Federal election interference. Federal. There are so many charges though that I can’t keep them straight. I suppose that’s the point of it , nobody can , and for the Jury its like going to a buffet.

  13. “And then there’s the issue of having to keep the computer on to get a MagicJack call.”
    OK, I’m confused. Once you have set up the MagicJack with Ure computer, you move it to a port on Ure incoming Ethernet distribution switch, or a spare port on your router, and it works like any other VOIP, and runs 24/7/365/25. Have you tried plugging it directly in to internet via Ethernet, G_____? Mine works great direct connected to the internet. But you do have to use the computer for the initial set-up.
    Maybe you could get G2 to help (snicker).

  14. “Nikki Haley, apparently numb to the word genocide has signed off on more Gaza woes. ”

    A billion Muslims against nine million Jews — Who’s genociding whom?

  15. I assume no one was paying attention when I said (in regards to Ukraine) that “truth” is always the first casualty of any war. Does anyone believe Gaza/Israel would be any different? WRT Ukraine, one can read Russian (as in, not the sanitized stuff English-language Tass publishes in RT) and Ukrainian sources, and interpolate, to make a rough guess at the truth. This can’t be done in Gaza. Even Haaretz and Jpost use Hamas’ news & information. They have to. The Israeli military takes intel leaks seriously, and leaking accurate information on an action, during a war, is treason.

    I do not and can not understand the prejudice and Jew-hatred foist by some, especially (but not exclusively) in the media and on college campuses. I was raised to believe all are equal, and “the same, in the eyes of God.” My personal drive is to seek knowledge and truth, irrespective its source or even its nuance.

    I accept the fact that any information regarding any combatant, which makes itself known during a conflict, is propaganda, and likely to have little (or no) basis in truth. At the same time, I will try to source propaganda that is no further removed than secondhand, and from different perspectives, in an attempt to construct a likely event chain — One which either begat the chain or culminated its process. Sourcing anything from a hardened Jew-hater or Muslim-hater adds a virtually insurmountable layer of complexity to solving any Middle-East equation for truth. Hater sources are only good for echoing (and perpetuating) the hatred, therefore I only use them when there’s no alternative…

    • (“I do not and can not understand the prejudice and Jew-hatred foist by some, especially (but not exclusively) in the media and on college campuses. I was raised to believe all are equal, and “the same, in the eyes of God.” My personal drive is to seek knowledge and truth, irrespective its source or even its nuance.”)

      AMEN.. my parents taught us that there are good and bad in all races,religions, ethnic .. we in turn tell the kids and grandkids.. be the blind man..
      judge them for who they are not what they are or where they come from..

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