The Real Problem is 2025 – Kangaroo Kourt Follies

There is a huge pre-election distraction being played out in America this summer.  It reopens in July – the 11th – when the “convicted” Donald Trump will face sentencing after being the first American president in history convicted of a felony.

There’s a long list of legal flaws in what we have come to think of as a Kangaroo Kourt.  Starting with the fact that it’s all based on a legal fiction.  In other words, misdemeanor in Federal law is up charged to something else in NY State laws. Then there’s the significant issue of the “core felony” not being named (and thus, no defense permitted) and the hopping judge in this not requiring Constitutional unanimity in reaching a guilty verdict.

Why, to us, it smacks of a third-rate banana republic.  Especially when we draw your attention to 18 U.S.C. § 242.  According to the FBI website this is (or at least was) a far reaching protection:

“Acts under “color of any law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the bounds or limits of their lawful authority, but also acts done without and beyond the bounds of their lawful authority; provided that, in order for unlawful acts of any official to be done under “color of any law,” the unlawful acts must be done while such official is purporting or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. This definition includes, in addition to law enforcement officials, individuals such as Mayors, Council persons, Judges, Nursing Home Proprietors, Security Guards, etc., persons who are bound by laws, statutes ordinances, or customs.”

Elaine and I had our afternoon glass of wine in the 180-room as the verdict came in.  Disappointed?  Of course.  Anything we can do about it?  Not so much.

Besides, we have Bigger Problems ahead.

Illusions of Income

Just out from the Bureau of Economic Analysis:

Personal income increased $65.3 billion (0.3 percent at a monthly rate) in April. Disposable personal income (DPI)—personal income less personal current taxes—increased $40.2 billion (0.2 percent). Personal outlays—the sum of personal consumption expenditures (PCE), personal interest payments, and personal current transfer payments—increased $42.8 billion (0.2 percent) and consumer spending increased $39.1 billion (0.2 percent). Personal saving was $744.5 billion and the personal saving rate—personal saving as a percentage of disposable personal income—was 3.6 percent in April.

Wanna buy a bridge, somewhere?

PMI data comes after the open of markets today.

Depression II Looms

We are, like last night’s dinner, “forked.”  Market futures are indicating a down break again at the opening today.

In case you hadn’t noticed, from the Dow all-time high May 17th (close) of a skosh over 40,000, the Dow has dropped nearly 2,000 points.  1,958 and change at the 6:15 AM mark before the open today.

The damage is becoming apparent in the chart of our Aggregate Index. Which we invented to eliminate the (ongoing) debate over how to weight tech versus old-school, hard goods manufacturing and the financial notionals.

The Fate of (dollar-dependent) humanity will likely be determined in the coming week to 10-days as we come down to an important set of potential support lines.  See the hot pink trend line upper right.

If we bounce there, it’s possible the phony liberals in finance will manipulate the market up to the middle of July. About when the Trump “sentencing” Kabuki rolls and when we begin thinking about the Nostradamus King of Terrors.

And with good reason.  A rally to what’s now the upper trend could be the maraschino on the whip cream (or equally frothy markets and cryptos) that sets up the larger (yellow scale) Wave 3 down.  This is the part where in the next year or three we could see the Dow lose half its value.

Here’s the Thing About Depression II

With the Federal Debt at $34.621 trillion – which pencils out to $213,709.87 for every employed tax-generating human in America – we could still hyperinflate or return to a massive deflation.

The stock market could soar to unbelievable heights – and so could the prices of everything else.  Our own American Weimar.

There is a small (but non-zero) chance that Donald Trump is replaying the historical role of Adolph Hitler from the Weimar period.  You see, it was during the final inflation in Germany – brought on by the WW I debt burdens placed on it, that a certain beer hall event took place.  Recounted in Wikipedia as:

“In an incident in September 1921, he and some men of the SA had disrupted a meeting of the Bayernbund (‘Bavaria Union’) which Otto Ballerstedt, a Bavarian federalist, was to have addressed, and the Nazi troublemakers were arrested as a result. Hitler ended up serving just over a month of a three-month jail sentence.”

That’s a pretty good guess as to how long Trump would actually serve if/when the Kangaroo Kourt sets jail time.  We would also expect there to be a book out of this period to complete a kind of Mein Kampf riff.

Thus, we could envision a general, angry public reaction to Trump punishment plans that could ignite enough pushback on the Biden regime that a pardoned might come after a month or so of confinement.  It’s a fascinating possibility.

The Economics of Inflation

While the hyperinflation possibility looms – and we’ll be watching gold and silver prices closely for clues – remember the concept of “purchasing power parity” in  your financial decisions in these times ahead.  It may be that hyperinflation arrives, in which case, our counsel (which we never offer) would be to pay off all your debts with far less-valuable “dollars” should hyperinflation occur.

And then – might have been a recent Clif High outlook? – consider rolling from silver into gold should the trajectory take precious metals to parity with one-another.

To which we would consider adding a “wash.”  If one were to make money in silver, then transfer gains into gold, it might not be a bad thing to consider a lateral move into government bonds – because in order to prop up the House of Cards, the government may not be inclined to default on its own “actual” bonds.  Everyone else? Take the hindmost.

As often happens in the middle of a good hysteria (Trump case) the real and impactful “indicator story” may be just out of the public consciousness: Zero-down mortgages are making a comeback.

There is an alternative to the hyperinflation.  And that would be that after the next Trump-walk for the dems to make commercials out of for the War Party this fall, that Deflation will return, instead.

I previously told you a Fed rate decrease to “goose the economy into the election” at the September Fed meeting is likely. And keep your eyes open for other deflation precursors like BOE cash demand hits record high and Gold rises as dollar, bond yields decline after US data; silver drops 1.3%.

Interesting times, these – it’s the Financial Sector of “Off-Roading.”

Three-War Monte

The West-Pac War:  Recent Reader remarks (in our Comments section) have been inspecting the idea that any (likely) Chinese invasion of Taiwan would likely “be over before the U.S. could even respond.”

A kind of “Long Yuan Blitz Kong” attack style, which somehow the Shaolin forgot to teach visiting foreign devils. (George shrugs.)  US defence secretary raises concerns about China’s military activity, Pentagon says.

People on Taiwan know the risk of a blitz, to0.  Despite all the happy talk Fearing war with China, civilians in Taiwan prepare for disaster.

China watchers may try to read something into Beijing is scrapping part of its preferential tariff agreement with Taiwan.  We think one reason could be “It soon won’t matter, anymore.” You following?

Middle East Stews: Western petro-imperialism, accentuated by Biden malpractice on U.S. energy development, continues attempts to dominate the already-lost Middle East.  Houthi rebels say at least 16 killed and 42 others wounded in joint US-British airstrikes in Yemen, but that’s not the future.

For clues you need to remain focused on Gaza and various people standing up for what’s right. US State Department official resigns, says US report on Gaza inaccurate.. With the U.S. “aid pier” broken, it’s becoming ever more clear that Israel will not return the beachfront real estate it now dominates. Israel won’t end Gaza war even if Hamas releases all hostages: National security adviser.

Our biggest fear now is that there could come a “scorched earth” play – where a nuke would be set off in Gaza (finishing off depopulation) while at the same time giving cause to a claim of Iran nuke use…and then we’re all in gas lines, is the point.  If a sudden Israeli total withdrawal from Gaza happens, keep the flash goggles handy.  And heads down in Isfahan immediately thereafter because that would follow, as well.

For now, the world’s leading Nostradamus expert, G.A. Stewart keeps a close watch on the south of Gaza as the militaries are upping their game, as well. Fresh from a recent reelection, Stu’s guidance to expect Egypt to be the key pivot is working out in headlines since. Egypt’s (president) el-Sisi calls to remove Israeli ‘blockade’ over Gaza ( Which is about coincident on the timeline to Rafah battles intensify as Israel seizes key Gaza-Egypt corridor – Euractiv. You don’t need to be Nostradamus to see the escalation potential here, nor how a small nuke as scorched earth could be less remote in the statistical margins.

Rounding Out the War Trifecta?  Ground war in Europe is coming – and likely before this fall’s election.  The die is cast: Nuclear map of Europe issued by Russians – Target all NATO bases on European soil (vid).

We remain convinced that Joe Biden and the War Party will cross a Russian nuclear “line in the sand” before Summer is out.  Especially since Biden administration lifts ban on Ukraine firing U.S. weapons into Russia territory –

If the shoe were on the other foot, how would the U.S. respond to Cuba being given the green light to attack the U.S. homeland from Cuba and then begin hitting oil refining and rigs along the Gulf coast?

Biden will get us in gas lines, lockdown, and thereby (he believe) re-elected.  We just don’t happen to be so delusional.

But the American Public Is…

Teetering on global war and financial collapse, followed by a re-framed Mad Max kind of world, see if these headlines really matter.

Nuclear effects on HF radio will be similar: Powerful Solar Flare Causes Widespread Radio Blackouts and Promises Spectacular Auroras.

Thanks for the open border: 2 Illegal Immigrants Charged In Alleged Sexual Assault Of 12-Year-Old Girl.

Those of us with websites and questions about SEO are shocked by some recent disclosures as Massive Leak At Google! Proof They LIED & Most Closely Guarded Secret Is Out! Political Censorship!  Which is likely part and parcel with ‘Misinformation’ Honcho Says Jim Jordan Is ‘Assaulting’ Ad Industry By Asking For Documents That Could Prove Partisan Bias. Yah think?

And how about some medical lies breaking down?  Another COVID ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Becomes True It turns out the deaths from COVID vaccinated patients were actually labeled as unvaccinated. Along with The CDC Doesn’t Want You to See This Data Research shows a fivefold INCREASE in autism rates among vaccinated versus unvaccinated children.

If you can’t trust your government, who can you trust?

At the Ranch: Rain Pain and Drain

One of our regular delivery drivers and I got to talking about the weather this year.  “Gonna be a real turd floater tonight, I hear…

Well, he was exactly right.  Septic system roulette has us considering an incinerating backup system.  Because of the damn odd behavior of ENSO in the past couple of years.

Up the road from us (Tyler, Texas) there is a semi-official 38.75 inches, or so, in the gauge already this year.  Here in the Concorde Mountains of East Texas we’re past 40 and enroute to who knows how much.

2015 may be tied, though.  That year, we had about 80-inches of rain.  74 inches and change and more here in the hills that aren’t Hill Country.

The good news, such as it is?  All the power is back, the genset is preconnected and not more than 2-minutes from full power.  The solar has useful output on even partly cloudy days, as all three of our internet on-ramps and three phone line choices are back.

I sure hope this is the end of the Big Drill.  Another inch or two of rain is on tap for June (so far in the lookahead forecast).

Optimistically, I put the finishing touches on Instrumentation of Tomatoes which will be featured here in our ShopTalk Sunday series this weekend.

Write when the Coast Guard opens a motor lifeboat school in Dallas. Astoria, Oregon is too far to drive.

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90 thoughts on “The Real Problem is 2025 – Kangaroo Kourt Follies”

  1. What exciting times!

    Danger and opportunity occur together
    with great frequency.

    Americans are deeply steeped in a form
    of rugged individual Justice. that goes
    way past mere formal law.

    “He hit me first!!”
    “Rustlers are hung by the Possee.”
    “Good Guys win in the final reel.”
    Count all the votes honestly…

    The Code of the West overlays all…

    It will be fascinating to watch it unfold.

    Tempest — and then a clear, new dawn…
    (…or 1,000 years of Darkness…)

    We are ALL in the play. All are on-stage…


    • As a modest media expert — (he said, humbly) — they need the pictures — cuffs, orange jumpsuit, perp walk, cage, etc — for the campaign ads. They will– they MUST — go through these motions to satisfy the machine of media.

      It can and might be de-railed, but time is short. They will try until and unless countered. It is imperative.

      • Lends a whole new aspect to the phrase “Trumped Up Charges”, doesn’t it? I am absolutely sickened by the depth and breath of the horrific abuse that has been heaped on this man in ever increasing amounts in recent years.

      • My fear is that of the predictions of Alois Irlamair..he predicted that a taller man with bright hair would be assassinated ..

        which brings up the survivor list of those that were going to give testimony on a past president.
        and of the Anthony weiner laptop..9 of the what ten officers investigating the life I durable file committed suicide..

        there’s no honor or ethics in our countries leaders anymore.
        the whistle blowers are the only ones that will suffer for their honor.
        I believe the November date given by Ai is because of the election. I think the other countries are hoping to get trump in office. they won’t ever allow him to take office again..
        to much money being spent there isn’t any respect for our laws anymore.. so buy off those in positions of authority. get their men and equipment in place..just in case they are forced to go to that extreme..
        at least that is what I see..I would have lucid dreams of people using money for heat and lines of people walking in rags covered with sores all over their body..

        • Wait 4 It..
          – still got a faked Helicopter/Plane crash with orange man onboard to be executed/performed..supposedly coming to a theater near you soonly.

          RedHotChilliPeppers -“This chapter’s gonna be a close one
          Smoke rings, I know you’re gonna blow one
          All on a spaceship, persevering
          Use my hands for everything but steering
          Can’t stop the spirits when they need you
          Mop tops are happy when they feed you
          J. Butterfly is in the treetop
          Birds that blow the meaning into bebop”

          ..This life is more than ordinary
          Can I get two, maybe even three of these?
          Comin’ from space to teach you of the Pleiades

          “Can’t stop the spirits when they need you
          This life is more than just a read-through”

          IMHO – the best LIVE performance Band on the planet .

          …”addicted to the shindig”

  2. the TRUMP MEDIA & TECHNO DJT: NASDAQ stock tool a $4 drop in the post market, with the verdict but this morning I see it back up in the pre-market and with a 2-3 dollar gain,, tick tock the open is coming,

    Ure column this morn, I see that the conspiracies are not theories,,, thank you for shining that light

  3. (“Our biggest fear now is that there could come a “scorched earth” play
    We remain convinced that Joe Biden and the War Party will cross a Russian nuclear “line in the sand” before Summer is out. “)

    Just how many red lines does there have to be.. I believe that this is a monthly red line.. Putin doesn’t want to destroy the earth.. our meddling and pushing for the balloon attack.. then again.. if the country is under an emergency .. the election can be stopped.. postponed until another date.. congress sent home..
    Taiwan.. what good is a small island if it is totally looking like the gaza strip.. Not a dam thing.. since the USA is moving chip production out of Taiwan.. I don’t think there will be much fight there..
    I am now unsure if it will be Kim in NK that will kick this off.. I am now believing they will let Biden in Delaware be the we back ourselves into a corner or we attempt to cage the bear in a corner.. it will fight back and since the people in Russia are screaming for Putin to get aggressive.. and the hard liners are pushing for him to get aggressive.. it may just happen..

    The Map posted by Russia… I fear that the balloon going up is closer than ever. especially since the people of Russia is pushing for a more aggressive move..
    Not a thing any of us can do about any of it..

    • We can share our thoughts and form some mental and moral support to get through the storm. THAT we can all do.

  4. Trump’s sentencing is the July 11th; Andy’s false flag vision comes in to play about two weeks later, and targets the blue conscription fodder high population density areas. Interesting timing.
    Trump in an orange jumpsuit is just too orange to contemplate.

  5. As I watched the kangaroo court verdict last night, only one line came to mind.

    “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” – George Orwell, 1984

  6. (“Teetering on global war and financial collapse, followed by a re-framed Mad Max kind of world, see if these headlines really matter.”)

    Hmm.. think about that.. when we could have lent a hand we flipped them off.. and China went in and apologized for our rude behaviors.. then your the owner of a major club-k remote missile and defense system.. you see someone that is willing to sell his own kids or mother for a few bucks.. what do you do.. if your the one that is buying the access to ports of entry..
    Now I am nobody.. but if it was me that was buying politicians and looking for a way to gain entry for a potential future scenario.. That is a prime example of just how easy .. Now the question .. does the night dock worker have more morals and ethics than the politicians.. hmm.. your social life sucks working nights.. all they would need is one young lady night worker flirting with the young guy checking containers.. one act of kind ness and his compliance is finished he wouldn’t even give it two seconds thought.. hey lucy I am going to grill this morning after work would you like to come over for some bratts and fried potatoes….compliance gained over a hot dog and a kind word.

  7. Nothing likely to be settled in the middle east until someone wins and someone loses and accepts their loss and adapts their culture to the winners. Every other negotiated settlement only lasts a short time. Israel citizens just will not accept rapist and child killers living in Gaza ready to prepare another incursion. If a group of people like this were invading from Mexico we would not accept them contin…..oh wait that is exactly what is happening, just in a more disorganized fashion.

  8. Hmmmmm

    A most curious post this AM G, most curious.
    I always thought that Scheisse ALWAYS flows downhill. In fact Rise and Run is most important consideration when laying out sewer lines/drain lines/laying in pavers next to house (patio) “down and away” from foundation,ect.

    Im assuming here that eventually all the leaked/overflow sewerage will eventually run into Mexico, after stinking up Dallas and the cowboys.
    Ya know return the favor to Mexico for open sewers in TJ area – The Tijuana Mud Slews.

    Pop the lid G, and let that scheisse FLOW downhill- just like the Municipal Sewer Authorities do in every City in America that sits next to a River/Greatlake/Ochin when ever it rains hard.
    The SHOW”
    “The Show” has been entertaining, but then again I do enjoy a well done Comedy. Donny has done a bang up job in his role, Oscar worthy in my opinion. If you feel as though it has been a Horror FLick up to now, you would be correct..its a Comedy Horror Show, and this Show must go on.

    Next up ? Who fucking cares ? The Qi is Strong and getting STRONGER and I got alot of Life to Live . Onwards and Upwards, no Doom & Gloom 4 Moi.

    To doom porn – I say F- Off! Losers are as Losers do, and Doom Pornsters are Losers selling Fear and Negativity.

    Write when Popcorns stores are restocked, as the third act could be a doozy..

  9. “While the hyperinflation possibility looms – and we’ll be watching gold and silver prices closely for clues – remember the concept of “purchasing power parity” in your financial decisions in these times ahead. It may be that hyperinflation arrives, in which case, our counsel (which we never offer) would be to pay off all your debts with far less-valuable “dollars” should hyperinflation occur.”

    Yes Mr. Ure, It’s nice to have some dollar decorellated assets that have been hyperinflated and use same to settle dollar denominated debt insturments.

    Thank You Grayscale for removing the 2nd mortgage off my back!!! Primary mortgage is next. I am filled with gratitude and excitement for this!

    Not advice, do your own homework and good luck homegamers. Got Blockchain?

  10. No Blitzkrieg! Island. Not Normandy, topography limits approaches for landing craft. Island preparing since 1945. China doesn’t fleet for such activities. All of China’s food, raw materials and energy are imported and on 90 day re-supply. Reality – taking Taiwan, without massive losses to China, is wishful thinking

    • .., and enforcing it., in some locales, would be somewhere between dangerous and monumental.

    • There was a curfew in DC way back in the riots.. everyone had to be in at five.. caught out you were detained..

    • You would not need permission to breathe.
      You might need permission to eat, sleep, or bathe…

      There would be a curfew.

      You would have to ask permission from the Person of Standing (PoS) to do ANYTHING outside your home.

      You would receive edicts from the PoS on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. You would obey them immediately, and without question or hesitation.

      You would not mow your lawn, plant a garden, wash your windows, or anything else, where you could be seen, without permission from the PoS.

      Any noncompliance of any kind, at any time, would see the PoS remove you from your home and send you to either an internment camp or a re-education camp.

      If you really want to know more, I suggest you read either or both of these books:

      Mao’s America: A Survivor’s Warning
      by Xi Van Fleet


      While Time Remains: A North Korean Defector’s Search for Freedom in America
      by Yeonmi Park

      Xi lived through Mao and escaped to the U.S. to tell the tale; Yeonmi (Yeon Mi) escaped from NK as a child sex slave and found her way here, only to discover “college” in the U.S. was performing the same indoctrinations as the NK from which she escaped. Both books are recent, and filled with the latest State-sponsored mindfucks, told from a woman’s point of view…

      • Great book..
        I worked with a woman from Africa back when the Rwandan’s were doing what Israel is doing to the Palestinians.. I said when I see the news feeds there isn’t a thing I see.. she said.. you have sections.. if your poor you have one section.. and even in the schools they had armed guards to make sure that the teacher didn’t teach the kids something they weren’t suppose to know.. if she did then she was killed and so were the kids.. they could come in take their pillows away they couldn’t go outside and young girls were rounded up to be sold as wives or sex slaves for as little as four dollars ..I thought she must be wrong that stuff didn’t happen.. then they hired a refugee.. the government paid ( just like her ) college and living expenses guaranteed job..
        he was from Pakistan or Afghanistan.. anyway he hated the fact that women told us what to do.. they are only valued for one thing.. thought the other male beside myself working should be killed because we were an embarrassment to mankind.. didn’t do any work either.. he spent all night kneeling and praying.. the only thing he came to the USA was the free education and that they paid him to live here.. his money he was just earning enough to buy 12 Virgin Wives.. and a herd of goats..
        He lasted two weeks.. unfortunately I had the day off.. but the administrator a woman.. told him to take the trash out.. what I was told is he said..”You FAT COW if we were in my country I would have you beaten within an inch of your life or killed for talking to me that way” I said and no one called me I would have paid to watch that …. They have a totally different set of religious laws and rules.. more on the order of the torah and quran .. A friend in Sweeden ( a woman) delivers groceries.. she tells me stories of RAPE and beatings… women out walking without a man with her is open target.. crimes against women and gay community are horrible.. no walk or drive neighborhoods..
        The same thing that has gone on for thousands of years.. that is how slavery began.. in some of the religions if a tribe took another tribe.. the men and boys were usually killed or sold off as slaves the same with the women and all their belongings went to the one that defeated the other tribe.. they of course sold them to sailors and sent them on their way.. here is is similar.. a poor person is kept in their correct position in society by school loans.. and job offerings. young women and girls in the Hood are disrespected if they don’t happen to have enough money to wear the recent fashion trends.. other wise they are referred to THOT’s and devalued to nothing more than some hoe anyone can just take for a ride..BLM and Antifa made that situation worse just look at seattle…

        It is the same thing with Trump and Hunter and Jim Biden.. with Trump they have been trying to steal all of his properties and money put him in prison.. with no real evidence at all.. while Hunter and Jim have already confessed that they were the ones and a mountain of evidence on real crimes committed.. yet.. they are the winners.. Trump lost.. like Gaza they won’t stop until they totally destroy him one way or another.. the amount of money and energy that they have used should totally be a clue..,killed%20by%20armed%20Hutu%20militias.
        heres a survivors tale of bosnia.. Selco’s Story

        a survivors account on bosnia in the nineties..

    • Just a few random thoughts.
      ” what would it look like ? ” Perhaps nothing like you imagine. There are more than a few people on this comment section who believe that the great American People will stand and fight for their freedom. Those same people probably cry during John Wayne movies. Think of 2024 Martial Law as covid hysteria times 10. Much more intense and immediate than covid was ,,,, most Americans will lock their door and hide ,,,, little need for enforcement. Its a marketing issue , not a military issue. The few who resist will be shamed or just starved into submission. MARKETING not MILITARY and NO the American People will not rise up. We are way past John Wayne ( donald trump ) fantasies , grow the F**K up.

      • “There are more than a few people on this comment section who believe that the great American People will stand and fight for their freedom.”

        Of course we will.

        Unfortunately somewhere between 20% and 70% of us will be dead or locked-away, or drugged into compliance, before we see the need to personally take action. From this point, many millions more will be locked-up for breaking the laws which bind us, but won’t bind those who’re killing us.

        Of the 50-60 million who remain, most will try to “play fair” and will be shot where they stand.

        Understand, this assumes President Houseplant does not get us into a shooting war with Russia or China over the next eight months. If war comes, there won’t be 50 million Americans still alive, by Election Day…

  11. Ketchup

    2 Tbsp. Olive Oil
    6 cloves Garlic, Minced ( I like more garlic to..remember you are the boss of your taste buds make it your way)
    1 Medium (I like a large onion) Onion, Diced
    1 can (28 Oz. Size) Peeled Whole Tomatoes ( I like roasted tomatoes)
    1 small can of Tomato Paste
    1 jar pimento peppers
    1/3 c. Sugar
    1 Tbsp. Molasses
    1/3 c. Apple Cider Vinegar
    1 Tbsp. Worcestershire Sauce
    1/2 tsp. Chili Powder
    1/4 tsp. Powdered Ginger
    1/4 tsp. Ground Allspice
    1/4 tsp. Cinnamon
    Heat a 4-quart sauce pot over medium high heat. Add olive oil and onions, sauté until translucent, about 8 minutes. Add garlic and sauté until fragrant, about 2 minutes.

    Add tomatoes, tomato paste, sugar, molasses and cider vinegar. Bring to a slow boil, lower to a simmer and using a potato ricer crush the whole tomatoes. Add remaining ingredients and continue to simmer, uncovered for 45–55 minutes, stirring occasionally, until very thick. Make sure to keep an eye on it and stir it to keep it from scorching.
    now if you really want flavor … smoke it..

    transfer it carefully to a blender or food processor and process until smooth. (Optional: Strain through a fine mesh strainer.) Chill in refrigerator for at least 2 hours. The ketchup will continue to develop flavor and thicken.

  12. “Bananas”

    It’s always been a Banana Republic. The difference is if one ‘feels’ they are getting the banana or the peel.


    That’s a bag of goods but companies will pay an SEO team.

    Some news sites report many folks are donating to Trump post verdict. This means the Trump website is generating much traffic. The donations website was overwhelmed yesterday.

    Google “Donate to Trump” and note the result rank then do the same for Biden.

    Biden clearly has the superior SEO team or SEO doesn’t work. But business owners still pay the SEO team.

  13. Ketchup is fun… but mustard…

    1 cup cold water
    3/4 cup yellow dry mustard powder, (avoid brown, black, or Chinese powders for this recipe)
    3/4 teaspoon coarse sea salt or kosher salt
    1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric
    6 cloves of garlic or 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
    1/2 teaspoon paprika
    1/2 cup white distilled vinegar ( now.. I prefer Braggs apple cider vinegar with the mother) OR… make your own apple cider vinegar.. its so easy..

    Cook the mixture Everything except the vinegar over medium-low to low heat, stirring often, until it bubbles down to a thick paste, 30 to 45 minutes. then whisk in the vinegar and continue cooking until it gets to the thickness you enjoy..
    now.. want the chunky mustard.. If you like the Dijon style just take a quarter cup of mustard seeds.. soak them overnight blend till chopped up.. ( some green pepper works mache a tsp.. ) when you start boiling the dry ingredients add your chopped pepper seeds.. you add as much sugar to fit your taste buds..
    your the again want it special add a little honey and again smoke it.. great dipping sauce..

  14. Ok… your ….vinegar

    it isn’t a secret that I like Bragg’s apple cider vinegar..
    but lets say the supply lines are broken and the depression has hit or you lost your income..
    apple cores apple feelings apple juice..
    pour a bottle of apple juice or cider into your sun tea jar..put as many apple cores and feelings in it..
    add two tbsp of mother..( brags has the mother in it)

    drill a hole on top of the jar lid.. set it away with a vapor lock on it..from time to time.. top it off with a tunnel and water..

    its a similar to making soy sauce or wine let it sit.. about three months or so..use the spigot to drain the vinegar off.. leave the mother in the jar then take out the old digested cores and feelings start a new batch with the mother left..
    you can use a food grade brew bucket to.. flavored vinegars.. add 1 cup of dry white wine cranberry juice etc..

  15. Soy sauce..

    another great where do I get it items to be able to make…
    equal parts wheat berries and soy beans..

    small batch
    4 cups of soybeans
    4 cups of wheat berries
    8 cups of salt
    1 gallon of distilled water
    ( pepper, honey etc your choice)
    koji fun is

    cook the soybeans And wheat berries chopped until they are tender and mashable drain take soy wheat cake .. at this time add your koji spores according to the directions..I believe its two tbsp.
    put in your sterilized fermentation chamber add your salted water mix and at this time drop in a pepper or chopped onion its your taste buds a chunk of hardwood charcoal on top along with a weight to keep it emerged.
    cover put your vapor lock on it..
    place it in a dark place for a minimum of 6 ancient China they had a barrel just for making soy sauce using sea water.. into a thick paste called Jiang from the province..
    you can use it after 4 months but to a year is where you get the good stuff..
    one batch could last you a very long time..filter it and bottle it
    enjoy your home made soy sauce..
    oh putting a little honey in it.. yumm

  16. Garlic…
    for a medicinal garlic get a bag of peeled garlic or peel your own..
    fill a jar and fill it with raw honey.. seal place in the fridge..

    aromatic garlic to enhance any recipe..
    bag of peeled garlic or peel your own..
    place in a pan with 1 tsp.of rosemary or one raw sprig
    1 tsp. thyme..
    cover with olive oil simmer or roast until garlic is tender about an hour ..
    remove the herbs put in a jar ..the garlic can be used in recipes can the garlic olive in fridge..

  17. Been trying to email the pedo in charge since last night. Nothing will go through. I would bet that is mail box is overflowing with congratulations from the 82 voters, sarc

  18. Well., I was stopped-out on my Dow puts. The DJIA is up close to 200 and the NASDAQ is down 200. …, but I had a great trade – up just over $4,200., for the week. No complaints here.
    A couple of days back I was feeling all rowdy., so I took a couple of cans of ammo, couple of my favorite pistols and went and spent a couple of hours at the pistol range. Felt much better after that. Got into a conversation with a younger shooter., complete Glock enthusiast- and he just couldn’t wrap his head around the size of my 1911 combat special [ which I have customized .] It ‘is’ a large pistol, [ he did have small hands.] especially compared to a Glock.., but it is what I have shot [ Army, then competition for 18 years.] and daily-carry for over 40,, so it is “normal”.., for me. If I am not carrying it, I get this constant nagging feeling that something is wrong.
    What is “normal” for you? Applies to many things, doesn’t it….? Tools., beliefs…, sandwiches.., we all have our “normal” – which to many others, seems extreme, or too different., or even wrong.
    Here’s to your “normal”.

    • I loved Glock, until I shot one.

      I still like the idea of a gun that’s so robust it can go through insane abuse and still function.

      Unfortunately, I like the idea of gun control (hitting the target) even more…

      • Trigger control with the safety triggers is different, but can be done. My reaction to the Glock was just opposite of yours. In the stores, they felt clumsy. But at the range, especially shooting movement drills, the Glock is a precision instrument. I have trusted my life to one for more than a decade. No regrets. G19.

        • I shot a mess of them (and SIGs, too) and could not get a group with any.

          Then I shot a Beretta.

          After two warmup mags, I got a quarter-sized group with my left hand and a dime-sized group with my right.

          Two weeks later, the trial was repeated with the same result (nickel-sized groups with both hands, shooting the trident.)

          After the third trip to the range, thoughts of a Glock or Sig EDC went away and a Beretta 92 went onto the shopping list.

          I figure the firearm that feels like a part of your body is more important than the one you can bury in the mud for a week…

    • Glocks are great except their triggers especially if you are accustomed to a fine tuned 1911 trigger. You must practice a little more with a 1911 to be proficient. Respecting the process will serve you well. I have a SW 686 revolver in 357 that has the best trigger job I have ever seen. The double action trigger pull is 2.5 lbs and buttery smooth, single action pull is half that. When I go to the range all my buddies wait in line to shoot it and some even bring ammo for it even though they don’t own a 357. Old school has proven to be best more than not.

  19. i hear a lot of complaining about the process, the judge, the venue, the prosecutor, the witnesses and evidence. I never hear anyone dispute that trump did every thing he was found guilty of. So I’m curious about that.
    Do you believe:
    1. that trump had an affair with Ms. Daniels?
    2. that trump paid her money to not share the story?
    3. that he claimed the expense as a legitimate business expense?
    4. that it was done to protect his candidacy?

    From what I’ve seen/heard no one disputes any of this.

    • You left out a lot (emphasis on Left).
      Is a business owner able to make a binding NDA and pay for that? I am on a bunch…so speak up

      Also, such is only a misdemeanor – Aad turning it into a case analagous to jaywalking being ugraded to an elle chair offense

      But if you want to drink the KoolAid,; have fun

    • 1: she signed a letter stating it was not true×395.jpg
      2: Cohen paid her without Trump’s knowledge for a NDA Cohen said
      3: money paid to a lawyer is a legal expense,,, dumb butt
      4: it all was before he was elected as #45,, the fact it is drug out now is evidence of election interference,,, but them demon worshippers can’t beat him at the ballot box and their cheats have been exposed, Ruby Ruby Ruby pulling boxes out from under the table after the counting was stopped in the middle of the night, as the devil went down to Georgia
      a copy and past from a Brave search with AI answering
      While Cohen initially stated that Trump directed him to make the payment and reimbursed him, he later contradicted himself, saying that Trump never reimbursed him. Cohen’s testimony also suggested that Trump told him to deny knowledge of the reimbursement. Therefore, it is unclear whether Trump knew about the payment to Stormy Daniels.”
      so basically you have no proof, how do you convict?

      you don’t see/hear the TRUTH, you only eat the garbage the lame stream media feeds to the bottom feeders, aka sucker fish, enjoy your dinner and learn to do critical thinking for yourself

      Now tell US the predicate crime for which all this hinges, Merchan gave them a choice of 3 different ones and then said if the jury splits on those but all 12 vote for 1 of the 3 he would accept that as guilty,,, that is UNHEARD of ever in our court system, there must be a predicate for the NY crime to upgrade to a felony, but scared to death demons will do anything to escape what is coming,,, retribution

      extortion by Stormy is a crime, as she went to the tabloids with her lie, and as she is part of a sex cult that was in the news awhile back and some of them went to jail

      why did the DOJ send Matthew Colangelo to NY to prosecute a state crime? collaboration?

      • as Stormy extorted Trump with her apocryphal story,
        CONgress pays off sexually accusations with ure tax dollars
        “According to a report from the Office of Compliance, more than $17 million has been paid out in settlements over a period of 20 years – 1997 to 2017.”

        but some readers here want Trump in jail because he is accused of this.
        some nonthinkers say he fucked the whore with NO PROOF of the act and a letter by her denying it and Trump denies it but they claim he did it,
        when they should say ‘we idiots believe it is so,
        so it is so’,,,
        as it is only a belief not knowledge. Some folks don’t realize the difference.
        Cohen flips and flops like a bottom feeding fish on dry land reminds me of that movie ‘Liar Liar’

        the hollow conviction has the tards dancing with their plastic prize, thinking they won GOLD
        I wish ya luck come this fall,,, if the Demons let the election occur,,,
        have you all wondered what excuse will they present to the masses to cancel Nov 5th?
        WW3 or maybe invasion by space aliens,,, Bird flu, you have to stay home and vote by mail, everyone!
        what’s ure guess?

        Remember, Trump was NOT a politician, he did not become president to continue with the same ole same ole. Never has a candidate been so aggressively attacked by the media as Trump has been. Blind fools can’t see, that they support the very forces that hold them in captivity, debt slaves, paying interest on personal debt and paying income tax for the interest on the national debt,,, which should not exist,,, they are mentally held captive by the magicians.
        I have to go fill the bird feeders, it is amazing how I can control and shoot one at a time, any bird I want to, and the birds scatter and then they come back.
        seems humans ain’t any smarter, I AM a Hidden Hand, they don’t see, but I control my property, my Earth so to speak, the birds have their own social rules and they don’t affect me, but I have an effect on them. They could avoid my feeders but they just lack awareness,,, metaphorically speaking
        BAIT, it works like a charm, magically speaking
        @c Quotes the bait she likes to eat, and that is ‘truth’ in a trap. or on a hook

        If any of you were a wealthy as Trump and had his looks and many many women way better looking than horseface, put moves on you, why would you sleep with it? Trump is a germaphobe.
        Stormy is a sleazy whore who fucks for $.
        do the math!
        just because those who judge Trump to have committed the act because they would have, Trump does not drink smoke or do drugs that would have weakened his will, to do regretful acts, that the accusers would do themselves. ‘the walk of shame’.

        I do NOT know if it happened or not, but the circumstances seem to point back to the finger pointers.

        Repeat the lie enough as liddle soreass is calling for people to do

        Starling come to dry catfood like majic
        I enjoy engaging telemarketers, I ask about their sad state of affairs to have to stoop to telemarketing I encourage them to study more and find a better way to make a living, learn a trade skill, other than scam good people over the phone, I keep it at, don’t stop talking or let them speak, till they hang up,,, they need help

        • Old picture, as dude on Ure left, their right (old fossil) is DEAD. Aint nobody seen him in Months, same with claus squab – DEAD.

          ..son already went thru the “black eye” ritual and is “invested”.

          sick pup, that one.

        • bcn – so Lloyd Austin still dead and its his body double getting surgery, right? and i’m the one that’s nuts??? Lol

      • so you don’t believe trump had an affair with the porn actress it sounds like. you must not have heard the four hours of detailed testimony from her. your comments otherwise are mostly undecipherable, impossible to reason through. thanks for doing your best though. i’m left with the opinion that you need help.

        • I said “I don’t know” but I do not believe it to be so, or is that to hard for u to understand?
          4 hrs of testimony, show me a recording or transcript of the sluts lying in court, that u feel is ‘truth’. Her testimony is not proof of jack shit
          you can’t keep up with a fast moving conversation either.
          and how did Lloyd Austin enter into your
          reply to the BCN?

          you still bathing you foster daughter????

        • I know guys that had sex with her..anyone could he thought he overpaid.. the sure thing..

        • Whether or not Stormy or whomever had sex with President Trump in his former life is totally irrelevant to the case. It’s about a paperwork labeling and filing only. I doubt the jury even understood that. The judge probably did and made so many procedural errors that this entire case should have been thrown out with prejudice, and hopefully will be on appeal!

    • Not a big fan of DJT, but Trump is a choir boy compared to a good amount of the DC swamp dwellers. It’s a big club he he ain’t in it. Of course this is all just bread and circuses. The real political power is in the hands of un-elected people no one has ever heard of on a regular basis.

      • DITTO…..

        I was not a fan of his.. my first thoughts were my god that is all we have in this country.. But even with his abrasive personality he did everything he said he would all while being attacked day and night. All while they ignored Allegations of high crimes and even with a mountain of evidence refuse to do anything on other political opponents and their family members…Trump won’t go down easy..
        they had spent two billion dollars before he was elected trying to change the tide of the vote.. there wasn’t anyway I would vote for the beast.. screams of corruption there..
        now in the past year.. what is it one third of our countries capital buildings have satanic effigy statues.. even preschool daycare centers.. phew.. the path of the USA has flipped

        • what did he do? we’re still waiting on the check from mexico. still waiting on another infrastructure week. still waiting for peace in the mideast. still waiting on the best, brightest, shiniest health care system anyone has ever seen in the entire galaxy. he did add trillions to the debt and probably cost hundreds of thousands of american lives through his treating covid like a political problem rather than a public health problem.

        • @’truth’ Mexico was holding the invasion back after Trump applied pressure, to remain in Mexico, but Bribes rescinded, Trump was building a wall but Bribes ceased it. and opened the border,,, FUCK HIM, it is tribunal time, He is destroying OUR country and it is his main job to defend it !
          well did Trump’s daughter write a diary about shower time?,,, I guess it acceptable in some families even foster ones.
          wars were coming to an end, ISIS was wiped out, then pedo Bribems was selected by the big cheat, and it was war on again. Ukraine and now Gaza
          you still fail to realize the covid scam, please go get your boosters , as the health care system and pharmacuticals got rich from government money during the scam,
          as the only folks who died were in piss poor health to begin with or got the vax!
          fucking cuomo pushed sick people into nursing homes to boost the spread and death count, amoung the elderly.
          Now the little piece of shit,,,.
          even cuomo admits to ivermectin use
          ““I’ll tell you something else that’s gonna get you a lot of hits,” Cuomo said. “I am taking … a regular dose of Ivermectin. Ivermectin was a boogeyman during COVID. That was wrong. We were given bad information about Ivermectin. The real question is, why?””

          so @’truth’ is it medical or political bias driving the scam, as the medical corporations are in for the MONEY and are funding the politicians campaigns, to vote our tax money into the scamdemic.
          catsup, slo joe supporter,
          I am vax free and only got a very mild cold like when I went among the sick without any masking, when the most harshest variant first came out, but being a man enhanced virus it quickly reverted back to its normal original state and pcr tests are phony as Stormy’s glands
          and I was an old man with a history of bad diet before and had only recently(a yr or 2) started to better myself by changing what I ate and drank and had just escaped death’s door (2 wks in Hosp.) with massive blood clots blocking the blood flow to my lungs and was still on coumadin/rat poison, when I got covid, sniff sniff, a very mild cold is all I got,,, eat and drink well, to live
          Have u got your bird brain flu vax yet? They say it is the deadly’est yet !

          Wait til Trump 2.0,,, the demons see it coming and I smell their FEAR !
          how you doing?

          how do you feel about the above Brave search engine query?
          I have not met a single pedo that likes Trump, not a one! Look to the Stars, in Hollywood/Pedowood, those that scream the loudest,,, have the most to lose, y did Ellen’s TV set look like Epstein’s island temple?
          i wonder what happened to this little girl with that CONVICTED PEDO? as the witch oprah gives her to harvey

          yup, none of them pedos likes Trump, not a one,,, whats that ‘tell’ ya?

          other brother Darrell has been standing on the roof top yelling it out,,,
          get rid of the pedos and most of the worlds problems will vanish, if not all
          either you are against the PEDOs
          or you are for the PEDOs
          there is no middle ground

        • (“what did he do? “)

          lol where would you even begin..the list is so huge.. and a great deal of it they even bragged about in their books..or posted online as entertainment

    • Let me begin by saying that I am an ABSOLUTE INDEPENDENT , I DESPISE both Parties. With that in mind , yes , it is true that Donald Trump is a scum bag to a large extent. It is disappointing to me how many people will make excuses for scum bags , whether Democrat or Republican , just because it is comforting for them. WHORES have taken over the govt and millions of Americans VOTED FOR THEM with enthusiasm. We deserve what we have.
      Yes , Trump fucked the whore while he was married. Yes , he tried to pay her off to keep her quiet for political reasons. That should be obvious to all.
      If that is reason for legal prosecution then we have a LONG LONG LONG line of govt ” Servants ” who need to be prosecuted. Trump was prosecuted for POLITICAL purposes by people who have the power to control the Court System. That’s wrong and should be a MASSIVE concern and wake up call to everyone. But it will wake up no one. Half the people celebrate wildly and half the people are outraged and very few people understand the real importance of it.
      Trump was tremendously better than Clinton , I will say that. His actions as President were a mixed bag but he ABSOLUTELY DID DELAY THE WAR IN UKRAINE. I give him great credit for that , probably the most important thing that he did. Look at what happened with Ukraine the very INSTANT that Biden took office and you should have your answer. Obama , Clinton , Biden and others ( of both Parties ) CREATED the war in Ukraine and have made tremendous strides in the last 3 years.
      So why does prosecution of Trump matter ? Because it is for political purposes ,,, PERIOD.
      What a sad testimony to our Country it is when we look at what we call our Leaders. What a sick joke. We deserve what is coming , only MERCY can save us now.

      • Trump is guilty of bad taste in women and lawyers, rolling over for extortion, and taking ridiculous business expense deductions. And Stormy took the money, so the shake-down is not in doubt. I am unclear as to whether deducting extortion payoffs in really a criminal offense. Subordinating extortion after the fact is a criminal offense, and the State of New York is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. Motivation is obviously political. Apparently the Progressive judicial dictators have the intent of setting the entire country on fire to consolidate political control. No more excuses for a sham political show trials. The State of New York is in a state of rebellion against multi-party rule. That cannot be tolerated.

        • Is it really bad taste.. Well I wouldn’t ever have sex with Stormy but then that is me…
          but as a billionaire.. like being a millionaire.. the world opens up for you..
          a poor woman in the big city that can’t afford to buy the latest fashions is referred to .. That Hoe Over There.. the go ahead do what you want with her girl..
          they made songs from days when women received more respect..

          Now that BLM and Antifa destroyed what little protection these poorer individuals had its even worse.. the social divide is Huge… then when you see a morons like congressmen and women telling the poor people to march in their neighborhoods and destroy what little bit they have left.. makes me sick to my stomach.. the Asshole must have been bullied big time.. to hate the neighborhoods he grew up in that much.. then to use his disgust and hatred for them promote the violence using the very fear tactics they are suffering from to create more suffering and inequality that will destroy it even more.. ..
          If your wealthy.. you walk into a clinic and the doctor sees you.. if your poor.. nicely told to get the F#@$ out of here and go to the ER.. Or wait for several weeks and months till they can fit you in.. Like our gent that lived in our spare room.. getting the care covered by the VA healthcare system.. gets a letter from the hospital.. please send in your good will down payment for fifty grand.. for services before they would see them.. the ER will diagnose a problem but if it is a big problem won’t do the treatments until payment is made..
          you can go places no one else can and women will jump at you to get to know you.. or have sex with you.. Living in a life of plenty.. you get accustomed to people allowing you to do things go places without the standard requirements… I was joking at the grocery store with an old work aquaintance of mine about the steaks.. I bought an iced tea.. she said want the receipt.. not unless your going to tackle me as I walk out the door LOL but then that could be fun LOL we both got a laugh then brought up the ones that do the shoplifting.. usually kids being taunted to.. or wealthy.. LOL we use to get once a month some guy come in and buy a hundred rib eye steaks.. on a friday then return half of them on monday saying that people were getting sick.. they couldn’t sell the remaining half.. so we would always have a bar b que grill in the back to go and grill them up for the staff..
          or the guy that bitched for a half hour to get them to drop the cost of a ham by a nickle.. and then drive up in a hundred grand car.. some store owners would come shoplift supplies to fill their shelves.. LOL seen a lot through the years. That is why we have tens of thousands of pages of tax laws.
          so Trump lived the life of luxury.. nothing was held back to him.. being a billionaire he could just grab a girl by her wooha and no one cared.. privilages that most men and women don’t have ..

      • “Was prosecuted for POLITICAL purposes by people who have the power to control the Court System. That’s wrong and should be a MASSIVE concern and wake up call to everyone”
        AMEN!!! It’s purely POLITICAL.
        The most infuriating thing is If he wasn’t running for POTUS none of these “trials” would be going on.
        This has has completely undermined our Judicial System. The fallout from this cannot be quantified.
        Every election will have one Sham Trial after another to eliminate candidates.

        • “This has has completely undermined our Judicial System. The fallout from this cannot be quantified. Every election will have one Sham Trial after another to eliminate candidates.”

          This is exactly correct, and is why, should Trump be pardoned, he must refuse, AND the USSC MUST hear this case, and hear it now, not after the NYS Court of Appeals rules on it (several years down the road.)

          DJT was exactly correct when he stated that this was bigger than him, his candidacy, and the Election. If this case is allowed to stand (which will also be the case if Trump accepts a pardon), it will be the end of the United States as a viable, sociopolitical economic entity, and the end of British Common Law and the legal influence of the Magna Carta on world politics and the world’s governments. I don’t know that Trump is well-enough informed to realize exactly how important this case is, but he obviously has at least a clue — something a lot of people don’t.

  20. CQ HAMS DE KW1B —

    After some time — several months — and
    a lot of observation time on-air, a few
    operations modifications to our earmarked
    HF frequencies seem worthwhile.

    Also, I’ve been especially monitoring during
    all the recent solar flares, and for days after.

    As you know, HF propagation is profoundly
    affected by strong solar disturbances, often
    getting knocked out altogether.

    So, here are the mods I’m suggeting:
    3.999 LSB by night. No changes, except
    to emphasize difficult conditions exist before
    midnight, mostly due to severe QRM
    from the many, many users. Best use
    will probably be after local midnight
    until just before local dawn. In summer,
    thunderstorm (lightning) static can be
    extreme. But many nights are quiet, with
    good propagation.

    7.299 LSB presents a different problem.
    7.295 (AM) is a popular and growing mode,

    The upper side of an AM signal is annoying
    to listen to if running the opposite sideband
    and higher in frequency. The good news is
    AMers are rare for the most part — the
    frequency is idle most of the time. So, if
    we set to 7.295 UPPER sideband, we will
    hear the AMers intelligibly, and this would
    enhance situational awareness. A few Olde
    Bastarde Kranky AMers lurking might ask
    why you’re on USB as opposed to AM, but
    they can be easily satisfied by saying you’re
    in a “net.” Some of them can be pretty boring.
    Enough said.

    So. Summary of modified U-Net standards:

    3.999 LSB by night (mostly after midnight.)
    7.295 UPPERsideband by day.

    We may all or mostly be knocked off the
    internet without warning as the wheels come
    off the world in the gathering madness; but
    Ham Radio is ALWAYS on, and as a “peer-to-
    peer” populist network, with no bottlenecks
    or central nodes, and being widely spread over
    the map, it’s THE most survivable network for
    communications. If you don’t have a General
    Class License — get one! It ain’t hard!

    One good full-capability beginner’s radio for
    a reasonable budget is an Icom IC-718.
    Used or new, they’re prtty good. AND you
    get all of “shortwave,” too. And even AM
    broadcast with a superiour receiver. Good
    antennas are cheap and easy to make.

    Circa $500. May well be all you ever want.


  21. Yo G Dog, As the Trump circus continues in NYC, and everyone is distracted, what is going on in the background? Give the sheep the circus, both sides eating it up. So what are we missing? Destruction in the Middle East? Robbing of the US Treasury (see 911 and $2 trillion missing)? Covering up of all the pedovores that are still running free? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?? More bizarre by day…..

  22. re: dawn of new ERAmet
    feat: Ore Orange Alert


    An interesting coinkydoink of the July 11th Trump sentencing date is it will also be the closing day of the 2024 NATO Summit in Washington, D.C. The summit will be held in the convention center formerly known as Mount Vernon Place. The edifice’s colonial namesake fought in the King of England’s War of Jensen’s Ear otherwise known to the Spanish King as War of the Agreement.

    One marvels that PM Chamberlain returned from Munich with a piece of paper in 1940 while President Macron returned last week from New Caledonia with only a carbon footprint. Yesterday, the ceo of French mining colossus Eramet founded by the Rothschilds in 1880 quietly announced in Paris that its subsidiary SLN’s New Caledonian blast furnaces will run out of nickel ore in a few days time. However recent web history may indicate that Eramet was granted relief from its New Caledonian nickel subsidiary’s debts by the French State last February, and has secured future Chinese nickel supply via Indonesia? Coincidentally, Musk’s competing nickel mine shared with his New Caledonian Aboriginal partners seems to have stopped in February with Musk also apparently going to Chinese suppliers in Indonesia?

    The orange sunset is lovely this evening. Meanwhile the sun is rising on the other side of the world in Beijing?

  23. Ten minutes after the guilty verdict was handed down for President Trump., someone posted the names and home addresses of all the jurors and the judge.
    It, the list, was downloaded over 200,000 times before it was found and removed.
    Not good. Not good at all.

    • I hadn’t heard that… wow.. that is as bad as the Democrat party disclosing all the information on the supreme court judges..

  24. Sitting U.S. Senator Quits Democratic Party, Citing ‘Extremism’

    Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who has long been a thorn in the side of the Democratic Party’s progressive wing, has bolted the party.

    Chechen Jihadi Operation Targeted Special Forces Colonel and Family Near Fort Bragg

    PINEHURST, NORTH CAROLINA — Just weeks before the PGA’s U.S. Open is set to tee off at Pinehurst’s famed Number Two course, the shooting by a U.S. Army Special Forces Colonel of a Chechen foreign national illegally present in the United States has the community near the base formerly known as Fort Bragg again looking for questions.

    Even Dems alarmed as illegal aliens, 11-year-olds allowed to vote on some Boston expenditures

    A new program in Boston will allow illegal aliens and kids as young as 11 to have a say on the way that the city spends millions of dollars. This year, as part of far-left Democrat Mayor Michelle Wu’s fiscal year 2025 budget proposal, that office’s purpose will finally be put into practice.

    Trump campaign says Americans have donated $52.8 million over backlash to guilty verdict

    “In the 24 hours since Crooked Joe Biden and his New York henchmen got their sham trial verdict, the Trump Campaign has raised $52.8 million through the online digital fundraising platform. With more than one third of these donors being new to the campaign, it is clear that more and more Americans are seeing through the Biden election interference and joining President Trump in the movement to save our nation.”

    His polling numbers also went up — 4% among likely Democrat voters, 6% among independents…

    Questioning Trump’s guilt is ‘dangerous’ – Biden

    US President Joe Biden has called on Americans to accept the guilty verdict handed down to his political rival, Donald Trump.

    Asked after the speech whether Trump was right to call himself a “political prisoner” and blame Biden for his conviction, the president paused, said nothing, and grinned at reporters. The Republican Party has described Biden’s grin as “pure evil.”

    A ‘color revolution’ is coming soon to America

    There were political operatives holding secret war games on what to do if Donald Trump won the election. It included everything from mass civil unrest to secession. Both the mainstream media and social media — network pundits and influencers alike — were moving in tandem to ensure that Trump would lose. I’d never seen anything like it — at least not domestically. This is something you would expect to see out of a banana republic, not the United States.

    NATO moving closer to war with Russia – Orban

    “It is absurd that instead of protecting us, NATO is dragging us into a world war. It’s like a firefighter going to put out a fire with a flamethrower,” Orban said, stressing that members of the military bloc are inching closer to full-blown war all the time.

    Kremlin comments on Trump conviction

    the Russian president’s spokesman still stated that the situation the former US president has found himself in “clearly” shows that his opponents will stop at nothing to prevent him from securing another term in the White House. “It is obvious that what happens [in the US] is a [process] of getting political competitors out of the way through all possible legal and illegal means,” Peskov said, adding that the whole world was witnessing this.

    • Orban is completely correct. There are a few Countries in NATO that are finally starting to WAKE UP. Turkey is among them and that is a BIG deal.
      Manchin , Tulsi Gabbard and a very few other Democrats and Republicans DO HAVE some integrity. To few and to late though.

    • IMHO, the nation suffered a coup in 2020. Biden was installed, not elected. I don’t trust him or honor him as president. The right thing to have done would be to either have a runoff election or a re-election to confirm the “win”. When most of the people don’t trust the “elected leaders”, the only ways to govern are through fear and greed(giveaways). Few will follow for any other reason.

  25. I get that… I feel naked if I don’t have my coffee pot and cup..
    I have one of the travel coffee press’s that has k-cups stored in the handle..I got ten miles down the road yesterday reached for my cup and wasn’t there I had to go all the way home to get it..
    we aren’t gun people and to be totally up front the pepper gun I got is still in the box..I don’t know how to even put the pepper balls in it..
    I have a black powder shotgun single shot .. never has been shot..I don’t hunt ..I got it just in case they do bring a nasty situation and since bullet supplies would be questionable in a real SHTF scenario the real hunters would be able to go hunting for food..A single shot..if you miss then the animal deserves its freedom..
    I couldn’t do it peek at it with those scared eyes..its over..I don’t fish either but have friends that do..
    the Pepper ball is just to allow us time to get to safety..
    I have the sword of my grandpa’s he was in the order of the templar knights I did get a pirates hat.. ( we used my grandpas hat as a pirates hat when I was a child..) some day I will get a display then a photo of my grandpa in his Masonic outfit with the sword..he was very proud Masonic membership..

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