Screaming Rally or Collapse?

Just when the Bears were lining up for a “Big One…”  As a result of following long wave economic influences on markets for a quarter century in our Peoplenomics reports, is that it has provided time to come up with interesting “Early Warning Indicators.”

As you will see in this morning’s ChartPack,  one of these is acting very strangely – and we have enough confidence it in, we might make (for us) a rare option play next week.

A few headlines, of course. But as is the case Saturdays, we are really focused on money so we can get back to playing around the ranch.

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24 thoughts on “Screaming Rally or Collapse?”

  1. Ahoy Ureites:

    We are in the Great North visiting son, DIL and … our first Grandling. Young fella is a peach, has good pipes and, is a morning person (so that’s Grandpa time, called to duty, inter-generational bonding while everyone else sleeps).

    Today features taking His Lordship on the road, to gather with our opposite number(s), the other beaming Grands. This should be interesting. Will everything fit or is this a two car trip? Hope not. I’m not anxious to be in the car at all after the nine hour trek.

    We left an enormous mess behind. A plumbing problem required breaking out brick then, before totally fixed, an enormous White Oak was toppled after a lightning strike. I’m lucky. I have people. They are still cleaning up the mess while I sing sea shanties to the little fella.

    Many pieces of the puzzle are on the move. Stay nimble -or- just stay liquid. Don’t chase (IMO). Watch the KRE for clues to accumulating stress. Though inclined to focus on the TNX my guess is that, the credit markets, will sort out soon.

    Major Corps are cutting prices. That’s not by choice. It’s anecdotal evidence the long postponed slowdown is upon us. Purported gains in the AI darlings may be yet another shiny object as opposed serious advance. So I believe.

    Have a fine weekend all,

  2. (“We were looking over the list of folks planning to attended (by reports like) Bilderberg 70th Annual Conference Kicks Off: Meeting Agenda and Attendees List Released ) and we were struck by the number of Defence related persons. Lots from the U.S. intel (and related) in particular.”)

    The Bilderberg’s are going to have a get together.. I thought they postponed those meetings for safety reasons when it became obvious that they were going to tear the hell out of the Russia and China….
    One small luxury location where absolutely everyone that is making life hell for half of the world will be in one place at the same time… phew..that is scary..

  3. (“inadvertent mis-configuration” with your porridge, sir? Google Cloud error erases $135B pension fund.”)

    BC…. and your banking information.. most banks do everything online nowdays.. back in the old days.. I wired ten grand.. a storm took out the wire service it was gone.. Bitcoin you just have a sheet of paper that has a number on it.. the same with a bank..
    Visiting with people that survived the depression .. some wealthy went to bed work up and it was gone.. farmers and home owners buried money in jars or in walls for security.. books.. etc..
    otherwise it is just a number on a sheet of paper.. sort of like you get a coupon for a free cheeseburger.. if the restaurant closes.. the coupon is no good.. they are closed..

    • “. most banks do everything online nowdays.. ”

      All banks do as part of being in the banking system. That’s what I was complaining about w/Intel needing bailout to compete all the while banks are buying chips for us to build and maintain their system.

      Even if the two of us didn’t buy a new computer/chip this year banks had to buy in order to accommodate the increase of electronic payments for their user population – which is everyone.

      In other words if AmEx, BoA, AMZN doesn’t buy new chips their network slows and merchants/customers use the other system.

    • Wrong, wrong and more wrong…you be wrong my good man – very wrong regards BTC. Not a sheet a paper, not gone when grid goes down temporarily.
      See Mt. Gox case, from beginning to nowadays…”victims” are getting ALL of their money back, and then some- currently. That kinda thing ever happen in Ure world of FAKE Money? ever ?

      Gee, did any of tribesmen involved in Stealing peoples money during most RECENT financial scams (Madoff with Ure dough) ever recover more than 50% back from the thieves, uhn I mean “tribesmen”?

      Suggest you guys look at SLV and GLD for Savings and Investment – paper representations of Precious Metals – you get to Pretend to own real Precious Metals..which you dont -its truly just Paper, which nowadays is actually a Digital representation of a stock certificate.
      Go ahead and ponder grid down from nuke exchanges and explain to this Conspiratist how ALL those digital representations of Stock certs is going workout from Cede & Co..Hope you peeps are taking monthly copies of ALL Ure account statements..= Proof.

      what was it that squab said ???? oh yeah, “You will own nothing, and be happy.”

      Time to start thinking about being happy…


  4. Repeating for best saturation of
    target audience (Hams).


    After some time — several months — and
    a lot of observation time on-air, a few
    operations modifications to our earmarked
    HF frequencies seem worthwhile.

    Also, I’ve been especially monitoring during
    all the recent solar flares, and for days after.

    As you know, HF propagation is profoundly
    affected by strong solar disturbances, often
    getting knocked out altogether.

    So, here are the mods I’m suggeting:
    3.999 LSB by night. No changes, except
    to emphasize difficult conditions exist before
    midnight, mostly due to severe QRM
    from the many, many users. Best use
    will probably be after local midnight
    until just before local dawn. In summer,
    thunderstorm (lightning) static can be
    extreme. But many nights are quiet, with
    good propagation.

    7.299 LSB presents a different problem.
    7.295 (AM) is a popular and growing mode,

    The upper side of an AM signal is annoying
    to listen to if running the opposite sideband
    and higher in frequency. The good news is
    AMers are rare for the most part — the
    frequency is idle most of the time. So, if
    we set to 7.295 UPPER sideband, we will
    hear the AMers intelligibly, and this would
    enhance situational awareness. A few Olde
    Bastarde cranky AMers lurking might ask
    why you’re on USB as opposed to AM, but
    they can be easily satisfied by saying you’re
    in a “net.” Some of them are pretty boring.
    Enough said.

    So. Summary of modified U-Net standards:

    3.999 LSB by night (mostly after midnight.)
    7.295 UPPERsideband by day. (NOT AM.)

    We may all or mostly be knocked off the
    internet without warning as the wheels come
    off the world in the gathering madness; but
    Ham Radio is ALWAYS on, and as a “peer-to-
    peer” populist network, with no bottlenecks
    or central nodes, and being widely spread over
    the map, it’s THE most survivable network for
    communications. If you don’t have a General
    Class License — get one! It ain’t hard!

    One good full-capability beginner’s radio for
    a reasonable budget is an Icom IC-718.
    Used or new, they’re prtty good. AND you
    get all of “shortwave,” too. And even AM
    broadcast with a superiour receiver. Good
    antennas are cheap and easy to make.

    Circa $500. May be all you ever want.


    • Tnx.

      AM broadcast RX sort of normal anoche.

      Trying to make ditches on side of gravel driveway today with just back blade. Moderate success.



    • I agree there’s value in having a HAM license, just as there is with a CCL or any other proof of competency. The open questions are whether or not it makes you a target and whether or not it’s the best choice.

      • I agree WRT CC and acknowledge your point. HAM is a skill as well as an activity, and must be honed. Therefore, each person needs to make the call, whether becoming proficient during a time when a “pirate HAM” station will get you hard time in your local Federal pen (now), justifies letting the FCC know you are becoming proficient, and likely own at least one piece of technology that’ll let you “reach out and touch someone” half way around the world (which is what that license does…)

        A lot of what we toss out at George’s sites is “what-ifs.” Not really conspiracy theory, but rather conjecture about how best to navigate the future, should Mankind (or the USA) continue down some of the paths our feckless leaders seem bent on sending us. I would guess that over 80% of radio amateurs are also preppers and gun owners. I believe the Gestapo [would be] knocking down my door to collect my firearms and MREs long before they even noticed my icom or Yaesu.

        • Good points Ray. HAM radio is a serious time sink, even with a solid electronics background. It needs to be fitted in appropriately with all the other essential activities. I’m seriously considering it.

    • +1 for the IC718.
      Clean set of controls that are easy to use. Good ergonomic design.

      Good Luck to us All

      • I’ve a 765 next to me, a 718 in the next room, an SX-25 and SX-42 in my bedroom, Kenwood and Yaesu in me truck, a 7300 w/MARS mod waiting for a slot in the shack, and a TS-590S in the cage. I think if I had to choose just one, it’d be the 718 or the 590S (because they’re easier to navigate than the others) but if I have to pay new rig prices, the 7300 wins, hands down…

    • That is the answer I have been looking for William.
      Thanks for the lead, and shopping list.

  5. So far this year NYC has been blessed with the most agreeable weather within my memory. Now — it that good news or what? Blessings to you all :-).

  6. In the UK …
    1) we have this recent job application from the british government saying there is the biggest ever jab roll out coming soon

    2) we can see a new narrative being built around avian flu where we are being told it is leaping from birds to mammals and that it may then leap to humans

    3) tony blair has said at the recent davos WEF conference that they have a slew of new mRNA jabs in the wings just waiting to be deployed and that governments can be made to focus on pandemic awareness if they are told that there is a new pandemic coming within a few years

    4) Bill gates has said in australia that although the current crop of mRNA jabs have been a failure they are refining them ready for the next pandemic. We have
    “Bill Gates Tells World To Brace For ‘Man-Made Pandemic More Brutal Than Covid’

    5)The british political class are trying to sign the UK up to the WHO’s pandemic preparedness treaty which would hand over decision making to that globalist body in the event of another pandemic: Draft WHO pandemic deal pushes for equity to avoid COVID ‘failure’ repeat

    6) it has been reported that the british military has been tasked with monitoring ‘refuseniks’ and there is also talk that the entire covid jab roll out both sides of the pond was a military operation carried out against the populations of those countries: aka ‘operation warpspeed’ (do it too fast for people to stop and engage their critical thinking)

    7) the british government, through the border force and RNLI have been going over to french waters to pick up tens of thousands of military aged men from albania and the middle east and then bringing them over to britain where they are put up in hotels

    8) legislation is being passed to outlaw strikes or protests

    9) digital ID’s are being brought in this year that people would need to use to post online thereby identifying any dissenters

    When you look at all of these together it points to a very disturbing picture

    Military Officers Secretly Entering Countries with Migrants?

    John O’Looney is a British undertaker who has become internationally known as a whistleblower on the unnatural increase in untimely deaths that he’s observed in his practice since the advent of the vaxxine. He has also corroborated the reports of American embalmer, Richard Hirschman, of finding these never-before-seen rubbery clots in the veins of the vaxxed.

    I’ve only ever found O’Looney to be honorable and credible. He’s now claiming that, due to his newfound notoriety, members of the Black Watch battalion of the British Army have reached out to him, to tell him that they’ve been involved in training Albanian, Iraqi and Afghan soldiers in Antalya, Turkey and in Western Ukraine.

    These British-trained mercenaries are then ordered to infiltrate migrant- and refugee groups, in order to enter the UK by the thousands. The UK government has contracted with thousands of hotels in order to house these people.

    O’Looney says that British Army Major Anna de Buisseret, who spoke with him has “many contacts in the Army and they’re all telling her the same thing.”

    He says there’s a new wave of people dying from the bioweapon injections but that officials will call this a “new variant”, which will then be used to justify a new wave of lockdowns and mandatory “quarantine camps” for the unvaxxed. Or, they may announce a new virus – bird flu. See

    These British-trained foreign mercenaries will then be used to enforce this new phase of tyranny, because British soldiers would not want to drag off their own people to the COVID camps. Most active duty British soldiers have been conveniently deployed out of Britain, to Western Ukraine and Turkey, so they won’t be around to defend their people.

    O’Looney says, “It was felt that British soldiers won’t be happy kicking in British doors. Why would they? Why would you kick in your own citizens’ – innocent peoples’ – doors? And drag them off?

    “But these young lads, these foreign young lads from Albania, from Iraq and Afghanistan, they’re going to be only too happy to do that. And they’ll do as they’re told to do and that’s the reality.”

    A similar plan appears to be playing out in the US. This is why the Biden Regime is so desperate for Title 42 to expire, in order to allow tens of millions more migrants and foreign mercenaries to crash the Southern Border.

    The Globalists are orchestrating this invasion of vaccine-injured Western nations, with the help of our own militaries, in order to crash our economies and to replace Western citizens with a permanent underclass that has never had (and never will have) any Constitutional rights.

    As Americans “die suddenly” from the bioweapon Death Shots, Third World invaders are being shipped in by the Globalists to help them usher in a One World Government with a Central Bank Digital Currency that’s tied to a Chinese-style social credit system.



    “I’ve had members of the Black Watch Regiment reach out to me, who are training these young men in the West of Ukraine and in Antalya, in Turkey, that are primarily in officer ranks, down to sargeant, that are then transferred from their post of training in Antalya or West of Ukraine to France.

    “They sign the Official Secrets Act and they’re then shipped over with the immigrants and with the odd refugees…but primarily, the foot soldiers. They’re all forced to sign the Official Secrets Act before they come…

    “They’re then deploying these guys in key positions for up to two years. Contracts they’re offering these hoteliers, two-year contracts and hundreds of thousands of them are coming in – that’s four, five grand a week. Four, five thousand a week coming in, these young lads.

    “They are UN soldiers and they will be deployed. They will be deployed. When they feel they’ve got the numbers and they they can justify another lockdown, be that under the guise Climate Change bullsh*t or saying there’s been another ‘variant’, as these people that have been jabbed – when I went to the meeting [inaudible] last September, they said anyone that’s had an active ingredient will have between two and five years to live.

    “There is no cure. Mike Yeadon from Pfizer said that. He said there’s no cure for them. They can have pine needle tea, whatever they want. It won’t work. They’re doomed. That’s why it has to be intravenously introduced. Now, as these people begin dying in incredible numbers, there’s your ‘new variant’. There’s your need for another lockdown.

    “And then, these guys can start manning roadblocks everywhere, policing and they’ll go door-to-door, picking on the ones that are most vocal. So, I suspect that what will happen then is you’ll see these new super prisons be filled and there’ll be outbreaks of COVID among the unvaxxinated in these prisons.

    “Who will even blink – who will even blink – when you’ve got a country, half of whom are dying and sick and they’re told there’s a ‘new variant’ and they’re herding, taking away the danger – the unvaccinated – and there’s outbreaks of COVID in these quarantine centers for the unvaxxinated, nobody’s even going to blink. And that is the plan.”

    The woman filming asks him, “What about our own soldiers?”

    He replies, “They’re posted abroad. They won’t be here. The Black Watch know exactly what’s happening. They’re very fine, I can tell you. But soldiers follow orders and they’re not posted in the UK. They’re in the West of Ukraine, fighting Russia and they’re in Antalya in Turkey. They’re not going to be here.

    “They may well know what’s going on. They’re soldiers. They’ll do as they’re told. They’re not going to be here. They’re not going to be in the UK. It’s going to be these foreign lads and the reason for that, the government knows full well that they can’t trust their own people, because it’s their women and kids they’re targeting.

    “And the other reason it’s being done for is because it was felt that British soldiers won’t be happy kicking in British doors. Why would they? Why would you kick in your own citizens’ – innocent peoples’ – doors? And drag them off?

    “But these young lads, these foreign young lads from Albania, from Iraq and Afghanistan, they’re going to be only too happy to do that. And they’ll do as they’re told to do and that’s the reality.

    “So that’s what’s happening. I’ve spoken to two soldiers who’ve told me. I’ve spoken to Anne de FitzRay [?]. She’s an Army Major. She’s got many contacts in the Army and they’re all telling her the same thing.

    “But if you say anything: ‘Oh, you’re a racist. You’re a far-right wing extremist. Why would you not want to give these poor souls sanctuary?’

    “Come on! These are young men of adult fighting age with fully-charged smartphones, being trained in Antalya by our own forces! By Black Watch! What can’t people see?

    “And I would suggest these MPs have got a real moral dilemma now. Do they start rallying round and start thinking about saving their own people or do they take advantage of the promised seat on the [inaudible]?”

    The woman then asks, “But then, the MPs will get dumped in, anyway.”

    “Of course they will,” O’Looney replies, “When the last of us is led off, they’ll turn their gaze on these MPs, because they’ll have fulfilled their purpose, to be seen to be practicing ‘democracy’. Useful idiots. And there’ll be no one to fight for them, because the likes of you, me and you will be gone. We’ll be gone. That’s the reality.

    “So, will people wake up? I really don’t know. But that’s what I’ve been trying to do, is trying to gently wake them up to the reality of what’s going on and I’d never realized – I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me and it’s very, very depressing and very upsetting.

    “Especially when you feel like you’re walking around on your own, because people just can’t see it. They can’t believe anyone would be that horrible.

    But if the army is vaccinated they won’t be able to help anyway …

    1. Destroy a country’s indigenous army
    2. Bring in migrants by the thousands and arm them
    3. Fake a new, supposedly more lethal plandemic
    4. WHO dictates forced vaxxes. Refuseniks are taken down by the migrants.
    5. People hearded into 15 minute concentration camps.

  7. “There will be no cease fire in Gaza until Israel’s war aim are achieved.” – Netanyahu
    – Netanyahu completely debunked Biden’s statement saying that: Israel had no part in, nor accepted the ‘peace deal’ proposed by President Biden.
    “Just another political stunt by President Biden. Still trying to blame Israel for being attacked by terrorists. It will not work. We will not bend to his political games.” Israeli IDF General.
    – If I recall, correctly, one of Israel’s “war aims” is the complete destruction of Hamas. Which I am pretty sure, will never be possible. This era for Hamas may be coming to an end., but it will be back – and even stronger, as Israel has now created tens of thousands of potential Hamas recruits with a burning hatred for all Jews, for destroying their homeland and killing thousands.
    – This is not over. Not even close.

    • “as Israel has now created tens of thousands of potential Hamas recruits with a burning hatred for all Jews,”

      By taking away the schoolbooks of tens of thousands of Muslim children which teach them hatred for all Jews and advocate the murder of Jews, and destruction of Israel, in every Palestinian class and course from birth through college?

      The hatred is already there.

      The only way it will EVER go away is if the predominant residents of lands in that part of the world, come to love their children more than they hate Jews (and Christians, Buddhists, Hindu, Atheists, and people of all faiths [that are] not their own.)

  8. It appears that TPTB are going to cover for the pedo’s agenda til they can’t. If they can go until they they attempt the stealing of the vote , they won’t care what happens after that. If Trump makes it in , the economy will be in shambles , probably be in world war. It will be the same if the pedo or his replacement make it in , but they will be in better shape to control the masses. Also , the pro palestenians are looking to shut down the the white house in june. One could wonder if they will be thrown in the gulag like the J-6ers. Also if Netanyahu speaks before congress and they try to shut the official proceedings down? Gonna get interesting this summer and fall.

  9. In evaluating various claims and actions in the public domain, it is best to keep something in mind; the real enemy is single-party rule. Left or right, monarchist or anarchist, when one group seizes the reins of power, everyone gets screwed.
    The last time a State crossed the line which New York State has, half the males in this country died in battle against each other within five years. I would hope that the adult supervision in New York would shut down the partisan ass clown judicial circus, but leftist “leaders” almost without exception suffer from serious personality disorders which blind them to the consequences of their actions. Single party rule in New York is out of control.

  10. re: Lost Horizon, 1933
    feat: Shangri-La


    It’s over? An “Aviacionline” report from 10 days ago pictured a brand new 737 Max arriving in Cordoba, Argentina from Boeing Seattle. It was painted in the colors of Ukraine International Airlines but had an Argentine registration apparently to fly going forward with Aerolineas Argentinas. At least two more brand new Ukraine 737’s were said to be following. Grounded Ukraine International Airlines is owned by the same Ukraine oligarch who broadcast “Servant of the People” and navigated Mr. Zelensky into power.

    Speaking of whom, the Ukraine President’s X account today pictured him deplaning without red carpet at Singapore from his 16 year old Airbus 319 built in Hamburg, Germany. Apparently he is to address the Shangri-La Dialogue tomorrow. The Dialogue is run by the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London headed by a German security academic. The original property quarter’s namesake of the group dates to a grant by King Henry VIII to a younger brother of his third wife in the 1540’s. The building hosted a first playing of “Spem in Alium” (Hope in Any Other) by Thomas Tallis in the 1560’s. Subsequently a move was made to the current site descended from the Knights Templar.

    Before entering into the Sunday Shop Talk and its vices let us fortify first with a tincture of DJ George bringing us an instruction manual in 40 parts of Thomas Tallis’
    “Spem in Alium”.

  11. I just read that former Congressman Dean Phillips (from my State) called for Trump to be pardoned by the Gov of NY “for the good of the Country” .
    Interesting , we will see where this goes.

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