Abnormal Operations

Our usual publishing is way off schedule today.

We had a set of severe thunderstorms go through the area Tuesday morning and honestly, we have no idea when the power will be back on line.  The generator is working like a champ, but until the extra kick from the solar comes back up (around 10 AM is when we get meaningful power) things will be a bit off-kilter.

At its peak there were more than 60,000 homes without power – winds were north of 50 MPH, and yes, that was some rain.

Back to working on Peoplenomics for this morning, but wanted you to know we’re fine, we haven’t missed a meal, but being on a severe power diet is not a lot of fun.

And to think, we’re covering how things could devolve in 2025 in the PN report, lol.

Write when it’s lights on,


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  1. I was scheduled to fly down to DFW Tuesday morning. When I saw the weather I cancelled the flight and drove instead. I hope you get your electrons back soon.

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