The Trump Defence No One is Mentioning

Tomorrow, one of the saddest periods of American history will begin and a sham impeachment comes to trial in the Senate.

That said, there’s a lot of good that will come of it.  But a fair amount of “bad” will accompany.  Here’s my short-list:

  • We will know who the RINO’s are.  (Spoiler – we do already!)  Take Mitt Romney and the others and throw them out at the earliest possible election.  Because they are precisely the kind of “wind-testing” and “waffling” types who are not genuinely  values-driven, but rather, do   what’s politically expedient. Mitt’s appeasing the left side of the DOP. Which – if you haven’t figured its by now – is just plain wrong in our view.  People are best served when they start  values and then  act accordingly.  Cowboy up Mitt and push back!
  • The democrats  sham primary will be exposed.  Mechanics of this are simple:  Three of the dems are senators (Worn-out, BS’er,. and Klobuchar) and they will be “bench-warming” for as long as the sham lasts.  This will likely result in our long-held belief that a Deep State-backed “Big Shot” will simply  buy the election.  And yes, Bloomie is our #1 pick for this role, but a Recycled/Rematched HRC is not out of the picture, yet. (Unfortunately)
  • Once the Big Shot has the way cleared for (Him/Bloomiei) the Fed will withdraw all that money they have been pumping into the market. You’ve got to re-watch The Big Short,” my consigliere  excitedly told me this weekend.  “And then look at the ZeroHedge  article on how The Banks pulled money out of Hedge Funds, which would have totally devastated everything.”   Indeed, the dems and DS don’t want to have Trump rolling to Election Day with a buoyant stock market.  However. a mini-crash, just enough to get people worried, is all they need.  Having a Quadrillion Dollar Global Collapse (fortunately) doesn’t serve anyone’s interests.
  • And with Bernie’s campaign-types already threatening “burning” of America if the lefties don’t rise to power, well, it’s a freaking mess.

The Ultimate Trump Defense

Woke up this morning with an odd thought, brought back from The Dream Realms.

“Trump is accused of holding up foreign aid.  We ought to start by asking where in the Constitution the Congress is empowered to tax American Citizens and then give said taxes to people who are NOT Citizens?”

Not trying to avoid the issue, though of additional “Witlesses” I mean, if the House Impeachment paperwork was incomplete, they should have done their damn job however long it took, and then rushing to bench Bernie, wrangle Warren, and closet Klobuchar so the Big Shot to buy the Deep State Nomination.  My vote in the senate would be to only consider what the Clown Parade Marched Over.  To busy to run , however.

Main concept this morning is the nagging – fundamental values-based thought – Foreign Aid in Ure’s modest view CONSTITUTES TAXATION OF AMERICANS BY OTHER NATIONS.

Think about it:  Righ there in plain view.  Which, yes, is bullshit.  (Resend this to everyone you can think of…our National Sanity has gone missing!

Anyone who’s worth a plug nickel as a “constitutional lawyer” ought to weigh in on this because?  Yes, the Congress can levy taxes.  BUT as soon as a dime of tax money is sent elsewhere…bubba, then the destination country is ((in effect)) taxing American Citizens.  

Uh-uh…nope.  Congress can not require money from American taxpayers for other countries.  That means, effectively, other countries are taxing US citizens….and clearly, that is NOT in the Constitution.

All part of the Great Swindle of genuine freedom from Americans and the whole Congress has dirty hands on this.

I can’t say Donald Trump will play this “high card” that “Trumps” Congress on the Impeachment, but if Trump simply slowed down the Taxes of Americans being sent to Ukraine, how can a “high crimes and misdemeanors” case arise out of an illegal premise, namely Taxing for Ukraine??

No, this is totally stupid, though it has been from the get go.

Would someone email this idea to Mr. Snerdly, please?

Holiday?  Oh….ueah….

Back to bed shortly…it’s a holiday (which completely escaped my notice, until the legendary Bullish Bob Bagley sent me a note, reminding me a chart on Peoplenomics was wrong.  It said “Monday Starts from here…”   Well, it does, but also Tuesday…ahem…

‘Bullish Bob” has a better recall of time-off that I do…Maybe if I could read a calendar, I wouldn’t be getting up at 4 AM to come up with cockamamie ideas like those herein…

In the Shorts

Truly very little of importance today, except the demonstrations in Virginia.  Gun Rights groups are pushing back against the left-wing (anti-constitutional) gun grab movers.

You know, we would all be much better off (and we’d soon zero the national debt, too) if Congress made the money, and followed the letter of the framer’s.  But, sad to say that’s not the case.

The invasion of America and overthrow attempt by Digital Mob Rule shortly, is coming because we can’t even follow our founding Articles.  Weaasels on the Court.  Yes, you have a right to bear arms and no, collecting money for any “foreign aid” recipient country is not legal.  Remember, though, that’s an MBA view, not a JD view.

We see Everything’s a Business Model – which is why there’s a Deep State in the first place; because insiders are getting rich.  We ought to all set up Foundations, right?

Now, here’s what’s useful today (besides banks and market closed, no mail and so on…)

Little early for political side-picking, isn’t it?  But nothing stops the NY Fish-wrapper:  Fortune outs them in ‘May the best woman win:’ New York Times endorses 2 Democratic candidates for president.’  After the sham convention, we expect them to change-up and endorse the liberal Big Money pick.

Side order of global pandemic, anyone? New China virus: Number of cases jumps as infection spreads to Beijing.

Ah, here we go – another ATTACK on the Constitution sighted as  CNN headlines Climate refugees cannot be sent back home, United Nations rules in landmark decision.  Total bullshit since the UN “rules” only apply to globalist subs.  Remember when we were a dom?  Chip, chip, chipping away.. We’ve got from Constitutional Democratic Republic to whatever the Court figures will avoid hard feelings.  FMTT..

Meantime, the Deep State sees a business model in climate (duh).  So as a result, here comes another reason to increase your tax burden as Climate Change Takes Center Stage in Davos.  The Swiss cheeses know best, serf. Didn’t you get the damn memo?

Our odd sense of humor is showing itself:  In response to Iran Now Banned From Hosting International Soccer Matches we wonder if Iran’s being told the West has their balls?

Dumbest Story of the Day Dept.

You can tell when there’s no real news as the BBC reports Men make ‘Earth sandwich’, nearly 12,500 miles apart.  We’re at a loss to explain why our “global synchro crap” story didn’t get legs.

With the reminder that Dow Futures are tomorrow (thanks Bullish) Ure’s going back to more of that non-destructive pillow-testing.  Maybe when I wake up, the world will have come to its senses?  Well, we  can dream, right?

Write when I wake up, or post an alarm comment…

59 thoughts on “The Trump Defence No One is Mentioning”

  1. The only reason that con-gress gives foreign aid and why they were so upset with Trump is that his “interference” was threatening their kick back checks from what ever country was getting the money

    • There were 2 Republicans heavily involved in that Ukraine cookie jar – McCain and Graham- equal opportunity payola. On another tangent – the Fed is definitely political and deep state – if they crash before election Trump is out if after they were insuring his election and who cares what happens thereafter he has his 4 more years. The impeachment is of course flimsy – if it goes to vote and they opt for private vote I give Trump less than 50-50. Then it’s a no confidence vote and nothing more.

    • This is a heads up global warming scam in progress . The hourly (and daily ) temperature predictions are 12 to 14 degrees HIGHER than the actual updated temperatures.. Could this be done to raise the January readings out of the cold area into, look , warmest January in 75 years BS. Don’t take my word for it, monitor your local hourly forecasts, and see if the readings, predicted, vs actual. I have freeze bound plumbing and pay real attention to the air temps.

  2. My view is that this could be the greatest day in our nation’s history…and possibly a candidate for a national holiday. It’s the day we saved our Republic and Trump is officially removed from office.

    Here’s the deal…The GOP has the opportunity to save face and marginalize the 2020 election if they remove Trump. This could allow the GOP to take back or recover losses in the House and solidify its majority in the Senate.

    WIth no Trump to fight, what the heck do any of the Democrats stand for? Nothing! It’s been their number one campaign focus. Meanwhile you get either get Bloomberg to switch parties..”He was a Republican Mayor”, or dig deep into the brains of the GOP and pull a real likable, intelligent and charismatic Presidential candidate that can pull us back together. Nikki Haley anyone? Who says woman Presidents have to be Democrats.

    Many Republicans have been floating this scenario around. Polls show that anger and frustration with Trumps style is causing a lot of indecision amongst the GOP faithful. Remove the cog in the wheel and you get a smoother ride to victory.

    • Remove Trump and you will only get another poster boy,everything in the country is a sham from congress to the Constitution (as Bush said its only a GD piece of paper) to be trotted out when it becomes necessary,then violated again at their pleasure. The stock market is nothing more than an inflated bubble,the country is run by the intelligence, military and the business/banking sector and that’s not going to change regardless of who’s in the oval office.Repeat after me “we are screwed” get use to it, that will make the ride down that much smoother>!!!

      • I don’t disagree with you blue dog, but haven’t we had enough of this massive brainless boob as President? Time to move on and get back to normal. This idiot is not normal. He is one sick and mentally deranged jerk.

      • Mark: “get back to normal”? Normal is what got us here in the first place. I hope we never get back to “normal”!

      • “Time to move on and get back to normal. ”
        It was that…NORMAL … that inspired the citizens to want change.
        The lack of confidence that those leading us has our best interests at heart with the decisions they’ve been making.
        Remember the chant..
        Together we can. Change..and nothing happened it got worse instead.
        With Trump. He’s successfully stirred the pot.. the constant attacks ssf ince before he was elected.. the defiant rantings when he started to question whether a candidate and his son was doing corrupt actions. The constant attacks..
        From my perspective it has me questioning all of their ethics and integrity.

    • Good pick Mark, mayor doomberg . The second amendment is gone and then the rest of our freedoms. No thanks

  3. IMHO, “foreign aid” is subversion of other countries by subvention, establishing (revocable) allowance whereon the other country becomes dependent — and yanking it when the other country departs from the American-defined strait-and-narrow. (Israel is a special case: There it is tribute.)

  4. George, on the Podcast, you mentioned items to discuss like “Buying Collectibles on eBay”. I am for it. I already do buying at Thrift Stores & sell the items on ebay. It is a lot of fun & more ways to make money is always interesting to me.

  5. NIce Try Mark, But you completely missed the boat and over shot the issues. Like your lefty friends you still can’t figure out Trump. He doesn’t care what the left or the media think about him. He goes in and does things that we have been told by the deepstate , takes too long, is very cumbersome or is just too hard to get done in DC. While the Deep State contiuues to enrich themselves and their families at the country’s expense he has and continues to do what they couldn’tdo or wouldn’t do!
    The GOP have nothing to save face for!! Trump has done more in three years than any other president in our lifetime!
    The only cog in the wheel are the do nothing Dems and RINO’s who think they could do more and better but have never delivered when they were in charge. In fact when the people Mark seems to LOVE in the GOP had both houses they did less with more than Pres Trump has done while being hounded, impuned and avoiding a coup. Sorry Mark you can have Blumberg and everyone else on the left. You and them are going to blow another gasket when Donald J Trump is president for another 4 years with a Republican house and senate. Your shoudl start therapy soon!!!!

    • First Trump has done absolutely zero in his “reign big terror “ as POTUS! Zippo! He can’t even tell you what he did.

      He isn’t responsible for the economy. At a clip of just over 2% GDP growth, it’s not nearly as robust as Obama in his first 4 years…and Obama had nothing to do with it either. No president does. Thank the Fed and the Silicon Valley.

      He had nothing to do with the appointment of judges. The Federalist society did. The available Supreme Court judges appointments fell into his lap.

      The tax plan is a joke.

      He hasn’t solved immigration and the wall is still a pipe dream.

      His foreign policy is a sham. The China trade deal is just undoing some of the tariffs that he himself put in place. The Mexico deal is a bit thin as well. If I steal your watch then give it back to you and tell you I found it…doesn’t make me a good guy. This is Trumps foreign policy.

      Trump will be destroyed in the election. You have no idea. Personally, I do want to see a more normal Republican candidate that can unite us again. I am in the remove Trump bandwagon!!! Dump Trump!

  6. The biggest sham charge in the Dimm impeachment articles is that Trump played quid pro quo with Ukrainian foreign aid. If a sitting president suspects any American conducted illegal business with a foreign nation, it is his right and duty to withhold aid until suitable evidence substantiates the suspicion or the lack of evidence demands aid be provided.

    As far as congress authorizing the aid, that is but one part of the foreign aid equation. Per this linked explanation . . .

    “ Executive branch attorneys often cite Justice George Sutherland’s expansive interpretation of the president’s foreign affairs powers . . . The president is “the sole organ of the federal government in the field of international relations,” he wrote on behalf of the court. “He, not Congress, has the better opportunity of knowing conditions which prevail in foreign countries and especially is this true in time of war“ . . .

    The President of Ukraine denied any wrong doing by Trump. The Constitution grants Trump chief diplomat status. That, combined with the Commander-in-Chief responsibilities, makes Trump no more guilty for what he openly admits to doing than Johnson’s foreign policy charades during Vietnam or any Cold War President’s actions from 1948-1988.

    • The Unfortunate part of “Foreign Aid” is, YES it can be used as a “Carrot and Stick” policy on countries that receive it. Little known fact being, it can also be used as an excellent tool to get campaign funds “under the table.” For example, $20 mil dollars given to country X seems innocent enough, but strings can be attached. Out of those dollars or credits, condition being Country X must buy goods/services from company XYZ, that in turn will donate GENEROUSLY to their benefactor. Regardless what checks and balances are in place, someone will ALWAYS find a way around them. We fail by electing representatives who don’t have a “moral compass.” The ball is in our court, and we just give it away!

    • Warhammer,
      I wonder what you think of Trump now, since it has been revealed what he thinks of the military…

      From Trump….
      “I wouldn’t go to war with you people,” he said. “You’re a bunch of dopes and babies“

      Of course, this is coming from a dodge drafting weenie that made up some fake doctors excuse that he had bone spurs. Those bone spurs sure don’t keep him from playing nearly 200 rounds of golf every year.

      • Mark, you really gotta get your shit together on using the Internet and how is has been weaponized.

        1. Warhammer knows more about information warfare (and how it is being run against the US) than anyone you know – yeah, even in silly con valley.
        2. Further, the remark is hardly “news” – it was tested (seeding the field) in some small-time publications in December.
        3. It was then escalated into the left and “democratic underground places” where it would resonated with the Trump-hate warfare faction that has an ongoing digital insurrection in progress.
        4. The meme is all about promotion of a new book which (repeat after me)
        5. Is a Business Model based on financializing Trump Hate.

        Now, please…just because it came up in the WaPo again (!!!) DOESN’T MAKE IT NEWS AND IT’S NEVER BEEN CONFIRMED OUTSIDE THE BOOK.

        There is a socialist/communist war on to take down democracy and anyone who doesn’t understand that needs to do a LOT more reading on how this is being Beijing done.

        Warhammer, correct me if I am wrong, but know who you are and what you do, is there anything you could tell these people (without violating the oath and clearance) that would explain how the real theater is operating?

      • “is there anything you could tell these people (without violating the oath and clearance) that would explain how the real theater is operating?”


        In IW (information warfare) everything, even acknowledgement that knowledge of an antagonists’ ability or intent to acquire information is known or suspected, is information, and can be used against IT/IW and security types. I suspect Warhammer, literally, can say nothing. People who wants ta know, gots ta carefully select sources, then read, and apply a ton of logic and common sense to everything they’ve read.

  7. Just as you’re noting, the dems and DS will pull the plug on the money buying up this market just in time to quash Trump’s re-election, this is why I say thst Barr and Durhams reports will never see an indictment and that’s always been the plan. That’s why they’re not reporting till this summer when the ruse can be that hearings would not be possible until after the election, then voila Trump loses and Barr and Durham can say we tried, don’t blame us. Hope I’m wrong.

  8. Let’s look at Ukraine as an example. Ukraine needs help to defend itself from Russia, a worthy goal in the U.S.A.’s interests. We can give the country money, equipment, and advice to do this or we can send American soldiers and equipment to do it. There are 170 countries on this planet and they all fit this model in some shape or form. More soldiers mean more of our kids in uniform, to include yours.

    It’s like sending money to your kids for Christmas. Your call.

    Fighting any corruption arising from this arrangement is another matter. You hope your kids spend the money wisely but you’re not naive.

  9. Dear Mr. Ure, Thanks again (and everyday) for the fire to get up and pound the keys, so your readers can get their brains stirred.

    Since today is a holiday, (that man was only 39 when he was murdered) and some might have some spare time,, here is a video of Victor Davis Hanson @ Hillsdale College back in October (notice he doesn’t use notes). If one isn’t familiar with him, read the info below the video for some of his background,, he’s a 5th generation California farmboy from Fresno (so is well grounded).. He is one of the most brilliant guys out there,, for his insight about the US predicament (and has the chops to support it).. (although I doubt he knows how to fly a plane, design a light crown, or knows morse code).. He also wrote “the Case for Trump” (and there are videos of his supporting lectures easily available). This might be interesting for any latecomers to Calif, who sell bay area real estate, that are shooting fish in a barrel with a shot gun and think they are a marksman…

    And maybe one other video (45 minutes),, by a West German production company,, about poverty in America.. first 10 minutes is about San Diego, my home town,, (and why I moved to a tiny city in Kansas) (video is pretty good for its ‘other country’ perspective)(although they lose some credibility at the end when they try to smack Trump for things caused by democrats) The disparity in our country is overwhelmingly evident,, and probably unsolvable… Why does a 30 year punk coder worth 25+ billion (whose product I wouldn’t ever support)(who thinks he’s righteous for wearing tee shirts)(who pretends to have a mandate for the rest of us) exist along side miles of people living in funky tents (or cardboard boxes).. MENTAL ILLNESS, substance abuse (loss of focus because of education, joblessness,,, usurped by people that broke OUR laws to be here (and especially any one who hired them!!!)).. and those who were driven out of their homes by greed, illness or accident..

    Don’t have any answers,, (I do, but they are probably not palpable to the masses)

    also, noticed the 3 bars at the top of the page a couple of weeks ago,, (might have been there for months??) and scrolled thru,, hope I haven’t violated your Trump Post Policy..

    Thanks to all for the time spent reading this..

    • Joe.. I’ve been beat down a few times. And gotten back up. One thing I hav er noticed helping others. They are not all drug addicts or mental patients. most are the results of a situation beyond their control.
      Of was beat down by a horrific accident. One because of a hurricane and a tragedy on an oil platform. He was called to testify and then black balled. The gentleman I am helping now..had a business his wife got sick and then dumped by her employer because she got sick. The insurance companies raised rates to the point she couldn’t keep it.. they took everything. His properties his personal belongings everything. When we took him in he didnt even have any money nothing..
      Most truly needing help are the first one to offer help to others. There was a study done to see just how bad it was. The thought was that they would discover them running for drugs or booze.. instead they went to help those around them. When they went into an affluent neighborhood with the same study .those were the ones that used the money for drugs and booze. Took more than their share. Etc.

  10. Everyone in Wash DC sucks. I hate em all. Trump’s $1.3 trillion deficits have caused runaway inflation while homelessness skyrockets. The idiot Democrats have no solutions for anything. I’m not voting until I see an honest rational person to vote for. I don’t expect to ever vote again.

    • Unfortunately james..the deficits can only Increase.. it doesnt matter who is in office.
      Compounding Interest on our past debts..kind of like a credit card. Make the minimum payments and before long your not able to catch up.. continue using the credit card and your in deep muck..

  11. My predictions:

    1) Deadlocked, brokered (D) convention, and it’s Hillary.
    Slogan: “I already beat him once.”

    2) Senate WILL vote for “witnesses,” and a pile of other
    goes-with Krappe, slowing everything to a crawl.

    3) Senate will vote to CONVICT, but NOT to REMOVE.
    (Both sides can claim a moral victory.)

    4) Trump will run powerfully, scaring the (Ds) to panic.

    5) Crashing the economy will be attempted to knock
    Orange Man off. It might succeed and it would have
    unintended consequences, most likely.

    6) If that fails, One Final Procedure remains.
    If necessary, the required “specialists” will
    be hired, and that will be done.

    Write ’em down, and rub my nose in it, if I’m wrong.
    (…and I dearly hope I am wrong.)

    • Historically, the House acts like something between a Grand Jury and an arraignment hearing; the Senate acts like an Appellate Court, which trys the accused on the issue and evidence brought forward by the House, with no further evidence or witnesses allowed.

      Since natty Nancy has taken Congress off-script, the entire exercise is going to be interesting, and whatever happens, it is only guaranteed to validate the principal that a Congress can vote to remove a jurist or President, strictly for political reasons. This was, BTW, one of the Founders’ greatest fears. They only included an “impeachment process” for the President after concluding Congress would either have sufficient integrity to not abuse the rules of impeachment, or the Country would already be lost when they did so.

      Whichever or whatever way the ball bounces, we’ve irretrievably lost the Republic. The only question now is: How long can we keep the illusion of it afloat and swirling ’round, before it goes down the hole…

      We are of like mind on every point, except your #3. I think you’re right if they vote to convict, but I don’t believe they will, simply because Pelosi has stepped hard on McConnell’s toes and his turf, and Ol’ Mitchie is as pompous, conceited, and as much a megalomaniac, in his own way, as she. I think he’ll push back…

  12. In January 1987 the DOW broke 2,000, which was a big deal at the time. In January 2020, the DOW may break 30,000, which is a big deal. But on October 19, 1987, the Market Crashed for one day. It was basically a 1 day bear market.The downturn was big % wise since Wall Street couldn’t handle the volume, which isn’t the case today. After that day, it basically went back up. What does that mean for 2020. Will 1987 repeat itself. What could cause a huge one day selloff…the Fed Turing off the dollar spicket, which is likely if Trump loses. Woe be us. But in the end, the only thing that changes is that nothing changes. We still have the US penny.

  13. While you are pillow testing:

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    How the homeless survive with a sleeping bag and a cardboard box

    • “How the homeless survive with a sleeping bag and a cardboard box”

      We had one gentleman move into our spare room.. he had gotten so bad he couldn’t get in and out of the dumpster he slept in very well.. they counted him the can man and the police and garbage men would save cans for him.
      As for cardboard..boy dont put that down to much.. for one of the best cabinet makers in the USA we built a house out of card board it was beautiful.. they used it in a national display to showcase their cabinets for home shows.
      I’m in the process of collecting enough cardboard to show my grandson just how versatile it is.

  14. What if, Our pres, D J Trump is for real ? What if he truly loves America and wants to do all he can to save it from the Marxists? What if he really loves America ? What if he’s for real ? What if ???

  15. The US Penny is worthless it has been made out of scrap metal since 1984, Prior to that at least it was made out of Copper ALL of our coins/paper is scrap It has value as the government allows it.

  16. After Trump…does anyone here other than Markz…think that we can go back to co existence with each other….as the dems liberal progressives want TOTAL control over everything and everybody…BUT the big kawhona IS…FBI DOJ CIA and alphabet agencies….Would you EVER trust them again….that in my opinion is why we as a country are finished….if those that have been exposed for many crimes they committed are not brought to justice…then I for one will be labeled a ‘criminal’ by them because of my religion, prior service, being white..and a boomer…might as well make my own justice…as in leave me alone and you will not have a problem…if not…then I am prepared to remedy their mistaken ideas…what say you….imo…Semper Fi

  17. Sir,

    The dive bell is sounding on we don’t all live in a yellow submarine after all?

    Your mention of the 1/20 Virginia gun rally melded together some loose ends of thought. You may be aware that last Thursday the FBI arrested 3 members of a neo-nazi group in Delaware, 1 Canadian on the lamb and 2 Americans. It’s alleged that the trio were planning to be in Richmond this week.

    An item that one may find interesting is that the CBC reporting of the facts sought comment from the organizer of Fascism Free Treaty 1. I thought to myself that perhaps he is a First Nations Indigenous individual. I was wrong. Over the course of multiple unrelated news-making interviews with the MotherCorp, he relates as a Muslim refugee leaning to port side.

    Surfs up in the mosh pit. It would be remiss to not mention that the busy gentleman was a player in the underground punk scene having ministered directly to the flock through Intafada and Rogue Nation. Apologies to Dick Clark fans, but check out bandcamp dot com. Perhaps a litmus test to distill alt right from alt left is who’s your punk band? Something is rotten in the state of things?

    God save The Queen!

  18. All this pageantry surrounding the impeachment is going to be the backdrop to make people believe Trump’s loss in 2020 was his fault and not all the misuse of information and laws. When even the AG comes out and legitimizes the blatant circumstances of a cover up in Epstein’s murder, and that AG can’t somehow come up with indictments of key players in the coup against Trump until this summer when it will be too late into the election season to begin the trials, how can a reasonable person not believe the fix for November 2020 isn’t already cast? I hope I’m wrong.

    • I wonder what the rest of the country is thinking…
      from what I read in other surveys is that the percentage of the people have the same opinion I do…
      MY GOD WILL IT EVER END…. Trust me it is so transparent that unless you are a drooling idiot and cannot see the actions that have been going on.. Why is Biden and the democrats up to.. anyone making that big of a fuss over it especially with the things on the news.. that they cannot hide or make dissapear are already out there everyone knows.. that is why trump got in office.. the view from the bottom is of an endless corrupted political system to badly broken that it looks impossible to repair.. that insists they have to police themselves….Throwing what is usually called a HISSEY FIT .. well it just makes him look like there has to be something to hide. with all of them in the hissey fit rantings..Makes me wonder are they involved as well how deep does the murky swamp go..

      What will it do during the voting.. Hmm with the constant no let up attacks since before he took office.. absolutely childish behaviors on all sides.. I am ready to vote in a leader from another country with the strength to get them to STFU….so .. If the mass of the voters refuses to let the whiners in congress go..( I am ….NOT… voting for anyone that has any previous political history in office.if they are in office I fear they have tasted the sweet wine of corruption and greed.) and will vote towards the one that will make the biggest changes yet . Upset the apple cart type of vote…. the people voted in Obama because they loved the we can do it chant and the change.. only to discover that it deepened the swamp of the most corrupt city in the world.. Trump was voted in.. he has been trying to do what he said he wanted to do.. with a constant attack since before he took office..enough so that when the news comes on no matter where you are.. you hear an OH NO cant they stop this.. and walk away from the set..
      I changed parties.. I use to be a democrat.. we are going down the rabbit hole I don’t think a vote would make any difference at this point.. I think at this point we will have to ride this roller coaster till the end..and unfortunately what I see at the big drop draggon hill will be the ride down of ones life.. will the cart jump from the tracks or will we make it to the end..
      if it jumps.. then that means war in an attempt to get things back in order..war this time .. what was the projected loss…

      here is the problem that few visualize….

      IT WON”T BE A GAME… in a game you have game controls.. in real life.. you have the random changes from human interactions and how what they are experiencing affects them..that is why afganistan is important.. look what a group of poor poppy farmers have been able to do with pitch forks and shovels..
      the last study I read.. said 97 to 98 percent of the population in the USA would not survive.. and those that did would be decimated by illnesses and mental drama..
      COG forget it.. we would be back to the feudal states..

  19. Just a little fact that has been overlooked in this impeachment sham. The aid funds that President Trump supposedly used for “quid pro quo” from Ukrainian President Zelensky were in fact on hold in February of 2019 when Poroshenko was still president of the Ukraine. According to public documents in Ukraine, the aforementioned hold was because of possible corruption in Ukrainian government.

    This makes the entire farce impeachment a non-starter. This would be how many months before the “supposed” strong-arm telephone call.

    Another little fact that the “lame stream” media overlooks, is the loan guarantee that VP Biden threatened to withhold eventually went through a bank in the Ukraine that is controlled by the biggest “mobster” in that country and just as a coincidence has his fingers in Burisma. No wonder Poor Ole Joe wanted the Ukrainian prosecutor fired. Can’t let the little “kick back” scheme be revealed.

    Source of my info: Investigative reporter John Solomon.

  20. For those who don’t think it can happen:

    Does anyone remember the “I’m READY for HILLARY 2016” political ad campaign?

    I’m asking because I just saw an “I’m READY for HILLARY 2020” bumper sticker…

    • Phew..Dam that could be scary…

      ” I just saw an “I’m READY for HILLARY 2020” bumper sticker…”

      • …Tellin’ ya, don’t write her off until and unless a brokered convention becomes an impossibility.

        Adam Schiff has been a Clintonista for more than 25 years. Since he has no actual case, and I’m reasonably sure is not capable of “baffling them (the Senate) with bullsh!t,” I’m not yet seeing the endgame of the impeachment charade, but I’d bet somehow Hillary will be a beneficiary of Trump’s exoneration…

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