Tomorrow, one of the saddest periods of American history will begin and a sham impeachment comes to trial in the Senate.

That said, there’s a lot of good that will come of it.  But a fair amount of “bad” will accompany.  Here’s my short-list:

  • We will know who the RINO’s are.  (Spoiler – we do already!)  Take Mitt Romney and the others and throw them out at the earliest possible election.  Because they are precisely the kind of “wind-testing” and “waffling” types who are not genuinely  values-driven, but rather, do   what’s politically expedient. Mitt’s appeasing the left side of the DOP. Which – if you haven’t figured its by now – is just plain wrong in our view.  People are best served when they start  values and then  act accordingly.  Cowboy up Mitt and push back!
  • The democrats  sham primary will be exposed.  Mechanics of this are simple:  Three of the dems are senators (Worn-out, BS’er,. and Klobuchar) and they will be “bench-warming” for as long as the sham lasts.  This will likely result in our long-held belief that a Deep State-backed “Big Shot” will simply  buy the election.  And yes, Bloomie is our #1 pick for this role, but a Recycled/Rematched HRC is not out of the picture, yet. (Unfortunately)
  • Once the Big Shot has the way cleared for (Him/Bloomiei) the Fed will withdraw all that money they have been pumping into the market. You’ve got to re-watch The Big Short,” my consigliere  excitedly told me this weekend.  “And then look at the ZeroHedge  article on how The Banks pulled money out of Hedge Funds, which would have totally devastated everything.”   Indeed, the dems and DS don’t want to have Trump rolling to Election Day with a buoyant stock market.  However. a mini-crash, just enough to get people worried, is all they need.  Having a Quadrillion Dollar Global Collapse (fortunately) doesn’t serve anyone’s interests.
  • And with Bernie’s campaign-types already threatening “burning” of America if the lefties don’t rise to power, well, it’s a freaking mess.

The Ultimate Trump Defense

Woke up this morning with an odd thought, brought back from The Dream Realms.

“Trump is accused of holding up foreign aid.  We ought to start by asking where in the Constitution the Congress is empowered to tax American Citizens and then give said taxes to people who are NOT Citizens?”

Not trying to avoid the issue, though of additional “Witlesses” I mean, if the House Impeachment paperwork was incomplete, they should have done their damn job however long it took, and then rushing to bench Bernie, wrangle Warren, and closet Klobuchar so the Big Shot to buy the Deep State Nomination.  My vote in the senate would be to only consider what the Clown Parade Marched Over.  To busy to run , however.

Main concept this morning is the nagging – fundamental values-based thought – Foreign Aid in Ure’s modest view CONSTITUTES TAXATION OF AMERICANS BY OTHER NATIONS.

Think about it:  Righ there in plain view.  Which, yes, is bullshit.  (Resend this to everyone you can think of…our National Sanity has gone missing!

Anyone who’s worth a plug nickel as a “constitutional lawyer” ought to weigh in on this because?  Yes, the Congress can levy taxes.  BUT as soon as a dime of tax money is sent elsewhere…bubba, then the destination country is ((in effect)) taxing American Citizens.  

Uh-uh…nope.  Congress can not require money from American taxpayers for other countries.  That means, effectively, other countries are taxing US citizens….and clearly, that is NOT in the Constitution.

All part of the Great Swindle of genuine freedom from Americans and the whole Congress has dirty hands on this.

I can’t say Donald Trump will play this “high card” that “Trumps” Congress on the Impeachment, but if Trump simply slowed down the Taxes of Americans being sent to Ukraine, how can a “high crimes and misdemeanors” case arise out of an illegal premise, namely Taxing for Ukraine??

No, this is totally stupid, though it has been from the get go.

Would someone email this idea to Mr. Snerdly, please?

Holiday?  Oh….ueah….

Back to bed shortly…it’s a holiday (which completely escaped my notice, until the legendary Bullish Bob Bagley sent me a note, reminding me a chart on Peoplenomics was wrong.  It said “Monday Starts from here…”   Well, it does, but also Tuesday…ahem…

‘Bullish Bob” has a better recall of time-off that I do…Maybe if I could read a calendar, I wouldn’t be getting up at 4 AM to come up with cockamamie ideas like those herein…

In the Shorts

Truly very little of importance today, except the demonstrations in Virginia.  Gun Rights groups are pushing back against the left-wing (anti-constitutional) gun grab movers.

You know, we would all be much better off (and we’d soon zero the national debt, too) if Congress made the money, and followed the letter of the framer’s.  But, sad to say that’s not the case.

The invasion of America and overthrow attempt by Digital Mob Rule shortly, is coming because we can’t even follow our founding Articles.  Weaasels on the Court.  Yes, you have a right to bear arms and no, collecting money for any “foreign aid” recipient country is not legal.  Remember, though, that’s an MBA view, not a JD view.

We see Everything’s a Business Model – which is why there’s a Deep State in the first place; because insiders are getting rich.  We ought to all set up Foundations, right?

Now, here’s what’s useful today (besides banks and market closed, no mail and so on…)

Little early for political side-picking, isn’t it?  But nothing stops the NY Fish-wrapper:  Fortune outs them in ‘May the best woman win:’ New York Times endorses 2 Democratic candidates for president.’  After the sham convention, we expect them to change-up and endorse the liberal Big Money pick.

Side order of global pandemic, anyone? New China virus: Number of cases jumps as infection spreads to Beijing.

Ah, here we go – another ATTACK on the Constitution sighted as  CNN headlines Climate refugees cannot be sent back home, United Nations rules in landmark decision.  Total bullshit since the UN “rules” only apply to globalist subs.  Remember when we were a dom?  Chip, chip, chipping away.. We’ve got from Constitutional Democratic Republic to whatever the Court figures will avoid hard feelings.  FMTT..

Meantime, the Deep State sees a business model in climate (duh).  So as a result, here comes another reason to increase your tax burden as Climate Change Takes Center Stage in Davos.  The Swiss cheeses know best, serf. Didn’t you get the damn memo?

Our odd sense of humor is showing itself:  In response to Iran Now Banned From Hosting International Soccer Matches we wonder if Iran’s being told the West has their balls?

Dumbest Story of the Day Dept.

You can tell when there’s no real news as the BBC reports Men make ‘Earth sandwich’, nearly 12,500 miles apart.  We’re at a loss to explain why our “global synchro crap” story didn’t get legs.

With the reminder that Dow Futures are tomorrow (thanks Bullish) Ure’s going back to more of that non-destructive pillow-testing.  Maybe when I wake up, the world will have come to its senses?  Well, we  can dream, right?

Write when I wake up, or post an alarm comment…