Time for us to check you into Reality Rehab.

The Trump Bump wasn’t supposed to happen.  It was the Clinton Bump – except that voters didn’t vote the Manipulation Ticket and actually voted the Anything Else ticket.  Still, we’re not getting what we voted for.

The “Trump Tax Cut” – truth be known (though why bother in this Age of Social Sychopants on the Web (the ASSWeb for short)) is that it was the handiwork of both parties.

The “Big Game” the political parties play on the dumbed-down public is that voting makes a difference.  Sure, good story in the civics class, but when comes to push, the Big Money owns us all.  Owns Congress, owns the Fed and on and on. Though the legend of equality sells well and sounds good..

Here’s your first dose of Rehab:

But, that’s just the “tip of the berg” because what’s really in play is the larger problem we have warned of for years: Consumer Super-Saturation and a lack of new industry.

Because, dear reader, BOTH crooked political parties are very good at just one thing:  Scamming the public and taking credit for change when the only thing that changes is accounting policy.

The more worrisome reality is that UrbanSurvival readers are not the only ones to see this.  OK, along with Ford and a lot of displaced Harley Davidson workers, then..  The fact is that “Foreign buyers find U.S. Treasuries less appealing...”

Ready for the transition from manic to panic?

What We Need is a Good Crisis

Democrat hopes to sink the Ship of Trump are on the rocks today because Jerome Corsi – an “associate” of Roger Stone:” – says he will not sign a lie that the Special Persecutor has been pressing; namely to admit to intentionally misleading the Inquisitors.  Toss in that Paul Manafort is being charged with not giving said Inquisitors what they want – in order to pin-the-felony-on-the-President – which is again, evidence that the political chicanery is still running things.

People in ‘Merica are on the verge of getting angry for in football, this is delay of game – and with good reason.  We are on the bad side of a lot of trade deals (Trump gets the idea right, tactics wrong in our view), but at the same time, we still don’t have the long hoped-for Big Developer Vision for America.  Remember:  No BDVA!

The economic problem is that MAGA is not a plan In other words, the Developer In Chief could not walk into the Building Department in New York City and announce “We want to build a New York Great Again.”

Whazzat, Bub?”  I can see the plan reviewer now.  A two line PowerPoint ain’t gonna fly in Midtown.

I expect shortly, the Building Department would (properly) laugh Trump out of the planning office if he dared walk in with an empty shell, which MAGA is being revealed to be..

That’s what Trump.gov seems to be missing, but he’s not along: So are both political parties.

America’s really good at only a handful of thing.  We need to build, innovate, employ, and educate towards a specific Big Plan. That’s why we are fierce and feared in time of War.  We can rock the planet.  Peacetime?  Losers…led by BS’ers, all marching nowhere.

Kiddies, we need a plan.  Not a slogan.  We need a deliverable.

Remember how people were energized by Kennedy’s “Go to the Moon this decade?”  The collapse of Camelot was about when actual leadership was replaced with the sociological mindf*cks and politically correct “shell games” that have essentially turned America from global tiger into the financial equivalent of the Soviet Union circa 1984. Running on fumes.  Heading for the rocks…and now one’s really at the helm.  Peloser?  Third-rate socialist rabble?  You’re joking, right?

So, What IS the Plan???

I have a couple of ideas to table.

  1.  Get Serious About Mars

Elon (430) Musk says he figures he has about a 70 percent chance of moving to Mars in his lifetime.

Musk has the same problem politicians have – BIG on generalizations, low on plan specifics – though admittedly, Musk can ad lib his way through problems better than Congress and the White House.  (He’s actually tabled some very driveable deliverables, too.

The simple answer?  A National Commission on Spacefaring would be a great start.  It would have a workplan.  It would begin with engineering and numbers (NASA already has most of this stuff) and the real question is Does Earth Have Enough Resource and gumption to get Off the Rock and go somewhere?

Then comes the detailed work plan – get a self-sustaining space station going in a “Bigly” way.  Then get to the Moon before China grabs all of it.  Then, use moon’s resources to build the Mars travelers…and on and on.

Well, except, of course, that door may not really open IF the Moon Landing was staged and/or someone else (as in other civilization) built the moon and we’re not welcome… Nephalem as spacefarers?  Fine plot there…

OK, for that possibility we offer something more “grounded”…

2.  Sustainable America Initiative

This one is simple to encapsulate:  IF we were – through a massive changing of the national consensus – able to get into the idea of “sustainable America” then we wouldn’t need the half-measures of “Global Warming” (a quarter-step) or the “Climate Change” riff to be played nonstop by corporate media.

No.  We need to do some math and work on some innovation to transition from a resource-dependent society to one that actually has a neutral footprint.

Not to harp here, but Sustainable America is a real dream of mine – and has been since I put in $30,000 worth of solar power equipment that runs UrbanSurvival and Peoplenomics back in 2008.  We recycled our large battery system ($2,250 worth of cost) this year.

Even though it is cool in Texas, we pay less than $1,000 a year in property taxes on 29 acres because we are sequestering carbon as a tree farm.  And our power bill last month (even with servers on 24/7) was a mere $177.  That is actual moving toward sustainability..

When friends of ours had a new home built out West two years ago, they loaded the roof with solar…again, there’s talk and there’s walk.

THAT, dear reader, is what the assembled multitude of pseudo-leaders has missed.  Can’t articulate accident avoidance to save their souls. They get so wrapped around the axles of their own hype that they miss what’s obvious out here at the “end of the string.”

MAGA isn’t working – it’s tired, old, becoming useless why?  Because there’s no deliverable.

We are very likely, in my view, just passing PEAK EMPLOYMENT now.  The cost to get here has been horrific.  Coming up on $22-trillion in Federal Debt.  And what that really means is several tangibles:

  • Foreign investors have noticed that China is moving to sustainable.
  • The US deficit wrecks the purchasing power of the Dollar.
  • It continues the ill-advised interest-based economy.  As we have warned many times:  Islam has a huge leg-up on the interest-paying West:  Their economic system (buy-sell, without making up money) is not addicted to continuous growth.

And that’s the point of the Trump Bump Dump headline.

Because, as I explained too many times to count, in our work, we are at a critical point today (and this week) to where we can begin the Big Decline that could halve the markets between now and Christmas, or we can begin a rally that will last another three to five years.

What will determine the outcome is whether we can “shake it off” and “get it right.”  Otherwise, there’s one other track to get to Sustain America.

A hugely painful, semi-violent Second Great Depression.

Like you, I’m optimistic.  But I’m a realist and I run a virtual economic rehab unit. And I’m still waiting for a Plan instead of more yammer and jibber from the politicians.

If you were to bet that Ure went “gone short” at yesterday’s market high (in keeping with what he has hinted at Nov 27 turn date), well, who’s to say that you’d lose that wager?

You see, when comes to making money, around here we have a simple motto:

Give us deliverables or give us shorts…”

Oh, and with perpetual politician Blabber Kasich trying to suck up to the cointards with his “BTCs for property taxes” move?  Doesn’t change what we’re serving in Reality Rehab.  BTCs are still sucking wind just over $3,700 this morning.

War:  The Unspeakable Option

OK:  Not going to Mars?  Not going to rebrand Global Tax Grabs and really reformulate the economy?

Third choice is war.

I checked with warhammer (a brother of the oak leaf clusters) about what the mess with Ukraine putting in martial law leads to.  His view?

“It is not hard to predict what happens when despotic regimes feigning democracy are left unchecked.

Russia to charge Ukrainian sailors as Kerch crisis deepens, and Ukraine-Russia sea clash: Captured sailors shown on Russia TV, being the latest

This should be no surprise to anyone following Ure column or Russian affairs.  Czar Putin is itching to crush the last vestiges of independence out of the Ukraine while Europe and NATO stand by uselessly and just watch.

Putin is a master of tightening his garrote slowly, almost imperceptibly around neighboring nations. He’s perfected his KGB craft to the point he’s elevated it to the state level.  His actions pop up on Western media for a few days, then all goes silent until his next ‘small’ venture.  Like molasses on cold dinnerware, Russia is slowly spreading its rule into what it thinks are its most strategic locations.

You can be sure China, Syria, Iran, Venezuela and S. Africa are watching Ukrainian affairs very closely.

Mentally war-gaming these developments, I can’t help but wonder if China will simultaneously move on the S. China Sea and Taiwan while Russia slowly oozes across the Western Ukraine, with Russia’s ultimate objective being the firm control of Baltic Sea ports located in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  Why?  The Black Sea is too easily blockaded from the Mediterranean via the narrow straits of the Dardanelles and Russia needs open access to the seas to continue exerting global influence.

As you noted the last few weeks, when markets go down, war raises its disagreeable noggin.  Add crazy climate developments along with the massive migrant difficulties in America and the EU, and it’s easy to see that a storm may be coming soon.  What will ultimately light the fuse?

I’ll leave that to you and Ure readers.

Oh, and as to the coordinated assault on the USA southern border as a distraction orchestrated to whip up the 5th column in the US?

From the military perspective, the report that “U.S. may extend troop deployment along border with Mexico” is useful.  Or, if like us, you view everything is a monetization, then read up on how “Sacramento lawyers head to US-Mexico border as protests break out.”

For once again, “Yea, veerily, brothers and sisters, Everything’s a Business Model. Gimme an Amen!”

Off to see Housing peak – that will be updated about 8:15 Central.

‘Moron the ‘morrow.”

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