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As we have been telling our subscribers for a few weeks now, there is ONLY ONE CHART THAT MATTERS RIGHT NOW:

This is not investment advice – it’s just a lineup of where things are this morning, one day before we hit the 55-day trip wire.

As you can see, the chart above compares the 1929 track of the Dow Jones Industrials from the all time high of September 3, 1929 to the period into late December 1929.  The reason we lined up the recent S&P high as we did is that in our Aggregated Indices work, October 3 – just 54-days ago – was the nominal all-time high.

Tomorrow, we will be at the same number of trading days that led into Black Monday in 1929.  We take it as an article of faith around here that we’re not the only people who look at this as a “desperation Monday” set up…for a large number of reasons.

A simple understanding of Elliott Wave Rules – worked out by R.N. Elliott wat back when – offers that Wave 3s cannot be larger than Wave 1s, regardless of whether the trend is up, or down.  Therefore, when we look at Aggregated market data in this chart, we see a problem: The Wave 3 down is not large enough under Elliott to be “complete.”

Which is why central banks, all over the world, at likely reaching for the Kaopectate today because this may be the “last chance” to offload a lot of “paper and digital tulips” on the unwary.

Bitcoin Implosion?

One of the most fascinating to watch has been the massive decline in Bitcoin prices.  See the chart over here.   When I looked this morning, we had dropped a bit lower over the weekend, but the rally so far was to $3,915 when we looked about 6:30 AM EST.

Here’s what people don’t realize:  Bitcoin – and its half-zillion knock-off/wannabe’s – really have no barriers to entry.  If you happened to be a fairly competent programmer, as I brought you a couple of baggies worth of bud and sent in pizza, it would only be a matter of time before you’d invest a “Made Up Coin” for us.  Once the concept of a “can’t be cloned” code comes out…well, that “exclusivity” is not a particularly “big deal.”

Until the shills come along and turn it into hype.  Which, they seem to have done.

But, now we’re at a critical crossroads in the life of such digital tulips:  They have been collapsing – and as we speculated for subscribers this weekend (naming names) – we think we know which systemically too large to fail institution may be bailing out because of coming legal battles.

We think a “big player” may be bailing on the BTCs but regardless of the drivers (which we told you were coming!) people may be shocked to read stories like this one from Reuters: Bitcoin extends falls as selloff in crypto currencies resumes.  Oh, d’uh.

But Wait!  There’s More!

The failure of crypto currencies, in and of itself, would not be a Big Deal.  In fact, it’s likely to be a side show to the main events due in coming weeks.  In our Saturday subscriber update we predicted (and I will use only two examples here) the following, as part of our “10-Ring Circus” the world turns in December outlook:

Ring 3:  Ukraine, For Example

The European Union put the Russians on notice several years ago that they wanted to ensnare Russia in their megalomaniacal schemes.  Vlad Putin will have nothing to do with it.

And that’s why he moved into the soft warm-water port areas now controlled by Russia.

The largely Ukraine-focused Unian is asking the Big Important Military Question:   “Will Ukraine make it into the EU and NATO?

There is a clock ticking:  Once NATO membership is a done-deal, Russia would be more constrained than they feel presently.

Vlad Putin has mechanized units at the ready and moving in winter has many advantages including hard ground and NATO holiday laxness.  Toss in NATO not being certain of US funding and the postponing of aggression to spring – when it could impact food production – becomes undesirable.””

I should have added:  He also has a NAVY.

Ukraine says Russia seizes three of its ships in Black Sea

Russia has opened fire on Ukrainian ships and captured three vessels in a major escalation of tensions off the coast of Crimea.

Ukraine considering martial law after naval flare-up with Russia

Ukrainian president demands release of sailors

It’s not hard to be prescient when you understand that Everything is a Business Model.  Still, our second example from the 10 Rings cited Saturday for subscribers is pretty good, too:

“Ring 4:  Madness On Bordering

We would be surprised if Vlad Putin, advancing his plans to restore Russian territory to that held by Catherine the Great, didn’t  get on the phone to some of his contacts (from his KGB days) to put out tactical plans to the Russian Mafia.

“I want you all to get some well training military men into a convoy and get up to the US border with Mexico by December 1st,” we imagine him saying.

MS-13 – and other Central American gang offshoots, sensing a chance to go for the gold with a global crime syndicate would like agree, which is why president Trump (having heard some variant of this from intel sources) announced that he was willing to use lethal force to keep the border secure.

Here again, when you see the global economic collapse pending which will lead to nuclear war in about five years, this is all so predictable.  When we saw these headlines, it was like seeing the lock tumblers fall into place on the future:

INVASION: Honduran Migrant Says 20,000 Will March Through Vehicle Lanes at Border, Claims That Applying for Asylum is ‘Waste of Time’.

Thousands of Additional Migrants Headed to U.S. Border

Mexico’s New Government Says No Deal With U.S. on Asylum Seekers

Sure, there are lots of “grabbies” in the headlines because the sheep are drawn to emotionally “hot” reporting that includes trigger-words like impaled and such.

But to the “Old Newsman) (who was covering press conferences before Jim Acosta was even born!) it’s important to look beyond the tactics and observe the overarching strategy in play.

The Strategy is “Take Down America” – hordes of people with the occasional impaling accident – are all distractions so that Russia can restore its influence area to that enjoyed by Catherine The Great and Vlad Putin sees that as his legacy to the Russian people – it will get him into the history books.

You see, what this “invasion from the South” does is it focuses American Action on things like resisting illegal alien immigration.  Which has been pre-chewed by the Russian-influenced press into being “politicized” into undocumented migrants.

Why, pray tell, didn’t Churchill see the nazi’s in WW II as undocumented immigrants, then?  (Because he smoked cigars, put away a good bit of brandy, and had his stuff together!  Unlike ‘Merica, land of the Tax Chattel Sheep.)

Throw in massive news over-hype of things like this being Cyber Monday and Vlad Putin has to be gloating his ass off in the Kremlin this morning – possibly repeating the George Peppard line that made the A-Team such grand, mindless television.

I love it when a plan comes together…”

Putin’s fall-back negotiating chip?  Russia warns US against deploying new missiles to Europe.

And what better time to snake the EU our of Ukraine than when they’re all celebrating the BREXIT whatever?

Of course, I don’t need to get up at 3:45 AM just to give you a daily glimpse at Reality…I do it so I can have a couple of hours to pinch myself and to guesstimate the ideal movement to make my next trade in this mountain of news forth.

Not that hard.  Just watch the Deep Pockets.

Is This What “the Seers” Saw?

I’m not the only one with a view of the present period leading into a global “lighting up.”

G.A. Stewart of The Ago of Desolation website – which does a dandy job of tracking Nostradamus predictions, sent me this…

 One scenario I weighed in Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars is Russia going into Ukraine and then stopping at the Hungarian Border.

That sets a cease-fire-situation into next year, along with the economic and political repercussions, and the complete collapse of the Trump Administration with Barack Obama involved in a successful coup later next year.

Clearly, the Ukraine Neo-Nazis are involved along with Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect, and it may be Q related. Q is Trump and the US military for sure, but sadly, US military leaders continually overplay their overly-optimistic estimates.

The only thing that will save Trump is a complete secrets dump on the Pagan Sect. We’ll probably see that as a last desperate act.

Kindest Regards,  Stu”

So, the natural play is what?  Turn up the heat on Trump!  Today even Alan Dershowitz is saying the forthcoming Mueller report will be “devastating” for the president.

That’s why back in the Kremlin, Vlad eyes Ukraine, the US border is under attack, the Sect can pull strings to get the Trump investigation ramped-up in the useful timeline.  Right as markets collapse……and there goes Bitcoin….

Answer me this: How does fictional television ever get this good?

Snips and Quips

The ultimate birth control?  Read the “AP Exclusive: First gene-edited babies claimed in China.”  Repeat after me:  designer genes.

Sportsmanship, ‘Merican style: Jaguars, Bills players involved in huge brawl; leads to ejections.

Cyber Monday to test limits of retailers’ websites as shoppers scour deals.  I hear triamcinolone is pretty good for treating credit card burns.  But no, this is not medical advice you idiot.  It’s what passes as humor around here..

And, how cool is this? Hundreds of Flights Have Been Canceled as the Midwest Braces for a Snowstorm.

Show & Tell

You probably were asking “What did George do over the long weekend besides come up with amazingly insightful economic perspectives and clean his shop?”

Well, truth is I got “the twins” on the air – the 1960’s vintage Hallicrafters SX-117 and the matching HT-44 transmitter…and they work just great:

A bit of fine-tuning (when a complete set of new tubes for the SX show up) because no point in aligning the 117 LMO with old tubes.

After that?  The HT-45 Loudenboomer linear amplifier (big box on top) will be the next unit to go “under the iron.”  Custom-wound Dahl-Hammond choke going into the P/S unit.

I get real joy out of restoring such equipment.  Sure, the modern DSP intensive, push-button 2 kW station down the bench is fun.  But in terms of listening enjoyment there is NOTHING that compares with the warmth of tube sound.

Lesson for your ears:  What works up in the RF range also works down at the home studio or audiophile room level.

Not many audiophiles understand it, but with solid-state devices, the knee in linearity curves is extremely abrupt.  With vacuum tubes, it’s much softer with less peak distortion and that’s why tubes are still, in my view, the best preamps for studio use.

If you have a garage band, and you want to kick-it up to the next level in recording (or audiophiling) around the house, pick up a $120 Presonus TubePre v2 Tube Preamplifier DI Box.  (DI means direct injection via an XLR plug to a mono line to the amp or console, right?)  You’ll thank me – just send the Grammy invite to Elaine’s attention so she gets it on the calendar……

Moron the morrow…

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