The MOOTW Surprise

That’s short for Military Operations Other Than War.  And over the coming year (or three) it could be very useful to have not only a grip on basics of MOOTW, but also in the changes of “nation posture” ahead of such change at the systemic level.

Of course, before we get into this, a few headlines and the ChartPack to move those spike proteins around, eh?

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49 thoughts on “The MOOTW Surprise”

    • While we specifically disavow the claims made in the article linked, and we’re posting the claims so the public may further investigate, we are also posting an article here that appeared earlier this week: as it may be on point.
      Again, however, these are only assertions on the web – and in the BMJ story by an “investigative journalist” who we have not vetted, we recommend the stories not to be taken as credible, nor true.
      Until additional facts comer to light.

      We would additionally draw readers’ attention to the latest UK week 44 surveillance data. Which taken as a whole suggest on page 20 that being vaccinated increased the odds of getting Covid. But full vaccination reduces mortality by some 55 percent. Covid cases are diminished, however, for persons 29 and under being vaccinated…

      • George,
        Thanks for providing links to rational sources of COVID information. No doubt others will impune it and may even accuse you of being a shill for the Big Pharma/Deep State Industrial Complex.
        Yikes! Did ya see the ER and death rates for unvaxxed old folks like us?

      • Sure did – the troubling part is that the double vaxxing reduced the rate of mortality by 55% – but the real story will likely be in the long-term organ damage from the mRNA and possible graphene’s in the bug juice.
        Its best to study insurance and risk management for such decisions. Since risk management approaches are less prone to the machinations of corporate pharma.

    • That article is complete BS.

      “IF” such a high profile person was arrested it would be on the regular news wires in about 5 minutes. By US Securities Regulations the Company itself would have to disclose it IMMEDIATELY (as in within minutes) or they would have CRIMINAL liability to say nothing of Civil Lawsuits out the Ying Yang if they delayed putting it on the “PR Newswire” since that is critical information for the investing community.

      Time to use some discretion as to some of the crazy stuff that unknown people with NO history of posting accurate information just post at random on the Internet.

  1. TS concert last night was satanic sacrifice . Texas is a target, as is Flalala.

    Satanist scheisse is so in our faces these days as to be sickening to the stomach. Yes – after posting full moon eclipse/mystery school items – woke up yesterday with nasty stomach bug.Heaving stomach contents all morning, fire hose squirts, chills, sweats – really kinda sucked. Back in the pink this AM, so whatever it was – it be gone.
    “that all U got?”

    All part of the clingon, old PTB desperately trying to hang on to power/riches, and keep their long lists of misdeeds/malfeasance under wraps and outta sight.
    Next up on the hit list – Slo gotta go!
    – is that ignorant enough?
    Last two Presidents who crossed the Military got tossed or shot. tRump was just ignored by the Military leaders, flat out lied to most of the time..”Yes Sir! we have started the withdraw from Trashganistan”

    China is gonna let US destroy its self, with our own rules, regulations, “rainbow” military and some well placed cutouts – see Brandon – the “clown” guy in the south court auditorium on white house complex – wtf, over?

    ME will be the location, as prophesied. ME – Turkey where they DUG the Euphrates and Tigris to water the fields of Eden.
    Russia & Syria, Iran & Russia and China. Israhell is US as is SA, UAE, Lebanon, ?Turkey ? – age old conflicts going as far back as the very beginning of Humans being “created”= born Adult, on planet Earth. The only questions I have then are will humanity’s friends wake up and incarnate in time ?

    • “keep their long lists of misdeeds/malfeasance under wraps and outta sight.”

      Just look at what has happened..the filth that has been brought to light so far..
      and it hasn’t even been a year yet..
      Then the ultimate slap at the American laborer.. let’s give illegal refugees that shouldn’t even be here until they are allowed to legally. Then want to give each of them a half million per person..give them choice jobs with lucrative benefits, they pay no taxes,get assistance benefits that were originally intended to give a citizen a temporary hand up free college and an education rather than the children of the American labourers..
      Its unbelievable really..

  2. The head of Pfizer has been arrested for changing data about the effectiveness of the covid vaccine and for giving large sums of money to the federal government.

      • * note taken on legitimacy.
        Stands to reason – falsie & gates been planning this for decades. Proof ? You want the Truth – I know 1/2 the “experts” on here cant handle the truth, but here goes.

        -The Fauci/ Covid-19 Dossier, document prepared for Humanity by Dr. David Martin.

        anzo – we know pfizer funded slo presidential campaign, we know GSK controls pfizer, and we know GSK refers to gates.

    • ahhh so big pharma karma is right on schedule. thanks for the notes. been seeing for a while now… you know the deal George about buying rumors.. dna uhem andy wait that is me. double uhem. and rumors effects on markets.

  3. Hunter’s laptop and Ashley’s diary, the Biden family has a lot of problems and should not be in charge of anything except their cell maintenance.
    Did little Ashley leave it behind on purpose as a cry for help or just normal forgetfulness? Can we give her diary a title? maybe something racey.
    “Life in the fast lane,,, Lets Go Brandon” would be a catchy title for it.
    groans and moans from the cheap seats

    Ya known the FBI is on the case with their investigation of Project Veritas over the diary, why is the FBI on this case? why would they chase a fraud diary, assuming it is a fake, why would the FBI chase a real diary? evidence to recover and cover up?
    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives, starring the Bidens. The american branch of the Chinese Communist Party, lock, stock, and bank account.

    “The social experiment in China under. Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history. How extensively China opens up and how the world interprets and reacts to the social innovations and life styles she has developed is certain to have a profound impact on the future of many nations.” David Rockefeller

    • “Hunter’s laptop and Ashley’s diary, the Biden family has a lot of problems and should not be in charge of anything except their cell maintenance.”

      Dysfunctional as the least incriminating description..
      In a family where suspected and accused of torid actions have if true always been overlooked justified and covered over.. my guess is it’s not only a cry for help and the so what we can do what we want response..
      “Specifically, affluent youth reported significantly higher levels of anxiety across several domains, and greater depression. They also reported significantly higher substance use than inner-city students, consistently indicating more frequent use of cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, and other illicit drugs.”
      Just like the pedophilia ring that was being sought in the NE.. the moment it looked as if it implicated wealthy and politically privileged individuals..everyone worked hard to shift the blame and cover up the atrocities. The Russians did it lol.. or it’s all fake news.. even though the postings by some that were implicated made it look darker and more evil still..the deeper you looked the uglier it got..
      With the laptop and diary Even though every organization out there is trying to cover it over the kids keep on tossing it out there for everyone to be disgusted over their general actions and the implications that are directed at the general family. As with the suspected large pedophilia ring they avoided tossing it all in everyone’s face any longer after it was brought to light and the organizationsbegan their cleansing..where even though they are working on cleansing the famiky image the kid still keeps going on with his outragious and questionable actions.. the screw em if they don’t like it attitude.

      Seriously What is anyone going to do about it.. I think they have proven that they are above the laws. If any of us tried a fraction of what they’ve been accused of with only a fraction of the information that’s openly been published to date the proverbial book would have been tossed at them..

    • “Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives, starring the Bidens.”

      I was personally thinking the show could be called … Delaware… instead of the show Dallas…or instead of as the world turns it could be called.. As the Stomach churns lol
      Theres enough scandal and personal debauchery to keep B rated movies in script material for a century..

    • “Lets Go Brandon” would be a catchy title for it. groans and moans from the cheap seats”

      Wilmington: The City of Brotherly (and Fatherly) Love — (groans and moans from the cheap seats on the patio…)

      Fixed that for you.

      The FBI is out of its jurisdiction. If a crime were even committed (which is not yet known), it would be a local or State infraction, and a misdemeanor, not a Federal crime. The FBI is being used as Gestapo or Stasi, not a law INVESTIGATION entity. This does not foster confidence in the honor or legitimacy of its Field Agents…

      Is the FBI going to investigate Joe and Hunter for bangin’ Ashley or investigate her for doing a 20-year Hunter Thompson imitation? When rumors of Obama and incest surfaced, they were quashed and buried within two days — before they got anywhere close to the mainstream press.

      Hard to bury a knob job in the shower…


      Ashley Biden diary appears to be real as FBI raids Project Veritas-linked homes over its ‘theft’

      A copy of the diary of US President Joe Biden’s daughter has reportedly been confirmed as genuine. The FBI has raided multiple homes as part of an investigation into its alleged theft, media reported.

    • Her diary was out a YEAR ago, I already RAD it.

      Can’t see why the FBI is a year behind chasing that tail.

      Now the Hunter Hiden Biden Laptop, well that’s another goose chase; the FBI had it handed to them on a silver platter, and they didn’t do diddly squiddly squat, but we all saw most of that content a year ago, 2!!!

      Now this little gal, she’s something wonderful, and she is tying some pieces together; people better watch out, listen up!!

      • I love what she says, but books are not sufficiently information dense for their volume today. I’d need a large building full of books to cover the range of topics I want to be highly competent in.

        Basic books are important as backup, but keeping terabytes of information on safely stored media and devices to read it and print as necessary is a reasonable intermediate step. We can’t rely on a net that’s at risk from military, politicians, and terrorists. We need redundant and robust personal repositories of knowledge.

        She’s probably provided the most logical reason to have nothing more invested in crypto than you can afford to totally lose.

      • Timing is everything. What do you suppose Project Veritas is investigating, that the PTB do not want to be made public? An FBI raid on their offices and O’Keefe’s home does what?

        It screws with every investigation they’ve got going on, and
        it rearranges reporting priorities of the crap that’s on the evening “news.”

        Since the raids are not “wall-to-wall 24/7” they are not a “wag the dog,” so the point is to screw with their investigations…

        Or it could be retribution (not likely, but possible.) Maybe the pharmcos didn’t like PV’s info-drop on coronavirus, a couple weeks ago…?

      • And BTW, agree on the little girl. She’s both ridiculously bright and attractive, and she also has an instinctive ability to connect dots…

  4. You know that WSJ article made this comment on China..

    “So far the Biden administration is ignoring the warning signs. Images:”

    Is he ignoring the information on purpose?

    How much money have they been donating to the family?
    People usually expect some compliance over an investment that large. I believe the next war will be by unmanned drones.. or simply an emp high above the planet to send us back ten thousand years..the older trained are dying off their work ethics and skills to teach those we working the jobs lost for good.. industries closed and the emp send us back then let time pass..trash removal alone would have the USA looking like downtown san Francisco..
    Take away our technology advances and we are screwed.

  5. Who’s in charge?

    Directorate 153? (I do like that one.) Bilderburgers (y’want fries with dat?)? Illuminatti? SPECTRE? (“Good evening, Mister Bond…”) Club of Rome? Masons? Templars? Is there a Central Committee of Conspiracies of Conspiracies — coordinating it all? (…and I do mean ALL.)

    Is there a “Number One,” sitting, serenely stroking a cat? A global Kahuna?

    Or is it “The Agency Without A Name?” (There is one, you know…) (TAWAN.) None will admit to it.

    Or are they ALL scheming against all the others? Are they all even extant, and in the game at all? Do they all actually exist? Are they even TRYING to run the world? (Maybe they don’t really care — their particular club is just an ego-thing. For fun, one might say.)

    Seems to me that if there WERE a Grand Conspiracy of Conspiracies, the world would probably actually run better. Right now, it’s pretty messy.

    So, maybe it’s a pit full of snakes. A sack full of rats. Capos who think they’re in charge, but are only in charge of their one little peanut stand.

    Mutual interests sometimes drive them together, just as mutual suspicions and envies drive them apart. Dynamic tension.

    Me? I’ll put my chips on double-zero — chaos.

    Never forget Ozymandius.


  6. Quick additional:
    The gathering of intel is called “collection.”

    It’s partly aggregation, and partly action. Hari Seldon and Susan Calvin are watchers, collectors, and predictors. They provide a distillate to the actual effectors of operations.

  7. Just 2 weeks ago TWO (2) tourists were killed just down the coast in Tulum in another “shoot out” (generally a nice day side trip to that Religious Ruins Site on the coast)

    The Drug Cartels are slowly pushing their crime tentacles into the US and with the increasing numbers of “illegals” inside this country, plus the control of the Mexican side of the border by the Cartels, so one should expect those kind of shoot outs to start to occur INSIDE the US also.

    Sadly you will NEVER hear any Democrats criticizing the Mexican Cartels control of the Mexican border … nor their drug trade tentacles inside the US … since in their minds that would be “attacking “IMMIGRANTS”!!

    • Due illicit payments from Mx to Tx – the US side of border is now partially controlled by cartel (s) – a few landowners down on border happy to take the cash bribes.
      See Belize drug bust this week – they caught the entire Narco Team, responsible for Interdiction, with unloading and taking off with 3/4 ton of fresh Coke. You cant make this shit up – its so f-ing crazy.
      Same night last week they caught the twin drug plane in Gautamala, eight uniformed Popo nabbed in that one, including senior law enforcement officials.

  8. “the other brother Darrell
    November 6, 2021 at 10:41
    “The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history. How extensively China opens up and how the world interprets and reacts to the social innovations and life styles she has developed is certain to have a profound impact on the future of many nations.” David Rockefeller”.
    Mao was successful in that he was not afraid to break a lot of eggs in making his omelette of China. And he did not mince any words over the use of the bullet in achieving his goals. As he said something to this effect, “Political power grows from the barrel of a gun”. Uh oh, still true…That is NO experiment.
    Political power can be subtle or it can be brutal depending on the character of the “leader,” but when our “leader” utters that he is losing patience with resistance to the vaxx, it makes me think of Chairman Mao and all of those interment camps here that are being kept ready for … ???
    There! Feel better now?

  9. Didn’t Italy just revise their numbers concerning COVID deaths? They removed the category of death with those having co-morbidity and revised to those dying just from COVID- enormous reduction … other countries to follow.

  10. around the ranch… those in charge you wont find their names on the net. LOL you know who foundation X is? They have more gold than the vatican. And im pretty sure after 2000 years of tithe and offering 20% without paying a single tax… not many have more gold then the vatican. The US as a nation has only been around 200 years collecting 29 trillion in debt. LOL our little pile isnt even remotley a speck comparied to the vaults at the vatican.. and there is others who are much larger. but at that level. it isnt about money or even androchrome. LOL

    its a whole nother level of play…. Me thinks THE DUDE is the Head kahuna. and HE lets others think they are in charge. im not so bold to be among those who think such things. im just having a good time watching the show. LOL

    and as of lately… rubbing elbows with legendary rock stars and some of the wealthiest men on the forbs 400… but that is nothing new. im just as comfortable down at the soup kitchen in spokane. just because they arent wearing $5000 jordens? doesent make them any less valuable to than to me as a fellow travler on the big blue bus.

    • “those in charge you wont find their names on the net.”

      Sure you will… Just not in connection with any great amount of wealth, power, or prestige. They’ve got it — they have it all, but they never advertise and others never suspect.

  11. But I wouldn’t whoop his ass. Just funny when you meet me of great wealth and power and you think. Huh. You are just a dude like me. In an Elevator going somewhere. A few friends said you should have asked him for a picture. Or advice. I said why? I know THE DUDE, ya know. HE put me there at the same spot. I don’t think it was to get an autograph or a selfie. LOL

  12. yeah looks like this movies gunna flop as well . 1st movie moon landing . 2nd blockbuster WTC 3rd covid . stick your farken poison and plans up your @$$ . as the lady said hang em high . all of em . Nuremberg 2

  13. Comrades,

    Schoolchildren around the globe are basking in yet another day off yesterday to celebrate a Friday for Future March with pied piper Greta Thunberg as COP26 continues in Glasgow. One imagines snarled vehicular traffic recovered as the youth trampled their way to George Square in central Glasgow. The BBC duly noted that HRH The Prince of Wales had been invited to the march but “was unable to attend”. Meanwhile Ms. Thunberg noted she had not been officially invited to COP26. Quite an amazing turn from her statements last April saying she would not attend COP26 because covid-19 vaccines were not being fairly distributed around the globe. But there she is in Glasgow. Of course her travel from London to Glasgow was by train generating only 14% of the carbon emissions compared to air travel. It is not readily apparent how she got to London though in the first place.

    Mind you, the msm records would tell us that Ms. Thunberg traveled from Europe to New York to address The UN a couple of years ago on a 15 day yacht journey. The racing vessel was deemed zero carbon and featured austere facilities for personal hygiene. Accompanying the Thunberg entourage on the yacht was the skipper Pierre Casiraghi, a grandson of Princess Grace of Monaco. The vessel is named Il Malizia which one understands to mean “The Cunning” in commemoration of the maritimer who married into Genoavese nobility and subsequently planted the Grimaldi lineage in Monaco in 1297 with Papal blessing. Curiously enough, the family didn’t buy Monaco from The Kingdom of Aragon until 1419. Considering the personal fortune of The Prince of Monaco is allegedly worth twice that of The Queen of England, they’ve done alright. No comment on Christopher Columbus of Genoa then who was handed the keys to The New World by Queen Isabella in 1492.

    The Il Malinga line of racers was founded by the late Edmund de Rothschild who was said to be the wealthiest Rothschild at the time at his passing 24 years ago. Now the family affairs are handled privately under the guidance of Edmund’s French banking daughter-in-law from El Salvador, The Baroness. Apparently the group started a novel new AI venture fund a couple of years back which chooses properties to invest in based upon AI decision.

    Anyhow it is certainly refreshing to see that contrary to all the hyperbole, the world is not ending. In fact, The New World Order is just getting underway, and the same people are in charge as has been the case for the last millennium and before.

    This concludes random thoughts of the Leisure Class for today.

    Tomorrow, being Sunday, one looks forward to Tool-Times with George; something will get done.

    • Further to the above:

      “The Daily Mail” reported that Miss Thunberg made her way from Stockholm on up to four trains in order to reach London. The news source highlighted coverage of her arrival day in London as she posed beside a dramatically enlarged photo of her Ptiilidae family namesake featuring pigtail-like antennae at the Natural History Museum.

      According to Wikipedia, Nelloptodes Gretae is a small, sightless, and wingless beetle which thrives in leaf litter and soil of East Africa.

      By the way avid book readers, Motley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx , author of bestseller “The Heroin Diaries”, is reportedly penning a new book for children about diversity.

  14. On the counts…
    The big question is whether this ridiculous rally is going to top in three waves or five. I have this wave up in SPX as a 262% projection of the first and second (or A &B if it will be three) from the bottom targeted between 4718 and 4726 depending on where you take the measurement from. 4711 (which we slightly passed) is a 162% extension up of the entire correction down. The top of this wave (wherever it turns) is the top a third (or C). It may give us a 4th and 5th, or be done in 3.


    I see a turn down eminent. The question is where does it go. If we have a top in the market, this would start our larger 4th wave down and head South of the March 2020 lows. If it’s only going to be a 4th of the rally, we stop in the 4550 area and the next trip up goes to 5K.

    FOMC is out of the way.
    NFP is out of the way.
    Everything in the news at the moment is factored in.
    We need one heck of a surprise to take this MF down, or I’m seeing the second scenario above.

    I guess we’re going to have short the SOB when it turns (if it didn’t start on Friday, but I would think we need one more slight high first) then get a measurement once we have a wave down and partial retrace.

    The other consideration is Bitcoin.
    It’s in its four year cycle, which always tops in December (see 2012, 2017).
    I sincerely doubt BTC will continue to run while the market tops, so I’m guessing it will be later, rather than now.
    And… BTC might violate the 4 year cycle rule now. It may sell off in December, then rally again until March. In which case, I think the indices would do the same.

    I hate to say it, but this overinflated pig may cause prolonged agony.

  15. Quick hits:

    Bill Gates Urges US and UK to Spend Billions of Dollars Practicing ‘Germ Games’

    Bill Gates is urging the US and UK to spend billions of dollars to create a global pandemic task force that will practice “germ games” in preparation for future pandemics or biological attacks.

    California town declares itself a constitutional republic to defy Newsom’s COVID rules

    The city council of Oroville, California, declared itself a “constitutional republic” on Tuesday, citing Governor Gavin Newsom’s coronavirus health regulations as the reason.

    Mark your calendar! Stand for Freedom: Protest the Mandates walkout scheduled for Nov. 8-11

    Is your employer demanding that you get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus in order to continue working? If so, consider joining the tens of thousands of health freedom advocates from all across the country who will be participating in next week’s Nationwide Walkout & Stand for Freedom event.

    Dems Double Down on Spending Bill after Removing Uyghur-Genocide-Funding Prohibition

    Congressional Democrats doubled down last night on a version of their $1.75 trillion spending package after it was revealed that they had removed a prohibition on the distribution of new research funding to Chinese companies complicit in the Uyghur genocide.

    Immigration Attorneys Refuse To Be ‘Complicit’ In Biden’s Restarted Trump-Era Migrant Removal Program

    Some immigration attorneys are refusing to be “complicit” in former President Donald Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols that were reinstated by the Biden administration and expected to go into effect as early as mid-November, BuzzFeed News reported Thursday.


    According to the CEO of one of the world’s largest doomsday bunker builders for the elitists, those who are in power currently fear a “rebellion” of those who they are ruling over. The CEO of Atlas Survival Shelters, while being interviewed by The Canadian Prepper tells us the ‘bunker building business‘ is exploding as the elitists begin to fear the masses waking up.

    • Rats in hole…great sport Rats in a hole/woodpile/debris pile. Used to back up an old pick up truck(single use-plowtruck) to debris pile in field, run hose from muffler into debris pile. Sit back with old 10/22 and blink away at the scampering rats – gotta swing/move the barrel – give em good lead time in front of the nose – to pick em off. Really miss the simple ole pleasures of growing up country..

      • I believe the fact that they would eventually have to leave, escapes most bunker-builders, and not a one of them has seen the movie “The Dirty Dozen…”

        Having an underground vault as a hidey-hole is an excellent idea — as long as no one knows about it, or can discover its existence, and it has a back door. If I see a “J-pipe” stickin’ out of the ground, I’m naturally gonna assume there’s something beneath my feet which needs to be vented, and I’m going to explore the neighborhood. That’s me right here and now, (not some post-apocalyptic zombie), just being curious. My mind sees a puzzle, it tries to solve it.

        I’m probably not unique…

        None of those burial vaults is built with a back door, and AFAIK nobody builds a back door tunnel with which to service one, either. Ergo, find the door, own the people inside. Find the vent, own the supplies, as well.

        A fixed fortification is tactically amazing, until it’s not. Once it’s not, if’fn you can’t leave, quickly, quietly, and stealthily, yer dead…

  16. 9 Truths From Aaron Rodgers’ Explosive Vaxx Interview You Aren’t Allowed To Say

    You don’t have to like Aaron Rodgers to pump your fist when he drops COVID truth bombs on a hit sports talk show. The Green Bay Packers quarterback, who is currently under fire from the COVID scolds for being “secretly” unvaccinated and contracting the virus, joined “The Pat McAfee Show” to discuss his situation.

    • I have to agree with his premises! I can’t watch spectator sports and never heard of him, but the fact is that the entire vaxx narrative is flawed, and natural immunity has simply been delayed and compromised by bad science.

      I’ve been healthy ever since I recovered from covid, and that was simply resting at home. I’m in the “vulnerable” category according to the narrative, and I simply refuse to accept that limited perspective. Now it’s time to go outside and get some work done.

      • I like Aaron Rodgers and appreciate his talent, but I’m not a huge fan (of him, or of any pro athlete.) I don’t watch games either — haven’t in 30 years, but I listen while I work. I caught the blurb on Rodgers and figured it was worth a look. He’s doing ivermectin – Regeneron therapy and has been eating D3, zinc, HCQ and vitamin C for a year so he’s probably over it by now, and just has to put up with whatever the NFL’s testing protocol is…

        News shows showed him on vid, (remotely) on the Pat McAfee Show. He looked more bored with the subject than tired, and more frustrated than ill. He also mentioned his COVID regimen in detail on the show, which somehow didn’t make it to that “transcript.”

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