The “Lunch Money” Trading System

A number of people have asked me to lay out this “Lunch Money Trading System” I keep talking about. So in answer, here’s the whole thing.

Of course we disavow any use you might make of this. And, please don’t ask one of our subscribers how it works. The more people that use a trading system, the less it works.

Thing is it’s also an agnostic system. Don’t matter a whit whether you are a Bull at heart or a Bear. Just got to like the color green.

Before class, though, we get into a few headlines and a look ahead to next week.

So bean up and let’s roll. First column on my new computer!

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40 thoughts on “The “Lunch Money” Trading System”

  1. “They have cloaked this in a “green mantle” with some rubbish about reducing emissions, but the reality is that they are stockpiling coal by curtailing consumption while securing supplies. I fear that the real reason is more sinister: They are planning a move, possibly against Taiwan, and want to limit the international fallout. ”

    My thought is they are prepping.. just like the USA is preparing in a way…. acquiring stuff just in case that they need it… what is different.. is they are prepping for the population just like Russian and most other countries.. the USA is only prepping for COG and leaving the people to prepare for themselves.. china is doing similar to what I did.. when you have one job and you discover that there isn’t any job security.. you keep another one on the side to step off onto.. you won’t get unemployment so you have to be able to shift instantly.. so you keep the stepping stone job on hold.. that is what I see them doing.. extra industrial complexes on the sidelines.. ready to be fired up.. ghost cities waiting to be filled with residents.. and extra coal and extra coal power plants.. where the USA has all of theirs in one place.. ( my daily rant on the stupidity of our planners) they have power plants ready to be fired up to keep the juice moving.. they are pushing real hard on becoming green and green tech.. and really pushing hard on cleaning up their water supply.. huge hydroponic gardening systems
    they are Greenscaping to.. ( I have ranted about we should be doing that for decades)
    We are so far behind.. if there was an EMP we would be shoved back thousands of years..

  2. I tend to agree with the Fall-2022 thing. As I mentioned before, the object is for the Taiwan War to be over with and in the history books before the Republicans take back both houses of Congress. In the unlikely, but possible event that Congress could go around Creepy Joe and declare War without the CiC onboard, the Chinese would want there to be nothing about which to fight.

    If the China Virus IS a bioweapon, the release of a supervirus as a followup weapon would be keyed to those who’re vaccinated. There’d be no advantage to keying it toward the unvaxxed…

    “There are some who argue that one reason Elliott Waves are not working as well lately is that because so many people are aware of them”

    Actually, I don’t think so. Granted, the more a system is used (or at least known and allowances made for) the less-effective it becomes, however, I believe Elliot (and every other trading system based in historical performance or precedent) isn’t working as well as it should, because of FedGov market manipulations, which I believe occur much more often than those interventions of which we’re aware…

  3. Gman,

    How does a reader get in on the 2 beer bet ? Any beer ? Thinking here a Shiner Bock, less you got Pliny the Younger on tap somewhere..
    Anywho dollars to doughnuts the temple mount area and rest of ME will be engulfed in flames sooner than laterly. China, Russia, USA&Nato all squaring off in the kittylitter box.

    – wit Turd Turdegon bout to “break on thru, to the otherside” soonly , its a wonder Israhell hasnt id”d the “the rightly guided one” yet..what are they waiting 4 ? The SUN to come “zooming in” ? overdue ? sure – but we will never really know until GOES or one of the other solar monitoring satellites picks up large amounts plasma heading in our direction. Meantime working out “Electron Cascade” on grand to/different modalities (Qi?)for heating scheisse up, angles of deflection, ect.

    Small note to Ure Aggregate Index – Crypto Kemmosabe – at over 2 trillion with a T in marketcap, how much longer you going ignore?

    PS: Cheaper, easier, faster trading Crypto – “cleaner” info/charts
    Lighting network developing nicely, as well Liquid sidechain.
    PSS: Hyper Bitcoinization marches on as World wakes up to Human Rights Technology = BITCOIN..see wiki or anybody else PERSECUTED by the Int’l Money Funders..who can save ___ heavy dirty soul ???

  4. According to Suspicious Observers there have 2 earthquakes of 4 or higher at La Palma yet the USGS shows nothing on Significant Worldwide …….

  5. I track the USGS religiously and I think they are playing games with earthquake size and there categories – you used to get worldwide 2.5 and greater and 4.5 and greater and all last 30 days – now it is significant worldwide – which if you now pull up a definition it is now 4.5 and greater – yet for several days it showed earthquakes in the 3’s – very fishy IMO

    • Clawsy,
      The problem of USGS not reporting earthquakes or downgrading magnitudes is a along standing problem. I have seen a couple of bloggers censured by YouTube for gripping about this. Try using the EMSC site for your earthquake info.

  6. Hmmmmm…… I read the last 5 peoplenomics reports consecutively in reverse. From the latest to the oldest. Hine site ya know?

    Coupled with my own read of the environment around me. Which drastically changed since I am in Key nia Al ask a verses See attle washing ton. From sound ers game to see hawks. From puget ‘sound’ to cook in let. Speaking and seeing. Seeing and speaking. Phonetics is a thing.

    Hmmmmmm. One thing that really stuck out is this statement from the past. “The rule of thumb for the chart above” the rule of thumb is a beat down with a stick the size of a thumb.


    I just went from the Seahawks game with 63,000 to a town population of 7,147. Over night. I didn’t sleep for 26 hours. Work being work and travel being movement. The term earthquake has come up twice in 3 days or 6 times.

    Another observation is. I went from everyone wearing bright colors to a place where earth tones and camouflage is the fashion. Over night. In 26 hours. Hmmmmm. Where I kinda stick out with my blue swede shoes. Like a sultan. For my position of what I do is much different than my new environments average position. From Mask up to nobody wearing a mask. One song played 3 days in a row. I won’t mention it because it is for me in my personal life.

    These terms have come up quite a bit lately. Micromanagement, surveillance in a sense of spying. Or unknown observation. The revealing of lies. Fear. Alot. Not mine. But other. Helicopter relationships. Hmmmmm I’m not in a relationship. So I know it’s not about me.

    On the topic of the next election u do see a republican sweep. And I have stated before my pick as president. Trump Jr. What you are seeing now is what my grandmother told me a long time ago. If you let someone keep talking long enough about a topic. They will tell on themselves. The truth will eventually come out.
    So I let someone run the their mouth long enough the other day to me and well they hung themselves.

    On an interesting note. I was asked to block one of my ex’s by her self claiming boyfriend because of his insecurity and she was asked to block me. Then about 20 minutes into the conversation he asked me for a job and wanted to hang out. Hmmm. Kinda weird doncha think? I don’t want you talking to her. We are together. But hey can I come work for you? Uhhhhh what?! Lol

    The time line has changed. No doubt about that.

    As I sit here with a baby kitten on my lap with the song jive taking playing on the radio. My father who passed away racing jacket that he wore to win 6 state sprint car championships in fits me now to a T. I have never tried it on before. Nobody has ever wore it but him. You weren’t even allowed to touch it. He had this ritual. He would be out next to his race car in the pits. Full race gear on but his coat. When you saw him turn his ball cap on backwards. He never said a word. Just turned his ball cap backwards. When in the race car trailer and put on his fire proof racing jacket. Then grabbed his helmet off the rack, took off his hat hung it up where the helmet was put his helmet on and went and got in his racecar and waved back with his index finger up saying #1 and that is how you know he was belted up and ready to roll. I seen him do the exact same thing a thousand times. Nobody ever said a word about it. So at his funeral. I will turn my baseball cap on backwards. Put on his racing jacket and point up with index finger to the heavens and not say a word.

    There is alot more I can say. But I won’t. Because George says in the last 5 articles. We don’t disclose everything. Or eludes to it. And that is what the Don says before he hands over the mantel.

    I am truly blessed and highly successful. It is my hope, That you are as well.

    Cue: thunderstruck

  7. The distance between seattle washing go Kenai AK is 2,416.1 mi

    For aware observer: that is distance between seeing a condensed population of 63,000 and 7,174 in 26 hour time frame with no sleep. Seeing and sounding. Arriving at phonetically-> key.

    George has a wonderful section on slide rulers in peoplenomics if you subscribe. To aid in your own personal read. Pay attention! The world is changing. Distance and time and population numbers are present.

    • A few other things to mention.

      Environmental factors:

      There is a 17 degree decline in temperature during that time frame. Massive increase in iron found in the fresh water supply.

      And for the first time in over 10 months I watch TV, I watched a full episode of the black and white TV series Wagon Train last night. The first show which originally Aired September 18, 1957. I turned on a TV and that is what came on. A show based on population movement. Hmmmmm.

      Now please remember.

      I don’t say everything eye see. I read creation like the matrix. It tells me more about what is really going on than any seer or prophet. It’s alot like fast moving hieroglyphs.

      If you are not paying attention to the world around you and what it is saying? You may find yourself a statistic on CNN one day. If there is such a thing in the future.

      Until we meet again friends.

      • I am. I will tell ya George, we had our differences my father and I when I was a child. No doubt about that. I look at death differently than most as you know… as I sit here before the memorial.

        One my fondest memories of my father was showing up an hour and a half late to my first wedding, missing my bow tie and cufflinks because we were racing gas powered carts, spaced the time and neither of us would let the other win. I will never forget the look on my bride face when I showed up to my wedding with big grin because I won and black shit all over my face and shirt missing my bowtie. He took the heat for me on that. Thanks Dad!

        That is what I choose to remember. Nothing more and nothing less.

        Have a good day sir.

      • Cue: on the road again by Willie Nelson my father played every time we got in the truck after the race car was loaded and headed to the track. Every single time.

        What a trip.

  8. Hoard your own fossil fuels while buying up whatever you can get with soon-to-be worthless greenbacks. Sounds like a plan…

  9. “The more people that use a trading system”

    I haven’t read the system yet, will later today. But always thought the more who use a system the better it is.

    If we’re all looking for the same retraces and turns, why wouldn’t the retraces and turns sharpen? The Hive Mind thingy.

  10. One more thing! Go Giants! What a dominant performance against an equally great Dodger team. Historic match-up!

    Contrary to the fake news that we are a locked down mess, did anyone notice that there were 53,000 unmasked fans in the stands at Oracle Park in San Francisco? I was one of them. I got there 2 hours early, had an early dinner at one of the hundreds of packed city restaurants and it was just another day in paradise. Going tonight as well. Did you watch the stunning shots of our city or listen to the TBS broadcast praising the beauty of our a amazing region?. As I was listening to the TBS stream on my AirPods, I thought of all you angry flyover readers that like to trash my adopted hometown. I can’t always make it to the city from my place in the burbs, but when I do, I fall in love with San Francisco all over again. You all ought to make this place a part of your bucket list. There is nothing quite like a stroll down the Embarcadero, or Italian restaurant hopping through North Beach, watching the fishing boats come in at Fisherman’s wharf and slurping some of the best Clam Chowder you will ever have. A brisk walk up Polk and you are in a land of multimillion dollar homes overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and steps from Lombard street. In fact, in every direction north east south or west, whether it be in Marin County, San Mateo, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, Napa and Sonoma Counties, you will be blown away by the shear beauty. If you are a true baseball fan, the playoffs are a special treat and I hope that the Giants continue their record breaking season all the way to World Series. I also hope that the Fox News watching SF bashers get a chance to see the negative news of our city was always another one of their big lies!

    • I guess one person’s ,if that’s what you call yourself ,paradise is anothers craphole. And yes , I’ve been there many times .

  11. Waves, charts, astrology, chicken entrails, Bible Codes, Cramer. Everyone’s got a system. It’s like medicine – as much (if not more) art than science.
    If you’re able to day trade and consistently do more than make your broker rich, God bless you and keep it up (don’t forget to tithe 10%). Also, be sure to keep the bus money to get home in your shoe. You know, just in case.
    P.s. old Wall Street axiom: “Never confuse brilliance with a rising market.” Also: “Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered.”
    Party on.

  12. Comrades,

    Don’t look now, but your President Biden may be out to lunch with the situation in Lebanon. According to msm, the lights went out earlier today as the nation’s two main inefficient power generators ran out of fuel. The public utility’s website sitting under the Lebanese army’s digital umbrella is a picture of despair. Zeus must be beside himself that the Oracle at the Roman Emperor Nero-inspired Temple of Jupiter has gone dark. Thank goodness today is not a trading day.

    Naturally one has questions upon reviewing publicly available msm media. Three months ago, Lebanon was forced into a 1 year goods and services in kind deal to purchase a million tons of Iraqi high-sulfur oil that won’t burn in Lebanon’s power plants. Enter the House of Al-Falasi ruling UAE who won the tender through their ENOC state enterprise to refine the dirty Iraqi oil into Grade B suitable for Lebanon’s power plants. Three months and perhaps 250 tons into the deal, Lebanon is tapped out? Hmm?

    The UN is predicting a Lebanese disease outbreak from power blackouts in the next month due to contaminated water. Egypt can come to the rescue by shipping less expensive gas to Lebanon through its pipeline via Syria. So long as the US chooses not to apply sanctions from the Trump Caesar Act for paying transit fees to Syria. Stay tuned?

    Back at the WH, Stan and Ollie argue back and forth? “Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.” The only thing Giant in America right now is a baseball game.

    According to the BBC, terrorist organization Hezbollah hauls tanker truckloads of Iranian fuel across the Syrian border into Lebanon to maintain social and emergency services…

  13. Normalizing porn for kids

    Among some of the more disgusting progressive ideals, one of the most loathsome is the effort to normalize sex for – and with – children.

    Now that our daughters are adults, I don’t follow leftist parenting trends very much. – I was largely unaware of just how advanced this effort to sexualize children had become in progressive urban areas..

    My daughter gets pissed at me, every time I tell her she will live to see old men “picking up” preschoolers, and their parents not being allowed to object or intercede.

    The only ways this will not happen is if our society collapses or somebody nukes us out of existence. “Pedos” in the Unites States is a voting bloc of (currently) four million people, virtually 100% of whom are of voting age. The Dem politicians, being both power-mad and thoroughly unprincipled, will not ignore a chunk of unguided sheeple of this size, forever…

    • “Among some of the more disgusting progressive ideals, one of the most loathsome is the effort to normalize sex for – and with – children.”

      Sheesh Ray…we knew that was coming.. with the allegations and accusations that the kid was involved with or potentially instigated pedophilia and torture with thousands of prepubescent children where photos were published all around the world along with stories that the citizens support these deviant behaviors, incestuous desires and videos where he posted many videos of an underage niece for everyone to see him having sex with her, racketeering pandering for money for himself and the big guy from foreign governments and corporations in exchange for personal contact and access to people in power or authority,drug abuse and possible drug trafficking.. not to mention the possibility of massive tax evasion by not reporting expensive gifts. And least of all a hard drive that was reported as potentially having classified documents on it.. not to mention using taxpayer money to travel to some of these meetings and rendezvous ..having Gov’t organizations and taxpayer paid workers covering up their giving them an umbrella of protection saying it was all ok..
      Seriously why not just make it all legal..that way no crime was ever commited.. I totally get their reasons for legitimation for these actions.. why don’t you?
      I remember when I was a kid yet and I let my moral standing get in the way..Gov’t job where if a young woman would blow the boss she could get a job.. walked in on them and was disgusted enough to quit.. it was the best job I ever had…today I’d say hell have fun if you really want more fun I’d enjoy one to..
      That’s also why cities with heavy Gov’t backed agencies have more human trafficking issues.. what is it called.. the mecca for pimps business.

    • “My idea for Trump to replace Pelosi in 2023 is taking shape”

      Hes to big…. I doubt he can ride a broom very well or cackle like she can. Also He’d look silly with bright red lipstick on..
      I’d live to see him as president again but seriously.. I believe the USA has tipped beyond repair.. the interest on the deficit is more than we take in.. the options left are very few and .. my guess is the only option left is devalue the dollar even more by dumping more water on the table to keep the noodle moving..
      As you can see members of congress have taken the position..
      We just need to be able to ride the roller coaster till the end..

  14. Biden’s Border Crisis Pops Off: Cartel Fires Machine Gun Over Border Patrol Tower After Days of Threats Against Agents by Armed Gangs in Tac Vests; “We Should Just Shoot You Soldiers” – (Video)

    “Holy sh*t!”
    We witnessed tracer rounds from a suspected cartel machine gun being fired from Mexico into the U.S. early this morning while we were embedded with the TX National Guard in Roma, TX. Soldiers tell us the rounds went above one of their observation posts.

    • “Holy sh*t!”
      We witnessed tracer rounds from a suspected cartel machine gun being fired from Mexico into the U.S.”

      simple answer to that…. SHOOT BACK …. If we can march in and destroy a country just so some schmuck that doesn’t even live in America and doesn’t pay taxes in america all he does is gives money to congress and the administration.. can fulfill their greedy desires… then we should be able to defend our own border if they are shooting at us… what do you think KIM in NK would do if the cartel did that on their border… HMM interesting thought.. OR any other country.. you don’t see refugees pushing or shooting to march into Saudi Arabia.. they know better.. Just my honest opinion.. I think we still have enough arms in the USA to take out a machine gun .

      • They were shooting in the immediate vicinity of a CBP lookout tower (I think), not the military (although the Texas NG may have been manning the tower.)

        The video is a FOXNews exclusive. The reporter imbedded with the NG captured it with his cellphone. Three barrages. The reporter didn’t get the first barrage — had to get his phone out. He got the last two. Looked like standard MIL tracers (where every 3rd or 5th in the mag is a tracer) shot from an automatic rifle (AK with a 30-round, maybe?)

        Kim would have his field commander do a pincers, then shoot everything that moved, between his army’s positions, same as anyone else who’s read even an elementary book on military tactics.

        Leftists in the U.S. have been hellbent since the 1950s on conducting military ops like they were police ops. WE would try to arrest the shooters. The leadership in any nation not affected with terminal political correctness disease would simply shoot them and end the problem…

      • It was nice of the shooters to give away their position by firing tracers. A trained and properly equipped marksman should be waiting for the next incident in that area. Why do we send soldiers all over the world while we allow are own border to be overrun? Answer- corruption at the Federal level.

      • “A trained and properly equipped marksman should be waiting for the next incident in that area. Why do we send soldiers all over the world while we allow are own border to be overrun? Answer- corruption at the Federal level.”

        Just send in the Rangers don’t need a sniper…. during the gulf war they were doing tag touches of Hussein’s front gate in Iraq waiting for the go ahead to march in and take it..
        the way I was told they would leave a mark to show they were there.. and they did that for several months.. then to find out what arm’s they have in Mexico they should do an audit of the weapons that the Alphabets sold them..

    • What ever happened to the rules of engagement.. the joint chiefs of staff or the UCMJ..
      If under fire they can use whatever force is required to subdue the instigating force to insure the safety..

  15. Aww lumber has broken out george . Did bobby prechter tell you that from his pisspot father figure ? Mums &$@er

  16. The guru in Vegas is like his old man . We know what happened to him . No signal . But good old doc don’t even update on moriarty sewer 321. Farken unreal gurus ask bobby or George and little trade your way . I’m massively long the greatest gold stock in world and short markets

  17. So … these folks wanna just go around the congested port …

    These folk wanna deepen the channels … notice the pic shows no congestion … wonder if the know they’ll have to go around everyone out there.

    And these folk are just tired of it all and quitting …

    Craziest thing ever.

  18. Dreamt last night that power went out time after time, like 7 times in a row, with short periods of on time between outages.

  19. Don’t worry george . I made them an offer they can’t refuse . Loaded , safety off . Short markets , long World’s greatest velocity gold stock . Long TLT . Shove USD everything else . Specific shorts . Airline oz sheet and investment banks . They are cream . QAN and MQG comin to get yah

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