The Long Wave View of this Week’s Market Decline

Good news and bad for you.   The good news is the market is closed on weekends.  The bad news is follow-on downside is possible into Tuesday, at which  point a turnaround is possible.

Even though our Trading Model has been short 7 out of the last 8 weeks, it’s still a worrisome possibility in our charts that this is a Wave 1 down, not a IV correction before a final romp higher.  We’ll give you the trading targets and the charts in a minute. 

The real problem we all face is this:  Your retirement is under attack in a serious way now, a topic we will cover more in coming weeks.  Whether by handing it out to immigrants, or the falling rates of return due to low interest rates, retirements are not looking good.

The short-term problem with the future is that it’s a “negotiation” and all the interested parties who have some skin in the game will try to push things one way, or the other.

What to do? 

We skip our usual headlines this morning and propose a novel course of action for the Fed to take before its next meeting.  It’s a longish report since I’m distilling it all down to the bare essentials as best I can.  But as our long-running Global Index shows, the global finance is a closed system.  And we’re all locked in this prison cell, like it or not.

We will attempt an integration of market technical analysis, information analytics, futuring, and a discussion of what the real-time present economic condition of America is.

Three cups and maybe four worth.

Note to New Readers:  If you are not familiar with “long waves” in economies, please see the wiki entry here for a discussion.

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9 thoughts on “The Long Wave View of this Week’s Market Decline”

  1. Big money Wall streeters are stampeding out of the stock markets. I wonder where they are parking their billion$. It’s safe to say that once the question of who the next president will be their fear will turn back to greed.

  2. ‘just for the record’ as they say in coatrooms across the coutnry:

    ..on firday, just where was the Plunge Protection Team??

    were they off on vactions that day?

  3. George I keep on telling you that the 4th reich and da FEDerland have a strong USD$ policy for the good of everyone .. so once again you must chant ” ussa ussa ussa ” in your stars and stripes uniform and short gold and long USD$ .. even if the world is destroyed due to new world planning its better for everyone !! even the sick, poor and broken ..

  4. Testing 1 2 3 ok now that we know this is working we can go ahead with our thoughts, I’m going to take the opposite road of everyone else and say yes we might have a down market Monday and Tuesday but it really won’t make any difference to the average Joe unless you try to cash out and you lose yes there is a battle over who will control the money, everything will be back to the same after Monday and Tuesday when it goes down the average Joe will not have lost anything see because debt isn’t real it’s only something that’s held over your head hopefully will be relieved forgiven people cannot survive and progress if debt is held over your head what we need is a society that creates money freely no did and given to the people that way we can reach the stars because we can make as much money as we want as long as those eyes D is to support it, so I guess I’m one of those people who believe but there can be a positive future and yes there could be catastrophe that could happen that could wipe us all out but I give unto you the knowledge that that may not happen and when you wake up the day will not be as bad as the media makes it out to be because we do not used primitive technology and we have the technology to overcome EMPs and solar flares and nuclear destruction an asteroid destruction and, destruction and bio destruction we have the means to overcome everything man has designed or thought of

  5. Sunday night futures down 10 and 100. Hows that “peak market” date working out for you Ure?

  6. From that same wiki entry:

    “No economist has found statistical evidence which demonstrates the existence of the Kontratieff Wave”

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