The Leading Edge of Chaos

This morning we line up a lot of data.  Everything from cops shooting blacks to the gasoline pipeline mess that has resulted in gas lines in the Southeast.  Then we toss in some economic data and distill it down to an economic forecast that begins to look like the leading edge of Chaos.

Before that, however, a whole bunch of charts and some discussion of why the Fed is NOT expected to raise rates today – I mean beyond the obviousness of being too close to the election to be considered non-political. 

So bean-up partner…time to roll…

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9 thoughts on “The Leading Edge of Chaos”

  1. George
    As a data point, I was traveling to the hunting/bug-out place in GA this weekend. I went through a lot of backwoods towns up and down the AL/GA border. The pipeline burst (which was in Shelby CO, just south of Birmingham/Hoover in Helena) happened on Friday while I drove over. There was no fire but a leak of 335,000 gallons of various grades of gasoline, which will require some remediation of the soil.
    I have not seen any major disruption of the supply yet. Atlanta may have had some panic buying but not in Birmingham so far. The change in prices has been in the .05-.10 range so far as well. It really became a non story fast here.
    The repairs should take “a month” according to the local news but from what I know about pipelines they should have a bypass line in place soon and then repair the main quick too. I would bet it takes somewhere in the weeks not months to get the fix in.
    Just saying
    Big Al in Birmingham AL

    • Yeah, sure seems like a lot. But when I found a leak in our front yard 0- this was about 6-years back from earth movement, I was shocked to learn that we had gone through 80,000 gallons of water in something like two days before I happened over that part of the yard…and that’s from 70 pounds pressure in a 1-inch line!
      Imagine a 50-inch line at similar pressures and it’d be about the same duration I would expect or even shorter.

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  3. China, Russia, and N Korea are much more likely to have a sooner conflict. Their economies already have collapsed, Europe and U.S. will be the late birds on that roulette table.

    p.s. Stephan Hawkins promoting international cooperation on Climate Change, that’s just so dumb and un-American. Shouldn’t we take the lone nut case path and massively pollute on our own, leaving the rest of the world to cope with the ozone hole we made?

    • Stephen Hawking isn’t an American, he’s British, he’s independently wealthy because he is a well-known scientist, and frankly, because of his long term health problems, has always been ‘at death’s door and doesn’t care what ‘other people think’. Frees up the mind to state what he thinks without worrying about opinion.

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