The Joe-Blow-Off

Thousand Point Joe?

That Joe Biden is president-elect remains a contentious claim, despite the supportive news reports this weekend.

But, between the Pfizer CV vaccine news and poly-hype, the Biden Bubble might produce as stock futures were up over 1,000 points, and the S&P was on track to add nearly 130 to Friday’s euphoric close.  The NASDAQ fell, however.

America should, for the sake of Truth-in-Advertising compliance, promptly rename itself the I.S.A.  Irrational States of America.

Because we believe the “story”  of how a lock-down and massive losses of production (and consumption) is a good thing is wholly delusional.  Fairy, Pixie, or Angel dust.  You get to choose.  I’m going with Angel dust.

Rally Then Bust?

The upside breakout that’s forming has changed a key Elliott outlook.  It’s now possible that the fall earlier this year (and the September drawdown, too) were mere Wave 4 corrective moves.  That would present a future looking like so:

As with all Elliott explanations, there are a TON of asterisks.

  • While this looks like a Wave 3 rally breaking above the old high at 1, we can’t be sure until it holds for a day or two.
  • More worrisome, though, is that the rally could also falter as fifth wave failures do happen.
  • Then, there’s the Replay of 1929 rhyme.  And we’ll run out some projections on that Wednesday on the Peoplenomics side.

For now, Biden looks to be ascending (in a most Robert Mugabe) way with the specter of Made-Up-Money coming to pass.

There’s that haunting warning about “end times” in Revelations 6:6 that we’ve long wondered about.  Does this foretell a period before humans ‘run out the clock’ of a hyperinflation?

and I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, `A measure of wheat for a denary, and three measures of barley for a denary,’ and `The oil and the wine thou mayest not injure.’

Like the resonances or not, the “poisoning of oceans” is going apace.  And did you see about the rivers running red in Russia?  Then there’s the pestilence CV-19 which has now infected 50.5-million people.  And then we see…no, let’s put this larger context aside, for now.

Instead, on the vaccine front, brace for a huge hype assault as Pfizer Says COVID-19 Vaccine 90% Effective Against Virus.  

I will leave it to people of stronger faith and deeper learning to connect remaining dots.  However, the discussion does lead to the subject of:

Value and Convertibility

We are, I believe, watching the final stages of “money” decoupling from “physical goods.”  Because you “can’t eat paper” and you can’t “BBQ silver.”

Yet, as long as there are people silly-enough to (as we’re fond of saying) “Trade paper for perfectly good rum.” that’s fine with us.

The problem is we don’t know when the music will stop and someone (though hopefully not one of our readers) with find themselves without a chair.

As mentioned to Peoplenomics subscribers this weekend, the coming Thursday (and one after that) should be revelatory as the Fed’s H.6 Money Stocks confessionals come out after the close.  We ought to be able to see just how much paper was thrown into the market in the past week, or so.  But we already have some clues…

It’s Been a Global Effort

In addition to the U.S. Aggregate Index, we also track something called the Global Index – as we like to watch the spread between the U.S. and Rest of World market action.  Last week, it was totally contrived-looking:

We also see “Inflation’s Return” in review of this morning’s commodity price boards on FinViz here.

In the short-term – while there will be many shocked republicans – in the very short term (until comes time to trade paper for real things) it will look marvelous.  But, since the R’s have no incentive to pass a stimulus bill before the new House and Senate are seated, this is all very speculative.

But the market loves stimulus talk.  And we are ashamed to be asking the obvious.  Like “Where’s the beef?”  (Or as Denmark culls, “Where the Minks?”)

Using Markets to Divine Future

Always a Fool’s Game.  But, since I don’t mind being the Fool, now and then, (we all play it sometime!) let’s build a scenario that could fulfill chart patterns and, at the same time, lead to Depression in 2021.

Let’s begin with the big assumption behind the rally is Joe Biden has won.

Well, not so fast, there.

There are  lots of claims of Election Fraud.  Nevada might flip back into the Trump column just based on  residents of other states (like California) voting there.

And, as CNN worries “‘Trump can still win’: The President’s supporters remain defiant.

It isn’t just Trump supporters who are questioning the outcome since China, Russia hold off on congratulating Biden; U.S. allies rally round.  And the BBC story “US election 2020: What legal challenges is Trump planning?” is worth a read.  Because there are a number of routes which could change things, not the least of which would be the matter of the segregated late ballots in Pennsylvania.

Key quote out of the BBC story:

“His lawyer Rudy Giuliani told Fox News that it would be wrong for Mr Trump to concede because: “There is strong evidence that this was an election that in at least three or four states, and possibly 10, it was stolen.”

Those are tall  claims.  But, since the market needs only marginally higher from this morning’s futures pricing to complete minimal targets for a Wave 5 -iii, there’s some reason in the larger historical context to wonder where that leads.

Which explains – with all the legal-mumbo pending – why President Trump refuses to concede to Joe Biden.  Whew.

We’ll be running market numbers for Peoplenomics Wednesday.

Also Worth Praying For

Get this out to your prayer group: AOC vs. DNC: Ocasio-Cortez Threatens To Quit Politics, Slams “Hostile” Dems For Not Being Progressive Enough.


News Marches On

Eta goes “hooking”?

Which shows that the storm will be heading south after drenching south Florida, then hook around and come back up into the Gulf and from there?  Panhandle, maybe?  Maybe the Weather Service should open a “weather book” and let people bet on local conditions.  You know.. a little “creative government” to become more self-funding?

This And… Whatever…

Keep an eye on Chinese footwork ahead of the “reunification” grab of Taiwan we expect in 2021: Hong Kong Pro-democracy Lawmakers Threaten Mass Resignation.  This one could weigh, too, since Shanghai and Hong Kong will be China’s succession to New York and Chicago as the financial power-center of the world rolls west.

Where to we sign up to be Product Testers?  “False test results, lab shopping put cannabis consumers at risk, says the Marijuana Business Daily.  “Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby…”  (Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrel, wasn’t it?)

Nutty in Nashville:  8 people – and a dog – were shot in a dispute over the canine.  Gives new depth to the idea of “killer breeds.”  Country’s going to the…what?

“Off With their heads?” Say, just how  is that extremist spin on  the Queen and Alice doing, right?  Not so well as Austria Police Raid Dozens Of ‘Islamist-linked’ Targets. “Heading” off future troubles?

And, someone ought to  “hand it” to the Russians as the Russia’s Football Team Captain in Masturbation Video Scandal.  File under “one clap handing”?

ATR:  Rain’s Coming

The week ahead in finance is pretty tame to lame:  Small Business optimism tomorrow, take Wednesday off as it looks boring (though I may have to eat those words, depending on court actions).  Thursday it’s CPI time…but not a lot of excitement. PPI (and ei-ei-o) Friday.

Which is fine.  Because it’s going to rain this week which means U know who(me?) will be out leaf blowing all day.

As long as I keep ahead of the weather, it’s not too bad.  Wet leaves are twice the work and I have a long-standing allergy to what?

More tomorrow as Play George After Light continues…

Write when you get rich,

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  1. V day !!! Vfor victory !! V for vaccine !!! V for vertical !!! V for vegetables world !! yeeha prez biden . CNBBCCCUSSSAAA going wild !! jimmy cramer for world stock guru boss !!! all going to philly for the new America .. George give us some more of that guru stuff on economics

  2. You can’t keep a good man down.
    Yesterday,it was revealed that the former heavyweight champion of the world had the greatest reach of them all by voting for Joe Bribem from a decidedly non-neutral corner,the grave.
    DOWN GOES FRAZIER?Guess again,Howard.

  3. Ahhh the smell of massive Fraud in the Morning – sniffsniff, why it smells like Subversion – but I digress Kemosabe – 4 it has come the LCN’s attention that he was indeed Correct about Nosti and the Leader Who Will Not Be Seated …You know Stewey might be steamed bout that.. “ooey gooey rich and chewey on the inside, golden flakey, extra cakey on the outside, is He good? Darn tootin, its the big Stew newton”
    George – looks like the Revolution is already started and U did even hear the 1st Shot – Looks like Pittsburgh not only whupped up on the Boys last night, but looked like they done took over Dallas. WTH?

    Somebody get the LCN some Gold/Silver and SPY Puts ! ..shooting ducks..

    Dedicate this tune he who shall not be seated.. arrogant, filthy creep..

    As an old astrotheologist once told me – Woe ! Woe unto the USA president elect in 2020. Something bout a nasty window/alignment of Planets and old Apache curse..feeling energized yet?

    Nope – still no a No Eyed Deer and still No Digital Tulips 4 U
    not even $61 LiteCoin

  4. more of old glory and flags George ! celebrate woohooo . what a great opportunity this is !! thankyou amerika , thanks hey man prez , jimmy cramer , deep state , and a special mention to gurus on every blog and every market .. me and rayard thank you

  5. Dow up over 1600 points at this time. You got to be kidding me?? Oh well, now I know Toto that we are not in Kansas any more.

    Quick Toto – expose the wizard behind this madness. Btw, quick question to the forum here, are we really suppose to believe that we are not living in the matrix??

    • Jacob dont like attention – it is rather weak and shy & cant stand the sunshine for very long at all if ever anymore – ever seen it out about in the daylight? New Boss – Same as the Old Boss..duhooh.

      Can you create Events, Material things out of thin air with just Ure Mind, like a ChinkenBunny?

      No: Must not be in it
      Yes: Definetely in one

  6. If the U.S. is poised on cliff-edge of a depression, and Biden does get in before the inevitable crash happens, will he “own” it (in the sense of being held responsible in popular opinion)?

    • We can be assured that Trump will do nothing and then blame it on Biden, if that’s what you were asking?

      • He asked what would happen if Biden gets in before the inevitable crash happens. So I would hope Trump would do nothing, he won’t be president any longer, and I surely hope nobody is asking his opinions at that point, but I can see how the never Trumpers will continue responding to his every word regardless, is that going to be you?

    • If it can be pushed back far enough.. if the Republicans cave in with Democrats desires and wishes then it can be directly tied to the democratic party and their plan of action.
      If not then it will just take longer and give them an edge to blame the Republicans when it happens.. because they were reluctant to send the needed relief funds..
      Either way its coming..

    • This is one reason I believe Trump wins (even though it seems unlikely right now).
      He’s been setup to be the “perceived” outsider. You’re the establishment. You want your guy taking the fall? If we know it’s coming, they do too. Whether Trump is on the game or not, is another question. I’d have to say he is and this is part of the script written to divide us.

      • So a few thoughts; the run up to Trump winning is fomenting the lie that Biden has won, which will stir up the hate/riots/looting/burning, and destruction of the democrat/(skip the socialist)/communist party play by play points once Trump has been declared the Victor.

        Their disappointment will be heralded from sea to shining sea and from city to city in this great land of the free.

        #2, as you say, roll out the steam engines on the Trumpsters, just in time to blame Trump…. Couldn’t have called a better TRUMPET if you tried.

        #3, BUT will the American people, newly awakened, buy that it was Trump’s fault? Nope, I don’t think so, day by day by day people are communicating with people over and over – all over the country and the world – the globalists agenda, aims, actions, and mechanizations.

  7. Is it possible that Pfizer held the announcement for one week as part of the media/big tech initiative to get Biden elected?

    • Earlier this year Mr. Gates was quoted in msm as hoping for a covid19 vaccine by the end of October from his philanthropic investment holdings in Pfizer and an associated German biotech company.

    • Absolutely. I don’t know much, but it seems rather obvious. Maybe then Ol Joe will have to own that along with the Great Depression 2.0

  8. I am not sure how we come together, as the left spent 4 years, calling Trump and his supporters, as cults, racist, and fascist. And all this because of different opinions on moving to a democracy/socialism or following the rule of law as a constitutional republic as we are current formed. Something as base as the supreme court, the left want justices that have a live interpretation of law, that changes with public opinion, where the right want the justices to interpret the laws as written and only allowed if they don’t violate base constitutional principles. This is why someone as qualified as as Amy Barret was pilloried in the press and from the left, because she promised to interpret the laws as written and approved by congress.

    After 4 years of being treated like less then human, is it a surprise, those Trump supporting groups do not trust anything coming from the left or their media outlets?

    People like Mark wants more Federal intrusions into our lives, cannot respect the opinions of those that do not. It always drops into name calling and shouting down rather then listening and discussing. What is it about trying to keep the growth of government lower, follow the rule of law, that makes us evil?

    • I dont want more federal intrusions Joe Dish. I am a Republican. I just don’t want our country ruined by Trump! And talk about name calling???? You do see what I am doing right? I am mirroring the very type of words and name calling that Trump does and I am doing it for effect! Trump got elected on names like Lying Ted, little Marco, low energy Jeb and the only one I have agreed with him on….crooked Hillary.His latest … Sleepy Joe didn’t make any sense… Biden will create jobs…that I can guarantee and that’s why Wall St likes him

  9. “What comes next?” (Official Wise Question)

    Grasping at legalistic straws, it’s POSSIBLE that the forces of Trump will still pull it off. My guess? Not Gonna Happen.
    So, it’s “Joe” — and now, Deal With It.


    So, what comes next, and how do we all not merely survive, but thrive and prosper? Aye! THAT is the question.

    As Commander Data would say, “Processing… Processing…”


  10. and a word of advice . any shorts you have LEAVE . you never realise a loss or profit until you close or sell . DO NOTHING today DO NOT add . gold forget it .. leave everything alone . just have fun and watch .. if you have averaged in any short position there is little damage.. DO NOT BE GREEDY . wait and laugh for the greatest ever movements dead ahead . my humble opinion . do what you like

  11. Given an excellent mind such as yours, George, I fully understand that you need a model with which to engage it such as the Elliott Wave theory but I have always had the feeling that EWT is more backward looking giving us a good study on why we’ve been where we were and the location as to where we have arrived. When you’re in an environment that is made up on the fly minute by minute while watching the Elliott rules get massacred right and left the rules of Roulette seem to be a better application today.

    There’s probably been a lot of money sitting on the sidelines that just got dumped into the market plus whatever the Fed’s ante is. There’s no reason for it otherwise given the shut downs that are occurring Worldwide and the wave of bankruptcies that are arriving. I don’t think these things have been factored in to today’s pricing. I wish I had the fortitude to try options like you do. A good friend is making good money selling calls now (I think that’s what he said). Equities are today’s version of tulip bulbs at these valuations. Throw in the Biden factor and I firmly believe that following the media’s call (for which they have NO authority to do) for his win will turn out to be a fool’s game. I think it’s still a good idea to visit the local coin store and see if I can dump some C-notes in to silver.

    “This election is not over” –

    • Ahmen Brotha!

      Exchanging C notes for cold hard Precious Metal – not only genius, but one of LCN’s fav occupations – and my Dealer only has old school cash register (analog) w/paper reciepts! A very shrew dude indeed..

      • I’ve got a feeling it should pay off pretty well in about 5 or 6 months (like I’m going to sell it for US$ – most likely not) but I sure was disappointed in how little metal I wound up with this afternoon. Back in the 2000s I had SO much fun mixing it up on Ebay with all the bidders. I felt like it was legalized theft with what I walked away with and kick myself now for the deals I passed up. Imagine a half dozen 10 and 20 dollar gold pieces for under 3 grand! I saw it often but never had the money to go after that much. Not any more, though, because it’s about 98% dealers on Ebay and very few individuals so very few good deals are to be found. Add in the shipping and it bumps the prices up even more so it’s not much different than buying locally with the premiums. You might be able to find something on Craig’s List, though.

        Sure like the idea of using the old cash register! It would go well in one of the dealer’s shops here in town.

        What the dealers were telling me today was that the number of people coming in to sell was way, way down so they had very little to re-sell. Very little 90% coinage was in stock and the premiums were still up there so it ate up those paper bills in a hurry! So if you run across a “deal” out there pounce on it with both feet! People are beginning to understand that things are headed South.

    • “a model with which to engage it such as the Elliott Wave theory but I have always had the feeling that EWT is more backward looking giving us a good study on why we’ve been where we were and the location as to where we have arrived. ”

      IT IS BILL.!!

      The issue is.. we are human and we tend to go in a loop.. so the past will replay over and over again.. the timing is the big trick..
      the correction that is going to happen should have happened thirty or more years ago.. instead .. trying to find a way from it happening they pushed it back a few years just deepening the fall that we will have. simple logistics..
      the story I tell the kids.. the economy is like a cooked noodle on the table.
      if you dump enough water on the table the noodle will float on top of it and you can gently push the noodle along.. dry up the water and the noodle tears apart.. to much water to long and the noodle gets mushy and falls apart..
      to keep the wave principle in the loop they are just pouring water on the table..
      looking at it from the laborers side.. prices of essentials are getting the best of them.. visiting with an insurance agent yesterday they basically told me what I have thought.. that the prices are now two thirds of your gross income to keep insurance and their fears are that because each policy is more than a mortgage that people will drop their insurances.. ACA made it so that everyone has to have it or pay a penalty.. the penalty for us is just as bad as paying for the policy and any visit to a clinic is a bankruptcy event..
      How Joe could keep the noodle afloat is by giving an alternative insurance program. Which in turn would have a great deal of an affect on the economy as well.. I still remember when full coverage was ten bucks a month.. and healthcare was a standard company benefit.. those two alone are huge.. the correction is coming we cannot stop it.. the only thing they can do is push that noodle a little further.. and with that comes the thirty nine million dollar loaf of bread.. along with the collapse of the dollar bill and the world using a different currancy for security reasons one that is backed by something anything.. gold is what china is backing theirs on and I believe Russia is to.. and who owns most of the mortgages in the USA.. and most of our debt….produces most of our industrial including military equipment and products.. Just think about it.. sends a shiver up your spine doesn’t it.. and to think it all could have been avoided by keeping industry and american pride here. which is what DJT wanted to do .. bring back industry.. stop the illegals from entering the country without following the normal ways.. by securing our borders..

      • Oh yeah. I hear you. One trip to the ER a couple of years ago put me in hock for a year – plus and they didn’t find a damned thing wrong! Wanted me to go see a doc regularly but I opted to just start blood pressure meds since the numbers were climbing pretty steadily. My wife has insurance which is good because she has more reason to go than I do but the deductibles and rates are insane.

        I think it’s because we have no competition in the medical and insurance markets any more. The rates for both are set, the insurance companies feed the medical establishment rather than negotiate adversarially and the people that pour money into this little scheme (us) have no real say other than to opt out like me.

        As far as EW theory goes, however, I think we need to look at a much longer wave form that encompasses our economy from about 1900 to the present to get a good feel of how REAL money made the transition to made-up money and how the latter reacts to the real world. I just don’t think we get enough of a solid view by focusing on the past 5 to 10 years. I’ve always been a macro person and thought smaller slices of a trend were for traders more than anything else.

      • “I think it’s because we have no competition in the medical and insurance markets any more.”

        Thats Exactly what I think Bill..I have basically two companies to choose from..
        Medications are thousands of percent higher in the USA than other countries..
        The wait to see a physician long..up to a year depending on what they do.

  12. Momentary reality break! G since you are a home automation guru I found
    this little item. Should be out shortly and perfect for the already or about to be
    seasoned citizen. It will solve many of the daily pressures we face and help free us from having to remember most facts! Yes I can read the date but yes I want one or three. As a plus I can forget all that Dale C. nonsense about how to remember names.

  13. I have posted about the blatant election fraud on fb, with the expected TDS comments on my posts, all stating my view is based on lies. I came across a video by Scott Adams, of Delbert fame, that does a great job of addressing this subject with some humor, logic, statistics, and common sense. It’s a long watch, but worth the time.
    It ain’t over till it’s over, my friends.

  14. G,

    Good improvements on the website. I post from a laptop w/touch-pad. Every once in awhile I’d tap the touch pad by accident while typing out a comment, be whisked away only to return to comment text being gone. Now that doesn’t happen. Good work!

    Gold is cratering and the stock market is rising. This is win/win for the southern states hosting the northerner pensioners.

    • Great idea! It should be simple enough to build one with a large industrial squirrel cage unit from a scrapyard. Make it a flipover design so you can blow right or left.

      35 hp PTO blower – almost as good as a small airplane.

      • Any decent tractor dealer should have one, possibly for rent. That’s how I cleaned out the shop at the golf course after grinding all the reel mowers. Just make sure you don’t blow towards any windows…

  15. About that Pfizer vaccine…from what I can tell from what has been written about it, the ‘90% effective rate’ is based on 50% of the participants of the test being given a placebo, too. Is the 90% effective rate based on all participants of the test, whichever many there were? If so, it may be that not getting the vaccine is just as effective…. I know with questions like this, I may be headed to the FEMA camps for ‘re-education’.

  16. I made it clear for the last few months that Wall Street was rooting for a Biden win. Last night, well before the Pfizer announcement, the market futures were up 350 points…the headlines were celebrating a Biden win…that’s a nice bump. Pfizer’s news made the Buy the news folks that much more impulsive. Of course, Trump is taking credit for the vaccine. Saying it was all his doing. Hmmm. I didn’t know he was so talented. He did all that while golfing, tweeting, scheming with lawyers, setting up news conferences for his friend Rudy the Rat…the whack job attorney who in between set up and the presser was getting whacked at the porn store across the street.

    And, if Pfizer was holding back, that shows you the contempt most of intellectual America and the world has for the Orange baboon. Trump never believed in the Coronavirus, even though he contracted it…which is weird come to think of it. Just after contracting it, he scheduled several maskless rallies…what an idiot. He could have used that moment to have a come to Jesus moment with his base on the virus and chose to have a come to Satan one instead. Why would Pfizer want to give him the credit for it? Of course, none of that is probable…testing any drug or vaccine is a long arduous task and they just may have received the preliminary results in the past few days. That is way more likely…but of course…the Brainless conspiracy theories will run rampant and soon the tin foil hat crowd will have something else to talk about.

    Speaking of conspiracy theories…the election results were in no way corrupted…I actually did a ton of research myself over weekend as we have had an unusual cold front come through…after coming off a record high November in the first 7 days. Every election official in Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Wisconsin have all said that the conspiracy of blocked windows and lack of GOP oversight were 100% false. They take Theron on very seriously…Trumps claim of losing ground after big leads in Georgia and Pennsylvania were ludicrous given that the GOP legislature in those states made it impossible to count the mail-in ballots early. The GOP did not want to skew the election by showing Democrat leads early…fully knowing that Democrats were more likely to vote by mail..Why? Because Trump demonized mail-in and his base listened. The Democrats were going to do the opposite of what the Orange one spewed and did. The comments by Trump were so laughable…it made me think of spoiled kids…and their entitled parents…that want a participation trophy despite losing…I was blessed to have two very talented athletes as kids… Both played collegiately… when they were 11 and 12, I was yelled at by one of these over the top parents who wanted my son to quit because he was striking everyone out…My daughter hit the softball with such force, parents wanted her to quit because they were afraid she hurt the infielders. I just ignored them, but they went all the way to the top of the little league boards. The parents lost, but it occurred to me yesterday that this exactly what Trumps doing now. Like the little league parents, Trump is acting like a whiney little bitch. He needs to take lessons from Joe Biden. The President Elect Laos his wife and daughter in a car crash in 1972, then he lost his son Beau to cancer…along the way he entered the Presidential race 4 times and failed to win the nomination. Yet, he persevered. And here he is. He is a true hero in my book. This is exactly what we teach our kids. Life is going to knock you down, but we all need to get back up and give it that all American effort to persevere and win. There are no sore losers. We learn from our losses.
    Trump, on the other hand is a spoiled, rotten, entitled brat…that wants that trophy without putting in the effort to earn it,

    Thid is what Trump

    • “I made it clear for the last few months that Wall Street was rooting for a Biden win. ”
      Seriously.. it doesn’t matter whether or not the market is going up or not.. its an illusion.. sure they will print up for grand.. now will the new president do like he claimed.. and print up those numbers back to when this this all began.. heck I would love that.. an extra fifty grand in my pocket.( I could pay off every debt that I have.. and buy a couple of 3d printers and a cdc) . then four grand extra every month until the virus is finished.. I would be be dancing in the streets.. but where would it come from it sure can’t come from my sector of society everyone I know is in the same boat I am in..The rising costs of essentials and an income that is not increasing with the increase of the economy..
      the sky high movement is just like it was in 29.. everything looked absolutely wonderful.. then it crashed over night..
      The other thing that isn’t being addressed is the broken supply chain..

    • “I actually did a ton of research myself over weekend as we have had an unusual cold front come through…”

      Well.. you never read the book.. LOL LOL.. from outwards appearance it would look legit.. lets face it if there was some nefarious activities.. they are good at it…
      the only way would be to go through and research each and every voter on the ballots.. which would take months to see if they are legit or even a real person..if they are still alive or a historical voter..If I remember right that was how the book said they did it before.. took dead voters and put ballots in for them…

      • One of my part time hats was to go through files and check to see if the people associated to those files were alive or dead.. and then catalogue them.. I walked in and there set this mountain of papers.. with people that went back almost a hundred years prior to me walking in.. it was a mess.. that is how going through the votes would be like.. and I can tell you.. the thought would come out.. where do you start.. LOL..
        I did get a chuckle out of the fact that they got fifty thousand votes in before they had even sent any of the mail in ballots out to be voeted on yet LOL…..

    • The President Elect lost his wife and daughter in a car crash in 1972… And several times since then lied about the other driver being drunk and causing his wife’s crash, when all the evidence pointed to her crossing the line and no evidence at all to drinking being involved. So Biden a powerful and politically connected man, lying and tarnishing a person for his political gain. I get it you like Biden, but like almost every other national politician before him, will do or say whatever he thinks will get more power for himself, no matter who it hurts. Just slow your roll on what a saint Joe is.

      We need to stop trying to make hero’s of politicians, who almost never had an accomplishment outside of politics or built anything up with their own sweat and tears. Yeah I feel for anyone losing family members, that that happens every day many times a day to regular people and all but a very few survive and move on.

      You probably know some that gave their life or their health to fellow soldiers with no expectation of personal gain. Those are Heroes. But to celebrate those and be proud of American sacrifice is not politically correct these days. Instead you celebrate.

      Your children sounds impressive, to bad the jealous democratic mob, always wants to bring down the successful to the level of the mediocre. Good for you in fighting that attitude, to bad you don’t see the same thing happening at the national level.

      • It takes a sick, sick person Joe Dish to point out to say this Ali’s a lying pattern for Joe Biden… yes it is published that he initially said that …and it would be-the reaction of anybody whose wife and daughter is killed suddenly like that. I would ask and think that. Yes Biden did say the driver of the semi was “Allegedly “ drunk…it’s tough to lose and come to terms with that kind of loss. Did the driver have a history of drinking. Maybe.. But When your entire family is wiped out a lot of emotions start to make people a bit angry and we all say things that we later regret…I know people that never heal from the loss of a loved one..when it’s a loved one and their child…it can be devastating!!! But, the rumors of a few early Biden comments caused the Dunn’s family to dispute the characterization and a spokesman for Biden said in 2008 that Biden “fully accepts the Dunn family’s word that these rumors were false.” Biden hasn’t mentioned that since. Bugger picture Joe Dish. Always look at the bigger picture!

        And your comment.” We need to stop trying to make hero’s of politicians, who almost never had an accomplishment outside of politics or built anything up with their own sweat and tears.”
        That was his profession! Do we not make heroes out of ground breaking scientists who never had an accomplishment outside of science..or a loved school teacher that made huge impressions on everyone she or he can I to contact with but did nothing outside of education or a firefighter who saved lives but came home and was a couch potato in his spare time. You do t have to accomplish anything but what you do. As long as you do your job well and make it your passion…that’s all that counts. I laugh at comments like that he has done nothing outside of politics. Give me f*#king break!

    • I’ve noticed that few people are responding to your inane TDS rantings lately. It seems we’ve all realized that you live in an impenetrable bubble of unwarranted self-esteem, forming your fact-free opinions from the garbage flowing from the MSM cesspool. Thankfully, most others here are bright enough to glean their info from more reliable sources and can therefore post comments worth reading.

      • Tumbleweed..Fact free and lies are in your wheelhouse not mine. I have been right this entire time. Not once have any of my predictions been wrong. The GOP have nada! Neil Cavuto of FOX cut the feed from Kayla Mcadummy when she started ranting about fraud. Good for him. At least there some sane folks there. No…actually. Neil has a brain…Anyone else that really believes this crap of election fraud??? They need to check themselves into the looney bin. Time for your meds!

    • Why must we all have to read through your continuous vitriol regarding our President? Most of us come here for information and ideas, – not personal emotional vomit.

    • Didn’t quite understand your last line Mark – “Thid is what Trump”

      I thought maybe it was a quote from a Joe Biden speech.

      • Typo. Was starting another thought and didn’t delete it. It’s the danger of doing everything on my phone.

    • “Speaking of conspiracy theories…the election results were in no way corrupted”

      Here’s a list of probabilities, ranked in order of most likely to occur to least:

      1) Getting struck by lightning: 1 in 500,000
      2) Winning the Powerball jackpot: 1 in 292,201,338
      3) Getting directly struck by an asteroid: 1 in 1.6 million. Before we go further down the list, let’s put this is in scientific notation so you will be able to see how unlikely the rest are. The numbers are so high, they give an overflow error when using standard notation. So, 1 out of 1,600,000 can be written as follows:
      1 / (1.6) x (10 to the power of 6)

      4)100K votes going consecutively to one out of two candidates:
      1/ 10 to the power of 30,103

      5) #4 occurring twice, independently:
      1 / 10 to the power of 60,206

      Statistically impossible is defined as 1 / 10 to the power of 50. That would fall after #3 in the list and WELL ABOVE #4. The separation is huge.

      Now picture this: All of the ballots (we will assume mail, since as of 1AM PST, when polls where closed everywhere, Trump was in the lead in several states) previously went through the sorting system at the post office. They were shuffled like 6 decks (but many more) of cards at a blackjack table. Now they are all opened and counted. Before the count stopped, distribution was in favor of Trump by a slight margin. Now all of a sudden, over 100,000 consecutive votes go to Biden (scenario #4). Not only is that statistically impossible, it’s statistically impossible times ten to the power of 600. And, it occurred more than once in simultaneous, isolated incidents.

      You have better odds of purchasing the winning Powerball ticket AND getting struck by lightning on the way out of the store than 100K votes going consecutively to a single candidate, let alone that happening more than once in isolated, simultaneous instances. What we have witnessed can only be considered fraud.

      We’ve not even taken into account the point of diminishing returns as voter turnout approaches 100%. Or, the probability of someone being born in 1850, still alive today, and able to vote, which although would rank #6 on the list above, should be of no surprise to anyone it has occurred this year. And even less likely to occur (actually, impossible) is having more votes than registered voters. Yet, that has reportedly occurred in some places as well.

      Why wasn’t Congress stolen as well?

      That would have involved fraud of an even greater magnitude due to ballot variations across counties, cities, states, etc… That is why we have had a predominant red wave in Congress, and makes this even more obvious. If they tried it, they would have had to dump nearly all legal Trump votes and/or inflate the turnout to the point where far more US citizens voted than are even alive. It’s also quite amazing we had Congress results but not President at the same time, and they are on the same ballot.

      Results have defied Benford’s Law. Google it if you don’t know what it is, but stay away from the WikiPedia page. It is being edited, thanks to loads of people waking up and searching. The quick summary — It is a mathematical equation for detecting abnormalities in probability and distribution. The IRS and DOD use it. The movie “The Accountant” was based on it as well as “Ozark” and the 4th episode of “Connected” on NetFlix. As of now, Facebook and to a larger extent Twitter are censoring these posts. Re-Tweeting one popular article well get you an instant lock-out on Twitter.

      One more thing (since it sounds like you might be a Democrat, which is fine — I have many friends on that side of the fence):

      Who did you (and most of your friends) want in both the 2016 and 2020 primaries from day one? Isn’t it kind of peculiar that Bernie had it in the bag both times and had the rug pulled out? And you think they can’t rig elections….

  17. This is probably a bad week to be a mink in Denmark:
    SO let’s see now, we have a supposed vaccine for the Chink Virus 90% effective if you believe that. Depending on who you believe, and where you shop the mutation range for the CV is 6 to 12,000. 12,000 is not a typo. It’s now jumping from homo sapiens to animals and possibly back again. So how long will it take to inject a caulking gun size syringe with a turkey baster needle to cover all the potential possibilities? Above my pay grade. Anyone want to take a shot at it?

  18. “Instead, on the vaccine front, brace for a huge hype assault as Pfizer Says COVID-19 Vaccine 90% Effective Against Virus.
    I will leave it to people of stronger faith and deeper learning to connect remaining dots. However, the discussion does lead to the subject of:”

    How quickly we forget that just a week ago.. Trump was making this claim that one was coming.. everyone scoffed.. all the authorities scoffed.. and said it can’t and won’t happen.. Joe gets elected and it is the main stream media news that it is here LOL LOL

      • my big chuckle was the fifty thousand votes that they received. Before they sent any of the mail in votes out to be voted on. LOL LOL LOL LOL

  19. “President Trump can show some graciousness in the next 73 days during the transition is to publicly support a significant pandemic relief bill.”

    If I were DJT.. I would go for the whole package that the Democrats want.. give in.. all the way everyone just say.. yup.. you guys are right all the way…. LOL LOL…
    I think that is the old saying would come to pass.. be careful what you wish for would come to full fruition… .. LOL LOL…

  20. On the BAD news front wrt CV19

    The Covid 19 variation in European Minks could render any current Covid 19 vaccine under development IMPOTENT!!


    “…Significantly, they included 12 (humans infected with the mink CV 19 variation) cases with a “unique variant” of the virus in the country’s North Jutland region.

    The WHO said tests had shown that those 12 infected people – aged seven to 79 – had “moderately decreased sensitivity” to antibodies, raising concerns it could undermine the development of a vaccine….”

    Looks like the second wave of the CV 19 virus may be coinciding with the emergence of a NEW version of the CV virus which could result in another round of infections … much like the yearly flu mutates every year and comes back year after year.

    I wonder how many YEARS governments can keep their citizenry “locked down” if this virus keeps reappearing in a somewhat different and novel format year after year?

  21. “6 and I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, `A measure of wheat for a denary, and three measures of barley for a denary,’ and `The oil and the wine thou mayest not injure.’

    I completely fail to understand what this is supposed to mean, other than a volume of wheat is claimed to be worth three times the value of the same volume of barley.

    Am I missing something?

    • You’ll enjoy this:
      From the “Jewish New Testament Commentary” by Dr. David H. Stern –
      Rev. 6:6 “The rich are cushioned by their wealth from the effects of economic inequality and scarcity; but the poor, who must pay A DAY’S WAGES (literally, “a denarius”; see Mt 20:2) for starvation rations, are brusquely ordered no to MEDDLE WITH (or “damage”) THE olive OIL OR THE WINE, now luxuries far beyond their means. (Capitalized letters substituted for bold face letters in the book. -Bill)

      Yechiel Lichtenstein (see MJ 3:13N) comments:
      “Weighing the bread is a sign of a curse., according to Leviticus 26:26, ‘They shall dole out your bread by weight; you will eat, but you will not be satisfied.'”

    • now, that’s some punny sheet right there, with all the TDS going round!
      now if Biden really is the president elect(which has NOT BEEN DECIDE BY THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE ,YET) why is Barky Marky still having TDS issues? Does he know deep inside, the dems are lying with the news media, to create a false narrative, hoping the shit will stick

    • “I‘m so angry that my grandparents voted for Biden. I will never visit their graves again!”


  22. DAM…..I just depressed myself…

    Lol..working on a new probable budget for the coming year..
    One bad thing is I constantly have a string of numbers and equations running even though I am contemplating other things.. well I went to see if we qualified to get a discount on insurance..
    Almost instantly as I opened up the last years taxes did it dawn on me.. we are about twenty percent poorer than I had as a running figure.. and none of it adjustable..
    No wonder it seemed like I was running in circles.. the depressing part is.. I should have know should never have been a surprise..

  23. Dewey Wins!

    Do He Wins! Nope!

    Those paper ballots don’t do well in flames. None of the big cities defunded Fire fighters? But concerned reporters in a race to keep the public informed could slow those trucks down.

    Just have to go with the results previously tabulated. huh!

    Ballots had better be under lock, key and guard and with good fire detectors.

    Otherwise . . Free Elections just joined Miltary Intelligence and Jumbo Shrimp.


  24. We are now in the scenario I alluded to weeks ago — A W4 and have hit a new high, but NAZ & DAX have not and the upper trendline for the S&P is into the 3800 area.

    I’m going to go out on a limb (I suck at predicting events) and say sometime later this week we start to see a state or two “pulled back” with both candidates below 270. The market does not give a shit over who’s President (as it obvious tech bought Biden & the state of CA with prop 22) but HATES uncertainty.

    We could very well see the March lows by December after a top, then head up again, or see our high at the end of December making all of 2021 a PITA choppy ride down. Either way, I’ve long saw an inflection point 12/17-12/22 timeframe but had no clue why or how it would even be feasible. Presidency in the hands of SCOTUS is now a likely scenario.

    Yaw’ll know the media can’t call an election and got it wrong in 2000….

    Astrologically, Riot Season Window opens at the end of the week with Jupiter conj Pluto on Nov 12 and Mars direct on 11/14. If we don’t have a top today (not confirmed) my guess is Friday or Monday, then down. I had this one right (market direction) but completely wrong on who would win the election. Same thing in 2016. Had market going up & HRC winning…

    I still think Trump pulls this off. If the market was rooting for a Biden win and we are near a high now… well then….

    • I expect the market to go up until the end of the year. If Biden is the winner then everyone knows their taxes are going up. So they will cash out and pay 2020 taxes.

      Additionally, they have been announcing for the last year that the Central Banks will be deploying their Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Jan 2021. The mainstream media and elites have been distracting the masses about the change in finance.

      Also the latest iPhone 12 upgrade has the ability to track if you are 6 feet away from people and to send the data privately to them, but not to the department if health. Check out the recent update. Insane

  25. As Stalin said, “It is not the voters who have the power, it is the ones counting the votes who has the power.” Mail in voting is the Democrats attempt to Stalinize this election. Mail in voting is ripe for abuse…. It was a mail in Democrat landslide. Sign here & I will mail it in for you. Sound logical? Absolutely. Take advantage of the vulnerable is the Californian mantra. The dead are receiving phone calls from Biden thanking them for their vote. Oh my.

  26. the last terminator warrant will fall today on our market . i.e shorts .. new series much to far away for the greatest short squeeze ever .. all conditions are met . but as I said DO NOTHING . if your short its minimal damage .. if your not your a fool or been handed the lotto numbers . calm . never ever get involved in evil

  27. Satan rules !!! how good zion baby !! yyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa ride em devils!!

  28. In the public health circles it has been stated that there will be an announcement soon of forced vaccinations! What are people thinking about this? Where can we go to be free and make our own choices.

  29. Comrades,

    Oh, craps, snake eyes? Chinese war elephants shielded on the one hand by Father Time of Sands, and on the other tiptoe lightly into Troy handset in sync with the apple of our i, fairest of Zeus. The masses grown virulent, wound all heels, a plague indeed. Baubles from the ivory tower. The Western Spirit of Ecstasy is suffering a general failure to proceed. Plutarch once seated in the House that Haden built looks out for Numero Uno. Hip, hip, huawei!

    Of the following, I understand the original performance employed a soloist muted solely by a paper bag with six minutes being neither Chinese torture nor not necessarily a small eternity. Enjoy.

    • Very clever words of wisdom my fellow Canadian… caught the probable takeover of the West, and all the valuable commodities by China. All whilst tracking us on their networks using our “smart” devices… and selling us out for their gain

      Rumor in the ‘70’s… Yoko was set to marry Sonny Bono. But would have forever been known as Yoko Ono Bono :-)

  30. very interesting watching CNBCCUSSSA last night . most were embarrassed . vege king global guru cramer usual obnoxious foolish self . becky looked worn out . the dude with the wig , so useless wanted to cry and hug everyone . snake santelli not sighted probably slithering . truly a pathetic scene . only 2 exceptions david faber professional and shock bob pisonyu . he was genuine nearly killed him . lets see how they handle the iceberg tonite

  31. Comrades,

    Activity status at 47 anonymous, unnamed Antarctic Islands of expressed interest to China: Unknown.

    Activity status at three Chinese Antarctic bases situated without authorization in Australian Antarctic Territory (since 2009?): Unknown.

    Success status of Antarctic 2019 sea trial of polar heavy icebreaker Xue Long 2: Unknown.

    Current whereabouts of Xue Long 2 per Marinetraffic: Anchored in Shanghai.

    “In an insane world, a sane man must appear insane.”

  32. The only math that judges & other political figures are familiar with is counting bribes, which in this kleptocracy, are largely legal. Statistical arguments don’t even register with them.

    William Gibson called the techie culture which supports the public corruption and exploitation in his novels the klept.

    Social media has become the Stalinist propaganda arm of the kleptocracy, or klept, in real life. The individuals who are constantly plugged into the klept propaganda stream are brain-washed. The purges which started under Mr. O will begin again. Having been gang-stalked for years, I am seeing signs of it starting up again.

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