The Global Depression of 2021?

This morning we make a steely-eyed assessment of a global move many Americans are missing:  A new wave down of our Global Index is screaming that what we went through with the January and March wash-outs could be just foreplay.

There are a number of tools we apply to come to this notion.  Not the least of which is our Peoplenomics “Brain-Amp” spreadsheet.  This handy thinking-tool – that can be downloaded from the Master Index page.  It allows you to put in the measurements of the A (or wave 1) Up or Down.  It will then offer ideas as to where the Wave B (or 2) retracement should fall, make an estimate of C (or 3), toss out another retracement idea (4), and then offer a better-than-wild guess at how far off the top is, or if a declining wave like we’re in now, how far down the bottom might be.

A few headlines first, but coffee and a note pad is recommended when we get into the discussion today since the biggest impacting event in the USA may be the rest of the world pulling us down with ’em.

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15 thoughts on “The Global Depression of 2021?”

  1. As you might ascertain to the fact that the future of all the humanities Bliss will depend on the technology of AI and robots that keep any country from being a Slave,,,, if you have then you might be correct in your endeavor into the future….

    If you’re having a hard time realizing or seeing this then you need to look outward away from your parcel of land.

  2. So yes there is borders all the way out in the universe the galaxies the solar system the planets and your own parcel of land now the future relies on your ability to understand the vastness that your imagination can take you but once you set forth your foot down and say you can’t go any further well you just did it you have a wall

  3. So the problem isn’t them coming here the problem is why are they coming here what is all the past Administrations done to create a situation where there’s not equilibrium throughout the globe

  4. You’ll never be ready as no one will want the pain and unless in a rural area it is going to be ugly.

  5. “nobody knows..the trouble I’ve seen”
    Geeze Louise G – The “blow off top” has already happened, we just traded through a parabolic rise in stock market this summer. I think folks will look back at this time period in US markets and wonder how anybody missed all the warning signs, nyet, all the alarm signs of empending doom.
    We got the “sky rockets in flight” for a little afternoon de-light this summer and into September.
    I SEE your Yellow Spot, and Raise you 1 Big Red Spot.
    Still got lotz of popcorn, too busy ringing register selling SPY November Puts, take my 33% and roll into January SPY Puts at slightly lower strike price.
    Also nibbling on historically cheap levered Silver ETF and a historically cheap Agricultural ETF, don’t want to invest or speculate on any high valuation/momo stocks.
    Or for the brave, the VXX ETF is good way to profit with/from VOLATILITY. Always a money making opportunity when Volatility is in the house!
    BTFD – Bitcoin still cheap at $6400.00 IMHO. Peace.(f = friggin)

  6. Thank you but I will keep my parcel of land, my private property, and my right to not subsidize the billions of poor who want to cross into America. All of this talk of open borders is nice until 100 vagrants demand to sleep in your house and be fed.

  7. George, you are on the same page as Martin Armstrong as to the timing of this crisis.
    Everyone should take notice of this

  8. Now let’s go to Shillings..

    Because Shillings are made of Silver and there’s a natural shortage of silver ,,

    I have some ,,you got some most everybody that has a cell phone or computer has some.

    Batteries are made that can last practically forever from Silver so showing switch is silver has the ability to make a fire and you some money.

    So where do we go from there or here.

    We go to the library research paper

    That is everything is more systematic.

    Limits only do that.

    The final draft is your belief system even if it’s wrong.

    Through a speck in time you have portrayed the world. And you are the mayor with a compass with a particular spin to a sempiternal synonymization.

    Will you eat tomorrow, if you envision of trioctahedron,

    your chances are greater than the leading roust.

    Okay let’s make it simple look forward what do you see that’s where you going but if you have the vision C on the sides left and right up and down then you have the ability 2 reduce those circular outside influences.

    Okay again thoughts have wings your thoughts especially during emotional times will give you results.

    Of all the different results in the world you have to make a choice and once you make that choice ..

    guess what happens

  9. Well, I have heard it all now. I received a lot of snickers from people on this site when I suggested that Trump concocted the Migration event so that he could save the day when he turned them away close to the election. It was just a wild theory…and I did hear a few local media types echo the same message, but it was really never followed up on. And, in retrospect, I was giving Trump way too much credit. He couldn’t concoct a cup of coffee without help from his aides. As it turns out…the Migrators may not even get close to the middle of Mexico by November 6th. The crowds are already breaking up and dissipating. In about 3 or more weeks, there MAY be a manageable hundred or so left. So…I apologize for such a crazy conspiracy theory.

    But today, as I always do…I listened to both sides discuss the “packages” sent to Obama, Hillary, CNN, etc and I was extremely surprised to hear the right wing media say that Obama, Soros, Hillary, etc. sent these packages to themselves to paint the picture that the GOP is evil. Now, that is a crazy conspiracy theory that comes from people with real power…not some Bub like me from Urban Survival. That is dangerous talk. In fact, it is so dangerous, that someone with half a brain and no filter that has been spoon fed the evils of Obama, CNN and others for years now, may want to finish the job.

    This makes me fearful. This has become the new normal and it has to stop. Trumps bullying tactics do not work folks. The Bullhorn politics he takes on the road to his rallies just stirs the pot even more…And, the more he repeats the same old talking points over and over again…well…it just gets old and creates a ton of anger. Like alcohol, anger lowers our ability to have rationale thought processes and creates mental distortion. And politics today is so angry…And, I hate to break it to you, but it starts at the top. Trumps lies, deceits, innuendos and exaggerated claims have caused anger from both sides.

    The left is angry at him for his bombastic bullying and the right is angry at the left because of what Trump, Limbaugh, Hanitty and others spew. And, to the right and left media’s delight, we have a Battle Royale that brings in ad dollars..Woohoo! The creation of anger, just like at an MMA event or more appropriately, a WWE event, is a huge billion dollar business model…

    Once Trump shuts his trap, then I think we can at least start the conversation of how to make this country normal again and the two parties, despite their differences can actually start to have conversations that can bring us together to lead and not follow. Anger creates followers and like lemmings we are headed off the cliff of life….Conciliation creates cooperation and together we can build ourselves into a powerful entity. It’s too late for this election, which is going to be one big disaster…but in 2020, we need someone that speaks to truth and from the heart of all Americans.

    • I find turning off the national news very helpful. There’s just no value here. Has not been like this for decades. All you need to know you can place’s like here. Painlessly. Then your days proceeds.

      Good friends can disagree completely about immigration, health care, higher ed, religion, politics. They can get along when they choose to by putting aside that that has nothing to do with the lives that are right in front of them.

      Trump’s election is a pent-up response to 2008. Plain and simple. People were not heard. At some point, they tired of government, Wall Street, political and judicial yap. They wanted a fighter. The wanted to feel good again. And the people who lost did not like it and fought back. Immediately. Both sides are responsible. There’s no arguing this. It’s ying and yang: You stop and I will stop. Neither ever will. It’s called giving in.

      There’s a phrase in psychology. Some credit Freud. “We are addicted to our emotions.” Couple this phrase with “Neurons that fire together, wire together” and the solution is rather obvious. Turn off the noise and the fighting will magically end.

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