The Economics of Anarchy

This morning we visit the smoking ruins of Baltimore and see parallels to an earlier period of economic history in America.

We will also recount how sequential bad decisions by government have “piled on” the woes before us, using the behavioral economics approach.

But first, we’ll sample a few shorter term stories and sit back amazed, again, at how our Trading Model has managed to navigate the present economic uncertainty with amazingly good success…

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2 thoughts on “The Economics of Anarchy”

  1. ” Because like pregnancy, there’s no such thing as a “little bit of corruption.” It’s an all-in game.”

    Not quite.

    If that were true, using company office supplies at home is the same as creating an edifice of lies to declare war and then giving billions of dollars in no-bid contracts to a company you own stock in.

  2. You DO have very interesting dreams but this last one about aliens using us as living probes is a little close to Star Trek, specifically the “Q”. ( “Q”/cube ). They were a race of all powerful beings who when they were bored projected or rather became someone or something to experience it’s life. People trees and rocks seemed to be the most popular with them. That being said, this is either a case of subconscious retention or a classic example of creative minds thinking alike. P.S. Kudos on the earthquake hit!

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