We’ve had bits and pieces of this discussion before:  You remember that our early work on dreams was embodied in a project called the National Dream Center, which Chris McCleary has picked up and expanded at the www.nationaldreamcenter.com site and which continues to sniff and whiff major news events in advance… You may also recall that I have shared a lot of interesting dream experiences, including dreams that can be interpreted as having major precognitive aspects to them.  A recent example was the January 13th dream about a coming major (west coast) earthquake in April.  The specifics were wrong, but with 4,000 dead (or whatever the toll is this morning), I’d say that’s pretty interesting.

Likewise, before the Offshore Horizon drilling platform blowout and fire, I posted a precognitive dream about that one a full 18-hours before the event.  Posted at 8 AM, rig problems showed up about 10 PM that night. Then there was the dream about a closed road, detour, and traffic signs due to an accident – dreamed at 8:30 Arizona time and then “lived out” by Elaine and I on a trip to visit one of her boys.  To say I get lots of precognitive content (and occasionally  “teaching material”) from Dreamland is an understatement. It may also be of interest that I’ve got a novel about 3/4th’s written called DreamOver which goes into the mechanics of how Dreamland seems to work. When a strongly precognitive dream comes along (like one I had from last night, which we’ll get to in a moment) there’s a certain quality to the dream which unmistakable for its clarity and vividness of detail. The most interesting aspect of the Dreamland connection, is that it is much more accessible than people realize.  Just yesterday, in popped this email which proves the point:

“A small data point for your dream research: This morning, before waking, I had a dream that I was on stage in a large indoor stadium full of people. It was odd, because most of my dreams involve few, if any, people. When I checked my email, I had dozens of new followers and “skulls” on hackaday.io. Today, my project was featured on the hackaday blog: http://hackaday.com/2015/04/29/hackaday-prize-entry-ground-penetrating-radar/ fwiw,  glenn

Yes,  it’s pretty darn interesting how the dream states work…now we’re ready to get into a possible reason why dreams work as they do.  Fast forward into the dream I had last night which was spectacular and possibly meaningful – which is why I share it this morning….

– – –

A man and woman of indeterminate age was on a car trip through the western states.  They had been through mountains, had stayed at several resorts, including at least one which was a casino. The dream was pleasant and then jumped forward into a cool night which found the couple driving down what was very much like a mountain pass.  They were driving a two lane road down in the bottom of a valley, and above them, perhaps 150 feet up the side of the mountain or foothills, was a passenger train that was going downhill. It was, significantly it turns out, diesel powered.  Above the train, however, were several sets of electrical wires of very heavy gauge and they could be seen in the semi-lighted sky.  There were clouds and a moon off behind them.

As soon at the train passed, the couple notice a big commotion in the wires.  There was arcing and the wires were moved around as those long waves were going down them. Just then, a patch of sky above them opened up.  As clouds parted, there I’d guess 2,000 feet up was a round UFO.  It was the typical saucery shape, not one of the “pipe-section” type.  On its bottom could be made out a second circular outline, darker in color. There were no lights or sound to the events; a train passed, the wires were rocked, perhaps being “tapped” in some way by this object. It was at this moment, the male figure in the dream was compelled to pull off to the side of the road where there was a home.

Peering in a window, he could see a home office with some dark wood furniture and what looked like a very comfortable desk. His eyes were drawn to two “dancing cubes” on the desk which he intuitive known had been placed there by the occupants of the saucer above. The cubes were, to all appearances, hollow and made of paper.  It was like if you took those 2-inch square Post-It-Notes and made a cub out of six of them…. The cubes were “dancing” on the desk.  It was like they were trying to absorb the materials there and they were somehow  learning about the occupant of the house by doing this. Hearing a noise, our male dream figure diverts his eyes from the cubes, goes back outside to tell his female companion/wife about the very strange things going on in the house and specifically on the home office desktop. Overhead, the saucer is still on station, so he decides to go into the house again to see if he can snag one of these cubes with the idea of learning more about them and their purpose. He returns to the house but the cubes have now disappeared.

On the floor is one sock, which was spinning counterclockwise on the floor, but it was, he knew, just a physical sock feeling the energetic effects and sympathizing with them.  It wasn’t the target cubes he was looking for. As he’s looking under the furniture and nice leather reclining office chair to see where the cube went, a voice goes off in his head.  Except it wasn’t a voice at all.  It was just a warm, gentle “knowing” that overtook his consciousness.

“You know the saucer is here and the cubes are it’s probes.”

There was a moment while the dreamer absorbed this information.

“And you know they are quite backwards in how they go about exploration.”

Understanding this took a little more thinking time.  Was this voice saying that the saucers send in their probes – much like those balls of light that go through fields and leave amazing crop circles behind them?  Yeah, OK, then a saucer on station and sending in probes would be one way to approach a planet and perhaps the crop circles are an attempt to communicate at some level…

“What they don’t realize is why humans are here.  You are the dancing cubes, but for US.”

Our male dreamer is a little confused by this and takes a few minutes of dream-time to figure this out.  But finally a huge question forms in his head. “Let me see if I follow what you are saying:  The cubes are run by whoever or whatever these saucer folks are.  And US – whoever you are – use Humans as your probes?

“There are two ways to explore the Universe.  One way is what the saucer people are doing.  They have to physically go places and it’s really an unnecessary bother. Our approach is much faster and is unlimited.  When you are born, as your consciousness becomes seated, you begin collecting data. When you die, that data is assimilated across space-time by the larger US.  Birth and Death are the secret to it; our probes don’t have perfect recall but they bring us the full range of information about a planet:  Sounds, emotions, feelings, and sense of Love.  That’s impossible for the saucer people to understand.

“Wait a minute!  You’re saying the birth and death cycle is an exploration tool?  That the whole purpose of living is to experience and to bring back reports to….to what?  The Hereafter???”?

“That’s it, roughly. Go wake up.  You have work to do.”

– – – The only other odd thing about this dream was that as soon as I wakened, I noticed my face was feeling “hot” – it felt almost like it had a slight sunburn or something.  Yet, when I checked this morning when the alarm went off, there was no more sensation and no discoloration.  Whew – that would have been too weird. It had been a dandy dream – another chapter for the book – and who knows how much  “truth” there was to the concept.

But I’m pretty sure now that “souls” are more like probes of a bigger intelligence, even when not wrapped up in religious wars and dogma. It also helped me understand a bit more about why the [supposed] 1954 Treaty of Greada between the government and the greys is so frustrating for the saucerly people.  They are too limited to understand that soul travel and soul communication is much more efficient than thinking it. Life is like burning a spiritual EPROM.  And once burned, the part still works on the other side.  Something that won’t be apparent, no matter how many cattle get mutilated. m  Or humans, too:  Oh, sure, they can abduct and study the “chip programming” but as soon as they try to isolate the EPROM…”Poof!”  Gone back to Source. I’m old enough to remember from my Halt & Catch Fire days how opening up an EPROM and letting UV light hit it would ruin things.

Likely, the human “probe” soul is like that. Oh, sure, experiments to try and scare soul out of people would be going on, at least it would make sense if they were.  But the soul is like Teflon.  But that doesn’t seem to stop CERN from going looking for the Higgs Boson – because that’s what the quest is really all about:  Getting to the God Particle to beat the soul probe system.  Who’d have thought? It’s really quite elegant.  And being a probe – living life as a flash part?  Well, once you grok the concept, it’s not so bad…even reassuring at times.  Like when you look up and see….

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but….a flashing of individuals as EPROMs. If you’re looking for a real reason for an “End of the World” we can see how a war between the “dancing probe” types and the soul EPROM Ruler could get really nasty. The darnedest part of the whole thing is the “old time religion” types would have gotten the general outline right, and besides, who would have understood the programmable EPROM concept even 50-years ago.  Ray Moody’s clinical Life After Life didn’t show up until 1976. [Seriously: Life After Life: The Investigation of a Phenomenon–Survival of Bodily Death]

Perhaps part of the world ending is getting a critical mass of “programmed parts” to pass the word back the reverse engineering of Creation is getting dangerously close.  Uppity damn greys. It’s a winner-takes-all…and by all, I mean Universe.  For that instant of conflict, Earth will be the center of the Universe. Is this where Big Bangs come from?

Waiting on the FAA

Our old Beechcrate is still in our hangar, waiting for one approval from the FAA before being ready to fly, again. Our mechanic found a couple of loose rivets and since the repair would involve a very slightly different part (a JoBolt) than one approved in the Beech airworthiness directive to resolve this problem, that triggered a full-on engineering effort complete with engineering drawings ($500 hit to the maintenance budget) and so far no word back from the FAA.

We expect to get that today or tomorrow and then our mechanic can button her up and we can go test fly it. Once done, here’s a wild-idea:  Reader Randy wondered if we were aware of a product called “Spectrachrome” which you can read up on here…http://

www.spectrachrome.com/ I don’t know what it would weigh, but can you picture an all chrome airplane? — Most people don’t know it, but the reported reason Frank Borman took the paint of the Eastern Airlines planes in the late 1970’s was that he figured out how much paint weighs on an aircraft.  Turns out on a decent sized plane (like a 727) the weight of dried paint was on the order of 600-pounds or so.  Very smart move.

The FAA uses 170 pounds as a guide to capacity, so Borman figured that the paint was like hauling around 3-non revenue passengers all the time…  Our kinda thinking…. Still, being too lazy to remove all the paint and buff out our old ‘crate. chroming the whole thing would be a hoot… (Notice how we don’t have a problem dreaming up ideas, but we don’t seem to dream up money as easily?)

Write when you break-even,

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